The Louis van Gaal show in Asia….

I said it here before and many of you concurred: Louis van Gaal is a wonderful coach. Great tactician. Good training material. Yadda yadda yadda. But he’s also a bit of a wanker. Big Ego. And not capable of not taking himself too seriously… We all said it: we will have some fun with Louis too, on the way to Brazil.

And I once mused….wouldn’t it be great to be a fly on the wall at times?

Well, a journalist of VI, the Dutch football magazine, offered us this perspective. Michel van Egmond gives us his story about what is going on behind the scenes. When Oranje “did” Asia, he was present.

Here it is.

“Bejing is a wonderous city. You can see soldiers guarding something vague on the weirdest spots. People talk in some weird language, with mouth caps for. And eat anything on four legs. Except maybe the table. But the most hallucinating image on that particular morning is offered up not by a Chinaman but a Dutchman. He strolls through the massive door of the Peninsula Hotel and even Chinese taxi drivers push the brake to have a better look. And would you believe it: a middle aged guy, right out of his bed, walks out of the hotel, yawning and scratching his right leg, dressed in orange slippers and an orange robe…

Lvg boos

More interesting than the games Oranje play, are the press conferences Louis gives. The KNVB wants to do their best to show that Louis is not really the grumpy old man we all think he is. But everytime they try and position him differently, he mucks it up and comes across even worse!

How’ bout this one? The KNVB has organised a big suite in the hotel. Nice fruit, saucers with cookies, chocolates and fresh tea and coffee. And a nice Chinese wait person to help with all the necessities. Van Gaal is chatting with press officer Kees Jansma. The media people slowly come into the room. Van Gaal ignores them at first. People go up to him to greet him. Van Gaal would never greet first. As a Radja, he expects people to come to him. He doesn’t say anything but gives short nods. To some he says nothing more than “good afternoon”. Van Gaal doesn’t do visits. Van Gaal does audiences. Like the Pope.

Van Gaal turns around to Jansma and says: “That’s it?”.

Jansma: “I think so.”

Van Gaal seems to think he deserves more journalists. Then he says: “Ok go ahead”.

The first journo says: “Are you happy with the way things are going?”.

Van Gaal: “Yes”.

Awkward silence. The team manager is a master in giving his public the feeling they are not welcome. People always laugh nervously when he makes a joke. Because he is not a stand up comic. His jokes are not funny. People laught to break the ice. Everyone desperately tries to break the ice… And then he picks up and starts to talk. About the program, the preparation, about Wesley Sneijder and more. In a somewhat condenscending tone. But, as we all know, once Van Gaal talks football he doesn’t sell bullshit. He knows what he is talking about. But ouch….suddenly the door opens and a Chinese reporter comes in. Too late.

lvg boos2

Van Gaal: “Well you are too late!” and sits straight up into his chair.

Reporter: “Yes”.

(A day earlier, Van Gaal was late for a practice session with Chinese youngsters. Close to a 100 kids had to wait for the coach, eleven minutes to be precise, due to traffic jams. But this fact didn’t give any cause for self reflection )

Van Gaal acts the gym teacher from the 1950s again: “Too late, means…in my class you can’t come in!”.

Reporter: “Apologies apologies”.

Another question. Does Van Gaal think there is a risk in selecting young players, as they lack consistency and sometimes will have a setback in their performance?

Van Gaal: “Oh, you are trying to talk me into something? I don’t believe that!”

Reporter: “Eh no, I am not trying to talk you into anything… It’s not a suggestion, it is how it is, I believe.”

Van Gaal: “No, you are suggesting things. That young players can’t sustain their level. That is your theory. But I won the CL with kids of 20 year old. So, what you say is bullshit.”

A bit aggressive for a pretty normal question… Another reporter doesn’t want to give up on this topic and supports his colleague… Van Gaal: “And how bout Sneijder then? He doesn’t play at a constant level either. He’s 29 years old! Or Robin van Persie? You must have noticed that he hasn’t scored for a spell at Man United? Has nothing to do with age. That is what you, the media, make up!”

The tone of the meeting starts to make it Monty Pythonesque. Van Gaal is looking for a rift. One reporter asks if Sneijder’s form has anything to do with Sneijder’s lifestyle? Maybe Wesley is living it up too much? Can I ask that, the reporter adds.

Van Gaal: “No! No, you can not ask this. That is not decent. You don’t have any dealings with his personal life. How do you think you are?”

And when another reporters wants to know if Van Gaal can help Sneijder getting fit again, he again is annoyed. “No of course not! I only see him eight times per year and then I can’t even train with him properly. Because if I make Sneijder work too hard, you guys will start to criticise me again!”

Most reporters start to giggle. They can’t stop themselves. Van Gaal rants on: “This has all happened. All of this. And then you guys think you are the coach!”

And he stops talking.


I try: “But why would you care? What does it matter if some newspaper writes you train to hard? You are the team manager?”

Van Gaal: “I don’t care.”

Me: “Well, it seems like you do….”

Van Gaal: “I don’t.”

Me: “No?”

Van Gaal: “No. But I can give my opinion what is in the media?”

Me: “Sure. You can do whatever you want.”

Van Gaal: “Or is it only permitted for you to criticise me but I can’t criticise you?”

Me: “No, I never said that. No please, criticise us!”

Van Gaal: “Oh, so I can?”

Me: “Sure! It’s entertaining!”

Van Gaal: “Oh well, thank you that this is allowed.”

Another reporter heard that Sneijder had “left the meeting when Van Gaal informed him he was no longer skipper”. He wanted to know what that meant? Did Sneijder leave the room or did he leave the trainings camp….?

This is a detail. Louis could have said: “Oh he went to his room.”

But Louis didn’t. This is what Louis did, raising his voice: “Oh you are a piece of work! You are an irritating little chap, aren’t you? Un-be-liev-able… Always taking the negative approach!! He went to his room! Plain and simple.”

Reporter: “I’m just doublechecking the facts.”

Louis: “So why didn’t you ask: did he go to his room?? Why does it have to be “or did he leave the camp?”… No my friend!”

Reporter: “Why are you being so worked up?”

Van Gaal: “I’m not!”

Reporter: “You are very wound up!”

Van Gaal: “No, I simply criticise the question.”

And he is silent again.

Reporter: “Louis, your whole body language and tone…it’s all so condenscending. Is it us? Or do you despise all the media?”

Van Gaal: “There are people in the media I respect.”

Reporter: “But these people are not in this room?”

Van Gaal: “And you are putting words in my mouth again!”

Reporter: “No, it’s a simple question.”

Van Gaal: “Oh you are simply asking questions… A top journalist you are, simply asking some questions. You have to stay sharp man.”

Louis van Gaal

“I am the best!”

Van Gaal is not present when the Oranje squad visits the Forbidden City later. The security people are with the players though. Although Jasper Cillisen and Jens Toornstra and Erik Pieters have nothing to fear from the people there. No one knows them. No one cares. Louis is not coming along. He might not care too much for culture or he is too busy. He was watching the Young Oranje games every night. When that team reached the semi finals in Israel he said: “I am not surprised. I expected them to.”

Nothing in his communication betrays anything that looks like self doubt. And maybe this is why people respond so fiercely to him. Someone who is so tremendously convinced of himself…you don’t see it in Wenger, Capello, Ancelotti, Heynckes or Guardiola. And he is never boring. His press conferences, even after totally boring and irrelevant games, are great. The only thing more fun than a press conference by Louis van Gaal is a press conference by Louis van Gaal in an other language.

Van Gaal believes that the others need to adjust to him. He loves literal translations of Dutch expressions and has baffled many in English, Spanish and German already.

The Barca players never understood him when he said “No Balon Hospital!”. And so he started to explain that concept.

Van Gaal takes himself so seriously that when the Chinese reporters start to ask the most silly questions at the press conference later, he will respond the only way he can: seriously.

Chinese reporter: “Mr Van Gaal, is it true you lost weight?”

Van Gaal raises his eyebrows. Looks at Jansma.

The reporter: “I mean, you look thinner now.”

Van Gaal: “That is correct. I had a hip operation some time back and I lost some kilos.”

Van Gaal was showered with applause after every question in Indonesia. In China, they don’t do that. But there are not critical questions and every reporter wants on the photo with Mr Van Gaal. One even says: “I am a big fan, Mr Van Gaal!”.

Louis acts as if that is normal.

An English journalist gets the last question: “Why would you want to work in the EPL? There is a lot of pressure on coaches in England?”

Van Gaal: “You clearly don’t know how much pressure there is in Holland. Ask your colleagues!”

Then he gets up. And spreads his arms, says “Thank You” and makes a deep bow. Kees Jansma smiles from ear to ear…

The Louis Show is over….”

lvg hitlerIn Germany, the comparisons between Van Gaal and a certain other famous personality were quite poignant…

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  1. Thanks Jan.

    Here is a video of Strootman arriving in Rome:

    One of the weirdest transfers of recent time. Did not see this coming. Not even close. I thought Strootman was EPL bound. I have actually been to a game of AS Roma many years ago. Inter came over IIRC and Vieri scored 2 goals. Then Roma came back. Great game. They might have one of the best club songs and their support is fanatic, even intimidating at times. He will have a good life in Rome.

    However it is about the football and he will visit many half empty stadiums, play in a league that is declining and a competition where quite some Dutchies have failed. This all gives me reason to be sceptical, though Roma has showed more intention to play some real football lately. So looking at the current situation, maybe it’s fair to hold judgement and see how this one develops the next seasons.


    1. I completely agree with you regrading the declining league of Italian top class.
      Personally, I think Strootman has made a major mistake by going to Italy. He will not adjust to Italian football and then he will be dropped. If that is the case we will not see him in Brazil.

  2. guys a lot can can be said on who should go and who shouldn’t go to WC 2014.The think with old players like affelay ( barcelona), elia (WB), huntelaar (Schalke 04), De Jong (Milan), Van Der Vaart(Hamburg) will all come out with big guns in the up coming 2013-2014 season,knowing that the spot for WC 2014 is up for grabs. Also I guess the friendly against Portugal will determine alot especially in terms positional loop holes and areas we need to work on. I jus hope Van Gaal does something at CB area. Douglas/Bruma/ Van Digik. He has to giv them a break. Especially douglas whose trying his utmost best to force his way into the squad. I know most of you wont agree with me, but when it come to last line of defense, experience matters the most.I will say more on Douglas after the Portugal games , especially those who disagree with me. Hopefully he gets a break, to prove critics wrong

  3. Thanks for the article Jan 🙂

    Strootman will be a succes at Roma and the club wants to buy good players. With De Rossi’s sale they might buy 1 or 2 more.

    1. that means he is not good enough for barca,especially when Tito is from italy.even Fabergas finding it difficult,thats quality they are looking for.i simply wish this headless chicken doesnt get a ticket to will hamper our chances.Wijnaldum/Maher/urby/ola should be selected ahead of him

      1. headless chicken?

        You contribute nothing to this site except rudeness and ignorance.
        Your football knowledge is pitiful.
        We do not want you here. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?
        Show some fucking respect, or leave.
        In fact, just leave.

      2. who is from italy ?????
        please,don’t call affelay “headless chicken” – he is not. his story is simple: he was unfortunate at barca. the club bought him at a bargain price (3,5 millions or something like this) in winter 2011. he wasn’t really needed,everybody considered him as a squad member. in his first 6 months he was quite often subsstitute,had promising games,gave a brilliant assist to leo against madrid in the cl semis in the santiago bernabeu. he played the last 3-4 minutes against manu in the final.
        until this game his barcelona career was “normal”: came in mid-season,everything went really well,it was impossible for him to be in the starting eleven. in those days pedro was really good and scored lots of goal.
        guardiola and everybody thought he would have a more important role in the next season,not in the starting eleven,but between the 14th and 16th in the pecking order. unfortunately during the usa tour in august 2011 he got injured. mid september he was ok,but 2 weeks later he got this horrible injury, and the season was almost over for ibi.
        next summer pep left barca,and ibi wasn’t in tito’s plans. he went to schalke,got injured and barely played during the last season.
        now he’s at barca again and probably will go on loan to another club.
        his story is not about stupidity,laziness,lack of talent,but simply about bad luck. if barca had the “current” pedro in 2011,ibi would have played more often. but unfortunately for him the 2010/11 campaign was pedro’s best season. after he had injury after injury.
        i just write it to clarify his situation at barca and the reasons of this situation.

          1. Yes, thank you Kurtis and Ferenc.
            I cannot understand why this Tiju idiot comes to a FAN site and thinks it is acceptable to destroy our players.
            He does not understand what a FAN is.

            It would be retarded to do this once, but he does it all day every day. I think he has real life mental problems.
            He does not understand football or footballers.
            Ferenc, you explain it perfectly, my friend.

  4. “But I won the CL with kids of 20 year old.”. It was almost 20 years ago and that group of kids is a very good and talented players ( I hope LVG can win the 1st WC with his last magic act. He is desperate to make critics forgetting his last time coaching NT. Thank you Jan for the entertaining LVG interview.
    Let’s hope Strootman find success in Serie A like the trio in Milan or Seedorf, not Van Der Meyde’s or Stek’s or Van Der Sar’s experiences in Italy.
    I hope Janmaat’s rumour to Russia is wrong. In the past he was linked with Arsenal and Juventus, and he thinks he prefers to stay so he can play in the first team rather than warming the bench. Perhaps Afellay can learn a lesson here, leaving Barca and find a competitive club where he can play in the starting 11 if he still dreams to play in WC 2014.

  5. its good to see how Real Madrid was quick to snub Isco ,Asier Illarramendi, Morrata before they could have been snubbed by other foreigns club teams. some thing dutch clubs couldn’t do. its shows how committed spanish clubs are towards development of spanish players. good news for spain.

    1. lol actually it shows that they have a shitload of money that Dutch clubs could never dream of having. Yeah, lets all follow the Real Madrid model

    2. Respectfully disagree…RM bought those players in a jiffy ’cause they wanted to ensure that no other La Liga clubs get to sign them. Do you seriously believe they care about the development of these players?? Absolutely not..They’ll hardly get any minutes on the pitch..Dog in the manger policy..
      RM SHOULD NOT be a role model.

  6. The Strootman transfer was not a secret in Holland. Roma was eyeing him for a bit. Mertens is off to Roma as well. Strootman is sold for 20M. I believe Mertens for 17M. 37M euro in total and PSV bought them both for 13M I believe.

    Sparta will receive some of that, as they developed young Kev, and that money will actually save that beautiful club. Not saying Strootman did it for them, but I am sure he is happy with this.

    He was very ready to leave the Eredivisie. And his playing style fits Italy perfectly. ManU didn’t move so, what can you say?

    Next post will be about the transfer situation.

    1. Mertens was 9mo and it was a really bad transfer. But with selling Strootman 17, things are balanced.

      I think Strootman did a very bad choice going there, but I dont care as I m not a big fan of him. Roma is being really irregular those last years, with some really bad periods, players are always under pressure there and I don t think that Strootman is the type of player who would save them in hard moments.

      1. Only one bad thing i felt about stroot is he bit careless at times.may be due to his overconfidence.He is strong and hardworking and brilliant too.IMO there is less chance for flopping..

  7. IMO LVG should stop looking in to proven shits.they are not goin to give him any trophy.if he stick with them he is going to get screwed,otherwise he has a 50% chance.some of the Dutch NT national players are simply incompetent to their counter parts of otehr strong teams.
    You cannt run a compnay profilty with wrong people,same applis to every feild of life.its a fact.i am fed up with some players of the national annoys me a lot.

    1. Haha yes! This could be the making of our Ricky. Fingers crossed for a great first season in the EPL. I think (hope) he will surprise a few people.

      1. I think the fact that Ricky has picked a smaller EPL team may pay off he will be first choice up front and given time to addapt and succeed without as much pressure, as wouldnt happen with one of the bigger EPL teams. Lets hope him and the other Dutchmam Fer can create a top partnership

        Go the Canaries!!!

          1. Why don’t you pick one name and stick with it you fucking ass hole, aka Jones, Kurtis, KiNG, Clog, etc. Or are you ashamed of yourself after sitting in your mom’s basement for such a long time pretending to be a different person every day?

          2. One name??? huh?
            Wow – you are a sorry little worm aren’t you?
            Paranoid much!?
            I have no idea who Kurtis, King and Clog are, but if they have shoved a stick up your ass previously then they’ve earned my most sincere appreciation and applause.
            Also, (pro tip) learn to compose yourself before attempting to insult someone else. Otherwise your childish rant will merely come across as hilarious!

          3. JaJaJaJa!
            A little butthurt, Shakespeare?
            Irony must be too much for you, accusing people of using alternative names, whilst using an alternative name yourself!! Wow, huh?
            Or how about calling yourself Shakespeare, arguably the greatest English writer in history, when your comments themselves are a schoolchild’s crime against the English language? No?
            I don’t think you are Tiju in disguise either, you’re actually even dumber than he is, you funny clown, jajaja and when you pretend to be smart it only confirms to us that you are an idiot. Think about it.

            @ Stijnis & Jones, yes I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing more of RVW too. The Portuguese league was not broadcast in my country, but the EPL is. Good times.
            Peace out.

          4. Your stupidity has no limits. You just proved you’re the same fucking piece of shit person with a different name every time. Who the fuck is van Toad. Another alternate personality you came up with, huh! What new name are you going to come up with, asshole? Do us all a favor and fuck off this blog.

        1. And picking the name Shakespeare is no coincident. I bet it hit a nerve with your ass. Another trap that you foolishly fell in like a moron. Don’t you have a worthless degree in English- as confessed by no one but your ass a while ago! You are one pathetic prick with no purpose in this life. In fact, I’d take 1000 Tijus on this blog over a piece of shit like you.

    1. Don’t forget:
      ‘Fer to Everton. Done deal.’
      Tiju makes another brilliant post.
      Done deal. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

      Yes, both NT players at one club can only be a good thing for us.

  8. I suppose I’m in the minority, but I think that Strootman going to Roma is a good move. Its a big club, in a big league, he’ll have to show up every day to keep his spot, and for a player of Strootman’s type, there are much worse role models to play with and against than successful Italian midfielders.

  9. Well Romas has just signed Maicon so it’ll be interesting to see how they do this year. If they don’t sell De Rossi they’ll be a very strong team.

    Italian clubs also teach how to win which is good and they give players a stronger mentality.

    1. I think Defenders should play in Italy, Midfielders in Spain and Attackers in Germany and England.

      Strootman’s move is good on paper. Problem with Roma has been turnover. Luis Enrique tried to coach there and failed. The new Ajax boy also failed with Roma. Nonetheless, to beat the Italians, you have to know how to play their game.

    1. Not a bad debut, he will only improve this season at Chelsea, particularly if they continue to play a possession style game like in this video clip.


  10. Inter, AC, juventus, Napoli.I dont think As roma will stand a chance in serie A. I think Strrootman joining AS Roma is just like Fer and Wolfswinkle,at Norwich. I, m not a big fan of his, but hopefully he settles down well and improves his game. I think Roma is in the Europa Cup

    1. correction, I meant no no chance . they were 7th overall in the standing, behind Lazio and Fiorentina. I think they did manage to win the Coppa Italia. I think Napoli were also after him. He should hav gone to Napoli.

  11. Wes is 29 he should be good enough to play 2 maybe 3 more international tournaments. He just needs to find his form. The problem is I’m not sure he could do it in a weak league like the Turkish league.

  12. My friends, I will go into the whole transfer thing in a separate post but i have some cool 1988 articles still waiting.

    I will focus on those first, with your permission 🙂

  13. i think it’s GREAT that these players aren’t playing in top level clubs. they will have to earn their orange stripes. nothing will be guaranteed. players who aren’t handed golden opportunities on a silver platter will work harder to achieve them and fight until the end. and that’s what we lack. the urgency.

  14. @Petrovic, thanks for the video on Van Ginkel. Nice!
    I like his raking long passes out wide and he is forward looking with his passes. He also passes and moves into space well (pass and move i called it). Hopefully he can do the same against the big teams.

    @Jan, actually I would love to read on our Dutchie transfer news but again you are the boss and I will gladly read any other articles u put up. 🙂

  15. Chelsea is basically cemetery for young players eversince 2003.i want to see box to box everrunning attacking,defending shooting,and clever passing Van ginkel.coz he is the best among 1990-94 lads.i fear that he his growth will affect due to the unattractive playing style of chelsea.
    it seems like De rossi is on the way to Chelsea and this could limit his chances to.

          1. I guess your simple mind didn’t get it the first time. Let me repeat and be clear this time. One fucks your mom and one fucks your dad. And the best part is that you’re watching wishing it was you!

  16. Very recently am really amazed with Wijnaldum,he is strong and can hold the ball even if he is facing 3 defenders,can score a goal from vaccum or able to create chance for mate from vaccum.Simply fast and he is able to cause problmes against any TOP class defenders.He is a must for NT.if he step up his work rate he is goin to be the miracle man for NT in WC2014 brazil.

  17. I wouldn’t expect anything more of LvG during interviews. That’s just how most genius’ are. If Mozart was still alive, I’m sure interviewing him would be a nightmare!

  18. Sport: Lionel Messi would cost Paris Saint-Germain €250million (£215.9m) if they want to try and prise him from Barcelona after the French club owner said he may enquire, while Andres Iniesta’s price tag is €200million (£172.7m) and Xavi is valued at €80million (£69.1m).


  19. Tuttosport: Norwich City manager Chris Hughton is trying to convince Juventus striker Fabio Quagliarella to move to Carrow Road.

    WTH??? ricky ..and gary hooper??

    1. the pink un
      Norwich City may have to up their bid to bring Gary Hooper to Carrow Road, after Queens Park Rangers reportedly ‘closed in’ on signing the Celtic striker.

      have the canaries gone insanse?

  20. sunderland echo
    Feyenoord would be interested in rivalling Sunderland for striker John Guidetti, if Manchester City make the striker available this summer.

    1. The latest Giallorossi addition cannot wait to test himself against Italy’s top teams and revealed that PSV midfielder Mark van Bommel advised him on the move

      Roma’s new signing Kevin Strootman has expressed his excitement to play in “special” Serie A following confirmation of his move on Wednesday.

      The midfielder, 23, penned a five-year deal after joining for a fee in the region of €20 million from PSV.

      The Netherlands international cannot wait to test his ability against the best teams Italy has to offer and revealed that PSV midfielder Mark van Bommel convinced him to join the Giallorossi despite interest from around Europe.

      Strootman told De Telegraaf: “What counts for me is the number of big games I am going to play here.

      “I will train every day with top players and get to play against the likes of Inter, Juventus and Napoli.

      “[Van Bommel] was the man with experience of Italy at PSV. Mark said how great the passion of the fans was, how special the atmosphere in the stadiums was and how there was a totally different football culture.”

  21. Siem de Jong, Christian Eriksen and Toby Alderweireld have been linked away from the side but their coach has claimed that their departures are not certain

    Ajax boss Frank de Boer has insisted that the likes of Christian Eriksen, Siem de Jong and Toby Alderweireld will only leave the club for truly top teams.

    The Amsterdam ArenA trio have the attention of numerous clubs in this summer’s transfer window but none tempting enough to lure them away from the Eredivisie giants, which delights the capital-based club’s coach.

    “Players who rejected clubs say a lot about how good they’ve got it at Ajax,” De Boer told reporters.

    “It means that we’re doing something right and we’re happy with that. At Ajax they can develop. If those guys leave Ajax, we can be proud that they moved to a bigger club or competition.

    “It’s an option for us to offer Toby and Eriksen a new contract. If these three guys stay at Ajax, we would be very happy.”

    De Jong has also indicated he was considering a move this summer, according to De Boer, who says the 24-year-old club captain could yet remain with the reigning Dutch champions.

    He added: “I gave Siem a call during the holiday and asked what his feeling was. I was wondering if he had already made a decision about moving to another league. I also wanted to make it clear that we didn’t want to lose him.

    “He said that he has a good feeling at Ajax and will only leave for a really good club. Right now he’s at Ajax and we’re happy with that.”

    Ajax forward Eriksen, 21, and defender Alderweireld, 24, have one year left on their deals, while De Jong is contracted until the end of the 2014-15 season.

    1. Utrecht is the perfect picture of a dutch club.

      Asare went to AA Gent
      Kali to Roda JC

      Two of their best players, how can they leave (for free) a club which is qualifying for the Europa league and join weaker teams ? What s the reason ? 5ko more per month ?

      You only see such examples in dutch football.

    1. he was never gonna be in van gaal’s plans its not a huge loss…can join bakkal into russian mediocrity (finished 7th last season)…and international wilderness for oranje

      1. Dinamo got more chances to qualify for an european competition every year than Aston Villa or Sunderland. But yeah, he definitly lost his chances with Van Gaal, how pity.

    1. Roy Keane?!

      1) Has never led a team to anything close to a WC victory.

      2) Not the cleanest player in the EPL. Even after two buckets of suds and a hard scrubbing.

      1. @GOLdstone agree…Kicking out the starstudded orange from 2002WC itsslef is big sure if iraland had not had this guy we would have cruised to WC and perhaps would have won it by beating brazil.still ireland lost after shoot out in WC.they had a narrow defeat.though roy keane never had much clasie players to help him in WC for ireland..he has won CL with manu and he was incredible till 2000.or till 2003.The guts,fighting spirit winner mentality was there,he was even dropped from team at age of 13/14 coz he was small and that guy lead the mighty MANu for years and played for them from 1992-2005 what else u want??????

          1. roy keane was an embarrassment of a player.
            he was a poor footballer with a truly nasty attitude.
            he was the epitome of everything that we despise within the modern game, and more to the point he was the exact opposite of the Dutch system of play. We play with beauty and vision. We don’t try to end the careers of our opponents by breaking their legs.
            You are a colossal idiot for suggesting this the first time.
            Why must you keep repeating this crap again and again?

          2. @Jones…..idiot,how can u call Roy an embrassment?how many players has achived like Roy.idiot he is steal man.You go and ask Jaap..idiot he was terrific winner.some idiot called him thug ,some call Nijel as thug but i dont.Roy was not only a destroyer but was true attacker to.he has scored goals from his holding mud position,he was a boxer too.he will punch ur face and he will beat ths hsit out of you.leading Manu for years thats more harderthan winning a WC.

  22. How well does everyone think Psv will do next season.
    They have a shot at ucl
    They don’t have the oaf that is advocaat
    They have got Maher rekik Schaars and a starting depay
    They seem to ve more dutch orientated now.
    I am looking forward to seeing how well they do

  23. Love the back-and-forth on topics here.

    But not the name-calling.

    Tiju, Shakespeare, Kurtis… whatever you call yourself…

    Please keep it to football. A little gezelligheid goes a long way.

  24. David Moyes on RVP: “You can see his ability in the control, touch and awareness he has shown, just in the small games we have played and bits of the finishing he has done this week.” (from This is why Rooney has to play behind RVP. I hope RVP can keep this up and help NT to win in Brazil

  25. Yes, PSV will be good to watch. I hope it can go far in CL with Ajax. I hope Feyenoord can play better and a bit more consistent so we will have a good competition between Feyenoord, PSV and Ajax, and of course I hope Ajax to continue to win (sorry Jan!).

  26. ———————Stekelenburg———————-

    ——Janmaat—–De Vrij—-Bruma—-BMI————–



  27. @Stijnis, DRB Many thanks for posting the transfer links. What jumped out to me is in the Alkmaar doings: Altidore cost more than Maher. How does this make sense?

  28. Ajax up 2-0 in the 1st half against Bremen, in a friendly. (Thankfully they didn’t get the memo from Utrecht.) Let’s hope they keep it up.

  29. At times too easy for ajax. This will be the one area De Boer will have to improve. We were coasting against Werder and then suddenly they make a game out of nothing. I am very impressed with Veltman. I think he could be the next great Dutch defender. Overall 2 wins in one day against european sides. Pretty impressive.

  30. Speaking of DeBoer: Apparently Tito just stepped down as Barca coach. I hope that DeBoer is not tempted to fill the spot. In the past he’s affirmed his commitment to Ajax but now that a spot is open and many other top coaches have new commitments, the pool of choices for Barca is limited. But I would be very happy if Rijkaard returned, if he’s willing, despite that he wants a rest.

    1. i am just reading el mundo deportivo and they are only guessing but they already have some names: michael laudrup, marcelo bielsa, andre villas-boas, frank rijkaard,jupp heynckes,frank de boer, philip cocu,ernest valverde,luis enrique,ronald koeman

      1. I’ve seen folks kicking those names around too. In my opinion, Laudrup is likely to stay where he is having already turned down good offers to leave; Bielsa has had creditable success but maybe not with a major club, and may not be the right personality; AVB has been shaky at Chelsea and seems to only do ok at Spurs when Bale is playing; Heynckes has credentials but a Madrid connection and perhaps some fresh wounds for Barca; most of the others are not proven at the highest coaching level. That leaves DeBoer and Rijkaard at the “best” choices. There are some others being discussed, like Barca’s B team coach, but that seems to me a big risk. Mancini has come up as well, and is not committed to a club right now.

        Cruyff suggested that Tito to step down at the start of summer to focus on regaining full health – he should have listened.

        1. not mancini for god’s sake… my first choice would be laudrup. if not him rijkaard,fdb or luis enrique.
          but there is one more thing: we all know that cruyff and rossell are not the best friends,so rossell might axe coaches who he feels “pro-cruyff.”
          on the other hand,the best solution would be someone who played for the club and knows the philosophy.

        2. I agree re Mancini – he’s too conservative for my taste. Barca need someone more adventurous. I still think Laudrup will stay put. In any event, it looks like Barca already has someone lined up and they will announce in a few days time.

  31. This is total nonsense. Yesterday he was going to Milan and today Liverpool. Siem de Jong announced he is staying and totally focused on Ajax and I would be very surprised if it was not the same for Eriksen. I also agree with TFC Ajax that he would not have played if such a deal was in the making.

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