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My friends, Happy New Year, first and foremost. I started this blog back in 2004 when I was completely devoid of any Euro 2004 coverage in Australia and I had to have people in Holland tape the games and send it via snail mail to me, allowing me to watch the games “live” one week after the fact!

And all this time, trying to keep my ears and eyes closed for any news articles or coverage while awaiting that tape.

I started to get involved in the predecessor of this blog before I was forced basically to take the blog under my wing when the original blogmasters decided to stop their national team platform.

We’ve seen ups and downs, wins and losses. From the blood bath in Nuremberg in 2006 to the rollercoaster ride of 2008’s Euros. The amazing run to the finals in 2010 and heart break in 2012. The return of LVG in 2014 followed by too many years in the desert with a series of coaches, from Hiddink and Blind, via Grim and Lodeweges to Koeman, De Boer and Van Gaal again.

We saw Sneijder come into the fold and retiring from football. We criticised Kuyt, Blind and Howard Webb. We adored Gio’s wonder strike and were in awe of Stekelenburg’s save on Kaka’s attempt. The Casillas toe, the Van Persie own goal, the madness of Van Gaal’s antics in this past World Cup and the ongoing debates about players, systems, line ups and the Blind family.

It’s been 18 years. Time to move on. I hoped I could say my farewell with a World Cup win but it’s not to be.

I had fun doing it, and I made some great friends. The blog even resulted in a partnership with 3 dear friends, at least…they were dear friends when we started. Some meanderings resulted in a bright commercial idea by one of our Singapore based regular posters and that resulted in a partnership to execute the idea, potentially catapulting the new venture into stratosphere with gazillions of dollars as revenue.

The project failed. The tech wasn’t ready. The founder decided to make some silly mistakes with the money, the investors got antsy and lost patience and it all went to shite quite fast.

One of the partners died while watching an Oranje match (no joke) while the other three (me included) never spoke again.

There were amazing loyal and supportive and generous posters here. I won’t name their names, but a few of you were always happy to support me financially and I thank you all for this!! (You know who you are).

One of the many results that came out of this blog. We laughed, we cried, we debated and argued and we celebrated.

This blog is up for grabs. Whoever wants to pick it up and run with it: let me know. Send me something in the comments and I’ll reach out. I’m not selling it. It’s for the guy/gal with the best ideas, plans to move this forward.

I have not done many things. I never wanted ads (the money they pay is lousy and I feel it ruins the experience). But I also wasn’t able to bring daily news updates, videos, funny highlights, or whatever. I focused mainly on the Dutch NT and less and less on clubs. My video library was literally non existed on the site and I failed to engage you all with polls, quizes or other interactive stuff.

I hope the next blog master will be happy to do more with it.

If you’re interested in taking the mantle, let me know and we’ll work something out.

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  1. Beste Jan,
    I just want to reach out to say “Thank you!” for all the years of articles, insights, analyses, opinions and a place to go to to get hyped for the next tournament (or where you were could collectively lick our wounds). I always loved to come here. I never took part actively in discussions, but it was always a good source of pre- or postmatch entertainment, especially since I’m a semi-dutch stranded in Germany who’s usually the only one in an orange jersey.
    I just dropped you a little amount for some beers. I think you can proud of your work for this blog. You be alright, mate 😊 Oranje boven!

    P.S.: To end on controversy: I was always with you regarding Daley Blind.

  2. Hi Jan,

    Thanks for all your efforts on keeping the blog going for so long. I think I first found you via the worldsoccer(?) forum/platform and was so pleased to find an English language site on Dutch football. Loads of highs and lows throughout, some great articles and insights from yourself and created an eclectic worldwide audience with some ‘interesting’ opinions on everything (especially Buttner/Blind/Kuyt!!). Will miss you and I’ll send you something for a few more beers!.

    All the best

  3. Wow. Jan. Kind of had a feeling you were leaning toward this decision.

    I started following this blog in 2006 (what a cast of characters). Its been a true source of pleasure and enjoyment ever since.

    Will miss it, and everyone involved. Will miss you and your amazing insight and commentary.

    Thank you so much for everything. It has been a fantastic run. Warmest and the very, very best wishes for you in everything.


  4. Have been following the blog since 2008 and it has ever since be my must-visit website daily, almost a staple “diet” of sort.
    Thanks Jan for everything, the articles and insights I enjoyed a lot.
    I was just sharing with my daughter about it (about the blog and you) and told them this is life and that nothing is permanence.
    All the best Jan!

  5. OMG Jan are you going to stop this blog ?? We are yet to celebrate together when we lift the World cup one day 🙁

    Had been followed this blog since 2010
    Since then all these years , I’d been on this page once in a while every week or few days no matter I’m in bed , at work , in a restaurant ,on the train after work or even at the gym . Your blog is just part of my life .

    I’m Dutch born Chinese living in Hong Kong . Thx for all these years Jan!!!

  6. Wow! Just when I was beginning to feel like this is home. I’ve been part of this blog for a little over a year and have enjoyed every minute of it.

    Thanks so much Jan for a great experience and your generous football insight.

    My only regret is not joining the party any sooner. Thanks again Jan and God bless for accommodating anarchists like myself 🙂

    Hope your baby fall in the hands of an individual half as worthy as yourself.

    Happy prosperous new year everyone.

  7. I have been reading your articles for last two years and got a lot of insights on football in general and learned a lot. Thanks Jan and All the best to you

  8. @Jan Sad to see you Depart,i am sure somewhere in australia i might catch you..Thank you for tolerating my kuyt rants..its been a fantastic journey with you,i miss lots for old buddies Carlos from singapore,Finnister who lost his Life,Goose,Jeff,Andrew and many more..i have been with this blog since 2007 and its been 15 years,i learned a lot about football from this blog.No words to describe, it would have been better with a WC for NT..All the best to you..

  9. Jan;
    Thank you for your dedication in keeping the blog going as long as you have. As long suffering Oranje fanatic, it was nice to be able to log in and see what was what. My father was born and raised in “de Nederland” and emigrated to the US, and so it was passed onto me in the early 1970’s when I was a little tike the loyalty to Feyenoord and Oranje when all my friends had no clue of “Voetbal” in Southern California. They never understood the pain I felt when Rensenbrink hit the post in ‘78. They had no concept of the despair when Belgie snagged that late goal to deny us in the WK qualifying playoff. They were perplexed at my anger after all of the penalty shootout losses (92, 96, 98, 2000, 2014, and 2018). They were clueless about the sinister run of bad luck and propensity for self destruction (1976, 1990, 1994, 2002, 2006, and 2012) that has paralyzed the KNVB.
    I know I have not been able to take part in the sometimes rabid discussions of tactics that have been here, and my contributions were more of a historical perspective and the cyclic nature of sorts, but I enjoyed it none the less. I would offer that I fall more into the camp of thinkers aligned with David Winner’s book “Brillant Orange: The Neurotic Genius Of Dutch Soccer”. I will miss you destroying the premises of others who often missed the mark, and I found your insight to be more correct.
    The highlight of my love affair with the Netherlands football experience has to be when I was able to attend the 2008 KNVB Beker Final in Rotterdam when Feyenoord beat Roda JC 2-0. On a “brandweerman” exchange with Haagland, I traveled to Nederland and worked for 2-weeks in the Brandweer they surprised me with sideline tickets for the match. I even was able to see the KNVB Museum in Amsterdam before it closed. Great times!
    Here is to you and all of us. May we finally see the greatest team never to win a cup hoist the trophy before we shuffle off this mortal coil. Here is to hoping you find another venue where we can all join in again and heatedly discuss why we should win, and watch as we don’t. And here is to seeing our beloved Oranje beat the hated Germans, Brazilians, Argentines, and Italians.
    Best of luck.

  10. Jan:

    Thank you for your excellent work on this blog. And for selecting such a flattering picture of me. I recall a time when my flowing locks rivaled even yours.

    As I’ve noted in the past, I’m an ex-player, ex-technical director, ex-coach, ex-manager, ex-honorary president. A nice list that once again shows that everything comes to an end. It is very sad that your blog is coming to an end now too! On the other hand, I’m not superstitious, but Holland (at least the men’s team) has not won a tournament during the entire time you’ve been posting, so there is now hope for the future… Haha!

    Thank you again for all your efforts in educating your readers. You have explained it better and hopefully they can all understand now!

    All the best in your future endeavors! Geniet ervan!


  11. Dear Jan,

    Thank you for opening your forum to me and for at times defending me to your friends here who don’t always appreciate my keen intellect or tactical nous.

    I commend you for your own tactical analysis as well, especially in those instances when you’ve been rightly praising of me! You are almost as much of a genius as I am! I would throw my hat in the ring as a potential successor, but as you know (unlike Hendrik), my managerial career remains ongoing and, as I remain in high demand, I likely will not have time in the near future. Particularly as Truus is so physically demanding. Coming dear!

    Very truly yours,


  12. Jan:

    So sorry to hear that you’re stepping away, and definitely hope that others may be able to keep the blog going, at least during future international tournaments! You’ve provided tremendous insight and humor over the years, and have assembled a fantastic and long-lasting international community of Dutch fans. As someone who over-comments but under-contributes myself, I certainly benefit from your posts, all the community feedback, and just the general opportunity to share, vent, discuss, argue and interact in real time with other Oranje fans! You’ve been a real blessing and made a truly positive impact in my life and my enjoyment of the sport, and I’m sincerely grateful! All the best going forward!

  13. Can’t add anything that hasn’t been already said by the fellow bloggers. It is really sad to hear this news but I guess all good things come to an end.
    Thank you so much for offering this space to commiserate over the years. I believe I started following around year 2004 if I am not mistaken and it will be really hard to not have a place like this one where you don’t really know anyone but also feel like you know everyone.
    I hope someone picks up the baton and keeps the blog open. But above all I wish you Jan all the best in your personal and business life.
    Best wishes for a Healthy and Happy New Year to everyone!

    P.S. I hope Jan comes to his senses and changes his mind before it is too late 🙂

  14. Hi Jan, it is sad that you will step away from the blog. I always enjoy your blog post. You really keep the blog going even under the dark time when the Netherlands team did not make it to the World Cup. I hope the crown prince will be able to keep up your good work. I wish that you will find success in your new adventure.

    Maybe tomorrow we wake up and find out that Daley Blind has terminated the contract with Ajax so that he can run the Dutch Soccer Site blog.

  15. @ Jan

    My friend, the only thing I will say is hold on for one final sprint to the finish line.

    We are witnessing the the next golden generation of NT and it has to happen in 2026. I always dreamed of seeing a team similar to the 98s and I think that hour has come. Maybe not the same but close.

    We have already seen koeman Nation league 2018 and this time it could be even better with upgrade to players from then.

    I’m convinced NT will win in 2026. I always wanted to see the best players in every position as an best options and finally it going to be on the cards.

    I mean with so many talented options that are now available, it has to yield a winning team. The backline, forwards, midfield yeah some work is needed there but still the stars will line up in 2026 for NT.

    Hang in there mate.

  16. My goodness Jan, are you serious to shut down this blog?
    This is a big shame, we still haven’t celebrate Oranje win the World Cup.
    This is our life dream and i really hope you can continue this beautiful blog.
    Am truly love it and i have been in here daily since 2008.
    Please find solutions and reconsider…

  17. All the best, Jan. Thank you for keeping us together in this blog. This blog contains enormous amount of valuable data that could be used for data simulation and machine learning…Hopefully, someone will take over it and we will keep communicating.

  18. @ Jan- You can’t do this to us man! lol I think you should reconsider. I just to say thank you for giving us to platform to vent, argue and celebrate sometimes. I have learned a whole lot from this blog and your analysist even though we disagree in some occasions. I appreciate your time spent on this blog and also your patient. It is my hope that one day the Dutch would lift the trophy and we all would get together in Amsterdam somewhere to celebrate.

    On the separate note, I hope we don’t loose Gakpo like we’ve lost the other ones who moved abroad these past few years. I’ve said this on this blog many times. I think these guys should have chosen a second tier team as a stepping stone first before moving to these bigger teams. When you are not Neimar, and you come from the Eredivise, the chance of you getting playing time in the EPL is very slam. The Eredivise is way too slow, and the physical condition requires in the EPL is unbelievable. That is why I think Gakpo would have been better off going to Newcastle, Fulham, Crystal Palace, Aston Villa, Lead United ect. Gravenberch at Bayern is a prime example. The more you don’t play, the lest confident you become. Soon enough, he’s coming right back to Ajax. I hope not.

  19. Watched first 30 mins of MU vs Bournemouth, VDB started. He has become a different player, no confidence, no awareness. His role is to make run into the box to make space for other players. He made almost zero contribution to midfield play except a couple of challenges, most of them are late and dangerous.

  20. Maatsen scored two spectacular goals for Burney. I have been following him from when he was loaned out to League 1 and now in championship. his development has been promising. He brings the whole package to his game and in another season or so he will crack into NT. Top LB in the making. Burnely is also pushing for promotion to EPL under Vincent Company. keep an eye on this kid

  21. Surprise surprise!!

    Nigel de Jong appointed KNVB Director.

    Maybe the powers that be finally learnt something from the wake of another failed tournament.

    Hupp Holland hupp.

    1. I don’t understand. It this such a great choice? Where are the personalities of the 80s and 90s generation? I know Van Breukelen turned out to be a headcase but what about the likes of Gullit, Rijkaard, MVB, Bergkamp. Marwijk too. I personally think Overmars would be perfect. He did a stellar job at Ajax and now at Antwerp. Anyway I hope it works out for the best.

  22. I really like the move appointing Nigel de Jong as the new KNVB Director. Big Thumbs Up on the Diversity Angle but also bc of the outside of the box thinking behind it. This director job is a very new role for the KNVB in fact really a few national federations have actually had a similar Director role for a long while. Perhaps Germany & France have had their similar roles longer.

    Better than prying Earnie Stewart away from USSF…but I don’t think he was ever going to move back to the Netherlands esp w/ current salary & opportunity to appoint his own USMNT manager.

  23. The appointment of Nigel de Jong might just spell the beginning of a new dawn. And it is a good thing.

    He is young, a relative outsider(as far as KNVB is concerned) and could only possibly be the opposite of the terribly failings of KNVB in recent years.

    I’ve seen him as a pundit and he expresses himself with deep intelligence and quite charismatic.

    Orange needs to do everything differently in terms of its bureaucracy because that’s what has failed us the most.

    De Jong’s appointment is a great start.

  24. Daley Blind to Bayern Munich a huge surprise..a reversal of sort, just when I am thinking he is winding down his career at Royal Antwerp, he could well have a new breath of life in Bayern.

    Hoping Jan will also do a continue with the blog. This is what I am now most looking forward to on Dutch football. 😊

  25. Yes man, everyone here is sincerely, desperately and fatally hope Jan do the U-Turn to carry on this blog or else I guarantee you that the entire whole world will put the blame on Jan because he has broke the heart of Chris, fraiquin, andrew, ycsng0822, Yan, orangutan, Victionary_47, manoj kumar, Emmanual, Bret, Hendrik, Aloysius, JB, Balkan, Kevin, wilson, AZ-forever, jean_venette and myself ect……..

  26. Cross my heart, Jan. I promise not to say a single bad word about Blind from hereon if you decide to make a U-turn, as all of us would like you to.

    Blind has always been quality. Even on his last legs, the great Bayern sees what you’ve always seen(no sarcasm)


    We await your new announcement🇱🇺🇱🇺🇱🇺

  27. @ Wilson regarding Rijkaard’s disappearance: The main reason for his disappearance, I’ve read in an article recently that Rijkaard had divorced his wife and married their nanny. . I guess it had to do with his social life/embarrassment/media maybe. If I find that article, I can share it with you all.

    1. @jean_venette, Nanny? That is very interesting! It looks like Frank is a stud! I also read an article about Gullit where he counted number of women that he slept with and apparently that number was way above 100.

  28. Jan

    I have only just found out you are stepping away from this blog.

    I want to thank you for all the years of hard-work and dedication you have given to provide us non-speaking Oranje fans (like many of the other posters, I have Dutch heritage (living in Australia) but do not speak or read Dutch) with a source for news, analysis, gossip, commentary, and entertainment.

    I first started following the predecessor national team blog (I think it was as long ago as the 1998 WK, or maybe even 2000 EK, but I could be wrong), and hope to continue following this blog’s successor. There have been many highs and lows over that time, and after the seemingly inevitable (sometimes glorious) tournament failure, this was always a place of refuge with other wounded souls.

    The brief blog history you provided brought back many memories of bloggers past (I also learnt a few things I did not know previously).

    I wish you good health and success if your future ventures.

    Hup Holland Hup!

  29. It’s nice to read on our Dutch players coveted by the top teams, Blind > Bayern Munich, Dumfries > Man U/Chelsea, Koopmeiners & Gakpo > Liverpool. Also players like Malacia, Botman are playing well.
    I firmly feel that many of players potential ain’t fully realized at the WC due to the style imposed on them. They were kind of restraint, playing with shackles on, incl. VVD who was stuck at the last man of a 5 man defense. I am optimistic that Koeman will allow the team to play more freely and w/o sacrificing the team structure/organization and football intelligence established by LVG We JUST need more dynamisms and we have the players for it (Xavi Simons, Danjuma, Noa Lang). ETH is doing just that at Man U now.

    Given that there is still a lot of positivity to talk about for the Dutch team, Jan should consider reversing on his decision to give up on the blog and community (this is my MAIN point for this latest blog) 😉

  30. Julian:

    Thank you for once again inviting comments from me. And your timing is also excellent! I just achieved my first victory with ADO Den Haag yesterday. We defeated powerhouse Dordrecht 1-0. We probably should have done more as Dordrecht was a man down after 21 minutes, but Bilate was clinical in his penalty!

    Still, it has been a long road back for ADO. We did score a goal in my first match back in charge against Almere City, and we conceded only four. Then our squad and TOP Oss jointly contributed to a scintillating 0-0 draw. But now, with this victory, we have moved up to sole possession of 15th in the table.

    If Jan truly is stepping down, perhaps I can offer a weekly update on the proceedings in the Eerste Divisie, which I imagine will be quite a compelling read for this audience. However, I am still awaiting Wilson’s assessment of the ADO youth team and my best 15-year-old right back options.

    Sadly, I hear that Didier Deschamps has extended his stay with the French national team. Were he to step down, I might have had to toss my hat in the ring there.

    Finally, since Ruud and I have not been able to go clubbing as frequently with ADO in a relegation battle, he has introduced me to streaming music. I now have my own Pandora account and my first playlist was the Aqua channel. I still love to get jiggy with Barbie Girl, but Doctor Jones is my new favorite:



    P.S., Jan please don’t go! We old timers need to stick it out and see this through. Hup Holland!

  31. Hi all, again…thanks for all the kind words, and good to see the coaching legends comment as well. But when Advocaat starts talking to me as if we’re the same age, I get a bit nervous.

    But…. GOOD NEWS!

    The blog isn’t going away. I have found a new blog master!!! I will introduce him soon. This blog will go on and I will become one of the followers, so I can finally also complain about the lack of speed of Blind, the uselessness of Berghuis and the facelift of Dirk Kuyt.

  32. Sad to hear you’re stepping down Jan! I’ll miss reading your posts which had come to be a routine of mine almost every day! You are extremely knowledgeable and you put such hard work into this blog, I don’t blame you. I’m from Canada, so there isn’t any good reliable news about anything Netherlands soccer. This is where I’d come and will continue to come. Thanks again!

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