Erik ten Hag wants to shop in Amsterdam again

According to Fabrizio Romano, Erik ten Hag continues to look to the Dutch market, more specifically to Amsterdam. Erik ten Hag would be targeting the signing of Amourricho van Axel Dongen, an 18-year-old striker who belongs to Ajax and so far, has not renewed his contract with the Godenzonen.

At the end of this season, Amourricho van Axel Dongen will be out of contract with Ajax. The Godenzonen have already sent a new renewal proposal for the striker, but so far, he has not received a positive signal to move forward with the renewal.

In addition to Erik ten Hag’s Manchester United, there are other clubs that have not been named who would be interested in signing Amourricho van Axel Dongen.

The young striker has been in the Ajax youth team since 2013. He has managed to earn the status of great promise over that time. This season he scored two goals for Jong Ajax and played twelve games.

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  1. Goalkeepers: Alphonse Areola (West Ham United/ENG), Mike Maignan (AC Milan/ITA), Brice Samba (Lens)

    Defenders: Eduardo Camavinga (Real Madrid/ESP), Wesley Fofana (Chelsea/ENG), Theo Hernandez (AC Milan/ITA), Ibrahima Konate (Liverpool/ENG), Jules Kounde (Barcelona/ESP), Benjamin Pavard (Bayern Munich/GER), William Saliba (Arsenal/ENG), Dayot Upamecano (Bayern Munich/GER)

    Midfielders: Youssouf Fofana (Monaco), Adrien Rabiot (Juventus/ITA), Aurelien Tchouameni (Real Madrid/ESP), Khephren Thuram (Nice), Jordan Veretout (Marseille)

    Forwards: Kingsley Coman (Bayern Munich/GER), Moussa Diaby (Bayer Leverkusen/GER), Olivier Giroud (AC Milan/ITA), Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid/ESP), Randal Kolo Muani (Eintracht Frankfurt/GER), Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain), Marcus Thuram (Borussia Moenchengladbach/GER)

  2. Both AZ and Feyenoord thru to quarters , very nice!!!

    I watched both teams today , as much as people might think what a great win by Feyenoord it was but I have to say I am super impressed by AZ , first of all , all Italian teams passed the round in all different competitions except Lazio who lost to AZ home and away and mannnnnn what a performance by AZ, the pressing, the constant attacking thru out even when they led 2-1, the constant pressure and running till the last minute without any fear of the opponent, I was worried they will collapse last ten minutes as usually the Dutch teams do when they get eliminated last minute but no this AZ team is something else 🙂

    And their u19 is in the semifinal too? That means there is a very good management team in AZ, good for oranje 🙂

  3. And out of the blue, when no one expected that, looks like the Netherlands have found their next van der sar, you guys need to see the extended highlights of villa real Anderlecht and see the unbelievably ridiculous saves that Verbruggen made today to keep a clean sheet and for Anderlecht to pull one of the biggest upsets today in conference league and the kid is only 20, for a goalkeeper doing this at 20 years age that’s really very rare, where was he on December 9 2022 :(:(

    I just can’t wait till we get the next Marco van basten (almost impossible) or next rvn or rvp also just like Verbruggen suddenly and out of nowhere…

  4. Today koeman will release his final list, if the list of midfield will include Kenneth Taylor and klassen over Tijjani Reijnders then this is an ugly joke, he didn’t include him in the pre-eliminary list so I highly doubt he will be included but seriously this would be stupid …

    1. @alaa… Agree on wat in said.. Tijjani works his butt off for the team… Better version of Kuyt.. I meant workrate of Kuyt with better skills. That gives balance, that win matches and titles… Dutch coaches are so loyal, hence they make blunder stupidity all the time… I wish wijnaldum gets dropped for Tijjani… Kennth is doinh OK at ajax.. Not bad.. I want to see summerville, van axel dongen, type at front… Thijs dalinga… Etc.. Also more time for lang and Simon’s…. Want to see malen on lett as well.. Because we know wat Depay and betjwin, berghuis do… Its time to experiment others… I want a midefeild with 120 minutes super lungs.. High pressing stamina giants.. Thats how the modern football works.. We failed at midefeidl at world cup.. May be die to van gaal syatem.. Or we lacked Right players…

  5. If AZ wins the eredivisie and qualifiers for CL it will be a good for the development of their young players. Remember , Kenzo Goudmijn is also on loan at Excelsior.

  6. Final list released, what can I say?? Embarrassing I swear…..
    wijnaldum just came back yesterday is included , Daley blind who doesn’t play at all at Bayern included, crimping dropped hahahahahah

    Of course klassen and Kenneth Taylor included 🙂

    Great job koeman….

  7. As usual Joker is playing ringa ringa rose…1 step forward two step backward…2 grandpas wijnaldum and blind.. both are now where to be seen in elite …stefan de vrij is out…Reason??..We are left with and unfit Depay,Berjwin who is 20 minutes player..Then We rely on Gskpo and simons…We dont have wingers…Why the F#$%#k is Wijnaldum,De roon, and dumfries??..i would take Frimpong over dumfries…can any one hear go to stadium and show the retirement card for Gini,Blind and De roon???FFS plase retire..Just follow Luuk and Janssen..

  8. What irked me the most is both Klaassen, Bergwijn still getting called up. Can’t see what the coaches see in them. Both never scale any heights in their time with the NT. Their position could have been given to Noa Lang and Gravenberch. Waiting for the day to come!

  9. Dutch selection looks so boring….These players did not prove anything in several major tournaments and they are still included into selection. Blind will be playing in wheelchair. The guy does not want to play anymore, they just force him into selection again.

  10. How can Koeman justify the selection of Blind and Wijnaldum!!! In all honesty that is an absolute ridiculous decision that shows what goes on behind the scenes.

  11. Looking on a bright side, at least the players (Frimpong, Gravenberch, Hartson, Van De Ven, Summerville, Maatsen) are in the U21 selection; and anyone in the U21 can get into the senior team comes final selection for any competition. The coaches could be working on a win-win situation for both the U21 and Senior team.

  12. Woke up to the final selections news. I knew from the preliminary squad what was coming. No surprises but disappointed to the fact that the script hasnt changed and it’s the same old story. Shooting yourself in your own foot.
    Again some of the players were just there to make numbers and legitimately wouldn’t have made the effort to get players on board who can really inject healthy competition and reinforce quality back up options.

    It’s also astonishing to note that since 2018 when the dutch last played and won vs France, apart from ryan babel, the starting 11 is still in the squad and is highly like that they will start with gakpo filling in for babel.This just shows how slow the development and transition is in the dutch team. Imagine 5 fcuken years and you are still carrying the dead woods and expectating them to deliver. Well for some players you have to say its applicable but still even if they win, few games down the line its gonna be back to square 1 when these same players having declined and the team requiring new reinforcements agin. This has become a eye sore and always painful to watch seeing time and opportunity again again wasted when it could have invested on wisely.

    If you look at the French team, Pavard, Griezmann, Mbbape and Giroud are the only survivors of that game and who are likely to feature. Giroud maybe maybe not, of the bench. I remember debating about how other teams are able to catch up on NT and serge ahead. this is exactly why.No timely transition, Very little to no rotation, , no depth and then you have this, dragging with dead woods. In contrast if you look france squad, the likes of diaby, saliba, camavinga, kolo Muani, thuram, maignan they have all being rotated and have played for them ( transition) and now are coming / stepping up to fill the big shoes of probgas, Kantes, lloris, matuidis, varanes.

    This is what’s wrong with Dutch football, they always wanna wait until the water reaches the neck and then start looking for the life jacket. The day they start taking risks, rotate players from competition point of view, instead of building team around specific players, particular starting 11, thats when dutch football will evolve to its finest and probably be able to win big. Until then there ain’t much to look forward to .

    To those who said the changes should come slowly, Once again you go back to the nations league how France was losing while rotating the squad, they bombed out but , then it paved their way to reaching the final of the WC and now most of those players are taking the centre stage and also those whom didnt make the cut but were active in qualifers.

    Now in contrast to NT, you would expect the rotation to typically come vs teams like Gibraltar, Lativa or unless there is injuries which again is a down low to what other teams are doing to build a good depth in the team.. this also co incides with those ( NT) on the bench who are often not on the same page as those starting and this prodomintely because of the approach mentioned above. This why come injuries or when the time to dig deep, while other teams have quality option to bring on, in NT they resort to tatical battle which doesnt live up to expectation everything. It’s like shooting arrow in the dark and expectating it to hit the target. This is what dutch football is all about these days

  13. And the biggest joke will be when the line ups get announced and both blind and wijnaldum are starting , that’s going to bi hilarious ….. you want to beat France with those guys!!!!

  14. Selecting blind and wijnaldum is a huge mistake,i pray that they play their last for NT as retirmnet match..they deserve a happy ending….koeman has selected 9 defenders….Our forward line lacks dept ,speed ,,,,Berjwin is fast but he is one of the worst performer in NT..Depay is fatugued cannot play 30 minutes..Then left with Gakpo,simons and berghuis…None are real wingers…We miss summerville,Malen both has electric pace to unsettle any opponet with excellent dribbles..Wijnalduma dn Blind will play against gibrlater and they wil be kings…why dutch coaches are so coward??? and De roon???? for what….i am speechless angry…Sack koemna right now….

  15. on merit
    follwoing should be our 25 squad
    Frenkie,Gravenberch,Weiffer,Tijjani Reinders,Simons,Gerdy schouten-6nos
    Gakpo,Malen,Depay,sumerville,Wout Weghosrt,Brobbey,Berghuis- 7 nos….
    stand by
    Van de boomen
    Van de ven
    undeserved ones
    Gini wijnaldum,Blind,De roon,..
    Not so great ones

  16. @ Jan- I’m surprised you haven’t commented on Koeman’s selection. What ever happened to “ looking forward” ? Total BS! I don’t why we are still following thie Dutch national team. So disappointing. Are you kidding me? Instead of trying to rebuild the team, Koeman came back with the same loosers. WOW! Only Dutch coaches do that. Total BS!

  17. Dortmund coach seems to be reshuffling the team with the number of forwards he has at his disposal. Have to say Malen looked good having started on the right. If he continues playing there, he could be an option for RW in NT in future. I think that is one of two position up for grabs in NT.

    1. Indeed, he had a MOTM performance. If he could improve his shooting, he will be one of the best in Bundesliga. His dribble is already very good, his movement and passing are good as well. But when facing goalies, he shot straight at them most of the time. I would say his miss against Czech was not bad luck, he need to practice shooting a lot more.

  18. With all the complaints I have about the names koeman included but I have to say that adding Mats Wieffer is a good move, by the few things I’ve watched for him I think he is a major upgrade over DE Roon, I hope koeman starts him next to FRenkie, he is fast, energetic his passing range is way better than De Roon and he knows how to run forward with the ball which is always a problem with DE Roon who is very static and lacks any skills, when frenkie is man marked (remember Italy game that we lost 1-0 in Amsterdam a couple of years ago) oranje is usually choked totally because other teams are happy to let De Roon have the ball they know he won’t do anything with it, but with Wieffer things might look much better …

  19. Mark Weiffee and Geetruida bested the Ajax counterparts of Kenneth Taylor, Klaassen, Bergwijn, Brobbey who had an underwhelming game. Berghuis and Timber tried but not able to influence the game.
    Ajax has no business to have that many representatives in the NT. Koeman has to explain himself why so!

    1. This. A team that got beaten by Feyenoord and have most representatives in NT, 3 times more than the next club. And count the wheel chair Blind towards the representatives as well. Out of all the Bundesliga names, Koeman picked Blind and do not consider Frimpong, Van de Ven and Doekhi.

      By this time next year, he will pull the card “no time to integrate new players” because it is so close to a major tournament. I am tired of watching this BS again and again.

  20. After Ajax Feyenoord game, koeman needs to explain to us how Kenneth Taylor managed to make the Final Cut 👀, and obviously klaassen too, you could say klaassen was a player who made a name for himself thru out the years but what about Taylor ? What did he accomplish ? Unbelievable taking him over reijnders and gravenberch and veerman, scandalous to say the least ….

    1. Reijnders was playing so well against Lazio whereas Ajax got roasted by Union Berlin. It is clear that the selection is not merit based. The CB of the winning team, Doekhi, was not even in preliminary squad and the losing teams got 6 players in the final squad, what a joke.

  21. There are two options for Frimpong:
    1/ Join Ajax and get starting position in Oranje. It is very doable, you just need a deep cut in your salary.
    2/ Join another nation that pick players based on merit. It is better option. Noone will not blame him.

  22. It’s just pity how the jury just cant get in right. Remember van Gaal and rensch. This is the very same scenario. Player preference based on what’s in front of their eyes and are happy with what they see and not necessarily if it will yield a long term productivity. I watched Geertruida vs Roma in the Europa final last season. average, robust defensively must say but No way he will be an upgrade to Dumfries. He is in the same boat as teze. Good defender but nothing technical and special either.You can say he is a down grade version of Dumfries. This should have been the bench mark or criteria for selection, somebody who can bring competition to dumfries and that guy was frimpong.this is frimpongs third season at Leverkusen and you can again smell that same old stinky approach, it’s where you play that matters and not how.

    1. Watched city vs Burnely, while Burnley got a drubbing from city 6-0, was happy with maatsen performance. Though most of the times he was on back foot with tricky city wingers, defended well one on one when called upon and also offensively provided good outlets in attack.

    1. Veerman was called in as Frenkies replacement.

      De Jong being out is the biggest blow in the team! He is the one player we cannot be without considering Koopmeiners is out as well and how below average our other midfielders are.

  23. @ Tomy14,
    You said, the team can’t do without De Jong. Did you watch the WC? Hahahaha
    What did he do? You guys need to stop wasting your time. What Koeman did with his first selection is a slap in the face.

    1. @jean_venette what did you expect De Jong to do in a team build to constantly defend? Was there anyone in the WC that you can honestly say was great besides Ake and Gakpo who had some good moments? Look at De Jong at Barca for example, he’s been exceptional.
      Lastly, do you have a better suggestion in midfield that could be better than Frenkie?

  24. Lang omission is stinky as well unless it has to do with behavioural attributes. But then he shouldn’t be judged on that just like karsdorp under blind and van Gaal

    1. Veerman got it finally wilson.. As you wished.. Now Frimpong injured, only omission of Noa lang, Tijjani Reinders, Gerdy Schouten is the question mark now.. Koeman has stated blind is not first choice… He wanted tongive him 100 th cap.. I feel that going to be his last game… Hartman, Malacia, Ian maatsen, and ake will take over… Koeman will play for draw vs france… He will play Timber and ake as lb and Rb… Also I feel we will see a boring wijnaldum, De roon and klassen at mdfeild… Gakpo, Depay and berghuis play upfront… Gini and de roon will. Slow the game.. They will make it boring… But Gakpo and bergjuis might play a hardworking game.. Gini was one of the worst performer in his last games for oranje… So was de roon… This wontbbe changed..

  25. @ Tomy14
    I don’t think F De Jong make a huge difference on the Dutch team. He hasn’t lived up to his expectations. Doesn’t matter how the team plays during the WC, F De Jong was horrible. I know we don’t have much options but crying over F De Jong’s absence in a game is overrated.

  26. I have always said this, injuries has always being a blessing in the sky for dutch team. this is only the time the coaches are forced to change and its often turns out to reinforce the team in long run at least and this is what I’m hoping for this time around. Im having doubts about wieffier but then this is what you want to see, risks gamble and again seeing malen and veerman being called up is great news.even if the team looses, it will step in the right direction for future selection. being said this if simons doesnt start, koeman shouldnt be spared.

    still there can be more improvements with options out there. im hoping karsdorp can be called up in the next selection given back in the frame at Roma and in the race for CL Next season. this two games should be enough to tell whether both wieffer and veerman are NT material or . if not move on.

    koeman never said anything about on langs ommison in his interview but looks like he has been marked out and pretty much like karsdorp under blind and van gaal for what maybe disciplinary reasons. which sucks tbh. he is such a creative players and could have been a game changer for the team if any. some of the reasoning also which koeman game for other players is bogus I may say. he said frimpong cant defend but then excluded tete which makes no sense at all. then he said brobbery in ten days can become better even though he a bench player and Dallinga who is a starter presumingly cant.

  27. Frenkie got injured in the last 10 seconds of El Classico.

    Marco van Basten and Ruud Gullit suggested that Daley Blind should take Frenkie’s role in midfield.

    I kid you not. And, I agree with them ;-).

    SO, load your weapons and start firing now!

      1. While all other teams are transitioning and moving forward these so called legends wanna take the team back wards.

        Tbh van basten should just keep his mouth shut.

    1. Jan, I have watched Ten Hag use Blind in that position after De Jongs departure in three qualifying games against PAOK and APOEL. He was horrific and nearly cost us the qualification! Ten Hag realized this and the return leg in Amsterdam against APOEL used Blind as a CB and never used him in midfield again. There is highlights of all 3 games if you don’t believe me! Blinds midfielder days have been over for quite some time now. Koeman can uses him against Gilbratar as a LB in order for him to get his 100 cap and that should be it for him. For his sake and ours, it’s time to move on.

  28. @jean_venette you fail to understand the simple fact that when a player doesn’t have good players next to him, it’s going to drag his performance down as well. Frenkie has had many games who he’s been the only spark in midfield. The fact that he plays so good for Barca should make you think why is he performing for them and not for us!!! I say this again, he is the only player that we can’t afford to lose because no one in our current midfield is on his level.

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