Oranje in Indonesia, in pictures


Finally pictures again!

LVG coach







Van Gaal taking practice serious

players in indo










Boys on school camp

rvp shot







Van Persie not scoring this time… (nor next time)








Siem scored this time… (and next time)

rvp speed







But he did try….

LVG again







“Are you guys so stupid or am I so smart??”

Louis serious







“Yes! Now you are showing me that you get it!!”

robben scores







Robben testing the quality of the net in Indonesia

oranje indo








Van Gaal is done with scaring little kids.

lvg talks







The guy on the right didn’t plug the mic in

lvg ego







“Ok, so this is how big my ego is….”

louis juicht






“Oops, a camera… I better be joyful now…”

siem again








Siem scored again.

heit pieters







Heitinga, Schaken and Pieters.


sneijder vgaal









“Sneijdertje!! You get your little ass fit now, you hear?”


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    1. Don’t worry about that. Very cool to see these.

      I also appreciate the captions- in fact I’m hoping that the comment to ‘Sneijdertje’ is something close to what LvG actually said to him.

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  2. nice pics, Jan! I hope one day Oranje will return here again! great atmosphere really. 🙂

    there’s a gossip about why Van Persie was subbed on the interval. there was a banner, about Van Persie, MU, Arsenal, and the 20th EPL Champion, something like that. Van Persie didn’t like it, because the content of that banner were directed to Arsenal fans, as mockery. then he asked Van Gaal to sub him off.

    well, who knows…

  3. Netherlands should come to india since india is been coached by Kovermans 1988 Ec winner..Also Ajax/PSV/Feynoord can start academies or sister concern projectes in kerala/Bengal and Punjab..From kerala they will get some nice talents,once indians start liking football and start follwing eredivise they will have huge revenue,But for that they need to develop 4 minmum superstars…i am waiting for that day.it is possible..

  4. Indonesia – KNVB – Academies — this is such a natural fit I am amazed that it has not been done already!!!

    Are you listening KNVB?
    Are you working on this yet EREDIVISIE LIVE ??

    C’mon here is how to get “big” like “ze zjermans…” and get some more revenue…


  5. Guys – stop this conspiracy theory – van Gaal received simple intructions from Man U – please only play Robin for 45 mins. It’s as simple as that !

  6. U21 Italy is so good,they will eliminate spain in semifinal as Orange will top the group and will meet norway is semi
    Italy VS Netherlands Revenge for EC2000………
    Jesus what a world is this U21 italy team is playing better than their national team and U21 teaM of dutch is also playing better than the seniors…its the time to stop goin behind proven failed old ones …

    1. @Srinjoy i apreciate ur pashion,but Italy is the team of this tournament,a well oraganized united with superb attacking threat.norway is good team too.but they will not beat italy ,but at the most they can get a draw,good news for norway is 2 good italian players are injured.and italy is already qualified and they might play a complacent game.But still its so hard…

      1. I think Srinjoy is citing the old adage “the ball is round” theory. Its possible, I can see it too that Norway wins. unlikely but italy may take them too lightly.

  7. Dear Arjen,i am sorry for some fake Oranje fans’ hurt to you.i’m a chinese fan of you,a girl.i know they’are ugly,but as you believe,we true fans love you the most.they like money,but we love you.i regret for i can’t go to watch your games.it’s my dream.chinese fans love you the very most.but many Oranje fans don’t like you and even hate you.sorry for our hurt to you.they like criticise your mistake in 2010 WC.but we still love you.please don’t feel regret to us fans.you are the best in our eyes.
    i believe and hope you bring Oranje to the top of the world in 2014.no matter what the result will be,we will still love you.
    so don’t metion those people who hurt you.they are not your and even not Oranje fans.
    good luck to you.
    love you the most,

  8. I am surprised at how little discussion has been made about RVP being are captain. van Persie really upped his game when he became captain of Arsenal and I expect similiar things for us.

  9. Why is usually not midfielder dropping deeep and helping in the buil-up? Almost each time, as happened against Germany, the ball get’s hoofed up and lost.
    I ist a tactical decision? It seems to be a weird one …

      1. John’s crosses were so frustrating to see. I hope he gets better on 2nd half.

        De Jong was sooo unlucky with that header. He wasn’t getting enough service, crosses often came from John’s flank, and mostly blocked successfully. De Jong must make room for himself so the midfield can just feed him with through passes.

        feel free to disagree with my view. 🙂

      2. I agree that too many of John’s crosses are being intercepted. He’s been pretty active down the flank, though, causing the Russians some problems.

        Wijnaldum’s goal was another beauty. I admire the way he runs at the defense and makes things happen.

  10. That red card looked a bit harsh, but it was a tackle from behind. And if Wikipedia says it, must be true:

    “Slide tackles from behind or with both legs extended have now been outlawed due to the injury and danger to other players that it causes. These tackles generally earn the player who commits them a straight red card, even if the ball is won cleanly and the tackle is not technically a foul.”

  11. Well,well,Martins Indi…
    He is not looking good in this tournament. Some very bad passes,too.
    But Van Ginkel is great. I doubt Clasie can get his position back when Marco is playing this good.

  12. I just saw Clasie chasing down the ball with some beast pace. He’s really fast for someone on his position.

    really could’ve been 9-1. Wijnaldum hit it straight to keeper, De Jong hit the post, Maher hit the bar, Hoesen couldn’t swerve it properly to far right.

    Nevertheless, really great display. Next mission: CRUSH SPAIN!

  13. My toughts:
    Van Ginkel really has something, if he really goes to Chelsea and play under Mourinho he will improve in his defense skills and will be a hell of a player!!
    Ola is something to be considered for the next 10 years!! He doesnt seems from this league, also his crosses where blocked he improved a lot in Benfica.
    Strootman I dont know what to think, really slow, some good distribution, zero tackles, he is a little bad in this tournament so far, Van ginkel way better.
    Luuk really need to shot more but I liked his game today
    De Vrij ok, very good positioning.
    Indi fine, some mistakes but fine
    Zoet awful!!!! His long distribution are worse than the Krul ones!!
    Liked very much Blind, very concentrated player, very good going forward, if this guy could have more speed… world class I think.
    Wijnaldum ok, very fancied but I like John more!!!
    Maher bad, I like the lad but He really was invisible today.
    Van Rhijn more less, he really seems another van der wield, but more strong.

    1. I agree with every player. Strootman wasn’t that bad today, he didn’t lose balls, chosed the good passes.

      I still don’t get why he is untachble though, and considered as box to box. Van Ginkel is a real box to box, he litterally defends and attack, is everytime running, big activity, comes very low to defend sometimes, like his tackle on a russian player which probably saved a goal at the beginning.

      But Strootman box to box ? How can such a slow player be considering as box to box, 90% of the time he is just walking on the midfield.

      1. agree with you, Van Ginkel seems more like a real box to box, true that Strootman didnt lose balls, but his distribution was ok, I think that Ginkel distribution was better

  14. Good game.

    Guys, dont forget what a beast Blind was.

    My opinion of him has really changed these past 2 games.

    And van ginkel…WOW…for the 2nd goal, he started the play at the mid-way line, give and go w Wijnaldum, perfect cross to LDJ, what a great player and FAST…he is really fast, great passing, i mean…wow.

    Wijnaldum has really impressed me with his finishing and John with his speed.

    This is a very solid team, there is no denying it.

  15. I’d say that all players gave the same impression than first game. Except De Vrij who didn’t make any big mistake and also Van Rhijn better today than against Germany.

    Otherwise, like the first game, I liked John, Blind, Van Ginkel and Wijnaldum the most.

    Maher disappoints me a bit, despite his great shot which could be a fantastic goal, he is quite discrete. The point is that he plays too direct, like Sneijder does, but Maher got better skills than him, he is more able to keep it and to provocate defenders, he should do it more instead of always trying to find Luuk on his first touch, many balls lost because of that.

    Second half was easy after the russian player being sent off, but first half wasn’t. As against Germany, I want to see them having more possession, more play in the midfield.

    Ola John – An eye-catching performance from the Dutch forward in an impressive team performance.

    Netherlands: Zoet 6, Van Rhijn 7 De Vrij 7, Martins Indi 7, Blind 7, Strootman 6, Maher 7, Van Ginkel 7, De Jong 8, John 8, Wijnaldum 8..subs: Clasie 6, Fer 7, Hoesen 7

    1. Sorry,I do not agree with these ratings. Martin Indi was a 6 at best and De Jong was not even close as good as Van Ginkel.De Jong 6,Van Ginkel 8.
      Agree on Ola John MOTM. No question,the best player today.

    2. Sorry,I do not agree with these ratings. Martin Indi was a 6 at best and De Jong was not even close as good as Van Ginkel.De Jong 7,only because of his assists and the goal,in the flow of the game he was not very good and his first touch was awful,Van Ginkel 8.
      Wijnaldum got a great goal,he is very fast and aggresive,and yes,he can make things happen,but same as De Jong he is not very fast thinking and messes the flow of the attack many times.
      Agree on Ola John MOTM. No question,the best player today.

        1. Oh,didnt realise they had ratings. My bad…
          Spain scores again in the last minutes. And if it remains like that,Oranje goes to the semi-finals with the last game against Spain deciding who will be first in group.
          Young Spain are so strong,but score so few goals,just like their older team. Tika-taka…And somehow they always manage to grab that one goal.

  17. Twice in the row Spain scored late in the game. If 1-0 holds up then Spain and Netherlands will advance. If Netherlands tie Spain (or beat them) then Netherland will take top spot.

  18. Great two win for Holland,nice evening.Now ,Young Oranje must be very careful against Spain or Italy.Holland team must be “on the ground”, not “in the air”.Spain or Italy can be extremly dangerous against teams “in the air”.More than Norway or England.Much more.I remember match in Mexico World Cup 86.Spain-Danemark 5:1.(Danemark football style was something between Dutch and Germany(Monchengladbach)style,very strong) . Danemark(without Franck Arnesen) had 11-12-13 chances,Spain only 5-6.Instead win 5:1 for Danemark, on the end result was 5:1 for Spain.Spaniards were dangerous like a snakes.Because, not need to be feared by them but carefulness is need.Regards.

  19. Is anyone other than me sick of the “Spain is the best team on the planet” garbage that seems to come out of the media these days. I find them an extremely boring team to watch.

    If Holland presses Spain hard and get possession back quick when they lose it, they will rip Spain apart. If they give Spain possession like the Germans did, they will lose.

  20. @jason, unfortunately it is the truth!! I watched Spain Germany today and we the senior Spanish team, they handle the ball very well under pressure and they pass it very well under pressure!! Over the past ten years they are the real total football team not Oranje(I hate to admit that). Looking at Jong Oranje, they beat Germany last minute with a corner, today the game was very balanced we couldn’t control till Russia got a guy kicked out!! Someone might say stop being pessimist, it is not that but lets be realistic this Jong Oranje has 9 out of 11 starters in the senior team plus van persie and robben! So u expect them to be more convincing and dominating against a Jong Germany who is missing many of its starters due to injury or being with the senior team!! A guy like strootman, who is supposed to be very experienced now and a star and a candidate for man utd have u seen him how he gets lost under pressure? Adam maher who is very skillful but he tends to dissappear and then show only glimpses of skills like his amazon shot on the bar today but that’s not enough we didn’t see anything from him the whole game today!! Out of this team only van ginkel seems to be a real star! Ola John is amazing talent but he is also in and out like maher! De vrij is slow and Daley blind leaves too much space for the opponent!!! I don’t know if it is the managers fault! Maybe clasie should be in with van ginkel and maher to raise the quality in midfield and be able to control the ball more?? I hope Jong Oranje proves me wrong and beat Spain in a convincing way on Wednesday because if they don’t that means we are not going to be playing a big role next year in brazil because if u are not able with ur mostly senior team (except rvp-robben) to beat u21 teams in a convincing way then don’t expect a lot facing the big ones next year!!

  21. I hate autocorrections I posted this from my phone and just saw the stupid mistakes ( amazing not amazon, and the “we” before Spain I don’t know where it comes from)

  22. @Alaa – I agree that Spain is looking very sharp and we have our work cut out for us. In terms of this U21 tournament, keep in mind that Spain took nearly the entire game to get a single goal against a “weaker” Russian team than the one Jong Oranj beat today (Russia had two seniors join them in the interim). I thought our team played patiently against a well organized Russian squad. We did get a break in the 2nd half, but overall the Dutch had the better run of things the first half, including a brilliant goal. I think we are well matched against Spain but they have some very talented young players to be sure.

    In terms of this tournament, we only need a tie to force Spain to play Italy in the semis. Italy is the other team to beat in the tournament. If we lose to Spain, then we have to face Italy and Spain (again) to win the whole thing, I think. That will be tough.

    In terms of the senior Oranj team, it’s a different issue. We’ll have to find the right blend of experience and youth. It will be tough as we have something of a gap in talent with not a lot of top players in the 22-25 year range. So I do not have high hopes for 2014 but I do think it will give our young lads good experience for 2018, where they will be real contenders. It’s a long time to wait but we’ve been waiting now for a long time…

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