JC: “Give Guus a Chance”

What is the problem? Hiddink? Is it that easy?

The whole nation was in shock after the 2-0 defeat vs Iceland.

And all those people who rejoiced when Hiddink was signed up are now screaming for his head.

As if this wonderful squad ( no. 3 at the World Cup) under Van Gaal suddenly is impotent under Hiddink. As if a coach has that much impact during a couple of EC qualifiers.

Ronald de Boer really gave it to Guus. “He is too old. He doesn’t have a connection with his players, his tactics are non existent and his analyses are pathetic. They should sign Ronald Koeman!”

Ronald Koeman, doing really well with Southampton. “Oranje is totally not on the radar for me. Not now. That opportunity passed. They picked Hiddink. Their prerogative. But I have to admit, I did have a chuckle when I was watching them play Iceland. But I do want them to perform well of course, I am Dutch, so…. And they will. Hiddink will get it together.”

guus danny ruud

I personally believe the shift from Van Gaal to Hiddink was a big one. They’re very different. It’s like going from the Navy Seals to the local community gardens. Van Gaal is intense, dominating and very critical. Hiddink is loose, wants players to take responsibility and very supportive. Van Gaal is like a pitbull in interviews and press conferences, Hiddink is like your nice old granddad.

Or your nice old dad…because amidst of all this, there is also an issue of this guy coming out in the media claiming that Guus is his dad and he demands a dna test…. More headaches for Guus.

Anyway, Van Gaal didn’t perform too well with Oranje in the qualification times. Sure, he got the points alright against the minions. Something Guus has failed to do twice now. But Van Gaal’s friendlies were not that great and in the run up to Brazil we all thought our mediocre players would be ridiculed by Spain, Chile and the likes…. But look what Louis did only in 3 or 4 weeks of preparation… This is a time frame Hiddink hasn’t had yet and once can only assume that the former CL winner (PSV) and Real Madrid and South Korea/Australia coach can do too.

It’s all a bit early to determine that Guus is to blame. Guus didn’t tell Janmaat to take that risk in the last minute against the Cechs. And Guus didn’t instruct his forwards to be so sloppy against Czechie, Kazachstand and Iceland.


According to the Maestro (one Johan Cruyff) it is ridiculous to blame Hiddink. “The problem is hardly ever the coach. And when the coach is Hiddink, it most certainly isn’t the coach. Do you really think he has forgotten how to work his magic? There are a few problems here. Firstly, our individual qualities are not as great as we think they are. Sure, Robben, Van Persie, Sneijder…. have exceptional qualities, but players like Janmaat, Martins Indi and Wijnaldum are not there yet. Secondly, our players didn’t seem to be present, mentally. Now, this might be a coaching problem, but any team representing their country should need to rely on a coach to make them ready mentally. Thirdly, our midfield play doesn’t work, internationally. There is a reason Van Gaal used 5-3-2. He stacked the midfield with enough bodies to stop the opponent from exploring the space and he played counter attacking football. If we want to play dominant we need to rule in midfield. We simply cannot do this if we play with three midfielders: one sitting deep before the defence, one playing close to the striker and one filling the gaps. Our midfield will get bitch slapped every time. We need to play with three defenders and four midfielders in order to control the opponent. Kazachstan, Iceland and even Czech Republic…did we really need 4 defenders? Our midfield set up, at club level to start with, is wrong. And internationally we will be punished again and again. This is where we need to make changes.”

It does seem that we made a step back in time.


Van Gaal put himself and Oranje clearly on the map. But individually, we are slipping.

Van Persie doesn’t dominate. Afellay plays in a second tier competition. Sneijder is losing grip. Van der Vaart has fitness issues. Only Robben is firing on all cylinders, while De Jong is still going strong.

Van Ginkel, Maher, Clasie, Janmaat, Anita, Siem de Jong, Fer… I have yet to see it.

We have a bunch of older veterans, a number of would-be mid-tier players and a number of young talents who yet need to be tested consistently.

I think we should be fine once we get to the Euros, in 2016. So lets support Hiddink and make sure we do get there…..

In the meantime, there are some wrinkles visible. The KNVB did an evaluation with Hiddink after the dramatic results and a press release was sent out saying that “Hiddink would prepare an action plan” to get Oranje back in winning mode. Questioned by the media, Hiddink responded by saying “I would never use a word like “action plan”. That is not my style. I know what to do to get the team winning again, don’t worry.” And the KNVB had to quickly comment on that again. “The words we use don’t matter. What matters is that we know what we need to do.”

hidd rvp

One first step Hiddink took, was to fly to Manchester to talk to his captain. Van Persie: “It was a critical evaluation, for sure. It was good and open but also direct and critical. We all know things need to change and the coach will go and talk to some of the other lads too.”

Van Persie will remain skipper, despite criticism on his behaviour, in particular after his clash with Huntelaar. “The coach was clear in what he wants to see differently. He has a tremendous drive. He is sharp, tough, also towards me. That is good. I came away with a good feeling. It was stern, but he has confidence.” The clash between Hunter and RVP has been resolved. “Oh yes, we have had our talk. I do realise that these images don’t help. We are both winners, we despise losing and want to be important for the team. I respect him tremendously as a player and he respects me too, I think. We do need to be a bit smarter in those situations but it does happen in the heat of the moment.”

On November 12, Oranje plays Mexico in a friendly and on 16 November Lithuania awaits. RVP: “The pressure is big but that is ok. We have failed. We, the players. It’s easy to give the blame to the coach, but we are doing it on the pitch. The coach creates the circumstances for us to excel in but we have to do it. Against Iceland, we let him down. And I spoke to most of the lads over the last weeks and we all realise that this is the case.”

Van Gaal is currently Robin’s club coach. A different style of coach. “Yes, they are not really similar, that is true, but so what? I have had that many times. As a player you need to deal with this. Hiddink gives the players a lot of responsibility but he is definitely the boss. He determines the tactics, although we all get to speak our minds.”

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  1. Hiddink’s main issue is sloppy slow RVP up front who wasting chance after chance with zero work rate.it affects ur team a lot.
    Second is BMI leakage in the back…Once Vlaar gets his position it will be sorted out.
    Also when sneijder is replcaed by clasie..it will end up in perfect way..just 3 changes at first.if that is not sufficient then Blind needs to benched for his back passing game.
    Hey Hiddink put on Promes,Roben and Depay upfront with clasie as playmaker …You will have best attack inthe world..Common Gussie…do it.
    Lets Give captaion band to a ballsy guy VLaar/Nijel/Strootman…Common Gussie are you hearing …Dutch are going to be ferocious team Gussie..lets kick out RVP first..

  2. Van Gaal is at biggest fault here. its just no body wants to admit this jus because he took a medicore team to 3rd place in the WC. His preference for players in the WC was centered around the formation to reinforce players with weakness rather than individual abilities of players and the result is in front of us now. No body has to be genius to see why Hiddink is struggling given coz Van Gaal didn’t leave any platform for him to work on and its simply start from scratch for him and two years, it will be daunting task for him. Everyone knows how Hiddnk likes to operate and given what Van Gaal approach was in the WC, in the end its sole purpose was jus for WC and nothing else .Under Hiddink the individual weakness of these very same players are starting to crack open and that why the team is struggling.

    I still remember before the world cup when the debate was going on as to who should make the team. A lot was was debated on his coaching appointment with Man United and how it would affect the NT. Players like PVA, Rekik,Van Dijik were all overlooked by Van Gaal even though their individual capabilities were above par. That France Friendly had summed up alot of things. for Van Gaal instead of remedying the loop holes he went for the external approach and reinforced 3-5-2 formation with the same players. Now when Hiddink is using the same players its all backfiring and the results is in front of us.

    A little bit of changes with right players, Hiddink should be ok. we jus need to qualify.

  3. @No way its Van gaals fault wilson.Taking to team to WC semi is not fault.
    Hiddink is getting punished like BVM,i mean selecting the wrong players.Those are RVP(Done).BMI(we have better players than him ,he even sucked vs Arjetina,it was kuyt who covered him he was a weak link in WC too).Then snijedrs individual play..Sneijedr is best when 2 etream fast players up front ,he never gets gelled with RVP for various reasons.Another guy i Blind who is bit more fond of back pass.Another player is Afellay who dribbles like a headlesschiken and takes so much time for a pass,he kills of the game,what has he done in last 2 years,playing in bench for a second tyre team??,,it remains me the faults made by BM in 2012
    for Bommel he never give chance to strootman
    He played with kuyt/Afellay instead of aClassy dangerous Vaart in attack.so he sucked,same happening for Guss here.

  4. Tiju you jus dont get this, van gaals bag was already packed when he went to brazil. Obivously he is an intelligent coach and he only needed to redeem himself for his failure in 2001 which he did by getting NT into the SF.

    Look at after month of the WC , other countries are building on from where they left of in the WC, can you say the same for NT. Simply no, look happened vs Italy, Czec and Iceland. Same players but in different formation whats wrong. Out of that squad only Depay is roaring but it was ever clear from the starting given his individual capabilities that he would be a geat talent one day. Against that France friendly when Rekik came in for BMI and Blind was subbed, it was ever clear in that were our weak spots, and look at the last few games that we played, same story same result.

    my point is this you look players like Van Dijik, Bruma, PVA who are thriving now, had van gaal selected them for the WC regardless of the formation , do you think we wouldnt have reached the SF.

    Van gaal focus was only the the WC and after that Man United. Everyone knew what hiddink would bring after he was appointed as a coach, and given van gaal went in totally different direction it always would it would have given headache to hddink when reverting from 5-3-2 to 4-3-3.

    Jus after three months the same players are

    1. Jus three moths afters after the wc the same players are lights out. What does this indicate. It cant be the coach or the formation they play in, its jus the individual capabilities which is fully exposed in a 4-3-3 formation and which van gaal reinforced by changing the formation to 3-5-2 and which also kept the weakness of same players intact.

      well I know most oy you wont agree with me on this but jus wait and see when Van Dijik, PVA , Rekik are given the chance to play.

  5. The good news that strootman will be available when we go into the second round of the qualification and also Van Ginkle who is struggling for game time. Given Maher and Clasie who are both in good form we can really build a soild midfield. I think there shouldnt be any problems in the back and forwards.

  6. Sneijder.

    Two amazing goals against Fenerbahce!
    Pay disputes with club?
    Temper tantrum in the locker room?
    Claims he is loyal and happy!

    Qu’est-ce que c’est?

  7. How can anyone blame LVG for the present “crisis” we are in? It is Hiddink the one to blame although I believe Hiddink is a good coach and will fix this.

    LVG managed to get us to the semis which is more than any of us expected.

    Also I believe he did build for the future because many youngsters have gained so much experience with a WC under their belts such as Blind, Janmaat, Wijnaldum, Depay, De Guzman, Kongolo, De Vrij, Cillessen, Clasie,BMI, Veltman….

    1. I agree with you that this is nothing related to LVG. What he did was to get the best out of what he had. It is up to the new coaching staff to pick players and strategy. So it is both coaching staff and the players to share the blame. I am one of those who liked the choice of Hiddink of LVG. Obviously it did not look good so far. Hiddink has hinted that it is logical for him to step down if we lose to Latvia (http://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/wing-backs-willems-and-van-rhijn-in-netherlands-squad-for-european-qualifier-against-latvia-soccer/). Even with a draw vs Latvia I do not think it is enough except for a win. Losing and drawing can take the toll on the mentality of this team. They will have doubt and perhaps implosion, in fighting may happen. Let’s hope that is not the case.

      Let’s do 3-4-3:

      De Vrij Vlaar Willems
      Wijnaldum Clasie Blind Afellay
      Robben Huntelaar Depay

      Those are my choices although I think Hiddink will start Cillessen, Sneijder and Van Persie instead of Krul, Afellay and Huntelaar.

      If Blind can’t hold the midfield, perhaps he should be left of the squad. He and Van Persie and everyone else on this team should earn the starting place with their forms and performance for the national team.

      1. I think blind is just an OK player he doesnt bring anything extra and he doent do much Badly like RVP or BMI does at back and front.Slow moving RVP is the main reason behind our gaol drought,its just matter of time he is going to loose in starting spot with MANU,perhaps it will start vs Cristal palace.
        If dont start for ur club and u r not able to captain ur NT.End of the story..
        What has Afelly did is so many years,finall he plays in second tire clube where he actually deserves.
        Wijnaldum doesnt take any kind of intiatives for attack.With him and Afellay we dont have brain in mdifeild.

  8. ———-krul————
    We have plenty of lungs (Toonstra,clasie and klassen)
    two Torpidos –Roben and Depay
    One gladiator –Nijel supported by two hardworking intelligent players(Toonstra and Clasie)
    2 hard nut leaders at back intimidating Vlaar and Brutal Bruma..
    Two hiflying extraordinary wing backs Vanrhij and Williams..

  9. on bench
    Promes———-Luuk Djeong——-Vilhena/Narsingh

  10. Manu is thinking of switching to ghana for international duties. it will be a great loss for KNVB if that happens. they should move for him now . jus like Depay when he was linked to ghana,manu is also another hot prospect.

      1. The funny thing is that sneijder has claimed that he happy at galatasray after being heavily linked to Man united.one can wonder why someone would slamp the door on that kind of opportunity. when you know you are on the brink of extinction.

  11. This is the perfect time to inject players like Ake,hendrix,VanDijik,Bruma,castaignos,Manu coz when strootman and van Ginkle are back we will have can forget about Sneijder,RVP,Blind,BMI and De Jong.

  12. I don’t think that the team will forget De Jong, if both Strootman and Van Ginkle are back to the team. And, it will remain to see when Van Ginkle play for his team as a starter. But Sneijder is the starter.

    So, in my opinion, in the near future, the midfield will consist of Strootman, De Jong, and Sneijder. With the presence of Strootman, I guess, Sneijder will focus on attack.

  13. Yeah for now yes but at same point in time that move has to be made.De jong is a one dimensional player and his form has been stagnant throught his playing carrear and I dont think it will change come 2016 but that the door is shut for others. Clasie has showed the glimpse of what he can do from the engine roon and also Ake at Chelsea, then there is also hendrix. not far behind. Most of these guys are two dimensional players and is they are exposed to international level now , they will be on song in 2016.

    1. Two years time is enough to mould players who poses individual capabilities and Ake,Clasie and Van Ginkle have all shown that. It jus a matter of right direction in terms of club level footy and international exposure that will mould them into elite players.
      For Clasie I think Koeman will definitely. recurit him if morgan Schneiderlin leaves Southampton. it jus Ake and Van Ginkle who have make their mind in which direction they want to go.

      1. As for De Jong I dont see him starting in 2016 ,maybe on the bench for later stsges of the game when we need to defend and protect the goal lead bringing home the victory. this if the players that I have mentioned are natured from now.

        1. In regards to the Sneijder post, there was no mention of his form. I agree with you, his time is nearing. What my post was signalling is that his time at Gala is probably over too. The rumour mill is starting and who knows where he ends up.

  14. Van Dijik scores the winner for Celtic.

    Promes also on the score shit for FC Spartak Moscow

    Dynamo Moscow also beats CSKA Moscow. (Douglas and Buttner)

        1. To be honest not a very big fan of his. Again you have to ask the question what happens when van ginkle reaches his prime. For me both are on a collision course unless he is deployed deep in the midfield given his pace. Something for the coaches to gamble when that happens.

  15. would have being more reasonable to call Maher and Ake IMO. I mean with Hunter and RVP, Luuk will definitely wont see any game time. AS for De Jong I getting a feeling Blind will be the cover up for him.

    1. Any ways this is latvia and we will win i think and persie will escape once again thats makes me sad.
      Luuk De jong is playing 1000 times better than RVP and Hunter at the moment.
      Clasie is playing better than sneijdr..
      Wijnaldum is an able replacemnet for Nijel,Strong and determined.Ovear all Blind,sneijder and RVP are the weak link.with RVP is the worst in this 11.

  16. I was hoping for 3-4-3 vs Latvia but I think you are 9/11 correct with the exception of Ciilessen instead of Krul and possibly VD Wiel isntead of Van Rhijn (personally I don’t mind your those 2 choices either). I hope we do not have trouble winning Latvia. My confidence is a bit low right now the way this NT team is performing. I’d like to see positive results. It’s been a while since we have 2 good starting wingers so hopefully Depay will keep opponents busy as much as Robben does.

    1. Football-oranje reported that Afellay and Robben are not 100% fit. I also hope to see Maher called up instead of Fer (Willems-Maher-Depay can be a good combination). Luuk De Jong perhaps get a chance to be the 3rd striker, watch and learn.

    2. Without Strootman, I don’t think Holland will be able to play 3-4-3. In 3-4-3, Holland need Rijkaard-type player. Who can fill that position? Ake? Van Ginkle?

      1. once again you cant expect anything spectacular from him. What he brings to the game is depth in the midfield either if its defending or attacking. Given that Van Ginkle is yet to Blossom. I would would rate him above Strootman. Once again something the coaches will have to gamble when the times.or maybe both in the middle as DM.

    3. In the winger system, IMHO, Robben should start on the left, and Depay on the right. I mean, Robben will cross the ball from the left side, and Depay from the right side.

      1. This is where Hunter can absolutely Lethal and this also where he has been deprived of service because of NT using inverted wing system.Back to that 2008 squad when it worked out perfectly with Van Nistelroy and Hunter in the middle, Robben on the left, RVP on right, sneijder and Vaart in the middle.was quiet a team that year.

  17. Goalkeepers (2): Guillermo Ochoa (Malaga), Alfredo Talavera (Toluca)

    Defenders (10): Paul Aguilar (America), Diego Reyes (Porto), Adrian Aldrete (Santos), Miguel Ponce (Toluca), Julio Dominguez (Cruz Azul), Enrique Perez (Atlas), Oswaldo Alanis (Santos), Miguel Angel Herrera (Pachuca), Luis Venegas (Atlas), George Corral (Queretaro)

    Midfielders (6): Andres Guardado (PSV), Hector Herrera (Porto), Jose Juan Vazquez (Leon), Jonathan dos Santos (Villarreal), Arturo Gonzalez (Atlas), Jesus Manuel Corona (Twente)

    Forwards (4): Giovani dos Santos (Villarreal), Javier Hernandez (Real Madrid), Carlos Vela (Real Sociedad), Raul Jimenez (Atletico Madrid).

    A power pack forward, our backs are in for a treat if they are rusty.

  18. Van Der Weil is always a liability when going forward ,especially with De Vrij at back if it requires bailing him out when out of position. this is something he is lucky at PSG coz of Silva who constantly bails him out in those situations. I think with Van Rhijn recent performance vs Barcelona and PSG,he should be given the nod.. Janmaat also had a massive game over the weekend assisting both goals for Newcastle vs West Brom. This is something I like, competition for individual spots. this whats brings the best out of players.

    1. Van der weil is liability..Amen Wilson
      Why the hell Van der weil pussy over Lion Janmaat???
      Floroain JOzefoon and Maher playing better than Afellay,So why Afellay??

  19. Here is the link: http://www.football-oranje.com/luuk-de-jong-in-nigel-de-jong-out-of-netherlands-squad/.

    Strootman is just back from injury and only plays small minutes. He needs more time to get his fitness back. I don’t think Gus will call Strootman for Latvia (after Latvia game perhaps). I like Van Ginkel too but he has not played 90 minutes with first team in any club so it is hard to justify his potential. He needs to earn starting spot with Milan or move somewhere where he plays regularly.

          1. Sneijder is basically done,but not as bad as RVP.
            Blind is realy weak and brings negative attitude i mean low confident attitude.Doesnt seems like leader in back or holding mid,always he is a follower.

  20. Martins Indi, Van Persie and Clasie ruled out for Netherlands. Good news for Hunter. Clasie always seems to get injured at the last Minute. Bruma to replace BMI

    1. Van Persie and Clasie will be ready for the match against Latvia, but not the friendly.

      Mexico is a top team. Maybe stronger than Latvia. So, in attack:

  21. I really like 1995 model, let’s see we have Anke, Sinkgraven, Vilhena, El Ghazi, Kishna, Jorrit Hendrix even we can promote them to play for national team. hehe

  22. We have some very good news that BMI andRVP wont play..Two worst of the worst players are out…I am happy and thrilled..But Hunter???i still doubt hunter but i think he wont do worse than RVP..
    Bruma is bit unlucky coz Vlaar is back..
    If snijedr does well we will have cracker of game if we feild
    But i think hunter will play in middle so promes will be out…
    I cannt waiting sneijder pase to 3 torpidos up front…it would be awesome

  23. Another defeat, this sucks! Offensively, however, it was a major improvement compared to recent games. We created enough chances to win this game. Poor execution by WInjaldum and Huntelaar especially. KLass-Jan is not a replacement for RVP. He had his chances today but missed them all. However, the major reason we lost the game was defensive mistakes and naivity. The biggest siner was Willems, extremely poor in defense and was involved in all Mexiko’s goals. Good players today were Krul, Blind, Sneijder and Robben. The worst were clearly Willems, Veltman, Huntelaar and Depay. Also, Promes did not have a good day at the office. In sum, however, i actually think this was a step forward compared to the Iceland game. We will run Latvia over!

    1. Its true that Hunter was unlucky he couldnt finish…But he was availabe,he worked his butt off ,that made plenty of movemnets in attack,Idf it was RVP ,RVP would nt even touch the ball,due to his own weak and slow body..
      Forgot to tell Depay was the best ball looser of the game.Depay was equally bad as Afellay.

      1. What do you call a striker that has five chances to score a goal and misses them all?? I don’t care if he worked his butt off….the guy just cannot score when he starts the game. I guess the pressure of being a starter for Oranje is too much for him to bear!! He was supposed to go in there and and finish and he didn’t deliver, so no more complains as to why he is not playing.

  24. Worst player by far it was Afellay…
    Williams,veltman,krul and Van rhijn too many mistakes..Vletman is brother of Heitinga seems..
    Van rhijn has no connection with Roben..Though Williams made mistakes he had his moment.Huntlaar was 1000 times better when compared to pesrie..
    With out Nijel we are just a cake..
    Blind.sneijder,wijnaldum were impressive,Roben was okay too.
    Hiddink ?????????

  25. wow – just wow. We lack talent all over the field. Wijnaldum, Afellay, Vetlman, Depay, Promes, Willems, Fer… all these guys suck.

    We desperately need leadership in the middle. Strootman should solve some of our issues.

  26. Overall an awful performance once again by Oranje!! The only player that was average by his standards was Robben….all the others and i mean All OF THEM were terrible….NO EXCEPTIONS

    I’m losing faith on Guss!!

    Jan i dare you to write something about todays performance….!!

  27. Look on the bright side: 4 years from now if we are grouped with Mexico then we need to bring Sneijder. He likes to score against Mexico.
    We cannot defend with 4 so let’s defend with 5 as in 5-3-2. Forget 4-3-3. Let Depay and Robben be the front 2. I’m running out of idea.

  28. I think Hiddink is losing it. He came to Oranje very relaxed and now thighs are out of control. I think the team did not play such a bad game but the concentration at times was terrible and that caused we conceded 3 times and could have been worse althought up front we created many chances and missed opportunities as an amateur team. KJH has had many chances and now that the team is in crisis he did not deliver.

    The only ones who had a decent game are Krul (with some stupid decisiones), Blind, Sneijder and Robben. I think Hiddink is a good motivator and not a tactician but at 68 years old he is tired man…I am sure Holland will beat Latvia but I am not very positive with this coaching staff. When we play Turkey, Czech Republic and Iceland things will get nasty and we could be out of the European Championship very early.

    Anyway, as somo of you know, I am from México and people in México is happy for this victory. The Mexican national team has a great squad but Oranje is a better team when they play as a TEAM. Something that is not happening at the moment. Perhaps next year with Strootman in top shape things will change…I miss Van Gaal.

    Another opinion I have is that this team should not play 4-3-3. It should either play 3-5-2 like in the World Cup of 4-4-2. Defence is shaky and needs reinforcements, something Van Gaal read very well and had a game plan that was executed with excellency at the World Cup.

    1. Mario in my opinion the team did play very bad and ill explain why….even though we created a lot of chances we also gave away too many of them. Guus knows that he’s defenders are inexperienced and not good enough and yet he still sticks with 4-3-3. This formation is good when you are playing teams like Kazakhstan but when you face better opponents that can hit you on the counter you’re going to get punished. And you know what the most annoying thing out of all is? When we played Iceland and Mexico with a 4-3-3 he chose to put in midfield Afellay and Sneijder who are not good at defending leaving so much space behind and too much to do for the defensive midfielder. It would have been much better if he had played Sneijder Blind and Wijnaldum.

      As far as the players performance goes Krul did ok tonight but he needs to improve his kicking. Van Rihjn is much better than what he showed against Mexico but i don’t see him starting against Latvia. De Vrij reminded the old Stefan before the World Cup when he was making error after error. Veltman was poor. Bad passes, bad decisions nothing went good for him. Willems was just awful….how much worst can Pieter be that he doesn’t get a chance!!

      In midfield Sneijder besides the beautiful goal was the same Sneijder we have seen for the past 2-3 years. Some times you forget he’s playing. Afellay needs to sit on the bench as soon as possible and Blind apart from the last 12 minutes of the game he was struggling keeping up with the fast Mexican players. In Blinds defense though he had too much work to do since Sneijder and Afellay didn’t help him at all.

      For the three players up top besides Robben who plays on another level form the rest of the team the other two were terrible. Huntelaar gets his chance to show what his got and finally leave RVP on the bench but once again he fails to impress and this time he failed miserably. Depay was too selfish and i hope I’m wrong but this guy thinks too much of himself. Last player that i have to mention is Promes. He embarrassed himself many times today with those horrible crosses and that awful miss from 2 meters away.

      So to sum it all up the team does not look good at all. Guus like you mentioned doesn’t know what to do….!! Winning against Latvia will buy him some time and i hope for all of our sake he gets the W.

  29. I think the first mistake was putting De Vrij in the wrong position. I jus dont to why hiddink is ignoring van dijik. Mexico had a power pack forward which required egile and tough defenders.de vrij and veltman were totally opposite. hiddink lets start with van dijik and bruma vs lativa.

    1. Blind and afellay were too light in the midfield. Blind was totally raped leading up to second goal and was left wondering leading up to the third yet people are saying he had a good game.infact all the goal came through the middle channel.

      willlems is not atheletic. he was uprooted leading up to the first game. PVA I think is right man for that position. he is more atheletic out of all the LB and the same time explosive.

  30. Some good news for hiddink is that strootman is up and running which will offer a lot resistance in midfield come next qualification after Lativa game. The difference is really clear when you play with difficult opponents. the weskness jus starts pouring. Jus like in the midfield today. Against khazastan this was not exposed and I think it will be the same case vs lativa.

    1. De Jong would have made alot of difference today if he would have played today. again the question to ask is who can be De Jongs sucessor. cetainly not blind,Clasie or De Guzman.
      Maybe Ake if he plays regularly.

  31. this midfield: blind-sneijder-afellay is useless and light and slow!!! none of them deserve to start. we all know sneijder is past his best a long time ago, no matter how beautiful the goal he scored today but still he is too static and slow to play at the highest level. afellay is a guy who plays in greece, that says it all!! daley blind is ok as a bench maybe but definitely not as the holding for a top team like oranje!!!
    strootman-wijnaldum-klaassen-de jong and to a lesser extent clasie seem to be the future of our midfield and hopefully maybe sinkgraven steps up soon because maher also seems to be overrated!! i am not saying klaassen and wijnaldum are great but they seem to be the best options we have added to strootman and de jong!! we dont really have big names in midfield even though i can list 10 acceptable names but non at the level of davids, seedorf or aaron winter!!!

  32. Just can’t understand why Hiddink favored Afellay and Van der Wiel and Willems. He seems to rate them highly. Those are overlooked by Van Gaal for a reason. To me, they actually unbalanced the team.
    When they played, the Dutch lost..

  33. Guys,

    I think it is quite clear that current generation of Dutch players lacks quality. We were successful at the last WC due to tactics of LvG. This Dutch team can still perform well if a coach with the iron fist leads them. Guus is not that type of coach. He is brilliant in his own way but current Oranje needs different leadership. All Eredivisie players that were listed above, including our “prodigy” Memphis, are good at playing against Zwolle and Cambuur. When it comes to higher level, they get lost….Bottomline, the talent pool has eroded and process continues. To keep up with other teams, we need a coach who would consolidate mediocre players into one disciplined team. That is the only solution and Guus is not that guy.

    1. I agree with you on this point. I think we have to accept the pool talents that we have right now. One or two or three or four new players are not going to change this squad. The coaching staff need to find the strategy that suits the players instead of forcing the players to adapt to the strategy.

      Vlaar has a calf injury, unlikely to be available for Latvia game. Does Guus call up any replacement?

      Here is some of Guus’s comments:http://www.espnfc.us/netherlands/story/2144348/guus-hiddink-blames-dutch-defence-for-defeat-to-mexico

  34. Is funny to see bruma and Virjil keep getting dropped for no reason for the guys like Veltman and Martins india..Why the hell is that???
    Why headlesschiken Afellay over Hendrix and Ake?????
    I can pardon sneijder and Blind,coz both brings something to team.
    Lets us give hunter one more chance..Evry dog has a bad day it was not hunters day…How many matches RVP played with out goals???????As a MANU fan i cannt see RVP getting back to old form..He is done with age..ts not his form.
    I think williams can play as a terrific winger instead of Depay and Promes.Does Promes has vision or intelligence>seems its far cry from him like Afellay.

  35. Team for LAtvia
    Blind————————–Van rhijn
    i know Hiddink wont feild my team ..but my dear Hiddink this the best 11 from ur selected squad…

    1. hahahaha – everytime I see your formations I burst into laughter… you want Veltman to play in midfield?? And who the F&@%^ is Williams??

      If you are a true dutch fan, you would have learned how to spell the players names by now… this is after several years watching you mis-spell every single name in the dutch squad.


    1. I voted earlier today and that’s the exact same way I would voted. RvP first with runner up going to Steph. Honestly, James’ goal is a good goal of course, but with all respect, it is ordinary. I mean, we see those goals quite often. Crazy that it won best goal of WC.

      1. I am floored at the lack of attention that goal is getting. All those goals done in an upright position, pfff.

        If you use chrome and explorer for searches you can vote twice.

  36. Can someone tell me why van Dijk isn’t getting a chance? He seems to be pretty good but admittedly, I don’t watch Celtic much. Anyone who does, can you tell me how he rates?

  37. Dear Hiddink you blame our defence but please admit you didn’t help them with the midfield you started!.

    I mean Sneijder and Afellay are offensive players who really don’t defend much, Blind is good defending but he must be with at least one partner who can help him in holding midfield such as Nigel, Wijnaldum, Fer, De Guzman, Clasie.

    Hiddink can blame all he wants his defence but Mexican players were free to attack and it would have been easier for our defenders to have a more solid midfield in front of them. So Hiddink is wrong.

    Maybe Wijnaldum, Blind and Sneijder?.

    Willems and Veltman are good players but Hiddink’s system was suicide from the start.

  38. Miguel why do you say hiddink system is a sucide when both veltman and willem play in the same formation at Ajax and PSV respectively. I dont think Hiddink will abodone 4~3~3 system. with strootman,van ginkle,van dijik and Bruma that system will be ok. bring PVA or Buttner as both are playing in tougher leagues than eredivise.eredivise is done

  39. @Wilson: because Ajax and PSV play weaker opponents. International football requires more than what Ajax or PSV have to offer. With a 4-3-3 formation you need at least one beast midfielder someone like Nigel or Davids.

    As soon as I read our midfield was Afellay, Sneijder and Blind I thought it was a mistake and I think I was right.

    1. Barca is not weak miguel,ajax played wonderful games vs barca,who had 3 best forwards in thier attack.i am forgetting ineasta and co.PSV has dominated every team they played.Ajax has little probelm in back this mainly due to veltman and bit of Van rhijn.i think Veltman is bit of soft boy.thats the reason.
      Bruma doesnt give a shit about who play against,any dribbler will think about their on leg before dribbling past bruma..
      We need Robust men in back..Veltman doesnt belong in that catagory.But even if we use Bruma and Reikik we need an able replacemnet for Nijel,untill then it will not work..May be vletman can be used in Njels spot as he is very intelligent player.

  40. Basically there is no one can replace Nijel…IMO…But Ake,Hendrix and Anita are best candidates we have got ,but i dont think Anita is regular at Newcastle..Wijnaldum can play bit like Nijel with lesser reader of the game..even if Hiddink brings Bruma and reikik we need a solid holding mid..
    i think Ake is ready he must get regualr call up as second to Nijel

    1. How about Jordi Clasie? I think he is fit to face Latvia. So it will be something like:



      1. Clasie has got evrything bar physsical presence..so for me he is more of a playmaker like Sneijder..
        Most close one to Nijel is Ake then Hendrix..Strootman etc..i think Blind should move to LB,since Williams is doing worse than blind as LB.I tihnk depay loose th ball quite often…Williams is so talented that he can even play as winger ditto goes with Van rhijn he has excellent crossess..With Roben as play maker
        Williams———Hunter———–Van Rhijn
        Blind—–Reikik—–Bruma———Van der weil
        May be the best 11 as of now as pere his selection

    1. Forget about eredivise players, they will crumble on the international stage jus like willems, promes, veltman etc.

      Hiddink should have gone for 3-4-3 in my opinon vs Mexico


      De vrij – veltman-vlaar

      van Rhijn-wijnaldum- sneijder – willems

      Robben – hunter- Depay

      He should have switched the formation when Vlaar got injured rather than putting de vrij on the left.

      vs Lativa


      De Vrij-Bruma- Rekik

      van Rhijn-Clasie-Sneijder-Willems

      Robben-Hunter- Depay

      1. I think, 3-5-2 against Latvia:

        —De Vrij — Bruma — Rekik —-


        van Rhijn —-Clasie—-Sneijder—-Willems

        ————Robben—van Persie————-

  41. The Dutch need to play a more defensive style, pack the midfield more, if they want to beat anybody good–much as Van Gaal did in the WC. There is not enough midfield or back talent to play a 4-3-3; we get exposed. Robben and Van Persie are both much better suited to a counter-attacking style because they both thrive in space. Most attackers do. The problem in the World Cup is that we had no attacking threat in the midfield. Wijnaldum gave us nothing in attack. Gus has got to find the right formation and the right people for the midfield.

    1. Against stronger team we should play defend/counter-attack. Against weaker team, we try to attack first. Unfortunately our defend did not raise up when we attacked first and get counter attack from opponent. We need a team that must be able to switch from 5-3-2 to 3-5-2 or 4-3-3 or 3-4-3 like in the WC. Without this flexibility we will not go far with the talents we have.
      Against Latvia, I don’t think we can sit back so we should start with 3-5-2 or 3-4-3. We need to win the midfield battle.
      I agree with you on packing the midfield.

  42. ————————-Cillessen———————-




    1. It is interesting to see Hunter and RVP start from the beginning. And I am sure that Robben is also start. What will the formation look like?

      I hope Jordi Clasie will start.

  43. I think the reason why van Dijik was not called wad simply coz Rekik is avaliable at home and connstantly plays with bruma together. cost cutting measures IMO. but again to drop van dijik in the first place wad just ridiculous.

  44. Strootman,van ginkle can prove enough reinforcement in the midfield.lets dont forget that sinkgraven will also be knoching the door come 2016. hopefully Ajax will scoop him in Jan. As for Ake Mou is a big fan of his and has assured him of first team appearence, but still remains to. be seen. then there is maher and clasie unfinished who need to get out of eredivise asap.

  45. After watching Jordi Clasie on youtube, I am sure that he is the right man to replace De Jong or Sneijder. He can tackle or pass the ball very well from the middle. He is the player who can track back to defend.

    1. Clasie is really upgraded version of Blind but his light weight is what makes him a liability when deployed at DM and which is also why he is injury prone. This was very much exposed in that France Friendly when Progba and Matudi left him high and dry in the Midfield superemcy. I think thats where he has to work on and at same time this can be only possible if he leaves eredivise for tougher leagues, may EPl or Serie A jus like strootman.

      he is definitely a unpolished diamond IMO. Both Arsenal and Tottenham are after southamptons morgan schneiderlin which brings us to earlier comments made by Koeman about his desire to bring Clasie if schneiderlin departs.

  46. If RVP is playing with hunter then it will be on wings..which is not a bad idea.But His stamina,availabilty,physical strength,speed really sucks for past 5 months.

      1. This is something about Hiddink I trughly put my hats off to. He is the only coach who has dared to utilize them together at the same. At this point in time its all about scoring and winning to qualify, coz come 2016 it will be another story. Our weakness have already being exposed but at the same time we still have players who can fill that vague given the current circumstances. The next round of qualification will be absolutely crucial in terms of maximum points so we cannot slip.

        given our current situation I think it will be 3-4-3 if both hunter and RVP is deployed upfront


        De Vrij-Bruma- Rekik

        Van Rhijn-clasie-Sneijder-Blind/willems

        Robben- Hunter- RVP

  47. Using RVP in left wing and playing hunter as striker would have given us 2 Wcs may be…i mean 2010 and 2014.That was the time RVP was sharp and young.Now he lost his physical stregth.Now its bad time i think…But after seeing headless chickens on wings like Afellay,promes etc..At least when RVP has ball in his feet we will have some real moments..But his off ball movemnets are zero at this point of time..
    To play RVP—Hunter—Roben up front…u need tirelss hardworking intelligent players to support them.i mean who has the intelligence to cop with the class of RVP,Roben etc…Otherwise it would be game like BVM played Vs portugal in Euro2012..
    blind–Reikik–Bruma—Van Rhijn

      1. There are many things we dont understand…like Where is peiters??where is Janmaat??where is hendrix???Where is Virjil???
        Why Afellay the pussy?? We dont know only hiddink knows..

  48. Probable line up is out…
    Bruma,Cillessen will play
    —-Headless Afellay———OLdie sneijder—-
    SuperRoben——-hunter——-Done persie
    is the expected line up
    Spot of Blind and Afellay really sucks here…i hope Clasie takes Afellay spot for Gods sake and Wijnaldum takes Blind’s spot..

  49. It is bit disapointing to see how when compared to the U 21 how players like Isco,Morata, Paco Alcacer are thriving both at Club and international level. I think this is the step in right dirction for spain and Del Bosque is doing a awsome job. maybe not in 2016 but come 2018 wc they agsin will be a team to be reckonef with. mean while we are struggling now, whete did it all go wrong.

    1. beacuse they select players byt we select pussys like Afellay,headless chikens like Promes etc..i think Promes should play for ghana.
      Why did kuyt survived in top flight football for 8 years both pool and NT???
      its all about hardwork,vision and intelligence,he even benched Vaart though which cost us in 2010 and in by benching RVN in 2006…
      Our new guys lacks intelligence especially black players and morrocan players.Only Maher is exception to it.that the core reason.

  50. Looking at janmaat,vanRhijin and Van Der Weil, all have common style of playing especially. All are offensive minded but defensively they lack killer instinct

    1. Offensively I would rate Van Rhijn better than janmaat and Weil. but it good that they know now that are in competition which will provoke them into enhancing their performance.

      Buttner and PVA should also be given the nod.

      1. Both Janmaat and van rhijn has accurate boots.i like Janmaat more he throws himself in to game and he is the most intelligent among three players and van der weil is the least one.Both Van rhijn and weil shows pussy syndrome at times which is not a good quality for a defender.

  51. Didn’t anyone here notice one very positive thing from the Mexico game, a huge improvement over the style we played with Van Gaal?

    The ball moved forward again. With speed, fast and accurate, penetrating passes that accelerated the gameplay and made it much more enjoyable to watch. I think it will take time for the players to get used to attacking, fast-paced and somewhat ballsy style of play again. Let’s be honest, with Van Gaal we played very defensively.

    In any case, here are a couple of my notes for individual players from the Mexico game.

    Huntelaar: great to see him moving around more and being more active, he really worked hard and had a couple of good chances. However, was he the right guy against Mexico? Their players are really fast and agile, I would rate their technical ability on par with Spain’s, but they have even more speed.

    Promes: it is obvious that he is not ready for the level of NT, talk to him again in 2 years time.

    Willems: this guy is still making the same mistakes when he was just 18 and started playing for the NT. I think he might lack a crucial bit of footballing intelligence.

    Krul: really shaky, if this was his only chance to prove his worth I guess we will be back to Cilessen.

    1. As usually this was expected but I dont think this is the true picture. We still need to do alot of work especially if we want to qualify. My Guess was right, Hiddink went for 4-4-2. well done Hiddink.

    1. I like the way Clasie play. His ball distribution was very good. It is clear that Holland needs someone like him. A player who can distribute ball through the middle or to the wings. His pass to KJH resulting the 6th goals. Great.

      The main problem is in the defense. I am not sure about who should play in the central defense. Latvia is not good in attacking.

  52. I am watching now game Czech vs Iceland and I am getting amazed how Dutch could lose to such mediocre teams like the above-mentioned…Anyway….I think Dutch demonstrated very good attacking football. Although we had been very negative about RVP, he did a good job, scored one and assisted Bruma. Robben was a driving force of our attack. KJH was very good too. Not because he scored twice but he was moving a lot confusing Latvian defense. I believe Robben – KJH – RVP is the optimal attacking line that Hiddink needs to keep. One thing I did not like was delivery of corners. We had tons of corners and none of those resulted in dangerous moments. Delivery was very poor….Midfield was just OK. I know some of you are crazy about Classie but I was not very impressed as passing accuracy was not there. Sneijder was not impressive either. Afellay was not good either. However, I believe these guys are the best choices for now. It is hard to judge about central defense as Latvia was so poor. Meanwhile, I saw a lot of spaces in Dutch defense and situations when players with good agility and quality could very well challenge Bruma and de Vrij. I liked how GVW played, especially how he interacted with Arjen. Jetro was so so. Finally, this game proved that Cilissen is the best goalkeeper in the Netherlands. I believe, our attack was superb, midfield was mediocre but demonstrated the best football after WC and defense was good in assisting forwards…We badly need to strengthen our midfield: Strootman’s speedy recovery and return will be crucial. Congratulations with three points…

    1. AZ why do reckon Cillessen is better than Krul when the lativa game was one sided. I thought krul had a great outings vs Mexico as it was the backs who let him down. I watched Barcelona vs Ajax CL, Cillessen was My o My.

  53. Im still wondering whether the formation was changed to 4-3-3 when RVP was taken off or simply Robben moved inside along with Hunter and wijnaldum on the wing.

  54. I still think that Janmaat is much better than Gregory van der Weil. So, when Strootman,Blind, and Vlaar are back to the team, the formation should be like this:


  55. ———————-Cillessen———————–




  56. I liked GvdW, he played very well with Arjen. Janmaat cares more about his hair style rather than play, and seems always very indifferent to what is going on around him.

  57. I still want to re-iterate that our defense even with Latvia played poorly….Nobody wants to come back quickly…That is the problem because with stronger teams we will easily concede goals as it happened in the past. Hiddink needs to be very critical of his defensive forces….

  58. People say RVP played Goos yes he was better than Afellay and Depay.i mean pretty effective when ball found him,But it was hunter who caused alll issues for defense with his tireless run..this made RVP bit free..thats good tactic.But at times he lacked stamina..etc etc..I cannt say who is far worse now from Depay and Afellay..Depay is a constant ball looser,While Afellay is ball hog and idiot..
    There was huge gap in Holland midfeild between sbeijder,clasie drvrij and bruma,,Willems is very shaky..there are lot more things to be done..We need strootman,hendrix ake and Nijel..i dont think Fer,blind can handle it.Clasie is excellent playmaker but he is far from true holding midfeilder.

  59. i have seen Van rhijn containing messi ,neymar etc,may be vander weil and janmaat can do same…But left back we will be tored up if we play Blind or Williems..Hiddink should have played RVP on left and clasie as playmaker should avoid Afellay.

  60. RVP——Hunter——-Roben
    Kongolo—Vlaar—-De vrij——Van der weil
    second 11

  61. I wouldn’t get too excited after this game. Nice win, relaxing football but I doubt things would have been this easy if we didn’t score that early. We were due for a win and Latvia is more than mediocre and even they were able to penetrate really easily our defense in the second half. I hope KNVB gets rid of Hiddink before March when games start again. Even if we qualify I don’t expect Guus taking us much farther. Blind would be much better in my opinion.

    1. I totally agree with you, Balkan, regarding not getting too excited. Defense had a lot of holes and even Latvia was able to easily penetrate it. Looks like Guus has been solving one problem on how to use both RVP and KJH. Both have different qualities and if to combine them smartly it will bring a lot of dividents in the future. However, defense and, in general, the organization of the midfield and defense is still a problem. It looks very vulnerable, and resembled me Brazil’s defense when they lost 1:7 to Germany. With respect to Guus, he will stay. I hope he will wisely use coming four months and understand how to deal with defense. Also, I think he understood that it has never been a vacation with Dutch team. Even if you get well-organised Oranje team from one coach, that does mean that next game with you they will perform at the same level. Oranje is like a child, if they do not feel the iron fist, they will do whatever they want…. and we are aware of consequences of that behavior. It is very sad that this behavior is a part of Oranje culture….

  62. For me the only CB that is in form is Virgil Van Dijik. After from SPL, his performance in europa league has being ever consistent. FDB has urged him to ignore transfer talks from Arsenal and Man United and remain at Celtic. He was overlooked by Van gaal jus because SPL is not competitive enough in Europe League, then how the hell he can prove other wise if he remains at Celtic. Like Vlaar, Van Dijik can also play both left and right Centre Back which makes him a Versatile defender. IN 4 man back Line I will rank him No 1 at this point in time.

    De Vrij , I would never put my money on him even though he has moved to Lazio, he is more a Martin Demichelis type of defender,and is extremely vulnerable when ousted with pace. That where he has consided alot of yellow and red cards. In 4 man defense and under Hiddink certainly not a draw card. this was very evident vs Mexico.

    Vlaar the only thing I would say is he is in his prime now and should move to a top club.

    Bruma, Rekik Kongolo,Veltman and other eredivise players still need prove their credentials at international level especially Bruma who has got vast experience over the years playing for Chelsea and Harmburg.

    1. I like this lineup.

      Afellay is not good defensively so putting him into a wing position is a good choice for me until Depay proves otherwise.

      I’m not so sure about Van Rhijn as I like Janmaat or VDW but Janmaat’s form has been poor lately.

      I am not sure if switching LB constantly will help but perhaps PVA and Pieters deserve a test. If not then I think we stick with Willems.

      Van Ginkel needs to play as starter. He will not get a call up for warming bench in Milan. I like his potential but that’s about it.

      Krul vs Cillessen, either is fine for me. Whoever has better form starts for me.

      I guess we are looking ahead to March 2015 so hopefully all above players are in good form by then.

      1. Other player that hiddink should consider for LW IMO is Buttner. His defending raised few eyebrows when he was at Man United, But when it comes attack he is a machine. Even though he playing LB at Dyanamo moscow,he might be usefully on the wings given his pace to burn. Again something I reckon should be experimented.

    2. I like this formation–four in the midfield and the personnel, assuming Van Ginkle is good defensively, as we know Robben and Afellay will be eager to go forward. Or maybe Clasie?

  63. Van der weil losses plot easily with tougher teams jus like vs France, but with average teams he is often lethal going in front. out of the trio, weil,Van Rhijn and Janmaat, if you compare them when they all were at eredivise you will see van Rhijn is the standout of all the three but again van Rhijn is yet to pull the plug from Ajax. Everton came close but I think it was the CL that resisted him from switching to EPL. I mean jus look at Everton today under Martinez, should he had made the move back then, he would have gained alot by now, but then again Ajax have tendency of keeping players until such time when the players are offered the exceptional deals jus like Ericksen, Blind, Siem De Jong,Toby Alderweireld, Anita etc. in the best interest of Van Rhijn he should leave Ajax if a top club comes knocking on the door. Apparently Napoli is interested in him, but its jus rumor at this stage.

    Janmmat, yeah nothing to be taken away from him, but he makes simple errors at crucial time. I have watched alot of Newscastle games and at EPL level he seeems to fitting well in terms of composure.

    EC 2016 2 OUT the 3, no doubts about it.

    1. its true that Van Rhijn has better talents than Janmaat and weil..But this guy doesnt throw himself when it matters.Bit hesistant to do hard tackles and body check..While Janmaat is best in that area.Weil not bad either but still weil and Van rhijn are almost identical with Rhijn has billiard snooker accuracy in shots,which Weil can only dream of..

  64. Hunter-RVP combination problem is solved. They can play together.

    In 4-4-2, Holland needs very strong midfielders, who can attack and defend. Look at Clasie, he can pass the ball through the middle or to the wings. His instinct is about how to pass the ball, not to score. He will track back when losing possesion and trying to tackle. The problem is he has to compete with Sneijder. I am sure that Sneijder is Hiddink first choice. But from now on, I hope that Sneijder will always start from deep, because the number ten is played by RVP. With the return of Strootman, the midfield is stronger.

    The main problem now is in the back. Vlaar is number one choice. But, who will accompany him? Van Dijk? De Vrij? I am sure that De Vrij is number one choice. Holland needs a combination like Boateng and Hummels.

    Next, RB and LB. Too many options, but there are no good candidates. LB: Blind, PVA, Willems, Buttner? RB: Van Der Weil, Janmaat, Van Rhijn. Who else?

    Btw, about Van Ginkel, until he plays as a starter, then impossible for him to be called up by Hiddink. Even Nathan Ake is better, he plays in the CL. At least, he plays in a competitive match. Van Ginkel? How can you put a formation with Ginkel, if he does not play for his club?

  65. Finally Huntelaar and Van Persie can play together. I mean it is a travesty that no other coach has managed to make use of those two together. I think although they both play a similar role, their play style, weaknesses and strengths are very different and they complement each other very well.

    Huntelaar’s work rate has risen, I feel, he is working more on the pitch. Van Persie can move around more, creating spaces and also drawing defenders with him. Add Robben and Depay to the mix and it looks pretty good.

    As for the defenders… I simply don’t know. How they allowed Latvia to run unchallenged to Cilessen a couple of times boggles my mind.

  66. Problem solved? Problem solved against Latvia. Sure it was a nice victory, but not even close to problem solved. This game reassured that we can do well against a 99th ranked team. I will feel better after Turkey if we win by 3 goals.

    1. I guess it was pressure that led to the change of formation. Now it was ever clear that the formation itself was used to balance the attack in front which in the past was mostly focused around Robben jus like in the World Cup and it worked out pretty well IMO especially with how Huntelaar and RVP were revolving around each other and with Robben left on his own to do his usually stuff (Third striker). Now it did work out well for Hiddink, but yeah it does raises the eyebrow on the quality of the opponent and whether the formation indeed could be utilized with any team for that matter, But then again I think thats where the coaches should able to make decisions whether which formations best suits the team depending on the players at his disposal and the also the opponents itself. I think this is where LVG is a god.

      As for Hiddink I think his downfall mighty be the fact that he is not versed with the current generation of players and this is where the critics are saying that Ronald Koeman would have been a better option.

      As it is though it is pointing in that direction,But I wouldnt write him off yet. Differnt coaches have distinctive approach when running a team jus like Conte at Juventus and Italy,Sabella at Argentina befor Martino,Low at Germany etc, buy once again it also comes down to the players at your disposal which is a very important aspect in todays modern day soccer.

      Strootman will be a major boost for Hiddink come the next set of qualification and once they have to go back to the blackboard and look at which formation will best sit the team with his inclusion.

      I hope Maher breaks in the team come around the next qualification and we have midfield of strootman and Maher in 4-4-2. Looking at Van Ginkle, its not looking good for him at all. First of all with Montilivo of brinks of the return fron injury, it will make it even for harder for him to get any playing time. Chelsea are thinking of bringing him back in January, but looking at how Chelsea is going in EPL i dont think he will get much game time either especially with how Oscar, Fabregas and Matic are dominating the midfield. Solution bring him back and sehd him on loan. best destination….Feyenoord/Ajax.

      1. jus ilke it would be foolish to play De Jong in a 4-4-2 formation knowing his capabilities in attacking is average. it would very much suit players like Van Ginkle and strootman becasue they are both two dimensional players with equal depth in both attacking and Defending.

        1. It would be funny if they just played the Feyenoord squad in the next WCQ, haha!

          I would love to see a mid of Clasie – Stroot. Keep de Jong for late defensive play. MvG is just a shame, but we all know, it was a stupid decision.

          1. Clasie-Strootman will be very good, in 4-4-2. I agree with you that De Jong will be needed later to defend the score.

            So, we can stop talking about MvG, until he gets the playing time at club level. Maybe, Maher is better. Why? Because he is a regular starter in his club.

  67. ————————-Cillessen———————-





    1. This is great too! Many line-ups we can form have all the ingredients to perform well. It was a coaching issue IMO. LvG had them winning (through what, who knows, maybe pure fear!) but it took Hiddink sulking to get them motivated. Perhaps LvG told them, “If you don’t win, Ill show my balls again”.
      An article on Football-oranje states he will likely leave anyway. The boys do not need an excuse on hand to use if they under perform at euro. It would be a shame if RvP was a headless chicken at euro and blamed it on Hiddink.

  68. I think RvP – Hunter partnership works. The team needs two targets to free up Robben on the right. Also, with RvP and Sneijder on the field, you have 3 players who can turn providers… I always said Sneijder is better in a deeper role as his range on passing is really good. Two tall guys in the box can really create havoc for other teams. The first goal against Latvia was only possible because Huntelaar occupied two defenders and RvP was free to come from behind.

  69. 3 players that can turn providers are Robben, Sneijder and RvP.

    I have to admit, Clasie is a lightweight when it comes to defending, but he is very elegent with the ball and can provide better distribution than Blind.

    Krul is the better Keeper, but he is also the weaker when it comes to being an outfield player. Cillessen is really the more “Dutch” keeper.

    Van Rijhn, VD Weil and Janmaat all suck. I also think Blind goes back to Left Back when Strootman gets healthy.

    De Vrij is promising as a defender, but I honestly think De Jong can play that position better for now.

  70. Reading the article, as an Indonesian, I am very interested in Ezra Walian. I hope that he will choose Indonesian national team if he fails with Dutch national team 🙂

    1. I don’t think Hiddink is losing it. LvG had Strootman for the qualification and we were not 100% convincing.

      You can’t take away too much from Hiddink and Call LvG God. It’s simple. LvG played 5-3-2 against teams that were simply better than Oranje. Sat and defended deep and allowed Arjen Robben to do what he does best, wreck havoc.

      But we can’t play 5-3-2 against Latvia, Turkey and Iceland. At the same time, we don’t have enough quality to play 4-3-3. I think Hiddink is trying to find the balance in formation. He is also trying to find which player fits the balanced formation best. Against Latvia we played played mostly a 4-1-4-1, and at times it turned into a 4-1-3-2.

  71. De Boer does not understand why Depay played against Mexico but not Latvia. He apparently thinks Depay should be a regular–and he thinks Hiddink should start settling on personnel and building a squad.

  72. @Richarde….Depay was the worst player vs Mexicao,not just a bad player..he was loosing ball every time.So he did nt chance vs Latvia,i dont like afellay at all but still he was not a ball looser like Depay.

    1. Tiju: Right: I’m simply repeating what I read. De Boer seems to think Depay should be playing every game. Guus will have to decide, of course. I think his role in the WC, entering games in the second half, was quite effective and might be the best role for him again.

      1. i like his shots on gaol,has accuracy,but i still doubt Depay afetr seeing him vs quality opponents.for me orange realy lacks quality in wings considering huge gap between Roben Vs others..bad luck bad time,its better to move and play like a team like germans did

  73. Hiddink should consider selecting Ake,Hendrix,clasie so often instead of Fer and Blind..this would improve our play..Also he must not forget Virjil,Bruma Reikik and Vlaar for BMI and Veltman.

  74. I’m happy for LVG winning against Arsenal.

    Right now Hiddink has enough time to fix his ideas and use a better strategy once the next game comes. He did good by how he handled the little fight between RVP and Huntelaar.

  75. Moscow franchises are neck to neck in Russian premier league. CSKA, Dynamo and Spartak are having a great season keeping close tabs on Zenit.

    Promes with 2 goals and assist for Spartak taking them into 5 place level with Dynamo and CSKA.

    Buttner still out injured

  76. Frankly speaking I dont know what to say about this curious case of Luuk De Jong. His revival story is good to hear but having failed both in Bundasliga and EPL, you have to put a question mark on his credibility.

    Between him and Castaignos I will rate castaignos higher given his consistency.

    1. @Wilson Luuk Dejong needs some brilliant players arround him ,i mean players who are capable of good vision and one touch pass,he never got that from Borussia and Newcastle.So its natural that he failed there.But he has some excellent players with him inPSV like Guarado,Hendrix and Maher..Those players make him better and they are intelligent players..Just like Van der vaart.

    1. Van Ginkel didn’t play, did he? What now? Is he looking for another club, perhaps back to Eredivisie to get playing time? He should be worried about his career.

  77. how can he be called a superstar if he does not play? He must find another club. Middle table club like Everton, Newcastle, or Southampton is fine. Or, go back to Eredivisie if he really wants to safe his career.

  78. Some youngsters playing in Eredivisie lack a critical self-assessment. Look at this boy, Kishna. He has not achieved anything in Ajax, and now his agents says that Kishna is ready for move to Seria A. I would not pay a dime for players like Kishna at this stage of their development. I also think that he is a ridiculously arrogant son of bitch. Has not he seen what is going on with van Ginkel in Milan, who also by the way thought that he was too good for Eredivisie. I think KNVB needs to forbid move of younger players before they reach 23 y.o. Bad example is Royston Drenthe. He left Feyenoord when he was 19, wasted seven years warming the bench in many clubs. Thought that he was too good for Eredivisie and now he wrote in his twitter that he would love to return to Feyenoord. I believe Feyenoord did not repond. Who cares about this piece of useless shit like Drenthe. I am sorry for using inappropriate words but current younger generation of Dutch players really lack self-awareness…I pretty sure that Memphis will also fail abroad if he moves coming summer….

    Below is the link to the article.


    1. R. Kishna
      Easily the most spirited member in attack for Ajax, causing PSG plenty of problems with his direct play. Showed an excellent ability with his dribbling, and sent a splendid cross in to set up the equaliser.

      Robbie 35 minutes ago

      Hopefully Ibra can pick up his form to his best for Barca. That Kishna kid is a talent though!

      JustSome Fan 2 hours ago

      That Kishna is incredible!

    1. I do not think you understood what I meant by my message. I do not hate Kishna, simply because i do not know him. What I truly hate is arrogacy and being full of himself. Those features broke a lot of talents even better than your Kishna. Perhaps he has a potential, but he needs to work on it by playing but not by sitting on the bench. If he leaves, he will be warming the bench regardless of good feedbacks from goal.com or some other “yellow press”….This is only for his benefit to grow in Ajax, win with Ajax a big trophy like Europa League and then move. Otherwise, winning Eredivisie title but being 10 points behind PSG and Barcelona does not speak much about his contribution to the team…I am not trying to offence this boy, just trying to be realistic.

      1. Once you post, your writing is here for all to see. No matter what you say to justify your out of the blue rant, you cant hide your childish little bitching…

        You are not trying to be offensive, yet, and i quote..

        ” I also think that he is a ridiculously arrogant son of bitch. ” – AZ-forever November 26, 2014 at 11:53 am

  79. How old was Cristiano Ronaldo when he moved to MU? I think he was 17 at that time (CMIIW).

    Compared to C. Ronaldo when he was 17, is Kishna that good?

    How old was R. Van Nistelrooy when he moved to MU? Or, Van Basten, when he moved to AC Milan? I think they were mature enough to move abroad. It would give some lesson to players like Luuk de Jong, Luc Castaignos, etc.

    1. Kishna did not say he wants to leave ajax when he hasn’t even been a starter this season…i dont get where all of this is coming from..just because that idiotic italian donkey quotes things in the media before any of his players have a game!!

        1. Mate don’t get your panties in a twist and embarrass yourself further just because no one on the blog bothers to catch you out anymore….high time you grow up….

          1. Oh, may be you can be my guru, Baghwan Shree Rajneesh? How many people in this site you have suggested to grow up? May be something is wrong with you as people constantly get into verbal conflicts with you?… One thing that you have to stop to do is to comment on people’s opinion. You resemble me a diarrhea that comes from the ass after eating kurry filled Indian food….

          2. You sound like such a sad little loner, i won’t make you feel more miserable about yourself 🙁

  80. At this point in time I go for El Ghazi, he seems to be more composed than kishna, but yeah its too early for this guys to move abroad. another two seasons at least which will also make it easier for them to get a shot at NT with more playing time rather than warming bench at top clubs.

    Luc Castaignos is one player I think given his consistency is ready to move abroad unless Twente can surprise everyone and book a ticket for CL.

    Looking at eredivise title itself , it seems like it will be neck to neck race btw Ajax and PSV. Supposingly if PSV wins then I think it would be reasonably for Depay to stick with PSV for one more season and than move abroad. CL football will atleast will enhance his credibility and performance.

    Apart from this two Van Rhijn is another one whom I think is done at Ajax in terms of exposure to top flight football and should graduate any time soon. Like Van Der Weil and Janmaat, it highly lkely that he will find it hard to adopt in top leagues. with Tottenham and Napoli both scouting him I think its time that he makes the move. he jus needs polishing in certain areas of his game and in a competitive league he will timingly achieve that. I think Ajax has got a suitable replacement for him in the form of Ruben Ewald Ligeon and shouldnt be a problem for De Boer of Ajax.

    1. I agree el Ghazi has been the better performer which is also why he has started while Kishna has been on the bench. Will be very interesting now that Kishna has hit form and if el Ghazi maintains his..Ajax can have 2 gems on the wings!

      Just hope el Ghazi gets sealed by Holland before the curse of Morroco strikes!

  81. Battle heating for sinkgraven. Both Man United and Liverpool are ready. to lockk horns for the teenage sensation.given van gaals track record it would be in the best intrest of him to join Man U.

  82. Feyenoord played very decent game against number 5 of Spanish league. Great defense. Very proud of Feyenoord!!! Hopefully, PSV will make us happy today too.

  83. Bad luck PSV….Given their last game is vs Dynamo moscow, chances of qualifying looks slim, if estoril beat Panathinaikos. they can only hope that goes the way round.

  84. Ahhh, our poor Ajax could not overcome ADO. Why did not “easily the most spirited member in attack for Ajax… and excellent dribbler” Kishna make a difference in this game. Oh, I forgot, the “wonderkid” is busy with his illusionary move to Italy…Then it is OK, it is forgivable…

    1. lol

      to be fair though his finishing isn’t good enough yet, bit like depay.

      Narsingh seems to be the best finished out of all the wingers atm (discounting robbo)

  85. van ginkel is always decent but i dunno if he has sealed a spot in the XI or anything

    yeh what do u guys think of kramer…i personally haven’t seen him in action much

  86. FIFA what a fucking joke…why don’t they just rename the organization to be a public merger between Adidas & Nike and make Messi and Ronaldo joint CEOs…atleast that way other footballers wouldn’t get their hopes up or waste money travelling to the awards gala as a cruel joke!

  87. I think Van persie position is still in a delimma at Man United. Given if Cavani ends up at Man United, thats it for RVP. with Falaco Fitness crisis and Roberto Maccini being optimistic about signing him in Jan,It would in the best interest of him to move if that happens. Yeah unless if Man United offload Di Maria to PSG and use Cavani on the wings. But then again lets dont forget that Nani has been in a traffic form on loan at Sporting and I think Van Gaal should bring him back.

  88. Glorious evening in Rotterdam!Sevilla ?UEFA champions league winner .The atmosphere in the stadium and pictures reminded of the 1970 s .Great times.Feyenoord played in my taste.Players have supported each other fantastically.In defense ,in attack.Fighting and strong Feyenoord.With heart.With its distinctive spirit.
    Whether Spain falls? Even Germany beat them ..1-0

    Just like starting over .

    After the World Cup the same old story about players transfer.It does not matter if most of them dropped.
    Football manager economy here is very dangerous ,powerful..Blindness is its greatest power.It works perfectly with the facts .The Netherlands is the second in WC 2010.Fantastically .Import -export(good, bad) with players works better .2012 NT …dropped .It does not matter.,we can proceed…Ajax and Co(Feyenooord,PSV..) plays champions league,UEFA league, etc .2014 bronze medal.Fantastically.Import-export became better…But one day crisis can to come without “golden backing”.And luftbalon breaks.If Ajax and Co begin qualifying in june,july, august..Then we can support sailing, speed skating…But Feyenoord won..PSV…we are waiting for Ajax..etc

    Those are the rules but what is essentially a negative in this philosophy for Dutch football.It is: Dutch wish(Cruyff,van Gaal ,Hiddink) that Barcelona can be better than Ajax (1973,1995),then Milan something like 1989,1990..van Gaal in Manchester now etc..blind instinct.
    Instead,better option is: van Gaal as a Feyenoord coach(if Rutten can not does that, example) that crashes Ajax.It would be exciting,important and competitive in Dutch football.And then if van Gaal (Feyenoord) can to destroy REal Madtrid in semi-final Champions league next year …it would be nice.

    The roots this problems are maybe in the final of WC 1974.In 38 minutes Cruyff lost ,said a Serbian poet.Cruyff became Ulysses instead of being Ajax in the fight for Achilles weapon! Simbolic.The gods gave him a chance but he gave the ball Johnny Rep and chose to be Ulysses.(he should break Beckenbauer and Sepp Maier and score a goal)
    If the Netherland could win the Germany 4-0 ,legend says that Holland will lose the finals of WC four times.

    Desire that Barcelona (and others) need to be better than Ajax is desire to be Odyssey(Ulysses).One way but it is harder(?)
    Between 1988-1997 Ajax played for Milan and Barcelona more than for Ajax..Simply Ajax must be Ajax .I think..
    Money without “gold backing” is not worth anything.Funny paper.In football it means :Bayern and Dortmund killed Real and Barcelona and Germany became world champion later.So it is important for Dutch football that Ajax and Feyenoord …to be champions of Europe.In this case there will not be big crisis too often.
    Holland could win 2014.Holland would beat Germany in the final ,I think.The main problem was the underestimation(?) Cota Rica.They (Costa Rica) have taken the necessary energy from Holland.And this thing was negative in the match against Argentina.
    The best player in WC was Robben.The most beautiful goal
    RvP against Spain.This goal killed Spanish tyranny in the world..and even tyranny about beauty.(tika-taka,tika taka we are going to hell sang Spain) and total football became free…
    Key match for Holland was against Mexico.Sneijder with big heart.
    The situation today is good. Good thing is crash landing.(Italy,Czech republic,Island ,Mexico) To be on the ground.Hiddink is a good coach.He could stop Gvarioula ,s Barcelona when he was coach Chelsea(in very short time).Van Gaal could not do it.

    Ajax was better then Barcelona this year but hmmm,hm..Messi,Neymar,Ronaldo(Madrid,Portugal)…were better than Ajax.
    In chess after 40 moves can be seen who are the best players.Until 40 moves you can learn from books.In football it is team around 16 meters in most important moments.
    Frank de Boer criticized Hiddink.hahaha.Better for him to think about Apolon Salzburg,Spartak Moscow,Dinamo Moscow ,Steaua,Petrolul…

    And now special edition .Adventures Dirk Advocaat in Serbia!World record?After whole 2,5 matches he run away in Holland.(sorry ,one friendly it is 3,5 matches)
    He could lost against B team France 1-3,of Armenia 1-2,of Danemark 2-8 and probably would be lost by Albania. UFO Albania saved Serbia(I,m not sure that it was UFO Albania but I can not prove it)(little chopper above stadium)

    “First time in my life I could not to find any solution”,-said poor Advocaat.(good morning,good morning)
    I think Advocaat smoke a doup before he went in Serbia.9o percent (maybe more) Serbs do not like Holland.In Serbia sport in the service of politics in a special way…(Russia-Serbia 1989-2014)..and people,especially young people,they have brainwashed.
    But many people thought and wanted to Serbia would better than Zenit(2oo8).But they were waiting every Advocaat, s mistake to attack him ,too.In words,in game.You can imagine what now they talks about Advocaat .Total idiot.He do not know anything about football.

    Serbian u21 team had to play against the Spanish super u21 team without top ten…Serbia won with B team.Advocaat thought that u21 Spain will win without problem and he did not want to give A players to play for u21 Serbia.


    He (probably) thought that Serbia ( his A team) should be the best third team in groups .Behind Portugal and Danemark.He thought pragmatically .But Serbia is thinking crazy. Serbia thought to beat Germany in France.Nothing less.It is o.k. But it was a gap.In game when they need to play attack they defense an vice versa…
    And so , today Albania and Armenia have chanse to go in France.Serbia with Siniša Mihajlović (Sampdoria) would have a good chance in France .Now I do not know.
    Croatia was better and stronger than Italy .Dream 1998.

    When Pele left the serious football he wanted to play his farewell match against SFR Yugoslavia 1971(2:2). He chose SFR Yugoslavia(1943-1991)(Slovenia,Croatia,Bosnia,Serbia,Montenegro,Macedonia)
    Many felt that Yugoslavia has greater potencial than the Hungarians 1950s.But they were not workers.They were football bohemians without discipline and too much bla,blabla…and often fragmented in some things.But there were bright moments.

    Later Cruyff wanted to be similar..but he had succes.

    And so Dick Advocaat left (leave) this regions.It is good for him.

    Dunga and Brasil are on the road again.Luiz Scolari was also in gap.Disturbed balance.

    For the Netherland this was good football year ..and Happy Christmas and New Year..and St Nicholas Santa Claus…etc

  89. And?What is problem?My last words on this blog were before match with Brasil(3:0)(!!!), and I am not guilty(probably) if many do not want to write in this blog .Blog was full in may,june,july,august..I am very busy and have not time…and bad English etc…

    And I had to write twice ,therefore errors.Nervousness.

    When I started to write (february 2013?)some silky manager(?) called me little man,country man and others bullshit but I am satisfied.Barcelona-Bayern (0:7) and Spain are beaten and the Dutch team can to breathe.It is coincidence but I love this coincidence.

    But managers are always on the top(they need experts)..and they impact on other.They are always in right as false kings in fairy tales..

    I said my opinion about many things .Even about football!Something like this:Total football is control space with many different ways to find the root your opponent, to make space,make chances and score goals with this method.Catch the opponents in this space.This is a permanent initiative.Never mind if you have 30 percent ball possession or 55 percent.Each your ball takes up space(not one line of counter- attack,in the game.Always same. )Against Spain- it was total football.
    Total football is native in the Dutch people.But if I say Vincent Van Gogh is total painter and Pablo Piccaso not you will say that I am mad. It is ok,too.But it is harder to understand.
    Total football is not only ball possession(90 percent and attack like chicken without a head).It can be total trap if this is permanent rule (Bayern-Real M 0:5)

    And jokes are jokes.Sevilla came in Rotterdam to kill Feyenoord but Feyenoord killed Sevilla.And coach of Sevilla was angry and funny for me…

    Nothing more,take BBC concerts the Beatles and enjoy..New Year coming…John:”I am John and I play guitar too and sometimes play a fool…”

  90. After Jasper Cillessen, Davy Klaassen, Ricardo van Rhijn and Joel Veltman penned new deals in recent weeks, Anwar El Ghazi is the latest to commit his future in Amsterdam with a new five year contract.

    The 19-year-old told the official Ajax website, “A happier person you could not find right now.”

    “I’m really enjoying myself at Ajax, the club has a lot of confidence in me and the crowd has been fantastic. ”

    “It is important to keep this core together and grow as a team. We all want to stay together and from there to perform.”

    El Ghazi made his debut for the Ajax first team in August and has since made nineteen appearances, scoring six goals.

  91. Ricky van wolfswinkle also has rejuvenated at saint Etienne. received standing ovation last week vs lyon and netted the winner over the weekend. has already scored four goals in the last six games.

  92. Another side of football.

    I am probably crazy(?) because I did not saw the thrill of competition between Manchester U. and Chelsea.Van Gaal vs Mourinho.(8 points difference)If before that Van Gaal does not lead Manchester U. to bankruptcy.

    But in the same time ,in the football game Van Gaal understood that the total football must be flexible.(good luck for the Dutch team in WC 2014)If you play as a hypnotized chicken(Bayern -Real 0-5)coaches like Mourinho,Ancelotti or Clop will kill you.
    PS(They are a favorite coaches in Serbia plus Guardiola and Del Bosque(because they “took”(stole) Dutch identity).
    Because Dick Advocaat was in the wrong place at the wrong time.You can tell them:Advocaat(Zenit) has won Bayern 5:0(2008).They will say:it is nothing.
    Guardiola(Barcelona) has won Bayern4:0(2009).They will say:it is the best game ever.It is game for gods.Messi is god and others bullshit.Because I wrote:Advocaat was probably smoking dope before he went to Serbia.And he is a really good man.)
    Van Gaal said 1997:”I want to make Barcelona better than Ajax”.He said something like this.And I have commented.

    Let,s go back. What is the point?That is the question.What is the better for Dutch football? Albert Stuivenberg in Czesh republic 2015(Dutch u21 team dropped) or Albert Stuivenberg in Manchester U.?

    About football identity.

    There were more.Some are extinct.Today we have mainly two main roots.Italian and Dutch.They can be both offensive and defensive.Counterattack in total football we saw on matches Holland-Spain,Holland-Argentina 1998(de Boer-Bergcamp-goal!)Holland-Italy,France 2008,one of them(Gio-Kuyt-Sneijder-goal!),2007 Holland-Serbia 4-1 u21 etc…
    They are mostly different and nicer then the Italian counterattack.
    Between two main roots we have many styles.Every national team has their own style.

    They mostly have lost their style(1960s,1970s,1980s).Their clubs were champions of Europe but England was the world champion only once .Why?Wonder.I do not know..I think ,their clubs were played”every three days”.That they have put their NT to play “every three days” together I think they would be always among first 4.Scotland also..sometimes.Now they play “Italian” with British energy,spirit.But they have a very interesting competition.PL.

    They need a Dutch style.Then add something to what they had before the Dutch:power,industry,German discipline,precision…And they know very skillfully used the Italian style…Because they were always dangerous to the Dutch NT.

    Holland-(Germany style) with USA energy ..

    Predominantly Italian style.Didier Deshamps, Marcelo Lippi….
    Saint -Etienne 1970s and later Platini,Giresse,Tigana..they were French style and identity.A little bit is left.Cruyff did not like their games 1998.They also had luck against Croatia and Paraguay.But they deserved to win 1982..maybe.

    hahaha. Mourinho style.A little bit of Italian style ,a little bit of Dutch style,a little bit of Brasilian skills and a little bit of Ronaldo ..and mix.

    Now, Italian style with Brazilian skills.(Scolari made a wrong mixture of)

    Italian style with Argentine skills…

    Russia,early USSR
    More passive Italian style.Often.Like a snake in the hole..(Spartak Moscow-Ajax)quickly out of the hole and bites.

    They had potential for their style”northern tika-taka” in “hockey football”..but it is not developed..Later came Zlatan Ibrahimović and he became god.It is funny.SFR Yugoslavia (1943-1991)had much bigger( talent) players than him.Look matches and goals Yugoslavia-Argentina 4-2(1979).Yugoslavia on the Olimpic games 1984…(game,not result so much)etc..
    But when they “started to work”1990(not only”to sit,eat and drink in restaurants”) the wars were coming…They played Italian style with the southamerican colors and Balkan skills(inexplicable term)


    So it is important Dutch identity-with strong Ajax,Feyenoord..
    What would be happened if Robben dropped also?He was lucky to find Bayern…and van Gaal.RVP was in the right place,Sneijder sometimes.
    That is it.
    Many mistakes from me but I am not English speaker.” Live at BBC” 2cd the Beatles…John says:”I am John,I too play guitar and sometimes I play the fool “. He would be enjoy in Serbia.
    “Old ways” said Neil Young cd 1985.

    I hope Ajax will beat Apolon..
    The trilogy was completed…

  93. PS
    (Dutch football in 1940 s,1950 s,196. s. I do not know,I am read:amateur,naive,but nice,funny,geometric,weak..without power..all together, but Dutch)”child total….”

    Before total football ruled Latin.Mainly.Skill in space.They were masters.Then appeared Netherlands.And attacked on them.Like the heroes.( A little bit of English and German style in the Dutch game…never mind.)They waited General Michels,something like in the film “Heartbreak ridge” by Clint Eastwood!!And they surprised and attacked their(Latin) defense in a very smart way.Possession of the ball,control area and all of them as one man.(three in one) This thing has enabled the constant attacks.
    In system of the game 433 this is became “clock work oranje”.General Michels,Cruyff,Hanegem…etc…And Dutch spirit came into world football.I will call this period”base 51-49″.(simbolically,of course)
    The legend of ball possession!

    But later,other nations have found a solution for total football.Heroes have fallen(Beethoven,s third symphony “Eroica”)…but thanks to the “base 51-49” they are not defeated(“base 51-49″ would be a Dutch football identity)
    They returned in 1988 and later.And today…second place,third place..etc

    1988 Michels had realized that he was in 1988(433,442)
    2014 Van Gaal had realized that he is in 2014.(532,352,433..)..and Netherlands survived (especially hard Bosman rule,moneyball and Spanish” total football”)
    But Dutch football survive.Total football.

    If you have identity (“base 51-49”) and if your opponent is stronger (one on one than you) you can play total football with 40 percent ball possession without problem.
    And your counter- attacks are different from Russian,Italian…etc.. and you can take space step by step.And waiting or making better players…
    Van Gaal explained for Spain what is total football!

    Cruyff said :it is not total football. But I think Bayern-Real(M) 0-5 is not total football.Without feeling opponents and solutions..
    Cruyff did not play on that way.

    Today we have more mixture and it is difficult to distinguish.Also explain.


  94. @AZ forever-

    R. Kishna
    A masterful performance. Could not be stopped on the left, beating defenders at will with his pace and incredible dribbling technique. Skipped past three APOEL players before sending a superb ball in for Klaassen who headed home the third goal. Posed a constant threat with his crossing ability.

  95. No wonder why clubs do not want to waste their time by playing in Europa League. This year Ajax with his “impactfull” participation in CL earned 27.6 million euro. This is almost equal to AZ-Alkmaar’s entire budget!!!! I am not sure what EL clubs have made this year, but the year when AZ-Alkmaar reached quarterfinal of EL, they made only 3.5 million euros in total. That is ridiculous. Rich clubs get richer, poor clubs – poorer. I am sure if it goes this way, EL will turn into B-team tournament….

  96. you are overreacting mate.If you follow Russian Premier League you know that Dynamo Moscow is a inform team this year especially after capturing Mathieu Valbuena. there was no doubt as to who would have topped that pool. They Bench is full with impact players and that is what happened, Aleksei Ionov is no stranger in front of goal.

    Bit disappointed Buttner never played, this would have been a perfect game to gauge both him and willems, especially with LB positions up for grabs in NT.

    1. I am aware of Dynamo’s selection, and I am very much confident that PSV could win today game with right attitude. The problem is that PSV lacks right attitude and integrity, my friend. This team starting 2012-2013 season stopped paying any attention on how they play in EL. They do not give a f…k about the image of Dutch football. Netherlands desperately need point to keep up with Ukraine, Belgium and Switzerland in order to represent six teams in 2015-2016 season. Instead of fighting for every point, PSV think about their fixture with Feyenoord. Why? Because they are dying to win Eredivisie title. Why? because Champion’s League millions do not give them good night sleep….Look at Feyenoord, how wonderfully they play against Standard. I have no doubt that Feyenoord has title aspirations too, but this team has an integrity, while PSV does not…

      1. Its seems like PSV back line is getting rusty. certainly Feynoord are more blostering than them in that department even though with the departures of BMI and De Vrij. Maybe its time PSV gets some reinforcement in the back line who can compete with Bruma and Rekik. or maybe utilize hendrix there. Denswil can also be another option if Ajax let him go or maybe loan him out given the less playing time he is receiving there ATM.

        1. Well I guess a free ticket to CL would be more beneficial than when you know you wont be able to go far in EL given the big guns dropping from CL. Also both have qualified so really it doesn’t matter alot.You could have said the same when Sevilla beat Feyenoord in the first leg. Cautious approach IMO.

          1. well, at least we three teams in EL. Hopefully, Ajax and Feyenoord can go further. We need to gain 9th place back from Belgium. Otherwise, next year it is going to be only five teams.

  97. Can somebody confirm if Ghana has really captured Elvis Manu.if true this will be a shame for KNVB given the fact that we still dont have sucessors of both RVP and Hunter, he is definitely a lethal striker in making and has proven to be secret weapon for feyenoord when ever coming of the bench. remains me of jimmy Floyd hasselbaink.

  98. Van Dijik with a another sublime performance for celtic, even though they lost. standout player for celtic today both at the back and going forward. If he doesn’t start in the next qualifiers then hiddink has to be blind.

    1. This reminds me of Afellay. Could not win 1st team spot, injury after injury. Eventually no major club will want an injury prone player. Very disappointed to hear!

  99. To Jan and All Orange Fans
    I like to wish you a Holly Jolly Christmas
    Hereby,there is something beautiful to share with
    Have a look below.
    Cheers 🙂

    A great night for the Netherlands football team at the 2014 NOC*NSF Sports Gala: Louis van Gaal is Coach of the year, RVP’s goal against Spain at the World Cup wins Best Sports Picture, Oranje is Team of the year and Arjen Robben is Sportsman of the year!
    Read more: http://bit.ly/1sBmtoR

  100. Thank you Lights. I also wish you and all Netherlands fans a wonderful holiday season and a good 2015 year for the national team!

    I agree with 2014 NOC*NSF choices. Robben should have been nominated and win Best World Player but of course it will be either Ronaldo who walk through the WC and Messi who is not as good or “game changer” as Robben this year.

    Daley Blind win the best Athlete of the year? Is this the same as Best Player in Eredivisie?

  101. Last night PSV and Feyenord played what it seemed an amazing game won by PSV 4-3. I only watched the 1st half which was really good.

    Clasie gave amazing assists, Wijnaldum and Depay were outstanding. Elvis Manu is a star in the making I hope he plays for the national team, Luuke de Jong is doing great!.

  102. Southampton leading the race to snap up Elia.
    Weder Bremen after Ake.
    Wolfswinkle has definetly found his scoring boots at Saint-Étienne.
    Huntelaar extends his contract at Schalke

  103. Hello guys I want to wish you a Merry Christmans and my best wishes for this 2015.

    This past year was a good year for the national team even though we couldn’t win the WC we were 3rd place with a team with plenty of youngsters and with very important players injured Strootman and then Nigel.

    This list summer I enjoyed so much how Holland kicked Spain’s ass!!! it was a game marked in my memory, I enjoyed the fighting spirit the team showed throughout the whole tournament. LVG is a coach I deeply admire since his days in Ajax and I am personally really happy for him because he didn’t deserve to be remembered as a flop with the national team.

    Dutch football has plenty of talent and even if we don’t win the WC soon many still fear us…just ask Spain 😛

    We can be sure we have a new GREAT generation with the likes of Depay, Wijnaldum, Clasie, Blind, Elvis Manu?, Kongolo, De Vrij, etc…..

  104. Happy new year Jan and to every one on this site. Expecting a busy transfer Jan for all Dutch players but one player that has definitely caught my attention leandro Bacuna.is in a devasting form on wings. Hope hiddink i
    s keeping a tab on him.

  105. Maybe this blog is not active anymore. The last article was on November 6, 2014. I am looking for a new blog/forum to find information about Dutch football. Any recommendation?

    1. Hey bobotoh

      I am also disappointed that this wonderful Dutch Soccer Blog is no longer active.
      I have been reading in here daily for the past years.
      I really hope it is not becos of money to run this blog.
      And i sincerely hope Jan is back to us as i truly missed his articles….

  106. Arsenal have reported to have signed Morgan Scheiderlin from Southampton which mean koeman now might turn his attention on feyenoord captain for his replacement.

  107. Does ADO den Haag’s Chinese takeover mean they will become the Eredivisie’s richest team and start buying bigger than usual players…or is it just that a takeaway brand will be displayed on their shirts next season?

  108. Ajax winger Ricardo Kishna has been offered to Juventus.

    Kishna’s agent, Mino Raiola, was in Turin this week for meetings with Juve over the future of star midfielder Paul Pogba.

    Tuttosport says during the talks, Raiola mentioned the prospect of Kishna moving to Juve.

    The young winger, 19, is rated highly in Dutch football, and has a contract to 2016. Ajax are currently trying to extend Kishna’s deal.

    Ajax coach Frank de Boer sees Kishna as a big part of his future plans.

    1. Without a doubt will be a disaster move. Let’s don’t forget what happened to Elias. Moreover Juventus mostly operate through midfield with prodgba and Pirlo feeding two strikers upfront. They hardly deploy wing operated system given strong midfield players they have.

      Secondly He is not ready at all. Just compare him with Depay. I mean at eredivise level depay has outscored him in both in goals and assists. Still hasnt found the scoring form like Depay.so maybe stick to Ajax rather than few minutes at Juve

  109. S. de Vrij
    Strong in the air, but Milan didn’t trouble him too often.

    M. van Ginkel
    Won a few headers, but it did not get much better than that as he was sloppy in possession and failed to protect the defence.

  110. De Vrij is doing great with Lazio I am very happy for him.

    Van Ginkel is out of form but I hope he gets some minutes in order to show his abilities and regain his top form.

    I’m excited about Elia in Southamptom, he is a good player and Koeman knows him well. He has been doing great in the EPL.

    Strootman playing again 🙂

  111. Ajax seal the deal for sinkgraven. Clearly a wise decsion by the younger after what happened to Marco van ginkle.

    Bas Dot first half double sink mighty Bayern.

    With Swansea scooping jack cork from Southampton,Koeman has made Tony Vilhena his priority before the transfer window closes.

  112. Afellay could be an option for Cocu if PSV qualify for CL and also if Depay is snatched by Man United in summer which is highly likely. It time also Cocu start giving some thoughts on replacements given potentially players that could be subject to transfer in summer. i mean Wijnaldum, Depay, Rekik, Maher who all were on the brink of potential move to top clubs in January transfer window.

  113. is it me only or does anyone else thinks that Ricky wolfs winkle deserves to be called up for the upcoming Qualifiers. Call Up I mean to start in first eleven. One again he has fired Saint Etienne into Coupe de France Quarter final.

  114. Some of the players did very well in this season so far those are Karim reikik,Jefrrybruma,Terence kongolo,stafan devrij,jordy clasie,adam maher etc….when these guys combines with krul/Cillesen and Roben and seijder,and hunter we have a wolrd beatin team with Nijel and strrotman….
    Happy that some guys are back on track,what makes me sad is we dont a have quality winger bar Roben…i think Wijnaldum should move to wings and should emulate Roben,beasue he is the only one close to roben in terms of skills.Depay and afellay shows some trick but not effective at least depay better shots like Ronaldo…

  115. Van persie is a liabilty agaain,i think he must move to wings makes way for Hunter and klassen for main striker spot.Dalay singkraven could play some role on wings like shurrle….lets see.
    Considering Van ginkels decisoions not to join Ajax,made me wonder.How idiotic was that decsion?
    another player wasted his 2 most important years in his career..

  116. considering the season
    Cillessen,vorm,krul for GK
    Kongolo,Blind–Bruma,Reikik,Virjil,Devrij–Janmaat,Vanrhijn..8 defenders
    Holding mids
    No 10
    Wesly sneijder,Jordy clasie-2 nos
    Roben—-Wijnaldum wingers-2
    Daley sinkgraven–Depay—wingers-2

  117. Thank you guys for posting. We need to keep this blog .

    In some other news Kenny Tete will start against Twente in for injured Van Rhijn.

    These are some of the key areas that needs to prioritied.

    Striker-Hunter and RVP. Hiddink has to scarifice one in order to give way to other potential strikers before 2016 which in return will pay dividend in 2018. I mean Wolfswinkle has been a relevation for Saint Etienne.Bas Dot also is starting to find his old form at Wolfsburg. Manu is another dark horse whom I think Rutten should rotate with Richards often. He is lethal and fast and that what you need.

    CM-sneidjer-glimpses only. We need some young, sharp and energentic in the middle. Ajax has scooped Sinkgraven but will he ready by 2016 .Van Ginkle, tragically if he keeps on being deployed at DM his injury prone carrier will be over. During vitsese days he used to very instrumental that left central midfield role. That’s leaves us with Jordy clasie whom many critics believe is destined for heavyweights. In the next few qualifers He should be given the nod.

  118. luuk de jong with another hattrick…on current form

    1) luuk de jong
    2) bas dost
    3) ricky van wolfswinkel
    4) robin van persie
    5) klaas jan huntelaar

    Buttner is on fire at LB! Blind has been brilliant all season!

  119. some thing to note here Guys, the reason why Bast dot, Wofswinkle and Luuk De Jong are thriving is simply because of the fluidity of the players around them and structurally the formation of the team they play in.

    Kevin De Bryne has been main the architect for wolfburg in the midfield completing the most number of assists and with Schurrle and Guilavogui on the wings, Bast Dot is utilized to the max in terms of the being serviced

    Some goes for Luuk De Jong with Maher, Narsingh and Depay leading the charge.

    And Wolfswinkle commanded by cohade, Gradel and Mollo

    Lets dont forget the trio were acclaimed strikers during their time in eredivise in terms of finishing before moving to household clubs in europe where they struggled until now with the sudden resurgence of firing form.

    There is no doubt if these strikers play for NT around the same caliber of players as they are playing now, we can forget about Hunter and RVP.

    butttttttttttttttttttttttttt enter Robben. A perfect example we can take from Bayern as to why strikers like Bas Dot, Wolfswinkle and Luuk De Jong will be flop at NT.

    I mean Robben brings a whole new dynamics to the game jus like at Bayern where strikers like Lewandowski and Muller have not thrived in front of goals jus because of limited number of assists they have received. Robben raking in this 12 goals this season is further evidence of that.

    the new trio will only thrive if led by a crafty general in the middle and natural wingers who can service them with first time balls jus like at their current clubs.

    Now at NT, both Sneijder and Vaart have rusted somewhat and occasionally look sharp and we desperately need someone to step up. Maher,Sinkgraven, Van Ginkle, Clasie etc. this is the most priority area right now.

    with Robben on the wing, he will remain our focal point with our strikers in his shadows. This unless if Rud van nistelroy comes out of retirement. jus joking. we need a striker who doesn’t dwell on Robben shadow but defines his own course.

    At this point in time I only see that flair in Elvis Manu , unfortunately he is in the falling order at Feyenord.

    Hunter and RVP ,nothing to be taken away from them, but we have to break the cycle so that we build a good platform for 2016 and 2018

  120. Mean while Kishna begged double vs Twente. we can expect a competition for Depay in near future in NT. I just hope he doesn’t make a foolish move and remain with Ajax.

  121. Good to see that Bas Dost is getting back to he’s old form when he used to play for Heerenveen. If he can keep it up he deserves a call from Guus

    Robben again with a wonderful performance. He’s now the leading scorer in Bundesliga with 14 goals.

    Very sad to hear that Strootman is injured again…

    Fer also injured!! He’s out for like 10 weeks.

    Afellay has been playing so bad in Greece!! If i was Hiddink i would not call him until he starts performing again.

  122. When did Afellay played well??i dont remmber i have seen his dribble i mean endless dribbbles with no final product.Forget Afellay….
    We have Kishna,Depay,Sinkgraven,Roben and wijnaldum for capable wingers….

    1. I have good feeling Cocu will bring him to PSV if Depay departs in summer and with a free ticket to CL. Thats his only chance to revive his career. I dont think Barcelona will call him back again especially with players like Pedro who are in pecking order behind Neymar.

      Nathan Ake and Van Ginkle also needs to get out of Chelsea as soon as possible. Beşiktaş were in the market for Ake, but it never eventuated in January Transfer window. Van Ginkle same story, FDB contacted him for possible switch to Ajax on a season loan already at Milan, but he refused. With Chelsea snapping up Juan Cuadrado , it is certain Both of them will deemed surplus and later on sold jus like Likaku and De Bryne.

  123. vanginkle has extream stupidity by denying FDB…he will regret it later..its suicidal for any young player to join chelsea,madrid and mancity..they have no back ground for developing players and poor at it..He must learn from Bruma,Reikik as good ones a drenthe disaster from madrid..Stupid van ginkle..

  124. Hoedt to Lazio is also a done deal but will depart in summer.

    Another high point of talk is whether FDB will remain at Ajax should they fail to qualify for CL. Newcastle are in the market for a new coach and a lucrative deal could lure him to the Magpies. Though he has denied the rumors of him being a potient candidate for job but who knows,with PSV and Cocu on course to breaking Ajax sucessive wining treble, he might reconsider if a lucrative deal comes his way.

  125. Van Ginkle only chance to impress hiddink is if gets called for the next qualifers.I don’t think fitness will be a issue but he might have stiff compition from the likes of Clasie, wijnaldum, Maher etc

    1. Wijnaldum should move to wing as we dont have a decent winger bar Roben…Depay still inconsistant,promes lacks intellignce like Afellay.Boetius is light weight…Only hope is Daley sinkgraven he can play as playmaker too.
      Van ginkel must take his head from chelsea ass and he should join MAnu with LVG,tehre u will see magic…future is not bright for him untill he works with a dutch coach.Extrem stupidity..no more words.

      1. Maher and clasie are replacemnet for Vaart and sneijder is coming years.With strootman and Ginkel as runners who helps defense and offense equally with ginkel is more on attack..
        Wijnaldum——Luuk dejong—–Roben
        ———Reikik—–Van beek——–
        on stand bye

  126. I think Clasie is definetly ready for a big club. best player on the pitch for Feyenoord today. Great come back from them to dent Roma opener.

    and yeah also he is ready to fill sneidjer shoes at NT.

    Dot and Clasie penciled in for qualifers

  127. @Wilson….u liked Clasie because of his intelligence and vision just forget about his other attributes…this is what lacks in players like elvis manu,Afallley,promes,brapheid,..etc..Fer ,wijnaldums are comparitivly okay but still no where near the classic brain.But hatts off to wijnaldum for not going to plastic money club paris saint germain.showed maturity than stupid van ginkle

  128. i doont care about the number of gaols basdost scored..but his way of playing is awesome like luuk dejong both are team players strong has the brain of RVN,but no where near his skill…while RVP chokes day in day out for Manu,Blind is doing research in back pass..Manu lost their old touch…Many time prevous games under SAF they won from nothing,under LVG they are jsut okay side…third to City and chelsea..sad to see that.

  129. @Tiju

    I have explained enough of what you are saying.

    Team players fair enough but you can’t except to go to a team under the assumption that being a team player will bring the best out of you.

    This is why Luuk De Jong was a flop at Borussia Monhengladbach and Newcastle.

    And also Why Bast Dot struggled first two seasons at Wolfburg until now.

    It’s simply if you are team player then you have to play with players suited to your style of playing and not the other way round.

    This is the same thing that happened with Huntelaar when he left Ajax and Moved to Madrid and then later on to Milan where he flopped just because of players he was playing with never suited his style of playing.

    Given the sitution at NT, especially with Robben I don’t think Luuk De Jong and Bast Dot will become lethal strikers.

    This is big question mark there.

  130. @Wilson there is no disagreement in waht u said ..bar Robben case..Roben has changed a lot,he is a team player now..things will be different.Like u said these guys need team mates who undertsand them and reads them even this applies to the kind of players like Van ginkel and co.tats y they are flopping out side…they can learn it from Wijnaldum and PSV..

    1. We can from learn from present situation where both RVP and Hunter choke in NT. Please refresh me here when was Robbens last assist to both strikers.

      Van Ginkle case,I think DM doesn’t suit him. Especially when you know u r injury prone. He needs to be deployed further up front where he can link with the strikers. 4-4-2 would suit him well either behind the strikers or just behind the striker whej 4-4-1-1. At Milan Destro arrival has complicated things more for him as Pippo using Menez at CM,pushing Poli further back. I just hope Hiddink starts him ‘s Turkey to boost his confidence level.

  131. Promes has been consistent for Spartak Moscow since moving from Twente. I mean that’s what you wanna see players maintaining that same level when they move to other clubs which further indicates their individual brillance. Not like luuk deJong who flopped in two of the most competitive leagues.

    But yet you say he lack vision and intelligence. Inverted wing system doesn’t suit just like Lens.

    He is extremely lethal when operating from right.

    Robben-Bast Dot-Promes

    Van Ginkle-Clasie

    De Jong

    This could be one hell of team given if u wanna have team work.

    1. u need to have stable defendres for this team who can anticipate and able to do clever interceptions…who are those 4 defenders???….Promes is not going to give intelligent passes like vaart or sneijder does..thats for sure…if so any of the african team would have won WC by now…we must put sinkgraven for promes…that would be awesome or even wijnaldum..

  132. Tiju thanks for the video,but once again it proves what I have been saying all this time. Try to count on how many times he passes the ball. 90% of the time he keeps the ball to his feet and he only pass when his momentum has come to a hold. Do you think strikers like Luuk De Jong and Bast Dot will thrive with his style of playing. They will simply suffocate jus like what RVP and Hunterlaar has been doing thus far.

    When you have two of the most lethal strikers in the world and yet they still choke something has to be wrong. But in this case its a good wrong jus because Robben cancels both of them out when it comes to clinical finishing on his own.

  133. whether roben is there or not Rvp chokes,hunter nver gets enough playing time….Rvp chokes due to lack ofphysicality,stamina and lack of running nowadays..Hunter seldom gets minute inNT..even as sub…

  134. There is so much talent in Holland.

    Let’s see if Dost can keep playing like this for a long period.

    Van der Wiel is doing great also with PSG.

    Robben magnicifent as usual.

    Clasie looks like the real deal although he needs support from another strong midfielder he could form a great partnership along Nigel or Wijnaldum.

    Depay is the next Dutch star. I hope he goes to Man U because Van Gaal can make him better.

  135. Not Really Van Der Weil performance has been very average in the last few games and that why Blanc has being using Marquinhos in the last few games especially when Aurier was away in AFCON.His breaking forward is excellent but his crossing is jus hopeless. its was becuase of the injury to Aurier and Motta which resulted in Blanc starting weil at RB pushing Luiz to DM, Marquinhos to CB VS Chelsea. Aurier has got a buyout clasue in his loan contract and it is high likely they will end up buying him in the summer.

    Also Dani Alves is on PSG radar.with his contract extension stalling at Barcelona. There is huge possibility he might switch to PSG given the strong Brazilian Contingent currently at Parc des Princes. With Barcelona using Neymar as bait to Lure Danilo of FC Porto,
    I think this move is on the cards

    So long story short if is doesnt improve he will find himself deemed surplus very soon.

  136. other Big game this week is Juventus vs Roma in Serie A.
    Napoli is right on their tails and if they slip. Napoli were overtake them on second spot. Manolo Gabbiadini has been great signing for Napoli with De Guzman also contributing immensely in the midfield.

    1. I have a suspicison Strootman news is conspicuous amied at clubs who were in the market for him including Man United,Chelsea and Real Madrid. This could be a tatic to scare off clubs intrested in him in the summer.

  137. AC Milan have jus announced that they have no intention of making Marco Van Ginkle loan spell permanent and will let him return to Chelsea in summer. I dont think so he will wanna return back to eredivise given his refusal to join Ajax. Another of De Bryne and Likaku case.

  138. ——————–Cillessen——————–




    1. Vlaar is in decline…Kongolo is better than BMI,with Reikik and Virjil not far behind but still BMI..
      Wijnaldum———Luuk Dejong——–Sinkgraven
      Vanrhijn—–Vlaar——-Van beek——Blind—
      i mean wijnaldum-Rhijn as RB and rW, and sinkgraven and Binld in LB,LW…

  139. losing 0:3 to Zenit, I dot no think Eredivisie leader should lose that way even though entire GazProm works for Zenit…From the very beginning of the Europa League tournament, PSV have never played 100%. At least Ajax is winning. Hopefully, Feyenoord will be able to keep up.

      1. i really dont rate Elvis manu very high,he seems has got a slow brain,but might be better than afellay..i am not really fond of these players and they are average at their best.What saddens me is we dont have much intelligent players who has talent also to excel in game like Vaart,RVP,Roben and sneijder did from 2004 to 2014..Especaillay a winger like Roben we miss a lot…
        But players like Wijnaludm,fer are modest ,brave and humble…i do like these players..but we cannt expect a WC from these kind of players…..
        By the by RVP was a disaster for Man united foe some time its good for Manu especially,But considering the lack of intelligent wingers in national team,RVP could have played in left wing with Hunter as main striker.at least for 45 minutes…in that case its loss for NT,But if u ask him as a main striker its a bonus for National team in coming matches.so that we will score goals and we will win…

    1. A midfield of Clasie, Van Ginkle and Ake s mentioned by Tiju could be perfect transition for NT mildfield going into 2016.Given Ake situation at Chelsea one could raise the finger as to why he should be selected.Well for starters,the time is right, we r sum 15 – 16 months away from the ECs and this is the perfect time to baptize them on the international arena. With games coming up with Turkey and Lativa hiddink should given h the green light and start him from the bench for most. Naturally Ake looks like the next best to fill De Jongs shoes. Please no wasting time with Daley Blind even though he playing for Man United. Same goes for van Ginkle

  140. The red Card has fucked every thing for Feyenoord.I jus dont why Rutten never replaced Richards with Manu and went for Te Verde. Shit man Feyenoord was good team. well done clasie and the boys …hats off to you guys.

  141. Feyenoord goes not to Hollywood!Bad night and game(one on one) for Feyenoord…(and much worse for PSV)…and about Jan…it is too early for his second coming.He is waiting “gunfight at the O.K. corral” in France 2016. HOLLAND-GERMANY…..later maybe Portugal,Spain..Croatia etc…
    U21 for Brazil..nothing
    U20 world cup…nothing .. It is not inspiration…only Ajax stay in the game…

  142. I also agree with Tiju on the fact that Vlaar is on a decline. The injuries have started to take it’s toll on him imo and given Aston Villas slump in recent games this is clearly evident especially last week when he considered a penalty deep in injury time vs West Brom. I think he was at his peak during the WC and now is precipitating slowly.

  143. Memphis-hunter-Robben


    Buttner -CB-CB-Van Rhijn


    Hunter – Dost
    De Jong – Ake
    Sneijder-Van Ginkle

    Buttner is one man I looking forward to being called up by Hiddink in march.

  144. AZ Alkmaar is closing in on Ajax. If Ajax slips vs PSV then we will have a close race for second spot and eventually for CL Qualification between Ajax, Alkmaar and feyernood.

    1. I think Ajax is lucky not to have being paired with the heavy weights in Europa League last 16. I don’t see any reason as why they should not qualify for the last eight.

  145. exactly…n schone just signed a long term contract…the set piece specialist who isnt a kid like the avg ajax player…this team is going places next year!

    1. Kishna is starting to build his momentum with every game same as to Depay when compared to Last season. both him and El Ghazi could be Future for NT.

  146. yup mate: finally you admit it….good times for holland…kishna seems to have finishing ability n some nice close dribbling..el ghazi is classic raw pace but with some brilliant dribbling moves of his own..and a lethal “on the floor” low cross from the right wing!

  147. I watched Man U’s game vs Newcastle. Blind did really good he looks solid in Man U’s midfield but he should take more risks such as taking shots more often.

  148. Comparing el gahzi with brilliant Overmars is too much…its very very less likely that el gahzi would achive like overmars did.Very unlikely…El gahzi has pace and tricks in pocket like angel de maraia..the natural dutch players are awesomely intelligent and humble but robust..This is what is lacks in El ghazi kind of players.
    Kishna has got vision anticipation and footballing intelligence..But i have heard his attitude is so boring and blind…unless he transforms to a better person he wont become a legend…he must stay on his toes and never act like dumb pigss like Afellay and co..

  149. krishna attaitude is so bad and this is not going to help any team…he plays..but lets hope he changes in to humble and robust player like Roy keane…
    Many might call Roy as thug…but he is a very nice down to earth guy..But make sure that u dont mess with him.then he becomes more than thug..he had discernment,own style etc…like we have Nijel,kuyt etc but Nijel is the best we have got..with sneijder not to far behind..

  150. Tiju what exactly are you basing Kishna’s human attributes on? the close up camera images on tv when he is on the pitch…you sound hilarious!

    In other news…

    Which striker should start for Netherlands v Turkey?
    Bas Dost – ( 34 votes )
    Robin van Persie – ( 10 votes )
    Klaas jan Huntelaar – ( 5 votes )
    Luuk de Jong – ( 2 votes )

    1. There is one thing for sure if Bast Dot starts vs Turkey. he will have to dig deep coz for sure he wont receive the same services like he is getting at wolburg from the likes of De bryne, Shurrle and Caligiuri. I think both Hunter and Dost have almost identical qualities of typical Box to box strikers. If you look at Schalke, after De matteo switched to 3-5-2 formation, Hunter is starting to fade especially in big games when compared to 2011-2012 when he was crowned the top scorer in bundasliga when he had the service of Draxler, Holtby and Faran around him in 4-3-3 formation.

      Once again with strikers like Hunter and Dost you have to make them focal point and thats where there are extremely lethal and I think that is what is happening to Bast Dot at Wolfburg.

      Inverted wing system will drain them out of service especially when you have Robben in the team.

      Iceland 2-0 Holland


      weil-de Vrij – BMI – Blind

      Afellay – De Jong – Sneidjer

      Robben – RVP – Lens

      68 % Possession and only 2 shots on goal. one can wonder why

      1. @wilson when u have BMI and Blin and Weil…its not a surprise u will concede vs any average team…not a wonder…..great mistake numbere 1.
        Who is Afellay???an arrogant prick with useless tricks,who was pathetic in that game..no brilliant pass only foolish time wasting dribbles…
        RVP was playing shit for MAnu for a while…not a surprise…lens watching game form sideline for his club…what else we need to expect???
        RVP needs to move to wings at least or to bench or dropped…he is choking week inweek out for manu…Blind is a back passer with no grit to contain any player,no speed at all..these 2 will cost LVG his job if they play..
        ATM..Basdost is the best we have…lets feed him with wonderfully brilliant players with good workrate..
        let it be
        ———–Reikik—–Van beek———
        depending on form ….

    2. U sound more hilarious as u blindly see things which requires time to heal…may be it will remain chronic in your situation..supporting kishna is a good thing,but i have heard from polite and humble people about kishan and his attitude…its true that he has got talent etc,if he wants to grow he must stay grounded..and humble..but thsi doesnt mean that u must be a a softy…i am not mad about kishna to say like that.many guys has that ridicouls arrogant attitude,which i dont appreciate as a human being.basicially i have no time for ur comments or to reply.but still i does at times only beause i like dutch national football team..sadly but i think they are loosing their identity…

  151. I watched Holland and Ireland 0-1 and Holland and Portugal 2-2 WCQ 2002 last night. Was just wondering what would have happened if Holland would have qualified. Even though being tagged as the dream team in 98,I think if they would qualified, that team would have being an upgraded version to the 98 squad. I mean van Nistelroy, Hasselbaink, Van Bommel added a whole new dimesion to the the same 98squad that was retained by van gaal. Even at one stage of the game all van nistelroy, overmars, zenden, kuilvert, hasselbaink, van hooijdonk were summoned by van gaslight but it was not the day for Holland. I think FDB and Reiziger injury was heavly felt when Ireland scored that crucial goal. Clearly Melchiot was out of position leading up to MacAteer goal.

    It just gives you goosebumps when you realize that we didn’t qualify and at the same time lost the golden generation of Holland that year.

    And then that last minute penalty vs Portgual was just awful by the ref. Especially for Hassibaink who was just jumping and closing his eyes when Portgual was attacking in dying minutes before that penalty which summed up Holland’s night and the road to WC.looking at Hasselbaink this would have been a major highlight of his career being not able to representing his country at the WC.

    But without a doubt Holland would have reached the SF atleast if they would have qualifed. As much as you look in time this will be the most controversial charpters of Dutch football history.

  152. Raiola trying his best to screw the netherlands over singlehandedly.

    Raiola has been telling Ricardo Kishna to leave Ajax for several months, with the agent believing coach Frank de Boer does not appreciate the winger enough.

    Speaking to Tuttosport, Raiola has tried to engineer a move to Italy once again for the 20-year-old, telling Juventus that they need Kishna if they are to challenge for the Champions League.

    Raiola said, “If Juventus want to win the Champions League, then Paul Pogba they must preserve.”

    “Further they need to sign Kishna of Ajax, Romelu Lukaku from Everton and Jonathan from Elche.

    “Kishna would be a great addition. He’s a mix of Cristiano Ronaldo, Ángel Di María and Robin van Persie.”

    Raiola also revealed that Kishna nearly moved to Turin in January, but to Torino, not Juventus, “It turned into negotiations with Ajax, but it was preferred to keep him in the Netherlands.”

    Kishna has a contract in Amsterdam until 2016, but Ajax are hoping to negotiate talks to extend the deal. However that may be difficult with Raiola in charge of the player.

    1. Ola John, Elia, Drenthe,Afellay.
      Just don’t know where will he fit in especially with Juventus deploying 3-5-2 formation. Wing back will definitely not suit him especially at a time when he is still blossomming. Would be foolish move given his maturity status at Ajax. As it is Juventus will most likely sell Llorente and Progba which in return will generate enough fund to land a top striker. Apparently Cavani and Zaza is on their wish list and with Trevez, Morata and Conman you expect the same formation to be deployed next season by juventus.

      Raiola is also trying to find Van Der Weil a new club as his contract expires in 2016 at PSG. It is highly likely PSG will renew his contract as PSG is in the market for a RB with Dani Alves their no 1 priority.

    2. I just don’t get this, is Lex Immers the most underrated player in eredivise or what.
      He has been the most consistent player for feyenoord since Pelle but yet people say he is average player. Feyenoord really felt his absence in the midfield vs Roma in the second leg.

  153. @Wilson: I am glad I didn’t watch it, I remember when I heard the news Holland lost to Ireland I was really disappointed and couldn’t believe it.

    But football is about 2nd opportunites and LVG did clean his name with the national squad. Holland played amazing football during

  154. The 31-year-old was signed at Bayern Munich by Louis van Gaal, and then starred under the coach for the Dutch national team, which finished third at last summer’s World Cup.

    Speaking to the Daily Mail, Robben backed Van Gaal to succeed at Manchester United, despite a difficult start which has seen some pundits and fans disappointed with the way the English giants are playing.

    Robben said,“I have a lot of confidence he will be a success,”

    “He needs time to build his team. When he qualifies for the Champions League — and he has a realistic chance of winning the FA Cup — if that happens, he has had a great season.

    The winger then added that if he was unhappy in Munich, he could reunite with Van Gaal again in Manchester, “The life I have with my family is so good, the team has been successful. If things were not going so well, maybe (joining United) would be the first option. But he knows I am happy.

  155. Miguel I disagree with you statement that football is about 2nd opportunity. going into big tournaments there is always outside factors which can influence the game even though if you a great coach can at your disposal. its simply when it is not your day, you cannot do much and that’s what happened in that game vs Ireland. I recommend you watch that game and you will find it for yourself of what I am trying to highlight here. Van Nistelroy, Kuilvert,Hasselibank, Zenden, Van Hooijdonk, Van Bommel, Cocu vs 10 man Ireland and yet the ball never found the back of the net .the explanation is simply, it was jus not Holland day.I dont want to sound irrational here but every one knows that when ever it has come to luck factor, it has always evaded holland for some reason especially looking back at past years. for me I felt for the first time it was on holland side in 2014 leading up to the SF until the decsion to let vlaar take the first penalty, I dont know whether to call that a genuis stoke or jus maddness by van Gaal.

    looking back at 2014, Robben dive vs Mexico , Vlaar taking the first Penalty vs Argentina, meeting Costa Rica in the SF and not England or Italy, what can we make out of it. Now if thats what you mean Van Gaal cleaning his name then I don’t know what to say. but yeah they did have their moments with that drubbing of spain and vs brazil.

    1. Wilson….
      Coach of costarica,mexico were not fools….So was Sabella….all these coaches understood its better to defend vs Dutch or else they will burried,i think sabella learned that from our 2 matches ve mexico and costarica..On top of it Leory fer,RVP,Nijel were injured…so what we can do,if BMI not injured we would have been able to put Krul as sub,and he would have saved us…..
      2002 it was bit of bad luck and injury,but that team deserved a WC…at least…..But i still think that team struggled to find goals vs italy,brazil etc etcportugal etc…but i think vaart-persie-Roben-Sneijedr generation was more mercurial than the kluivert generation when it comes to goals and goals decides out come…

      1. Tiju you are coming from a totally different angel. I was jus corresponding to Miguel comment on Football is about 2nd opportunities and LVG did clean his name with National squad.

        you can look at France vs Brazil 98, Brazil vs Germany 2014, Germany vs Argentina 2010 when the momentum shifts there is no 2 ways about it no matter you have the best coach or players on playing on your side.

        thats what I mean the momentum was there for NT and with every game it never shifted with van gaal making those right moves.

        No matter what Van Gaal does he will never be able to erase that moment of failure from his prolific resume in 2001 jus like Bert Van Mariwjk will always be remembered for the 2010 WC .

        1. Euro 2008 is another example of what happens when the momentum shifts.Holland vs Russia in the QF, after steam rolling France, Italy and Romania in the pool stage they switched off.

  156. provisional team for ecq…
    the preliminary Netherlands squad:

    Ibrahim Afellay (Olympiakos), Sven van Beek (Feyenoord Rotterdam), Daley Blind (Manchester United), Jeffrey Bruma (PSV Eindhoven), Jasper Cillessen (Ajax Amsterdam), Jordy Clasie (Feyenoord Rotterdam), Memphis Depay (PSV Eindhoven), Bas Dost (VfL Wolfsburg), Eljero Elia (Southampton), Klaas Jan Huntelaar (Schalke 04), Daryl Janmaat (Newcastle United), Luuk de Jong (PSV Eindhoven), Nigel de Jong (AC Milan), Tim Krul (Newcastle United), Bruno Martins Indi (FC Porto), Luciano Narsingh (PSV Eindhoven), Quincy Promes (Spartak Moskou), Ricardo van Rhijn (Ajax Amsterdam), Arjen Robben (Bayern München), Wesley Sneijder (Galatasaray), Joël Veltman (Ajax Amsterdam, Kenneth Vermeer (Feyenoord Rotterdam), Ron Vlaar (Aston Villa), Stefan de Vrij (Lazio Roma), Gregory van der Wiel (Paris Saint-Germain), Georginio Wijnaldum (PSV Eindhoven), Jetro Willems (PSV Eindhoven) and Jeroen Zoet (PSV Eindhoven).

    The final squad will be announced at a press conference in Amsterdam on Friday 20 March. More information: oranje@knvb.nl.

    1. May be first time we agree on a point…Afellay and BMI.Elia is decent ???is he a regular??i felt his play is less confident and isolated,doesnt mingle much in the game.No antcipation and reading capacity of a game..But Both BMI and Elia are humble guys compared to arrogant little head Afellay..
      I hope kishna doesnt copy Afellay attitude,the real dutch hard boys doesnt give shit to these kind of arrogant pricks,that may be the reason FDB avoids kishna.especailly when kishan doesnt lack skill,techinique and has better footballing vision than Elia,Afellay,Promes,El gahzi etc..

  157. Rob Vlaar – come out injury and is struggling

    BMI – hasnt been playing much and is in pecking order at Porto with all Brazilian back line preferred by Julen Lopetegui.

    Jetro Willems – hasnt Hiddink learnt from the mistakes from eariler qualifers.

    No Buttner and Van Dijik

    Daley Blind sucks

      1. the squad is boring IMO. no killer instinct. maybe they will be able to beat Turkey but the second round vs Czech and Iceland if Hiddinks sticks to the same squad, there is big question mark.

  158. U21s to Face france

    Full squad is as follows:

    Goalkeepers: Maarten de Fockert (SC Heerenveen), Mickey van der Hart (Go Ahead Eagles), Timo Plattel (FC Twente)

    Defenders: Joost van Aken (SC Heerenveen), Peet Bijen (FC Twente), Joshua Brenet (PSV), Wessel Dammers (Feyenoord), Jeff Hardeveld (FC Utrecht), Hans Hateboer (FC Groningen), Wesley Hoedt (AZ), Rick Karsdorp (Feyenoord), Terence Kongolo (Feyenoord), Bas Kuipers (Excelsior), Derrick Luckassen (AZ), Karim Rekik (PSV), Kenny Tete (Ajax), Lucas Woudenberg (Feyenoord)

    Midfielders: Nathan Aké (Chelsea, Eng), Yassin Ayoub (FC Utrecht), Branco van den Boomen (FC Eindhoven), Thom Haye (AZ), Jorrit Hendrix (PSV), Clint Leemans (PSV), Joris van Overeem (FC Dordrecht), Daley Sinkgraven (Ajax), Tonny Vilhena (Feyenoord), Rai Vloet (PSV)

    Attackers: Jean-Paul Boëtius (Feyenoord), Anwar El Ghazi (Ajax), Vincent Janssen (Almere City FC), Ricardo Kishna (Ajax), Sean Klaiber (FC Dordrecht), Mimoun Mahi (FC Groningen), Queensy Menig (Ajax), Elvio van Overbeek (PSV), Joey Sleegers (FC Eindhoven)

    1. @Wilson…..Promes has shit of a brain and less accuracy in shots…No anticipation,not a good reader of game etc…the best thing about him is dribbling and stamina..Why not dalay singraven???

      1. @Wilson……….wat about willimas????for me he is unfathomble winger than a wing back,excellent dribbbles,some sort of power,speed has accurate shots,better vision etcetc.But a liability in defense..if he gets slecetd he must play as winger than LB..it will help huntlaar a lot than depay plays over there.i have seen depay playing worst vs tough defenders especially physically.i feel williams is stronger than Depay…

  159. Bad news for Van der weil,as expected PSG has snapped up Dani Alves. There has been some rumors that Man United are keeping a close tab on his situation with the possibility of signing him.

  160. As long as RVP is not there we have a decent game in waiting….Huntlaar is too much better than RVP at the moment…So is team game players Basdost and Luuk.
    RVP is really weak physically and getting manhandled y every tough defender he faces in EPL.No work rate…No stamina,No availabilty…he and blind are the reason LVG and MANu are not doing well at MANU.

  161. Tiju it has been quite some time now that the eredivise players have not been able to make any impact on the international stage and that is something that worries and makes me wonder whether r we stuck in time or what.

    Everyone is predicting Memphis to be the next best thing, some even have stated comparing him to Ronaldo in his early days but looking at performance for NT it does raise eyebrows whether how will turn out in tougher leagues . When a player like Di Maria is finding life difficult at Man United what is the chances of Memphis becoming a star. It makes you whether Di Maria is ugly or van Gaal.

    Like Van Gaal,hiddink also seems to be resorting to eredivise talents but I think their bench mark is really low when compared to the same age group of players from other leagues.

    You have to go back to France vs Holland game France fielded a very young with the likes of Griezmann, progba, Varane, Mangala,Matudi and even Benzema and when you compared them to the eredivise players of the same age group, Promes, Rekik, Boetius, BMI, Blind, Clasie were totally outclassed.

    You look Zenit and PSV game, I mean the result speaks for itself. Roma vs Feyenoord. The weakness expolited gives you the bench mark as to what to expect when they play for NT.

    This is where I think players like Van Dijik, Buttner, Ake, Van Ginkle should have been selected coz they are familar with the grits of those yard yards.

    1. @wilson …Football is a team game and some players needs some intelligent players arround them to perfom well,Clasie,Luuk dejong,Ginkel,Basdost are prime example of that..While boetius is physically weak,so i dont think he will make it top…Clasie might make it though he is also weak..
      Vs france our team was clueless but Reikik played better when he got chance…Rest players like promes,boetius showed how much vision and intelligence they lack to compete in high level….
      With BMI and blind in back we conceded thats an inevittable thing happen….So its natural that we lost.So no more
      Van derweil
      b/w Vanginkel is not a regular plaeyr for any club,thats why he gets dropped i think
      But for me Hiddink seems like a PSV prick for me…
      Players who deserved who missed the call up
      Davy klassen
      Daley singraven
      Virjil van dijk
      Terence kongolo
      Daryl janmaat

  162. Again looking back at the two losses against Iceland and Czech,you would have expected some changes but it seems like the it will he the same old recepie.

  163. Im just happy that RVP got injured which automatically will bring forth changes.
    As for Promes I think he has been consistent for spartak Moscow and when you compare eredivise to Russian Premier League, RPL is difinitely superior.

  164. This is something I just can’t get it through my head. Sneijder and Afellay are playing in a non competitive league but are selected meaning the coaching panel have full confidence in them. Why don’t they take the same confidence and select natural and young talents like Van Ginkle and Ake who are well capable of doing better. If they don’t do it now when will they do it,when they are out of the qualifers.

  165. Cillessen-krul–Zoet
    Janmaat—Van beek—Virjil—Kongolo
    Van rhijn—Bruma—-Reikik—Buttner

  166. —————Cillessen—————–
    Janmaat——Van Beek—–Vrijil——–Buttner
    Van rhijn——Bruma——-Reikik——–kongolo

  167. Tiju, Willems will have to prove himself by playing in tougher leagues. If you compared him with Van Annholt both are almost identical players but after featuring for Sunderland now you can tell that van annholt is somewhere between average to best player.

    I prefer Buttner because at Man United he only showed glimpse of what he can do especially with that super perfomance vs bayern. They have been consistent in Europa league and are one of the most inform team in RPL. Hopefully he will break into NT soon.

  168. @wilson…….did i speak about williams????has nt u read well wat i wrote….after an intial misunderstanding abt williams i nvere considered him as lb….he is my first choice winger in left…for to cross accuratly for hunter…then wat is the point of comparing with any lb not just ann holt…??

    1. Doesnt have superior dribbling skills, is fast and has a great accurracy when crossing. once the momentum comes to a hold, he will be dispossessed.

        1. our point is whether LVG played Annholt or not or LB or Lw??our point is based on ur comment as if i put Williams as LB.which i didnt do…and u had ur reaosns for williams,i think i was bit faster that i never consider williams as our LB,its absolute suicide,Blind is better as LB.
          Then annholt never played as LW for NT,he played as LB for terence kongolo…were did u watch that???i am ready to bet on this.

  169. robben is out! huge blow for hollands euro hopes!!

    the U21 squad has potential:

    Goalkeepers: Maarten de Fockert (SC Heerenveen), Mickey van der Hart (Go Ahead Eagles), Timo Plattel (FC Twente)

    Defenders: Joost van Aken (SC Heerenveen), Peet Bijen (FC Twente), Joshua Brenet (PSV), Wessel Dammers (Feyenoord), Jeff Hardeveld (FC Utrecht), Hans Hateboer (FC Groningen), Wesley Hoedt (AZ), Rick Karsdorp (Feyenoord), Terence Kongolo (Feyenoord), Bas Kuipers (Excelsior), Derrick Luckassen (AZ), Karim Rekik (PSV), Kenny Tete (Ajax), Lucas Woudenberg (Feyenoord)

    Midfielders: Nathan Aké (Chelsea, Eng), Yassin Ayoub (FC Utrecht), Branco van den Boomen (FC Eindhoven), Thom Haye (AZ), Jorrit Hendrix (PSV), Clint Leemans (PSV), Joris van Overeem (FC Dordrecht), Daley Sinkgraven (Ajax), Tonny Vilhena (Feyenoord), Rai Vloet (PSV)

    Attackers: Jean-Paul Boëtius (Feyenoord), Anwar El Ghazi (Ajax), Vincent Janssen (Almere City FC), Ricardo Kishna (Ajax), Sean Klaiber (FC Dordrecht), Mimoun Mahi (FC Groningen), Queensy Menig (Ajax), Elvio van Overbeek (PSV), Joey Sleegers (FC Eindhoven)

  170. TIJU1234 March 12, 2015 at 8:38 am
    Janmaat——Van Beek—–Vrijil——–Buttner
    Van rhijn——Bruma——-Reikik——–kongolo

    wilson March 12, 2015 at 8:40 am
    Tiju, Willems will have to prove himself by playing in tougher leagues. If you compared him with Van Annholt both are almost identical players but after featuring for Sunderland now you can tell that van annholt is somewhere between average to best player.

    I prefer Buttner because at Man United he only showed glimpse of what he can do especially with that super perfomance vs bayern. They have been consistent in Europa league and are one of the most inform team in RPL. Hopefully he will break into NT soon.
    So where did i bring williams as LB here to debate????

  171. OK Tiju, Van Annholt got is 1 international cap for NT when he came as a late sub for Depay vs Columbia. You can go and see the player rating for that game on goal.com.

    My point was that to play in any position whether wing, Wing Back, or FB you need to prove your versatility in these position at competitive level.

    Buttner can slot into any position on the left given his speed, dibbling skills and hard tackling which makes him versatile player and which he showed glimpses of when he was at Man United. I think I did mention this above. Though he hasn’t played as a winger but with his pace you can expect him to fill that shoes at any given time when in crisis,jus like today Vs Napoli when they we’re 1 man down after Zobnin red card, Kuranyi was sacificed for Buttner in 4-4-1 formation.

    As for Van Annholt that’s why I mentioned about him starting as wing vs Columbia where he had a late cameo. As I mentioned about both PVA and Willems having identical qualities, what I was trying to highlight was that though he is playing for Sunderland in EPL, it has helped him to improve his capabilities at competitive level and Im sure If he is selected now to play for NT whether as a wing or Backs given the rating of EPL he will bring those standardiZed qualities to the international level which enhace his composure at that level. Now this makes you wonder why he is not in the squad and whether Willem’s playing in eredivise will have the same impact as when playing for NT or not. This is Why I said he needs to prove himself at a competitive level.

    And yeah it very confusing when you use willams instead of willems.

    1. i remmber we were down to 10 men and LLVG want to defend well…as Blind-vlaar and weil were th only defenders we had on the pitch,ideally it was for defense he brought Anholt since lenz got a redcard.i saw him play lb and blind moves in LCB….though i rate annaholt as better defender than williams at any day…
      But after seeing pathetic performances of Boetius,promes and others..i feel williams is far better winger on left than specilised ones..Even Depay cannt withstand hard nuts but willliams can,coz he is a defender too.its my own improvisation though…

          1. Annholt played as LB ..thats for sure….No dutch coaches recently tried wingbacks as winger…even LVG,,Even janmaat played as LB at 532..

  172. Tiju you always come up with all sorts of lineup when it comes to NT, ok fair enough eveyone has their own perpeative when it comes to different players but realastically speaking it becomes more logical when the player profile matches position descriptions.

  173. Even depay plays like a shit at times for NT,so we dont have have decent strong winger in my opinion bar superman roben…
    so i feel its more better to use Wijnaldum,Williams kind of wingers than using light weight,easily get out muscled,less intelligent wingers.thats wat my point is..even van annholt can play like a super efficeint winger for us,it will help defense too if hiddink is improvising the situation…

    1. Tiju if though you don’t like Afellay,his profilic career and his proven versatility both at Club and International level will always make him top contender for selection and that is what has happened even though he playing for Olympiyakos upcoming talents like Kishna, El Ghazi, or Lens at Dynamo Kiev.

      1. Con’t

        Now you look at Lens situation at Dynamo Kiev which is very similar to Afellay’s at Olympiyakos but yet he never made the provisional squad. Lens was not selected for the trip to everton in because he received a knock in previous game of the Europa, however his non selection and Afellay’s selection just points to one thing. Proven versatility at NT level. Both have played for NT at highest level and if you look at who has been prominent and effective then Afellay will always come out on top.

  174. My point here is we have players in the wing department who have proven record of impactability.

    As for Willem’s as you think that he can be a good prospect on the wings he will have to prove that at club level.


    As of per now.

    1. Afeallay was a flop in barca..he couldnt compete with any….Depay has yet to prove in a bigger league,lenz might be still strugglingn..But Lenz means goals,when he played for Az and PSV and NT at least.He was strong,fast and acted like a man.Afellay is man of uselss dribbles and gimmic,shows off guy..i really dont like that little head.
      as of now it is
      Depay>only bothe lezn and Afellay do not deserve to play NT.
      in past it was lenz>Depay>Afellay..

  175. oh deary me…

    De Telegraaf are reporting that the 20-year-old has been suspended after an altercation with coach Frank de Boer, who was not happy with the way Kishna warmed up before coming into the Europa League tie with Dnipro on Thursday.

    The suspension of the player seems to back the claims of Kishna’s agent Mino Raiola, who has claimed several times in the press that his client does not see eye to eye with De Boer and would be wise to seek a move elsewhere.

    Speaking to NOS, Raiola said on the suspension of Kishna, “I have no idea”

    “We have a suspicion that it has something to do with a warm-up. If so; ridiculous. He and (Daley) Sinkgraven warmed up similarly. Then two players should be suspended.

    “I personally think it has more to do with a conversation in which there is something in the wrong way has been said.”

    On how to resolve the issue, and rumours today of a move to PSV, Raiola added, “We must now look at how we are going to solve it. I agree with Marc Overmars (director of football.) Talk. There is certainly no club with which we are negotiating.”

    Kishna, who’s contract at Ajax ends in 2016, has made 30 appearances for the club this season, scoring six times and adding ten assists.

    1. both should sort out their difference and move on for the sake of them and the club. if he moves he will ruin his career that for sure and I hope he realizes that. I hope he learns from Wijnaldum when PSG came knoching on his door.

  176. pleaseTiju,Lens has never been effective when operating on the left.you have to go back to that Italy friendly when he started on the right and also scored before Veratti scored that late equalizer. he is more faster without the ball than with the ball and thats why he is more clinically on the right when compared to on the left. its really tragic to see such a talent go to waste simply because no coaches have dared to gamble with the inverted wing system jus because of Robben. His talent has gone wasted simply because Coaches at NT are more focused on individual playerss rather the whole and Van Gaal was one of them. looking at Lens during his PSV days he was destined to be fil that Right wing role for NT but unfortunately jus because of Robben they switched him to the left in an inverted wing system where he never made any impact.after all this years look at him now and how he has matured. And now with Depay on the brinks of filling that left wing role and also with no signs of Robben vaccating that right wing role ,very soon he will be forgotten and mind you whom should u blame here???????’?’? its such a pity that a talent like him has will go unnoticed.

    As for Afellay I think as long as he is playing,no matter where at,he will always get the nod jus like Sneijder and I think this is where the coaches have failed to take risk and inject real talents and I repeat real talent who are destined to carry NT forward.

    And by the way this was the squad vs Columbia.


    Weil-Veltman – Vlaar- Blind

    Schaars (De Guzman)

    Strootman – Vaart (Fer)

    Lens (RC)- De Jong (Narsingh)-

    Depay (PVA)

    1. PVA………
      1433……..a super team with tough nuts like schaars,vlaar etc…….
      Pva came in 90the minute to add defense…not to attack
      as we were on 10 man side…

  177. from the very starting I have maintained that strikers like Hunter will flourish big time in normal wing system and even to date if we deploy Robben on the left and Fit lens on the right with Hunter in the middle, there wont be shortage of goals but Hiidink needs balls to this or any coach for that matter. with players like Blind,De Vrij,BMI only in crucial games you will realise their weak spots and thats when thee coaches will put their hands on their head.

  178. afellay
    Year Apps Goals
    2007 1 0
    2008 13 0
    2009 5 0
    2010 12 2
    2011 5 1
    2012 8 2
    2013 0 0
    2014 4 1
    Total 48 6
    Lens – goals for Netherlands[9]
    # Date Venue Opponent Score Result Competition
    1. 11 August 2010 Donbass Arena, Donetsk, Ukraine Ukraine 0–1 1–1 Friendly match
    2. 11 September 2012 Puskás Ferenc Stadion, Budapest, Hungary Hungary 0–1 1–4 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification
    3. 1–3
    4. 16 October 2012 Arena Națională, Bucharest, Romania Romania 0–1 1–4
    5. 6 February 2013 Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam, Netherlands Italy 1–0 1–1 Friendly
    6. 26 March 2013 Romania 4–0 4–0 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification
    7. 11 October 2013 Hungary 3–0 8–1
    8. 4 June 2014 Wales 2–0 2–0 Friendly
    total 8 goals from just 29 matches……
    tell me who is effective?????????wat is the meaning of effectivesness???
    dumb afelllay

  179. Tiju numbers of games played my friend. I dont no whether to call you dump or genius for comparing Afellay with Lens who career has been continuously dictated by injury after injury. After the World 2010, Afellay only played one friendly for NT vs Germany in 2013 and then after lapse of almost one year he started again in 2014 vs Kazakhstan in EC Qualifiers and has contd since. What are you trying to prove from your stats. well thanks for the effort but it proves nothing.

    either way Im was not disputing who is a better players here, I was jus disputing which wingers is more effective on which position.

  180. Tiju I think you never watched the Holland vs Columbia game and as usually are jumping to conclusionthat how it happened. Lens got red carded in 35′ minute. Narsingh came in for De Jong on the 44′ minute resuffling the formation to 4-5 with Vaart in a more advance role, strootman and Schaars providing the cover in the midfield and with Depay and Narsingh providing extra cover for Weil and Blind as retreating wingers. Van annholt sub was a technical one jus to by time and to see the game out.

    Even though we were playing with 10 men Depay, Fer and Narsingh were linking well on attack and at the same time dropping back when defending.

    when you imply that Van annholt was brought in to aid the defense then you are also implying that Narisngh was also brought in the 44′ minute to aid the defense. thats ridiculous, Van Annholt was straight swap for Depay in a 4-5 formation.

  181. when you imply that Van annholt was brought in to aid the defense then you are also implying that Narisngh was also brought in the 44′ minute to aid the defense. thats ridiculous, Van Annholt was straight swap for Depay in a 4-5 formation.???????
    it doest mean it lvg made sure that we dont concede in last minute as it happend vs italy and portugal…by brining pva
    end of the story and its logical…..since fer vaart and narsigh on atttack…u dont bring a player to attack at 90 minute ….

    1. Quote Tiju “as Blind-vlaar and weil were th only defenders we had on the pitch,ideally it was for defense he brought Anholt since lenz got a redcard.i saw him play lb and blind moves in LCB”

      Quote Tiju”he brought in veltman??orveltman started??Blind was with strootman in mid i remmber,not in lb..it was kongolo who started over there”

      your contradicting statements says it all,you never watched the game.


        1. i was not able to remmber the defenders excatly,thats y put question mark on veltman…but i am sure LVG is not an idiot to bring PVA as striker or winger at 90th minute..rest is my lack of memmory as we cannt remmber wat happend exactly…

    1. Van Ginkle in a deep midfield role deprives him of linking with strikers and also makes him vuberable to injury given his physic He can be more extremely efficient in 4-3-3 with point backward midfield or simply 4-2-2 formation. During Vitesse days this is how he was pivotal when operating with Bony.(4-3-3).



      Van Ginkle- Strootman


      Buttner- vlaar- Van Dijik- Janmaat



      Hunter – Robben

      Depay- Van Ginkle-Strootman-Lens

      Buttner-Vlaar- Van Dijik- Janmmat

      krul/ Cillessen.

      1. it is the coaches who spoils the careers of these Ginkel kind of players Van ginekl is best when he is allowed to attack and defend…i mean box to box…

  182. Dick Advocaat will take over Poyet to avoid sunderland relegation.

    Seedorf in line for dramatic return to milan. this could be good news for van ginkle if it happens.

  183. One of the problems in the future of Dutch football could be legacy of Marc Overmars and Arjen Robben.Marc Overmars(1994-2004).Arjen Robben(2004-…).Simplicity,speed,steel and perfect intelligence.Something like music Johann S. Bach.You can listen every day for years and can not be boring.
    I can not see heirs Overmars and Robben.
    Affelay,Lens(he could well kept Cristiano Ronaldo(said once DRB)with a little help some other player),El Ghazi,Kishna,Many this is not it …for now.And Memphis Depay closer van Persie(but weaker) etc..(Van Persie(with Feyenoord)was around Cup Uefa winner 2002)

    We saw at the WC how Robben is essential for Dutch NT.I think Holland would beat Germany in the final(final match in 2014 Holland-Germany ).Germany would be the favorite but whole Brazil(energy) would be with Holland,I think.It would be best conditions ever for Dutch NT.The best situation for revenge 1974.(Jan is old fox and he know it)

    Netherland celebrated Louis Van Gaal(cillessen-Krull)against Costa Rica.It was the end and loss of rhythm.A similar situation 2010 before match Inter-Bayern 2-0.Too much glorification is not good.Especially for Louis van Gaal.

    Four titles in Germany!!Against Hungary 1954(for many people the best team that ever played football).Illogical defeat.The same situation 1974.In 199o the Dutch NT was missing seven or eight days for their rhythm ..(and Gullit Rijkaard and Van Basten were not on the ground).Germany was weaker and weaker every day.Italy was weaker and weaker too.Even Yougoslavia every day was better and better .Final match could easily be between Holland and Yougoslavia. And Brasil 2014.
    And now… many people do not like this..

    And messages for Sepp Blatter…suggestions for the World Cup 2018. Canada !! or Scandinavia.(Qatar 2022 WC in November and December is good).Why not in Russia 2018?
    Russia started the preparations for(war) and this situation in 1989.Serbia was the experiment.What they discovered they know.They are strictly hold of that today.
    I often hear mass hysteria in Serbia.Madonna Mia..I think The Beatles have just released a new album..”SGT Pepper..volume 2″!!But dream is gone.Just Russian Emperor Putin shows strength!
    “All the Russians in one country!!All Albanians in one state!All Serbs in one state!…and finally all the idiots in one country..etc.Nazi problem is that they can not reveal what their nation.Nazis in Western civilization are suicide Western civilization.They attract a danger.
    In the second match against the Soviet Union(1988) general Rinus Michels played 442….”It is too late to be late again”.. Because…Get off your ass mister Blatter and do something.I do not want to watch the 1936 Olympic Games Berlin.
    “The main problem in the world are Jews”,thought Adolf Hitler.
    “The main problem in the world are U.S.A.”thinks emperor Putin in 2015.

    Because Montreal 1976 is the best(Bee Gees era,ABBA era…swedish film “Flickan” about seventies(it is a good advertisement for the WC in Sweden 2018.)Canada childhood memories in my spirit.

    Get back on the football.A few words.
    Holland-Spain 31 March 2015!? JC”Give Guus a chance”,not “Give Spain a chance”.Dutch NT team has not yet found its rhythm(and without Robben??)…Turquie would be enough.

    -In Euro 2016 French NT will be a good team in my opinion..
    -Cristiano Ronaldo better than Eusebio?I do not think so.
    -Huntelar was fantastic against Real(M)..little faster and it is it.
    -And Feyenoord would beat Roma in october,november 2014..I think.
    -I agree with Mourinho.PSG beat Chelsea because they are left without Ibrahimović..
    -Another example,better,Holland-Italy 2000.

  184. One of the problems in the future of Dutch football could be legacy of Marc Overmars and Arjen Robben.Marc Overmars(1994-2004) Arjen Robben(2004-20..).Simplicity,speed ,steel and perfect intelligence.Something like music by Johann S.Bach.You can listen every day for years and can not be boring.
    I can not see heirs Overmars and Robben.
    Affelay,Lens(he could well kept Cristiano Ronaldo (said once DRB)with a little help from some other player),El Ghazi,Kishna,Manu..this is not it.And Memphis Depay closer Van Persie (but weaker in the beginning)..etc(Van Persie(with Feyenoord) was around Cup UEFA Winners 2002 ..at the global level).

    We saw at the World Cup how Robben is essential for Dutch NT.I think Holland would beat Germany in the final(final match in 2014.Holland -Germany).Germany would be the favorite but whole Brazil(energy ) would be with Holland.It would be the best conditions for Dutch NT ever. The best situation for revenge 1974.(Jan is old fox and he know(feel) it-because great disappoint)

    Netherland celebrated Louis Van Gaal (Cillessen-Krul) against Costa Rica.It was the end and loss of rhythm. A similar situation was before match Inter-Bayern 2-0(2010).
    Too much glorification is not good.Especially for Louis Van Gaal!!

    Four titles in Germany!!Hungary 1954(for many people the best team that ever played football).Illogical defeat.
    The same situation 1974.In 1990.the Dutch NT was missing seven or eights days for their rhythm (and Gullit,Rijkaard and Van Basten were not on the ground)Germany was weaker and weaker every day.Italy was weaker and weaker too.Even Yugoslavia
    every day was better and better.Final match could easily be between Holland and Yugoslavia. And Brazil 2014.(four)..
    And now..many people do not like this.

    And messages for Sepp Blatter…suggestions for the World Cup 2018.Canada!!!Or Scandinavia( Qatar 2022 in November and December is good…). Why not in Russia 2018?
    Russia started the preparation for (war) and this situation in 1989.Serbia was the experiment. They know what they discovered.They are strictly hold of that today.
    I often hear mass hysteria in Serbia.Madonna Mia..I think The Beatles have just released a new album ..”SGT Pepper…volume 2″.But dream is gone.Just Russian Emperor Putin shows strength.
    “All the Russians in one country!!All Albanian in one state .All Serbs in one state..and finally all the idiots in one country…etc.”Nazi problem is that they can not reveal what their nation.Nazis in Western civilization are suicide Western civilization.They attract a danger. Because.. Get off your ass mister Blatter and do something!
    In the second match against the Soviet Union(1988) general Rinus Michels played 442…”It is too late to be late again”.
    I do not want to watch the 1936 Olympic Games Berlin.
    “The main problem in the world are Jews”,thought Adolf Hitler.
    “The main problem in the world are U.S.A.” thinks emperor Putin in 2015.

    Because Montreal 1976 was the best..(Bee Gees era,ABBA era…swedish film “Flickan” about seventies(it is a good advertisement for the WC in Sweden 2018!!).Canada childhood memories in my spirit….

    Get back on the football .A few words.
    Holland -Spain 31 March 2015!! JC”Give Guus a chance”.Not “Give Spain a chance”.Dutch NT has not yet found its rhythm (and without Robben ?)

    -In Euro 2016 French NT will be a good team in my opinion.
    -Cristiano Ronaldo better than Eusebio?I do not think so.
    -Huntelar was fantastic against Real(M)..little faster and it is it.
    -And Feyenoord would beat Roma in October,November 2014..I think.
    -I agree with Mourinho.PSG beat Chelsea because they are left without Ibrahimović.
    -Another example,better,Holland-Italy 2000.

  185. One of the problems in the future of Dutch football could be legacy of Marc Overmars and Arjen Robben.Marc Overmars(1994-2004) Arjen Robben(2004-20..).Simplicity,speed ,steel and perfect intelligence.Something like music by Johann S.Bach.You can listen every day for years and can not be boring.
    I can not see heirs Overmars and Robben.
    Affelay,Lens(he could well kept Cristiano Ronaldo (said once DRB)with a little help from some other player),El Ghazi,Kishna,Manu..this is not it.And Memphis Depay closer Van Persie (but weaker in the beginning)..etc(Van Persie(with Feyenoord) was around Cup UEFA Winners 2002 ..at the global level).

  186. We saw at the World Cup how Robben is essential for Dutch NT.I think Holland would beat Germany in the final(final match in 2014.Holland -Germany).Germany would be the favorite but whole Brazil(energy ) would be with Holland.It would be the best conditions for Dutch NT ever. The best situation for revenge 1974.(Jan is old fox and he know(feel) it-because great disappoint)

    Netherland celebrated Louis Van Gaal (Cillessen-Krul) against Costa Rica.It was the end and loss of rhythm. A similar situation was before match Inter-Bayern 2-0(2010).
    Too much glorification is not good.Especially for Louis Van Gaal!!r Van Persie (but weaker in the beginning)..etc(Van Persie(with Feyenoord) was around Cup UEFA Winners 2002 ..at the global level).

  187. Four titles in Germany!!Hungary 1954(for many people the best team that ever played football).Illogical defeat.
    The same situation 1974.In 1990.the Dutch NT was missing seven or eights days for their rhythm (and Gullit,Rijkaard and Van Basten were not on the ground)Germany was weaker and weaker every day.Italy was weaker and weaker too.Even Yugoslavia
    every day was better and better.Final match could easily be between Holland and Yugoslavia. And Brazil 2014.(four)..
    And now..many people do not like this.

    And messages for Sepp Blatter…suggestions for the World Cup 2018.Canada!!!Or Scandinavia( Qatar 2022 in November and December is good…). Why not in Russia 2018?
    Russia started the preparation for (war) and this situation in 1989.Serbia was the experiment. They know what they discovered.They are strictly hold of that today.
    I often hear mass hysteria in Serbia.Madonna Mia..I think The Beatles have just released a new album ..”SGT Pepper…volume 2″.But dream is gone.Just Russian Emperor Putin shows strength.
    “All the Russians in one country!!All Albanian in one state .All Serbs in one state..and finally all the idiots in one country…etc.”Nazi problem is that they can not reveal what their nation.Nazis in Western civilization are suicide Western civilization.They attract a danger. Because.. Get off your ass mister Blatter and do something!
    In the second match against the Soviet Union(1988) general Rinus Michels played 442…”It is too late to be late again”.
    I do not want to watch the 1936 Olympic Games Berlin.
    “The main problem in the world are Jews”,thought Adolf Hitler.
    “The main problem in the world are U.S.A.” thinks emperor Putin in 2015

  188. Four titles in Germany!!Hungary 1954(for many people the best team that ever played football).Illogical defeat.
    The same situation 1974.In 1990.the Dutch NT was missing seven or eights days for their rhythm (and Gullit,Rijkaard and Van Basten were not on the ground)Germany was weaker and weaker every day.Italy was weaker and weaker too.Even Yugoslavia
    every day was better and better.Final match could easily be between Holland and Yugoslavia. And Brazil 2014.(four)..
    And now..many people do not like this.

    And messages for Sepp Blatter…suggestions for the World Cup 2018.Canada!!!Or Scandinavia( Qatar 2022 in November and December is good…). Why not in Russia 2018?
    Russia started the preparation for (war) and this situation in 1989.Serbia was the experiment. They know what they discovered.They are strictly hold of that today.
    I often hear mass hysteria in Serbia.Madonna Mia..I think The Beatles have just released a new album ..”SGT Pepper…volume 2″.But dream is gone.Just Russian Emperor Putin shows strength.

  189. “All the Russians in one country!!All Albanian in one state .All Serbs in one state..and finally all the idiots in one country…etc.”Nazi problem is that they can not reveal what their nation.Nazis in Western civilization are suicide Western civilization.They attract a danger. Because.. Get off your ass mister Blatter and do something!
    In the second match against the Soviet Union(1988) general Rinus Michels played 442…”It is too late to be late again”.
    I do not want to watch the 1936 Olympic Games Berlin.
    “The main problem in the world are Jews”,thought Adolf Hitler.
    “The main problem in the world are U.S.A.” thinks emperor Putin in 2015.

    Because Montreal 1976 was the best..(Bee Gees era,ABBA era…swedish film “Flickan” about seventies(it is a good advertisement for the WC in Sweden 2018!!).Canada childhood memories in my spirit…

  190. “All the Russians in one country!!All Albanian in one state .All Serbs in one state..and finally all the idiots in one country…etc.”Nazi problem is that they can not reveal what their nation.Nazis in Western civilization are suicide Western civilization.They attract a danger. Because.. Get off your ass mister Blatter and do something!
    In the second match against the Soviet Union(1988) general Rinus Michels played 442…”It is too late to be late again”.

    1. Argentina – Maurio Icardi,Paulo Dybala,Luciano Vietto,Franco Di Santo

      Germany – Max Kruse, Kevin Volland, Max Arnold, Alex Meier, Marco Reus. (Wing/ strikers)

      England – Harry Kane, Danny Welbeck,Danny Ings,Saido Berahino

      France – Alexandre Lacazette,Yaya Sanogo, kingsley Coleman ,Antoine Griezmann, Dimitiri Payet

      Spain – Álvaro Morata,Paco Alcácer,Bueno,Sandro Ramírez,Gerard Deulofeu,Munir El Haddadi

      Italy – Simone Zaza,Mattais Destro , Manolo Gabbiadini, Domenico Berardi,Stefano Okaka

  191. -In Euro 2016 French NT will be a good team in my opinion.
    -Cristiano Ronaldo better than Eusebio?I do not think so.
    -Huntelar was fantastic against Real(M)..little faster and it is it.
    -And Feyenoord would beat Roma in October,November 2014..I think.
    -I agree with Mourinho.PSG beat Chelsea because they are left without Ibrahimović.
    -Another example,better,Holland-Italy 2000.

    Something wrong with my compiuter…part 3,part 2,part 4..

  192. Holland -Spain 31 March 2015!! JC”Give Guus a chance”.Not “Give Spain a chance”.Dutch NT has not yet found its rhythm (and without Robben ?)

  193. My “political message” is clear.Sepp Blatter.No Berlin 1936.”The main problem on the planet are Jews”.No Moscow 2018.”The main problem on the planet are USA”.It is politics,not me.”The main problem on the planet are “energy of the Hell””….because Montreal 76(Bee Gees era,ABBA era,swedish film “Flickan” about seventies etc..(ha,ha..it is good advertisement for the WC in Sweden 2018)).Canada childhood memory in my spirit.
    About some politicians.They wanted globalization in sixties,today not.Behind this circus there are Nazis and Russians.

  194. My “political message” is clear.Sepp Blatter.No Berlin 1936.”The main problem on the planet are Jews”.No Moscow 2018.”The main problem on the planet are USA”.It is politics,not me.”The main problem on the planet are “energy of the Hell””….because Montreal 76(Bee Gees era,ABBA era,swedish film “Flickan” about seventies etc..(ha,ha..it is good advertisement for the WC in Sweden 2018)).Canada childhood memory in my spirit.

  195. I have my doubts on Bas Dot. I watched Inter vs Wolfsburg and though wolf burg won he never lived up to expectation when compared with Icardi and Palacios. It was one of those games where the striker was deprived of service and as usually was isolated figure. It was de Bryne brilliance that won them the game. I think his goals glow over the month was due to sudden Build up of hormones which led to sensational performance. Robben presence also makes you wonder whether Bast Dot will thrive or no.

    Jus looking at some of upcoming prominent strikers for big gun countries who could feature in 2018 and 2016. Dutch eredivise Strikers is no where close to these up and coming strikers given their age and their current form for their respective clubs.
    Argentina – Maurio Icardi,Paulo Dybala,Luciano Vietto,Franco Di Santo

    Germany – Max Kruse, Kevin Volland, Max Arnold, Alex Meier, Marco Reus. (Wing/ strikers)

    England – Harry Kane, Danny Welbeck,Danny Ings,Saido Berahino

    France – Alexandre Lacazette,Yaya Sanogo, kingsley Coleman ,Antoine Griezmann, Dimitiri Payet

    Spain – Álvaro Morata,Paco Alcácer,Bueno,Sandro Ramírez,Gerard Deulofeu,Munir El Haddadi

    Italy – Simone Zaza,Mattais Destro , Manolo Gabbiadini, Domenico Berardi,Stefano Okaka

  196. Give that we dont have much option in CF. another option could be to use both Robben and Depay as strikers in 4-3-1-2 with a false striker behind them. this is where Siem De Jong or Leroy Fer or even Van der vaart can be very determinantal . start with 4-3-3 and finish with 4-3-1-2 if Hunter starts to fade.

    Depay – Huneter- Robben

    Snejder – De Jong – Clasie

    Willems – Vlaar – De Vrij janmaat

    Cillessen /Krul

    shift to

    Depay – Robben


    Clasie – De Jong – Wijnaldum

    Willems – Vlaar – De Vrij janmaat

    Cillessen /Krul

  197. @Wilson…This guy Getro williams is crap as defender but awesome as winger,pin point crosses,excellent dribbling skils with efffective ness,strong and quick…For me much better winger than Afaelllay,Boetius,Promes and even Depay is poor if we consider willems team play..its the high time to forget Willesm as LB.or else get ready to concede a goal or wait for collapse in defense..

  198. Just play as
    Blind——Vlaar——-Van beek——JAnmaat
    Blind was superb as LB for MANu vs totenham…really superb in better compettion…

  199. Tiju there is plenty things to consider here. you compare Blind game vs France to his performance in the world cup. He performed exceptional well in the WC jus because he was well covered at the back when compared to vs France in which his weakness as left back was fully exposed. from that game I knew Blind will always be a liability one on one with explosive wingers especially when playing with 4 defenders.clearly his strength lies in his pin point crosses when he is playing slightly higher and thats where he was instrumental in the WC. If Im not wrong than the squad named to face Turkey has only two Left Backs Willems ans Blind. Looking at Willems performance in the last few qualifers definitely it will not be wise to start him there, but vs Turkey they might take the risk or with Blind given the strength of Turkish side. I think they are building the team around wrong players. I mean if you look at Kongolo who at one time had BMI sitting on the bench and who is versatile both at LB and CB is not even in the squad and given his performace in the Europa league is the type of player they should be building the team around. As ususal when Blind starts shitting at LB ,they will shift him to the mildfield cockblocking others players who are in line for that position. This is how our talents are being wasted and I dont want to repeat why this is happening.

    Now compare willems with Blind,Willems as the ability of going around his player and like Blind also has those teasing crosses,but from a standing start he will be outmuscled jus like when he is outmuscled when playing LB. jus imagine willems playing as a winger with defenders like Ivanovic,Zabaletta,Dani Alves,they will eat him raw and thats why dont like the idea of him playing as a wing.he needs to toughen up and play in that position to prove he has the potential other wise it is jus because of the stats at PSV that he is in the squad. If Im not wrong then he has got the highest number of assist so far in eredivise.

    if Hiddink starts with 4-3-3 formation then De Vrij will definitely start given the form of Lazio and with same formation being utilized by them thus far.so most likely it will ve Janmaat,De Vrij,Vlaar, 50-50 either Blind or Willems.

    but it is really dispointing to see the approach the coaching panel are using especially with Sneijder and Afellay selection .one may say it is a catious approach given the two games we have lost and they dont wanna take any risk but given the EC’s which is usually harder than the WC Given the top european teams and other dark horses like Serbia,Republic of Ireland,Bosina,Poland in long run this will be of no use.To be more effective they should look at all rounded players and build the team around them so in case if something goes wrong,they will carry us to 2018 rather crying over split milk and then again start building the team when time will be our assissin.

    1. @wilson…u mean who is more worse is defense??asLb??..then defintly its Williams….no doubt about it,Blind cops with anticipation for his lack of speed…he plays in a physical league.Some what does ok…i mean proven something…
      IMO i am not convinced with Blind and Williams as LB but we need one so we need to get that from Blind,Buttner,Willmas and Annholt…….all are same but Blind has little upper edge as he plays for MAnu…
      then comes Kongolo …he is a beast and Top notch with right brave attitude and willing to learn,fast too…the most rated defender in eredivise over Van beek and Bruma…i really dont understand what idiotism lead Hiddink to slecet BMI oever kongolo at this point of time.
      Joel veltman is selected i dont know why he is there,he can even defend against Dnipro…he is a soft cake so yhwy he is in team???

  200. It is for sure that after 2016 there will be fierce competion for position given the the likes of Sinkgraven,Kishna,El Gazhi,Ake, Maher,Hoedt,Van Aken coming up the ranks. there is saying when the road gets tough only the fityest survive and then we will see the real deal.

    1. Kishna is so arrogant and dumb little like Afeallay but good thing is that kishna is way to intelligent than fool Afellay…but at present kishna is in the road of Afeally…FDB,jap stam kind of people doesnt give a shit to arrogant dumbs and they dont encourage these kind of behaviour…i hope kishna learsn quick that he must change his beahiouor or else he wont become a great player…

  201. Can Ajax get any more pathetic!!! I honestly think that there is no team out there that can’t beat us…

    Frank you should just leave at the end of the season…Thank you for the 4 titles and the embarrassment in Europe.

    1. Looking at Veltman performance today, his selection in the NT is a big question mark. This is crazy man I jus dont know why this keeps on happening when clearly there players who are knocking on the door but are slammed the door on their face.

  202. before the dniper game i siad..Veltman is a cake…u cannt trust veltman as a defenderhe lacks the leadership skills and tough nut mentality..he must be dropped from NT …..
    Richardly Baozer is a name to remmber…
    Some of the ajax players are awesome..i mean Andreson,Singraven,klassen,Milik and Bazoer…With boilsen and schone are not much behind…
    sad that Anderson and milik are not dutch…
    But we can really count on Klassen and Bazoer…2 super players in making…Veirgiver is decent holding mid too..i think veltman must think about changig his spot as center back to holding mid…he is soft nut for a CB…

  203. Full squad is as follows:

    Goalkeepers: Jasper Cillessen (Ajax), Tim Krul (Newcastle), Kenneth Vermeer (Feyenoord)

    Defenders: Daryl Janmaat (Newcastle), Gregory van der Wiel (PSG), Jetro Willems (PSV), Daley Blind (Manchester United), Bruno Martins Indi (Porto), Jeffrey Bruma (PSV), Stefan de Vrij (Lazio), Joel Veltman (Ajax)

    Midfielders: Jordy Clasie (Feyenoord), Jonathan de Guzman (Napoli), Georginio Wijnaldum (PSV), Wesley Sneijder (Galatasaray), Nigel de Jong (AC Milan), Davy Klaassen (Ajax), Ibrahim Afellay (Olympiakos)

    Attackers: Bas Dost (Wolfburg), Luuk de Jong (PSV), Luciano Narsingh (PSV), Klaas jan Huntelaar (Schalke), Memphis Depay (PSV), Arjen Robben (Bayern)

    1. Considering the selection we can win it not a bad selection bar Afellay,BMI….Williams or Blind can be useful at times…

  204. @Guus ….We welcome the selection of Dost,Narsingh and especially for klassen….
    But why the hell is BMI overe Kongolo and van beek???
    Why the hell veltman over Virjil vandijk and Van beek????
    What is the point to slect Afeally???
    Jetro williams as LB is huge mistake may be as winger it make sense…
    a back line of Blind.BMI veltman and Willems will be tored apart…..its disaster waiting to happen none has the leadership qualities to lead the defense..its joke…

  205. For those who still feel painful about Ajax’s no trophy this season, perhaps viewing this will cheer you up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUf6m-yj8gg#

    I’m intrigued if Dost is given a chance to start for Netherlands. IMO he is a poacher type with killer instinct so he needs good setup. He is the only bright spot this year so far. I like PSV, especially Willems at LB. Talk to Newscastle fan at work and he is quite happy with Janmaat’s performance (rough start but slowly earn his spot).

    Go Oranje Go!

  206. under no circunstances Turkey can be guranted for the time especially with last few meetings being one sided. This is probably one of the most strongest side they have announced with the power pack Forward which include Feyenoord Hitman Kazim Richards, Omar Yilmaz,Umut Bulut of Galatasary,Mevlut Erdinc of Staint Ethiene,Arda Turan of Athetico Madrid and their main man Hakan Calhanoglu with Omar Toprak of Bayern Leverlusen who are in impressive form.

    our Defense will have to be on the top of their radar especially with Calhanoglu presence in the midfield and Richards which we all know what he can do. vs Kazakstan Turkey played 4-2-1-3 with Bulut and Yilmaz upfront and Turan in the middle, but looking at their squad selection if they alternate to 4-3-3 with Ylimaz – Richards- Bulut up front and Calhanoglu in the mild you can expect our defenders to come under intense scrunity especially at LB.

    1. This is the best formation to use Hunter has the focal point or even Bast Dot.the one thing you dont wanna do is deprive the CF of ball posession.

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