The PC Choice: F de Boer

Hi all, apologies for late post. This Covid-19 thing is putting a lot of pressure on. I’m sure you all feel it. I had to deal with work pressures and technical issues with the back-end of this blog… Thanks for sticking with us.

So… Frank de Boer! The Politically Correct Choice.

Typical KNVB.

Ronald Koeman left. One would expect that the KNVB had Plan B ready and waiting, as Barcelona had asked Ronald twice (2!) before to come to the rescue. But no, the KNVB did not plan for this. At all.

So when Ronald left, the KNVB hastily spoke to the players about the new man. Never a good idea. Players should play. Once you start listening to them, you are lost. This is what they said: “We don’t want Van Gaal. We want someone like Henk ten Cate. We want to keep on doing what we did under Koeman. Oh, and we want this coaching staff to be kept together.”

So, there was the big stumbling block. When the KNVB decides to oppose what the players wanted, the players would be disappointed (hint: 1990! When players wanted JC but got Leo Beenhakker).

Any new coach the KNVB would bring in, would want to form his own staff. Louis van Gaal, God love him, called the KNVB himself and said he was willing and able to take the team and he had plans already for his staff. The KNVB had to tell him: “Sorry bro, but the players rather not….”

The KNVB decided, as was expected, to bypass Henk ten Cate. Reasons? He is arrogant and difficult to work with (for the KNVB! Players love him). And he would always want to form his own staff.

Plus, there was this episode with Hans van Breukelen. Short recap: Hans van Breukelen was Technical Director at the KNVB and offered Henk the NT job, before Advocaat was signed. Henk accepted. Hans actually was told by the KNVB that Henk wasn’t acceptable and they preferred Dick. So Hans called Henk, lied through his teeth and even told Henk “no one will believe you, it’s my word against yours and I am KNVB.” Well, silly Hans didn’t know Henk recorded all those conversations!

That put egg on the KNVB’s faces but it also meant the KNVB would never ever consider Henk ten Cate after this. Now he is called “untrustworthy” whereas he only protected himself. A bit like Julian Assange being charged with crimes! That is actually way way way worse of course, but yeah.

So now what? The KNVB quickly made everyone believe they were scouting the market for a new coach. And they did ever so blatantly amateurishly fake it.

They first called Frank Rijkaard. Who you say? Frank who? Oh…that ex-coach who quit football 10 or so years ago? He was clear: “Forget about it!”.

Then they called Peter Bosz. Knowing full well that he makes 3 times in Germany what he can get at the KNVB and Bosz isn’t ready yet with Leverkusen. Peter Bosz later declared that the call he received was very vague. “They didn’t ask me if I wanted to be the coach. They didn’t offer me anything. They asked me about my contract. I told them, I have another 2 years, so technically I am not available. And than they said: ok thanks and they hung up.” They never really wanted to go with Bosz.

Ruud Gullit would have been an option, at least for part of the role, maybe in combination with Henk ten Cate but the KNVB didn’t even talk to him.

Bert van Marwijk wasn’t asked. Phillip Cocu wasn’t asked. Van Bronckhorst wasn’t asked. It seems clear that the available option was Frank de Boer and the federation wanted him from the start. Because he was the easy choice.

He’s Dutch. He’s available. He has legend status as a player. He is malleable. Because Frank needs success. If his next job is also a disappointment, he will be washed out. No one would sign him anymore.

Four titles with Ajax is impressive, but as someone posted here: two of these four seasons were utterly boring and in a time when Feyenoord and PSV were having issues. I am certain there were mitigating circumstances at Inter and Palace, but still…. you can’t hide behind naive comments such as “the board asked me to play offensive”. Yes, but they also asked you to win games. He didn’t have the protection he needed at these clubs, while he did at Ajax. Now, at the KNVB, he will have this again.

And Frank was told: you have to take Lodeweges and Lodewijks as assistants and Frank will have said “eh….ok.” Because what else was he going to say? He can bring one assistant himself and that is it.

The main issue with the KNVB is that all the key people there are people who never ever worked at top level. Technical director Nico Jan Hoogma was TD of Heracles. And signed Heracles coaches. Managing director Gudde was managing director at Feyenoord and was far removed from any technical decisions. In the board: Jan Smit, former chair of Heracles. Again. Han Berger, former coach of Groningen and Utrecht and most recently a board role with the Australian football federation. Not top. The director football development is Art Langeler, former PEC Zwolle coach and head development at PSV.

The KNVB has become the level of Heracles Almelo and PEC Zwolle. Also the coaching staffs of representation youth teams are nobodies. Coaches with experience at amateur level.

The players now have the responsibility. Virgil van Dijk led the players’ movement. They didn’t want a domineering personality (Louis van Gaal) and they asked for as least change as possible. Yes, we had a good spell under Koeman but the Italy game showed that we are not top. Yet.

The onus is on them now to perform.

In closing, there are more than enough positives re: Frank de Boer’s appointment. He has his past as a player. He was Bert van Marwijk’s assistant at the 2010 World Cup and the players then appreciated his work a lot. His biggest issue: communication. But with the Dutch NT he won’t have any language issues, and his cynical and direct approach will not be frowned upon by Dutch people / players. The question “Is Frank de Boer the ideal coach for Oranje” will need to be answered by the players….

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  1. This whole thing stinks. KNVB = bunch of cheap jerks, DeBoer = mediocre at best, Van Dijk wanting a light weight coach at the peak of his career. This NT won’t get anywhere but this is nothing new.
    I’ll just get the popcorn and have a Foster’s. That’s Australian for beer 🙂

      1. Donny van de beek and Davy propper are 1000 times better quality player than klassen…if FDB do that stupidity,klassen will screw us and hence FDB will be sacked.

  2. Danjuma continues with his scoring form at bournemouth. 2 goals and one assist in three games now.

    Ki Jana Hoever also made his debut for the Wolves but couldnt do much as wolves were already 3-0 down when he came on.

    Bakker also continues to start for PSG. 7.5 rating (Who Scored)which was highest compared to other defenders.

    Nathan Ake scored a late consolation for city in 5-2 thrashing by Leicester City.

    1. All these guys should be starting for NT..Danjuma is class but not in team,but klassen is there with Babel….thats the same sin commited to vaart for kuyt..THAT WILL BE PUNISHED..
      KI JANA hoever at 6 months is better than Hateboer.
      Bakker cannot do worse than Ake or blind …
      Nathan ake is a phenomenon at DM and exccellent CB..but never plays there..

    2. About Ake, was he good yesterday?

      In some moments, I think he was not fast enough to block the cross to Vardy. I am not sure, because I cannot watch the game.

      1. it was because of Mendy’s inability to track back on time resulting in Ake being sucked in. and also when Fernandinho came off, the midfield collapsed.

        City have their own injury crisis as well. both Aguero and Jesus are out. they stared with sterling as a false 9 and then Pep took out fernandinho which was a big mistake for young Liam Delp

        1. I have seen some highlights.

          Goals mostly come from the penalties, those were because the result of Mendy’s and Garcia’s fault.

          I think Ake was fine yesterday (and even scored).

      1. So so happy that 3 Dutch teams have made it to the europa league . Definitely great news for the dutch development .

        By the way , does anyone knows what is happening with ihattaren recently ??!! Not even played as a sub ??!

  3. So so happy that 3 Dutch teams have made it to the europa league . Definitely great news for the dutch development .

    By the way , does anyone knows what is happening with ihattaren recently ??!! Not even played as a sub ??!

    1. he has competition from Mauro Junior who has shown good form after coming back from loan. Ihattaren will really need to pull up his socks now to fight for spot and plus he wont be receiving any benefit of doubt including preference from the new boss.this is a classic case of competition at its best.

      1. Ok Tks sharing this peace of information Wilson !

        Well yes that’s would be great for his development if that’s the case ! I was so shocked and couldn’t find much details on the web

    1. So psv and Feyenoord have got into a group avoiding all the big league clubs . I think they will and should make it to the knockout stages

      AZ got a difficult group together with Napoli and real sociedad. Good experience for Stengs boadu and co

  4. Bakkers continuing with his playing streak and will continue to do so in the coming weeks.what I dont understand is how can you be not selected in NT when you playing for big team like PSG.

    O lord when will KNVB wake up.

    1. Blind and Wijndal are ahead Bakker at the moment. They have been playing regularly more than one full season.

      Other than Frenkie de Jong, Blind is an important player for building up play from the back.

      I’m just curious why Eredivisie talent of the month: Geertruida is not even included in Jong Oranje?

      1. Tell be something, Blind is had not been playing at LB so how he is ahead. You see in his case, its a assumption that just because he has been capped
        at NT, he can make the shift.they did the same with Veltman at RB. At the end of the day it always backfires and they start looking for the TP.

        1. Based on the current tactic when Marten de Roon is chosen together with Frenkie de Jong, then you need another player who is good at building up play from the back. Daley Blind is often assigned for this task although he plays as a left back. You need this alternative when Frenkie is marked tighly by opponent. This is pure about tactical.

          1. Did it work vs portgual in nations league final. It aint gonna work. With average teams, it works but not with big teams. No. This has being a feature of daley Blind but still they persist with him in the name of tatics like to said. This circus has going on from 2014 after the world cup and again in the names of tatics, intellegence and so forth but no break through.

            Time to move on and different approach.

          2. Time to upgrade from De Roon as well. Veerman,Koopmeiners, and even Ake as make shift if its need to be.

      2. Please tell me when did Blind played as LB for Ajax in last 2 years????Tagliafico is No1 and Blind never plays as LB for 2 years at least…It is BULL sh$%%T BIAS AND HYPCRISY OF dutch coaches to play Blind as starter as LB..Jetro williams can do better than Blind as LB offensively against top opponnents and he never gest chance…Once he gets the chance he will nail it and Blind can watch from sideline..Exactly like he lost toVirgil for LCB spot…While NT was getting raped,virgil was colossal for Southampton under koeman..i agree blind is intelligent player he can play LB,LCB,DM but he is master of none..We need fast bombing wing backs which is causing us in big games…

        1. Yesterday, Ake played as left back at City, replacing Mendy in the second half. City were the better side at left back position, IMHO, when Ake come on, and able to stop almost every attack that was started from right wing by Leeds (or City left wing).

          I think he is the better player than Mendy.

          1. I think Pep will always use Laporte and Diaz in the center back for the next matches. And Ake will be moved to the left back position.

        2. City are desparetly trying to offload Oleksandr Zinchenko. If this happens City will sign a new LB. Tagliafico has been linked to city in last few weeks awaiting depatures to make room for LB signing.

  5. I am still perplexed to why coaches prefer Veltman, Strootman and Babel. They aren’t the first choices for both NT and Club and haven’t impressed for a long while.
    Given their bit part role, there surely are other alternatives around to be called up for a look-in.

      1. No Veltman ,hateboer are disasters,pathetic b grade players..Strootman lost it long time ago…Babel is 10 minute player now due to age..i have least problem with babel than other completly useless and liability veltman,hateboer and strootman..

        it is bias and that will cost the team.

  6. Time to get rid of Veltman,De roon,hateboer,strootman and Babel….Blind can be considered as back up….
    Deserved missing in team
    Jetro williams
    Joy veerman
    Rick karsdorp
    Danjuma groenveld
    they are all need of the hour..instead of these players we are moving with 4 uselss palyers and done player..

  7. Veerman has been giving top notch performance week after week for heerenveen. I just dont know when will KNVB wake up and start recognizing/ giving benefit of doubt to players playing in other clubs in eredivisie.

    Its really sickening when you see this happening. Its not only him but Rodney Kongolo as well.

    The midfield needs to be rotated and if they think Frenkie is untouchable/ irreplacable they will again bite the dust, which they will under FDB.

    1. after seeing video on youtube about Veerman and Koopmeiners, IMO, they are on the same level with FdJ, in terms of passing ability.

      The Dutch NT need a player like Kevin De Bruyne, Pirlo, or Xavi to start an attack. Currently, they have FdJ, Koopmeiners, and Veerman.

  8. Sam Lammers scored his first goal for Atalanta as they continue from where they left of last season. The will again be the team to watch these season in Serie A and Champions league.

    1. And, I still don’t understand, why Hatoeber is very good at Atalanta. Last week he scored a fantastic goal against Lazio.

      Rememeber that Hatoeber (and De Roon) always a starter at Atalanta.

      1. I have said this before. For hateboer it will take him some time to transition back at FB.this is the third straight season he is playing as a wingback in 3-4-3 formation and it becomes tough when you havnt played at Fullback and all of a sudden somebody pushes you thea.

        In comparison if you take karsdorp then he is fluent both as Wingback and Fullback. Transition from fullbackback to wingback is easier not the other way around. Karsdorp was a regular FB at feyenoord and before when he joined Roma. Now Roma is deploying 3-5-2 and karsdorp has had no problem in transitioning to wingback.

  9. some disappointments. Ajax have put Noa Lang up for sale with Klaassen being lined up for a return. what a joke and a waste. this is what it has come down to.

    Ludvoit Reis also has joined Bundasliga 2 side VfL Osnabrück on loan from Brace B. again a move backwards.

    1. Hi Wilson,
      something strange is going in AZ. IN the game with Zwolle, Stengs played carelessly and got a red card, in the game with Fortuna and Sparta, Bizot made so many mistakes that he did not do during entire last year season. With Fortuna 1 out of three were his fault, in the game with Sparta, 3 out of 4 were his fault. Actually, in the game with Sparta, entire team just stopped playing in the second half. I am not sure what is going on but it looks like Arne Slot also has lost a control over the team. I feel like AZ going through “star disease” after last year season, including the coach. As you know Idrissi left for Sevilla and that is the only loss for AZ. I still believe in my team but the recovery process will take some time. I think the last two games might result in psychological insecurity which will be difficult to overcome immediately. Anyway, it is a mess….

      1. Well looks like Aboubhkal has sprung into life and what a time to that with idrissi departing. I think they should have done more better in the transfer market to continue from where they left of last season.

        I also reckon idrissi departure will have a big impact on the team especially on that left flank where him and wijndal were so dominating and were like shadows of each other.this season was suppose to be where both boadu and stengs make that transition to NT but im afraid this will further delay things.

        1. AZ does not do any good job in transfer market. Idrissi was sold relatively cheap (12 MM euro), I expected his price tag to be around $18-20K. But anyway, we paid only 2 MM euro when we bought him from Groningen. I think the main problem with bringing good player to AZ is a wage. I do not think the management can afford paying high wages at this time….It is what it is…

    2. AZ is in downward spiral,their performance was detoriating in last months.they lack venom in attack and they are predictable and clueless in attack.stengs or baodu cannot do it alone..Boadu finishing is poor as well.and they have an adjusting defense with Ron vlaar…

  10. Is there something wrong with VVD at Liverpool? After covid19 break, he is different. Liverpool conceded so many goals.

    As for Donny at MU, he must be patient. He entered the pitch when the score was 5-1, and MU was 10 man only.

    1. VVD HAS gotten something in his head,he had deflected self goal..but 3 goals out of 4 was not his fault in particular,2 long volley and RCB mistake..VVD lost control vs italy on last 10 minutes,it was lucky that we didint concede…VVD should stay grounded and he is making noise and even interefere with KNVB thats not a good sign..

  11. Yep NT better starting looking for a backup for Van Dijk now. I think its natural after being at peak for almost two seasons,he shows signs of gradually changes in his performance. I think he is now gradually going down on the other side of the P- curve. This is where I always have been emphasising on the importance of having a proven backup who can be called upon at any when he is not avaliable. Liverpool might wanna start planning the same after selling Ki Jana Hoever as well who is now enjoying fruitful minutes at Wolves.

    In between Svan Botman has made a solid start in Ligue 1 for Lille.

    1. In the next friendly, De Boer must use this backup. For example, VVD starts, but in the second half, somebody must enter the pitch to replace him.

      1. But who???
        Ake would be fine..if not then it should be karim Reikik who is having a nice time at club..Terence kongolo is doing well at club will soon join shefeild united or Fulham.
        RCB is De ligt>Devrij>Shurrs
        No veltman please

        1. Rekik has gone bulky and was later subjected to bench at hertha. Sevilla signed him purely based on his experience and nothing else. He became surplus at hertha.

          Reading yours comments as usual just proves you are opening your mouth without knowing the facts. I believe there is a term for this.

          Rotation is a must and until the dutch coaches come to realize the importance of it there wont be any break through.

          As for the centre back pairing. Its evident now van dijks form will take a dip as he hits that 30 mark. Ake offcourse should be his sucessor and this is where the coaches should start rotating them so that Ake can clock more minutes and build composure at NT level. A good way would be to shift van dijk to the right and let Ake start on the left.

          Ake and De ligt should the next pairing when Van dijk is not avaliable.

          Then there are others and like I said keep an eye on svan Botman. He has made a strong start for lille in ligue 1 and plus they will also feature in europa league as well. You expect him to be knocking the NT door soon.

          On the right De Vrij is excellent in 3 man backline like at inter, but like hateboer, he becomes vunerable when playing in a normal 4 man backline and plus a combo of van dijk and De Vrij would become too static.

          Ki jana Hoever made his second appearence of the bench for wolves but was deployed as wingback replacing Nelson semedo. It remains to be seen where he will be groomed as his main position his CB.

    1. another injury and he should hang up his boots.

      Wesley Hoedt too is back at Lazio. he will be the third dutchmen now there with Adekanye and Anderson.

        1. In way its a good move. playing time at lazio was hard to come by for him and plus Immobile and Correa have cemented their spot upfront with caceido as well when either is not avaliable.

          had to type in which team (cadiz) was. I guess Laliga is not bad even if they are newly promoted side. he just needs to clock minutes and showcase his talents.

        1. He could be a good buy.can play both Winger and Fullback. Fast and has a good crossing ability.I hope it doesnt repeat like what happened to Ouwejan when Wijndal jumped on to the scene.

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