Turkish Delight or Drama for Oranje….

My dear friends, let me start this blog post by showing you something that will fuel your hope for the future. Dutch football is not dead. When you have players like Vincent Janssen, Nathan Ake, Bazoer and Tannane there is a future. Let’s see how far these guys can go. And I know, it was only against Young Cyprus and all that, but you can see what kind of talent we do have.


The seniors were on a mission to win four games. They lost the first, as you probably will have noticed, and now a draw against Turkey is enough to finish third… Well, I don’t believe in “a draw is enough”. There are more games to play and who tells me that Holland will win the last two? Therefore, we need to play to win!

I have watched the press conference and some of the interviews and it really is not that inspiring. “Yes we will try and win.” “Yes we want to silence the crowd”. “Yes we are full of confidence.”

Whatever. We need to see it tomorrow I suppose. The Turks aren’t that good but they definitely aren’t shabby either. They play with intent, with a sense of urgency and they can play. They might be erratic at times, or undisciplined but hey…so do we.

conf blind sneijd

We need to realise that we are not that great team (at the moment). And I am not referring to 1974 per se. We are also not that great team of 2014. Even if we almost have the same players. The team simply isn’t there.

I watched the first 30 minutes of the game again and despite what some say, Van der Wiel wasn’t the problem. Sure, he created the penalty and that was absolutely ridiculous, but the first 30 minutes, when we played 11vs11 and it was 0-0, the problem we had was created by the lack of movement by Klaassen and Wijnaldum. Our defence did not have an outlet. And when Sneijder got the ball the movement around him was absent.

Not, with Robben out, we have a mediocre team. Which is ok. We have four outstanding players. Two used to be World Class (Sneijder and Van Persie), one will be (Memphis) and one is a goal scoring machine (Huntelaar). The rest are all ok but need to play in function of these four.

press sneid

With RVP not 100% match fit, it is only predictable that Hunter will start. When Oranje is in front, expect a like for like change with RVP. If Oranje is trailing, Blind will bring RVP to play next to Hunter…

I have my personal ideas who Oranje should play but I don’t think Blind shares my ideas. I do believe he will start Van der Wiel again. He has no options. If he’d play Tete he would basically have to send Wiel home and get Janmaat in his place. Lots of loss of face.

So Van der Wiel will start, alongside De Vrij and Bruma and Blind, most likely. I imagine Blind will keep the midfield intact but add Lens on the right as a false winger. He’ll play Depay left and Hunter centrally.

I think.

I would have made many different choices. I would have had Janmaat with De Vrij and Blind as left center back (like he plays for Man United) and Pieters as left back. Blind can build up well from behind and speed up the game.



Virgil van Dijk

I would have Sneijder, Anita and Wijnaldum in midfield with Memphis and Hunter upfront and Lens as false right winger (allowing Janmaat his runs in the channel).

You’d have Blind and Memphis on the left hand side, who know each other. You’d have Janmaat, De Vrij, Wijnaldum and Anita who sort of know each other.

Klaassen for me is a left midfield player. Not a defensive mid.

Should you need more fire power you can always sub Pieters for Van Persie.

Anyway…we’ll see. It will be a nail biter.

I hope we get a sensational win but it could well be a chess game ending with 0-0 or something like that…

sneij turan.jog

We played Turkey eleven times before and won five times. We lost twice. Last game in Amsterdam was a draw with Huntelaar’s last minute equaliser.  We lost our last game against them in 1997. The infamous Seedorf penalty miss game…. The Turks have a scoring issue at the moment. They haven’t scored more than once every game for a while. Yilmaz, team mate of Wesley, is the man in form in terms of goals. With Turan their bearded leader and playmaker.

RVP is our top goalscorer with 49 goals. Huntelaar is behind him with 41 but the Schalke man is prolific in qualification games, so who knows. For superstitious people, Promes shouldn’t play today. The former Twente winger never won a game with Oranje. He lost five.

The best number 3 is qualified directly, by the way. If we have to play play offs we are most likely the best ranked “number 3” and we will have some protection and probably will get an opponent like Norway, Slovenia, Israel or Ireland.

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  1. Sorry just copy-pasting from the previous article, as we are now starting a new one 😀

    Hi everyone,

    My two cents on the match.

    1) We shouldn’t be calling up players anymore who are not playing at their clubs. The only exception is Robben. Van der Wiel and Indi simply should not have started.

    2) As far as I’m concerned, Indi should be banned from the national team for at least six months or a year. That kind of ridiculous behavior is completely unacceptable in such an important match and at this level. I don’t even understand why he did it, because he was actually playing well (much better than usual) before it happened! A clear message needs to be sent out, because in Jeremain Lens we have another who doesn’t shy away from the color red.
    Between Bruma and van Dijk….I have a soft spot for van Dijk but he hasn’t really been tested outside of a few good games in the Champions League. SPL is even worse than Eredivisie. He and Bruma are both quite similar and physical players, but Bruma is slightly more experienced at international level. Turkey away would be baptism by fire for a new guy like van Dijk.

    3) I don’t understand why Paul Verhaegh wasn’t called up instead of Kenny Tete. Now look at the situation we are in. Verhaegh should’ve been the nr 1 choice right now, given Janmaat is in poor form. Now are stuck choosing between an out of form, but experienced, right back or an unproven yet in form one. Neither is optimal. This is not the grounds for trying out new players.

    4) Klaassen looked awful. He has been performing very well for Ajax, I think he’s just not suited for the DM position. Why de Jong wasn’t selected is beyond me. With Clasie injured, I’m not sure who to put there now. I’d say given the opponent and the result we need, Anita might be the better option than Blind as he’s more defensively oriented, especially since we need Daley at LB due to the Willems injury. Anita seems to have grown over the past few seasons in the EPL so that’s a plus as well.

    5) Two offensive mids should be Sneijder and Wijnaldum. Wijnaldum didn’t have his best showing the other day, but he’s been playing exceptionally well for Newcastle. He was all over the place vs Man United. I didn’t rate him highly a few years ago, but he’s definitely grown and developed. He also strikes me as a sober and mature kind of guy; something a lot of guys on the team are lacking.

    6) Depay has seemed off the past few weeks, except vs Brugge. He just seems to walk around a lot and doesn’t really seem like he’s putting in a lot of effort. Against Iceland he was striker but it took him ten seconds every time to pressure the keeper or last defender. At one point, I think Sneijder got fed up waiting and went to do it himself. I hope he has a better game vs Turkey.

    7) Striker should be Huntelaar. No question there based on form and our complete lack of height anywhere else in the attacking line.

    8) Replacement for Robben….it definitely shouldn’t be Narsingh. He showed so much promise 2-3 years ago, but I feel like he has not added anything to his skill set in that time. Promes has me more impressed this past year and if choosing between those two, he should get the start. On the other hand…, I think it may be worthwhile to have van Persie start. Van Persie on the left, and Depay on the right, both whipping crosses in. If need be, they can switch back and forth which allows them both to cut in and shoot if they want to. Van Persie doesn’t need speed to get past his opponent and is definitely a useful extra to have running into the box. The Turkish respect him a lot….an offensive line of Sneijder, van Persie, Huntelaar, and Depay…they won’t be able to double mark anyone. The real question is, will van Persie track back? What do we know about the Turkish backs…do they push up a lot?

    9) Keeper….age-old question of Cillessen vs Krul. Do you want a keeper that can build up well and join the team as an extra player. Or do you want a real line-keeper who is also dominant on high balls? Both are very good keepers; yes Krul is better on penalties…but look at his career record, he’s probably stopped between 10-20%? Do you want to put him in just for the off-chance there is a penalty and he has slightly higher odds of stopping it then? Or is it more important to know you have a keeper who can build up the play. I always like to think back when van der Sar was terrible at stopping penalties….then later on in his career he won the Champions league by doing so. Cillessen has developed really well and I think we should continue to push that.

    Taking all of the above into consideration, and who Blind has given us at our disposal….I would start tomorrow as follows:

    Tete—–de Vrij——Bruma——-Blind
    Depay———–Huntelaar——–van Persie

    We have to be very honest with ourselves. If we can’t even make third place in these qualifications, then we really don’t deserve to go to the EC. Frankly, I still have hope. Simply because I know when Holland gets put in a tough position (usually caused by themselves), that’s when they shine. But history has also shown in 90% of cases when we play a good WC or EC…the next tournament is a disaster.

    Anyways, crossing my fingers that Danny makes better decisions than last game. Taking out the striker was a joke…putting Narsingh in an even bigger one. Not putting another striker in 20 mins before time had me putting my head in my hands.

    1. blind at LB half suidcide..
      Heavy legged Depay(will lose ball and hence possesion)
      wijnaldum inside means less creativity..rest is fine Tete CANNOT be worse than experienced Weil and BMI..

  2. Good comments mate. I agree with most.
    Although I will also copy a comment I made earlier re: BMI

    I agree on Klaassen and most other comments. I would love to see Wijnaldum as DM if Clasie is not available and would like Van Ginkel in the right mid role.

    I also believe we can play the “smaller” nations with Blind as center back next to De Vrij with Pieters on LB. Once Willems is fit, he should be the man though.

  3. My friends, I watched the first 30 minutes of the Iceland game again. And I want to make some comments. For starters, Martins Indi started really well. He pushed up, he was very alert. Tough in the challenges. He had two long passes that didn’t reach their destination but this was not so much his fault as it was our midfield not being available for a pass. The hit on Sighthorsson’s neck was stupid and foolish, but to his defence: if you look at the scene again from the other angle, you see that the Iceland #9 grabs BMI’s shirt/shorts in the crotch area. He might have actually given BMI the idea he was going to grab him by the balls which might have prompted Bruno’s silly response. Again, it was a red and it was a stupid thing to do, but there were mitigating circumstances. The two players whom I felt really let the team down in the first 30 minutes were Klaassen and Wijnaldum. They hardly made themselves available for the defence. Klaassen was walking and never made the smart move (just two strides would have done it) and Wijnaldum was simply invisible. We all talk about BMI and Van der Wiel but structurally our midfield failed. In the first 6 minutes it is also clear how we lacked intensity. Where Iceland played very aggressive and on the front foot, several of our players (incl Robben) were ball watching at times and NOT putting enough pressure on the ball.

  4. For me Lens on the right wing brings a lot of positive vibes. it has been a while he has started on the right for NT and watching his game for Sunderland,his has been scoring with his left foot too which shows he has been doing a lot of work using his left foot.I’m a big hunter fan and he is best suited in normal wing system where the crosses are continuously whipped in from the
    Flanks. If the crosses from the Flanks are executed efficiently then I don’t think there should be any problem in front of goal.

    While on the other flank Blind needs to have a word with Depay.cross at the earliest as possible rather than cutting inside and pulling the trigger. This will also prevent him from clustering with Sneijder who likes to operate from that middle left of the park. If Hunter can be serviced upfront on time,goals will come surely.

    Well hopefully if Depay is out of ideas on the left like vs Iceland, Afellay should replace him to fully utilize that left flank.

    1. yes wilson even Crap Afellay would be better than heavy legged Depay…i think so..As long as Afellay send crosses.to hunter..but over all it would be turd replacing a turd.

  5. @Danny blind—–
    if u want to win play
    On bench
    its better to write off the rest….Rest are less than Mediocres..

  6. Paul verhage is another Daley blind at RB,,Verhage really struggled in Wc and LVg had to hide him like BMI..thats why Blind dropped him..if u want dutch to win Euro ,Paul verhage is not the guy for ur RB..

  7. In the mean time, Switzerland, of all things, came back from two down, scoring three in the last 15 minutes and are second of their group with a lead of five points. We live in a bizarre world.

  8. No we are resposible for 90 percent things as per our won stupid decisions..
    Game after game We selected BMI,Afellay,Weil and promes..we got punished for our stupidity.Redcrads ,own goals are part of game winners walk through it with shear determination and focus..
    We need to bench Depay also..
    when u play upfront afellay,promes narsingh means u have no creativity ..
    along WITH THAT
    WHEN U PLAY bmi,WEIL,blIND IN UR defense u r dedicated to concede goal or penalty..

  9. todays game is early…cannt wait to see blunders…i really dont want to see some players wearing orange jersy..i dont know how much i could stand after seeing some players..i wish them best ,but i know
    We need some players with strong balls in turkey to stand against turkish spirit…this owuld and awesome team if Danany could play
    With hunter,wijnaldum,raidwald,Virjil,devirj and kongolo we have heitgh and we can expect header goals..
    i remmber the first competteive match Vs turkey under LVG with plenty of youngsters…why cannt danny do that??if not he is following bert van marwijk…

  10. Starting line up:

    Cillessen; Van der Wiel, De Vrij, Bruma, Riedewald; Blind, Klaassen, Sneijder; Narsingh, Van Persie, Memphis.

    Van der Wiel should never again be called up. Let’s hope he plays a decent game.

  11. feel horrible for robben…end of a legends international career….

    turkey will finish 3rd even if holland somehow manage the same points (due to head to head)…also they will play 2 unmotivated teams in czech republic and iceland who have both automatically qualified…

    1. the team and hances are al ready killed by 2 non playing players Afellay and BMI…Now Weil is killing last hope with the help of cillessen,narsingh and Daley blind..

  12. The Dutch have lost their way. LVG knew what he was doing, but it’s been injuries and chaos since–bad player decision, bad play, no continuity, bad everything. A mess.

  13. I just wish I could get back the hours I’ve lost watching this farce of a team.

    As an inspiration, they should watch the last 15 minutes of last night’s game where Switzerland came back from two down. That was a team running for his life.

  14. Tiju, I used to be polite with you, defended you a couple of times, but seriously, stop writing utter bullshit every day.

    Stop insulting Afellay and Promes on games where they don’t even play. All the line ups that you put are total shit, they all fail, your lions Klaassen, Wijnaldum and Blind can’t give a simple pass and cost goals. They were the starters in the games Holland lost.

    Your football understanding is ZERO, I suspect you were the little fat kid people use to send as goal keeper and that’s why you hate Afellay, Promes, Depay…Players that have creativity, can dribble, hold the ball. You dare to write that Promes has no end product, he scored 17 goals and gave 9 assists in 34 games with Spartak, your lion “Lenz” didn’t do the half in Ukraine.

    Now that Holland will miss the EC, take a time to think about yourself, read all your posts and notice all the bullshit you wrote, all the line ups you suggested, notice that they all failed.

    1. klassen staretd just 2 games after holland went in to trouble…wijnaldum was a sub mostly…he even saved from latvia disaster….Blind is physically weak everyone knows it….i am not a big fan of blind..i want to him playing box to box not as LB..he is decent player..
      My line up far different from real line up…we lost all games when played with narsingh,afaelly,BMI,weil especially…u need to open the blind eye to see how much Afellay,Weil,verhage,BMI cost this…are u smoking????if u expect promes to better than narsingh or narsinght o do better than promes..u r in delusion..

      1. Wijnaldum started against Iceland and was invisible, now he came and sucked, missed a big chance.

        Klaassen sucks, he covers a lot but his football skills are zero, he misses the most simple passes. don’t even compare Klaassen passing accuracy with Afellay. Everytime Afellay played CM/CAM, the ball circulation was much better.

        Promes is better than Narsingh, at least he can take players on 1vs1 and he got a long shot . Narsingh can either send a random cross or give a back pass, his football skills are so limited. He is doing EXACTLY what Schaken was doing.

        VDW and BMI suck.

        1. line up is very big,Blind and hiddink has sleceted numerous useless players,we can say we dont have quality..caches vision were so limited thats why they cannot think Beyond,BMI,Afellay,Weil,PRomes,Narsingh,Cillessen etc..
          its time for
          Maher,Ginkel,Clasie.Zivkovic,Tete,Bruma-Vrijl etc

          1. Zivkovic lool he didn’t even score a single goal with WILLIEM II, at this moment he isn’t even an option for Under21.

            Maher and Van Ginkel are nothing special,Van Ginkel was even worse than Afellay the first Stoke games.

            The others are already called…

          2. We don’t have.

            At this moment there is only one player we all agree about : Robben.

            That’s all.

            Even Sneijder, De Vrij, Depay…have bad games.

            But you chose to keep insulting two or three players even when they don’t play, it’s silly.

  15. Sack Blind now! I am serious. Let a new coach take over for the last two games and start prepare a new team for the WC qualifications.

    Blind has just made two many mistakes. The results speak for themselves. He was also co-responisble for the results during the Hiddink period. Blind and Hiddink are responsible for this fiasco.

    Player selection was one of their biggest mistakes:

    Cillesen sholuld have saved the Iceland penalty and the 2-0 today. Krul should have been number one

    Wiel and BMI lacked matchfitness, leading to individual mistakes.

    The configuration of the midfield was a mess. Klaaseen did not add any value during two games. Winjaldum the same.

    Narsingh not good enough. RvP too old. Where was Bas Dost? He is our best stiker, and not even in the squad.

    Etc. Etc.

    We will miss the Euros. I am infuriated

  16. the one bright spot in all of this is that we will have quite a few friendlies to ‘test’ out new players and give them an opportunity to step up their game

  17. When Hiddink – Blind took the reigns they destroyed everything Van Gaal built.

    They did not protect the defence with a 532 system. They never sent home mediocre players like Martins Indi and van der wiel. Their line ups had inconsistency and now the team si with low spirit and it seems with a lot of internal rifts.

    For me Blind has to go Now and we need a coach who can rebuild a New Oranje. There is a lot of talent there but it is imperative to have a better coach who can install trust again and get rid of the big egos. We are almost out depending on other results so it would be a wise decision to plan for the long term inmediately!

    I simply do not get why Van Dijk, Pieters and Nigel have been overlooked. Anyway I still have small hopes but if the elimination completes in the last two matches then the KNVB president has to go and rebuild from scratch because Oranje and the players are the only ones to blame.

  18. With Robben, there is no guarantee that the team will win. So, what will you do if there is no Robben in the team? It is all depending on Robben skills.

    So, please forget euro 2016. Start rebuilding a new team.

  19. Jan, please create a new post where you analyze every player who played and address what went wrong in your view. I am curious to see whether you agree with most of us here about team selections, coach Blind, etc etc.

    Who do YOU think we need to drop/add ?

  20. When Hiddink was sacked I thought Blind would change the system because at least for me it was obvious the 4-3-3 system was not good at the moment.

    I don’t know why Nigel wasn’t called because he is really important for these crucial games. We needed balls and balance and he gives that.

    Also I don’t get Blind’s decision to start Huntelaar last game and tonight don’t play him a single minute.

  21. I see Holland’s chances very slim to qualify. I’ve hope but it’s very difficult because we don’t depend on our own results anymore we depend on Turkey losing some points and that sucks.

    If Holland doesn’t qualify it’s time for RVP and Huntelaar to leave the team they’ve been fighting like 2 little kids for years, I am sick of their egos!!!.

    We need to try a new goalkeeper Cillessen is too soft, Krul would be my ideal choice.

    It’s time for Van Dijk, Van Aanholt, Clasie, Van Ginkel, Bas Dost, Riedewald, Willems.

  22. it started with Hiddink…he psoiled some games with BMI,blin in back line with afellay up front…this has made team furthur forceful changes..Jetro willimas got injured that was big blow than Roben in my book,We wasted lots of Game with Afellay,BMI ,weiland Blind(to extend)..and we also selecetd Narsingh,promes,these guys lacks quality,i personally rate these players as stipid players,i never expected them to beat any team,beacuse they cannot.though they did play less games..they also should be omitted from team..
    finally we played a good game with klassen and wijnaldum vs spain…But both are not playing in their natural spot.Both lacks accuracy in shots..
    Wijnaldum should be played in wings instead of Narsingh or promes.that is were we get best from him…
    klassen is 10…but Since we have sneijder Klasen can start from bench.
    RVP,Vaart,Sneijder,Roben,Nijel,vlaar has given everything to NT. and we must move on..KNVB needs strong coach …also i feel that we find 2 assistants who are open minded to accpet ideas and who are capable of going unorthodox way of slecetion and tactics..

      1. Moron (Tiju)

        First game of the campaign was against Czech Republic :

        Cillessen-Janmaat-De Vrij-Veltman-BMI-Nigel-Blind-Wijnaldum-Sneijder-Depay-RVP

        Haha no Afellay, no VDW

        1. Second game against Kazakhstan, 3-1 :

          Cillessen-VDW-De Vrij-BMI-Blind-Nigel-Afellay-Sneijder-Lens-Van Persie-Robben

          Game against Latvia, 6-0 :

          Cillessen-VDW-De Vrij-Bruma-Willems-Blind-Afellay-Sneijder-RVP-Huntelaar

          We lost and won games with every player, there is no line up that worked better than another, even De Vrij, Janmaat, Blind made terrible blunders…

          1. TIJU1234 September 10, 2014 at 3:00 am
            Cool down guys..the problems are BMI,RVP,sneijder,Wijnaldum and Narsingh(perhaps),snijedr was trying for through pass but failed everytime,Wijnaldum and RVP frequenlty failed to show(or ignorned)the man behind them,so they often lost the balls,BMI was mistake prone as usyal.
            Offcourse i agree Janmaat made a mistake but what was we doing for 90 minutes??how many clear chances we created??we were pathetic in attack.Hiddink needs to through out RVP,Wijnaldum,BMI,sneijder,and narsingh,.

            TIJU1234 March 26, 2015 at 4:06 am
            it could be sneijder/clasie….

            All you write is bullshit, you just post random line ups and change your mind every day. One day you say Wijnaldum should be dropped, the day after he is in your line up, same for Blind, Sneijder…

            You never make sense, and even after such a big accident for the dutch football, where there were no BMI, no Afellay, no Promes in the starting line up… you dare to come up with another line up !

            Why don’t you read all your posts, Jan got the archives, just go to read everything and reports all the contradictions.

  23. After watching that display I am gutted, our defence and midfield were absolute rubbish, anyone who has been calling for Klassen needs to pull their head, he is useless! Also Narsingh, Blind and Wiel.
    We will never win games unless we dominate in midfield, today he plays his son in DM when Anita sits on the bench who has been playing great for Newcastle, well your son gave yo a great present today, goal number 2, the goal that killed the team off in this game! Well done Danny!
    Why no Virgil? Why no Krul? I could go on.
    This was the game when Hunter and RVP should play together , Depay was giving nice crosses that would suit the Hunter, and RVP was trying his best but the service from midfield was terrible. Luke De Jong – really?
    Blind must go and take his little boy with him, neither are NT material, let Marco and Ruud ( two attacking players) take over for now, we need players who play with speed and are willing to take on an opponent, not just back pass all the time.
    Anyhow I’m pissed off!

    1. mANY ARE GUTTED HERE….It started from Hiddink who slecetd undeserved players,so hiddink made the base for failure and Blind build it to another level.
      Danny blind is the highest responsible person for playing weil and BMI,Daley blind vs Iceland…it was a suicide,how can u feil those back 3 when u know Goals are inevitable????
      i Dont mind throwing out even Depay and Wijnaldum.

    2. @ van banger. I agree with you. I sent a post during the game yesterday which didn’t appear due to foul language (I guees) but I can say it again. What the fcuk have Riedewald, Narsingh, Klaasen, Wiel, de Jong achieved to deserve the nod before Anita,Pieters, Van Dijk, Dost who work their butt week in and out at their clubs. This piece of sh!t coach (who was a very respectful player) needs to go. Anyone else can coach better. There are so many glaring issues that even us in this forum can see that a coach should see better. God help this NT. KNVB needs wake up its old ass and employ someone who what he is doing. I can’t believe teams such as Albania, Iceland, Czech, Turkey may be going to the finals ahead of Holland. Unthinkable.

  24. Big mistake was replace Guus Hiddink.He was under pressure from the start .Third place in WC…return to 433..total football..possession of the ball…he need to play beauty games and win in EURO 2016 etc…He was hypnotized in the beginning.
    Later he began to be free from these things but not enough.Matches against Spain and Turkey were better than matches against Iceland and Turkey.
    Latvia-Netherland 0-2 …and he was replaced!Silliness.
    (perhaps we should added San Marco in the coach team and it is all)

    Chances for EURO 2016??? NOTHING.
    Southern hot teams are dangerous when they smell blood!They are dangerous (in this case) and for stronger teams than the Chezh Republic and Iceland..

    Ronald Koeman(Southampton-Midtjylland!!!??),F.de Boer,Affelay,Promes…even Robben would not save the Netherlands against Turkey(0-3).Dutch team was simply on the wrong foot..no power,passion..
    Afellay,Promes,Depay..they can keep the ball for longer but not enough to win.
    One on one very bad.Especially in defense.

    In Serbia there is a proverb.”When God wants to punish someone first take his mind”.And the other for difficult times:” who knows why is it good”.
    RVP,Robben,Sneijder,Vaart..no more of this. They played in teams(Ajax,Feyenoord,PSV)that were solid(good) in Euro competitions (2002,o4,05)
    Today is rapidly destroying the base. Feyenoord-Seville,Feyenoord-Roma…youth Ajax..(Ajax-Rapid was little better than Ajax-Salzburg)..It is just a base.2,3 years later it should be much stronger teams. But they are all happy when the players go to England,Spain,France..Austria(?)(to learn football) and everyone cheering for Southampton against Feyenoord,Vitesse..ManU against PSV(?)Barcelona against Ajax(Cruyff) ManU against Ajax(v.d.Sar(?) etc..
    O.K. the things are little better today.
    But it is sheer madness.
    Look at this (if is it true).Partizan Belgrade will play against AZ Alkmaar.Gudelj(father and son) will all weakness AZ Alkmaar to give Partizan.In the Dutch case he would all weakness Partizan gave to AZ Alkmaar.(it is fair but stupid)
    LennonBeatles song(title)”Everybody,s got something to hide except me and my monkey”.

    (Cruyff theory of the many friendly matches is OK .Later on maybe about that..)

    Pause 1980-1988 was good for Dutch football later.Perhaps the new break will well come again(Holland has original football school..).Reason for return.
    “Mistreated” by Deep Purple..Sometimes even the music is not bad…

  25. @stupid laurent….
    Its true i posted line up with many…but the player positions wre different with considering injury..I WAS NEVER HAPPY with final 11 of Blind and Hiddink…they all lost pathtically…So what u r taliking about…they played Narsingh in right wing not wijnaldum…even in last match has nt he played with promes and narsingh and weil???then how u expect them to win????
    @Laurent all ways the dutch coaches plays a crap player in our team ….Afellay,promes,BMI,weil completely dont desrev call ups…Narsingh,blind,tooo..if u want to play wijnaldum as playmekr u better drop him..
    FYI ignorance We dont have real wingers bar Roben(Now roben is done)
    We must find wingers real superfast wingers(not bulky Depay)..to win games or something to happen
    Wijnaldum can play that efefctivly if he wants too..But coaches never puts him there,instead they put headlesschikens over there or put Bulky depay(Whom will be playing in turkey in 2 years after Sacking of LVg from Manu)

  26. TIJU1234 March 26, 2015 at 4:06 am
    it could be sneijder/clasie….
    this was very good team,but opur idiot coach didnt do that they palyed with some one else.
    williams and Blind can interchange both can defnd and attack…
    Wijladum is not as stupid as Afellay,Narsingh and promes…
    Dejong would play as guard..
    For ur IDOcy..u need to think out of the box to survive in some conditions..

  27. I leave my comments of this disastrous campaign:

    – This has been the worst week for the Dutch National Team in years. Losing against Iceland at home is ridiculous but the way we lost it makes it more painful. Losing against Turkey as visitors could always happen and has happened but again, we lost making mistake after mistake and without an idea of how to turn things around.

    – Some players forget how to play football when they wear the jersey of Oranje and some are past their prime. We can´t get rid of all the big players because you need older guys to guide the young guns but there are players from the old guard and new one that have to be dropped for good…those are.-
    a)Van Persie
    b)Van der Wiel
    c)Martins Indi

    …Perhaps others but those four are like a cancer for the team. Van Persie and Huntelaar with his fights and egos, they are past their prime and old, they won´t even make it to Russia 2018 so let´s axe them now. Martins Indi and Van der Wiel because they simply have cost the team many points (Wiel costs us two goals this week and Martins Indi with his hot head).

    – We have to build a team from the defence. The D has been a disaster since Euro 2012 but somehow Van Gaal found the balance with Strootman in a 4-3-3 system and was very clever and flexible to diagnose that without Strootman he needed to add extra protection to the back four and installed one more defender in his 5-3-2 system and everything went fine in Brazil. Sometimes not that spectacular but the team was very difficult to beat, we only lost in penalties vs Messi´s Argentina.

    – Based on that, we see that neither Hiddink and Danny Blind understood that, changing systems, players and decisions without any real basis. One day Janmaat is axed, then the other day he is starter. One day the forward is Huntelaar and next day he doesn´t even play. The goalie…Cillessen has regressed, he has to work harder, even a soft shot beats him. He needs to work harder on that, become better at penalties and perhaps someday he can recover his position as number one goalie but the reality is that nos Krul is better. And as Tiju says, Martins Indi and Van der Wiel are equal to headaches and goals against, that is why this year they are not starters at their clubs!

    – All said, Danny Blind has to go now. It´s a drastical decision but he was the ideal candidate to replace Hiddink thinking that Hiddink would navigate smoothly and Blind is a calmed man with a vision but for the long term. The long term is gone, we are in deep trouble and if we still want to go to France or have a strong qualification to be in Russia 2018, we shall make drastic changes. A coach that yells, motivates and has some tactical wisdow is needed…I see Koeman, Frank de Boer and even Cocu as the best candidates…and hell, why not go to a foreign coach with a new approach, a modern one, Jurgen Klopp. He plays attacking football and did a magnificient job at Borussia Dortmund. He could do that at Oranje.

    – And the KNVB and their directors have to change people and direction…it has been a while when a Dutch team have relatively success in the Champions League, in the Europa League Dutch teams lose against mediocre teams and that is because the level of the Eredivisie is becoming lower and the great talents thar are produced get sold at a very early stage in their careers and fail abroad. We need a stronger Eredivisie, keep developing talents but protecting them for at least 3-4 years in their careers so that when they move to are more mature. That is why Bert Van Oostveen has to go.

    – It is imperative that Danny Blind or a new coach makes the changes, clean the air, talk directly to the players because it is evident that some lads are creating a bad atmosphere in the squad. I think that more than a formation problem it is an attitude and moral situation. Let´s win the next two games and pray for a miracle, but if we don´t go to the Euro 16´this can be work to reflect and rebuild the KNVB and Oranje. It has happened in the past and the team has recovered. The new generation has talent and new players will emerge just like when van Basten retired and then Kluivert came and then Van Persie and surely a new Van Persie will come…

    – The formation should be 4-2-3-1 with two holding mids to protect to back four.-

    1- Krul (give Cillessen a break, he doesn´t command the D)
    2- Janmaat (or any other but not VAN DER WIEL please)
    3- De Vrij
    4- Van Dijk (come on coaches, this guy deserve it!)
    5- Willems (then Pieters or Van Aanholt, not Danny Blind)
    6- N. De Jong (experience and passion is needed there)
    7- Memphis
    8- Clasie (if injured, Wijnaldum, we really miss Strootman!)
    9- Bas Dost (no more Huntelaar and Van Persie, they are done for the long term and in the short term they have not been the solution either)
    10- Sneijder (Hakim Zihech could be a replacement in the long term or even Klaassen but they need to grow their game a lot still)
    11- Robben (if injured I´d say go with Lens, no with Luciano or Promes, Robben at the moment has no replacement)

    Well, it has been a long post. But for now, I let all my frustration leave my body with these lines, and hopefully Oranje takes the right direction in the last games and if we do not qualify it is not the end for Oranje. The team and federation will have to go back to basics, re invent themselves and plan for the future. Hup Holland for live and let´s not lose optimism, the Turkish team has two very tricky games still against Iceland and the C. Republic. Both are qualified but they won´t let their pride easily so I think Turkey might drop points and if Holland takes advantage of that then a play off can be real.

    Let´s wait and see. In the meantime, I just hope Danny Blind or a new coach makes radical changes in mentality and team selection.

    1. @Mario…
      but there are players from the old guard and new one that have to be dropped for good…those are.-
      a)Van Persie
      b)Van der Wiel
      c)Martins Indi
      List doest stop there Mario,we need to drop Afellay,Narsingh,promes,verhage,and even Depay too….
      i heard Ake is reedeming his lost days.
      Sadly we are loosing Roben too
      Basdost—-leroy fer
      kongolo—-Annholt()??????or who else
      on bench
      but for this Annholt,ginkel,buttner need proper coaching..
      Vanrhijn is fast and intelligent has excellent acurate boots and crosses,excellent technique too…he would be a much better winger than our headless chickens..So is willimas ,can be lethal from left,1000 times dangerous than Bulky Depay..

  28. Correction, as number five I meant Daley Blind should not be considered, not Danny hehe.

    And one comment more, Oranje has drop points against all the teams above them: Iceland, the C. Republic and Turkey. You can´t go to a big tournament with a performance like this! Anyway, there is a slim chance and if we don´t win both games we do not deserve it! Hopefully the team will find some passion and mental strenght and wait and see what happens with Turkey who are a very unpredictable team.

    We wait a new analysis from Jan. Raise your heads my friends, life is much more than football =)

  29. It’s really sad being 9 points below Iceland and the Czech Republic.

    Blind is not a great coach perhaps a good idea would be calling Foppe de Haan as assistant coach or Co Adriaanse because San Marco is not really good and Ruud has zero experience.

    LVG used Kluivert who had zero experience more as a motivator because he himself had plenty of experience already but someone like Blind could use an experienced assistant coach.

    Anyway I believe that if we don’t qualify it’s time for a new coach. Koeman is the most logical choice.

  30. Sometimes Dutch coaches are married to the 4-3-3 system. I love that system but when you don’t have the players to play it then change!!!. That’s why LVG is such a great coach he recognized we lacked quality in defense and used the 5-3-2 system instead.

  31. Yes, Van Gaal, contrary to what many people thought of him, showed he is a very flexible and strategic coach, with strong personality who increased the level of every player to play as a REAL TEAM, something that clearly is not happening (first with Hiddink and then with his assistant in crime, Mr. Blind)…

    Another topic and important one, if Turkey gets 4 points and Oranje wins the last 2 games, both teams will have 16 points and the Turks will progress to the play offs because the first criteria is games against your opponent and they beat us at that.

    So the only hope is win both games and hope they at least lose a game or tie both matches. A shameful situation after this week when we could have ended with 16 points and playing for one of the direct spots but ended with 10 points out of 24 and handed Iceland and the C. Rep direct qualification with 2 games to play!!!.

    Enough said…this week was disastrous for Dutch Football, sometimes the ego to win is absurd, against Turkey a wiser decision would have been park the bus and play on the counter attack like Van Gaal did sometimes or the Italians have done it always (winning 4 WC titles, but no, they tried to play an open game and were in the wrong foot in less that ten minutes, very silly!…I keep the hope alive but being realistic a miracle is neccesary. The turkish enter this two games with high morale while Oranje will play with intense pressure and low spirits.

    I think the KNVB will want to respect Blind contract, wait for the Euro 2016 qualification and then search a new coach to guide the qualification of Russia 2018 that by the way, will be a tough exam also with France and Sweden in the same group. G, I just hope we don´t have to suffer like in the early 80´s, I am sure the new generation and new stars will rise, but I do not know when they will be ready. For instance, perhaps Memphis can become the real deal in the future, but for now, it is clear he is not ready to be the leader and carry the team like Robben has done many times.

    I remember when Holland was eliminated from the 2002 WC that I lost interest in football for a while and then the passion returned and since that I have witnessed my team very close to lifting gold again (silver and bronce in the last two WC´s). I have faith in the long term but I think Euro 2016 and WC 2018 can be tough lessons for Dutch football.

  32. http://www.goal.com/en/news/1717/editorial/2015/09/06/15102152/a-farce-from-the-start-netherlands-paying-the-price-for?ICID=FT

    Another interesting article. Danny Blind last game as coach before Iceland´s game was in 2006 but he was the man supposed to succeed Hiddink.

    After reading this article I think that in order for Koeman to accept an offer from the KNVB, the Director of the KNVB has to resign and a new one could convince him. In the meantime there are no great candidates, maybe just De Boer and Cocu who both could be good choices but are married to the 4-3-3 system like Miguel said. I think that a new perspective is needed and there is an unemployed coach like Klopp who fills the bill. Will the KNVB let their ego away and contact him? I doubt it.

  33. I say about the ego because in the KNVB they still think that they invented TOTAL FOOTBALL and it is true that in Holland that kink of football has been played in some phases of the history but it has been evident that in 1988 with a 4-4-2 system and in 2014 with a 5-3-2 Oranje played excellent. It is not about a system but a gameplan, something now does not exist in Holland and appointing a foreign and German coach could be seen as a SIN in Holland but Germany has advanced miles ahead of us in planning and being even more spectacular and look at their results…results they have achieved after the abismal showing of Euro 2000 when the re build all the German Football.

    My main candidate now is Jurgen Klopp, but I highly doubt he would even be considerate. Let´s send the KNVB a letter with our requests =) and sign it.

  34. *My line up for the last 2 qualifying games:






    *Janmaat and V.Aanholt as wingers as well when in attack.
    *With a solid midfield we’ll get the ball back faster and Robben and Depay getting plenty of crosses from Janmaat and V.Aanholt.
    *Midfielders must try to shoot more from distance.

    Robben if fit. If not fit then RVP instead.
    Clasie if fit. If not fit then Wijnaldum instead.

  35. And for the future we do have quality but maybe they still need to improve mentally and in quality as well.

    Van Ginkel, Ake, De Vrij, Van Dijk, Riedewald, Veltman, Kishna, Bas Dost, Van Aanholt, Fer, Clasie, Depay, Castaignos, Willems….

    From those players many can be world class.

  36. for me, simply this oranje team reflects the level of erdivisie teams!!!
    this is the level of erdivisie teams in europe starting to reflect on oranje, which makes sense!!!
    you will say but most of the players dont play in erdivisie currently, my answer is, but where do they play?? new caste, galatasaray, fenerbache, ajax, psv!! this is what we got!!! things from now on will be this way!! once robben quits this is what u will have!! lets get used to it!!!!

  37. Honestly I didn’t wanna write, disgusted n all but I have to make things straight here so that I can

    Firstly Krab Van Zandvoort, if you are reading this, I hope now you should have a better picture as who the fucken clown is.

    Tiju, as much as I hate to say this, but you are the biggest disgrace on this blog.it really boils me up when I read your ever changing crap shit.

    this was your posts in the earlier blog prior to the the two qualifiers.

    Quote Tiju

    “Blind is a versatile utility player…thats why dutch team manger must have clear idea about his pecking order for every position my keeping versatlile players in mind who can play in differnet positions in a tournament”

    “Daley blind is a versatile player who gives immense tactical options to coach during a match”

    “His father Danny is optimistic about chances vs france and Sweden…i have good feeling…Orange is in an intelligent hands…”

    “i have a feeling Blind is goin to be the saviour as this blind has got extremely wicked brain…only thing is players must support him”

    “Daley blind is quick decison maker with vision,well good distributor of ball.LVG needs that from back,he compenstae his speed and power with anticipation and positioning…daley Blind as CB might not be great,but he can do the job with out much errors.thats what my point is..”

    “Daley blind is physically weak and not fast..but he is really a SMART player..not a headlesschiken like many eg Afalley,promes etc..None of our LCBs has the intelligence to cop with blind honestly..when it comes to intelligence Riekik,vandijk and bruma are no match for him”

    “over the year Wijnaldum is the most improved player,showing intelligence, leadership,character,wellgroomed guy,he can play as winger,playmaker to extent,box to box runner and holding mid..So he is an asset to any team.i heard chelsea is behind him”


    Quote “Blind didn’t help himself with his team selection. I didn’t see any difference in terms of his strategy and tactics after taking over from Hiddink”

    “Wijladum ,dpeay and co doesnt have the intelligence of Sneijder So…they cannt play as playmakers,its stupidity to waste them over there..Since we dont have a quality winger…why cannt they move Wijnaldum to robens place”

    “Horror scenario Oranje vs Iceland”……….
    Created and Directed by Hiddink and main assistant Blind..
    main actors in lead role Afellay,BMI,weil,promes,
    Guest role

    “Daley is pathetic as LB, blind at LB half suidcide..”

    Blind is physically weak everyone knows it….i am not a big fan of blind..i want to him playing box to box not as LB..he is decent player..”

    1. He will never understand, I suspect he is just bored in India, don’t know if he works or what, but I guess it asks a lot of time and imagination to create all these lines up where full backs become wingers, center backs become defensive midfielders, defensive midfielders become attacking midfielders…

      I mean insulting Depay and Promes, who are our most productive wingers with their clubs at the moment ,and suggesting that Van Aanholt and Van Rhijn should be the new wingers is just hahahahahahahahahaha

    2. @wilson idiot..i like Blind as Box to box..as he has intelligence to play over there over ur stupid players like afellay and co..
      But our coaches plays him as Holding mid or LB…i cannt help that u idiot…
      i want wijnaludm to see as winger instead of ur stupid Promes,Narsingh,,idiot…
      U and laurent are most idiotic ones in this blog..u think that annholt will be great as LB and ur Afellay ,Depay will help../NO way idiots u cannt beat Iceland with Weil,BMI,annholt,Afellay,promes,narsingh in ur line up…
      if u want to play annholt as winger like williams its fine with me…or else if u sue him as LB then then u need wo play williams or buttner as wingers..to compliment weakness of Annnholt…
      if RVP,Hunter cann beat Icleand then ur craps cannt beat them its as simple as that..
      U came up with anti blind rants,where i rate Blind all of ur crap players…

  38. I do not agree Alaa. For sure it would be a transitional period but new stars will emerge, when Cruyff retired there was a new talent coming through and when Van Basten was gone then Bergkamp was already in the team and the list goes on. Perhaps Memphis can be the real deal or there is a new star in the making but something I am sure of: Netherlands will still be producing top footballers. It is a matter of importance and there we agree, to improve the level of the Eredivisie and also protect and educate the players so they do not go abroad without real professional experience.

    And to all, anyway, if Holland goes to the European Championship like this, perhaps is better not to go. I preffer not to go instead of a showing like in 2012…And with some humour I shall say that perhaps the players like better the World Cups since in 2010 and 2014 they did great and in the EC we have been a disgrace in 2012 and in 2016 most likely Oranje won´t be there although there is still a slim chance.

  39. Honestly I didn’t wanna write, disgusted n all but I have to make things straight here so that I can

    Firstly Krab Van Zandvoort, if you are reading this, I hope now you should have a better picture as who the fucken clown is.

    Tiju, as much as I hate to say this, but you are the biggest disgrace on this blog.it really boils me up when I read your ever changing crap shit.

    this was your posts in the earlier blog prior to the the two qualifiers.

    Quote Tiju

    “Blind is a versatile utility player…thats why dutch team manger must have clear idea about his pecking order for every position my keeping versatlile players in mind who can play in differnet positions in a tournament”

    “Daley blind is a versatile player who gives immense tactical options to coach during a match”

    “His father Danny is optimistic about chances vs france and Sweden…i have good feeling…Orange is in an intelligent hands…”

    “i have a feeling Blind is goin to be the saviour as this blind has got extremely wicked brain…only thing is players must support him”

    “Daley blind is quick decison maker with vision,well good distributor of ball.LVG needs that from back,he compenstae his speed and power with anticipation and positioning…daley Blind as CB might not be great,but he can do the job with out much errors.thats what my point is..”

    “Daley blind is physically weak and not fast..but he is really a SMART player..not a headlesschiken like many eg Afalley,promes etc..None of our LCBs has the intelligence to cop with blind honestly..when it comes to intelligence Riekik,vandijk and bruma are no match for him”

    “over the year Wijnaldum is the most improved player,showing intelligence, leadership,character,wellgroomed guy,he can play as winger,playmaker to extent,box to box runner and holding mid..So he is an asset to any team.i heard chelsea is behind him”


    Quote “Blind didn’t help himself with his team selection. I didn’t see any difference in terms of his strategy and tactics after taking over from Hiddink”

    “Wijladum ,dpeay and co doesnt have the intelligence of Sneijder So…they cannt play as playmakers,its stupidity to waste them over there..Since we dont have a quality winger…why cannt they move Wijnaldum to robens place”

    “Horror scenario Oranje vs Iceland”……….
    Created and Directed by Hiddink and main assistant Blind..
    main actors in lead role Afellay,BMI,weil,promes,
    Guest role

    “Daley is pathetic as LB, blind at LB half suidcide..”

    “Blind is physically weak everyone knows it….i am not a big fan of blind..i want to him playing box to box not as LB..he is decent player..”

    maybe its time you take a break and go back and read what you are writing. its times like this I wonder if you were standing in front of my face. fucken disgrace. I have no regrets in saying this but I wonder what kind person you are in real life.

  40. I wish I could agree with u mario, but those were different times, when van basten played and then bergkamp showed up, holland was still producing players at the highest level. in one national team u had 6 top strikers (hasselbaink, makaay, van hoijdonk, kluivert, bergkamp) who all played for top teams in europe. at that time u still had erdivisie teams who would be able to reach final stages of european competitions, but now what do you have?? ajax not being able to beat teams from countries we’ve never heard of!!!!
    u watch dutch players in ajax or anywhere in holland and u wonder where all those tecnichal skills dutch players used to have are gone!!! no movement off the ball anymore, sluggish control of the ball, no players who can shoot from crazy far distances on goal (koeman, wim yonk, etc), strikers now are pathetic, they fail in the smallest clubs abroad (luuk de jong, castaignos, the guy in norwich i cant even remeber his name).
    I dont know what it is but with oranje failing to beat iceland and turkey, and ajax losing to an austrian in champions league, i think dutch football has hit the bottom!!!!!!!!!!!
    please dont talk to me about talents like “van ginkel” they guy is not a talent. talent is a big word!! maybe kishna is a talent that if we are lucky he might get somewhere but van ginkel is kind of like ‘maduro” who was supposed to be something big and i think we dont even know where he plays now!!!
    the near future of dutch football is black. I hope they start coming up with a new plan to fix erdivisie and thats when things will start looking good. I dont want them to compete with la liga or premiere league but to be at least at a respectable level like portugues leage (and by the way the excuse of small country is not valid because portugal is smaller than holland and still they managed to keep their league at a certain acceptable standard)

    1. Its just the mentality of the coaches that needs to change.Till to date they are still in that mindset that eredivisie can produce players for international level which is jus crap. on the hand they they disguise players who are playing in a tougher leagues but in average team.

      Seriously this fucken mentality has to go if they want to come out of this limbo.

  41. again it was the was the midfield that entirely collapsed. as much as people here are blaming the defense, you can expect them to carry the burden of midfielders if they are is not doing the job. I swear after Arda Turan second goal, I near smashed my TV after seeing Daley Blind trying to cling on him like a monkey trying to jump from one tree to another using the branches.

    France, Mexico,Iceland and now Turkey….to be continued.

    Anita, Lens, Van Dijik, why t the fuck then Danny select them in the first place .

    this is jus utter shit. this is what happens when coaches wanna make it a personal affair.

  42. Well you have many points Alaa in which you may be correct but everything has a solution. You are not talking about Hungary or Bulgaria that once had great teams, specially Hungary. You are talking about Holland and there are many ex internationals developing as coaches. I do not know what will happen in the near future but there are players who can still improve a lot. Do not know what happen but at least I am optimistic. I am pretty that after this disastrous campaign there will be no other solution than to implement changes in the Eredivisie because I agree that at the moment, PSV, Ajax, Feyenoord, AZ, Twente have lost the ground internationally and a country that wants to keep being strong has to work harder in strengthening the league.

    Right we are killing some players but some of them are just developing.

    What do people living in Holland think of this? Who sounds as a coach for the long term? Klopp, Koeman, De Boer, Cocu, Rijkaard???

  43. Oooouch this hurts
    Just drove back into internet reception after spending a magical weekend at a lake in the mountains, and THIS is the news …

    bad circumstances but nice to see some comments from old familiar names here in the blog

    clearly need to rebuild, I hope they start with the foundation and show the door to van Oostveen and other high ups in the KNVB.

  44. another good one…

    “Van Gaal’s pragmatism was Holland’s greatest asset. In this qualifying campaign, the Dutch have already allowed 10 goals in eight games. Only Malta, Andorra, San Marino and Gibraltar have been behind for more minutes than Holland’s 336 minutes.”

    Source: http://www.foxsports.com.au/football/netherlands-euro-2016-qualifying-disaster-from-guus-hiddink-to-danny-blind-whats-gone-wrong/story-e6frf423-1227517388246

  45. I have been warning about what is happening since the Euro 12 tournament. And as ecstatic as I was over the WK results in 2014, the inevitability was still stalking our Oranje. This will be a period much like the 1980-1986 era where we had “good” and “promising” players, but no central identity.
    Maybe I am too old (47) and because I remember the 1974 WK heart break, and the shock at the unlucky Euro ’76 implosion, and the way we were blatantly cheated out of the title in the WK 1978, and then the obvious decay with the Euro ’80 and the laughable travesty of the “mini de Oro” in Uruguay in 1980 that I sensed this was coming. Everything is cyclic after all. All patterns repeat eventually.
    But what stresses me out is I do not see a golden generation waiting in the wings. No van Basten lurks. No Gullit and Rijkaard stand ready. No Koeman is warming up. With the increasing quality of other nations and how unrigid other teams are in adapting, we could be looking at an even longer and bleaker spell that would be reminiscent of the post WWII years until the Ajax and Feyenoord ascension starting in the late 1960’s.
    It is really that bleak. The main question that needs addressing by the KNVB is simply, “Who are we?” “Where are going, and how do we get there”.

    1. You may be right Brett. I however do not think that we’re lacking talents. We have a good (not great) generation of players who need mentoring and preparation for today’s football reality. There are plenty of teams who have no distinguished talents but who play with passion and purpose. We totally lack that. No passion, no heart. Turks play with a lot of heart and they are surpassing us. I know it is a genetic thing but you can only overcome lack of talent by playing with fire. Our players are anemic. Symbol of that are Cillesen and Wiel.

      1. Agreed, but talent without vision and clear direction is like the proverbial “fart in a skillet”. It bounces around with speed and makes a lot of noise, but in the end accomplishes nothing but a laugh and smells like crap.

  46. “You do not defend like that”

    Sep 07, 2015
    “The positional play has been weak, especially in defence and within the penalty area”, Johan Cruyff writes in his weekly column in ‘De Telegraaf’. Cruyff is not pleased by the results of the Dutch national team in the Euro qualifying campaign last week and is shocked by the level of the players.

    “It has everything to do with a different way of thinking. More often I see a pile-up of players in the penalty area, while it should be an essential part of match tactics to know beforehand how many people you need in the box during corner kicks.”

    “Tactics are not just a matter of three attackers or four defenders, it is way more. Players should train on the specifics, like positional play for defenders in the penalty area.”

    “Against Iceland, especially in the beginning, too many passes were given wide instead of deep. In addition, the speed of the play is a problem, while it is so simple. By placing the ball in front of someone, the person in question needs to be moving. I think it is shocking to see how few players of the Dutch national team have mastered this.”

    “The one who is performing well is Daley Blind. It is striking how he has improved after a year at Manchester United. A good example of what a higher training intensity can do.”

    “The simple fact that our basic tactical and technical skills are below par, has everything to do with the amount of training, which makes you wonder.”

  47. @wilson ur and ur idiot friend laurent brain is dead…if dream about duth beating iceland with afellay will ever reamin in dream..
    Wijnaldum>afellay,Narsingh,promes…at any day
    Blind same with above…

    1. We finished first of the group and won almost every game when Afellay was playing in 2011, you silly.


      Do you remember this ? haha

      You just don’t understand anything about football, your brain doesn’t have the faculty to analyze the past, the present and to make conclusions. You only can judge by your direct emotions and that’s why you put 153 shitty line ups on a daily basis, seriously stop posting.

      1. u dont understand anything u idiot larent…it was Roben,vaart and sneijder saved the ass of Afellay,not beacuse of thaat shit played of us…
        what was hedoing in EC2012..

  48. but this doesnt mean that they are super stars,or they stands with class of real dutch stars like roben,sneijder and Co.but they far better players than idiotic headless chikens of you and laurent.

  49. Interesting moments ahead.

    I will write after the C. Republic game. Then we will know our fate. If we get to the play offs, G, what a lucky situation after the embarrasing and shocking childish mistakes of many players.

    If we stay home, the more likely scenario, time to face reality and implement changes in many areas at Dutch Football. Feel sorry for Danny Blind because he inherited a mess from Hiddink and the KNVB directors should never asked an unproven coach to revert such a critical situation but I guess no other top or respected coach wanted this boat and they had no other option.

    I think in the long view, whatever happens will leave profound learnings in Dutch football I am confident new top players will emerge. Maybe not that soon but it will happen. Mark my words.

    Time to lower your expectations guys and enjoy the game because our beloved Oranje and the whole Dutch football will enter a new era with many question marks. HOPE FOR THE BETTER AND HAVE THE LONG VIEW PICTURE.

    I write again this comedy finishes, meanwhile I keep reading your entertaining comments. Be gentle with each other please hehe.

    Greetings my friends!

  50. Addicts have to hit rock bottom before they can start turning their lives around. Brazil had to be humiliated on its home turf before realizing that fundamental changes may be needed in its football culture. Spain needed to be humiliated by Oranje before realizing that its greatest generation needed to be celebrated and then retired. As others have written, maybe this week will serve as the swift slap in the face dutch football needs to recognize some fundamental hard truths?

    Like we all do, I look forward to Jan’s analysis. He and others on this blog are a LOT closer than I to the current realities and intricacies of dutch football. Let me just pose one question and then reserve any other thoughts until I’ve had a chance to drink from the fountain of Jan:

    Where’s the steel in defense and defensive midfield, the tenacity, the refusal to be beaten by ANYONE man-to-man and the absolute fury at the rare times when it happens? van Bommel, Wouters, Rijkaard, Davids, they had it. Among the currently active, I have seen it in Vlaar, Strootman, de Jong. I’m talking here about “controlled fury” which rules out BMI, who has some steel in his make up but sadly to date paired with a crippling emotional lack of control and common sense. I feel like I saw it in pre-Chelsea van Ginkel, though the data set was too small to draw definitive conclusions. Where else?

    Watching these games makes me wonder whether there is something fundamentally flawed in the way Dutch players are being developed. Those of you who watch the under 17’s, under 19’s, etc., help me out here. Are there players with toughness, tenacity, “edge” coming up through the academies? Or is the emphasis on possession football and fluidity squeezing the juice out of these guys and/or screening them out entirely?

    Maybe I’m just grasping at straws and/or reacting in the moment, but I thought I’d pose the question to those with more data than I. In the meantime, I’ve been wearing orange all weekend as loyalty and passionate support are most important in times of adversity. Hup Holland Hup.

    1. Yes Robin , there are some good players coming up the ranks, but I dont think Eredivisie has what it takes to materialize these talents to the point where they can have the break through in their competency level. well off course everyone knows this but this is the dilemma for the next generation orange coming up. on the other hand those who have been have picked up by big clubs, hopefully they will not return to eredivisie looking for first team action if they fail to break into their respective first team squads after graduating.

      Rodney Kongolo (Man City)

      Mink Peeters. (Real Madrid)

      Bobby Adekanye (Liverpool)

      Donyell Malen (Arsenal)

      Timothy Fosu-Mensah (Man United)

      too name a few……………..

      Bilal Ould-Chikh (Benfica) exception….Ola John depature means he will get first team action at some point in time.

      As for our current U 21s, you can expect these guys to flourish in jus one or two seasons if they feature regularly for their receptive clubs.

      Wesley hoedt (Lazio)

      Riccardo Kishna (Lazio)

      Karim Rekik (Marseille)

      Nathan Ake (Chelsea/Watford).

      Well thare are others to I wont rule out, Hateboer, Sinkgraven,Bazoer,El Ghazi,Hendrix, but looking at the current trend of eredivisie teams it might take more time for these guys to reach the level of their counterparts who are playing outside of eredivisie. hopefully this where the criteria for the selection of players will be set, who ever the coach is now and onwards.

      it will heartbreak if NT fails to qualify for the euros, but given the transfer window for the dutch players this season and with also expectation high that jan window will again be a successfully one , I think we can be rest assured that the dutch will enter the WC 2018 with iron first.

    2. Great point. If you go back and look at the matches from the 1974-1978 Oranje, which is celebrated for their “Totaal Voetbal”, you will immediately see a ferocious defending ability. Who in the hell would take on van Hanagem? Or risk getting your ass smashed down by Neeskens? Or getting decleated by Krol, Haan, Israel, or de Jong? Heck! Even the van der Kerkhof brothers could decimate you.
      Beautiful and free flowing football is great, but winning is even better. And you cannot win if you cannot inspire fear in your opponent.

    3. You are spot on. The mentality is simply not there. Most youth players are spoilt rotten. And if you play in the youth of Ajax and Feyenoord, you don’t have a lot of resistance to deal with in games. I think Clasie has grit but that is it. All boys amongst men

  51. Jan you should really find a solution for Tiju.

    I’m not asking for a ban cause every website needs a clown, but is there any way to limit his posts ?
    One post per week is enough for him, eventually two the days Holland is playing, not more.

    Just imagine when a random visitor comes to this blog and read 5 posts by Tiju on the same page with line ups, wrong spelling… he will immediatly leave, won’t even try to understand.

      1. Unfortunately I was unable to watch, hence my opinion-less blurb… if I am lucky, I can find the match online, but it’s tougher to find those U21 matches or even just the stats, and I don’t think it’s fair to judge defensive qualities of players based on highlight reels.

        1. This guy here Oussama Tannane (Heracles)also looks like quite a talent. If im not mistaken the game vs Cyprus was his first game for U21s
          He has already scored 5 goals in eredivisie and is sitting l less behind El Ghazi on the top scores list.

          1. Correct. Tannane was sent away in his youth (I think from Ajax) as he is a bastard. Exactly what we need. Tremendous talent. Nice and ego centric. Reminds me of Sneijder.

      2. @ Robin
        Only time will tell with these youngsters.
        I think the talent is definitely there, no question!
        I do have high hopes for Bazoer (18) and Hendrix (20).
        I would absolutely love for them to become the next Neeskens and van Hanagem type ‘tough as nails’ dominating CM combo. Both are fast and tough and great with the ball, Bazoer especially.
        2 clean sheets in a row for them in their qualifying campaign is good, big win at home and away in Turkey.

        We are totally missing that steel you speak of, that dominating mentality, and I think is needed most right in the center of the pitch where it can infect the others. Drives me crazy that Strootman and Clasie cant seem to get fit and take the spots I think that they should have, I always had high hopes for them as well. Some say Clasie is too small, but I have seen that passion in his game and I think passion can outweigh size. And paired with Strootman size in the middle is not such a problem.
        Was very disappointed to see Klaassen so out of sorts v Turkey, hopefully just due to being played out of position as he looked out of his depth, but maybe it can be a positive thing for his growth..

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