Wim Kieft talks Ajax 1982

Wim Kieft is quite a tv personality these days. A reluctant people’s man. Shy as a player. Humble. A bit narcy. Got in trouble after his football career, when acting as tv pundit. His sour and critical analyses turned vitriolic and he started to look worse and worse. Until the news broke, that he was dealing with some personal issues. Cocaine and alcohol addictions and as a result personal bankruptcy. He did what most people wouldn’t want to. He beared it all in a book. He went to NA and the AA and quit his addictions. The book “Wim Kieft” became a bestseller in Holland received critical acclaim for the style and honesty. A fit and healthy Kieft is back on TV doing his football analysis. But his tone hasn’t changed. Typical Kieft statements: “This makes me sooo tired…” And “this guy is starting to take himself too serious…”.

kieft analyse


Dick Advocaat, Wim Kieft and Johan Derksen

He was one of the youngsters in the Ajax 1981/1982 team, that won the title in Holland, led by one Johan Cruyff…

This interview is not about his 1988 header goal vs Ireland… (“That makes me sooo tired, to have to talk about that header… Before I know it I start to take myself really seriously…”)

Kieft describes the team and relives memories.

“I actually don’t have too many good memories about football, you know. I was not happy with that status. My team buddies in the Ajax youth would go by tram to the complex and carry their bag on the bus in such a manner that everyone saw the Ajax logo. I was the other way around. I was quite embarrassed by the attention. I didn’t want people to see I had an Ajax bag.”

“My best memories are from the Ajax days. I am an Amsterdam born and raised kid. And Ajax was my club. But, it was better for them that I would leave. Marco van Basten was getting ready for Ajax 1 and he was a super player. I was a bumbling idiot compared to him. So I had to go. Cor Coster, Cruyff’s father in law, brought me to Pisa, in Italy. Ever since, I couldn’t really enjoy the life of a player anymore.”

“I played in a sensational team in Eindhoven. PSV was strong: Romario, Lerby, Gerets, van Breukelen, Vanenburg… Great team. But I never really enjoyed it. Hardly have any good memories from those days. It was work. Nothing more. Training, go home. Match, go home.”

“I didn’t have the right personality for football player. Those galas… The time I had to pick up the Golden Boot for Europe… I was on stage with Platini… The players there… It was so daunting. I threw up before and when I had the award I slipped out to go back to the hotel. I wanted to go home.”

“I didn’t really celebrate my goals. I hated the attention. Marco and Johan could run and jump and pump their fists.. I was the end station of a good attack and I usually had the easy job. I couldn’t run across half the pitch and jump up like a super star. That isn’t me. I would want to know me if I was like that. I was not gifted. I had a talent for scoring and I needed to work really hard.”

Wim Kieft made it through the Ajax youth ranks. Not the typical gifted velvetty technician like Vanenburg, Schip or Van Basten. But a born goal getter. Fearless header of the ball. And as time went on, became a perfect forward playmaker (playing with 10) at PSV, guiding Romario and Ronaldo to goals.



Piet Schrijvers, Wim Kieft, Johan Cruyff, La Ling, Dick Schoenaker, Frank Rijkaard, Jesper Olsen, Gerald Vanenburg, Soren Lerby, Wim Jansen, Peter Boeve

The Ajax 1981/1982 team as remembered by Willem Kieft.

Piet Schrijvers: “The best goalie I ever played with. Imposing dude. Fearless. Amazing reflexes and speed in responding to anything coming his way. But maybe not speedy when coming out of his goal. But it didn’t matter, he either had the ball or the man. Was a bully of a man, big mouth, but really a heart of gold. He was chair of the players committee and would plan everything for us. But we took the piss at times. In 1981 we lost for the Europa Cup away, at Bayern 5-1. Drama. The financial manager of Ajax saw the profitable home game evaporating. Who would pay money to see us play that game, right? So when we got in the plane, in Munich, it was just after midnight. And Frank Rijkaard, deadpan, walks up to Schrijvers and points at his watch and says “Piet, it’s midnight now, could you talk to the financial manager please and ask for overtime payment for this?” Piet had already had a couple of Bacardi Coca Colas and stumbled through the plane to make this totally inappropriate request. The financial manager looked at Piet as if he was just pissed on, hahahahaha. Classic. But Piet was golden, he arranged my whole wedding festivities when I got married… Was a blast. The marriage didn’t last. But that was not Piet’s fault.”

Wim Kieft: “Really? Do you need me to talk about me? Well, I won the Golden Boot in Europe that season but truth be told, we had a tremendously attacking team. Playing with Cruyff behind you is the best a striker can have. He’d pass a player and prepare a shot or a dink and I would think “ah well, I better run after the ball, to see if I can pick up the spoils” and that happened so often. I had balls returning from the post or spilled balls from the goalie. Or, Johan would see me go and would reward me with a through ball. It wasn’t too hard. I was picking up the crumbs Cruyff left for me. Some of these goals were easy. And some people then say “yes but you need to be in the right spot” and I guess that is true but some people will probably say “ah well, you were lucky”. I think both things are true. I received lots of protection from Cruyff as well, in the group. He was very good for me. Because he could see I was working like a beast to get everything out of myself, as I was not a great talent. He used to be really tough on Van Basten, Vanenburg and Rijkaard. They were top talents. Marco left the practice ground crying more than once.”

ajax 81 kieft

Johan Cruyff: “He was my idol. I was crazy about him. It was a tremendous honour to have played with him. I have had an ok career and made a bit of mess of my life later, but having played with Cruyff is like… a life well spent hahaha. He used to train with us, before Ajax signed him again. He was 34 years old but fit man. So when he made his debut that season vs Haarlem, this zing went through the stadium, the vibe was awesome. He started nervous and anxious, but then he had that little dribble and the tremendous lob from the edge of the box and the crowd went mad and he lost all the tension in his body and played like a champ. I scored two goals that day and one from a Cruyff cross. I was too embarrassed to cheer. He put the ball on my forehead and I had to just head it in. It was his goal, not mine… With Cruyff back Dutch football got a shot in the arm. The stadiums were full, everyone wanted to see him. And we didn’t lose another game. We were quite a stretch behind PSV but when JC came, we won everything and won the title at the end. There was some resistance when Johan returned. Some of the older players didn’t like Cruyff’s tendency to tell everyone how the world worked and all that. Wise guy :-). Soren Lerby was the captain and he saw Cruyff as a threat, a bit. So Lerby started to become really vocal and dominant and they were the two alpha dogs. And Johan could be really mean in those situations. I remember a game where Johan was bringing the ball up from midfield and he was slowing down and gesticulating to Lerby “Come on come on push on” with his hands and voice to be able to play the ball to Soren… So when Lerby sprinted forward to collect the ball, Cruyff turned the other way and opened on the other wing yelling “you’re too fucking slow!” to Lerby.”

Tscheu La Ling: “Our right winger… A beautiful artist. Typical winger. Totally independent. On and off the pitch. Uncoachable guy. He was a bit older than us but he liked us, he loved to hang with us. And players like Rijkaard and myself looked up to him. He was a playboy. One day on trainings camp on Curacao he took us to this private beach… Just us, a bar with cocktails, and a bunch of hot girls, hahaha. We thought that was awesome. But somehow I became Ling’s rival on the pitch. The coaches felt it didn’t work with Ling AND Cruyff AND Kieft. So he was the first out of the line up. Kurt Linder needed to find some balance. But the Ajax supporters adored Ling, he had his own group of fans who would move sides after the break with him and would run with him on the flanks, hahaha. So they protested like crazy, and then Linder sacrificed me… I had 23 goals to my name and I was benched. I was quite confused. But two games later I was back in the team. I think JC made that happen. Tscheu was a gifted player but a bit lazy and tactically uninterested, hahaha. He never reached his potential I think. He played 14 international games for Holland. Should have been much more. Him and Rene van der Gijp were wonderful wingers but more interested in other things, hahaha.”

johan haarlem

Johan about to score the infamous goal vs Haarlem

Dick Schoenaker: “He was Mr Balance in our team. We had a number of chiefs but he was a true Indian. A wonderful runner. Box to box. Fearless in the challenges. And he could score too! Not your typical Ajax player though. He had lungs, unreal. First he ran his heart out of his chest for Ling, and when Cruyff came he did it for Cruyff AND Ling… He was from the East, a rural kid. He used to be bullied and ridiculed a lot. Older players like Krol and Suurbier would have a real go at him, because he was an easy target. He wouldn’t say anything back. Modest guy, but invaluable for the team. A real team player and really nice bloke.”

Frank Rijkaard: “Frank was a bit dreamy, but Wim Jansen was very important for him. Jansen took him by the hand and taught him what it takes to be a defender. When Jansen joined us, Rijkaard developed so fast. Wim Jansen’s coaching was tremendous for Rijkaard. The year before he played with Kees Zwamborn, with all due respect. I had a great relationship with Frank. He was modest. But also sensitive. The vibe at Ajax was quite cynical. Cruyff, Lerby, Krol, Ling… all tough guys, real machos. Players like Rijkaard and later Van ‘t Schip didn’t deal well with that. Rijkaard would close himself off from that stuff. But he was no softie. Just not interested in bullying. Rijkaard is a very funny chap, by the way. Dry humour. And like Ling, a totally independent thinker. He tried to get Ruud Gullit to Ajax, but Ajax wasn’t convinced of his qualities. Ruud and Frank played street football together.”

Jesper Olsen: “Ooh he was good… Jesper was Soren’s protegy. Both Danish of course. He was a tremendous worker, that kid and what a technique. A real Ajax winger. They don’t make them anymore, it seems. He was also very consistent. Wingers tend to be a bit inconsistent, but not Jesper. He was always on. Nice bloke but these Danish guys, they’re all perverts hahaha. Loved yelling dirty words to people. Lots of humour and lots of swagger too. He was not scared of anyone and we had some tough guys in our squad. But he would get up and smile and wink. He didn’t start too well by the way, and like me he started to play better and better alongside Johan.”



Wim Jansen, Kurt Linder and Jesper Olsen

Gerald Vanenburg: “Gerald was such a sensational player already when he was 17 years old. Unbelievable, what he could do with a ball. One of the biggest talents I’ve seen come up. Him, Seedorf, Van der Vaart… Vaantje was 16 when he made his debut. And I think he scored a sensational goal on his debut. The problem with Gerald was that he thought he was a leader in the team and very important. Too many people in his ear. And statistically he was important, but not as a personality. The practice matches were tougher for us than the real matches. We were getting really good. Gerald scored a lot too, as offensive midfielder. What a technique! Opponents wanted to kick him in half but couldn’t get to him :-). I played with him later at PSV as well. Gerald was seen as a bit up himself but that is not the case. In 1988 he had to change his role from playmaker to more a waterbearer and he took that role well. He played very good against West Germany in the semi finals. People rave about Van Basten in that tournament but Erwin Koeman and Gerald Vanenburg were very important for us. Sadly, Cruyff said some bad things about Vaan and that carried a long while. When Gerald moved to PSV Cruyff was coach at Ajax and dissed him a bit, taunting him with his high voice. That wasn’t necessary I thought.”

Soren Lerby: “Soren was winner. Tremendous power and what a left foot. He was tough on the pitch, for himself, his mates and particularly the opponent. He was a real leader and managed the vibe in the team. A real party animal, with Frank Arnesen, his buddy. But for us youngsters he was an animal. He would yell at us at any occassion. Soren loved the best of the best. Good watch, expensive cars, good restaurants and expensive women. He would always want to go better and bigger. At some stage, he married (Dutch singer and actress) Willeke Alberti and moved to Belgium. So he invited John van ‘t Schip and myself and our wives for dinner one night. All was nice, beautiful setting and Willeke had made this amazing pasta. Soren takes one bite and drops his spoon and yells “Goddammit what kind of shit are you serving us!!” and exploded. That was Soren, nothing was good enough. But we would become close mates later, at PSV.”

Wim Jansen: “The perfect professional. What a player. He saw the game so well. The yin to Cruyff’s yang. Wim was midfielder at Feyenoord alongside Willem van Hanegem but played libero for us. He would never lose the ball and his passing was perfect. Always the right pace, the right angle, to the right foot… Incredible player. And always coaching, talking. He is a very good man. Patient, and always had time for you. This is what I liked about him and Cruyff most. The best players on the planet, but modest, sweet and helpful. This football world is full of egos and inflated personalities but Cruyff and Jansen always remained who they were. Interested and respectful. Top lads.”

Peter Boeve: “A very offensive back. Sweet kid. Hard working. He was a bit serious and really strived for the appreciation of the big name players. And they knew that so they never gave him any, hahaha. He was a health freak. Always stretching. Before practice, after practice. When we were playing pool he was stretching. When we were boozing he was still stretching, hahaha. He kept on going, in the matches. A totally committed lad. Nice guy.”

lerby cs


Frank Arnesen, Ruud Krol and Soren Lerby in front of the old Ajax home


Marco van Basten: “Marco wasn’t part of this team as yet, but was coming through alright. I mention him because people at Ajax and in the media loved to make this huge rivalry between us. But there wasn’t any. I think Marco was and is a great guy. Just a nice guy with sensational talent. I could see then that Marco would be much better for Ajax 1 than me. No problem. He is the best striker ever, for me. I was just a hard working guy who could score, but Marco was an artist. We never had any trouble together nor were we bothered with that stuff going on.”

Coach Kurt Linder: “I wasn’t impressed. He wasn’t really good. German… Very disciplined and stern. We would do these German style pre-season trips, going to the gym and running in the hills. God, I hated that. We all did. We would have dinner together and we all asked for beer with dinner. We were allowed only one. But one player didn’t need that beer so Piet Wijnberg – substitute – drank that. Linder exploded and we couldn’t stop laughing when that happened. He didn’t like me much I feel. He was always out to “keep me sharp” for some reason. Once we flew back from some overseas winter trip and when we landed in Amsterdam we had to go and train immediately. We were all groggy and jetlagged. He almost attacked me when I did something wrong. He thought I was screwing around and he yelled “YOU! You have to train harder! You are still young and you must work hard!!” in my face. I was fed up and yelled back “Fuck off with your bullshit!”. So he suspended me. But one week later I was back in the team. I think Johan arranged that. Because obviously Cruyff was the boss, not Linder, hahaha.”

Where are they now? Piet Schrijvers (68) is currently awaiting a new challenge as keepers trainer. Johan Cruyff (68) writes columns and is advisor at Ajax and Barcelona. Tscheu La Ling (59) manages his company in supplements and owns a club in the Czech Republic. Dick Schoenaker (63) used to own an insurance company and is on the board of Ajax. Frank Rijkaard (53) cycles through the Vondel Park at times and drinks coffee in the Hilton Hotel. Jesper Olsen (54) lives in Melbourne and works at a Football Academy. Gerald Vanenburg (51) manages his daughter, a top tennis talent. Soren Lerby (57) lives in Marbella and runs a football management business. Wim Jansen (69) works in the Feyenoord youth academy. Peter Boeve (58) is coaching amateur team Apeldoorn. Kurt Linder (82) is retired.

Note: Johan was not offered another deal the next season as the board figured “Johan was getting too old”. He was pissed off as only he can be and his buddy Willem van Hanegem lured him to Feyenoord. During the farewell match for De Kromme, Cruyff was introduced to the Feyenoord legion. He scored in that match and signed a deal for one season. Wearing Van Hanegem’s number 10, Cruyff helped Feyenoord win the double in the 1983/84 season.

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    1. Hmmm weird he actually does not give any reasons, or even say the word Napoli. He is speaking of the distant future.. lofty ambitions! I like it
      Anyway, the key is that he is staying where he will play, not going somewhere that he sits on the bench or gets loaned to where he would have been anyways at this point in his career

      1. 20 millon to sit on the bench. Don’t think so. fair enough he has his sights on Barcelona but I don’t think Barcelona will folk out 20 million on him like what Napoli did.

        1. You’re right, I exaggerate.. I have an unnecessary cynicism for big money transfers.
          I heard it was 25, ridiculous either way if that was even real.
          But kind of exciting too, I hope he justifies that kind of offer!

          You think Bazoer will be a flop?
          Or do you think Barca can’t compete with Napoli in the transfer market?

    2. I also want to play for Barca coz its great club…he has already said it he is not ready for it ..he also pointed out with 2/3 years time he will be there…

  1. Sounds like Nigel de Jong will sign for LA galaxy any time now, since being released by AC Milan.
    So is he the Dutch beckham? Manchester-Milan-LA? hahah shit he forgot to go to Madrid
    He is a man of steel no doubt, was always ready to be a warrior for Oranje so good luck to him!

    It does make me think about the CDM spot… imo our biggest weakness.
    who are your top 5 options?

    1. 1-AKE
      RAIDWALD HAS DONE IT AND HE CAN ALSO DO IT..Since stroot is not yet fit Ake has everthing suceed over their,good tackles,concentration,Anticipation to smell danger..good physique etc…Anita has teh best lungs than any of these players.

      1. To be critical..
        Ake is great and I think would be fantastic as well, but young yet and has not played DM in almost a year and I think the job requires someone who plays consistently especially for that DM spot.
        Yes Strootman has done it, but only played it 3 of 27 games as DM in 13/14 and not since, even though only played a half season since that.
        Hendrix is young and he is improving well but lots of work to do yet imo, really interested in these next matches without Guardado.
        Is Anita injured? Has not played yet in 2016, not sure what’s up with him.
        Wijnaldum is a workhorse and gives all, but hasn’t done it since his Feyenoord days
        True Riedewald has done it too, but not since last season. Did not watch him too much last season..
        Other options are Clasie, de Roon, Vejinovic, Bazoer and Blind.. More?
        Clasie can be great, like v Arsenal a month ago, but sat on the bench this last time.. He’s not playing regularly either, and when he does he is not consistent enough at this point.
        De Roon is a nice surprise, has had a few really good matches for Atalanta and plays every game he is fit. Haven’t watched too much of them myself.. tried twice, fell asleep twice!
        Vejinovic can be good but not consistent either, good but never really great, but recently kind of poor so not sure with him.
        Bazoer has done a couple matches, but like Strootman and Wijnaldum is another who is more of a CM or AM
        I like Blind, great vision and passer and reads the game well, but he especially is not his best when he plays out of the position he is doing for his club, obvs which has been CB almost all season..

        for me the CDM is the most crucial position and the absence of a consistent big character in there is our biggest miss right now..
        hopefully someone (anyone!) on this list can make it his own and step up.

        1. I missed Klaassen, he has done a little bit of DM as well, but did not impress much. Doesnt seem like the guy who will drive a team forward.
          I expect big things from Donny van de Beek as well, one for the future midfield along with Nouri.
          How about Ayoub from Utrecht, have heard decent things about him but havent seen him play much yet myself…

          Oh right also I meant to add.. I have no idea what my top 5 CDMs would be!!
          At this moment, maybe Hendrix-Clasie-Vejinovic-deRoon-Anita
          But none really make me calm about the position :/

          1. @Sybe..i just gave my thoughts…my slecetion was based on real quality of players and how effective they are in that position…
            I would have put Blind as first choice,Blind lacks pace and physical strentgh …So result he wll be raped..
            Clasie–Is so light weight if he tackles he gets injury and we loose 1 man..Sqaud reduces to 22 and forced to do susbstitution..
            De Roon–I dont follow him..
            Anita..Is excellent option,he doing great in that spot if u watch Newcastle..
            Hendrix and bazoer lacks concentration but their duo can cancell out weakness of both..like they compliment each other…
            Stroot man is injured for lng time so need to wait and see…
            Ake has quality,excellent,reader physically good,good anticipation and concentration,focused..Ake is a quality player thats why he is able to play as LB too.

          2. Agree there is real quality in there.
            But I think your list is more of players who ‘might’ be effective, none who currently are effective in CDM. Just because they have the qualities required doesn’t always make them fit..

            Personally I’m not a fan of playing people out of the positions they are actually playing in. And the coaches do not usually do it anyways, and I can’t think of many times it works.

            Agree Clasie is risky, I’m actually pretty skeptical about every one of the 5 I picked! hah

            Any news on Anita? Has not played since Dec
            If you feel that size is important (as many people say Clasie is too small) then how is Anita much better? To me the character size can outweigh physical size, but at this moment I think that’s maybe a little hopeful for Clasie.

  2. Even after three years I think its a big ask for Bazoer to break in to First Team for Barcelona Unless he can replicate something like Neymar potential’s but in the midfield.
    You look at some of the graduates in Barcelona now who are around that 21-23 years of age. They only play if for injuries to the starting 11 or when the are playing bottom feeders. I mean they are also talented but oppling the heavy weights becomes difficult at that point especially when you have the best to compete with. The other thing Barcelona don’t gamble with transfers. Well injuries aside there is no 50-50 kind of investment and looking at Bazoer,unless if he can prove beyond doubts, this could be hurdle for if him he remains at Ajax,even if after 3 years. He will have to move out of eredivisie at some stage before he can start knocking on the door if that is his dream. Straight from Ajax. I think his expectations is too high.

    1. Agree that could be too high of an expectation, but that is all speculation.. He doesn’t say he expects it or anything, he just says its his dream to be good enough to make that jump.

      Isn’t it a good thing that at 19 he is mature enough to know he is not ready for any move yet, esp amidst everyone saying how good he is going to be?

    2. Also, if there needs to be a ‘step-up’ club between Ajax and Barca (in your opinion) then why would you think that his Barca dream is the reason which he rejected Napoli?

      1. His move to Napoli would have tied him down for atleast five years meaning his dream of moving to Barcelona in three years time would have being jeopardized.

        His resale market value would have also complicated things regardless of his performance given what napoli was offering him. I know for Barcelona money wouldn’t have a issue but business is business ,Napoli wouldnt have let go cheap and looking at what Barcelona spent on Rakitic and Turan, this could have even made things more complicated, again based on his performance. big gamble imo. this could be one reason why he feels Ajax is the right place for his development until such time when his expectations materializes.

        1. I dont think there is any truth in any of your sentences. haha
          Players are never really tied down, and especially not for 5 years!
          And to a player who wants out of a club and involving Barca, it really doesnt matter what the contract is for. Since you brought up Turan (35m for the 29 yr old), he had 2 years left on his contract, and Rakitic (18m for the 27 yr old) still had 1.5 on his. Barca pays anything to get what they want. No – if Bazoer wanted to go to Napoli first and then to Barca he could have easily done it with no problem.
          Also I dont think it is known what Napoli offered to Bazoer, is it? maybe I missed it, but I dont think any details about that was released.

          Still see no reasons that Barca has anything to do with Bazoer rejecting Napoli.
          Everything besides the only reason he himself has given is speculation.
          “An offer from a big foreign club does not distract me. I am feeling very well at Ajax. Things are well and I am a first-team regular. Plus I still have plenty of room for improvement here at Ajax. When my brother, who is also my representative, told me Napoli’s offer, I immediately told him that I wanted to stay here. Ajax are the right club for me at the moment. I want to win the Eredivisie title here.”

          1. Wait and see if Barca is the reason which Bazoer rejected Napoli?
            No need to wait, I am telling you they were not.

  3. Three excellent interviews .Especially about Wim Kieft and Ajax 82.Good old times with more time for life……I agree with Danny Blind and Marco Van Basten……Except(in some”philosophy”):: I think that Dutch football school exists…Dutch football school is universal national culture,art,spirituality,character of society ….this things you must have in football too…if you lose them you lose your “total football”(never mind does it mean 433,442,532..defend,attack etc).It is very difficult to understand ,impossibly …..People will say:Cruyff,Van Hanegem,Nees…where was their spirituality and culture???….and(hugh) I will say one example,maybe stupid……ABBA( sweden pop band in Ajax time) was making good music because they had (except talent)some sincerity ,spiritual faith(funny Agnetha especially),CREATIVITY…it does not matter what it is called…..if you lose these things you become “sterile”..the same thing for football.

    Therefore the same as Michels,Cruyff ,Van Hanegem,and others in football…They are looking for new ways…and they were a little crazy in the search foe truth…and they were mad as wincent Van Gogh sometimes.
    Players today are a bit more “sterile”.For that “reason” MVB do not understand what Cruyff said…Pitch is always same pitch and 11 vs 11….Perfect defense?……(People today want the recipe for all things)

    ….Play as Cruyff (whole team) against the Germany in the final match 1974.(only 1-2 minutes)in the beginning of the match (of course)..Cruyff.s attack in a hundred ways …..35 (controlled errors),62 times you are going to be stopped…when you find space ,then make a real attack……..(Drenthe,Babel(??) against PortugalU21 -2007)…

    -Lonely JC is right about transfers..1 feb. 2016) “Everyone freaks out again”…

    -Zlatan,CR 7,Messi…modern idolatry.The problem is the excessive idolatry.
    So I mentioned Dragan Stojković”Piksi”(Dribbling Skills)-YouTube…-but not only dribble …reading game,good passes ,free kicks,goals from corner(how many goals Messi scored from corner )….in one friendly match in Serbia 93,94(?) he broke backbone of a player ..literally(ambulance,sirens)…and 20-30 mostly unknown others players from Old Yugoslavia(43-91) were probably world records holders in throwing (opponents) on the ground,ass….
    Maybe(of course)they were not as good as Zlatan,CR7,Messi…(trophies,results,concrete something)…but too much idolatry is not good..I think

    1. PS -“Piksi”(Dragan Stojković) could killed a man by dribbling …not by fouls (if I did not wrote well). But.It would be the first(?) case of its kind in history..ok..it is never mind….

      -If you can drawing a Van Gogh paintings that does not necessarily mean that you have creativity as a Van Gogh.(San Marco-Koeman-modern players (from interview ))

      -Johan Cruyff talks about creativity ..

      -But I do not agree that Barcelona has too much creativity.Barcelona uses JC ideas to make the machine…And Barcelona buys the best players in the world ..for Barca machine.
      -Pablo Picaso was a better draftsman…van Gogh was a better philosopher
      -In the match Bayern-Barcelona 7-0(2013) Barceloona looked like a “sterile” team…same case as a Bayern against Barca(3-5) last year….

  4. @Sybe..Anita is injured for some time…Anita -Clasie has same height thats true,…But Anita is a bulldog like Edgar davids..Enormous stamina,deosnt not get injury after a tackle..double lungs gives immense balance to team…Clasie body is not hard,thats why claise gets injury…
    Maschero plays in DM for Arjentina,CB for barca whats the problem with it.Coz his effectiveness is reuired for Barca in defense and in Arjentina they need in CDM..Lahm has done it…So for me its all about quality…if u play as Defender u should be top dog in defense or best in that position…
    Hiddink and Blind had tried plenty of players there
    Especially Blind,Afellay,Clasie(very little time given) and klassen…U have seen it midefeild was crap and we conceded tons of goals…in ECQ2016..
    Anyways on seventh Chelsea VS Manu..Hiddink Vs LVG…Either LVG will win it or maximum chelsea can get a draw…Coz LVG much more wiser than Hiddink…

  5. Guardado is a really fine player. Regardless of who replaced him, it was going to be an adjustment for the team. So, to me, its difficult to draw any conclusions from MVG’s first game. But he is certainly going to get his chance. Lets see how PSV is clicking (or not clicking, as the case may be) in a few weeks.

    1. Agree. But midfield and Flanks collapsed big time in defense. Willem’s was hopeless maybe still rusty and that’s why he got subbed rightly. Again the defenders cannot be blamed if there is a big hole in front of them but again no composure at all from the 2 CBs that they showed in CL. The whole team sucked.

  6. Wilson…just stop ur report based comment…
    Utrect played very hard game,full of energy,with pinpoint attack…Assit for first goal was simply evidence of quck brain and vision,Second was Brenet incapability…
    PSV started well but they clear lacks the quality in final third Especially Narsingh.He and Depay are expert in loosing possession.only good thing is that Narsingh helps defense,Depay deosnt..No wonder Both played for orange in ECQ 2016 and we sucked…Locadia also lacks the sharp edge too…
    Guadrado sits back and comes with ball and then distributes,while Ginkel played little higher than Hendrix..Basically hendrix had to do all dirty works which he did some what okay…Ginkel ahd header denial then he gave some nice passes…
    Bruma,Williems,proper all played well..they need to be selected for NT.with Hendrix..

  7. Strootman played 45 for the Roma youth team and scored a penalty. Subbed at half time to stay on the safe side with his recovery, apparently not because of re-injury.

  8. Indeed. Strootman back! Van Persie scores. Blind playing well. I’m not too negative.

    If Memphis recovers a bit and Robben is fit, a 5-3-2 is going to work really well for us.

    Willems and Janmaat wide.

    Memphis and Robben up front.

    Van Dijk – Blind – Bruma centrally at the back.

    Sneijder – Strootman – Wijnaldum in midfield…..

    This line up can win against any opponent.

  9. Yes, that is a good lineup…Vlaar is playing again, too, these days. If he gets back to form, would you have him play ahead of either Van Dijk or Brouma? (To me, its not a question about Blind—he has to be one of the three.)

    1. Haha and what about next season when de Vrij is back in the mix as well, will we finally have a nice group of solid CBs to pick from? Plus some great youngsters coming.
      I think Vlaar might have to re-prove himself to be better than Bruma now.. Blind for me too (but only at CB!) and van Dijk is in some good form as well

      How about you Andrew?

      1. @Sybe. Oh, I think that is a good point you make about Vlaar. He has to show that he is in better form. But I’m hopeful because he was so good in the central position in 5-3-2 the WC. Same feelings bout DeVrij if/when he returns. Competition makes everyone better.

  10. Agree with Tiju mostly on that PSV Utrecht match – except Hendrix could have been better for me. He never was so guilty as having the man who made the play, but also could have prevented every goal in their build up..
    Wilson is right too, Guardados a big miss.
    Really tough start for van Ginkel but I’m surprised he was put in so quick, poor Maher is nailed to the bench!?
    MvG should have scored in the first half on that around 16 and should had a red at the beginning of the 2nd half.
    Same with playing rusty Willems, in a cup game? Totally burned by Ramselaar for the 3rd goal and looked worn out by 60 but was great in the first half, esp the first 15. Just needs fitness. Hope his injury isn’t too bad.
    It will def come for both players.
    I think Cocu got it wrong there.
    PSV were decent in possession but poor without the ball, and the defensive blunders buried them, lots possession with no real penetration or finish.
    Utrecht really solid defensively and killer on the counter attacks.
    I thought Ramselaar (motm) and also Ayoub were very good for Utrecht!
    Also Letschert at CB was a rock, flawless on his duels. These youngsters really impressed me. Worked their asses off and deserved to snap PSVs 17 game unbeaten streak.
    The rematch Sunday in Utrecht should be good!

    1. @Sybe it was the ow quality of Narsingh and bit Locadia made Utrecht defense strong..but has to agree they played with urgency and stamina..williems had problems but i think its due to stamina..ad rythem…but cannt blame him for first 2 goals..PV with Gasten peiro is more dealier than Narsigh..

  11. People Say Daley blind is doing good at CB..yes he is doing well,i mean very well considering his lack of stregth and speed..But he is physical well protected by Shniderlin, and Smalling..
    Okay well i have some excellent build up plays and anticipated defending from Blind for Manu..But he was always prone to strngth and speed of the opponent..Riyad mehrez made mockery of him,Sadi mane too…So its good that we have got a versatile player.I am more impressed with his inttelignce,Vision,key passes i mean passes with eye for goal..and he is prettey accurate in shooting and passing..so i think he better suited to our currently impotent attack..

      1. I really think he should be called up if Blind sticks to 3-5-2.his only weakness at lazio so far has been his depth where you need good understanding with your central partner and someone who can guide you also.In his case he is still adopting to serie A
        and at times he looks like a isolated figure on his own. I think this can easily be addressed at NT level where language won’t be a barrier especially when playing with three CBs

        1. It would be amazing if he held down a first team spot with de Vrij next season once he is back! chemistry with CBs has not always been the best for the dutch with players mostly spread out in other leagues..
          Based on the great reviews like this he has had a few times this year seems like hes won a starting spot already. rare for a young CB.

          Hopefully Kishna gets over his knee problems and can make a name for himself there too

          goddammit I might have to actually watch some italian football! hahaha

  12. Missed the first goal, but give me a break it was a 330 am kickoff where I am so I missed the first 15.. Haha
    So I missed the opening goal by Toornstra, (a nice low strike from outside the box against the run of play, Cillessen suspect) but seems like the right pace and intensity for de Klassieker.
    Just saw the nice goal by Younes playing a nice one-two with Klaassen, made some dribbles before firing low across Vermeer. Decent goal but could have been stopped probably by van Beek and Karsdorp.
    1-1 at HT.
    Exciting end to end match in the Amsterdam ArenA, open and lots of chances for both. some annoying pushing and shoving kind of bs going on by the end of the half, usually very annoying but nice to see some fire with these guys.. real battles happening with Klaassen/Bazoer v Vilhena/El Ahmadi.

    Has van Rhijn become so poor that Veltman is the RB backup to Tete? Suppose we will see if Riedewald is out long (was subbed off injured on 11 mins)..
    Would like to see Vejinovic as well, but he’s also on the bench. Achahbar not even on the bench today…

    1. YEs Sybe…Vanrhijn is so poor at defense,u can not trust him at any day…But is an excellent winger,wonderful techie,excellent accurate crosses and fast enough for a winger..i dont know why he wasting time as a RB…Exactly like Annholt on other end..
      I like Vilhena he is a better threat than Depay,he remids me of Van der vaart..

  13. Wow what a goal from Bazoer for 2-1
    Was just going to say he was not really doing it for me in this game, esp after the needless early yellow in the 2H, but a ball comesto him and his strike from outside the box sails straight past Vermeer to the top corner. Beauty!

  14. Ajax should have gone 3-1 when Vermeer took down Klaassen in the box.
    Awful pen by Gudelj, do not understand why he is taking pens when El Ghazi needs goals to get his confidence back.
    Do not understand de Boer these days.. but Ajax hang on to win 2-1.
    Very entertaining match for a neutral like me!
    Bazoer with that winning strike must be motm, but Klaassen very good too. Really like Vilhena lately and Kongolo was strong as usual keeping struggling el Ghazi quiet.
    Pressure now on PSV to keep top spot, must win away at Utrecht in a couple hours

    1. @Sybe….Trust me Elgahzi is another just crap hyping Depay in making…Or take a note of my sentence,i dont rate him high,he has low vision,no eye for key pass,slow brain like Afellay.he has got a physique which is proned to become easily fatty..So for a good defender can easily shut him down,like depay is doing now..
      guys with Real materials are Vilhena,Kongolo,Amin younes,Bazoer etc..

  15. I was interested in all of our strikers and comparing their conversion rates so I made this little list of stats. I included their ages, the amount of time they play in the games they make appearances (ex. RvP spends a lot of time coming on as a sub in Turkey, so has a lower percentage), and of course their minute count before either scoring, or making a goal by assisting.

    Here it is if anyone else is curious..
    Here is the ‘legend’:
    birth year, player, ‘mins’ in ‘matches’ (% of mins played at club) – goals, assists (min per G, min per G or A)

    And here they are, oldest to youngest:
    ’83, van Persie, 1620′ in 30 (60%) – 13,1 (125,116)
    ’83, Huntelaar, 2047′ in 25 (91%) – 10,5 (205,136)
    ’88, Kramer, 1788′ in 26′ (76%) – 14,6 (128,89)
    ’89, Dost, 1592′ in 24 (74%) – 9,1 (177,160)
    ’90, L de Jong, 2560′ in 30 (95%) – 22,6 (116,91)
    ’91, te Vrede, 1063′ in 18 (66%) – 9 (118)
    ’92, Castaignos, 750′ in 12 (70%) – 5,3 (160,94)
    ’94, Janssen, 2810′ in 36 (87%) – 18,5 (156,122)

    Not many younger strikers getting lots of minutes so I left it at this, if anyone you’d like me to add let me know.
    Maybe I’ll do one again at the end of the year…

    1. So based strictly on goals per minutes only, here is how they rank:
      De Jong
      Te Vrede
      van Persie

      And if you include assists:
      De Jong
      van Persie
      Te Vrede

    2. maybe I should have also added the league position of each players’ club as well.. some national managers care about these things also. Also some players have other qualities not shown on a list like this, like for example Huntelaar is super valuable for Shalke as he is captian and they are 4th in the bundesliga even though his production seems to be slowing down

  16. Chelsea vs Man Utd (Hiddink vs Van Gaal) two Dutch coaches playing a very boring game. Hiddink almost has the same formation as Mourinho. Very defensive and cautious. Man Utd just lacks quality players after spending a fortune in the transfer market.

  17. PSV @ Utrecht
    Could only catch the first half..
    Cocu changes all of the wing players (Locadia/Narsingh/Willems/Brenet < Pereiro/Jozefzoon/Isimat-Mirin/Arias) and keeps his spine the same. Bruma/Moreno – Hendrix – Propper/Ginkel – LdJ
    15 mins in Luuk puts Arias through, he makes no mistake. 1-0
    But poor Maher still stuck to the bench – but looks like that one can be justified as van Ginkel shoots a loose ball into the back of the next shortly after for 2-0! His first goal since last May at Milan.
    PSV much better without the ball than Thursday, esp Hendrix.. although Utrecht not as ruthless, as Ayoub could have had 2 assists with chances he created – really liking his game..
    Good that Willems was on the bench, thought he re-injured last match. Glad to be wrong on that, I see he played the second half.
    How did he look and how did switching with Bruma change the back line?
    Otherwise looks like I didn't miss too much in the second half! 2-0 FT

    1. PSV added some quality by not playing Narsingh From Gasten periro.Jozefoon was not much upgrade on Locadia almost same level or worse..I LIKED THE ASSIT OF Gasten To Vanginkel it was brilliant and cunning assist with back of his head these are moments decides the out come of match.Which we cant expect with low quality players liek Narsingh,Afellay,Depay etc and even Promes..
      Bruam was injured ankle i think.Willems is still rusty..PSv struggled really after Bruma Sub..Utrect also ahd their fair chances.Slowly Van ginkel is turning to be real Vanginkel We have seen 3 years ago..
      Hendrix had hell of a match..

  18. Saw Manu Vs chelsea 15-15 minutes or little more in both end of both halfs..As PSV match started early.
    Manu was clearly better team untill they scored,Rooney had an excellent game,so was martial…Blind was good at build up but struggled as defender…
    The most thing i liked in the match was Memphis was sitting in bench for 85 minutes or more,he came on he gave a miss pass and with the help of slip form Blind Costa scored equlaiser…that was the significant contribution of Memphis to his won team..His running with heavy legs looked like duck running on paddy feild..i will stop watching football if this guy recahes in to a world class player..

    1. Strange decision to put in an attacking player who is so far out of form in the 87′ when you are up 1-0 away at Stamford bridge..
      LvG must be suspect as well for that call?

    1. Tiju, I read the link. Thought his comments were pretty generic. What does he say in there that leads you to make such an insulting comment about him, that he “has got zero intelligence”?

    2. Tiju, I read the link. Thought his comments were pretty generic. What does he say in there that leads you to make such an insulting comment about him, that he “has got zero intelligence”?

      1. Memphis is the only one stays up…Absolutly not..Memphis is there due to LVG…and Memphis is at LVG Mercy..
        Manu neglected Roben,Strootman both were better talents than overrated Memphis..so it is purly due to LVG effect not coz Memphis is top class..

  19. I saw the Man U – Chelsea game too. I don’t get the criticism on Man U? I thought they pinned Chelsea down nicely. Simply forgot to finish the game off? Chelsea was on the ropes for the biggest part of the game.

    Not sure how Blind got into defensive troubles, I think he played well, until he slipped….

    And I also don’t see why people think Memphis lacks form? He had an assist for Rooney, a penalty against Sheffield, a nice little dink vs Stoke. Whenever he came on, he started a nice move. Against Chelsea he had only 7 minutes when ManU was under pressure and his through ball for Schneiderlin was intercepted by the defender… I wouldn’t say that was bad football, just unfortunate…

    1. Jan I also watched the game and I will say this,they did look industrious when the ball was with Martial and Mata but Chelsea definitely had more venom and again De Gea kept the water from crossing the neck for both Van Gaal and MU.

      I think Hiddink was wrong to sub Oscar. Hazard as usual is stingless nowadays same as Depay and it’s kind of hard to call whether the outcome would have the same if not for Zoumas injury.

      One slip and the game changed its course. Let’s give the benefit of doubt to Blind for that slip as it was not intensional but his timing was out before he made the run and prior to slipping.

      There is certain aspects of his defense game that goes unnoticed just because he has some of very best in buisness in front of him and unfortunately in NT this is where he will find himself exposed regardless of him playing 89 minutes of solid distribution game and then getting capitalised on his weakness to conceed in the last minute. You just cannot build a team around such a player where his strength and weakness both can neutralize each other. Just waste of time and spot which can be utilized on someone better an d someone who is defensively reliable at most. One on one duels, arieally dynamic,put body on line,with stand tackles etc.

      The question also to ask here is what is important conceeding a goal or 89 minutes of smart distributing soccer.

      1. Don’t think Blind has some of the very best in the business in front of him at all. And when they are poor Blind has been good too. He’s also been good on tackles, and does put his body on the line.
        Not saying he is a player to build a team on, but he is not disposable either and he is a logical choice. I don’t agree that his selection would be a waste of a spot at all unless there are others showing better consistency, and esp since he can play other positions in a pinch.

        1. Morgan schneiderlin definitely yes. Carrick and Schweinsteiger, though both are not up to Schneiderlin level but again have the grit to play like the very best but not consistently due to the coming of age.

          You go to any MU forum and ask about Daley Blind and see what the feedback is. I can guarantee you it will be lackluster. Try this and see it for yourself.

          If Van Gaals goes from MU, that will be it for Daley Blind.

          1. Schneiderlin is decent but not one of the best. But doesn’t matter, he only played the last 10 mins of that game and in that 10 mins Chelsea scored.
            Carrick has been poor, but decent lately, Fellaini and Fellaini has been ok. Schweinsteiger is top class, but maybe passed his prime and he wasn’t there either.
            Haha I don’t think you know what coming of age means.
            I think you are scapegoating Blind, waiting for a mistake and then spew up this nonsense again.

            So… you want me to go searching through one the worst groups of fan pages to try and prove your point for you? Haha right
            Another great debating technique.

          2. Read my post again pals his strength and weakness is like + and -,I mean you can do the maths here.

            Scapegoating,what have u watching all these time. What Van Gaal is doing at MU now is the same thing BVM did in 2010 with Mathisjen and Heitinga. A better team won on that day.

          3. No I understand what you’re saying, I just disagree with your analysis of Blind so then the ‘maths’ is irrelevant.
            I think he can be (and is) an important part to a team.

  20. Ousamma Tannane continued his scoring rum from over the weekend to Coupe de France helping Saint – Eitenne to qualify for SF.
    Had a assist and goal in League game over the weekend. good start for him.

    they have also climbed to third spot in league

  21. @Wilson, Good for Tannane. Hope he keeps it up. btw, I appreciate your providing these performance updates of Dutch players (such as Hoedt, De Roon, Tananne, now, etc.). Thank you.

  22. Nice banter lads!
    @wilson – yeah thanks for the player updates, great to see Stroot back on the park!
    I just watch the replay of Southhampton V West Ham, not sure if anyone caught it but what a great game to watch. Yoshida scored early for Southhampton and then it became a game of hang on as West Ham dominated possession. With about 35 to go Southhampton went down to 10 men and the fight was really on.
    Classie was like a little terrier in the middle chasing everything he could, not doing anything flashy just working hard for his team , I was really happy to see him play 90 mins, he got subbed in extra time.
    Van Djyk was an absolute colossus in the back, he won most duels and just got in the rode of the West ham strikers at the crucial moments, he is such a big man and so dominant in the air, the commentators gave him great praise at the end of the match. There was one moment in particular that really impressed me , with about 5 mins to go he headed a cross away from goal that went to Collins who played it wide to Emeneke I think, Shane Long made a run back from striker to block the cross that was going to come into the area, the thing that impressed me most was Van Dyjk’s reaction in the background 50 yards away, he punched the air and yelled encouragement to his team mate for making that effort, these small things in a game are sometimes the difference between winning and losing! Welldone Saints!
    I also watched ManU v Chelsea, I thought ManU were the better team early on and looked like they were going to run away with the game, Hiddink had Chelsea sitting very deep and this made life easier for ManU. But later in the game things changed and the inevitable happend, Blind was unlucky to slip but still he slipped at a crucial moment, I thought he had had a good game overall. And as I have said before De Gea is the only reason ManU are in the top 10 in the league as again he saved their bacon, covering for poor defenders, they should sign him for life after what he has done for them this season!
    I hope MVG gets 90 mins every week, I’m going to try and watch his games I still hold high hopes for him , time is still on his side.
    Hup Holland!

    1. Virjil Dan dijk is realy slow..i know he is very good in air..but i saw martial schooling him like a school boy…i prefer Veltman over Dijk,BMI since Raidwald is out..or Vlaar

    2. @Van Banger, Yes, I saw the Southampton-West Ham match. Agree, it was a fun, exciting game to watch. Van Dijk had a strong game, and I did catch that moment you highlighted. All good stuff.

  23. Depay showed his class in u21.VS norwich.Next he is goin to show his talent in womens team.there he can dribble past many girls and shot a rabona..he will have more pace than girls too..

  24. Manu Vs chelsea,,Chelsea was clearly much inferior team untill they conceded the goal from real talent Lindgrad..though chelsea had some clear counter attacking chances…MAnu decided to hang on their lead and chelsea had to come out and attack.some how they found a goal..Depay was so funny after loosing the pass and he didnt even try to win it back..Finally ended up in goal..I am convinced this guy goin to coat LVG his Job..One of the worst siging in Manu history..
    If Mourihno arrives Fellaini and Mata can pack their bags..will be followed by Depay,Blind,Bastein etc…

  25. Cameron Brothwick jackson is 18 year old..he never had time to adapt senior EPL..he started recently in first team…He is so lean,incredibly fast ,efficient….While Depay has BIG muscle to cop with EPL physicality.and heavy legs to kick players and ball..he has a dutchc manger who is known for his loyalty and honesty.Still many idiots says Depay needs time…i dont understand that…

  26. I would still prefer Van Dijk on right at this point in time but if he goes on to improve his agileness on the left good for him and NT as well. Turing is still a problem for him especially when he is drifting.

  27. The injury crisis has really helped Wesley Hoedt start of the block at Lazio. another full 90 for him in the 5-2 win vs Hellas Verona. though bit nervy but talk about consistency,he is really piling on minutes now.

  28. Raidwald is out for 6 months…One of our best defender is out..De vrij is still out.Tete is too.Virjil and BMI has their own issues…both cannot be trusted..Reikik is yet again spoiling his future by going out of eredivise,i hope he comes back and joins PSV or Ajax or else we can can forget him..Soon CR7messi Memphis Depay will become a past story like Drenthe and de ridder..
    But there are real and humble guys who fights and gives their 100 percent are coming up like Bruma,kongolo..so we can still hope…
    Since Strootman,Vlaar(fit???),De vrij,tete,raidwald injured
    Kongolo—-Veltman—-Bruma—Kevin diks

  29. Clasie – Van Ginkel


    at some point in time I would like to see the above trio in midfield.(point back)

    Koeman will definitely mold Clasie in to a fine player.

    Van Ginkel is a proven player, whether it’s Chelsea, Milan,Stoke or PSV.The more he plays, the better for him.

    Strootman,long road to recovery but definitely will be great addition in midfield. I would rather station him in the engine room because he the only proven upgraded version of Nigel De Jong and plus add agility to that. It would be like three midfielders going up and down together. Talk about workrate.
    Maybe when these guys hit the full throttle again.

  30. Also to be honest I really don’t know what the future lies ahead for Daley Sinkgraven. He doesn’t look to be the part of FDB’s plan. Another great talent who just needs to be playing as much as possible which he is not getting at Ajax. A loan would be way out atleast.

  31. Another clean sheet for Southampton, Koeman really getting the best of his team.
    Loved Clasie’s game again. Really just needs to work on his stamina and physical form now. A second 90 min match in a row helps. Not tons of touches but looking at Swanseas player map, good to see a void of influence in their CM spot. Perfect besides a lazy yellow. Romeu and Clasie look like a great midfield pairing. Imagine replacing Romeu with a boss like Strootman before injuries – would be enough IMO to not be forced into 5 defenders. You have all the physical qualities with this combo, guile and tenacity, finesse and steel.
    van Dijk solid too, huge part of why Southampton has no GAs in 4 matches since Jan2. But for me he waits a little too long to move the ball sometimes so has to use long balls or the keeper too much.. if a player is not so fast, he must read the game well. Van Dijk can do it, led the game in both interceptions and clearances!

    Also saw a nice strike for an Afellay goal playing mostly in the #10 spot. Impressive stats for both Afellay and Pieters, esp in the first half with the 2 creating all of Stoke’s chances. Afellay zero giveaways 1st half and only 1 in the 2nd.
    Pieters leading in tackles and interceptions, plus 2 chances created.

    Watched highlights of United at Sunderland.
    Haha ironic that the 2 best players for United (Martial and de Gea) could both have stopped either goal. Imagine the scorn Memphis would get if in Martials shoes on those goals! nice take for his goal tho.

    1. Agree with your observations on all of the above!
      Affellay passing stats – 98% complete (100% in the attacking zone 10 passes), you can’t ignore stats like that. It was his first goal for the season too!

  32. looks like it will be a close battle between Luuk and Janssen for the eredivisie Golden Boot.AZ has climbed to fourth and should have a eye on that thrid spot and Europa League.

  33. Watched PSV match…sad to see Narsingh playing and Maher sitting in bench..Maher wont be able to displace Ginkel and Proper it seems…i want PSV to win the league as Ajax chokes in every year in CL..So no use for eredivise if Ajax wins…
    Luuk Dejong is physically stronger and faster than both Hunter and RVP…No wonder we did not qualify for euro with them…Whenever a crosses is coming in Both Dost and Luuk are capable of connecting it to pass or shot on goal..thats nice.nice. Coz both can out muscle most of the defenders..Locadia can also do that..
    Williems is a beast in cross and effective dribbles,slowly regaining where he left off…Bruma is back as well..when i see the PSV lads,bazoer,annholt,Vilhena on feild i have good hope for orange…

      1. I think he has nothing prove this time around. the best thing he can do is get is stamina up by clocking more and more minutes. I think this is the only reason why he joined PSV on loan. This also comes with the chance to have a crack at NT which will be added boost for him which I doubt he would have achieved at Stoke coming of the bench. Looking at CL vs Atletico Madrid I think it is a big ask. It may all come down to the depth in squads at this stage which PSV might just don’t have.
        Home and away battle should be interesting and might decide this tie.

  34. Big couple of months for van Ginkel to prove himself worthy of the Chelsea squad… 2 goals in his first 3 matches is great, but was probably sent to PSV for the CL experience..
    funny that he will play CL matches versus what sounds like will be his future Chelsea coach!

      1. Van ginkel is a chelsea player…Not stoke player…they got him from chelsea not from stoke..stoke is alo just another client…so i dont know how it works..

          1. may be u r right…i already said i dont know the rules.but wat i do know is that Marco Vanginkel is a Chelsea player by all means..

  35. Quotes given to van Ginkel:

    “I am happy that Chelsea gave the move the green light. I still have a contract for two and half more years with Chelsea and my goal remains to play for them.
    “But I am fully focused on PSV now. Winning the Eredivisie is the main priority, but there’s also the KNVB Beker and the Champions League.”

    1. But this elsewhere:
      due to Champions League roster rules, he will not be able to participate in the round of 16 matches against Athletico Madrid, and future games should PSV proceed.

  36. What about if a player moves in the January transfer window?

    A club may register a maximum of three new eligible players for the knockout stage. Such registration must be completed by midnight CET on 2 February 2016.

    One player from the above quota of three can have been fielded in a group stage by another club in the current season, provided that the player has not been fielded:

    In the same competition for another club; OR
    For another club that is currently in the same competition (applies specifically to third-placed UEFA Champions League teams joining the UEFA Europa League)
    One or more players from the above quota of three can be registered even if they have been fielded by another club in the first, second or third qualifying round, and/or play-offs of the UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League.

    1. It’s pretty confusing, I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.
      Chelsea lost today but an away goal is very valuable, I did not see the match yet but it seems like it was very close!

  37. Rooney the captain and inform player of Manunited is injured for 2 months at least…LVG is furthur more Suckedd,feel bad for LVG…am sure Bodybuilder cum dream chaser cum,Rollsroyce lover will e given chances yet again he will fail miserably..if Depay has anything in him he can steal his starting and bench berth(Which i do not think he has talent enough to play for Manu)

  38. this could be massive squad for England at Euros







      1. Gary cahil has becoem real shit in defense..England players still lack the quality to win EC or WC..i dont see Roben,Totti,Delpeiro,Ineasta,puyol,beckebover,Zidane in any of english players…France will win it…

          1. i did nt know that willson…thank you for the information,it was new to me…i would like like to point that u need a special player to move to next level(i mean a difference maker who can score goals or make assit from out of the blue..)England are good team agreed..much better under Roy.But you need more than a good team + special player…To win EC/WC..U want to bet with me that England wont win it??????am in…

          2. I think they have a good batch of talented players but there are other factors too which can alter the outcome of the game regardless of any team. It’s just like cooking. Right ingredients, right time, right quantity.

    1. @Wilson Anyways..i am sure England wont win it..u can take a note of it…if anyone ask what is the reason behind that statement…just answer them ,Tiju said so they wont win it…

  39. Now it is almost confirmed LVG will be sacked…he will get blaming for Selling welbeck,chicharito and signing average players like MEMphis,Blind etc…So they will sack him…its a sad thing for personally that i am fan of LVG..but sacking seems inevitatble…

    1. I wonder how many times he will actually be sacked this year 😉
      Even tho I don’t like commenting too much on speculation, I think he will probably resign before being sacked – as he had already suggested himself to their board in January – and hopefully the club has enough class to let that happen rather than sacking him.

      But I do agree with you it’s prob time for him to move on, and so retire.
      He has benefited the team defensively, but not really sure he can motivate those forward players any further as none of his attacking moves have really come off (although I do think Martial and Memphis will come good in time).
      Also, 6 pts off the top 4 now and crashed out of CL group stage is not good for the clubs entitled United fans, although they do still play all the teams ahead of them in the league so you’d have to say it’s very possible for them yet..

      To his defense (from a neutral point of view) as hired to do he has also put United back into the top 4 last season with more or less the same squad that came 7th before that, even with struggling signings like Falcao and di Maria. The league this year, the FA cup and Europa league are up for grabs yet as well.
      Also (besides signing some decent young players, instead of old washed up ones) he somehow kept de Gea and somehow turned Smalling into a top defender, haha

      IMO he leaves as a legend either way.

      1. Manchester united lacks quality upfront..they have 1 worldclass player + 3 good players upfront..i mean Martial is class then Mata-Rooney-Herrera..while Herrera doesnt play often..there is no one for them run with the ball liek Gini does for Newcastle..
        Luukshaw—De Vrij—Smalling—Darmian
        ————-De gea———————
        would be a hadsome line up for Manu
        Like dutch NT manchester also lacks quality players..

  40. We have 2 friendly matches Vs England and Germany in march 26/29…If blind has balls he must keep Sneijder and Roben out then he should asses how strong his team with out both.
    Williems–Kongolo–Bruma—Kevin dijks
    Would be nice balanced team in attack and defense equally….

    1. Agree need to keep old players out (Huntelaar, Sneijder, van Persie) and bring some new blood.
      But I think if Robben is Blinds choice for captain then I think he has to be 1 of any 23, although agree need to allow others to get a chance on the pitch as well.
      That leadership, winning mentality, and fighting spirit, even if just from the bench, becomes more important if we go with many young players.

      Interesting lineup idea.. too many players out of current positions for me but appreciate the search for balance.
      You play Dost automatically when he has been out injured for a while? Seems like others in much better form and fitness IMO

      1. No we dont need RVP and Hunter…
        Dost or Luuk..i just given like that..not much difference in my book.
        Donyll Mallen of Arsenal is coming like a storm…he will become our No1 striker in 2 years time..
        Here goes my explanation for my 11..
        Annholt–williems on lfet i see as total footballing concept,both can defend both can attack,where Williems shots are deadlier than Annholt…i mean Plenty of real pcae,Dribbles and defense in balanced on left wing..With Depay we dont have speed or work rate…
        DoSt /Luuk—Strong Cf with power and Pace to receive any kind of passes and to corner the tough defenders,which is impossible with Hunter and RVP…
        Wijnaldum is in terrific form and has got guts can play even as CB/GK…Sice we no qulaity winger bar Roben on right wing..Gini is the only one we could trust..
        Blind has excellent brain and better eficacy upfront than Klassen,afellay etc…Can help defense too..
        Bazoer can take too and excellent vision…with Annholt-Gini –blind–BAZOER-hENDRIX- WE TREMENDOUS fighting work rate and efficasy…
        With 2 fast CBs are more agile than any of our CBs…Kevin dijks is really tough as defender and very fast as karsdorp..i can see this team beats England and giving headaches to France and may be finally beat them…

        1. Dost maybe if fit and in form, but not close to Luuk this year really.. I think Janssen deserves a look! Interested in Castaignos yet as well once back from injury hopefully soon..

          2 years would still be very early for Malen, but one for the future for sure. Before him I still have a hope in Achahbar and Zivkovic, plus van der Moot of PSV and van der Heijden of ADO are nice prospects too. But happy if Malen can cole thru early too!!

          1. Janseen i do like,Luuk is a clever player..but donyll is something like henry,kluivert kinda..

  41. Goal and assist for van der Wiel today, after staying on the bench midweek v Chelsea.
    Also flawless on his tackles, 5 interceptions and 9 recoveries.
    Worth reconsidering?

  42. PSV played a nice game couldnt watch second half…PSV is really much stronger than Ajax..Az alkmar is becoming a strong team…if Eredivise wants to something in Europe i think AZ and PSV are the only teams from eredivise can contribute something in to it.
    Danny Blind was there,i hope he watched Ginkel,Proper,Willems,Bruma,Luuk and Locadia to select them and should realise that Narsingh lacks Quality there should not be considerd to Nt for ever…

    1. Good lineup based on form, but if it is mainly based on form, then you’d have to make some switches IMO:
      Robben > Locadia
      Afellay > van Ginkel
      Clasie > Ake
      And then def Cillessen since Vermeer is on a huge losing streak!

      1. SYBE WHEN u add Afellay,roben ,clasie,Blind(physically weak at back)u loose the balance between defense and offense..that de satbilise th team especailly afellay who can offer nothing up front..Roben at least will have his own moments..Clasie is too light weight ..When u add weil and Virjil..u have catastrophy to happen…on paper it may look nice but on feild things would be different..
        Vanginekl—–Clasie —-Wijnaldum
        Annholt–Veltman–Bruma—-Kevin dijks

        1. Thanks for the explanation, but it was only a tweak to wilsons lineup based on form, as I suggested.
          Can you see that afellays excellent form as a CM is directly resulting in Stoke’s success? Further, it was him who displaced van Ginkel from that very spot in the squad!
          It was not my choice for a ‘balanced’ lineup, but it could be good. Who knows, we have not seen it.
          Anyone who tells you their way is the only way, really only tells you they are wrong!

          Still I don’t think it would be hard to argue that a mid combo of Wijnalum – Afellay – Clasie is actually pretty balanced.
          Also I really don’t think you could convince me that in this moment there is anyone else who would displace them based on current form. If you tried it would probably convince me that you have not been watching but only playing video games.

          PS – Kevin Diks (Vitesse RB) or Mitchell Dijks (Ajax LB)? you either keep mixing them up, or maybe you know who you mean but do not communicate it properly. I hope you see the difference. 🙂

          1. Sybe..FYI Stoke Sucesses is not due to Afellay fart..its due to Shakiri,Arantovic and good defense…Afellay is just good at dribbles so they keep him..i dont see anything special from Afellay in stoke sucess..His contribution to team is still lower than Blind to Manu..Annholt to Sunderland etc..May be u will be convinced after seeing NT sucks with Afellay…i mean yet another defeat with weil,Vrijil,MI,Afellay,Depay,RVP,hunter..So i am not trying to convince anyone here…Some people learn from making mistakes and some people never learns from mistake.Wisemen learns from other people mistake..u can decide which catagory can accomodate u..

          2. Then it’s confirmed you have not watched or learned from anyone else on Afellay then. Haha
            So your good advice at the end, includes especially yourself it would seem. 😉

  43. Wingbacks,I will definitely rate Weil as no 1 but in formation with more defensive approach then most probably he is not the right man. But you have to admire his ethics at PSG. He plays so fluently. 3-5-2 he is defintely the right guy just like van Annholt.

    1. Veil is player who makes stupid foul and lacks intelligence,poor decision maker with idiotic vision,his plus points are he can dribble and has got speed..we have better attacking options than him like Karsdorp,Kevin dijks….if look more resolute defender its Tete the man..

  44. Either way it’s more about Blind
    thinking out of the box and bringing real competition in the
    Modern day soccer context. If he doesn’t then he simply is not the right man for the job.

  45. Wilson I’m intrigued by the Conte/player rotation idea you present.
    (although player rotation is not ‘thinking outside the box’ by any means – is that the cliche you refer to here? just checking if I understand you properly)
    Regardless, do you have any info to back this up? Like how the number of changes to his squads has translated to wins etc., compared to the number of changes which the Dutch team has seen over the same process?
    (still we must admit their qualifying groups were far off as well so the comparison can’t be completely fair)

    I usually really enjoy Conte’s teams, but I believe it is because of the passion and togetherness his sides always show – definitely a characteristic we could use and actually IMO the biggest thing we are missing!!! …besides a few million people in the population resulting in many more player choices as Tiju suggests 😉

    I believe our problems have been much deeper than simply throwing more new players into the mix.
    In fact, for the sake of argument, I might argue that the amount of player changes we did see to the Oranje squad over the EQ (due to whatever reason – bad form, lack of depth, and timely injuries, etc) were a larger part of the reason we have failed to qualify.

    1. Conte has rotated a good set of players in different players in the course of the qualifiers and also in the friendlies. His major strong hold has being his backline which he has hasn’t resuffled much.(juventus backline).he has gone as far as Sassuolo,torino and samporida and called up players who have shown form. Now he is well on course with the technical ability of these players and where they fit in the best. This is thinking out of the box.

      You look at players like Chery,Berhguis for example.they were consistent players in eredivisie for at least three seasons.they get called up but for sake of being new faces but again no chance given.

      This is what is the problem.

      If its now or never.

      Everytime Robben gets injured the team switches off. its time to build the team without him so that if he isn’t there the team can still cope on their own in his absence.if Danny Blind doesn’t do this he is simply dommed.

        1. “””Everytime Robben gets injured the team switches off. its time to build the team without him so that if he isn’t there the team can still cope on their own in his absence.if Danny Blind doesn’t do this he is simply dommed.”””””””
          First time u speak sense agree 100 percent..proactive thinking …FYI..Blind wants to cement his seat as Bondcoach for that he needs immediate victory for that he he needs to Rely on Roben..He doesnt care about future of NT…its all about his glamour seat…

          1. What do you mean ‘every time Robben gets injured’? So the one time it happened so far with Blind as manager? Hahaha
            I guarantee his plan was not to switch off, and any manager does not want to be a one man show.

            I don’t think anything you’ve described of Conte is thinking outside the box.
            Normal management strategy.
            Anyways, any info to back the idea up? Like how the number of changes to his squads has translated to wins etc., compared to the number of changes which the Dutch team has seen over the same process?

          2. As I have said earlier it’s not about winning or losing, it all about which player best fits in which position and in which formation. You want to call it a strategy and I want call it thinking out of box. Makes no difference. Since his time at Juventus,Conte has alway deployed 3-5-2.this has being his strategy even now in the Italy team. Now if he alters the formation to test specific players, does this become a strategy.yes no, no yes. Again makes no difference.

            For your sake if indeed this was a strategy,I wonder when Danny will start using this strategy.

          3. So normal every day strategy is the same as thinking outside the box?
            Ok fine, I was just checking.

            Anyways, any info to back the idea up? Like how the number of changes to his squads has translated to wins etc., compared to the number of changes which the Dutch team has seen over the same process?

  46. @Sybe…i have watched enough Afellay,Depay games and i am done with it.NT is not going to benefit from both..So am not wasting time u and Afellay/Depay….U r the one not leanred form failure of NT in euro..still u want to play both fine ..just goahead and loose..u r not going to win it with these kind of players..

    1. maybe you are havibg some reading problems.
      I did not say I wanted to play both, or either really. afellay sucked on LW for us, we know. but right now at CM he is doing great and in good form, thats all. way to bring memphis into another discussion that had nothing to do with him.
      neither would be in my best 11 even if everyone is fit, and in good form. thanks for asking!
      get over yourself mate

      1. okay that clears cetrtain points and air..My final point is that we have got no time left for Afellay or Depay or RVP or Hunteror Weil or Elia or BMI..to screw our chances in WCQ2018..No matter how they perform inconsistently for their Club.None of this players is not capable of giving extra edge to NT.So its high time to forget them and move on…

  47. Just watched Lazio draw 0-0 away at relegation zone side Frosinone. Pretty low tempo match but Hoedt was very good. Does not look like a 22 year old (in 3 wks). Good passer and steps into the middle now and again looking confident and composed. Led the game in interceptions (8), flawless on clearences and had one crucial tackle preventing a thru ball in the 90th min.
    A CB combo like Hoedt – de Vrij playing together at club level would be great for us.

    PS – Strootman on the bench for Roma today!

      1. Hoedt is definitely a future prospect for NT. He still has some flaws but give him another season he will reach his max.3 man backline,should be considered ahead of blind simply because there is no schneiderlin and Schwensteigier in NT where he can get the protection he is enjoying at Man U.everytime I watch that goal Turan scored in the qualifiers I jus loose hope in him.

        1. Agree that Turan goal is a nightmare, but I dont really think it is a pattern or something characteristic of Blinds play as a CB.
          Hoedt def cant move the ball like Blind can, but he is decent with it.
          Also, I would say Biglia is far more valuable to Lazio’s success than either Schneiderlin or Schweinsteiger are to United since Blind has played CB, and especially right now.
          Not to mention the massive difference between leagues.. tough to compare.

          IMO in a quick summary, our backline set up should depend on the midfield available in form, and then on opponent. Then for choosing the player for the LB/LCB spot, the decision should be based on fitness, form, opponent(s), and also consistency – but only if possible without risk since building a team culture of a strong winning mentality is crucial and missing since the WC with LvG. A left footer is nice too of course, although not crucial.

          So with all those things in mind, I’d like to see a rotation of Blind, Riedewald, Hoedt, Kongolo, and maybe Rekik (I am not a big fan of BMI even though I dont really like closing doors on players, but sorry Bruno!)
          Or maybe even one of the right footers may do the trick: de Vrij, Bruma, Veltman, van Dijk,.. Vlaar and Gouweleeuw worth considering too.
          Plus some young lads coming, like the pair at Heerenveen, St Juste and van Aken. Letschert at Utrecht has looked ok to me in a few matches.. van Beek has not been convincing to me but still quite young.
          I think our CBs are finally maturing now and the future looks good here for us, the ingredients are there anyways.

          1. “””I think our CBs are finally maturing now and the future looks good here for us, the ingredients are there anyways.”””””””
            “””our backline set up should depend on the midfield available in form, and then on opponent.”””””””””
            Sybe could u please go and tell this truth to our stubborn Blind coaches??this is were NT fails..Showing blindness when diamond sits in front of u..

          2. Patterns, Pals what have you being watching all this time. If only I could do a complication of his NT games I would have showed his pattern. You think about it no other player has received the benefit of doubt in three different position if you included him starting at CB in the upcoming games. I have mentioned this before a defenders job is to defend and if can’t then that’s null and void. You can play 89 minutes of solid distributing soccer but 1 minute can always make a difference if can’t defend. What’s the use of having such a player on the field especially if he is a defender.

          3. But Blind can and does defend, has been pretty consistent this season – but that doesnt mean you cant find a mistake somewhere, same for Hoedt if you want to look.
            A mistake and a pattern of the same mistakes happening are different things.

            Gone over Blind discussions with you here many times and I have never heard anything really convincing against him, plus you ignore real info that is not up for debate, so no point to go further here for me – unless you want to talk about anything else in my comments, since Blind is a tangent you brought up.

          4. You mean his stats at Man United under Van Gaal,his toddler. No chance at NT level. Like he was exposed at LB and DM,it will be the same at CB. Sorry no stats again but no need to justify that he is too weak given his physic to take on defensive duties and that will always be a turning point in crucial games.its like water seeping through crack. As the pressure builds,the cracks gets bigger and bigger until it bursts open.
            This is what Daley Blind is about and at NT level this is how he always gets exposed.

          5. Yes I do mean the stats under van Gaal, the only reason I think is worth a look at CB – along with others as he very well may not be our best choice. Who knows, but if you want to pick players based on form I think one would be foolish to ignore him.

            Funny, being too weak was the critique on him being a CB at the beginning of the season, and I may have agreed with that then, but here he is still holding the CB spot down at one of the biggest clubs in the most physical league…

    1. Sort of a dead game at 4-0 already when he came on, but so good to see him out there again shouting and pointing out where everyone should play the ball haha! Bossed the midfield with ease, making one bad pass but otherwise perfect and the most influential player when he was on the pitch.

    2. The best news I’ve read on this forum in a long time!!!
      I can’t wait for the friendlies to come along and see how Blind Snr plays his cards, hopefully without Blind Jnr! ha
      I’m in two minds, it would be really cool to see a group of young kids just get a chance to play without fear, a really high pressing game from go to wo, and see what happens?
      I would would hate to see a young squad go out and play a slow boring possession based game fearful of going forward! We have had enough of that style of play, haven’t we?
      I want Blind to tell his players to show what you’ve got, we have nothing to lose let’s see short sharp passing, step overs, Maradonna spins and Cruyff turns all over the park.
      Am I asking too much?
      Ok maybe I am, but any team in the world can play slow possession !

  48. Ooooo classic Robben goal v Juve
    amazing everyone knows the move he wants to do and he still does it haha
    What a legend. Will be sad to see him go eventually, hard to believe he is only just turned 32. Seems as deadly as always.

  49. Big game for PSV v Atletico
    Lots of previews including Uefa website have van Ginkel in the probable lineups.. Huge test for Bruma tmr, apparently Guardado is back and will play so curious who he will replace. L de Jong suspended. Does Willems start, or maybe too early for a huge game..
    Would loove to see another upset from them!

    1. Locadia no doubt is capable of filling in for Luuk but midfield could be headache for cocu.

      Guardado and Hendrix have a good chemistry and surely should be retained. Van Ginkle and Propper.I’d go with experience.



      Guardado – Hendrix-Van Ginkel

      Brenet- Moreno – Bruma -Arias


      But on a sour note I don’t know what will happen to Maher. Was reading a article on koeman lining him up in summer. Remains to be seen though.

    2. PSV players has something which current many Ajax players does not have…””””Balls””””…Locadia will take the place of Luuk..Moreno will play as LB Cocu will partner Ismat Marin with Bruma in center,with Hendrix as patrolling officer,i see a battle from PSV.with 2 intelligent runners Proper and Vanginkel both can read the game both can attack and defend…only thing is Locadia co should utilise every half chance if they want to win..if PSv plays to their strength sure as team they can beat Athletico..i think they dont fear Athletico,Especially,Bruma,Moreno,Locadia,ginkel are real fighters..
      my only worry is Narsingh and his stupidity in the penalty box even he is way better than Depay though
      i like to see

    3. I think the front will likely be:
      Pereiro-Locadia-Narsingh.. unless Lestienne fit he may start over Pereiro, since those 3 all scored in the group stage..
      Back line probably the strongest possible:
      Willems-Bruma-Moreno-Arias with Zoet in goal, of course.
      Midfield is a tough decision, you’d have to think Guardado starts no matter what, if fit – then does Cocu go for it and do:
      Propper – Ginkel
      Or will he be a little more reserved, and allow Guardado to roam more with Hendrix involved, then tough choice between Propper and Ginkel:
      Guardado – Hendrix

      1. @Sybe u should watch the games of PSV…Pereiro plays in right wing…where Narsingh also plays at times…Lestinne and Locadia plays in left wing..
        if Lestinne comes then Narsingh will be out..Also Cocu doenst rate Narsingh above Periro and lestinne…Cocu selects the team based on the opponent too…i cannt see Williems playing in LB or brenet..

        1. I am aware. Watched each of their CL matches and lots of their eredivisie matches too.
          Let’s see whose (pointless) lineup predictions are closest in about an hour 😉
          How about the losers must donate $20 to Jan?

          1. Looks like I had all 11 right. 😉
            Although 442 statszone has Pereiro in the middle and Locadia on the left…we’ll see.

            No starts for Hendrix, Brenet, Jozefzoon or Isimat..

          2. i just put my line up if i were Cocu(infact not)…Look at the result Willems struggled really at LB(thats why i i always say he must play as LW over our non quality crap wingers like Narsingh,Depay,Afellay etc..,Narsingh was bullshit crap….what else u want to see..its all about not puting the coocu line up..its all about finding the hiden weakpoints in the team…were i excelled..

          1. Really ?????what the hell is that stat..every time i saw him on right wings in between like all other wingers he also switches temporly or the requirements of game…Narsingh is real noquality player,whom cocu deosnt rate high…With lestinne recovering and Luuk is out he had no option or choice thats why Narsingh started in left wing were he raraly plays..offcourse he sucked as usual in bigtime…Perrior has quality like Maher can play anywhere…So what u are pointing out…??
            With out Narsingh PSV has more chance to score a goal..
            Willems shouldnt have played yesterday game in my book…

  50. Maher is nice player who immense ball control and better shooter than Flopay the gimmick shooter.Maher is an excellent dribbler at small spaces,he can drag 2 defenders with him and still able to keep the ball in his feet,Flopay can not do that.i Consider Maher i little unlucky and Maher should go to Ajax where Ajax is short of such player..
    @Wilson..Nowadays i dont follow jozefoon much,but agree last time i saw..cannt be lesser than Narsingh or overrated Depay.what made u to take him as a starter??

  51. Great reviews for Nouri and van de Beek with Ajax U19 defeating Lyon U19s, best academy in France, 3-0 away in the Uefa youth cup.
    Bergwijn scored for PSV U19s but lose at home on penalties to Roma’s U19s.

    High hopes for those 3 young players mentioned!

  52. 0-0 is a good result for PSV, esp since the red card. But a shame too as they probably had the 2 best chances to score.
    Bruma was really great (plus Guardado great in CDM as usual) and really held everyone together.
    Flawless after an early error where Zoet bailed him out, but most of the team started like that and grew into the match. Even Hendrix when he came on..
    Thought Propper was really good too, should have scored that chance.
    van Ginkel worked hard in the middle but didn’t create anything, same with Locadia, who was good tracking back. Not a big Narsingh fan, but he did one good defensive play, pretty anonymous otherwise..
    You can see Willems is not yet 100% but still his class comes through, love to see him back.
    Shame about the red for Pereiro, maybe a bit harsh since Godin goes for that tumble, but really stupid challenge if you have just got a yellow..
    I wish PSV could have put together more of an attack, but Atletico are so good defensively. Will be great to have Lestienne fit and de Jong back but still I think it’s going to be very tough for them in Madrid, but the ball is round!

  53. Apparently (VI) these 8 clubs are all interested in Bazoer: Bayern München, Borussia Dortmund, AC Milan, Juventus, Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester City and Napoli
    I hope it all doesn’t go to his head too quick…

  54. PSV-Atletico M 0-0. PSV had done what he could.

    …But inscriptions in newspapers are idiotic(??)..countless titles in style:about ten-man PSV hold on to frustrate Atletico Madrid.. etc
    …………Someone can think that PSV played with five players in epic battle …against ten.
    It can be a great inspiration for Atletico in Madrid!!!

    PSV could better to does the counter attack.And in the attack around 16 meters too many players (PSV)….and they did not know how that simplify the action for goal .This can be a dangerous situation because Atletico M. players are better one on one …and they have an excellent ability to pressing on your team ….and they makes that you makes mistakes.
    Diego Simeone thinks that PSV will be scared in Madrid ..and he thinks (probably):The game will be finished if we score one or two goals…..PSV will not have the strength and character to turn the result…they (PSV)can only get more goals later….

    PSV had done what he could ..and PSV had a “good geometry ” sometimes…..in true Dutch style…
    PSV will need a lot of luck and courage to go further in next round..

    Jventus-Bayern 2-2.A great match!
    Bayern is really really better for 2 or 3 goals…but Juventus better use their own energy(?).. and Juventus has chance to go further in next round also.
    Too much reliance on robotic way sometimes

    1. Juventus is good team…but this time bad luck they are against bayern…that too a fit Bayern with Boateng,bentia,Roben,Ribery and Martinez will be back…So juventus can Suckk…
      Newspaper journalist only knows popular teams..so who cares about these freak journalists??
      1 goal on Athletico post it will be over for atheltico…it is very doable for PSV if they kick out Narsignh from first 11..

  55. PSV were good last night. I think they are a mentally strong team.

    I am very happy that Dutch players are gaining more experience with this UCL games. Simeone’s Atletico is a team with a lot balls and PSV did well.

    I believe PSV can really go through. Will Luuke de Jong play that game?

  56. I’ve only seen the first half, but I continue to be impressed with Cocu (and staff). Looked to me like Pereira was playing in the middle as much as Locadia (they would swap inside and outside), and at times both would play as strikers and Van Ginkel would come over to play the left side of the mf to give them width and play off Willems. Propper and Guardado and Van Ginkel were interchanging throughout the entire mf (back and front, though MVG was playing more forward). Rather than staying in static positions, the team had fluidity. Plus, he had them mentally ready to play a toughminded match. As I said, impressive.

    1. he made one mistake…he should have played Isimit from start and should have moved Willems to wings over useless(Narsingh did som defensive work though)

  57. Don’t know about that, Tiju. You could be right. But he has started with a 3 man back line recently (2nd game against Utrecht). It was highly successful, so he must have considered it, and decided against it. I’m sure he had his reasons. He got the clean sheet at home, which sounded like his first priority. (As I said, I haven’t watched the 2nd half. Did he switch to a 3 man back?)

    Is your concern that he didn’t play a 3 man back, or just that you preferred he play Isimat in the center, Moreno as lb, and Willems as the lw instead of Narsingh? Don’t really like that lineup. Moreno is a better central defender than Isimat, and Willems gives them more offense from lb than Moreno, and to my knowledge Willems hasn’t played as a lw. He is just coming off an injury, why experiment with him in the first leg of a CL knock out?

    1. Yea Cocu went to a 541 (so 3 CBs) when Isimat came on for Narsingh on 65..

      Tiju can answer for himself, but he likes offensive wingbacks (Willems, van Aanholt , van Rhijn) to play as forwards on the wings instead, personally I’m not into the idea, but different ideas are always good!

    2. @Andrew…i knew Narsingh lacks quality,intelligence etc..So it would be too much to beat Atheltico with him as winger and forward…
      Basically i have well studied our wingers Afellay,Narsingh,Depay,Elgahzi all are just name sake wingers when it matters they can ONLY CHOKE…There is no efficiency in them to find goals of their own plus u can play fluid football with these lads as they ofetn loose the ball(Except Afellay who hangs on ball too mcuh and thats his capability)…over all it would be wasting time and giving or playing them again and again is BLATANT STUPIDITY at least in NT.
      Moreno is better Cb i agree,Willems is better attacker than Moereno at LB..agree 100…
      But my point is Williems is still rusty and there would be struggle…So let Moereno play there…play willems as winger ,even a rusty williems would be 100 deadlier than a useless winger..

  58. Nope, Srinjoy. No lynch mob here. I just have a different view than Tiju, and was expressing my perspective. As Sybe says (often) that is what this forum is for.

  59. Wonderful match for Memphis, albeit v Midtjylland again, but still MOTM performance for him IMO even though that kid will get the headlines scoring 2 goals (both of with him wisely moving into the space Memphis created). Also should have had at least 1 assist plus he forced the tying own goal, earned a pen., and saw his marker sent off for constantly fouling him. Needs keep that form up and to do that v the top teams now.
    Blind not great on the goal against.. stuck in RCB at that moment after getting sucked to the corner, and then wrong footed – even though it was also a great play by that young striker too and there were still 2 players for him to get through.. not troubled after that but needs better consistency.
    Arsenal Sunday should be good – much tougher match for them.

    1. Once again Memphis was on top vs low level team…But Sybe u cannt take out the credit from Rashford..this guy had huge energy and he was all over the pitch so was other youngsters..Rashford really had a nice game..lets see what Memphis do in EPL…

      1. Ya sure, he was good against them and took his chances well, but memphis clearly way better.

        Also I just dont care about Rashford at all, not dutch and I dislike Man Utd.
        The only good I will probably ever think of about that guy is that it was LvG who gave him his first chance! even though martial doing his hamstring in training was probably the only reason he started..

        You praise Rashford and continue to whine about Memphis even when he plays well – both playing in the same game against the same team, who agreed are a ‘low level’ team but have also found themselves in the exact same place in europe as Man Utd. haha
        Strange how negative you are on memphis. you like to highlight his mistakes but ignore when he does good.
        To be clear, I think it would be just as ridiculous for anyone to say he is a superstar or world class.
        I think there is somewhere in the middle where we can meet

        1. @Sybe Memphis was top scorer in eredivise..he cost MAnu more than 25 M…he was supposed to play like Hazard of chelsea if not at leat like Antoniovalencia or ashly young.. thats why they brought him..but he only plays well vs low level team like Mitjland(who)..Club brugge (who)..My point is he is overrated,and its impossible to win with him in top level matches..

          1. Well I think your point is wrong. I do think he WAS overrated (not by me) but definitely not now.

            haha Man Utd expected him to be like hazard?
            And you compare the cost? You expected 28m player (you’re right, more than 25) to be as good as a 40m player, and with a greater jump up in leagues, still only in his first season?
            Well, great comparison. Hazard has 2 goals this year, and they were in the FA cup!
            maybe Chelsea can buy Memphis to replace him, would you love that? 😉

  60. if dutch coaches think about quality and resolute team then the team should be..
    Williems—-veltman–De vrij——kevindijks
    stand bye

  61. Great match for Clasie / van Dijk vs Chelsea, pretty much dealt perfectly with Costa. Was a great moment around 60 with Costa being his usual brutish self when he tried to suck Virgil in, but he put his arm around Costa and diffused him, the best way to deal with him, even though Clasie was on the other side dishing it right back to Costa. Which I also loved haha.
    van banger was right Clasie is like a terrier. Another 90 for him is good to see. Def our most in form DM in my opinion, was really good keeping Chelsea moving to the outsides..
    Unlucky to concede a wacky goal against that should have been offsides to draw it. Then unfortunately van Dijk beaten to a corner headed in the last couple minutes (surprising as he is rarely beaten in the air), and Southampton lose 1-2. still before those goals against they beat their club record of minutes without conceding… maybe some silver lining.

    1. i really wanted plastic money club to loose like a looser..i knew Southampton will concede some how.Vrijil is a player who will makes 1 or 2 good mistakes in every match mostly that will result in goal..Still cannt trust him …Clasie should take/compete sneijder Role..We need more muscle and power at holding..

      1. You can do your negativity, I’ll try and crank up the positivity! van Dijk has been one of the best CBs in the league this season. Both he and Clasie are just 24, just come off an amazing run of no goals against before losing to 2 shit goals, and both are still gaining momentum in their careers.
        (Oh yea, here is the name properly: Virgil van Dijk 😉 quit pissing Jan off haha)

        Personally I don’t think putting Clasie into a new position he has never really played is the answer for him but who knows I guess, I just dont see him as a #10.

        Also disagree about a DM/controlling CM ‘needing’ to be physically large.
        Good characteristics of course, but one can be great a top quality player regardless. Some of my favorite controlling mids are not that much more muscular or powerful than Clasie, if at all – Kroos, Busquets, Mascherano, Veratti..
        Don’t get me wrong, Clasie does have a lot to prove if he wants to be apart of that list (yet?).. but I for one am glad to see him playing lots (finally 3 90 min games in a row) and not getting hurt.

        And what Dutchmen playing DM/CM is in better form?

        1. @sybe all u need to understand is i have trouble with dutch names…u also will make mistake when u write an indian name..so its all about understanding with spelling mistake..”””Pilavullakandi Thekkera parambil Usha”””this an olympian name from my place…i am sure u cannt even pronounce its correctly..So F^&&7k offff with ur spelling..

          1. Tell it to Jan, he is the one who asked you to the show the respect.
            You’re right I don’t know anything about those Indian names, so I’m not going to pretend I do either.

        2. Spot on summary Sybe, it was a real shame on that second goal, I give the credit to Costa, if you watch carefully Virgil is marking him in the lead up to the corner as he did all game, but Costa makes a run out to the back post which makes Virgil half a step to slow to challenge Ivanovic on the header! It’s a game of inches sometimes!
          Classie is winning me over week by week!

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