Young Oranje coasts to semi finals…

With an empathic win over Russia, Holland has confirmed their status as finals favorite. In the second game of the tournament, Oranje added five goals to their tally of three, but unfortunately could not keep a clean sheet against a weak Russia side.

Cor Pot hadn’t changed his line up for the Russia game. He probably knows best, but playing 3 games in 8 days after a long season might be a good reason to mix things up a bit, I thought. I could have justified bringing Fer for Van Ginkel for instance, or as I said earlier on, Clasie for Strootman or Van Ginkel.

But as the punters here have picked up: Strootman seems to enjoy a protected status and is beyond question.

Russia played a defensive game against Spain earlier on and had to get something out of this one, so we expected Russia to open up a bit and allow for space. That indeed happened, the game was fairly open from the start, although Russia did resort to counter football and slowed the game down to walking pace for long stretches. Oranje played patient game but in my view was still very sloppy in taking advantage of certain moments.

Oranje being sometimes too playful, too intricate and at times not seeing the easy solutions.

It seemed like Russia would be able to reach the break with an even score and memories of the late winner of Spain came to mind for this game.

But in telling style, it was Wijnaldum who broke the deadlock, almost in similar fashion as his goal against Germany.

The winger-who-is-not-a-winger cut inside again, dribbling and spotting the gap before hitting the leather with his powerful right (it was his left against Germany).

wijnaldum scores 2

Wijnaldum lifted, Cor Pot enjoys it…

Wijnaldum was almost invisible the whole period before his goal. He made room for Van Rhijn (who played very good by the way) and had some combinations with Van Ginkel but we saw none of his dribbles on the flank.

Contrary to Ola John who started the game with the spring in his step. John is a natural, as he would prove time and time again in the game. Great first touches, vision in the pass-move dynamics, work rate, good crosses and scoring ability. The real deal.


So a lot when through the middle and over the left flank and mainly in the center of the pitch I felt we disappointed. Maher and De Jong played a tough first half (although De Jong rattled the post with a free header). De Jong is always threatening when the ball is crossed in, but in the combination with Maher and Strootman, he seems lacking.

Maher seems tired. The youngster had a big season with AZ (winning the National Cup) and must be thinking about his future, as Ajax and PSV expect to do battle over him although numerous EPL clubs are now chasing him too.

Maher showed his class in moments. He needs to be more dominant, needs to be the high up the park playmaker for us, but he has never looked the part. This is partly also because he lacks a player behind him capable of playing the one-touch killer pass.

In the second half, the game opened up more for Oranje when the French ref deservedly sent a Russian player off. He slid from behind with his studs up and a stretched leg into Maher achilles… A dangerous tackle, from behind. Ergo: red. It might have looked harsh, but the rules support the ref and we could have had a similar situation as with Italian star Insigne, who had to leave the pitch early against Israel.


Luuk RussiaFinally Luuk gets one…

The same Maher showed he could play on, when he took a Van Rhijn cross on his right on the half-volley turn and hitting a cracker on the cross bar. The whole stadium could hear the goal frame moan and Maher almost had the goal of the tournament. Luck again, for the goalie.

With 10 against 11 it was not a real contest anymore. Or so it seems. Luuk de Jong got his goal after being close a couple of times, on a measured Van Ginkel cross.

Unmarked, he placed the ball diagonally across to the far post, giving the goalie no chance.

Russia, however, stepped up a gear. Being behind and being one man down, they played all or nothing. And got a goal. Another defensive debacle with lots of orange shirts running around but no one marking the man that mattered. Infuriating Cor Pot on the bench who saw a “Germany-scenario” unfold.

But Holland didn’t get a tight arse this time and played itself to another 2 goal cushion when a long Zoet kick got extended by De Jong into the path of Ola John who had not trouble chipping the ball for the 3-1.

With Leroy Fer for Maher, Clasie for Strootman and Hoessen for De Jong, Cor Pot secured the win. A well worked attack involving John again gave Fer the chance to score his second of the tournament, as his buddy Wijnaldum did. Not much later, Fer – with some luck – got the ball to Ajax striker Hoessen who in typical Oranje/Ajax style chipped the goalie again to make it 5-1.

There were certainly chances for more, after Russia gave up but the heat and fatigue coupled with some sloppy play shielded the Russians from a double-digit debacle.

An easy win, in hindsight with a lot of great and not-so-great aspects to it.


There is nothing wrong with 4-3-3 but as Wijnaldum showed in the two games: he is not a right winger. He loves to come inside and allow Van Rhijn the overlap. Playing Van Ginkel as right midfielder sort of blocks Wijnaldum on the right and a couple of times it was clear he had no space to operate in. Playing with a wide winger on the left and a more inside focused player on the right is absolutely fine, but I believe Van Ginkel should make way for Clasie.

In this way, the defensive four have a target always (Clasie) while Wijnaldum can drift into the open space on the right. Van Rhijn hardly ever has a direct opponent at this level, so why not?

game end

Van Ginkel does well, don’t get me wrong. He is active, he works hard, he can penetrate but I feel we need less running and more brains. A one-touch pass right in the feet of a runner (Wijnaldum, Maher, John, Strootman, Van Rhijn), perfectly weighted, is more needed. And currently, we don’t have anyone offering that.

Player dynamics

Mostly good. The left flank is strong. The combinations between Martins Indi, Blind, Strootman, John are solid and John almost always wants to execute the correct decision.

The right flank is a bit sluggish. Wijnaldum needs space to drift. And doesn’t get it.

Maher and De Jong have not forged a romantic relationship yet. Whenever Maher drifts deep to get the ball, you know he is in trouble. And he did so a couple of times in the first half.

Strootman, Van Ginkel and Maher in midfield to me is out of balance. Too much testosteron, not enough brains. (Maher definitely is a smart player of course, but he needs someone behind him who recognises his actions). I believe Maher’s disappointing game is also the result of the players around him. Say no more.

The Defensive four played really strong and these lads should be comfortable as they will play a lot of senior games too.


I think Ola John, Daley Blind and Ricardo van Rhijn were the key players in this game for us. Martins Indi and De Vrij were good, De Vrij atoned for his bad spell against Germany while Luuk de Jong worked hard but was unlucky with his team mates just fumbling the key pass or playing the ball behind him.

Strootman and Van Ginkel put it in a good work shift but at times their passing was too hasty or at times too lacklustre.

Jeroen Zoet didn’t impress me. Again. The second German goal was not unstoppable and he missed a corner against the Russians and had some below par clearances against Russia. He is not yet of the level of Vermeer or Cillisen in my book (let alone Tyton (PSV) or Vorm and Krul (Oranje)).

Cor Pot now has choices to make against Spain. Is he playing the same eleven again (3rd game in 7 days)? Will he risk it? Or is it time to mix it up and use the Dutch Xavi (Clasie) alongside Leroy Fer instead of Strootman and Van Ginkel?

Maher didn’t look fresh when subbed and he might also be on the list to sit one out. Wijnaldum clearly relishes the no. 10 spot and with Jozefzoon (or even Van Ginkel) on the right wing, we will not lose any strength.

If we do beat Spain, we are likely to face off against Norway. A very physical team. Which might be a good reason to rest Van Ginkel and Strootman for a game… We will need at least 16 players to win this one, as Fer, Hoessen, Jozefzoon and Clasie have already demonstrated…

blind pot Daley Blind played a perfect game

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  1. It was very one sided even before the Send off – Russia played better with 10 (for a while) than with 11.
    Most comments in last Post are pretty spot on – Commentator made special mention of the ease by which Daley Blind plays (agree) and the mountain of work v Ginkel gets thru.
    Ola was good but if you get a chance to see it again, count the amount of times he could have crossed earlier with Luuk and Marco standing free in the middle but Ola wants to beat his man first.
    I would rest half the team at least – maybe more and bring 3 main stayers on in last 20 min against Spain. Prefer to play Norway in semis. Keep the back 5 change the rest.

  2. Nice write up, Jan.

    Disagree about Van Ginkel, he needs to be on the pitch. Period. Maher has been the least impressive midfielder to me.

    Van Ginkel made the 2nd goal himself, all LDJ needed to do was stick his head out. and LDJ has not been impressive.

    i hope Ler and Hoesen start the game against Spain, as well as Clasie for Maher.

    Clasie, Strootman and Van Ginkel…the midfield of the future. Passing, Strength, and speed. What more u need

  3. i would also like to see RVW start a game. We need a striker for the future, and LDJ is not the guy. Maybe Hoesen? LDJ should not be our guy ever, just a backup. He is slow and has no skills.

  4. De Jong, Wijnaldum and Zoet do not impress I feel.
    De Jong’s control and movement not very good and resulted in conceding ‘turn-overs’ to Russia.
    Wijnaldum is very limited as a winger and was actually invisible for long periods. Very little interplays between him and van Rhjin.

    But I am pleased with the other lads..hope to see them upping their game against Spain. Hup Holland!!

  5. I honestly almost fell asleep in the first half, both teams played very dull football, particularly after watching the fast paced Germany V Spain match. To me it seemed like our boys were only in second gear, at least from the the midfield forward, our defence was very solid but hardly tested. Thank goodness for the first goal, it sparked the game into life and made the Russians have a go.
    At 2 nil we started coasting again and against 10 men, this is when we should have put our foot to the floor and lift to another level. A little bit too much swagger for my liking.
    I think LDJ is too slow and the whole midfield were not crisp in their short passing.
    Now the positives, 5 goals fantastic, some very nice and composed finishing, good runs from out wide and clever passes. Our defence was very Stoic, Blind and Martins Indi were my pics.

    Well Done lads, now for Spain!!!!!

  6. Yeah, so everyone thinks Van Ginkel is Da Man… I can’t see it. I like him and I think he has a future, but Chelsea?? I think he is so young and naive still. I saw him play passes that you cannot play at Chelsea anymore. I still feel he keeps the space blocked for Wijnaldum. I’d love to see Van Ginkel on the right flank though (as he has the speed and legs to play there) if Wijnaldum isn’t fit.

    I simply believe we need Clasie centrally for the through ball. Our build up is not good enough.

    Pot says he might change three spots vs Spain.

    I think we’ll see Clasie, Fer and Hoessen

    1. This.

      I think Van Ginkel were unable to drive the team forward. When he’s on middle third, he tend to just spread it around the midfield. I know that timing’s important to start push forward, but really, it’s way too long. Waste of time. Clasie can quickly push for attack without wasting time.

      Hoesen was interesting last night. Would like to see him more.

      1. Strootman—->Clasie
        Maher—-> Fer
        De Jong——> Hoesen

        Really hope to see it against Spain. Especially Clasie for Strootman.I wouldn’t mind Maher and Luuk starting and Fer and Hoesen coming in like today.

    2. Hoesen is technically good and calm like a robot.
      But his playing style doesnt look like a CF nor striker. And it seems he is weak in header.

  7. 5-1 was good,what if they didnt get red card???.Maximum t would be a 2-1 win/2-0. or may be could end up in 2-2.Defense is worring me.there is a big hole in this team while attack is most potent along with Italy.kind of a this year Manu team.Maher is not bad he is there with his work ethos and skills.i think we have got one extra winger in Vanginkel.Wijnaldum is proving is an efficient scorrer than kuyt,Afellay,and Elia kind of experienced players.So we are more dangerous with Wijnaldum on pitch though he sleeps in match at times.Devrij is slow and thats so scary so far 3 goals conceded thats an indicator of weak defense.
    Senior team—
    ————–Van persie——————-
    ——–Clasie—-Leroy fer———————
    Blind—————————-Van rhijn
    on bench

  8. Willem van Hanegem seems to agree with me.

    Where is Clasie??? The midfield looks like loose sand, as we say in Dutch. Strootman can’t control midfield and Van Ginkel is used differently as in Vitesse.

    And Maher doesn’t have the fresh legs he needs.

    How ’bout Clasie on the right, Stroot on the left and Van Ginkel on the Maher position?

    Pot said he would change some things. Lets hope this is one of them.

    1. Jan, I would not take Willem’s comments as a compliment. LOL. As I mentioned before the guy has lost it. The one player I would like to see is TTV, not Clasie.

  9. Spain tactics explained by German Coach…
    “””Spain always try to find one of their forward players and if they can’t do that they play the ball back to the goalkeeper, move the ball around the pitch meaning their opponents have to run a lot to try and get the ball. We tried to force them out wide but it didn’t work out as intended – they’re a good team and deserved to win. We couldn’t get into their box.””””
    So we make our space tight and let them pass to their goal keeper…and Lets have a spanish masala…i wish our guys stays cool and allow spain to do their back pass and ,also allows the passes between Degea and 2 CBs..Store energy and kill them in between the minutes of 40-60..

  10. Two good victories, auto-qualification for the next round, and everyone is crying.
    How would you be if we had lost? Looking for rope?

    These are still just kids! Please remember this.

    We did very well, and it is heart-warming to see the Jong Oranje playing in the style of the senior team.

    You saw a player being ‘invisible’. I saw a player working his socks off to create space off the ball.
    I guess we all find what we’re looking for, right?

    Show some perspective. Thank you.

    1. I think there is nothing wrong to discuss things that can be improved. Overall, we all acknowledge what went right and we like to also name things that go wrong.

      You always learn from your lesser moments. Russia and Germany were not the brightest. When Germany started to play we got into trouble.

      I saw Italy play a couple of times and you can’t slip up against those lads.

  11. Article about Sneijder I just read on Goal…

    Wesley Sneijder admits it was a “huge blow” and “painful” to hear he had been stripped of Netherlands’ captaincy.

    The Galatasaray midfielder was named Holland skipper when Louis van Gaal replaced Bert van Marwijk as national team coach after Euro 2012.

    But the Dutch boss has now gone with Manchester United star Robin van Persie as he is not satisfied with Sneijder’s fitness.

    “It was a pretty painful announcement. Not just because I never saw this coming, but also because I have always given my all in the role as captain. I will have to accept this, though,” Sneijder told De Telegraaf.

    “It was a huge blow for me. The coach told me that I should focus on myself for now and use my energy to regain top fitness. I was planning to do that any way, though. I am more eager than ever before.

    “I know that I have not shown enough recently and that I will have to step it up a notch. But I am confident that I can reach my level from the 2010 World Cup and Euro 2012 again.”

    Van Gaal’s decision to drop Sneijder as Oranje captain was another disappointment for the former Inter star after Galatasaray president Unal Aysal said the Turkish giants are ready to sell him following his below-par performances since his winter move.

    “I have been following the rumours about Sneijder, but we have not received an offer for him. If an offer in the region of €15 million comes in, we might decide to sell him, though,” Aysal told Sabah.

    The 29-year-old has a contract with the Istanbul giants until 2016, but he stated last week he would be keen to be reunited with Jose Mourinho at Chelsea.

    1. Around 28/29 our body start declining and we will lose speed and little bit of agility etc etc.only few guys with blessed body can keep up with 24 year olds at that Persie,Robben,pirlo etc.its not Wesly’s fault its natural process.LVG was good to wesly so far,he gave him enough respect and ample time. I think he has got minmum 5 months.when i see his body i doubt he will gain his fitness again,its an easily fat accumulating body.
      Good news is over all this will make dutch national team more stronger.Dutch Nt will be more strong/Mercurious if they dont take some old ones.23 year old lads playing so well…Except Robben ,Persie and Fit Dejong no old one has room in squad when slect on merit basis.But we must be thankful for what they have given especially to Vaart,Wesly,Joris,Heitinga..
      b/w they are players and they know these youngsters are doing well,if they really love their country and also if they want to see their country to lift a WC,then they should step aside like Great Clarence did(2008 we had a great time)

      1. WTF are you talking about? He was brilliant in the Euro. Too bad van Persie missed every chance though, and Robben and Afellay skied every shot.

  12. Tnx jan everything on ur article was usefull, but i think u do something wrong.

    i thing hoessen make it 4-1 and fer make it 5-1 u said it wrong in ur article, but totally not omportant, the important thing is we r in semi now 😉

  13. I haven’t yet been convinced that Clasie has the physique to compete at this level. By comparison, Spain’s Isco is a bull in midfield and against Germany he rarely lost a tackle, and was especially good when dribbling. Hopefully Fer will be tasked with stopping him. That may free up Clasie for offensive duties, if that’s the lineup of the day. But I worry about Clasie taking on Isco.

    Spain will have the same issues with squad rotation, so it will be interesting to see if they make changes. Maybe Morata will start for them up front?

    I’d also like to see Wijnaldum as striker perhaps, if not this game than in the semis. LDJ has been just average, but I noticed he made a lot of stray passes. And he doesn’t get himself into great finishing positions often enough.

    1. Story of his life. At Feyenoord they tried to send him away many times for being too little. But Xavi survived. Messi is still around. I have faith in him 🙂

  14. Sneijder’s choice made by Van Gaal is correct. This man has been concentrated in many things but less in football. He has to wake up or he will lose his spot in the team. The pre season will be key to him to regain full Fitness, it doesn’t matter where he will play. Wesley has to work hard in his phisical condition.

    By the way, very impressive this U21 although we are cheating….this U21 team is almost the big Oranje!!!!hehe :).

    1. I do admit there is some quality in the upcoming generation. Two spots that worry me is CF and Right Back. But then again, 3 years ago RvP wasn’t a CF and we had no crown taker from Ruud Van Goal, so anything can change in a couple of years time.

  15. Jan, Good stuff. Really enjoying your analyses. But you’ll have to count me with the contingent that has been impressed by Van Ginkel. I think he and Strootmant form a very energetic, strong and difficult mf for any opponent. But you are correct in that Clasie keeps things moving all the time in ways that Strootman and MVG just do not…what to do? Your idea of trying him on the right is a very interesting to me, thought I suspect maybe not so much to LVG, who has his ideas about what he wants in any player at any given position. If you really want to go out on a limb, think 4-4-2. Robben and RVP up front. Sneijder (if in form, if not, Maher), and Clasie, Strootman and MVG behind them, running, pressing and passing. Also gives a little more protection for the fullbacks—I really like Blind’s skills and ideas, but when he is isolated against speed, its a little worrisome–ANyhow, the 4-4-2 is all fantasy, I know, not going to happen.

  16. Thanks Laurent/Tiju.I think after Kulvert, no another strikers has imaged from holland who was as lethal and was superior in all other aspects of the game (pin point accuracy).I aways like reading all analytical views especially when it comes to, who will be the best in which position. To be frank it can be said at this point in time van gaal is still experimenting with the team especially given the young players who are really performing well. for me personally thats really a worrying sign. Beligum, Germany, Spain, Italy, these 4 teams I really think at this point in time have all consolidated the players who will be in WC 2014. They are just bonding the team and are trying to consolidate the potentail players for back up.This is evident in beligum team and for me there will be dark horse in WC 2014

    I hope after the euro 21 Van gaal can come up with a line up and start consolidating the team for WC 2014. On the other hand it has to be said, looking at the WC qualifiers, Holland is in a group that has got no team that can really push them to limit and for me this is a problem area especially for the young guys which r trying to break into the senior team. This was evident when they played with belgium. The 2013-2014 season will start soont. I hope holland can have some friendlies with south American teams and also with the euro’s Finest.
    this will really expose the young playing to the level of soccer what they can expect at WC 2014.

  17. I agree with much of what Jan has to say, but have been a bit disappointed with the effort put forth by “our” team. They came out flat in the second half of the Germany match, and did not inspire in the Russian match, either. One of the bloggers suggested that Holland had outplayed Russia prior to the non-red card red card–where do they find these referees?–but I disagree. It seemed to me they played each other evenly, and then Russia gave up.If the Dutch play like they did in the Russian match, Spain will beat them easily. If that happens, then Holland will play against Italy in one of the semi-finals, which will be another tough match for the Dutch.

    Spain pressed the Germans all match, and if they press our defense, heaven help us! Holland will need to move the ball quickly up the pitch, focus on fast, accurate passes, and be careful not to get caught by the Spanish in trying slow to develop off-side traps. Like all Dutch teams, this one also has significant weaknesses on defense, which the Spanish will take advantage of if we let them.

    Holland needs three wins, and I will be rooting for them in every one.

  18. About Van Ginkel, I’m really surprised. I’ve seen him few times with Vitesse, liked him, but didn’t notice how complete he was.

    First, he is tall (188 or smth like that), and for someone with this lenght, he is quite fast. Got power in 1vs1, runs a lot…About technical qualities, his short pass, long pass, shot, crosses are all ok. Even his header is good.

    With Vitesse he was used first in a 9,5 position behind Bony last year, and this year as box to box next to Janssen. He does it well in those positions, but as you said, I can also imagine him as right winger or striker, and we may need him more there.

    I wait to see more performances from him to be sure, but he seems to be a real dutch material for coming years.

  19. It is amazing how the u19 Oranje qualified to the final tournament today!!!! They needed to win against Germany, because Norway had same number of points and the young Oranje managed to score against Germany in the 92th minute to qualify ahead of Norway who has same number of points like Oranje but direct match was won by Oranje and now they go to Lithuania next month for the final tournament! It is always sweet to kick the Germans out, how much I would love to see that happen at the senior level next year!!

  20. my 11 for brazil

    Vermeer- Janmaat, De Vrij, Martins Indi, Blind- Van Ginkel,
    Clasie- Lens, Siem De Jong, Robben- Van Persie

    Hup Holland

  21. Guys – Sneijder is where he is because of one person only SNEIJDER himself. He only wanted to play for the money he believed he deserved. Thats where all this led to. If he is really sore and sorry about losing the Captaincy then go and play in the Premier league every week for a lower salary.
    Jan there’s an interesting interview with v Ginkel (Man of the Match) in the AD – should put it here 🙂 and what Cor Pot and vGinkel think of “Clasie’s good friend” Van Hanegem’s comment about the “midfield”.

  22. It is impressive to be qualified after 2 games in a group of death with 8 goals scored. In my opinion we only were able to destroy Russia after the sent off. First half was even and actually Russia had more shots on goal. At times Russia was incisive and only their inaccuracy saved Zoet. I’d love to beat Spain. Of all the players the only one who never impresses me is de Jong. Very slow and predictable but he finds a way to score. Some of these players will become big if they stay the course and do not move to warm Premier League benches.

  23. Another interesting scenario, if Van der wiel really changes his attitude and proves he is worthy for that RB position, I think that another option I hope can really blockbuster the defense
    Van der wiel – Jammant – BMI – Blind/Pieters/Buttner/PVA
    I really hope Pieters can really find his form which he was in before his injury.

    Midfield will be a head ache for van gaal. To be franks guys I really havnt watched the likes of classie, Fer, Van Ginkle play , who are currently in Euro 21 . so I have no idea about them. As for sneidjer and van der vaart, it will crucial as to who will be in the best form.

    Wingers won’t be a problem as Robben and Lens r undoubtedly the best option. This brings us to last and arguably the ulitimate question of the central strikers role. I will always go with pin point accuracy and I guess huntelaar is best option. I do agree about his criticisms, but the fact remains same, the opportunity only knocks once and you have to make maximum use of it. world cup 2010 when robben shot in the final was blocked by caslias leg. That one moment changed the faith of Holland team.You need clinical finishers in big games especially when the chances of scoring in 1/100. As from you guys views, with versatile midfielders emerging, we need a striker who can clinically finish off from crucial passes. That is something I dont see in RVP. other than that , unless Luuk De Jong/Wolfwinkle can come with something extraordinary.
    Other option , I do agree with 4-4-2 formation. Robben up front. Was this formation used in 2010 world cup.

  24. U21 next encounter with Spain,
    I hope the try different lineup, in particular they can test alternatives to weak links in few spots.

    In defence, BMI so far has been less spectacular than other 3 defenders, I wonder if van Rhijn-de Vrij-Mike Van Hoorn-Blind can work any better.

    Midfield,resting strootman & maher, will do good for SF preparion, and meanwhile test combination v ginkel-clasie-fer (vilhena in sometime in 2nd half)

    Attack: Hoesen in striker position, depay in RW or for john in 2nd half

  25. The fact that the U19 failed to score worries me, do we lack quality forwards? I do believe part if it has to do with the U19 missing Vilhena and Depay, but Achahbar does not seem to be prolific. I can only think of Klaassens.
    Haye, the one who rescued this U19 by scoring the added time goal showed his contribution again, as he did at last year’s u17 euro. Surprised he wasn’t able to debut at AZ last season, looking forward to see him having some first team actions in the coming season!

  26. According to Telegraaf, Vitesse and Chelsea have made a deal for 8,5 M Euro for van Ginkel. Ajax has offered 7 M Euro for him, but does not get the player, as Vitesse see themselves as competitor for the title and want maybe more looking at the 8,5 M figure.

    Pretty big news. Now van Ginkel himself has to agree with this deal. I can’t imagine him being so stupid doing this without an in between step. He can either play for Vitesse one more year or do what Kevin de Bruyne did and go play in Bundesliga mid table for a year. I think he will stay at Vitesse, but I would have liked him getting CL experience that he would have gotten at Ajax.

  27. We’re qualified so why not make some changes? especially if our “bench” is great!.


    —–V.Rhijn—-De Vrij—-BMI—-V.Aanholt—-

    ——–Van Ginkel—–Fer—–Clasie———-


    I think Spanish defenders will find it hard to play against a strong central striker like Luuke.

  28. We have 2 sharp,powerful speedy wingers in wijnaldum and John,we are more efficeint than spain in wings,they may be playing for Farca and shitrid.but i want them to F##$%k the more popular spanish ones.also sure the big guys Hoesen and Luuk will have seize advantage.But i think Devrij will get exposed aginst speedy players of spain,If stroot is avoiding his negligence we will win the game…Germany says spain is strong and they deserved victory while they were unlucky aagnist dutch.they forget that we schooled them in 1 half.somehow they maged to finnd 2 goals from mistakes of Devrij and Zoet.its the time to pay back spain for let them face italy and italy will eliominate them form semi….

    1. I wouldn’t say negligence about Strootman, he is just slow.

      He should work on being a real DM, keeping his zone, his opponent,and improving his tacles.

      If you look at game against Germany, the first Maher’s chance for example, it was a Strootman assist and he was in the box. He doesn’t hesitate to project himself and to attack, and he got a good shot and passes sometimes. But the problem is that he is no Ramires or No Van Ginkel, he can’t turn back quickly to defend, that’s why Holtby and Rode were having fun.

      Strootman for defensive tasks = suicidal. And believe me, I didn’t wait this tournament to notice it.

  29. against spain

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