Ronald Koeman brought positive news about Wout Weghorst

Ronald Koeman hopes that Wout Weghorst will be available for the duel against Greece. The striker had to be substituted in the first half against France due to an injury, but the severity of the injury appears not to be that serious.

Wout Weghorst was very important for the Dutch team in the previous match. Not only did he score the winning goal against Ireland, but he also knows what it’s like to score against the Greeks. He was one of the three scorers in the home game and also seems capable of participating in the away game.

“He just trained” said Ronald Koeman at the press conference before the crucial game against Greece in the Euro 2024 qualifiers in Germany.

“I understand that if there are no complaints from him after training today, I could count on him for tomorrow” said Ronald Koeman.

The Dutch manager declined to reveal whether the 1899 Hoffenheim striker will immediately return to the starting lineup.

“We will see that tomorrow” said Ronald Koeman.

Everyone who was available against France on Friday will also be available against Greece.

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  1. @ Wilson
    You can rotate all you want, they’re all sucked. Every week you came up with a list of unproven players and you them to be on the national team. We need to keep on searching. Even if we make it to the Euros, we’re gonna go as nothing but cheerleaders.

  2. Koeman really got this one wrong and dodged the bullet at the same time. his decision not to go with the same starting lineup as vs France was strange and strangling himself one. veermans non presence was really missed and while Reijnders was ok with his interventions, he couldnt pull the strings like how veerman usually does with his crosses and over the head balls. there was several occasions where dumfries was unmarked free on the right, calling for ball to be passed to him with his hands in the air but the midfielders were playing ground passes between themselves. when veerman did come tatically the formation was in a mess

    same with the selection of bergwijn. I really didnt understand it. just because he assisted hartman goals and which was the highlight of his game vs france, he got the nod. one pass.his form has deterioated and above all he played fully 90.

    poyet on the other hand did his home work scountering 3-5-2 with 3-52 and its a pity the dutch escaped through penalities. he saved pavalids and that the other striker giakoumakis for the last both are on 12 points with Greece to play france play in the only game left for them.

    the greek also got a upper hand when koeman switched to 4-3-3, another tatical descison which looked dubious .

    either way 3 points is good enough, the Dutch are in a good position to qialify and with the last two qulaifers, a win in either should secure qualification.

  3. @ Wilson

    I don’t want to go into a competition just to be a cheerleader. You Wilson don’t mind that at all. Hahaha
    All these guys that you’ve been mentioning for a while now, they’re as sucked as the ones that has been playing. Canceling my meetings just to watch the Netherlands play isn’t wealth it anymore. Let’s keep on searching for the next generation. I’m hopeful though!

  4. Sorry. I can not share Jan’s or anyone’s optimism and cheering. Amicus Plato, sed magis amica veritas. This is a mediocre team playing mediocre football with mediocre results against mediocre opponent. The level of mediocrity is underlined by the reaction to French game – mostly that they fought bravely in the loss. This is a mentality of Slovenia/Slovakia etc. (no offense). Count the blessings that van Gaal 23 games unbeaten run is still good enough to keep Dutch in the top tier for WC qualifying where they obviously do not belong currently, with Frenkie, Coby etc. or without them.

      1. Also, how long before we can get rid of these awful jerseys? I’ll have to find my old Crayola crayons box to determine if they are yellow-orange or orange-yellow. Either way, they need to go…

  5. Tonight I don’t see Andrew and Wilson running their mouths like they always do. Lol
    They are finally convinced that we ain’t going nowhere with these guys. Now we can barely make it to a tournament never mind winning anything at the tournament. You can’t take this team to a tournament and expect to win no matter which tactics you play. They are just horrible. Now we have to play with 5 at the back against a team like Greece! That is saddening! Now we have to rely on a big tall giant named Wout Werghorts that can’t even control a ball to score goals for us. Come on now. That is the state of Dutch football right now. Who is to blame for that, I don’t know but our situation is very critical.
    We got to keep on searching.

  6. Well, we did the job but don’t ask how. Sure, there are mitigating factors: half a team missing, bad pitch, lots of new lads and some players lacking form.

    Although in Weghorst’s case it’s not lack of form. He simply is not good enough.

    He is nothing more but a pinch hitter if you need a tussle in the last 10 minutes.

    It pains me to see him as Oranje’s #9. We had Cruyff, Van Dijk, Jan Mulder, Cees van Kooten, Peter Houtman, Wim Kieft, Marco van Basten, John Bosman, Roy Makaay, Pierre van Hooijdonk, Patrick Kluivert, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Klaas Jan Huntelaar, Robin van Persie, Memphis Depay but now we’re looking at Weghorst. No agility, no speed, no ball handling speed, no skills, just constantly pissing off the ref and trying to break opponent’s legs.

    I get the choice to play the back 3. I get the decision to use Hartmann and Dumfries.

    Reijnders/Wieffer are a good duo. Veerman is more a passer but you need runners against a Greece parking the bus. Wieffer will stay in position, while Reijnders can bomb forward and shoot from distance and he can pass like Veerman.

    Bergwijn was picked over Malen, Koeman said, because he is better in playing in between the lines, as a 10. Malen is more an out and out attacker.

    I didn’t mind the line up, except for Weghorst. I would have wanted to see Xavi as a false 9, my self.

    As for the performance, Hartmann, Reijnders and Van Dijk were the best for us last night.

    Geertruida was disappointing from the first minute, hesitant, slow and lacking courage in his passing. Dumfries also looked very leggy and should have been subbed off for Frimpong.

    I thought Simons was below par too, the rest played a decent game.

    Weghorst I already mentioned, he hurts my eyes.

    Still, I am indeed positive. Once Frenkie, Lang, Gakpo and Timber return, we’re in better shape.

    I’m very pleased with Van der Ven, Frimpong, Hartmann, Reijnders and the goalies (Verbruggen, Olij and later on Bijlow again).

  7. @Jean Venette, lol, sorry to disappoint you. Was just able to watch the match.

    But I’m looking at the comments, and it looks you have 5 post match comments, all saying the same thing—so, at least for tonite, I think you have me beat in verbosity. 😉

    As far as the game goes, they didn’t look great, no cutting edge on offense. Van Dijk and Ake were superb tonite, controlled the game. The offense will improve with Gakpo, Depay, Lang and De Jong. Add new blood in Reijnders, Hartmann and Van de Ven, and you have the makings of a pretty good team. So, yep, I can see them doing well in the Euros.

  8. @ jean_venette

    I really dont know what you are ranting about? I mean

    simons – 8 caps
    reijnders – 3 caps
    veerman-3 caps
    hartman-2 caps
    frimpong – 1 cap
    van den ven – 2 caps
    brobbery – 1 cap

    what do you expect, for these guys to be at the same level as others who have 30-40-50 caps. give me one name in the last 5-10 years who were not medicore or had their trajectory sky rocket just after breaking on the NT stage. van dijk, depay, frenkie, Dumfries, De Roon, bergwijn, malen (current seniors). they all got better as they played more and more building up from their experience bth at club and NT level. if you think they shud be firing all cylinders just their first few caps then im afraid you are ??????????

    I actually wrote this but didnt post it few days back. you go and look at the team that koeman inherited in 2018 and reached the final of Nation league . van dijk, blind, wijnaldum were the most capped players with de ligt and depay being fringe players on the bench when the Dutch failed to qualify for world cup under danny and dick. the rest of the players called up by koeman either had zero if not less than 10 caps like promes,ake, VDBeek, propper, DE Roon and those that made their debut, frenkie, dumfries, berwijn, danjuma,De Roon. No doubt the stronghold of the team was on another level as depay, wijnaldum and van dijk were in their absolute prime or if not peaking in depays case who had move to lyon earlier and which gave a good balance to the team with other coming.

    we have already talked about this, how many games under koeman is this now.8 or something and I would say the best we saw was vs france, with a second string injury stricken team.

    off course and no doubt the inexperience factor is there but the balance aspect of the team is certainly improving, hartman and frimprong, Reijnders, veermans performaces. this is a good sign and eventually it will be further up for review and assessment when the team is back to full strength.

    as for the greek game,be my guest go and ask koeman why he didnt continue with same starting lineup as vs France.

  9. @ Wilson
    Soccer is a team sports off course every teams need time to gel. In our case that’s not even the point. The point is this generation of players are so average that you can’t win anything with them. They just not good enough compare to the big teams. Have you seen Morocco in the WC? We can’t even beat this mediocre Greece team so we had to rely on a late penalty. Come on! Some say oh well we had many injuries. Most of these injured players played the WC and have been playing for years now. What are we talking about here?
    The first time I saw Dembele play, I was sold. I’ve watching Depay for years now and I’m still not convinced. My point is again, none of these guys no matter how many caps, can’t take us anywhere.

  10. for the striker problem I think you have to look beyond the euros. eventually if depay is injured or not avaliable come euros gakpo, malen and weghorst will most likely be the strikers. time is ran out to test more players including gravenberch or any one else new for that matter. also interesting is there is no international meetings after November qualifers. few friendlies would have been good.

  11. @ jean_venette

    I will say this again, you are ranting for nothing. when i open my mouth, I make sure I have done my homework. it took a full strength French to beat 10 men Greece from penalty spot as well. you keep saying average players, average players, how are you drawing this conclusion, just because somebody is small, thin, tiny. Just because a second string, injury stricken side had to rely on penalty to beat 55th ranked Greece team. Based on the player ratings its was more of the regular players who didnt perform up to expectation. Dumfries, geetrudia, bergwijn, doesnt prove anything and neither the basis for your claim.

    i also mentioned this in the previous post, Turkey has qualified as group leaders which had croatia in their group and whom were beaten by wales. This was the same Turkey team that failed to qualify for the world cup 2022 after bombing out in the qualifies as they were in a transition phase. I’m not comparing the dutch to turkey but it is what it is, it will take more time, more outings and more fine tuning which you obviously have refuted and dont wanna to take into considerations. Cant do much

    I dont have high hope for euros either, anybody can see the team doesnt not have all the prequities for a winning team and lack in certain areas like RW,CF and RCM.

  12. Team Rating vs Greece /10

    Verbruggen – he has been a quiet, stable presence in both games I have seen. Nothing spectacular but also no headscratching display. That’s all one could ask in search of stability and I would continue with him. 6.5

    Geertruida – quick, agile and weirdly given to unnecessary fouls. He’s had better games but still can’t say I’m totally convinced. Positionally suspect and surprisingly got beaten twice for pace. Also dangerously dispossessed leading to a yellow. Suspicious of how quickly Koeman has settled for him. 5

    Van Dijk – a routine display by the experienced veteran. He commanded his troops quite nicely and I was impressed by the passionate rebuke he rained down on Van de Ven for his poor giveaway. Topped it off with an important penalty goal to clinch three very important points. 7.5

    Ake – he had a busy evening and remained solid in 2 or 3 one to ones. Beaten once for pace but not from lack of trying. Decent outing. 7

    Hartman – adventurous and brave and just crying out for someone to build a long term tandem on that left side. Made some tackles hard enough to hopefully close the Blind chapter. Decide on a partner to help him play through the lines , coach. 6.5

    Tijjani – impressed by his mix of guile, burst of pace and shooting ability. Would love to see him and Fdj in tandem. Barely put a foot wrong but found himself floundering in the latter stage of the game which could have been a combination of tired legs and the gaffer’s haphazard substitution. 6.5

    Weiffer – Enough. He was a complete passenger for the duration of the game and was once again disappointing. I thought I saw something in him but I am tired of looking. Two big opportunities and nothing to show for it. Made me wish for de roon. 5

    Dumfries – quite a disinterested performance, lackadaisical even, by Mr. Consistent. There was no combination play between him and Geertruida which, in his defence, could have been by tactical design. He should have been substituted for Frimpong like Jan suggested 5.5

    Simons – I’ve been waiting for those dazzling runs but what l saw today was a lot of complaining at the ref. He didn’t track back against France for the first goal and that lack of pressing continued on against Greene. With Lang back, a stint on the bench may ought to remind him what opportunity has been presented to him at his young age. Also missed a great opportunity which a little more composure could have yielded better result. 5.5

    Berjwin – one of the streakiest form players l have ever seen. Problem is, he has not been in any decent form for a long time. Can’t even remember if he played in the past WC or even against Greece. Danjuma would be a better gamble. 5

    Weghorst – like so many have reiterated, buddy lacks too many qualities to spearhead a decent attack. Like Weiffer, the game went right past him. 5

    Koeman – got it wrong with Weghorst and his substitutions which led the team to lose control in the latter part of the game. Still unpredictable and eccentric in his decision making. 5.5

  13. @ Wilson

    Average means that none of these players stand out except FDJ.. Average means that they are just like everyone else. Average means that they are not MBappe, they are not Xavi, Iniesta, not Pirlo, not Bergkamp, they are not Maldini not Ronaldo, Van Basten end more.
    Average means that if Memphis Depay quit football right now, he will not be missed. If Dumfries quit football right now, no one would remember who he was. If Geertruida quit football right now no one would remember him. No one would remember Berjwin after he leaves the game. That’s what average means.
    You said it took a full French squad to beat a 10 man Greece team but there isn’t any comparison between watching a full Dutch squad vs a full French squad. As a of right now the only team the Dutch can beat is Gibraltar. Even with Gibraltar we struggled.
    You are nothing but a dreamer. Hahaha
    Keep on dreaming! Don’t get your hopes too high in case we make the Euros.
    As for myself, I’m hopeful that one day we will regain our place among the best.
    Take care!

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