World Cup 1982 and the Dutch debacle

The last World Cup we had to miss was the 2002 one in Japan/South Korea. Mr Van Gaal is probably extremely motivated this time around to atone for his sins. That World Cup, I hardly watched a game. I simply couldn’t be bothered. I did follow Hiddink with South Korea, but that was it.

How different was it with the 1982 World Cup. In my view, still one of the best World Cups (after the 1974 one, but definitely before the 1978 and 2010 ones…). What was not to like? Scotland. Brazil. Yugoslavia. France. Spain. Argentina. And Italy, of course.

But after two lost finals (and two dramatic Euro campaigns in 1976 and 1980) Holland was not present at the World Cup.

A lot of people claim that Holland lacked quality to qualify. As in, not enough talent.

I do not agree. I think Holland always had enough talent to qualify any tournament (also the 1984/1986 tournaments and surely the 2002 World Cup).

zwart hiele boskamp

Team manager Jan Zwartkruis with goalie Joop Hiele and Jan Boskamp

But at the time, our Oranje was not as popular (amongst players and clubs) as it is today. And the KNVB was definitely a more amateuristic federation. For the 1974 and 1978 World Cups, the KNVB had two world class coaches for the big tournaments (Michels and Happel) but the qualifications were done by “KNVB stall wards”. KNVB coaches, who worked according to the “rules”. Icons like Cruyff and Van Hanegem would get in trouble with these “rules” later on in their careers, when they pursued a coaching future.

Remember, all this was right after the period in which players were not properly insured when playing for Oranje. Or not even properly compensated. THe time in which Cruyff’s personal sponsor contract (with his own sports fashion brand) collided with the overall KNVB sponsor contract. The JC two stripes vs the Adidas three stripes, etc etc.

A time in which there was no real Dutch football culture yet. Sure, Total Football had dominated the 1974 tournament, but the football culture would become a topic as such (for the KNVB, clubs, media etc) when Michels led Oranje to victory in 1988. The barren period between 1978 and 1988 is testament to that.

The KNVB did not employ a good team manager for the Dutch team like they have done in recent decades. We did not have coaches with established careers like Hiddink, Van Marwijk or Van Gaal in charge. But “company men” like Fardronc and Zwartkruis.


The Mundialito team: Standing from left to right: Hugo Hovenkamp (AZ), Kees Kist (AZ), Martin Jol (FC Twente), Ernie Brands (PSV), Ronald Spelbos (AZ) and Pierre Vermeulen (Feyenoord), seated: Rene van de Kerkhof (PSV), Pim Doesburg (PSV), Ben Wijnstekers (Feyenoord), Jan Peters (AZ) and Willy van der Kuylen (PSV).

With all due respect to them (and the players did have enormous sympathy for these coaches), it was not what the players needed. In those days, football players were like outlaws. Like rebels. They didn’t care about nutrition. They hated training (as it was merely running in those days anyway), they smoked, they partied hard and tactically, they were unskilled and undisciplined. It was not a coincidence that tough coaches like Happel, Michels, Weisweiler, Menotti, Herrera, Schon were successful. Players needed a strict ruler in those days.

I believe there was still that belief in Holland that after Cruyff and Van Hanegem, it was all over again. We used to be a small football nation and after that “wonder-generation” it would be over. Once these guys (and Krol, Jansen, Rensenbrink) would retire, Holland would go back to being small. And every decision, every step, every though reflected this inferiority belief.

The 1980 dressing down in the Italian EC further “proved” that point. We were not going to ever be able to perform well at a World Cup.

Strangely enough, the Dutch teams didn’t do too shabby in those days. AZ’67 had a very strong period in those days, with pretty good football too. It was very much 4-4-2 (a style which collided with the 4-3-3 of Oranje and played by Ajax and Feyenoord) but players like John Metgod, Ron Spelbos, Hugo Hovenkamp, Jan Peters, Pier Tol and Kees Kist surely should have been able to lift Oranje’s level.

Frans Thijsen and Arnold Muhren made headlines in the UK with Ipswich Town and Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord did produce enough quality for Oranje to qualify for a big tournament.

But Oranje need a tactical and psychological heavyweight to foster and develop all this talent into a well oiled machine. And I believe (again: with due respect) that the circumstances offered up by the KNVB were ideal.

zwartkruis Happel

Jan Zwartkruis as assistant to Ernst Happel (second from right): not much love lost between these two….

Jan Zwartkruis was the team manager. I don’t want to say anything bad about him as I believe he was a very good assistant coach. He oozed football. He was a pro player in the 1950s (and played with Marco van Basten’s father, Joop) and had all sorts of jobs in amateur football. He started as keeper coach and moved his way up via all sorts of amateur clubs. In 1962, he started to work for the KNVB, as assistant to Elek Schwartz. One of his own teams was the Military Team, which at the time was one of the breeding grounds for talent. Players like Jan Mulder, Rob Rensenbrink and the Van de Kerkhof twins. Fourteen years later, after the abysmal European tournament in 1976, he was asked to be care taker manager for Oranje for two games. That deal was extended with another two games, but as Zwartkruis refused to give up his job with the Ministry of Defence, the KNVB appointed a team manager above him: Ernst Happel. Zwartkruis would go back in assistant role. To give some colour regarding his work and his relationship with the players, there is a funny anecdote about Zwartkruis practicing with the goalies. He is warming up Jongbloed, while the media is watching. Zwartkruis hit 4 balls in a row over the goal. Prompting Jan Jongbloed to yell: “How about one shot on target maybe, Jan?”.

platinin nees

Michel Platini and Johan Neeskens

After the 1978 World Cup, Zwartkruis got end responsibility over Oranje. In his biography, years after the event, he told about his battles and clashes with Happel, whom he called a brute. The passionate and animated Zwartkruis had a bad relationship with the Austrian tactician and found him closed off, cynical, headstrong and anti-social.

Zwartkruis was in charge of Oranje at the Mundialito in 1980/81 in Uruguay. A FIFA Celebration tournament, celebrating the 50est birthday of the World Cup. The 6 winners were invited to compete (Uruguay, England, West Germany, Italy, Argentina, Brazil) but when England declined, two time runners up Holland was invited.

Zwartkruis needed to further renovate the Oranje team. The 1980 squad was already quite different to the 1978World Cup one and in at the start of 1981, it was AZ delivering the skeleton for the Oranje squad.

Here we see Holland draw against Italy, with a good early goal from Madrid coach Ancelotti and the equaliser of AZ playmaker Jan Peters.

Argentina was making a shift from the 1978 Mario Kempes lead team to a squad with a young Diego Maradona (he scored that tournament) and Ramon Diaz.

Italy would win the World Cup 1982 and the Mundialito squad already had names like Marco Tardelli, Cabrini, Scirea, Ancelotti, Bruno Conti and Giancarlo Antognioni.

The Netherlands squad had the best players of that generation, but as stated before, it was the AZ faction that was in form and had the confidence but their style of play didn’t really fit the style of play of the Ajax/Feyenoord contingent.

Holland did seem to have more and maybe better talent (like Tscheu La Ling and Rene van der Gijp) but somehow Jan Zwartkruis didn’t like players with too much of an own mind. Ruud Geels was Holland’s top scorer but didn’t get a starting berth while Wim Kieft was already broken through at Ajax but was deemed too young, just like defender/midfielder Frank Rijkaard. Wim Jansen and Johan Cruyff made Ajax champions in the season after but Zwartkruis ignored them for being too old. Rumour has it that Zwartkruis indeed toyed with the idea of selecting JC, but the iconic number 14 was quite clear in his statements: no more Oranje.

The rest of the world felt that Holland had it. With players like Neeskens, Van Hanegem and in particular Cruyff no longer part of the squad, the Belgium and France coaches were buoyant. “This Holland has lost its best players. We are confident we can get a result against them now.” The only Golden Generation players left were Ruud Krol, Johnny Rep and the Van de Kerkhof twins.

Holland didn’t do too well in Uruguay and the World Cup qualifications was not a smooth ride either. Zwartkruis did seem to select the best player of that era (Wijnstekers, Spelbos, Hovenkamp….tough defenders… Michel Valke, Jan Peters, Jan van Deinsen…good midfielders… Pier Tol, Pierre Vermeulen, Rene van de Kerkhof, Simon Tahamata, …powerful forwards… But Zwartkruis couldn’t get them to play well together, as a unit. The automatisms, the flowing play… it seemed lost.

rijvers 1982

Kees Rijvers in charge, with a young Frank Rijkaard at the back

The coach was replaced during the qualification period and seasoned success coach Kees Rijvers (ex-international and ex-coach of FC Twente and PSV) was brought in to reach the World Cup.

So we were in a group with Cyprus, Ireland, France and Belgium. Belgium in those days was a fierce opponents, as was France (not unlike today) and Ireland was an outsider, who could make it hard for you. Cyprus was the opponent against which the goal difference was taken into account. Winning wasn’t enough: goals were needed!

Zwartkruis used a younger generation of pretty gifted players, from Ajax and Feyenoord but also using a number of players from new powerhouse AZ-67. A number of cool headed strikers like Nanninga, Schapendonk and Van Kooten were added to the mix as well.

In the first qualifier, away against the Republic of Ireland, Ajax winger Simon Tahamata scores the opener after a powerful run by right winger Toine van Mierlo (Willem2). But led by Liam Brady, the Oirish came back into the game, setting up two goals: 1-2.

Our second qualifier was away against Belgium, and we lost that as well. Lost the ball in defence in the build up, Vander Eycken picks the ball up and drives into the box, he gets tackled unfairly and the ref gives the penalty.

Two games lost and the players don’t feel it with him anymore. Rijvers comes back in and the coach falls back on some old hands, Neeskens, Rep and Arnold Muhren, to give the team some more experience and grit.

The first home game was played in Groningen, versus Cyprus. AZ left full back Hugo Hovenkamp scored the first, with MVV striker Cees Schapendonk scored the second with Roda JC striker Dick Nanninga (of WC1978 finals fame) scoring the third: 3-0.

Next game was France at home. The France of Giresse, Didier Six, Rocheteau, Bossis vs the Oranje of Arnold Muhren, John Rep, Hugo Hovenkamp, Piet Schrijvers and Ruud Krol. A sensational free kick of Muhren finished this game to 0-1.

Ireland came visiting, a must win game for Holland. Frans Thijssen scored the 1-0 but Ireland drew 1-1 before half time. In the second half, a penalty for Holland, converted by Arnold Muhren. He never misses. 2-1 up but Ireland came back into the game, via a Frank Stapleton (ex Ajax) goal.

Holland needed to win the away game against France. Van Breukelen made his way into the team and when Michel Platini was awarded a free kick outside of the box, Ruud Krol at the last second decided to move to the post which De Breuk left open for Platini to go for. Allowing the goalie to focus on his left only. Platini hit it sweetly and despite Krol on the goal line, the French #10 scored. Van Breukelen would later say that Krol’s last second dash into the goal distracted him. See for yourself. The slow mo replay shows how Hans got his footwork wrong, but making a split step while the ball was already traveling half way. He was too slow to get to the corner as a result. Didier Six scored the 2-0 and Holland would not be going to the Spain WC in 1982. Belgium finished first and France and Ireland tied at 10 points at second spot, with France having a slightly better goal difference.

This dreadful World Cup campaign shocked the world, as one of the favorites would not be at the tournament and players like Neeskens, Rep and Ruud Krol basically ended their World Cup careers…


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  1. Great to hear about the old stories,,when its stared i was less than a month old boy…
    lot of people claim that Holland lacked quality to qualify. As in, not enough talent.

    I do not agree. I think Holland always had enough talent to qualify any tournament (also the 1984/1986 tournaments and surely the 2002 World Cup).
    Nothing more to agree more,bad coaches can make orange s@###ck..

  2. I wasn’t born 😛

    Nice article.

    When will the Dutch play again?. What changes do you guys think we’ll have in our squad?.

    Wijnaldum should be a starter he’s doing really well. Robben will be back!.

  3. ——————–Zoet——————-




    1. Looks just about perfect. Don’t think Van Dijk will be fit for our next set of qualifiers unfortunately so probably Bruma. Also keep on eye on Memphis form in France.

  4. Saturday March 25, finally we play again – I suppose we may see a provisional squad announced this week, maybe next.. I can’t see Danny Blind making many major changes versus Bulgaria, besides where he has to with injuries – interested who they are replaced with..
    van Dijk is out,
    Maybe van Ginkel and Sneijder maybe left out to injury, surely Toornstra might see a chance? Not so sure he adds a dynamic that is missing in players we’ve got really, but nice to see him rewarded with playing well and further maybe use some of Feyenoords good form plus can play RW.

    imo – 2 in the middle and 2 CBs should do the job at home to Bulgaria. Considering players playing well together and their competition quality for us, then a large tough opponent, I think if we were all fit then my 23 atm is:

    Zoet (Stekelenburg/ Krul)
    Karsdorp (Veltman)
    de Vrij (Bruma)
    van Dijk (Hoedt)
    Kongolo (Blind)
    Strootman (de Roon)
    Wijnaldum (Vilhena)
    Sneijder (van Ginkel)
    Robben (Promes)
    Elia (Memphis)
    Dost (Janssen)

    honourable mentions.. Haps, Hateboer, Bazoer, Klaassen, Toornstra, Lens, and I do think van Persie is worth considering if he is firing, but he’s not starting regularly right now.. maybe he had an injury but he was also suspended a bit.

    If van Dijk is not fit, Hoedt with de Vrij is probably next best.
    If Sneijder is not fit, van Ginkel, if he is not yet fit either, then Klaassen/ Propper or Toornstra are okay options plus I think Toornstra has shown he can play the wing as well.. (Really missing a smooth creative #10 though and all of those to me are sort of ..)

  5. Great article Jan, on a largely untalked about period. Funny you mention the Ipswich Town team in the same breath as AZ. Those teams had an epic UEFA Cup final over two legs in that era…I’m almost afraid to say, (but I will), I remember that Mundialito. Brazil looked unstoppable—with their mf of Zico, Toninho Cereza, Socrates and Falcao, and they would bring a winger named Paulo Isidoro later in games…they absolutely ripped apart West Germany in their group. Uruguay won the group with Italy and Holland, and I never thought the Dutch looked very good in those two games…Peters was their best player, I thought. That Italian team, some great names. Tardelli was something. Scored a magnificent goal in the ’82 final, but really all you need to know about him is that in an exhibition game for a World XI against Argentina, he was sent off for a Red Card…a terrific player and leader.

    Anyway, enough from memory lane: Bulgaria is on the horizon. VVD and Bruma are both out. Assume DeVrij will start as one center half, who will partner him? I’ll guess Blind, but should Danny Blind consider Hoedt because of his club partnership with DeVrij…would he consider Kongolo even though he has spent most of the year at left fb? And who plays left fullback?

    I think Miguel has it right for the mf and forwards…unless Sneijder is off, then likely Klaassen. Any chance DePay jumps in ahead of Promes, or is his sample size of good performances too small? People’s thoughts?

    1. I think Depay has a good chance to play, I can’t see him not being at least selected now that he plays again, since Blind seems to appreciate him.

      Promes season has only just begun again last weekend (with him out of the squad, I believe because he was suspended from a red card in his last match in Dec).. I hope he picks up where he left off, he’ll get a couple matches in before the next Dutch NT match.
      I prefer Promes (if playing as he was last fall) and Lens myself, but I am no Memphis hater.

      Who do you like at CF?

      I assume Robben is the 3rd member of ya front 3?

  6. Hi all, yes the 1982 team was not a team but had some amazing individuals. The NT somehow wasn’t too hot on the priority list I suppose. It wasn’t in 1974 either. But it worked then.

    I do agree with Tiju this time, the coaching quality wasn’t there.

    For this up coming match, I fear that Kongolo, Van Aanholt, De Vrij, Bruma and Van Ginkel won’t be fit.

    Feyenoord might be keen to keep the players fit and in house as they dropped points vs Sparta and the pressure is on.

    We might see something creative by Danny Blind. Depay – Promes – Robben upfront?

    I think Wijnaldum and Strootman are on the team sheet and Klaassen is having a wonderful month at Ajax. Not sure how Sneijdertje is doing?

    Daley will most likely play CB with Van Dijk. Hoedt is an option too. Willems is back at his best level (almost) as LB and Karsdorp will surely be the right back.

    Zoet will be the goalie I’m sure.

    1. Sneijder has not been playing for a few matches either..

      de Vrij injured? Are you sure, maybe you have switched above with van Dijk?

      I forgot about Kongolo injured.. jeez.

      I guess too early to call teams then.
      Still 2 more weekends for players to get injured 😳🤞

  7. And more:

    Martins Indi – injured
    Timo Letschert – doesn’t play
    Nathan Ake – doesn’t play
    Rekik – doesn’t play
    Vlaar – just back from injury
    Viergever – injured
    Janmaat – injured
    Marvin Zeegelaar – not playing
    Hans Hateboer – not playing

    In my earlier comment I forgot to mention Lens. He can play centre striker as well of course.

  8. Dutchmen Abroad Round-Up last weekend:

    Daley Blind was an unused substitute as Manchester United were held to a 1-1 draw by 10-man Bournemouth.

    Stoke City recorded a 2-0 win over Middlesbrough on Saturday with four Dutchmen playing a part in the game. Bruno Martins Indi, Erik Pieters and Marten de Roon all started the game while Ibrahim Afellay came off the bench with three minutes to go. Afellay nearly scored in injury time but failed to beat Victor Valdes when through on goal.

    Leroy Fer and Luciano Narsingh both started as Swansea recorded a 3-2 win over Burnley. Fer got himself an assist with an excellent cross for Fernando Llorente while Narsingh played 73 minutes before being substituted.

    Jordy Clasie came off the bench with three minutes to go of Southampton’s 4-3 win over Watford.

    Georginio Wijnaldum netted Liverpool’s third goal in their 3-1 win over Arsenal on Saturday. The midfielder raced from his own box to the Arsenal penalty area to meet Divock Origi’s cross to net his fourth goal of the season.

    Ronald Koeman’s Everton fell to a 3-2 defeat at Tottenham on Sunday. Vincent Janssen came off the bench in injury time for Spurs while both Maarten Stekelenburg and Michel Vorm were unused substitutes.

    Spanish La Liga

    Ryan Donk came off the bench with three minutes to play as Real Betis went down 3-2 at home to Real Sociedad.

    Jasper Cillessen remained on the bench as Barcelona hammered Celta Vigo 5-0.

    Ola John appeared from the bench with five minutes left of Deportivo’s 1-0 win over Sporting Gijon.

    German Bundesliga

    Andries Jonker’s first game in charge of Wolfsburg saw his side earn a 1-1 draw at Mainz. Riechedly Bazoer played the full ninety minutes while Jeffrey Bruma came off with a knee injury in the second half.

    Arjen Robben stayed on the bench for Bayern Munich as they recorded a simple 3-0 win over Cologne.

    Klaas-Jan Huntelaar came off the bench with twenty minutes to go of Schalke’s 4-2 defeat at Borussia Monchengladbach.

    Italian Serie A

    Wesley Hoedt and Stefan de Vrij were both in fine form for Lazio as they beat Bologna 2-0 on Sunday evening. The centre back pairing made a combined 10 clearances, three interceptions and three tackles as they kept a clean sheet.

    Kevin Strootman netted for Roma but could not prevent a 2-1 defeat at home to Napoli. The midfielder found the net in the 89th minute but two goals from former PSV star Dries Mertens gave Napoli all three points.

    Jonathan de Guzman netted a penalty for Chievo but couldn’t prevent a 3-1 defeat at AC Milan.

    Hans Hateboer remained on the bench for Atalanta in their 0-0 draw with Fiorentina.

    Timo Letschert stayed on the bench as Sassuolo drew 0-0 with Crotone.

    French Ligue 1

    Memphis Depay was lively for Lyon on Friday but couldn’t prevent his side from being held to a 1-1 draw by Bordeaux. The winger missed one decent chance before being substituted with a few minutes remaining.

    Anwar El Ghazi was substituted after an hour of Lille’s 1-1 draw with Toulouse on Sunday. Ricardo Kishna wasn’t part of the Lille squad.

    Karim Rekik was an unused substitute as Marseille recorded a 4-1 win at Lorient.

    Portuguese Liga NOS

    Bas Dost got himself an assist but Sporting were held to a 1-1 draw by Vitoria de Guimaraes. Luc Castaignos came off the bench late on but couldn’t net a winner.

    Turkish Super Lig

    Jermain Lens assisted the only goal of the game as Dick Advocaat’s Fenerbahce left it late to beat Osmanlispor 1-0. Adam Maher played the full ninety minutes for Osmanlispor while Robin van Persie came off the bench late on.

    Besiktas earned a 1-0 win over Rizespor with Ryan Babel playing the full 90 minutes on the left wing.

    Belgian Jupiler League

    Albert Stuivenberg’s Genk earned a 2-1 win over Club Brugge with Jean-Paul Boetius playing 81 minutes for the hosts. Ruud Vormer, Stefano Denswil and Ricardo van Rhijn all started for Brugge but the latter was sent off in injury time.

    Robert Muhren was a half-time substitute for Zulte Waregem as they were held to a 2-2 draw by Westerlo.

    Bram Nuytinck scored for Anderlecht but couldn’t prevent a 3-2 defeat at Mechelen.

    English Championship

    Vurnon Anita returned to the Newcastle United line-up as they beat Huddersfield Town 3-1. Rajiv van la Parra played the full game for Huddersfield but couldn’t prevent the defeat.

    Jaap Stam’s Reading beat Wolves 2-1 with both Roy Beerens and Joey van den Berg featuring. Both Dutch players failed to have much of an impact on the game and were withdrawn in the second half.

    Glenn Loovens Sheffield Wednesday hammered a Norwich City side featuring Mitchell Dijks 5-1 on Saturday. Yanick Wildschut was an unused sub for the Canaries.

    Marvin Emnes netted the only goal as Blackburn Rovers edged out Wigan 1-0 on Saturday.

    Maikel Kieftenbeld played an hour of Birmingham City’s 3-1 defeat at home to Leeds United.


    Roland Alberg was an unused substitute as Philadelphia Union earned a 0-0 draw with Vancouver Whitecaps.

    Danny Hoesen came off the bench with ten minutes to go of San Jose Earthquakes 1-0 win over Montreal Impact.

    John Goossens and Johan Kappelhof featured in Chicago Fire’s 1-1 draw at Columbus Crew.

    1. Hehe maybe just share the link?
      Might be easier for you than copy and pasting that other guys’ whole article – it’s a lot of work putting that stuff together, at least credit the poor guy!

  9. Blind announced his pre-selection. There are several players that are included into pre-selection but do not play every game at corresponding club championships. This includes his son and Janssen. I remember one of his criteria was selecting players that are active in their Championships…

    Goal : Jasper Cillessen (Barcelona), Tim Krul (AZ), Michel Vorm (Tottenham Hotspur), Jeroen Zoet (PSV).

    Defense : Daley Blind (Manchester United), Wesley Beware (Lazio), Rick Karsdorp (Feyenoord), Bruno Martins Indi (Stoke City), Joël Veltman (Ajax), Stefan de Vrij (Lazio).

    Midfield : Leroy Fer (Swansea City), Davy Klaassen, Tonny Vilhena (Ajax), Davy Pröpper (PSV), Bart Ramselaar (PSV), Marten de Roon (Middlesbrough), Kevin Strootman (AS Roma), Jens Toornstra (Feyenoord) ( Feyenoord), Georginio Wijnaldum (Liverpool).

    Attack : Steven Berghuis (Feyenoord), Memphis Depay (Olympique Lyon), Bas Dost (Sporting Lisbon), Vincent Janssen (Tottenham Hotspur), Luuk de Jong (PSV), Jeremain Lens (Fenerbahçe), Quincy Promes (Spartak Moscow), Arjen Robben (Bayern Munich)

    1. 1-there should not be any place for Propper (Who had walking game when orange needed the energy most)..
      2-klassen who can only miss chance after chance..NT cannt be looser like current Ajax..
      3-Why the F#$%%k is kongolo is getting overlooked…Blind knows kongolo will win the battle for LB..That would put Daleys place in danger….thats an idotic move..
      or Kongolo is injured??
      4-What the F#$$$k Dost has done for NT so far????he lacks the orange class..
      5-I hope mephis warms in bench and Roben and Promes plays..
      6-Why the F#$$k is martins indi??Hasnt Blind forgot his ECQ2016??
      7-Why the F#$%%K is veltman as RB again???
      Now stekelenburg is out…then why did he seleceted stekekelburg VS france??Just to concede that FLUKE GOAL?????..

      1. when Annholt and Kongolo is injured ,Blind should go for Haps+Williams in left wing…
        He needs victory ,Blind needs goals to win it..
        Haps+Williams combo would have given him a deadly threat..Now with Memphis and Daley he just killed it…

  10. Danny Blind pre-lim selection was named.

    Jens Toornstra of Feyenoord and Wesley Hoedt of Lazio are in. Tim Krul and Leroy Fer return.

    Sneijder is missing due to fitness issues.

    Stekelenburg is out.

    Keepers: Jasper Cillessen (FC Barcelona), Tim Krul (AZ), Michel Vorm (Tottenham Hotspur), Jeroen Zoet (PSV)

    Defenders: Daley Blind (Manchester United), Wesley Hoedt (Lazio), Rick Karsdorp (Feyenoord), Bruno Martins Indi (Stoke City), Joël Veltman (Ajax), Stefan de Vrij (Lazio)

    Midfield: Leroy Fer (Swansea City), Davy Klaassen (Ajax), Davy Pröpper (PSV), Bart Ramselaar (PSV), Marten de Roon (Middlesbrough), Kevin Strootman (AS Roma), Jens Toornstra (Feyenoord), Tonny Vilhena (Feyenoord), Georginio Wijnaldum (Liverpool)

    Forwards: Steven Berghuis (Feyenoord), Memphis Depay (Olympique Lyon), Bas Dost (Sporting Lissabon), Vincent Janssen (Tottenham Hotspur), Luuk de Jong (PSV), Jeremain Lens (Fenerbahçe), Quincy Promes (Spartak Moskou), Arjen Robben (Bayern München)

    1. Pieter is playing very solid at Stock, during 2-3 season he’s first choice & clean sheet at that club, so i don’t know why our coachs dont consider him any minute at Orange, i guess some political things there, anyone know?

  11. Based on that selection, Daly Blind seems the likely left back…no one else really fits the bill…don’t see Willems (or any other lb’s on the list) on the list.

    Like the idea of a front line of DePay, Robben and Promes…

      1. You know what, Tiju, if Blind ends up playing Lens, and he scores or makes goals for others, I will be delighted. I assume you’ll feel the same if DePay plays, and he scores or makes goals.

  12. With the current pool of players I would Play:
    Karsdorp Hoedt De Vrij Blind
    Wijnaldum Strootman
    Robben Promes Depay

    Bulgarias defender are big both 1,85 and old dont think we will score a header there so go for full Speed !!!

    1. For speed u dropped Lenz and took Depay???thats funny…
      Roben—Lenz—Promes….with Depay will be loosing balls often and he will not be receiving faster passes from midfeild..His work rate is joke compared to enz and Promes..

        1. Depay has speed, his dribbling speed is much faster than Lens, I like Lens but he was never a top player Depay still has that potential!!!
          Klaassen is not my favourite but from the current selection he is the best option maybe in the future could be Ramselaar but at this moment Klaassen is in better shape.
          Back to Depay you always tell us that he scores Vs low teams so lets see what he does to the bulgarians.

          1. Dribbing speed??,the guy is strugling to turnaway from defender..He ends up in futility every time he dribbles,he dribbles one man and he looses the ball to very next man,stops running from that point..Zero connectivity with team..Lenz has incredible speed which is effective and Lenz has teared anyone who played against him.He is a fighter.He brings goals when we cry for goals..
            Klassen and Propper should not be there at all.Both lacks the leadership and winning will be very hard to win anything with these guys..
            Klassen vs Ramseelar
            Dont tell me that,klassen cant keep ball in his feet for a second..So far klassen was disgusting for NT.Ramseelar was not..
            Week in week out Ramseelar plays a significant role in PSV team..while klassen escapes with some tap in goals.

          2. Really Ramselaar does have an impact for PSV but Klaasen still is a bit better at the moment, we will see what happens in 2 weeks lets hope all stay without injury and maybe Sneijder will recover in time.

  13. Im happy for Wesley Hoedt. He is exactly following the footsteps of Van Dijk.a descent move away from eredivisie and like van Dijk injuries again opens doors for him. I’m sure he will use this opportunity to the fullest and make the most if given the nod.

    I think vs Italy both De Vrij and Hoedt should play an important role especially with both playing in Italy and having good knowledge on how they play.

  14. Has any one watched Ajax match??klassen was absent again though he was playing,was he playing??At some times he runs in to spaces..apart from that no contribution to team neither defensivly nor offensivly…IT IS REALLY HARD TO BELEIVE THAT THIS GUY WILL CONTRIBUTE ANYTHING TO NT..
    He utter hopeless…Old RVP still posses more threat than this klassen..
    @Hey Danny Blind…..
    If you want to build a winning team then BETTER DROP KLASSEN,PROPPER,DEPAY NOW..or else u will be F@#$$ked in the A@@#S …Then you dont TELL US WE LACKED QUALITY AND ROBEN WAS INJURED…
    We have enough quality to qualify for WC2018 nd to beat France…But YOU MUST DROP CERTAIN PLAYERS FOR THIS COUNTRIES SAKE..

      1. Andrew his involvement is really poor,For me Kobenhaven is nothing compared to Ajax even in these days of ajax..But they outclassed Ajax..
        Okay they won it 2-1,i dont care about it..they won..but the score sheet doesnt show the difference between 2 teams..I liked Van De beek,Singraven…thogh De beek made a mistake…Shone was way better tha klassen too..i am pissed of by klassen involvement in game…

        1. Klaassen 24 Games 12 Goals 6 Assists…
          Still think that you are wrong, he might no be the best player but he does have a positive impact in Ajax much more than Ramselaar at the moment.
          I still think he will play vs Bulgaria.

          1. Agree that he might get the nod over Ramseelar,but that would be a big mistake by we are not in top spot of the group..

  15. Interestingly…Lyon Beat Roma is astonishing way,they played better with out Depay and beat a strong team…lets see what happens to them when Depay plays..Vs strong teams..

    1. But the real question is:
      “Are you aware that he did not watch any game at all and comment just came out of his …?”

      I give evidence below:

      Klaassen played -> Hate “No impact” -> Other commenters said he got the assist of the only goal -> I don’t care. I did not watch the game. Throw some crap in and the conclude that Klaassen sucks.

      Depay did not play -> Hate -> What the actual …? When I read comment about Lyon vs Roma, I want to know how Strootman did, but when I saw Tiju comment, it is guaranteed that there is no useful information there since he did not watch the game at all.

      On a side note, Eredivisie is so bad right now. Does anyone know if the KNVB have any plan to fix it? If Dutch clubs lost to EPL/Bundesliga/La Liga team, they can make excuse of financial difference, but losing to Danish/Turkish, there should be no excuse.

      1. kevin just calm down i did wacthed Ajax up to 80 minutes…klassen assisted its true,as the ball laced in to his foot he he just had to pass..Dolberg made it in to a super goal..if we switch of Dolberg and klassen position,i really doubt that klassen would have made a goal from such pass.
        Then Lyon…that i saw the mani highlights only.But they seems outstanding,it is not easy to play against Naingoaln and strootman..But still they did,there connectivity between players was super..which will not be there had Depay played..i AM Really sorry,if klassen ,propper,Depay continues with Virgil/Roben out and Steke in Gk spot..We wont make it to Russia..

        1. Tiju, Even if you don’t like Klaassen, it doesn’t mean that you can’t give him his due when he makes a good play; that was a lovely pass he made to Dolberg; picked him out, floated it just right into space where Dolberg could make a play.

        2. “klassen assisted its true,as the ball laced in to his foot he he just had to pass..Dolberg made it in to a super goal..if we switch of Dolberg and klassen position,i really doubt that klassen would have made a goal from such pass.”
          I called this BS. Let me break it down for you.
          1/ “The ball laced in to his foot” ->
          He time his run to receive the through pass 2/ “he just had to pass” -> he draw two defenders toward him, has a beautiful pass that remove another defender out of the equation.
          3/ “Dolberg made it in to a super goal..”
          Hello? Dolberg scored from 6 yard box when facing the goal. Credit to him to time his run but he is not the only reason that goal happen.
          4/ If we switch of Dolberg and klassen position,i really doubt that klassen would have made a goal from such pass
          Biggest BS, check side by side here, ok?

          The rest of your comment is irrelevant raging without any actual information about how Strootman/Depay did in the last few games.

          After being so wrong with your “argument/raging”, maybe read this:

          Van den Berg quote:
          “My point is… its boring. Never any new insight. Just the same, regurgitated nonsense he has been posting for a long time.

          We get it. You think Memphis and Klaassen are crap. Stop repeating it every post.”

          And Albert Einstein quote:
          “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

          My prediction: Tiju will exactly does what he did to prove that Albert Einstein is right.

          1. Kevin..Your arguments doesnt make sense at all..i dot look in to whoscored stats..i look in to game and see how lively the players are,how threatening they are,goals will come if they play well..if any doubt ask Barca..
            Then strootman and memphis i dont see both club mactes,i do follow highlights over reports..Strootman is really back and he will continue that,memphis is hunting vs small teams and soon this will come to an end..
            Propper already played a shit game for us vs France ,we lost it,we can blame Steke for that,What was Propper doing in that match when we needed the most???
            Klassen also played shit matches in WCQ2018,though he was better than propper..So everthing is shaping up for another exit..i am convinced with klassen,propper and Depay up front we wont make it..i think they will ruin the good work of other players ….
            as you said i am repeating…yes Ajax repeatedly playing bad in euro and dutch NT repeatedly loosing with Dpeay ,klassen and Propper..

      2. Anyone who has been on this site for any length of time is well aware of Tiju’s MO.

        My point is… its boring. Never any new insight. Just the same, regurgitated nonsense he has been posting for a long time.

        We get it. You think Memphis and Klaassen are crap. Stop repeating it every post.

  16. For ur whoscored .com comments
    Jaap stam scored very few goals may be 1goal i dont know,but he WON almost everything with Manu…
    Being the integral part of team is important ..i mean part of a champion team.

    1. I was out of town for the weekend and came back to see this defender goals vs striker goal comment. To make it simple for you:

      You were saying Dolberg can score goal while Klaassen cannot. I say it is completely wrong because Klasseen has a better goal scoring record so far this season as a midfielder. The key metrics of a striker is goal score and Klasseen does that better as a midfielder. Your point of bringing up Jaap Stam goal scoring is irrelevant as he is a defender.

      You can try to learn some basics of statistics and open your mind or bury your head in the sand. I really do not care. I do not want to follow this “argument” as it become so dumb. It is so obvious to me that you did not watch game and have zero knowledge of the game. You also have zero respect to the team and other commenters as you keep putting up the eff word for Kuyt, Depay, Klaaseen, Dost …

  17. Tiju, I have only one word for you rants:


    You claim to be an oranje fan, you love players who never played at top level and want them in the NT.

    You claim to be an oranje fan but you constantly criticise and abuse some of our players.

    You really don’t understand football, as is clear from the drivel you mostly post.

    There’s dozens of people here who see it differently than you and come out and say it and there’s many great coaches out there who demonstrate week in week out that they all see it differently than you.

    You are delusional.

    1. i might be delusional,but unfortunalty my delusion wins it ..Sorry Jan we have very less chance of qualify for wC2018 with certain starting players..i really pray that the team of
      plays together and then you realise that how weak our team is..i am sure Good works of virgil,Blind,Devrij,karsdorp,and strootman will be spoiled by the rest..

  18. That article is a bit biased to me. It’s just another attempt to create controversy and sell magazines.

    I think there is only one player with the right to complain and that is Robin van Persie. I don’t like the way Blind handled his situation.

    But Daley really was the best option for left back in the last two years. Sad for Pieters and Van Aanholt (whom I both rate high). Daley is a great player on the ball and a very smart positioning player in defensive role. Wonderful left foot too.

    Pieters is more a defender. Van Aanholt is good going forward but average defensively.

    I can’t see any other player having the right to whinge. Dost? We’ve seen him vs Luxembourg. I do think Janssen fits better into the team.

    I am convinced Danny Blind is a very conscientious coach, who analyses a lot and will pick the best team.

    Daley might not play all Man U games but he plays more than enough at top level and he never disappoints.

    Willems is almost at his old level and Kongolo is now injured but also knocking on the door.

    1. i think its about his contrdictory selection to his own policy..Kongolo is regular and he is top notch..He should be ahead of Daley at LB…Virgil should get the nod over Daley at LCB..Since Daley can play as Plameker,striker,LB,LCB,RCB and DM.he should be a great addition to team..Honestly i know that Blind would finish better than klassen,Blind plays for team,works hard,extreamly intelligent player,Gives us multiple choice while on feild..But he should not start over Kongolo and Virgil..Thats a sin..not that its his fault.Both kongolo and Virgil are specialists in that spot..
      They are targetting ethe slection of Vincent Jassen also…Janssen is miles ahed of Dost and Luuk…So no compettion…

  19. de Roon played 90 in his teams 0-2 loss to Man City, had a yellow card and most interceptions in the match.
    Fer played 90 for Swansea, Narsingh came on and played the final 30 mins of the 2-1 loss at Hull.

    Robben had 1 assist for the 5 chances he created (good for most in the match), in their 3-0 win.
    Bazoer played 65 in wolfsburgs 0-1 away win, Bruma still out injured.

    Sneijder back from injury and on the bench for Galatasaray, played the final 20 mins helping them complete their come from behind to win 3-2 👍

  20. Another 4 goals for Dost, he is loving Portugal.
    Zeegelaar also played 90, had the best passing % and also led the match in tackles.

    Lille away to Nancy, El Ghazi and Kishna both on the bench. Kishna played the last 30, helping his side come from down 1-0, to winning 1-2

  21. Jan I really need to step in here since its about father and stance has being same from day 1 whether you wanna call it a bashing,rant or wild assumption. Both are the weak link in NT and at some stage both will be exposed whether they qualify or not to WC and thats when the hands will go on the head.WHY,WHY,WHY

    The article is jus another views of critics on the selection deficiencies of Daddy Danny.if it was jus us on this blog, then it would make sense calling it a bashing or rant but I think this isn’t the first time this has happened. Old article

    but still it all adds up to the above article posted by tiju which goes to show lack of proefficency of daddy.don’t think Koeman being a dutch would go on BASHING about his country man without a logically over view.
    May be a interview with Koeman would settle the dust here but again a coach with his calibre won’t jus make a wild accusations especially when it involves his country man and country itself.

    Once again fingers can be pointed why BMI and not pieters.this is BMIs first season and Pieters has spent over four seasons at stoke.or unless once again BMI selection is just to add weight on the paper and for him to warm the bench.

    You look at current selection. No backup LB. If Daley blind has to get injured then he might be forced to look at pieters or willems or if not then its BMI.

    Jus like Daley,Riedewald has been on and off for Ajax.could have been a utility and also like veltman ,could have been a backup for Daley.

    Guess jus have to wait and see.

    1. you are upset about a meaningless provisional squad?
      haha, relax.
      Tiju’s shared article above is garbage, it contradicts itself even. And besides, Daley Blind is not a bench warmer – though he had a slow January. At the moment Blind only has 3 games worth of minutes less than Pieters over the season, haha.

      You have also already shared that rubbish article in November when it came out – here is what I said then which still applies (except I agree strange with only one LB named right now, but again, provisional squad)
      Last time you did not answer, surprise surprise:

      More sloppy journalism, repeated by a story teller.

      Koeman also mentions in the actual interview something about Daley Blind as well – says he is not saying that Pieters is better than Blind and he understands Daley’s selection because he can also play CB, LB or midfield.

      Also, by the way – Blind has selected Pieters before, so Koeman is wrong again.. maybe he needs to do a quick google check first – haha sound familiar buddy?

      Not that I personally rule Pieters out – but he also had a very poor start to this season, so not surprised to see him not called back over, say, Zeegelaar Kongolo or Blind who were in good form.
      Last spring, Willems had come back into fitness (since has had chances and fallen out of favour), and van Aanholt was doing well. Weird thing to speak out on, the situation for Pieters seems normal, no?

      1. As I see it.daddy’s approach is very narrow and predictable. If not for injuries I don’t think he has given any player his debut or nod in the starting 11. Van Dijk,Karsdorp,Brenet,Berghuis,Hoedt,Toornstra all have got or might get the nod due to injuries. Remember selecting a player is totally different compared to giving him the nod in a game. How many players have danny selected to date who have only come to fill in for injured players and to make numbers on the bench. Pieter’s was in the same boat.

        Also you look at Toornstra’s selection. He did exceptiinally well on the wing for Feyenoord, yet alot of critics including some on this blog said he is more a midfield player while on the other end Danny opted to use Klaassen on the wings. Now when Toornstra is finally proving that he is no different playing out of midfield, he gets selected. Well it will be interesting to see who gets the nod at CM or whether once again he (Toornstra) will be a exhibition in the art gallery.

        1. But the article you shared (again, which was wrong) is not about giving starting positions out, it’s about Blinds selections. And there is not even a 23 selected yet! Just a provisional squad.. hehe

          So you like Pieters better than Blind? Hilarious, but fine anyone can have their own opinion.
          You prefer Toornstra over Klaassen. Great!
          (except you probably do not want to pull up Koemans opinions on Klaassen do you?)

          But why can’t you leave it at that?
          Why pretend there is some unfair selection conspiracy, or that everyone but you on this blog are wrong.. why make things up, and why the disrespect and divide?

          Do we not all want the Dutch NT team to be successful?

          1. You are all mixed up. That article was before Pieter’s got selected and once again he was selected only to fill in for injured players. You were the one who said its rant,bashing and etc but now it’s clear there are others in the same boat as well and that’s what I’m trying to highlight here.

            As I said it will be exposed at some stage. And that’s when I will wanna hear what you have to say.

          2. Ah, that’s pretty troll-ish.
            Any player will get exposed one day.

            There is no me versus you.

            Also no I am not mixed up, Blind had Pieters on the bench versus Wales in Nov 2015, the article is from Nov 2016.
            And Pieters was only on the bench, so actually didn’t fill in at all!

          3. By the way, the time I said you were ranting was when I posted about Wijnaldum and then you went on and on about Blind, sort of like Tiju’s Memphis obsession..

          4. I won’t exaggerate much here but the game vs Wales,willems was injured and again pieters was a late replacement for Riedewald and guess what,Danny gave nod to kongolo ahead of him who only made the bench as a back up. Once again after that game,even kongolo was left cold with danny opting for Willem’s and sonny boy after Van dijk secured that LCB spot.

            Pieter’s did pull out of that england and France friendly after getting the call up but again he was in pecking order behind Willems and Daley. Prior to him pulling out,Mitchell dijks also had to pull out due to injury after being named in the provisional squad. So again it all comes back to players receiving call ups only due to injuries.van Annholt was later called to replace him.

          5. that is not a very accurate recap, but so what, would be the same for almost any manager..

            Pieters situation seems totally normal to me.

            also the idea that new callups under Blind are only because of injuries is super weak in my opinion.

  22. Tottenham vs Millwall update:

    Janssen on the bench, Son, Alli, and Kane lead the line.

    in opening 10 minutes, Kane got injured. then in goes Eriksen.

    what. the. heck. this is good chance for Janssen and Pochettino screwed it.

    We need to attack.
    We need Wiliams/annholt/karsdopr for that..when Annholt and kongolo is injured,HAPS SHOUld get the nod as victory is the one we need..if we play for draw Daley is okay i think…we need atom bomb bulgaria thats only possible with following line up.
    ——Blind/Hoedt–De vrij———-
    For Gods sake
    No klassen
    No Depay
    No stekelenburg
    No Dost..
    Then we will end up in draw where we could win.

  24. Vorm started for Spurs and got the clean sheet, in their 6-0 win.
    Janssen got 15 mins at the end (and as mentioned above – tough that he did not get more) and had a decent impact, scoring his first goal from open play — also cool to see his mates gather around him like that!
    Probably should have scored another, forcing a nice save from the keeper.. Makes good movements and problems for defenders.

    Good for Feyenoord back to winning ways, beating AZ 5-2 and looking pretty strong, besides that set piece goal from Luckassen and Toornstra’s brain fart at the end gifting AZ a pointless second goal, more or less..
    Toornstra did have a decent goal and an assist though. Really liked Karsdorp again, really nice assist on the opener.
    Nice to see Vermeer playing again as well.

    Promes played 90 in Spartaks 1-0 win over Anzhi, had the best passing%

  25. Wijnaldum started for Liverpool, as usual. Man, he puts in a lot of work. Well rewarded with finishing on a fortunate bounce for another goal.
    Continues to get deserved praise for his first season at Liverpool.

    Ajax hosting Twente, playing their usual starting lineup, a bit static for me but they have been getting results with it.. and dominate they did. Still it took an hour for the goal to come, Twente at the time with no shots on goal yet and Ajax pretty slack in the first half. Second half improved, Klaassen with some great work providing a goal for Younes.
    Kluivert given another 30 mins and added a spark. Dolberg added a double.
    More minutes for de Ligt, replacing injured Sinkgraven and van de Beek for Schone and Ajax win fairly convincingly 3-0.

    Huntelaar was again an unused sub for Shalke defeating Verhaughs Augsburg, Gouweleeuw still out.

    Memphis started for Lyon v Toulouse, scoring 2 goals and an assist and created most chances.
    I couldn’t find a link.. but saw a highlight that one goal caught the goalie off his line and scored from about center haha

      1. Who is that stupid goal keeper..Compared to his stupidity stekelen has done no mistake vs France..
        Fluke goals will be dried up soon..Memphis is still same as i saw in Manu…Overweight,less speedy player…where was this kind of fluke goals when he was playing for NT..??
        one header goals vs Luxumburg and now this one……

        1. though i liked ur post,my reactions were..little was this…””””Oh My God….some peoeple will say now Memphis is king and he is back on track..then he will be securing his starting spot in NT…will play a crap game in bulgaria as usual..””””

          1. Got it. All those extra quotation marks show this to be a Very Important Prophecy. May The Universe Acknowledge Your Greatness! Someday!

  26. Depay. Burning it up in France. Looks like he’s getting some confidence in his ability back.

    Well done to his coach for having the faith and belief in him to play him.

  27. Last weekend was very nice for our boys abroad.

    – Dost scored 4 goals leading scorer at Portugal league.
    – Memphis continue good performance at Lyon with double, especially 1 unbelievable goals.
    – Wijnadum clean sheet and score as usual.
    – Janssen scored first goal for Tot that not from Penalty point. ( with injury of Kane, he will have more times to play next time too).

          1. Also, he’s a left back. But given Tijus propensity to putting square pegs into round holes, I though he would enjoy the thought.

      1. I agree on Janssen then Lenz but not Fer, i didn’t see Fer played as 1 striker before, it could be Babel or Luuk or Locadia to be substitute after Janssen & Lenz i think.

        1. i don’t understand why you guys mentioning on Buttner, what club ‘s he playing for? in form?, potential?.

          I don’t see anything that we can utilize on that guy, sorry to say, we have hundred options better than him.

  28. Hoedt and de Vrij started together again, was 0-0 at the half when unfortunately de Vrij was taken off with a knee injury, again 🙁
    The match ended 3-1 for Lazio, sounds as though Hoedt played a nice match.
    Very unfortunate for de Vrij… let’s hope it does not keep him out for long.

    Also – an Ake-less Chelsea beat a Blind-less (was on the bench, at least) and 10-man Man Utd 1-0 in the FA cup, so a few less possible matches for our man Blind.

  29. Dutchmen Abroad Round-Up:

    Memphis Depay scored one of the goals of the season in Lyon’s 4-0 thumping of Toulouse on Sunday. The winger, who had already netted his side’s third goal with a low strike into the bottom corner, earned a rapturous ovation from the crowd after scoring a sublime effort from the halfway line. The goals capped another excellent performance from the winger, who earned a perfect 10/10 rating from

    Lille earned a 2-1 win over Nantes on Saturday with Ricardo Kishna and Anwar El Ghazi both starting the game on the bench. Kishna was the Dutchman chosen to appear on the hour mark and he made a telling contribution to the victory with a goal-line clearance.

    Karim Rekik remained on the bench for Marseille in their 3-0 win over Angers.

    Portuguese Liga NOS

    Bas Dost was on fire on Saturday night as he netted all four goals in Sporting Lisbon’s 4-1 win over Tondela. The tall forward scored twice from close range and two penalties to take his tally for the season to 22 goals in 22 league games. Incredibly Dost had the chance to make it a hat-trick of penalties in stoppage time but saw his spot-kick saved. Marvin Zeegelar also played the full ninety minutes, while Luc Castaignos was an unused substitute.

    Italian Serie A

    Stefan de Vrij was taken off with a knee injury at half-time in Lazio’s 3-1 win over Torino on Monday evening. The centre back will have scans at a hospital to determine the damage. Wesley Hoedt played the full ninety minutes for the Romans and had a good game at the back with four aerials won and three clearances.

    Kevin Strootman started Roma’s match with Palermo on the bench but came on with 20 minutes left and provided an assist in the 3-0 victory.

    Timo Letschert was an unused substitute in Sassuolo’s 1-0 defeat at home to Bologna.

    Hans Hateboer was an unused substitute in Atalanta’s 7-1 defeat at Inter Milan.

    English FA Cup

    Vincent Janssen finally ended his wait for a goal from open play in Tottenham’s 6-0 win over Millwall on Saturday. The striker appeared from the bench late on and swept a cross into the bottom corner to make it 5-0. He almost added another late on with a header. Janssen will be hoping to play his way into the starting eleven after Harry Kane picked up a possible season-ending injury.

    Marten de Roon couldn’t prevent Middlesbrough exiting the competition after a 2-0 defeat to Manchester City. The midfielder played the full game but had little impact and picked up a yellow card late on.

    Daley Blind remained on the bench as Chelsea knocked Manchester United out of the cup. The holders were reduced to ten men in the first half and went on to lose 1-0.

    English Premier League

    Georginio Wijnaldum netted his fourth goal in six games as Liverpool came from behind to beat Burnley 2-1 at Anfield. The midfielder equalised in first-half stoppage time with a thumping close-range finish.

    Ronald Koeman’s Everton recorded a simple 3-0 win over West Brom on Saturday with Maarten Stekelenburg once again an unused substitute.

    Leroy Fer played the full ninety minutes and Luciano Narsingh came off the bench late on in Swansea City’s disappointing 2-1 defeat at Hull City.

    German Bundesliga

    Arjen Robben was back in the Bayern Munich starting line-up and he got himself an assist in the 3-0 win over Eintracht Frankfurt.

    Riechedly Bazoer once again started for Wolfsburg in their 1-0 win at Red Bull Leipzig but the midfielder was substituted on 64 minutes after a disappointing performance. Bazoer touched the ball 32 times and made two tackles but had a pass accuracy of just 50%.

    Paul Verhaegh missed a penalty and made a big defensive error as Augsburg were defeated 3-0 at Schalke, who left Klaas-Jan Huntelaar on the bench.

    Spanish La Liga

    Deportivo la Coruna stunned Barcelona 2-1 on Sunday with both Ola John and Jasper Cillessen watching the game from their teams bench.

    Ryan Donk was also a spectator from the dugout for Real Betis in their 2-1 defeat at Barcelona.

    Belgian Jupiler League

    Club Brugge were held to a surprise 2-2 draw at home to Sint-Truiden’s on Sunday. Ruud Vormer got himself an assist, while Stefano Denswil also played the full game for the hosts.

    Albert Stuivenbergs Genk were in fine form as they hammered Westerlo 4-0. Jean-Paul Boetius was lively throughout the game, while Sandy Walsh came off the bench at half-time.

    Robert Muhren came off the bench and scored in the 93rd minute of Zulte Waregem’s 3-1 win at AS Eupen.

    Bram Nuytinck was an unused substitute as Anderlecht beat Waasland 3-0.

    Turkish Super Lig

    Jeremain Lens was once again in good form for Dick Advocaat’s Fenerbahce on Friday as he got himself an assist in their 3-2 win at Alanyaspor. Robin van Persie made a 28-minute cameo from the bench and Gregory van der Wiel was an unused substitute.

    Adam Maher played the full ninety minutes of Osmanlispor’s 1-1 draw with Bursaspor. The midfielder was lively on the right side with three shots and three completed dribbles.

    Wesley Sneijder appeared from the bench on 72 minutes as Galatasaray earned a 3-2 win over Genclerbirligi thanks to a 90th minute winner.

    Russian Premier League

    Quincy Promes returned to the Spartak Moscow starting eleven on Sunday but had a quiet game in their 1-0 win over Anzhi.

    English Championship

    Jaap Stam’s Reading were hammered 3-0 at Preston on Saturday with Joey van den Berg playing the full game and Roy Beerens appearing from the bench late on.

    Mitchell Dijks was shown a straight red card for a challenge on fellow Dutchman Marvin Emnes as Norwich City drew 2-2 with Blackburn Rovers. Yanick Wildschut appeared from the bench for Norwich in the 2nd half.

    Michael Mancienne played an hour before being substituted in Nottingham Forest’s 1-0 defeat at Burton.

    Rajiv van la Parra scored the winning goal as Huddersfield closed the gap on leaders Newcastle United with a 1-0 victory at Brentford.

    Vurnon Anita started for Newcastle but had a poor game as the league leaders fell to a 3-1 defeat at home to Fulham.

    Maikel Kieftenbeld played the full 90-minutes as Birmingham City held Cardiff City to a 1-1 draw.

    Glenn Loovens played 75 minutes of Sheffield Wednesday’s 2-0 defeat at Aston Villa before going off injured.

  30. To be honest, in term of front line after generation of Vaart, Sneijder, Persie, Robben we don’t have some players who have special skills, able score beautiful goals, able to change the game by only one thinking or dribbling. Memphis is one of that kind of player although it hard to say that he has reached top level for now. Next generation for that kind of player should be J. Kluivert, Malen so Let’s see how they develop. They are very confident disregard their young of age.

    1. Ruud still we can win it..
      Greece 2004
      Italy 2006(over rated italians )
      Portugal 2016…
      Denmark 1992
      nad many more…
      We need to find a balanced team with champion mentality…its in the hands of coach..

  31. Well, if DeVrij is out, who are the starting CB’s? The provisional squad has Veltman, Martins Indi, Hoedt, and Blind (and if Daly Blind is inserted as a CB, Danny Blind will have on call in another lb).

    1. Hard to say..
      maybe Veltman goes back to CB?
      Maybe Vlaar gets a recall, or maybe even St Juste can come up, instead of playing with the U21s?

  32. Some Europa news..

    Huntelaar was an unused sub for Shalke in their 2-2 draw v Monchengladbach, they advance by away goals.

    Babel scored 2 for Bestikas advancing after beating Olympiacos 5-2 on agg.

    Strootman scored in Romas 2-1 win over Lyon at home, but still they were a goal short after last weekend match, losing 4-5 on agg.

    As I mentioned, Blind started for Man Utd, but went off with a head injury.. Manchelsea United advance 2-1 on agg after winning 1-0 at home.
    Hopefully for us his injury is just precautionary..

    As Andrew mentioned, Ajax also advance, beating Copenhagen at home 2-0 to advance 3-2.
    Captain Veltman injured after 20 mins.. he wore the C as Klaassen was suspended. Funny how 2 these Dutch players who many fans do not appreciate seem to be invaluable to their manager… Tete replaced Veltman and did well, made the most tackles in the match.
    Nice European clean sheet for young de Ligt..
    Traore knocked in a rebound, and Dolberg scored a penalty.
    Ajax dominant, could easily have won 5-0 with some better finishing..

    1. @Klassen…He last won the dutch eredivise in 2014 i think.with some good players with him,when they left ajax went off,Suarez,Erickson,vertoghen,Toby etc….after that nothing he won..
      So far in NT he is joke,he is absent while he is on feild when we needed him the most.(Ditto with propper)
      @Klassen…Veltman is a Decent RCB,not that great,could be in NT bench is injuries hapens to De Vrij,Bruma and Mensah..But Coach sees him as he says he plays as RB in Ajax..thats shit reason when we have Karsdorp,Tete,kevindiks and NT..
      What to do sybe,lets hope even with Depay,klassen,and propper we make it to WC2018..and with Veltman ,Blind at back..
      We have better players than these players unfrtunatly they are injured or not selected..and ignored blindly.

      1. Right, Ajax the team has not won the title for 2 seasons (could be a 3rd, we’ll see soon), might as well put that all on Klaassen!

        I disagree with you.
        Neither ever really my favorite players, but both have been important for the Dutch NT and Ajax.

        Actually I am not convinced that they would be in Danny Blinds best 11 either!
        I also don’t believe either would have so many matches if not for so many injuries, and I think the reason they continue to play these depth roles is because they have been available to do so while we grasp for any continuity.
        Their selections are very easy to defend, even if not my picks either.

        I find it both annoying and boring to sift through your completely ignorant blathering almost every day.. that better players are ignored, that guy is a joke or this guy is stupid (not to mention your personal insults to myself and others), so please refrain from commenting and consider stopping altogether — otherwise, at least you’ll know exactly why I will ignore you.

  33. De Ligt at just 17 has received his first call-up to the senior squad. This kid has been outstanding. Man of match for Ajax yesterday, in my opinion.

    Check your spelling Tiju.


  34. Not sure whether you saw Blind’s selection for coming matches of Oranje, but I do not understand some of his choices…..

    Daley Blind (Manchester United), Wesley Hoedt (Lazio), Rick Karsdorp (Feyenoord), Matthijs de Ligt (Ajax), Bruno Martins Indi (Stoke City), Kenny Tete (Ajax), Joël Veltman (Ajax), Nick Viergever (Ajax), Stefan de Vrij (Lazio).

    Middenveld: Davy Klaassen (Ajax), Wesley Sneijder (Galatasaray), Kevin Strootman (AS Roma), Jens Toornstra (Feyenoord), Tonny Vilhena (Feyenoord), Georginio Wijnaldum (Liverpool).

    Aanval: Steven Berghuis (Feyenoord), Memphis Depay (Olympique Lyon), Bas Dost (Sporting Lissabon), Vincent Janssen (Tottenham Hotspur), Jeremain Lens (Fenerbahçe), Quincy Promes (Spartak Moskou), Arjen Robben (Bayern München)

        1. Matthijs de Ligt (Ajax), Nick Viergever (Ajax), Steven Berghuis (Feyenoord),and Jeremain Lens (Fenerbahçe). I am not talking anymore about D. Blind, because regardless of his form and condition he has a permanent place in the selection…

          1. I have a feeling de Ligt and Vierever are only there in case any one of Blind, de Vrij or Veltman need to pull out with their injury problems.. but I agree with you on those 2!

            Maybe I agree with Berghuis too, but we have not much great form on the wings, besides Robben (of course), Promes (has only just started playing again), and maybe Toornstra who can do some RW.

            Lens has actually been in decent form!

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