1. Great video.

    I do feel we don’t have the quality we used to.

    Someone like Hasselbaink or Van Hooijdonk would be in the starting XI of the current team. It’s sad but true.

    Although we do have quality. We have individual quality but not so much as in previous Dutch teams so we must rely on mentality and playing as a team.

    To qualify and play a decent tournament in Russia we need a coach who can be a leader, a motivator, someone who can make the team bond and also someone with experience to choose the right players and tactics. Blind is not the ideal coach for that.

    I’d go with LVG or Koeman.

  2. Nathan Ake scores the winner for Bournemouth vs stroke.

    Van dijk another clean sheet vs Liverpool.

    Good outings for dutchies in EPL.janmaat,Patrick van annholt,Fer

  3. Thanks for this Jan. These guys that are making the videos ‘netherlandssoccer’ have been doing this for a while now. I’ve subscribed to them so when they make a new video I’m always excited to see what they have made. I love their recent one of the throwback game against Brazil (https://youtu.be/bXOxGe7MexU)..anyways, I loved this video you’ve posted Jan, was one of my favourites.
    But…It glorifies having advocaat as a coach, like he’s their saviour. Of course sadly he left. Hard times right now, but it’ll get better! Hup Holland Hup!!

    1. Yes, i think he was playing solid in that game, that’s what Klopp expect from our boy to make the team more balance, he ‘s kind of player to support others & help the team to defend from distance.

    2. No not bad at all! I only meant it in jest, since his side could not win to keep top spot.. I guess that’s why he did it get praise – but as usual, a couple interceptions, a couple chances created and works as hard as ever for 90 mins. I thought they dominated Southampton pretty well, esp in the second half, and probably should have won at least 2-0

      I was disappointed not to see Clasie, though if your side is lacking in goals I suppose they don’t use 2 DMs at home..

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