Van Gaal focuses on Turkey

Today was the presser pre-Turkey. The fact that Gakpo and Nathan Ake had to leave the trainings camp. Gakpo due to injury, Ake for ‘personal reasons’.

Van Gaal was disappointed, as “we don’t have a lot of wingers in the first place”. Gakpo would probably have played against Turkey. Van Gaal didn’t want to make the Turkey coach smarter, but he did say that Daley Blind returns into the team.

Memphis Depay was Van Gaal’s colleague representing the Dutch, explaining how playing against a compact shaped opponent works. Less space, lots of physical challenges. But Memphis demonstrated his usual swagger and confidence in his response: “We are confident, we know what we need to do. We will get our chances.”

Van Gaal furthermore lauded the Turkish coach, for his smart and his ability to turn the Turkish egos into the team. Van Gaal expects a counter-attacking Turkey and will analyse the way Turkey find their space moving forward.

Furthermore, Van Gaal expressed his belief that the Turkey match is not “a finals” but it is a key game for us. We play at home, and should have that extra to make a difference against Turkey. Van Gaal thinks the Turkey match will be the toughest match for the Dutch.

The question how Van Gaal and Depay were able to mend their relationship was answered in a balanced way by Memphis. “I think I was a different player and a different human being back then. We didn’t have a lot of success together but that doesn’t mean there was a lot of drama. That was magnified by the media.” Van Gaal added: “I can’t say it better than him. I recognised his talent when he was 20 years old and took him to the World Cup. I also took him with me to Manchester United, but that didn’t work too well. But that was partly also the team. I positioned Memphis on the #10 position! Not as winger. I think he, as an intuitive player, is at his best on that position, like he plays with us. As a false striker. The team couldn’t carry him and when I placed him as left winger, he started to get blockages. And my analysis, he didn’t have the orientation qualities he has now. He had trouble with the activities around him, to scan it fast enough. Now, he has developed and he is now as good as I knew he would be. He has unbelievable qualities.”

“Team work is super important. That was the case for Memphis at Man United but also for instance, Berghuis and Dumfries. By playing Dumfries, Berghuis will be able to play better. When I play Klaassen as a box to box player, this will help Memphis.”

Speaking of Memphis: he always cops a lot of criticism. Is it his rapping? His fashion style? His tattoos, or his swagger? No matter, because he just scored goal #29 and 30, getting close to the top 10 of top scorers in Orange. And only one player was younger than Memphis in that top 10.

After the Norway game: “I expected more from myself. I wasn’t able to make a difference, but I do need that ball quicker. I only have half a second of freedom and that is when the ball needs to be played in. Otherwise I have a big defender on my heels and I can’t turn that easily.”

Against Montenegro, this worked better. Although Memphis did start as a striker, but was everywhere on the pitch, except for…the striker position. That was the area where Klaassen and Wijnaldum ended up. The partnership between Gakpo and Memphis is developing rapidly and they both were involved in several goals. The penalty kick Memphis converted is his sixth and he now only had Koeman (8), Van Persie (7) and Neeskens (7) ahead of him. More coming, I’m sure.

Memphis played 70 internationals and was involved in 53 goals. That is superb. Only eleven Oranje platers scored more than 30 goals. Memphis is part of that list now. Only Kluivert was younger than Memphis. Kluivert did need less games though, as did Huntelaar and Bergkamp.

Faas Wilkes in the late ’50s needed 33 matches. Cruyff only 38. Of the modern era, Huntelaar needed 48 matches. Record holder Robin van Persie need 69 matches, just one less than Memphis.

It seems clear that Memphis will topple Van Persie and grab the record. He’s only 27 years old, so should he score 5 goals per season and has another 5 years on the clock, he’ll add 25 goals to his tally, reaching 55 goals for his country. Robin van Persie has 50 goals from 102 matches.

In terms of assists, Memphis is the #5 on the all time assist list behind Sneijder, Robben, Van der Vaart and Bergkamp and #6 on the combined list behind Van Persie, Robben, Sneijder, Bergkamp, Huntelaar. Great company to be in.

I think it is time for all of us to realise that Memphis Depay is becoming another Oranje legend, in the same way Cruyff, Van Hanegem, Neeskens, Gullit, Van Basten, Bergkamp, Van der Vaart, Van Persie, Robben and Sneijder are Oranje legends…

This is my line up (well, the line up I think Van Gaal will use) for the Turkey game.
I expect a 3-0 win (again) with Berghuis, Memphis and Bergwijn to score.

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  1. Derek’s comments may have got lost in the previous posts. I will copy and paste here:

    “This blog is becoming so frustrating to be a part of. Every day it’s just the same people writing the same negative comments, starting them with things like “I’ve been saying this for years.” There’s nothing constructive, it’s just a bunch of people trying to prove they were right about certain topics.”

    “It’s just terribly depressing reading this blog nowadays (not the content, Jan, that’s always great), but the comments are awful.”

  2. This was my response:

    Thanks man. you have no idea how I appreciate this. It strikes me too that some people have nothing positive to say about the current players (they always want to find messiahs in lower teams or players who have not proven anything or have failed everywhere (Zivkovic, Diks). They never think to acknowledge a blog post. Most people don’t even comment on the posts I write, they go straight into their hate drivel (Kuyt, Berghuis, there is always someone they pick on) and they never really support the blog. They take take take and hardly ever give any “love”.

    The times I have considered burning the blog, because I do wonder: why do I do this?? I don’t use ads or silly things to make money out of this, it’s for the other fans, but there are more haters than fans… Thanks Derek…

  3. I have also followed this for years, rarely commenting, but reading the great analysis’ that you (Jan) create. And I thank you for that! There are definitely lots of people like me who read and take in the good information. Keep up the good work!!
    The few guys with the negative comments (I’d list the names but you already know) need to calm it down, take a drink, sit back and appreciate this blog that Jan maintains.

  4. @ Jan

    Again I pose this question in context to your arguement. What has evolved for NT in the last seven years?

    They are dead stagnant.The only time they looked to be on surge was under koeman but that all quickly diminished when he dragged on with the same lineup and same tactic and that trajectory took a noise dive.

    *You tell me what has being the highlight of NT in the seven years?

    “Every coach in Holland would play Daley Blind as CB replacement for Van Dijk. You need a CB with passing and build up capabilities”

    Not every coach. You know which coaches will and which coach wont.

    * Above all and again What has this yield in the last seven year? Has the team struggled in his absence if he such a intrsumental/important player?

    “Sorry mate, Dutch football experts, analysts, ex-players and NT coaches and ex-coaches don’t agree with you”

    Can you name them for me? Is there any in there from outside of Ajax soccer fraternity.

    Im also shocked to here Ake is not a passing CB. He has all the attributes of Blind including the ariel threat which he always brings in set pieces and which Blind doesnt. Thats also a very silly argument which you gave,” Van Gaal picks the team which he thinks will win”. In other words you are implying if Ake had started,NT would have lost. This is where I feel like taking my gum out. Also look at Van Gaals selection of Timber at RB vs Norway. Its all contridictory and like I always say they keep hitting the fork in their own foot.

    I also dont understand, how you conclude from training you are not good enough to start. Then why are you there in the first place.I have long said this the backup players need to have a strong grip and be on the same par as the starting 11 so when there is major injuries there is no distruption. In contrast this has always been the case for NT, when ever there is being a major injury, the team is in disrray. Ake has already played vs big teams like Italy,Portgual, Belguim,France,Spain, how on earth you can tell from training he is not good enough to start vs a team like Montenegro is beyond me

    Re: negativity

    Again its the bloody frustration that gets better of pretending its ops normal when its really not.

    I will also say providing arguments with factual contents is not negativity.

    In regards to the love for the posts, you know very well how everyone feels about this blog. Sometimes the timing is such there is continuation of comments from previous blog it intrudes contexts of the new post but that doesnt mean we dont appreciate what you write.

      1. NT management has always been a cauldron of vindictiveness, bias and lowly malice. And this is a reality that has manifested itself both in-house and externally. Red meat for the media who have lauded the talent of this great footballing country. A team that makes the game so easy on the eye but just might be on another brink of implosion. This is the reputation. And for a good reason.

        The racial debacle at Euro ’96. Gullit walking out on the team at the eve of a world cup tournament. Cruyff, one of the greatest footballing mind, prioritizing his ego and financial gain over leading his country. Van Basten leaving Van Nistelrooy on the bench(in a World Cup knockout) for whatever reason as his team clawed and toiled to a loss. Then we have the Van Gaals of this equation.

        There was no reason why Dumfries shouldn’t have started against Norway other than LVG trying to prove his genius. He would give the fitness excuse. But I assure you had Timber performed as expected, it would have been his spot to lose and another door shut closed.

        The danger and very worrying aspect about the NT management is the sort of echo chamber that they seem to reside in. How could Karsdop, given the personnel we have in that position not be given a chance? He is quick, strong and has a good footballing brain. Seems we will never know if he could have been the revelation that the German left back was in the Euro that just passed. Moments, occasions makes the player.

        Blind will always be a liability in a team that doesn’t have the all-round technical ability of the great teams gone-by. He is slow, not rugged and given the fact that oranje do not have the players to play the football they really want to play, Blind will struggle against better teams. But as the jury has passed the verdict and the technical player trumps common sense, we will have to make do

        Same goes for Berghuis. He has been given enough chances and has not perform as expected. Maybe the national team is another EPL for him. These things happen sometimes even with better players. But a character like Van Gaal will not stop digging. He simply can’t be wrong.

        I expect it to be a tight game. I expect oranje to win. But I worry if ever Turkey manages to raise the tempo of the game. I worry about how we cannot repel and how quickly we succumb to any kind of pressure.

    1. I will respond in a post, thanks Wilson for taking the time. Yes, I do think people feel you tend to be very negative. Not just you, but you seem to lead the pack or have a lot of time on your hands.

      I think the usual Dutch supporters I grew up with (in Holland) and this also applies to most of the people here, is we 1) assume the players and coaches do their best and 2) we support them even with their mistakes and errors.

      I see on the blog exactly what I see with some analysts in Holland (and this also applies to analysts in the UK when it is about English players, etc etc):

      When young players show themselves for the first time, everyone is highly enthusiastic (Gakpo now, but we had it with Ihattaren, with Maher, Memphis, with Dumfries, Wijnaldum further back, and also with Van der Vaart, Sneijder back in the early naughties etc etc, all the way back to Van Basten and co.).

      Then they become regulars and more mature and everyone realises they’re not Gods so the criticism comes. Gullit is blind. Van der Vaart and Robben are too injury prone. Van Bommel is a thug. Nigel de Jong is a thug. Kuyt can’t play football. Van Persie is an arrogant prikc.

      Then they end their career or are close to ending it and now suddenly, they become legends. And we miss them. And we want Robben back (etc etc).

      This is now happening to Memphis. He used to be seen as a talent. Then he became a national laughing stock with his hats and cars and weird clothes.

      But now he is suddenly the hero of the nation again.

      I would like to see some levelheaded criticism and some empathy.

      So Malacia in his debut made one big error. Big deal. Frank de Boer did it many times. Jaap Stam too. Mathijs de Ligt made errors on his debut. This is how players learn. He did everyting pretty well for 89 minutes and had one bad touch.

      Adriaanse calls it Scoreboard Journalism. Only commenting on the obvious things.

      So, if Malen would have scored vs the Czechs and Holland went on to play Denmark, would Frank de Boer suddenly be a good coach? Is Frank de Boer a loser because Malen missed?

  5. I dont know about others, but Im living up to my dream of seeing NT win in my life time. I cant pretend something is right when its not. Like I said Looking at the shambles of last seven years its just frustating when you see the same chain of events unfolding again and again.

    Change is evitable and only change will bring about acendency for NT. Many teams have come and pass this brigde but for NT its a dilemma where they dont to cross.

    Lets see what happens vs Turkey.

  6. @ Jan

    I feel I need to make few things clear here. I have always tried to be rational with my arguments by providing factual contexts. Eg for Blind,comparison vs average teams to vs big guns. Dont have to go into depth here. I have said this plenty times, my standpoint has always being from modern day football perspective and whats happening around in other big football nations. The equation is very simple, to win big, you have to be on that level and to be on that level you have to have that calibre of players. There is no two ways about this.

    The Dutch experts/ analyst may come up with all short of things but outside of nerthlands its always from more realistic view based on the ongoing trend. remember that espn panel discussion just before the euros. They just wrote them off because of FDB. What would you say to that. They associated it with FDBs failure as a club coach ( factual contexts) but then here you have defended him here from a more patriotic point of view.

    So yes there is another world out there and not everybody see things, think the same way. Again my apologies if you think im inciting negativity hatred on this blog.

    1. Wilson, apologies accepted of course. I too can get totally frustrated at times and yell at my screen but at the end of the day, I do support the team and I accept Denzel’s hard feet and Memphis funny hats and Daley being slow.

      Because I can see the other side too. We have to be realistic and realise that we have 16 million national team managers in the Netherlands and at least 30 odd ones here on the blog from outside of the Netherlands.

      But for a guy like me, who writes a long blog post after a match, to only read the ongoing negativity time and time again about the same topics is becoming tedious. And I wonder out loud (and have done so on this blog) why people think that their opinion is stronger than the collective opinion of Messrs Van Gaal, Blind, Mourinho, Advocaat, Koeman, Gullit, Kieft, Van Basten and Van der Gijp? Is there nothing in you, not even a nano second, that you think… hmmm maybe I am not approaching this the right way?

      1. I get where you are coming from Jan but I guess you just cant be compassionate about the way things are unfolding and especially when you see the type of decisions being made. Karsdorp overlooked for Rensch and then Timber getting the nod at makeshift RB. etc this is what makes it really hard as to what you are proposing and especially when its becoming a feature in NT.

        1. I get that and I also would have loved to see Karsdorp in the team, but he’s not and we’ll have to make do with the 23 lads we do have. It’s not always easy to look into the coach’s head by I’ll respond later to all your points in more detail as I do think people like Van Gaal, Advocaat, Koeman and De Boer have a certain method they adhere to which non football people sometimes can’t see. Typical for football fans, for instance, is to watch the ball and judge players on their play on the ball. While most players do not have the ball more than 1,5 minute per game. The 88.5 minutes he doesn’t have it are as important if not more important. Coaches analyse different to us.

  7. Criticism per se need not be seen as anti orange but it’s to see a better team selection and tactics so that orange improves and wins. I Don’t think there is any evil design in any critical comments posted here.

  8. i am skeptical on blind return..with out him we played a better game..not just a victory….thats needs to be noted…WITHOUT DE ROON we always play well….that needs to be noted…i was enthusiastic about turkey that went down after seeing blind,de roon,berghuis….we could end up in draw as i know virgil,bijlow,de vrij are too much for turkey….

  9. So I grew up in Amsterdam and we went to Ajax games weekly. I was even involved in an Ajax gang that would graffiti the streets and such.

    Over there there are two types of fans. What we call realists and then FIFA-fans. So FIFA-fans are the ones who treat real life like the video game. That is, they always want to line their team up with 16 year old kids with 99 potential and fast track these guys to the top. (I do that too to be honest, sell Tadic and start Brobbey in preseason).

    Realists are ones who realize that even though these kids have potential to be great, they aren’t there yet. The best example is de Ligt’s debut. He’s great….now, wasn’t then.

    A lot of people also think that playing for the National team is some developmental step for players, it isn’t. I coach high performance sports for a living (tennis) and competition is just that, it’s competition. There are periods for development and world cup qualifiers are not that period. We need to play the best player IN THE MOMENT. There have been lineups in this blog with Redan and Co in them which is ridiculous.

  10. @Wilson, in regards to the state of Oranje over the last 7 years.

    The players just aren’t the same. It happens. People here talk like the coaches are selecting Berghuis and leaving Cruijff and Robben at home. Berghuis (as poor as he is) is the best left footed right winger we have.

    Depay is the best 9 we have, Gini is the best 8. That’s just what it is. This isn’t club football where we can go and just get better players, that’s the caliber coaches have to work with. If you try to compare these players with the last generation, of course you’ll be disappointed every day, but if you’re realistic to their caliber than you’ll be happier with the results.

  11. @Jan I’m a big fan of Memphis, it’s a shame he doesn’t have more fans and he has basically been dragging this team nearly singlehandedly for the past few years. I think his goal scoring stats are skewed a bit by the lack of other options in this team, but still credit to him to score as many as he has when the providers are weaker than they have been in the past.

  12. @ Derek 1-If the players are mediocre then we look for combination. combinations can be deadly than individuals..
    A combination of Till–Frenkie-Van de beek could be deadlier than with Gini wijnaldum..Combination of Depay-luuk could be dangerous than Weghorst-Depay….
    @Derek-2–We dont have the worst players from 2014 to 2018 not qualify for 3 tournaments..i can blame coaches of this period only their stubbornness and stupity..i dont blame players for that at primary cause i blame coaches..We had poor coaches till koeman…then we appointed a clown coach..FDB was a great player might be great human but thats it…
    @Derek one thing always remmmber….We all make mistakes players too..thats okay.but THE ONE WHO MAKE REPETIONAL MISTAKES ARE CALLED FOOLS..we are fed up with failed ones getting the nod over a new one…thats how it is….i was shouting for malacia for long time finally he arrived..Winjdal is failed,so its time for others,age is just number, if 17 year old can better than 35 year old and viceversa…thats how life is BE a WATER.Flexibility and adaptability is key to sucess..

  13. I am someone who usually sees the glass half full and most of the time I will ridicule players or coaches for their obvious (in my perception) shortcomings. This can be a blessing or a defect but does it really matter? The blog is more pleasant when there is a mix of viewpoints. There are plenty of posts I don’t really like e.g. endless formation opinions with some names I have never heard or links to some kid who did a nice acrobatic move in his neighborhood and now MUST be considered for NT etc. but I usually just skip through these posts. It makes the comments section a bit crowded so it is hard to find the really good opinions especially when you have a day job.
    Anyway, today’s game is a final for us. Gakpo is a big loss. Turkey will take a lot of heart from a positive result and will get the top spot in the group. We better win whether it is ugly or convincingly. I fear deLigt’s errors in important games. I hope he starts on the bench. There is no margin for error today. Fingers crossed for a win.

  14. JO 3-0 Andorra. Zirkzee, Ekelenkamp, brobbery.van der looi starting with three strikers, zirkzee, Boadu and Brobbery. Good to Maatsen in there as well. Came on for bakker. Redan as well.

  15. @ Jan

    I do appreciate the blog and I respect your knowledge of the game. I understand that the level of the current NT is far from where it one was. I get that! What I don’t understand is why you and any Dutch coaches would have guys like Berghuis, De Roon not only on the NT but also has a starter. Do they see something that the rest of us are not seeing? I guaranty you that nothing would change about Berghuis 10 years from not. The guy simply don’t have it. For someone like De Roon whos is playing in Italy can even provide a good tackle never mind a great pass is crazy. In these past 2 games, Berghuis has lost or waisted every single passes. Are you saying there are no ducth players out there that can do a better job in this position? Let take Depay for example, I don’t think any one is taking him for a notional hero. When ever he’s playing for the NT team, he runs all over the field and wasted most of the balls and scores a few goals out of luck. Since we don’t any better, we have no choice than accept Depay.

    1. Yo jean, I’m a bit ware to respond to this. You don’t like Berghuis and Memphis. Fine. Spout it here all you want. The Dutch fans love Memphis and every person with real football experience would pick Berghuis over …. which other right winger do we have?

      Berghuis played a good game, had assists, is positive, is liked by his coaches and team mates and doesn’t deserve the garbage some people here spout out over him.

      I am not blind for players fukcing up but I don’t like the constant blind bagging and whining about one player. We had Kuyt, we had Strootman, now some of you picked Berghuis as the joker that we need to damage.

      I think it’s BS. He is a fine player, Ajax didn’t sign him for nothing. It’s pisses me off.

  16. Good to Fode Fofana getting minutes in JO. Talented and Upcoming striker at PSV. Bit suprised no wingers in the team. Good to see Bograde in the CM. Another goid tslent who is playing at Hoffenhiem

  17. Great game so far. What should of happen is to play Bergwijn on the right and Marlen on the Left. I’m saying in again, Berghuis has not place on the NT.

  18. Spectacular start, spectacular goals. This team hasn’t looked so good in like forever. More than LVG effect I believe the presence of VVD has been immense.

  19. @Jan – I’m a big fan of the blog, been coming here for over ten years (since build up to 2010 WC). I love your posts, without them I’d never find all the great Dutch views, interviews, media, etc and your own analysis is always great to read. You’re positive and realistic, traits I share.

    I’m Dutch by nationality, but can’t speak or read it (I was brought up in English only, and have never lived in the Netherlands). I can’t describe how important it is to me to have a solid connection to the team and country I love and this blog is a key part of that nowadays.

    I have also noticed the comments becoming more negative/wishful thinking in recent years, so I tend to read your posts and articles mostly and then just pick out some of the comments to read.

    Really pleased to see a strong start vs Turkey, perhaps a sign that van Gaal was a good choice after all – I was not initially convinced by his appointment, but it seems that it was a good choice in the circumstances.

    1. Yeah I know what you’re saying. Some people tend to focus on the negative a lot. I find the respect lacking. Maybe it’s a cultural thing. Simply support the lads. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s usually people whining who haven’t played football at a serious level themselves.

  20. So glad to see Holland outperforming Turkey !! This is our day and it’s time for revenge !!

    Van gaal is really the one it seems!!!

    Can anyone tell me what has made klaasen becoming so different from the one that played for Everton ? If he keeps playing like this I wouldn’t mind to keep using him as starter

  21. Being the half empty glass guy I have to say I don’t get Depay. He can go from spectacular to careless in a matter of minutes. I think the major difference between greats (Ronaldo, Messi) and the very good ones is that the greats try to keep it simple and not be unnecessarily flashy and cocky and they try to score as many goals as they can even when they have scored enough. That said, with 2 goals and 1 assist so far today Depay has earned his paycheck.
    Berghuis shouldn’t be in the field.
    It seems like VVD slowed down toward conclusion of 1st half. I hope he is not hurt. He is critical for this team’s success.

  22. What a start. Davy Klaasen where the hell did this come from?? His touches have been incredible, as have Memphis.

    Not sure if it’s LVG impact but wow. This team hasn’t played like this in years

  23. i think norway match was our toughest in this group,turkey won 4-2 by fluke and FDB beat us…the last with Norway will decide the group winner…Norway will beat turkey or draw…

  24. This is very good game.
    Klaassen is improving every game under the new system. When Memphis draw the opponents away, Klaassen use that space effectively.

    Very good game by Berghuis, Bergwijn and Depay, of course. The tempo of our play is so fast now, you can see that ball got passed from left wing to right wing and vice versa in a few seconds. Before when we got the ball, players took time to see who they should pass to, now they exactly know which options are available and pass it immediately.

    The subs also show good sign. Guus Til constantly get into the right position and finally score his goal. Koop with a killer pass for Guus. Rensch with another assist after dribbling the ball forward. Malen shows many tricky moves and score a goal.

    Turkey goal is disaster though, first Rensch with a weak pass back to Bijlow. Bijlow then decided to take another risk and passed to VVD. I hope they learn from their mistake. Other than that, Bijlow actually had a nice game.

  25. @Jan: I actually appreciate your blogs a lot. This is my favorite blog to go to every day. I was one of the persons who criticize FDB a lot. If that made you feel bad, I am sorry for that.

    Here is the thing though. The blog is the place for the fans to debate right? When we are not playing well, the mood will be more negative. Otherwise, what fans should actually post in comment in the dark time? Is the blog with no comment better? I understand that some people are more pessimistic but you could ignore them if you want. I actually ignore a lot of comments when RK was the coach and we were winning. I don’t feel how the people complain about them are more optimistic actually. They could choose to post optimistic comment about Dutch football instead, right?

    1. Hey man, solid criticism is fine. Tell us all why you think certain choices aren’t good in your view, with some reasoning please. But I simply don’t like reading “Player ABC is shite and doesn’t belong in the team!” . That is emotional thickheaded hooligan BS, usually without any solid ground. It is like say “I know better than Van Gaal/Advocaat/Blind/Hiddink/TenHag/Koeman”. These people have no idea how silly they look

    1. wilson, just when all seemed like the perfect day at the beach with Rensch providing a nice assist to Malen for the 6-0, Bijlow has a major brain f.@rt. Talk about creating a mess out of nothing. And I actually thought he had a solid game overall just to ruin it in the last second. I hope VVD has no lasting issues with the ankle.

  26. I am a happy man, LVG has proved me wrong. 😊
    His impact to team is apparent over the last 3matches. VVD also. I never watch the Turkey game but certainly the good signs are there in Norway and Montenegro games.
    LVG seems to have given a lot of confidence and direction to the team, judging on the team’s play. Hope he can build on this, team will be even more ready come WC next year (assuming we qualifies. 🤞)

  27. DIFFERENCE IS lvg 10/10…
    it TAKES balls to bench De ligt…
    its takes balls to bench Frenkie…
    From clown coach to Genius LVG…
    if FDB was there we would play 532 with weghorst…and he might call back Edwin van der sar for GK and Jaap stam when he dont find suitable players…and he will play a system where players never used to…

    1. Oh come on, it doesn’t take balls to bench Frenkie!?!?! He played 2,5 games for us and when we were 3-0 up, Van Gaal rests him! That is not balls but smart management. Geez

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