11 Reasons why Oranje will beat the Germans!

Holland going home?? No way! We will beat the Germans and Thursday, life will be different. Eleven reasons why…

Second Game Syndrome
Germany only won the second game once in the last seven major tournaments. In 2008 and 2012 they lost the second group game. The Dutch were the strongest in their second group games in 2008 and 2012.

Holland will have 25,000 fans in Charkov (not all with tickets) while Germany can only field 3,000 fans. The Dutch are loud and orange, while the Germans are polite and shy. We will overpower them with chanting, singing and partying.

Dutch Open Communication
The Dutch are known for their debating and constant talking. As Cruyff said: “In Spain you give instructions and they say “Yes Sir”. In Holland you give instructions, they say “Yes, but””.
Raf van der Vaart was the first to voice his agitation. Nigel de Jong conducted it in his behavior, and so did Robin van Persie and Klaas Jan Huntelaar. In Holland, that is a good thing. You let the air out. It releases tension. As in exhaling. It’s said and it’s all good. Our venom might well get us past the Germans.

Louis van Gaal
Former team manager (and semi German) Louis van Gaal always seems jealous that other coaches have success where he failed. He was supposed to be part of the Analysis Team on telly but he had to cancel due to health reasons. That is one negative component out of the way.

Joking Germans
The Germans are not known for their humor. They start making jokes about us in their newspapers. Seriously!!? They first copy our playing style, then they want our players, then they ridicule on of our best and now they are the ones making jokes about us???? That is the world upside down! We need to put them in their place. The balance of the universe depends on this. Remember, you want a world in which the English are the comics, the Germans the mechanics, the French the cooks and the Italians the lovers, right? Not the English are the lovers, the Germans are the comics, the French are the mechanics and the Italians the cooks…

32 Years
We have beaten the Germans more than lost against them at Euros. We haven’t lost against them in 32 years when a lucky West-Germany won at the 1980 Euros with 3-2. Our goals were made by Rep and Willy van de Kerkhof. And in all honesty…the West-Germans weren’t lucky. They were better….

Charkov supports Oranje
The Ukrainians support Holland. The Germans are not too popular here. Has something to do with some big battles in the second world war… The Battle of Charkov. 100,000s of people got killed…

Not sure, but I believe this helmet was made for the WC2006 but taken out of the shops as it was too painful for WWII survivors…

Arjen Robben was telling the media about mental power when discussing the Germany game. Cartoon king Toon made the following cartoon about this. It does make you smile…

And I dedicate this one to Beckenbauer

And this one to Bildzeitung!

Never lost twice
We never lost twice in the group stages of a Euro Tournament. The worst performance was in 1980, when we won against Greece, lost against Germany and then drew against the Czechs. This result got us out of the tournament. We won’t do this this time around…

Most predicted result: 2-1
The betting and gambling odds are slightly in our favour. The most used prediction for the game result is 2-1.

German license plate
The end result is set. We saw this German license plate. What can you say? 3-0, with goals by Van Persie, Huntelaar and Robben. Some truthsayer does see a red card for Van Persie, which means Klaas Jan will have to do the job against Portugal :-).

“We have proof now…”

This clip shows a nice panna by Sneijder on Willems.

Check how relaxed all the lads are together. Smiles, hands over shoulders… Star Sneijder consoling debutant Willems and Van Persie with a big smile…

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  1. Okay, the statistics about Netherlands never losing two matches in a row is somewhat comforting, but still, I can’t remember the last time I was so nervous about a game. I was even calmed before the WC2010 final…

    It’s good to see the trainig video though, they all seemed friendly and relaxed.

  2. Of all the 11 reasons, the one I find more satisfying is the “Dutch Open Communication” one. Finally it’s bursting, this intolerable situation. BvM arrived at the helm of the elftal with a disgusting approach, where everyone is supposed to sacrifice personal ideas and feeling in service of a greater goal, the conquest of the cup. Well, this is very nice, everyone wants to be the champion, but is it worth it? The players back in 2010 did seem to believe in that and they almost succeed. But now is time to say “Enough!”. It’s time to get back to the usual oranje unrest. Let the air out. Release the tension. Good job, guys.

  3. This is the Time to make us happy guys…i hope snijder passing to RVP to often….RVP will Kill or Save orange…I am confident we make a lot of pressure On germans and create opportunities if RVP is alert Orange shock Germans

  4. Won’t our approach to the game depend on the result of Denmark/Portugal?

    If that went a Portugal win, then Holland could draw with Germany and then beat Portugal to go through?

    What we don’t want is a situation where Denmark and Germany only have to draw or Denmark have to win, because how much would the Germans try hard against Denmark if they are already through?

    1. Won’t our approach to the game depend on the result of Denmark/Portugal?

      I hope our ONLY approach today is to beat Germany and ONLY approach on Sun is to beat Portugal.

      We should not be worried about the math or scenario. If we want to lift the trophy, we have to beat the best.


  5. Well, if Denmark beats Portugal but loses to Germany, they will have 6 points. If Netherland beats Germany and Portugal, they will have 6 points. If Germany loses to Netherlands, but wins Denmark, they will have 6 points.

    3 teams with 6 points and each with a victory against the next team (Germany against Denmark, Denmark against Netherlands, Netherlands against Germany). I don’t know what will happen then, the overall goal difference will come into play I guess?

    1. I believe it goes goal differential in the matches with the team you’re tied with, followed by overall goal differential. Not 100% sure though

  6. it comes to goal difference and after that I think it is the ranking on the FIFA ranking. I’m still hoping for Denmark to lose from Germany and draw against Portugal, and us to win from both Germany and Portugal though.

  7. You have to look at the points earned in the direct encounters between the two teams. In that case every team will have 3 points … so then it’s up to goal averages between those 3 teams.

    Mathematically speaking, the best Portugal Denmark result for us is a Portugal win. That gives us more options because we can afford a draw against Germany and possibly a loss (if Denmark lose the final match against Germany and we win against Portugal).

  8. one massive stat which i have found via wiki is that we have won all of the group matches in euro since 1988 played on WEDNESDAY
    ’88 = 15 june won 3-1 aganist england
    ’00 = 21 june won 3-2 aganist france
    ’04 = 23 june won 3-0 against latvia
    i can feel something good is going to happen

  9. We need to win tonight … then we can make calculations in the final match. But we need a win to recover phsycologically. A draw will leave us depending on the Germany Denmark game.

  10. I regret that Van Marwijk allowed his players to talk to the media, even if there were under contractual agreements with uefa he should have been the only voice and face. Its such an important game, its a live or die situation. He should have known better, its better for the players to concentrate and focus, talking to the media (with all its bombastic questions/teasing statements) just makes things worst. And it has been proven with how Sneidjer and VdV came out with bull statements, I hope they can demonstrate it on the field. If not, it just shows that the were trembling underneath their skin…

  11. “If two or more teams are equal on points on completion of the group matches, the following criteria are applied to determine the rankings:
    a) Higher number of points obtained in the matches played between the teams in question;
    b) Superior goal difference resulting from the matches played between the teams in question;
    c) Higher number of goals scored in the matches played between the teams in question;
    d) If, after having applied criteria a) to c), two teams still have an equal ranking, criteria a) to c) are reapplied exclusively to the matches between the two teams in question to determine the final rankings of the two teams. If this procedure does not lead to a decision, criteria e) to i) apply in the order given;
    e) superior goal difference in all group matches;
    f) higher number of goals scored in all group matches;
    g) position in the UEFA national team coefficient ranking system (see annex I, paragraph 1.2.2);
    h) fair play conduct of the teams (final tournament);
    i) drawing of lots”

  12. Stats don’t mean a thing. Indeed I fear the positive stats as they are meant to be broken some day like the one against Denmark where they hadn’t beaten us since like 100 yrs.
    However a good sign is that sun will come out in NYC early afternoon and the 13th is an unlucky day for the germans 🙂

  13. Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel had a meeting this morning and chose to wear – of all things – an orange blazer!
    Did you know that in Berlin there is a football club called Oranje Berlin? Chairman Michel Kooistra happens to be a former youth coach of Jérôme Boateng and during his youth at AFC Ajax played together with Edgar Davids and Patrick Kluivert. Currently, his club has 13 teams and 150 kids. “I can live with it if Germany plays well and wins tonight,” says Kooistra, who then goes on to admit: “But being a Dutchman I cannot root for Germany for the rest of the tournament!” I might be wrong, but I think you will be hard pressed to find a club called Germania Amsterdam …

    1. Beware – most of the online streaming websites contain either viruses, malware or trojans. If I were you I would try and watch it on TV or a 100% secure website. Good Luck.

  14. “Steke-VDW=Mathisjen-Heitinga-Willems-Bommel-Dejong-Kuyt-Robben-Sneijder-Persie”

    If this is true, it is exactly what Oranje DOESN’T need.

    We need to lose one of the holding mid-fielders for Hunterlaar to come in, and we sure as hell don’t need to start with Kuyt instead of Afellay.

    I got a bad feeling about this 🙁

  15. just read about Finn; feel like crap..

    who cares about football eh?

    let them win for our man Finn; im sure hes upstairs somewhere, drinking a few fine wines and having a laugh…

  16. If Kuyt starts, somewhere Finnster will be smiling.

    Today, Kuyt will work hard for his Heineken, start or no, and feel a little something extra.

    Hup, Holland!

  17. OK the day has come… I don’t even care anymore what plyers do we start (except Huntelaar of course! ;)) It’s enough of speculation and news from the camp for me. I’m just going to get to the fanzone in Warsaw, meet some Orange blokes like me and give all my heart and voice to support Oranje. And remember guys: draw is probably going to be good for us too, if Portugal beats Denmark. Then we need to win with Portugal which is a must anyway.

      1. Because the coach is an idiot!!

        I’m so mad, I don’t want to watch it with my family.

        Because my uncle’s will be complaining from the minute the wistel blows and it might be more enjoyable.

  18. Since I’m at work (pretty busy week, actually) but can’t concentrate at all, I decided NOT to watch the match live. This is probably the first Oranje’s match in major tourney that I’m NOT watching live. I won’t be able to concentrate anyway and I can’t watch an Oranje match with less than 100% concentration.

    Hope the Oranje squad will show up and put up a great fight today, whoever will start/come off the bench today! No more time for drama, just win!

    I’m really feeling it that we will win today!



    P.S.: I’m also now secretly believing that I might have been the jinx so maybe if I don’t watch the match live, they’ll play great and win! (as I’ve always said, when everything else failed, I’ll try superstitions)

    1. @Jad, I’m not sure if I can handle the stress …. 🙂
      Unfortunately there is 0 chance I can be out of the office and I have a very hectic trading day today at work.

      I just can’t watch the match live without a full concentration so I’ll rely on all of you to live-blog and tell me what’s going on. Too much pressure!


  19. RVP plays ahead of Huntelaar?
    Kuyt preferred over Afellay?

    Perhaps Bert sees something we all don’t.
    Seems like he is going with the experienced players.

    Bert never picks the best players. Bert picks the ones he feels will do what he asks of them.

    1. I think Kuyt has a better eye for goal and for the quick pass than Afellay. He’s also slower and would give the Germans to overload Robben’s side. Unless they play Robben on the left and Kuyt on the right like the England game?

      1. I’ve never been a huge fan of Kuyt’s style of game or lack of speed, but I will admit we need someone with his tireless motor and constant effort today. Someone to push the weak German back line on their heels a little and open space for RVP, Robben, and Sneijder to work…

  20. To replace affelay with kuyt is a extra slap in the face for Huntelaar!

    So bert is saying he thinks kuyt is a better offensive threat then him!

    I get it! BVM thinks RVP is so good a creating chances and setting up plays fine!!

    So having said that have him feeding Huntelaar from the freakin wing!!

    Man I officially hate BVM!

    1. RVP on the wing? Really??
      no pace, one footed, lacklustre attitude, doesn’t track back, hmmm…

      If I had to make room for RVP I’d put him behind Huntelaar – but NEVER on the wing.

      I’m not too bothered with whoever plays. I’m not too bothered with how we play.
      I want a result.
      Bert’s selection is still capable of bringing that to reality.

  21. Kuyt over Affelay might be to provide a bit of extra defensive cover for Willems so that we don’t concede early. Will throw on Hunter and Afellay in the second half when we go for the throat.

  22. espn predicts a 3-1 win for Germany. I see a high scoring game… but I can’t see how Holland can be this unlucky.

    I say let’s teach ze Germans how total voetball is really played!

  23. Great read and makes me feel a whole lot more comfortable being reminded of those facts. Very nice vid too and glad to see the lads getting together and enjoying practice as I can imagine they are relishing this as much as we are. Feel really good ahead of time and hopefully that will be conveyed throughout the night. Hup Holland Hup, let’s get our redemption today eh!

    1. Denmark just equalized 2-2 …. looks like they are really legit with 61%:39% ball possession in this match.

      This may actually not be a bad scenario:
      Denmark draws Portugal
      Oranje beats Germany
      Denmark draws Germany
      Oranje beats Portugal

      Oranje will top the group with 6 pts
      Denmark will go through with 5 pts

      Everybody is happy again and Bert van Marwijk will be admitted to the Dutch Royal family!

      P.S.: oh yeah, everybody will suddenly call him “Bert van Marwijk, the Messiah”

        1. That’s just OK ….. if they had drawn, we win next 2 and Denmark draws Germany, Germany will not go through. That is the best!

          Unfortunately i can’t do the Corona/ciggy here in the office but I’m having a Heineken in spirit.

  24. I think this scenario is the best for us really – we know we need to win next two games – most likely Germany will beat Denmark as well so technically we should get 6 points total and Germany 6 total – this way no guessing would be left.

  25. the worst team in Euro2012 is Holland, the worst coach is Bert, the worst player is Robben.
    Wesley didnt play a single good match this season, but why Bert still use him ahead of VDV when VDV is having a good season??? Robben, does he know he is playing in a team sport? all are rubbisj

  26. After the Battle of Nuremberg 2006, I say bring on the Battle of Kharkiv 2012! Bruno Alves + Pepe + Meireles vs Nigel de Jong + van Bommel + Boulahrouz

    And nice to see Robben so convinced his team will beat us by at least two goals. This a very realistic scenario considering useless Postiga won’t score again till 2013 and Paulo Bento is even worse than van Marwijk and if van der Vaart, Huntelaar, Robben and van Persie all start on Sunday. I’m sure Robben was equally convinced his Bayern team would win the Bundesliga and Champions League so hopefully his team of pre-tournament ‘favourites’ will be sent home by a Portuguese team nobody expected to win a single match in this tournament. The cherry on top of the cake would be Ronaldo finally scoring a couple of goals and then giving the non-Portuguese fans and media an appropriate and slightly offensive reply.

    1. robben has reason to hope, strange things can happen, and holland should have won both games but didn’t, I watch the portugeese league once a week when i watch sporting lisbon (along with watching schalke 04 in germany and bayern) and ajax in holland.

      I see portugal, we all know how good portugal is, who are these people who said portugal wouldn’t win a single match, even after denmark kept beating you guys recently, in the past five matchs, they had a better record against portugal, and the media still picked you guys, and loved portugal. So i don’t know where your getting this from.

      Lets be honest, the media is barcelona centric, and yeah they don’t like ronaldo, but at the same time, ronaldo has not scored for portugal. and played well for them when it mattered, same with messi, although ronaldo gets demolished for it. whereas messi gets a free pass in the media with the usual claim, the coach doesn’t know how to use messi, or some bullshit like that

  27. The Dutch are ‘constantly talking’? hahahahahaha what a joke most of them are too quiet, shy and reserved. It’s hard to have a meaningful conversation with most Dutch people.

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