Do the Dutch still have Clockwork Orange material?

All sorts of things race through my mind and many new posts are being formed in my head while we still process those dreadful two games.

A question I got on the blog is “What do I think of the players we have coming through the system…”…. Well let me go into that a bit.

Lets start with some key comments:

In my view, having to have great world class players is not everything. Greece 2004 did not have world class players. Yet they won the Euros. In 1990, Holland had amazing individual players and the end result was horrific. The key is, to have a strong team. Probably with a number of world class players, but we don’t need eleven or sixteen world beaters.

Another comment I need to make is: what do we want? Do we want to play Total Football. Dutch School? If yes, what is that exactly? And if that is our objective, is qualifying or winning trophies important as well? If so, what is more important? Or…do we want to be say “forget Dutch School” and let’s just play to win. Like Van Gaal did in 2014. Realistic football, based on the quality at hand.

Van Oostveen is not looking too confident here…

Zeist - "Guus Hiddink unveiled as new Netherlands manager"

I believe Bert van Oostveen made a mistake in giving Hiddink/Blind the charter to “return to Total Football”. Return to 4-3-3. We don’t have the players for this and most teams these days do not play 4-3-3. They play 5-3-2 (which makes 3-5-2 or 3-4-3) or 4-2-3-1…  Somehow, Hiddink and co. wanted to move away from Van Gaal’s “anti-football”. It was the purists complaining (Cruyff, Van Hanegem) but maybe it is important to be realists. I didn’t complain when LVG went 5-3-2. I didn’t complain when we almost made it to the World Cup finals.

If we want to play at top level, competing for trophies, we need to create a system that fits our players. Louis did this…

keep calm

As for talent, I also want to point out the typical categories we have seen in the past (and present) and what we can expect in the future…. And let’s not forget: we don’t need eleven super world class players to win trophies. We need a healthy mix….

1. Super talents and became real consistent quality players

2. Super talents who never really converted their talent at the top level

3. Overlooked players who became world beaters

So lets look at some players we know today and see what can happen…

1. Super talents who became real consistent quality players

In my book, players like Frank Rijkaard, Marco van Basten, Dennis Bergkamp, Frank & Ronald de Boer, Wesley Sneijder and Arjen Robben spring to mind. Players who were spotted as young talents, both by their coaches, the media, the public and the KNVB.  Usually, these kids have the spotlights on them at a young age and manage to work and develop their way to greatness. At this stage, we are looking at lads like Vilhena, Bazoer, Stef van Beek, Jairo Riedewald, Jetro Willems, Memphis Depay, Nathan Ake and Davy Klaassen… I think Daley Blind, Willems, Memphis and Bazoer will make it. From what I have seen…

The jury is still out of course. Memphis played approx 6 serious games for Man United and only impressed against Brugge, which is sort of the level Memphis was used to at PSV… I haven’t seen him dazzle against the EPL opposition as yet. Willems had his little setback season already but from what I have seen since, I think he is the real deal. Bazoer impresses me every week but with all these talents it is a matter of 1) will their bodies be able to withstand the pressure, 2) will their mentality be strong enough, 3) will their management do what is best for them and 4) will they make the right choices in stepping up from their current level… Royston Drenthe comes to mind… A huge prospect, who left too early, to the wrong club and Royston probably also did not have the mental strength to deal with all that stuff.

When all worked….

Spain v Netherlands: Group B - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

In the past, Rijkaard was almost led astray (PSV, Sporting Lisbon) and Dennis Bergkamp had trouble at Inter…. Robben suffered physically and Wes also got lost in the desert for a spell.

Ricardo Kishna and El Ghazi are also seen as “sensational talents” but Kishna didn’t really prove to be one at Ajax while El Ghazi is just starting to deliver on the promise.

2. Super talents who never really converted their talent at the top level

Here we get to the level of Cedric van der Gun, Frans van Rooij, Mario Been, Jantje Peters, Marcel Peeper, John van ‘t Schip, Gerald Vanenburg, Edwin Gorter, Ryan Babel, Hedwiges Maduro, Royston Drenthe, Kyle Ebicilio, Quincy, Peter Hoekstra, Bryan Roy, Ibi Afellay, Richard Witschge. All these guys had super reputations when they were playing for the youth teams. Most of them played rep football for the Dutch from a young age and most were compared with the great Johan Cruyff, the great Willem van Hanegem or the great Ruud Krol (depending on their role in the team). They were all brought carefully into the first teams at their clubs and most of them made their way into the Dutch team… But somehow, they never delivered on their promise. Some had the bad luck of physical problems (Van der Gun, Pepper, Peter Hoekstra, Afellay), others made the decision to leave their club too soon or go to the wrong club (Royston Drenthe, Richard Witschge) while others simply lacked the mentality to make it big…

Johnny Rep, Ruud Krol and Jantje Peters


They seemed uncoachable ( Quincy) or lacked discipline or simply couldn’t be bothered to be team players. Some players excelled at youth level but couldn’t make it work for them at senior level (Vanenburg, Babel, Gorter, Been). At this stage, Holland has a number of these lads. I think Adam Maher currently is in this category. I think Boetius might be the same and players like Fer, Wijnaldum, Davy Klaassen, Siem de Jong, Luuk de Jong and Martins Indi might end up in this basket. Exciting players when they’re young. Highly impressive in the Dutch league when they first make their appearance. But when the surprise factor wears off, they appear to be mediocre… Not that there is anything wrong here… Players like Vanenburg, Van ‘t Schip, Roy and Afellay have had good runs at their clubs and country but they simply never made it to the level that was expected of them when they were young… At this stage, Bruma, Klaassen, Wijnaldum, Narsingh, Promes, Lens could all end up in this category.

3. Overlooked players who became world beaters

This is an exciting category. Philip Cocu, Arthur Numan, Jaap Stam, Jan Wouters, Dirk Kuyt, Roy Makaay come to mind. This is the category of players that suddenly catch your eye. I saw Jaap Stam coming. I remember him at Cambuur and Willem II. And after a couple of weeks, you hear this name more often in highlight reels and you realise that this unknown lad is a powerhouse. Cocu, similar story. Brought as flegmatic talent at AZ. Went to Vitesse as a left winger and mixed good games with invisible games. PSV took a gamble, he ended up playing in midfield and became one of Holland’s best midfielders ever. And the somewhat complacent left winger became a mentally strong leader, who captained Barcelona! Jan Wouters is another example. Overlooked by many clubs and brought to Ajax by Cruyff when he was already a tad older… Marco van Basten highly criticized this signing until he realised that with Wouters behind him, his job was easier… And in West Germany, in 1988, it was Wouter’s pass in the semi finals that led to Bassie’s winner… Arthur Numan was a big fish in a little club (Haarlem) until he became a smaller fish in a big team (Oranje!). Dirk Kuyt made steps from Katwijk, to Utrecht, to Feyenoord, to Oranje, to Liverpool. And with every step, people said “he’s not going to survive that level” and everytime he did! Kevin Strootman is in this category as well, as is Jordy Clasie. The latter was told time and time again by his youth coaches at Feyenoord: “laddie, give it up. It won’t work for you. You’re too small for top football.” In the past, the Dutch team saw players like Winston Bogarde, Michael Reiziger, Peter van Vossen, Adrie van Tiggelen, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink and Nigel de Jong become important, on the basis of their mentality, grit and personality. In today’s team, I rate Strootman and Clasie of this level but also Dost and Ron Vlaar.

Jan Wouters, FC Utrecht, vs Lerby Ajax. Both would become midfield captains at Bayern Munich

wouters lerby

My point with all of this, is that in every successful team in the past, we had players that were known to be bright stars and we had players that came from nowhere. We had players that were essential to the team but they weren’t considered great talents.

The 1974 team won silver in West Germany and had usual suspects such as Cruyff, Van Hanegem and Rensenbrink, but Wim Rijsbergen was a nobody. Slow and definitely an ugly player. But tough as nails. Young upstart Arie Haan played as center back. And Johan Neeskens was quite an unknown playing for HFC before someone tipped Ajax to sign him.

Top dogs Piet Keizer and Sjaak Swart didn’t get a look in. And Michels only found the winning line up days before the Tournament started. Oh, and did I mention that Oranje actually had a terrible qualification series? And actually shouldn’t have qualified as they scored an offside goal against Belgium, which when disallowed would have meant the exit for The Netherlands? Freaky, no?

Fußball-WM, BRD - Niederlande 2:1

The 1978 team got silver in Argentina. Big name players like Cruyff and Van Hanegem were not present. Young upstarts Brands, Poortvliet and Wildschut impressed, with Haan and Krol as the leading players. The three PSV youngsters were not rated as hot talents but they fitted perfectly in the team.

In 1988, in West Germany, Holland won it’s first and only trophy. Playing 4-4-2. With under rated Erwin Koeman in the team to cover for Arnold Muhren. Limited players like Berry van Aerle and Adri van Tiggelen completed the team, while wonderboy Gerald Vanenburg was working his ass off for Gullit and Van Basten.

The 1998 Oranje was very close to playing the finals. Looking back on that performance, players like Bergkamp and Cocu admitted that they never really considered themselves good enough for the finals. They didn’t play like they had a chance to win it. In hindsight, they can kick themselves.

My point being…the whole debate about 4-3-3 being the “Dutch School” is silly. The whole point about talent and skill and experience is silly. It is about Team. With capital T.

Team. Tactics. Tenacity. Skill and talent and experience are very handy. But without team, without desire and without a clear idea as to how to play, we will never win anything. This is what made the Greeks win 2004. And what fuels the Germans always!

So sure, our lads can all play. Outside foot passing, pannas, dribbles, cool step overs… all nice and dandy. But the Mark van Bommel / Edgar Davids / Johan Neeskens will to win, is essential. Because at a Euros or at a World Cup, every player can play football.


Piet Wildschut in 1978

With the players we have, I think we should be able to 1) qualify and 2) win trophies.

As the past has demonstrated: a team full of super players doesn’t necessarily mean you win trophies. And vice versa, many mediocre teams have won trophies over the years. From Greece to Germany (1996) to Atletico Madrid and FC Porto.

If we, for the sake of discussion, simply accept that all the Dutch players are capable in handling the ball. And we accept that they all are fit enough to play top football, then the aspects we need to focus on are: 1. tactical strength, 2. mental strength and 3. desire.

If I have to judge our current players on this, then for me the jury is not too positive on the following players:  Klaassen, Promes, Narsingh, Martins Indi, Lens, Van der Wiel, Afellay, Boetius, Maher.

Players that get the benefit of the doubt are: Wijnaldum, Van Ginkel, Fer, Bruma, Riedewald, Tete, Berghuis, De Guzman, Bacuna, Van Dijk, Van Beek, Vilhena.

Players that I believe have what it takes in this particular department are Daley Blind, Luuk de Jong, Clasie, Bas Dost, Pieters, Janmaat, Willems, De Vrij,

The good thing is, that the question marks are all playing in the EPL or at top level in Holland (so we can spot them well). Playing in Holland is not necessarily a good thing. I am certain Bruma developed well with Terry and Lampard and Drogba as training buddies while at PSV it is all bit more laissez-fair. The ones that make it in the EPL will most likely have what it takes in the work rate department…

barca witschge

The ones that demonstrate the right development path – such as Blind, De Jong and Willems – will definitely be the backbone of future Oranje squads. I just wish some of them would lose that “lets play some nice football” attitude and develop a “over my dead body” mentality…

All in all, I am not negative about our potential futute. We certainly have the quality. We now need to pair the quality with the grit and pick a coach who will use what he have in a tactical system that works…

Danny Blind can still be that guy, if he leans more to Van Gaal and less to Cruyff. If not him, the likes of Ronald Koeman, Frank de Boer, John van den Brom or Ron Jans come to mind as future national team coaches.

Danny Blind with son Daley Blind

danny daely


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  1. Jan nice over view.Again some I agree and some I disagree.regardless of this for me it’s all about bringing competition at individual level to enhance the development overall and this can only happen with broader mindset compared to those with current coaches. You look at Hunterlaar and Van Persie over the years,how their rivalry has stired competition at NT level.Van Der Vaart and Sneijder. This has been a key key hold for NT over the years and this is something that is missing in the current NT. This is where the coaches should start for enhanced and long term development

    Again looking at transfer of Dutch players in the recent transfer window I hope more players will be break into the NT and incite competition in the team.

    1. yes there was snijedr VS Rvp..roben Vs RVP,RVp vs Hunter,Vaart Vs sneijder….
      But Orange needed win they all gave their blood…they fought together….we lost some cups due to Bert vanmarwijk and Vanbasten…
      A footballer needs caharctor and many dutch players had it…
      honestly most of young ones needs a reality check and counselor…

  2. agree completely Jan
    “Because at a Euros or at a World Cup, every player can play football.”
    And in modern football, with improved statistical information and training techniques the playing field regarding individual ability is more even then it has ever been. To me this means there is more emphasis on the other aspects of the game like the team culture, determination and desire, and less so on individual talent.

    A bit like making a cake.. even if you have all the best individual ingredients (you need some salt, sugar or vanilla for flavor and then some egg butter and flour to hold it together) without a good baker to know the correct mix, the right preparation, and then the execution it doesn’t necessarily turn out to be a great cake.
    But just the same, a great baker can only do so much with shit for ingredients – but I dont believe this is our problem at all!

  3. Looks like Wesley Hoedt will finally have his first competitive action today for Lazio v Udi, with de Vrij out injured. Must be impressing in training if he has kept Gentiletti on the bench.
    Hopefully we see Kishna get some time, but he starts on the bench..

  4. yes steve i did had a trainer,i also expected that gym traing would help my football,but reduced my speed and agility..
    The training ws good i became strong,my legs muscles became good,but i felt heavy on my legs and it reduced my dribbling skills and running speed..
    have u ever seen a bodybuilder suceeding in football…
    We need strong players like Jaap stam,tahst natural strgth…tahts wat we need,look at ryan gigs,Roben,None trained like Depay…
    Gym is catastrophy for a footballer who wants to play top level..

    1. Haha I agree with you, need natural strength and I would not expect a bodybuilder to succeed. And sure it’s a concern for any athlete, but Memphis, only 21, has not yet either destroyed his muscles or become too big to be successful at the top level at this point.
      * by the way I’m not obsessed with him and although he is a great talent I actually do not think he is world class quite yet either.. still exciting to watch and he has the potential!
      Like Jan says the jury is still out

      1. He is not a stupid player..So like him over many players..Since seeing his bulging thighs and figure ..i feel,he is just only due to LVG…and Dutch cannt count on him…
        Willimas,kongolo,bazoer,clasie kind of players will play more role than Depay for NT..

  5. Ultimately, of course, the coaches have to identify the players that have the right mix of talent and mentality (toughness, teamwork) and meld them to the right formations for the group. LVG did it–he packed the midfield to solidify the defense and then played to the counterattacking skills of Robben (perfect counter-attacking talent) and RVP. It was nice and effective football. Since that WC the coaches simply have been lost–trying lots of different players but no real identity as a team; too much instability; mistakes in the back–giving up the first goal; mediocre midfield. It’s on the coaches.

  6. Great game for Hoedt, winning with Lazio 2-0.
    He looks tough to beat and is good on the ball, another great young left-footed CB prospect for the Dutch, nice for his development that he is playing in defense-heavy Italy too. He was of the best in passes/ quick distribution, and great on clearances and ball recoveries. Hope he can keep that form next week away at Napoli.

    1. Defense is collective effort..what if he had Braphied at LB..Hoedt would have struggled more i think…so it is important whom u play with too..
      Like Einsterins Relative theory,everything is relative..

  7. Also watched Tottenham vs Sunderland. (1-0).heartbreaking for Sunderland to conceed late in the game. Should have been been 3-0 to Sunderland. Lens as ever was hardworking and came to life in the second half after switching to left flank. Missed few one on one opportunities but
    Overall was lively and treating on the flanks. I thinking he will improve more as he continues to play more games.

    Van Annholt lost his marker on few occasions but was overall average. Still needs to balance his game and communicate more with his CBS.

    1. this is what the problem with annholt always…but he can be an effective and wonderful,fast winger than Depay or light weight boetius…
      Annholt as winger williams as LB would be a complimenting and productive wing for us i am damn sure…
      stand bye
      Van beek
      these 27 players should be our core pool players…

  8. Again no sign of Ake at Watford.cant wait to see him in full flight. Apparently Berghuis made a late cameo vs Swansea coming of the bench.

    Promes also scored the winner for Spartak Moscow vs Rostov. He joins Hulk as joint top scores.

  9. Just wondering whether it’s time to write of Van Persie just like
    Van der Vaart. Featured on the left wing for Fenerbahce over the weekend. Got subbed at 62′.I don’t think he will be able to topple the likes of Fernadao and Souza who have shown more consistency then him. Again his selection in the last qualifiers was dubious and was uncalled for .it’s no use carrying on with him coz I doubt he will be able to find back his old form under current circumstances at Fenerbahce.

    1. THE problem is RVP dont realise it and many dutch fans…cannt help it…even for roben i think started its hwoing age syndrome..before our matches vs Iceland,i saw roben really build a strong team u need to forget the older legends….that has become inevitable for dutch now..
      if RVP and roben stays like 24 year old then its good and we must take them…but that seems a mission impossible for me..
      Blind must make a pool of players who has tactical awareness,intellignce,work ethos on last dribbling and speed skills..all these old players are proven players they dont have to prove it again,if they are fit we can take them if not we should not as it will affcet the team balaance…
      when u play Promes,afellay,depay kind of players up front we will have less team balance nad chances of loosing the game is 100 percent i mean not a macth Vs sanmarino…

  10. Some news… Willems was supposed to be back in Sept sometime but had a setback so will miss the October matches for Oranje, assuming he picks up where he left off being the undisputed LB after he is fit.

    Also rumor has it de Guzman was involved in a physical altercation with the director at Napoli.. not so good for him.

  11. Lazio has confirmed stefan De Vrij will miss the Europa League clash vs Dinpro. Wesley Hoedt will most probably get his second start for the capital side after a impressing against Udinese.

  12. Nice article Jan, I said before the Turkey game that we need players who will “play for the shirt, not the name on the back”, this gives you the players who play with passion and desire with a will to win at all costs. I’m sure these players are out there, infact most players have this inside it’s just weather or not the coach can get it out of them. I was in a cafe in Bondi last week, if you don’t know Bondi has a lot of brasillian’s living in the area, just getting some breakfast, and I noticed up,on the wall a large poster of the 1992 WC winning Brasil team – WOW what a side that was!
    To name a few Ronaldo, Rhonaldiniho , Dunga, Roberto Carlos, etc etc, the list goes on, each and every player a complete world class player. I compare this to the current Dutch NT and I realise that we are far from having a WC winning team, for me until we get the midfield right we will not succeed, our defenders will have to work overtime and inevitably fail under pressure and our Strikers just won’t get the service that is required to score goals.
    I’m sure the answer lies in a good mix of youth and experience Van Ginkle next to Snjider would be a good starting point, and for me if your not playing in abig league then forget it, you won’t be groomed for the higher level of NT play. It’s a shame that the Erdedivsie has dropped so low as a competitive league in Europe I say stay until you are 18 then get out, if at 18 you have not picked up the technical ability to play high level football then you never will.
    At the end of this week we are sending a 16yr old lad to Ipswich for a 3 week trial period, we do this every year, I know what they will say about him, – technically he is fine but he needs to get stronger! This is a common theme as our playing conditions are far from the intensity that is played in England no matter the league level.
    I doubt that the young lads in Holland are much tougher than the young lads here, although technically they would be much better, but skill,alone is not enough, mongrel is equally as important.
    Anyhow, some good posts being made by everyone , let’s hope that a miracle happens and the Turks fall over at the last hurdle!

    Hup Holland.

    1. Van Banger you are so true it so simple. You look at the game vs USA,Robben never played and though Holland lost, how simply they manage to score three goal.

      It’s so simple when you have strikers like Huntelaar in you just need to service him and the goals will come. But yet the coaches want to put the gun on the shoulders of Robben which deprives them of service and suffocating in the process.

      None of the strikers received those kind of services in the last two qualification like vs USA.

      I’m positive if Hiddink wouldnt have resigned,NT would have salvaged something vs Iceland and even Turkey.

      Blinds decision to sub Hunter vs Iceland and bench him vs Turkey was another of those fiasco which firstly backfired and secondly is a classical example of how Hunter has always being classed as second best when clearly he should have the no 1.
      When will these coaches learn.

    2. i remmber young Robens match vs USA…he was so light but fast and agile and roben scored and we won..Depay has bulked a lot and he gets disposed from ball i dont think strength is the problem for dutch,instead we developed some strong headlesschickens from chilhood. so we lack quality..thats the issue..
      I dont know how much muscle David silva has,or muller has or Ineasta has…so its all about quality and it comes with intelligence…
      what we lack is coaches or scoutes who can understand who is a better quality player..
      BUT now we are lfet with simple players like Promes,Afellay,Narsingh,BMI,weil etc ..others are interested in six pack and sexy body..
      kids are getting spoiled by some stupid leaders,we need men to can teach boys about Being a MAn.

  13. I saw ManU vs Liverpool last Saturday. I almost didn’t recognize Blind. He was a transformed player. I was wondering if he’s the Seedorf type, great at club level, but mediocre with Oranje.
    Where was Blind’s grit and determination against Turkey? At ManU he gives everything.

    I also saw Lens. He did verticalised the game and some of his through balls were wonderful, especially the one for Defoe.
    We’re missing the verticalization in Oranje, with sterile horizontal and back passing.

    Also Van Dijk was the talk of the week in EPL and Koeman regarded as an astute coach.

    What if… it’s always what if.. for us poor bastards, Oranje fans.

    1. @Albo…its all about the whole team,the whole team of Manu has life due to LVG(i am not saying they are perfect)…Team is a combination,fluidity,sacrifice courage,its duty of the coach..LVG vision is so long and a clever coach(offcourse he is not 100/100)..for me this guy is extraintelligent manger with ethics..thats why Jose rates him high and has high respect for LVG.
      Normally its the loyalty of LVg betrays himslef from forming a bnear pefect team.
      Daley blind is an intelligent player with physical shortcomings…but this is address with right players arround him..he or Ginekl cann do messi..but if u mix these players togethre with a great tactical coach,u can form a champion team..its true blind is versatile,but as a CB he is well procetd by Snhiderlin,carrcik,Bastein and smalling,darmian…so that is not the case in NT..he had to play with weil,Afellay,BMI,promes,nasrignh etc…none has the intelligence of a worldclass player…..As Manu follower i saw Gomis tormented him…i think since strootman is doubtful…blind should go to box to box player as he can do better than Afellay or klassen..

  14. “”””At his Old Trafford unveiling in July, Van Gaal raved about his new signing’s confidence, which had previously had former Netherlands international Ronald Koeman raising his eyebrows.

    “I saw him playing for the Dutch Under-19 side and he was walking around like he had won 10 European Cups,” said the current Southampton manager, and that swagger is still evident in Memphis to this day.””””
    Ronald Koeman on memphis…i liked it

  15. was impressed with Hendrix. consistent and solid defending.hopefully he can continue this with other teams.

    bad luck for Shaw. he was really impressive for Man United since the starting of the season. Man United will really miss him.

    looks like Van Der Weil also had a good outings for PSG vs Malmo.

    Bas Dost failed to live up to expectation and was subbed at half time but did come close with few shots on goal.

    1. @wilson…Hendrix and Ake should be there in our NT..they are best holding mid we got..stupid coaches goes for mediocre players with experience..
      Brenet performance was surprise for me…he did really well exceptinally well,he pocketed Young and Depay and Martial…i did nt expect that fro him..that means we need to keep eye on him..
      Lestinne is a better team player than Depay…PSV looks stronger than last year…
      Bruma got confused with arias and that made easy for Depay to score the gaol…But Bruma was a BEAST later on…
      i think its all the grit,of Luuk,Bruma,hendrix,brenet,moreno,hendrix that gave them the victory…
      Luuk de jong is all over the pitch,and he strong that strong smalling got really struggled with him..

        1. They will struggle now with the hectic fixtures. Don’t have a backup CB and now LB. Might remember what happened to Tottenham last season when they failed to cope with both EL and EPL hence affecting their overall standing.

    1. Traveling could have been a factor and it will be interesting to see how PSV copes when they travel in other fixtures.

      But I must say this PSV have a great depth in the squad,even on the bench and this could a trump card for Cocu. As usually was not impressed with Luuk . This game was another example of what will happen to him when the game is played at a high tempo. If you look at counter situations when Narsingh and Lestienne broke clear,Luuk was once again slow to cope up with them and hence had no choice but to pull the trigger. I was hoping Locadia to replace him in the last 20’to add more thrust in attack but surprisingly it was lestienne who made the way late for him to see the game out.

  16. HAhah ya I was thinking the same.
    Great result for PSV, they were dominated but more clinical with their chances.

    I also really liked Hendrix, Propper had a few nice plays as well.
    Hopefully Maher is back soon, I like those 3 playing together, and with probably Guardado out for a few weeks Hendrix should gets lots of time.
    Aside from the Memphis goal Bruma was probably the best for PSV.
    And it was a great goal for Memphis with a brilliant dribble, and nice assist for Blind.
    What more could you ask for?

    And like wilson said, van der Wiel was awesome.. created lots of chances, 72/74 on passing perfect on tackles and a CL clean sheet.
    Has to take his chances when he can. why cant he do that all the time dammit!?

        1. It’s now or never for him. With Serge Aurier suspended,this his only chance for him to impress Blanc after falling out with him.

          But he usually plays well at PSG, maybe just because the players in front of him are more competent and provide him more cover when defending. This is something he doesn’t receive at NT and hence struggles under pressure.

  17. Great result for PSV, let’s hope they can push through to the next stage, I did not see the match but will catch a replay tonight.
    Bittersweet for Memphis

  18. I think that if we really want to know the reason why Dutch clubs and the Eredivisie are generally hurting (and possibly/ eventually Dutch football as well, although I believe there is something special about it and can’t be kept down for too long), and are amazing enough just to put up the competition that they do now, then we have to say the real reason is MONEY.

    The business of football is absolutely out of control. For instance, Adam Lallana from Liverpool cost more than all of PSV.
    PSV’s starting XI + subs cost €26.7m
    MUFC’s team which was defeated by PSV yesterday cost that club €357.5m

    I love football, and I like to watch and play as much as possible. I focus on clubs in the ‘big 5 leagues’ who have a Dutch persuasion because they don’t play Eredivisie on any TV channels here, and like many others out there, its not because I am born in the Netherlands (although my mother, and her father who told be about the football, are) but because I believe there is something special about it!
    So then…. does all of this money machine talk mean that if I watch the football of the bigger leagues on TV, or support any company which sponsors any of the big clubs, then technically am I participating in the machine that is hurting us?

    What do you think?

    1. Media has bid role is popularising a game in a country..i dont which chanel shows eredivise in india…Ever since india won S#$$hit Circket wC in1983 media is obssesed with Cricket,hence cricket flourished in india with hell lot of money…
      Eredivise can easily get money if they catch indian market..they will get more TV adds and money from telcasting if eredivise gets popular i india…once 1.2 billion people marketstarts followin eredivise..then they dont have to look back…
      To that every every single dutch club club must start their academy in india…So automatically indian media will focus on it..if they take best talents to would reach furthur,,,

  19. Hahahaha, very insightful… This is true. Us following the major competitions is indeed feeding the money monster… Very smart observation. Sadly, it is a selffulfilling prophecy isn’t it? Because we can’t watch the small leagues… In my case (Australia) and your case (US). I do believe we need to get financial fair play in asap. As indeed the budget of Sunderland is bigger than the full Eredvisie budget!

  20. Piss-poor game by Ajax against Celtic. No will, no speed in attack, bad defending, no leadership on the pitch or from the bench. I never want to see FDB as national coach. once again he failed to prepare and motivate his players before an important european game

    1. Cocu, on the other hand, is an excellent coach. What a game by PSV against United this week. That’s the way Dutch clubs should play in CL- och EL-games. FDB’s AJax would never have defeated United

        1. read my article on top. its a long term goal on building the squad from season to season. you cant tell what happens to PSV next season when players will wanna depart especially the foreign players.

          1. Cocu knows the right mixure of the team..and also balance.workrate importance etc…they dont have a suarez.Has Ajax played with suarez,erikson,vertogehn etc..???players comes and departs it happens with every club..but how the club respond to departure of a star player is important…PSV has some scouts and a fantastic coach…
            they have equally replaced the departed ones,i would say slightly better..
            Ajax doesnt have to change their style,but FDB must drop sticking with some lesser players..

      1. mean while Fenerbahce lost 3-1 molde. Van Persie was subbed 62′. I think he has made the wrong move. I cant see him being selected for October qualifiers and if he does, god bless NT and Danny Blind.

        1. whether its fenrbache,NT or Manu..RVP is little too old,so there is no point in blaming him,he is almost finished at the bets is last 15 sub….Fenerbache got wrong was fine and intelligent move from RVP..RVP is still class like Cryuff or Vanbsten,,but u cannt play them anymore…end of the story..

    1. Great for KJH, love him but that goal that is more of a goalie error..
      His second goal was brilliant, perfect pass as well from young Max Meyer.. but that kind of space usually does not happen against better sides.

      Shame that BMI forced Blind so sacrifice the Hunter and ruin his match v Iceland, and obvs giving the chance to RvP instead v Turkey (even though you can see some logic behind playing a player who plays in their league), turned out to be a massive mistake.
      I like him as center forward, and seems like the most consistent.

  21. Another commanding performance from Wesley Hoedt.Unlucky to conceed the equalizer but couldn’t have done much either.

    Kishna apart from the assist was quite and didn’t spark much

  22. Nice to see the Hunter score a couple, I wish he would do it for NT, you can see how relaxed he is on the ball in this game having the confidence to shoot at will. If only he would get some service when playing for NT!
    It must be said that the defenders were pretty average to give him so match space, but that’s not his problem.
    @wilson- that article from FDB re Ajax was interesting, it kind of says that we don’t care if we keep losing games or players to better leagues, it’s our way or no way at all. I think in any business or sports team, if things aren’t going so well then you have to be smart enough to make changes! Who ever said that you have to play 433 to play a passing game? That is a nonsense , it comes down to the quality of the players no matter the formation and what’s wrong with a 40 yard killer pass to a striker to put him on goal?
    Yes money has a lot to do with it for sure, but to attract money you need to be winning on the biggest stages!

    1. I thought this quote was the best part, maybe from a different interview, from de Boer:
      “Yes but the most Important thing is to play with the heart let me be clear about that. That’s where everything begins. If you do not have that then you do not go far with tactics. It begins in the first instance with the heart and if you have that it can make the difference.”
      Case in point, singkraven looked nonchalant and lost v Celtic, and he errors in both goals against..

      Im not a crazy Ajax fan but I do really appreciate that club. it takes more balls to play the Ajax way, its more risk, it’s positive gamesmanship, anyone can park the bus..and it’s better entertainment as well!
      And speaking of a 40 yard killer pass to a striker and Fred de Boer…

      I’d have to disagree van banger, you don’t need to win on the biggest stages to get money.. look at Chelsea, City, PSG! You just need an oil tycoon to fly in over in a helicopter. Haha

    1. this guy Jetro is ridiculously talented,i am not much convinced with his intelligence…the guys is deal..accurate boot,pinpoint crosses,amazing dribbling(effective)amazing rocket speed…he is destined to play for Top club..its no wonder…
      i dream about a total footfall concept of Annholt–Williams
      buttner–williams at the defense and offense gets balanced…
      Same way
      Van rhijn with Janmaat on other end…. it would be amazing and huntlaar would be feeded like a baby…

  23. i Really dont think the older ones Including Nijel would make it to 2018 if we qualify…We are in tough group with France and sweden,france has become very strong under Dechamps the winner…
    We must stop relying on roben to beat better teams,we must follow the Gogi low style of Germany who beat every team with out players like RVP or Roben…Nijel has become slow,RVP is done,Roben is on downhill,after his in last april he is shadow of his own…So it high time to build a new team..Players shows intelligence,fighting spirit,unslefishness should get the nod over lazy ones…
    Depay,afellay might be talnetd but work rate is poor and not giving much help to it affcets the team balance..RVP,Roben too are in this catagory..but since RVP ,roben were proven scorres we could negelct their defensive duty…its all about creating a new energetic team….
    i think Nathan ake should get a call from Danny blind as he is the purest holding mid we have got,Hendrix is not bad either…
    Vanginkel–Daley blind
    Stand bye

          1. form is temporary we can regain it when players are really fit…Form is important,always inform players should get a nod(Not based on tap in goals though)by looking in to their overall contribution to game..i saw a dream turkey lost and we qualified..lets see…if dont qualify,its time to chope of many older and younger ones..

          2. Agree we need some changes to players but WC qualifying is a year away yet and you would have 6/11 players playing out of position haha 😉

            But joking aside, I appreciate your thinking outside the box.. I am curious though, if we are pretending everyone is fit and in form then would you ignore Vlaar and Strootman as well?

  24. Gonna check out Newcastle Watford, Wijnaldum Janmaat and Krul start.
    Disappointed that Anita relegated to the bench with S de Jing, and also Bergius and Ake only on the bench for Watford..

    1. Newcastle paying the price for taking Anita out of CDM, down at home 0-2 at halftime
      Poor Janmaat having a tough time.
      Krul no chance on the goals, Wijnaldum working hard but not much influence..

      1. Nice Janmaat goal from a perfect one-two with Sissoko! Amazing 2nd half from him, way better than the first.
        Great attacking, think/hope some confidence will help bring some defensive quality back.
        Siem de Jong in for 2nd half as well, some decent passing with Wijnaldum and a weak shot from a Wijnaldum run, but didn’t really get involved.

        Berghuis came on for the last 15, and should have had a good assist right at the end, but the guy blew it..
        Ake came on couple minutes after him at LB to shut down Janmaats right wing and did the job, although not even 1 pass made haha
        Watford away win 2-1

  25. Bas Dost with 2 goals. He was on the bench he came in the 72′ and scored twice.

    I hope his coach finally realizes he has a huge goalscorer on the bench.

      1. It’s not that. If you look at both Dost and Bendtner,they are typical box strikers, and when it comes to consistency then both of them have been on and off in front of goal and this is why the coaches are rotating both of them. Last week Dost played 72’but and was replaced by Bendtner.This week Bendtner played 71’and was replaced by Dost who turned out to be the match winner. Given they both operate in identical style it all comes down to who receives the best service and this is where they are likely to become static unless provided with opportunity.

        Again at NT level, if Hunter can’t score then I don’t think Dost can do it either. Luuk De Jong is also in the same boat. They all need players around them who can service them efficiently and with Robben and Sneijder in the current team I just don’t see that happening.

        1. No Luuk is differnet from both…he is services his team mates too,very good assisteer of goals…i mean a pefect team player in penalty box though he doesnt posses acrobatic skills or pace..

          1. A striker assisting,doesnt sound right. But that’s only in eredivisie because he knows he can’t keep up with Narsingh and Lestienne

            vs Man United was just another example.

        2. Bendtner and Dost are similar, but not identical.
          Also, they do not rotate at Wolfsburg, not yet anyways. Dost has been the preferred striker and they use Bendtner to change it up and refreshen during a game, like all teams do if they need a goal.

          Luuk is way different to both, not at all a typical striker.

  26. @steve…as person work in healthcare industry,am really worried about injury of Vlaar and strootman…if they are fit and fast they should be there…
    basically i am fed up with our hyped mediocre talents,so its time to try something new…what if hat works…

  27. Nijel was on bench for Milan…as Milan played a spledid game and they won…it seems Nijel would be sitting bench more often…
    RVP is playing 60 minutes per game very badly.But i must say that he is hardworking like 60 year old.
    Roben—injured,lost his magical touch..
    Only Hunter and sneijder doing comparatively well…its the time for accurate replacement for our old guards…TIME IS UP FOR THEM…

    1. If you look at Milan Lineup, they are deploying Luis Adriano and Bacca as two strikers up front (4-3-1-2) and this where more attacking midfielder are being prefered are them compared to that of De Jong who only supplement attack. This was one problem area last year when Inzaghi was deploying 4-3-3 and with Montilovo returning from injury, this is where that area has being enhanced.

  28. Entertaining chess match so far at Southampton hosting Man Utd. HT 1-1

    I am surprised Memphis starts, but so far much better than v Liverpool, still double and sometimes triple teamed.
    Blind is doing LCB again with Rojo on LB.. looks solid in possession as usual, but sloppy team defending (Rooney-Scheiderlin-Rojo) allowed the Pelle goal.

    Still no Clasie, maybe van Dijk not quite as assured as last match, a couple small mistakes and looks like he can work on heading the ball, but not much he or Steks could do on the Martial goal, which probably should not have counted anyways (mata offside)..

    Game could go either way, Utd dominating in possession but Southampton have created more chances.

      1. You should know better Tiju, maybe your love for Man Utd is making you jaded to Oranje opinion, I don’t know.
        Can’t really compare Martial to Memphis, completely different styles and positions and doing different jobs for the team.
        Martial was actually awful in the first half, hardly done anything in the second half either.. But was clinical with his 2 chances, both completely gifts, that any striker should have scored.
        Then Memphis makes a brilliant play later and hits the post. That’s how football goes sometimes…

        1. Martial is a good finisher,i would say tad better than Depay..Arrival of martial has given a newlife for Manu upfront…United were toothless untill martial came…Depay is ok,not great..bit hyped..thats what it seems…

        2. martial positioing is excellent,has got speed,cool head,vision and intelligence,this makes him lethal…
          While Depay struggles with heavy legs,he cannt over run the fast defenders of PL while martial can…that makes difference for martial when martail gets the ball..
          Depay scored a gaol vs PSv which clearly showed his skill,but that was just Arais…

    1. Martial got a second goal on a breakaway assisted by Yoshida for the go-ahead goal, perfectly clinical for a striker 2 goals out of nothing.
      Mata gets a goal from a ball unlucky Memphis put off the post. Again not much VvD and Steks could do.. I appreciate that Memphis does not give up, kept working hard to try to make things happen.. nice that he technically gets an assist 😉
      Blind switched out to LB for the last 20 (not wise to put tired legs there, LvG) then poor marking on Mane by Blind let him get the cross to Pelle for Southampton to claw one back, but United hold on to win 3-2.
      To me de Gea will be the reason United takes points (that save off the corner kick around 50’/55′ when it was 1-2 still, and again in added time…. wow!) so, well done to LvG for resigning him.

        1. I can’t see Blind playing a position he has never played in at all.
          I like him, but I think he needs to play where is familiar to what he is doing at his club at whatever time the 23 is named – or else he needs to be on the bench.
          Seems like all of his bad moments happen when he is playing in a different position than usual.

          1. to play as LB u must be faster and agile and strong,,Blind doesnt have it…
            To play LB also u need these attributes..every time u cannt mange it with ur smartness alone…
            Orange has huge lack of quality upfront due to absence for old legendry boys…Blind can do better than many headless chickens upfront …

  29. i think Depay is so lucky that he got so many minutes for MAnu due to LVG…Offcourse Depay is not the worst player they have,Rooney was the worst,then Depay…but both excelled vs minows like brugge..
    When martial has ball,there is a feeling of Roben,CR7 etc…sad this guy is french not dutch..

    1. Haha that’s funny, I was watching with a long time United fan who has the opposite feeling as you and thinks Martial looks useless and giving the ball away all the time looking a little lost like Yaya Sanogo from arsenal/Ajax, but then happy and laughing because of course he gets 2 gifted goals.
      Also kind of funny that Martials goal versus Liverpool was a typical Memphis type goal except not double teamed and Skrtl was awful.

      1. Yaya sanogo is stupid player while martail is not,thats why yaya in Ajax and martail score week in week out…
        Deapy losses ball so often like all united forwards..he cannt pick up passes from his team mates or the given passes,then tries to dribble 3 defendres again loosing the ball..Had depay was faster he could have been lethal like martial..United will be better team if Young plays in for Depay…just Wait and see LVG will be forced to bench Depay….its just matter of time..

  30. Anyone watch Ajax or Feyenoord?
    Was too early for me to get up to watch, drank too much lat night haha

    Good stats for Karsdorp (assist and created 3 chances) and Kongolo (most tackles)… Ajax looked pretty dominant on paper

  31. ___________________Hunter ______________________________

    ____________Sneijder__________Van Ginkle___________

    van Annholt_________Wijnaldum____________________Janmaat

    ____________________De Jong_____________________________

    Karim Rekik_____________Virgil Van Dijik_________Bruma


    with only 3 weeks or so remaining for the last two qualifiers and looking at the causality list of players injured, this is the most competent team that Blind should select without a doubt.

    1. dejong is slow,virjil needs more experience in top level,wijladum as kind of play maker means not much vision..i like annholt as winger for hunter,or williams for hunter…why cannt we say good bye to all old ones except Hunter and partially sneijder..????
      Call Nathan Ake for Dejong
      interchange wijnaldum and ginkel.
      klassen is liitle lightweight..Depay is bulky,Weil has the worst crosses in the planet…
      Williams for Depay
      clasie for klassen
      Vanrhin for weil
      De vrij for ?????????

  32. back up





    Kongolo______________ ????????????__________Van Der Beek


    for now

  33. I watched MU vs Soton last night. I still don’t understand Memphis style of play. Every time he received the ball, he only passed the ball back. He did not run to empty space or try to beat his marker. He did not cross much either.

    1. Memphis tried that a lot in Manu earlier,but 8/10 he failed to over take his defender..ended up in loosing possesion,LVG doesnt like loosing possesion so he is obeying LVG…Januzaj does it,Martial does it ,evry one did it,but Martial ends up with goals while others not…Memphis lacks the speed so it harder for him to past EPL fast wing backs,thats why he couldnt score untill now in EPL..while he was good vs PSV,Brugge etc…

        1. memphis loose the ball when it really matters or fails to connect the pass…While Martial is tall,faster and more agile,so martial makes it look easy…While Depay is struggling a lot…

          1. Leave Memphis alone. He is too busy tatooing and bodybuilding. The guy is bulkier than ever.
            Seriously to me Depay seems like a selfish person and his cocky attitude makes it look worse. I also wonder if the fact that Martial was bought for more than twice Depay’s price has gotten into his head. By the way Martial looks like a hell of a player.

          2. Among all honest fans of Manu who watches game closley would say their worst players are Rooney and Memphis…One plays coz he is capatian other plays coz he is dutch and compatriot of LVG…on merit young in better than Depay…with Martial as striker Herraa is best 10 player Manu have…But its just matter of time young will kick out Memphis for left wing…Rooney will slwoly replaced by Herrara as long as Martial plays a striker..

        2. Or, how about playing like Beckham? Beckham is not a winger either. Maybe he wants to play like Beckham.

          The real winger in my eyes are Overmars or Ryan Giggs: fast and not afraid of beat his defenders.

          1. Mephis Depay is an overrated player and a far cry from Overmars and Gigs…Beckham was thinnner and faster than Depay has won everything with manchester and player a vital role for them..on other hand Depay and current (Way past his best years) are worst offensive players up front for united…i am not saying Depay is bad or rooney is..Manu level is high and Depay is not in that level..

          2. I have just watched Ryan Giggs video on youtube. I have to admit that Giggs is much much better than Depay. He is faster and can score with left and right foot. He can dribble much better.

        1. Orange failed to create good chances from ground it was due to extreme physical and tackling of Keane..So Van gaal had no choice…other than air missles..its normal too..

  34. JC
    We don’t learn from mistakes

    “In the space of two weeks Netherlands have collected four points from six international matches. PSV beat Manchester United and Ajax claimed a points at home against Celtic. And Holland failed to win any point, scoring zero goals and conceding four”, Johan Cruyff writes in his weekly column in De Telegraaf.

    “Apart from FC Groningen – Olympique Marseille and PSV – Manchester United, the opponents in all these matches were worse than our teams. With the notion that PSV could play from their opponent’s strenghts. It was a pity that when they had to play to their own abilities, against Heracles, they failed to do so.”

    “Netherland are still champions in passing back to their goalkeeper, or playing the ball to a teammate standing next to them. And the goal difference of six goals scored and 13 conceded are not a cause for much celebration either.”

    “The few goals scored signify that the build up is currently our weakest aspect. Teams hardly combine anymore, most of the times the ball is played into the first line instead of the second line en almost never the ball is passed to a running teammate. The intensity of the play is low and we have become ridiculously slow in the turn-around.”

    “Several times I have said that all these aspects can be trained. The simple fact that especially these are so bad, tell us that many things go wrong in training. And because this is happening at many teams, I wonder what the coaching qualification is about.”

    “It is all the more annoying that we don’t learn from our mistakes. Can someone please explain why at free kicks there is still a wall being placed, with the goalkeepers standing in the far corner and not in the short corner?”

    “Who invents these things?”

    “The same with corners. Why do all 11 players have to be in the penalty area? It cost Ajax a goal against Celtic. And it can be so simple. With 11 players in your own area you already have two players to0 many, because the opponent misses the goalkeeper and the corner taker. That’s 11 against 9. If you keep three man in front, the opponent is being forced to cover these wihich makes it 8 against 6. Another step further would be to post two players just outside the area so it becomes 6 against 4, or even 6.5 against 4 because you have someone who can use his hands in your team.”

    “What I want to say is that there are many ways to avoid players running into a goalkeeper or obstruct him when there are 16 players surrounding him. This also leads to the question: Who comes up with these ideas?. The goalkeeper, the goalkeepeing coach or the manager? I don’t understand it anymore.”

        1. They must ridiculosly stupid to sign,yaya sanogo,mike vander hoorn etc….its all business,icons should stay and coach and manger…with out their approval business guys should not sign any one…Overmars is poor businessman,

  35. “”””The few goals scored signify that the build up is currently our weakest aspect. Teams hardly combine anymore, most of the times the ball is played into the first line instead of the second line en almost never the ball is passed to a running teammate. The intensity of the play is low and we have become ridiculously slow in the turn-around.”””””
    this is happening due to over pressure about avoiding defeat, a negative mentality…also Cryuff had got a quicker brain than any other player in the world…that is not the case when we play with headless chickens combined with menatlly and physically weak guys…
    and offcourse several things can be trained and coached but quality is in born so is intelligence..

  36. it looks like pressure is mounting on Newcastle and McClaren
    after losing to Sheffield Wednesday in the league Cup. with Chelsea and Man City up next its looks like more misery incoming for McClaren and his men.

  37. Arsen wenger on Antony martial…
    Despite the French youngster’s early form, Wenger has suggested that Martial was more of a wide player, indicating that the Gunners already have enough quality in that area of their squad to even consider signing him.””””””””””””
    Stupid wenger antony is a coldblooded finisher he wants antony to be wasted on seems EPL best finisher is Antony,the guy is that cool…LVG is smart and he knows Anotony has goals and the best finisher…

  38. this guy is destined to get sacked…
    The full squad is as follows:

    Goalkeepers: Tim Krul (Newcastle United), Jasper Cillessen (Ajax), Jeroen Zoet (PSV), Kenneth Vermeer

    Defenders: Kenny Tete (Ajax), Rick Karsdorp (Feyenoord), Jairo Riedewald (Ajax), Joel Veltman (Ajax), Jeffrey Bruma (PSV), Virgil van Dijk (Southampton), Karim Rekik (Marseille), Daryl Janmaat (Newcastle United), Terence Kongolo (Feyenoord), Daley Blind (Manchester United)

    Midfielders: Wesley Sneijder (Galatasaray), Georginio Wijnaldum (Newcastle United), Vurnon Anita (Newcastle United), Davy Klaassen (Ajax), Ibrahim Afellay (Stoke City)

    Attackers: Memphis Depay (Manchester United), Anwar El Ghazi (Ajax), Luciano Narsingh (PSV), Luuk de Jong (PSV), Quincy Promes (Spartak Moscow), Klaas jan Huntelaar (Schalke), Robin van Persie (Fenerbahce), Bas Dost (Wolfsburg), Jeremain Lens (Sunderland)

    1. best possible best 11 from selection..

      1. second 11 from selection most are crap though-horror 11
        ———–Hunter——– ——-
        Tete,jairo,virjil,janmaat hunter are okay…rest are crap..

      2. I don’t know much about Anita. From what I see in a video at youtube, he is not that good. Holland needs a Roy Keane in midfield.

        If Blind is not good enough as defensive midfielder, then who? His passing is good. Look at the MU first goal vs Ipswich (scored by Rooney, long passing by Blind).

  39. And the U21 provisional squad of 24… I guess they can’t decide on which 2 keepers should backup van der Hart hah

    G: Drommel, Jurjus, de Fockert, van der Hart,
    D: Ake, van Beek, Hoedt, Hateboer, Kuipers, st Juste, Brenet, Bijen
    M: Sinkgraven, Vilhena, Hendrix, van Overeem, Haye, Bazoer
    F: Boetius, Janssen, Kishna, Tannane, Becker, Mahi

    Would love to see the U21 play a friendly v the senior squad

  40. Who would win?



    van der Hart
    Hateboer-van Beek-Hoedt-Ake

      1. In terms of EC2016, winning is not good enough. It still depends on the other result.

        I don’t know about WC2018. As we all know that the qualification is more difficult. Holland is in group of death.

  41. I must say this El Ghazi selection is politically motivated. Hakim Ziyech decision to snub NT in favor of to play for Morocco is the real reason why KNVB has moved in to secure El Ghazi as they doesnt wanna risk losing another raising talent from switching Nationality. Such a shame they never so any potential in Elvis Manu.

      1. OK what has his selection to do with him listening to Ronaldo. If his selection was purely based on his performance then I am wonder why now when Ajax has been performing averagely at European stage. Also Oussama Tannane is also in good perform for Heracles currently sitting 2 behind Ajax. He is also a beast of a player on the wings. Why not him.

        1. oussamma is not a beast…but looks better than many,i think he could do better than Depay….at times he looks better than Depay…i am looking for a New roben,vaart,RVP and snijder…We have claise and maher for Vaart and Snijder,…both are not much degration from vaart and clasie..
          But there is No Roben or RVP coming in…
          Bazoer would be better than Zeadorf..

        2. Regardless what you want to make believe, that is what he said.
          There is no air to clear, no controversy – El Ghazi said he choses Oranje.
          His selection is only possible this way.

          How can he be ignored when he is the top scorer in the nations league?
          Tannane is great but El Ghazi has been better (same as with L de Jong and Locadia), not sure why this is so difficult for you (you who also speaks at length about eredivisie being useless) to see or understand.

    1. Its not political orange doeant have a good winger bar Wijnaldum….So the next hope is EL gahzi…they dont want to loose el ghazi due to their lacksture selection..But i am not much confident abt el gahzi too..but definilty an upgrade of Afellay,promes,narsingh…
      El ghazi is not a cool finisher…
      Van rhijn should hav selected as a winger,guy can driiblle,excellent crosses,can help defense and janmaat..WOukd have given a team better balalance…the best point is he has pin point accurate boots and highly technical player..
      On the other hand Annholt over Depay…

  42. Quote:

    “Netherland are still champions in passing back to their goalkeeper, or playing the ball to a teammate standing next to them.”

    That is exactly what I saw too…

  43. This is what I was saying about the mentality of the coaches. They don’t wanna think out of the box. RVP,Hunter,Dost,Luuk just doesn’t makes sense at all.

    This is Bas Dost Compilation at wolfburg.

    If you want goals then he needs be serviced in that particular Fashion which at NT will occasionally happens especially when playing inverted wing system. Both him and Hunter are in the same boat so it’s no use having both in the him as there will be no shift in the momentum.

    RVP as usual is receiving the benefit of doubt here when he clearly shouldn’t be there.Vs Turkey,him and Like, is Blind really that stupid.

    Luc castaignos and Locadia should be there with either Hunter or Dost

    1. RVP did tried something…but that is too small to comepete in higehst level..Coz he worked his level best i dont blame him for lose..But he needs to be droped…
      may be on left wing as a sub he might be be able to contribute better than Depay…
      players needs to be dropped on emergency basis
      ———-klassen should stay as stand bye…Daley blind should go to midfeild..

    2. Agree on Castaignos over Persie, but I am sure Locadia needs to earn a spot in his club first, which he will do if he stays consistent, but possibly not until L de Jong stops scoring regularly.
      Perfect scenario for Cocu, except for Locadia also has a poor attitude, I hope he gets over himself.

      Dont forget the final 23 is not yet confirmed.

  44. STOKE boss Mark Hughes has dismissed any suggestion that he’s under any kind of financial pressure to play Chelsea loanee Marco van GInkel.

    The 22 year-old Dutchman has started all six league games since joining in the summer and is in the running again this afternoon against Bournemouth at the Britannia (3pm).

    Hughes says he wasn’t privy to the intricacies of the loan deal and doesn’t know if Stoke are contracted to pay Chelsea a fixed sum every time van Ginkel doesn’t play.

    But he insists no such clause would ever influence his team selection and any suggestion it would is an insult to van Ginkel .

    “It’s news to me,” he said of the possible clause. “I am aware those deals do go ahead because if you do send players out on loan you do want them to get game time.

    “I’d have to check, but I don’t think that’s the case. If you suggest I only select Marco van Ginkel because I have to, that’s completely wrong.”

  45. Van ginkel has totally spoiled by chlesea…and his growth has gone downward..Chelsea has plethora of very talented guys and made them useless and it continues..

  46. van Ginkel has been nothing special so far this season, but he’s only 22, no point in giving up on him yet even. He can still be great!
    I have the same thoughts on Memphis (21) as well… maybe we should relax our expectations.

    IMO the only ones who are overrating these guys are the ones who expected too much too soon in the first place.

    1. @steve….Depay is prilivialged in MAnu..LVG and 31million…Ginkel case was different,he had to join a coach who tecahes how to defend and win…Ginkel is basically a pure attacker …and Ginkel lacked good coaching,and playing time in chelsea…But Depay was lucky and brilliant that he joined was a smart move from DEpay..while Ginkel move was stupid…The problem with depay is EPL u need speed to do something apart from ur brilliance and vision from wing…Depay has trained his muscles so well that now he can compete in a bodybuilding championship…especially his legs had extra starining and this reduced his speed…with over weight upperbody….lucky that shaw is injured and eventually Young will play as LB…So depay has no compettor for LW and he will play…as long as LVG is there…

      1. i mean.. Depay is overrated,Ginkel was a good talented spoiled by a chelshit plastic money club..if Ginkel joins Cocu,LVG or Deboer…then u will see a resurrection of Ginkel…or else he will evporate from scene..

      2. I am not comparing overall situations.

        And I still disagree with you about Memphis, your argument is not convincing to me at all.. no matter how many times you repeat it. 😉
        I’m not interested in ‘if’s or predicting the future

  47. Good action today in Europe.

    In England…
    van Gaal starts Blind and Memphis versus Advocaat starting van Aanholt and Lens
    van Dijk v Eder (bench)
    Pieters starts for Stoke, Afelaay and van Ginkel (lost his spot) stuck on the bench.
    Bacuna keeps his bench spot at Villa
    Later, we probably see Krul Janmaat and Wijnaldum start v Chelscum, maybe Anita will get a start again after benched last week in the loss to Watford

    In Germany…
    Dost keeps his starting spot for Wolfsburg
    Huntelaar likely to captain Shalke, as usual
    And the question I know you are all wondering, will captain Verheagh keep up his scoring streak for Augsburg? 😉

  48. Dutchmen in Newcastle were all great today, good goal for Wijnaldum and assist for Anita in CDM. Janmaat was much more solid and Krul made some huge saves and held Newcastle even with Chelshit at 2-2 in the end.
    Newcastle outplayed them in the first half and went up 2-0 on a corner for Wijnaldum early in the second but were basically pinned in their side the for the rest and surrendered 2 goals in the last 15.. but they should all take some confidence out of this.
    I think all 4 should probably start for Oranje.

  49. Not sure how many of you guys still harbour hopes of the Oranje making it to the euros next year….
    Looking at our current crops of players, IMO only the below ones are world class or close to world class. And out of this list, quite a number are out injured at the moment. 🙁
    Jasper Cillessen
    Tim Krul
    De Vrij
    Danny Blind
    Ron Vlaar
    Nigel De Jong
    Kevin Strootman
    Jordy Clasie
    Van persie

    The current team is playing with no shape at all, be it in defence or attack. Movement of ball and players aren’t varied and fast enough. The players don’t look comfortable with each other’s play and movement. I really missed LVG leadership. Look at how well Man U is faring now…distinct style of play, direct, giving little away to opponents and being clinical enough to score goals..LVG is really a solid coach, one who could married a system and players together effectively.

    1. My opinions of individual players aside, to your point, I do agree it does feels like we are missing that big leader who really shapes the teams’ culture, be him player or manager.

      As you say, it could be the manager, could be bad timing, a mix of injured and aging players.. And maybe a mix of a couple other things as well. Tactic choices, gap in development (age-wise), attitude management.. so to me this gaping hole is left by bad decisions made by knvb in the last 5-10 years catching up to us now.

      Too bad LvG was pulled away by Man Utd. He had enough balls to go around the whole team haha. Sort of funny, the clubs’ fans complain about their team losing its identity but there they are, back in the CL and sitting in top spot in the EPL. Sound familiar?

  50. We have certain talents,but not as talented as Roben or RVP..the problem is we need a coach like LVG,koeman is closeset we got to LVG…We need to use the players accoridng to their strength,i mean coahc who understands player weakness and stregth…
    Yesterday van aanolht had a super run towards De gea…It showed his skill on ball and speed,guy is much fastter than Depay and cross in well..
    its all about a champion team …like a giso puzzle…complimenting each other…many players are unfit for this style afellay,Promes,weil,BMI,RVP, all should be dropped..
    something like a line up of
    Would be a better balanced team than
    second team has big players but if u take out sneijder and Roben there would be no goals and would coneding gallore of goals….But Roben is yeilding to his age and Snijder is not far behind…this how coaches needs wo work on…
    If Foppe can win U21 Marco reighters-Babel and donk…
    then we would have won this group by marjins and already would have qualified,Both hiidink and Blind are responsible for bad selection of players..

  51. I watched the full match between Swansea and Southampton and I must say that Virgil Van Dijk played the best game I’ve seen from him so far. His job on Gomis (who has been on fire so far this season) was exceptional!
    He dominated the defense by playing a very controlled game, he really showed his full range as a footballer, sometimes he is a bit casual for me but today he did not make any bad decisions or poor plays that I can recall. The fact that he scored that first goal was icing on the cake for him today. I hope he can maintain this level and bring it for Oranje.
    Newcastle were impressive as well, it’s a shame they could not hang on for a win.

  52. Not much going on today..
    Kishna was poor, subbed off after 60. Hoedt misses out again until subbed on at the end because of a red card, has not started since ripped apart by Napoli.
    N deJong subbed off by HT for Milan losing 0-1, again game probably wrecked from a red card.
    Man Italian league is not good to watch.
    Rekik doesn’t play and Marsielle lose at home.
    No Vaart or Wolfswinkel for Betis..
    Castaignos subbed on late and blows a big chance to seal the game 2-0 as Frankfurt draw 1-1.
    van Persie still only on the bench in a big game for Fenerbahce, he has already complained about not starting. That’s why he moved to Turkey in the first place, since he thinks he is guaranteed to start. Don’t like that attitude..
    Too bad about Ziyech, 2 more assists for him, more than anyone in holland plus big 5 leagues in 2015.

    Hopefully Berghuis and Ake see some action in the second half for Watford.. both on the bench, now at HT.

    1. Berghuis got 25 mins, Ake came on to play LB as usual for the last 15. Both look good but not much time to make an impact.. did give their team a spark so maybe they will start next time.

      1. Ake is best as holding mid,he is wonderful talent as holding,and a decent LB…Ake should concentrate on holding mid thats where his future is..Damn dirty coaches,,,
        Berghius is the one who is supposed to make impact,but it is very when u dont get playing time as starter and when gets time coming in as late 10 minutes subs role…

  53. Based only on this weekends form + players selected atm, would use this starting lineup:

    Janmaat – van Dijk – Blind
    Karsdorp – Anita – Wijnaldum – Kongolo
    Dost – Memphis

    1. ————krul———

  54. Ronald Koeman has confirmed that Jordy clasie is making a good progress and will be fit to face chelsea this week. He also confirmed that he trained with team last week but was not available for selection vs Swansea.

    Two big games this week.

    Man United vs Arsenal

    Southampton vs Chelsea

      1. Highly doubt Clasie starts away versus Chelsea, hasnt played a competitive match since August.
        Probably will not see him play until after the next international break.

        Koeman likes 2 versatile CM/DMs playing together and trading off behind a #10 type mid, so he will probably play a bit of both DM and CM, same as always. Really disappointing for them not to make the Europa league.. it means lots of decent players fighting for midfield spots so will have to be on form to keep playing.

        Really hope for Oranje’s sake that Clasie forms a good defensive partnership there with van Dijk!

        1. Ryan Bertrand just played 60 minutes for the U21s after coming back from knee injury and then played the whole game vs Swansea. The U21s will play Sunderland on Tuesday,I think, and he will most probably feature there before the trip to Chelsea.

  55. Luuk De Jong will also miss PSV’s trip to Moscow in the upcoming CL fixture. This may be the moment Jurgen Locadia was waiting for.big chance for him to make redeem himself in Coco books.

      1. i think Locadia was frustrated and he was reacting for benching him in many games in last season..Basically lad good strong lad..Not a prick like Afellay..Fast agile and strong player..his vision seems little lower than luuk(thats the reason cocu gave luuk staring spot)..over all he is not a bad player…he needs to dvelop intelligence and work hard..

  56. The news that Burak Yılmaz will be out for a month with a hamstring injury has come as a blow to Galatasaray and Turkey just when neither team could afford to lose such a prolific striker.

    Burak suffered the injury against Trabzonspor last weekend and the 30-year-old forward travelled to Germany with club doctor Yener İnce with the hope of speeding up the recovery period.

    However, he is expected to miss Wednesday’s UEFA Champions League trip to Astana and the 21 October visit of Benfica, as well as Turkey’s decisive UEFA EURO 2016 qualifiers against the Czech Republic and Iceland as they look to hold off the Netherlands for third place. So who will club coach Hamza Hamzaoğlu and Turkey’s Fatih Terim turn to?

    So what can Galatasaray do in the absence of the player whose goals were so crucial in taking them to the 2012/13 quarter-finals? It does not help that new signing Lukas Podolski and Umut Bulut are both finding their form and 21-year-old Sinan Gümüş – who replaced the German 71 minutes into the 2-0 home loss against Atlético Madrid – lacks experience.

    This situation may force Hamzaoğlu to try a radical tactic of not employing a central forward and instead use a ‘false nine’ with midfielders Wesley Sneijder, Lukas Podolski and Yasin Öztekin pushing forward down the middle and on the flanks. Podolski was tested in a striker-like role in the 2-2 season-opening draw with Sivasspor and eventually scored, but is not in ideal shape.

    Sinan caught the eye with his impressive play after coming on against Trabzonspor but he is untested at UEFA Champions League level. Arguably, 32-year-old striker Umut Bulut seems like the only direct replacement for Burak but has not scored this season.

    Burak scored the third in Turkey’s 3-0 defeat of the Netherlands earlier this month to take his international tally to 19, within four of moving into second place in his nation’s all-time list behind Hakan Şükür. Four points from their games in Prague and at home to Iceland would ensure a top-three Group A finish, but now Terim has to replace his key forward.

    Neither Umut Bulut nor Hannover 96 striker Mevlüt Erdinç have got off the mark in the league this season, leaving the door open for Beşiktaş’s Cenk Tosun, 24, who has four goals and two assists in five club games this season. He was a surprise absentee from this month’s squad but Terim could well now look to a man whose sole senior cap was in October 2013.

    1. i think both Iceland and Cezc might play lacksture games vs turkey as they both qualified,so intensity will be low.while turkey is under pressure and they need to attcak from start…So team with more urgency has the chance to win…this guy Oguzan ozykup is deal,he plays better than any dutch midfeilder and so is arda turan who is way better than Narsingh,afellay,promes crap…so over all turkey looks strong and i have less hope…

  57. Probably no Dutch in CL matches tomorrow since Robben and Strootman are out, and BMI sits on the bench for Porto…

    but Wednesday has PSV in Moscow, Dost at Man Utd and also hopefully Sneijder, van der Wiel and Brouwers have good matches.

    Then Europa Thursday has Ajax in Sweden, RvP in Scotland, Groningen in Portugal, Rekik hosts Slovan, Lazio host St Etienne, Boetius hopefully plays v Lech, a rested Huntelaar hosts Asteras, Verhaegh hosts Belgrade, and AZ have a tough home match v Atletic Bilbao…

  58. Behold!

    Breaking News!!

    Blind was sacked as Dutch National Coach. A relative unknown tactical GENIUS is confirmed as the replacement. His name is Tiju!

    Tiju is known for his consistent and well thought out formations (for example, playing Daley Blind as a number 10 in one of his most recent formations!!!). He is also very well qualified to judge which players are past their prime, such as his comment that Arjen Robben is done!

    Tiju is also a great judge of intelligence. According to him, about 50% of Oranje players are headless chicken, for example, Afellay and Narsingh. The other 50% are just idiots.

    One problem Tiju will have is not his consistent changing of player selection every other hour. No! His problem will be writing the names of the players correctly on the team sheet before every game. For example, Znider won’t if he’s playing or not.

    The future is bright, the future is Orange!

    Thank you for the entertainment Tiju. You’re a joke.

  59. I turn on the telly tonight, and what is the FIRST image I see? BMI attempting to break an opponent’s ankle in a sliding tackle. He was lucky to only get a yellow. Scary.

    1. the point is Manu has the better chance in CL than any other EPL teams…Manchester united will qualify…they have a strong squad and the most intelligent coach among other 4 EPL teams…PSV played very well so they deserved that victory..

      1. Tiju at it again. Must be a natural gift that ONLY Geniuses like you have. So LvG is the smartest manager in EPL?? I did not know that! Thank you for enlightening us yet again.

    1. hats off to PSV for a good outstanding performance way from home. tit will be interesting to see who comes out of that pool as winners and runner. important away goals to decide the next leg.

        1. Your “Genius” coach lost 2-1 against PSV…. When was the last time a Dutch team beat a European Giant??

          Your Genius coach is starting Depay week in, week out even though he is clearly not performing.

          1. I have to agree with Wissors3. there wasnt much in that game. it will always be like this under Van Gaal. scraping through here and there with. The funny thing jus like Van Gaal, Danny Blind will also drag with Depay in look at Falaco and Di Maria, they were benched for non performance.Look at Di Maria at PSG and Falcao at Chelsea now.

  60. I am glad for Manu coz they are brilliant to get LVg as coach…But our NT looks pathetic ATM…i think bazoer deserves a call up as this plays extreamly well and better than many slected ones,Blind is going cut short the slection in to 23 on friday…
    Stand bye

  61. Hunter (Schalke), Hoedt (Lazio), AZ were all on the score sheet in EL clash today. I think for the dutch contingent at Lazio, the more they play better for NT. A much improved game for Hoedt after that dismal performance vs Napoli.

    1. Yea true, the more people play the better!
      I dunno, it was a good goal for Hoedt and he looks confident in his passing, but not convincing defending for me. 9 men v 11 should never allow a goal against. Too bad they wouldnt play Kishna, he could use a goal.

  62. RVP vs Celtic just sums up his form and where his credentials lays as of to date. He was complaining about being left on the bench and finally when he gets the chance upfront, it takes another striker to come on rescue them from 2 goals down. Fernandao after this game as settled the dust as to who should be starting upfront.umfortumately for RVP it’s either wings or some close range tap ins.

    His selection in NT for upcoming qualifications just shows how shallow Danny Blinds football menatily is and the caliber of hands in which the faith of NT is in.

    1. @Wilson…its not strange that RVP is acting like a cry babe.for some time..he way past his prime,its his time to step down from NT…today we will see final 23 for 2 matches

  63. @wilson…..LVG is very loyal to his players and compartiots unless the behave like a @###pri$%%k.
    Ashly young is better threat than Depay at any day…But since shaw is injured Young will start as either RB or LB as valancia is not convincing..Andreas peirera is not that good as depay,may be he will over come depay…i dont know…Blind is doing really well as CB.but its true more speedy and strong players would expose him one day.but that happens once in a blue LVg doesant care abt it…Depay is so lucky that there is no one for his spot unless lauuk shaw join as LB…LVG sees players closely and if he removes a player then mostly that player would be a pri###$k or lesser fit to team..In his philosphy team is higher than individuals…

    1. What about before Like Shaw got injured. Have you once again forgotten what you are writting.
      You have going on and one about Depay for ages. The game vs Club Brugge was his only outstanding game.

      1. agree about Blind and LvG.. but Ashley Young!? you’ve got to be joking, the only advantage that cheat has on Memphis is experience of being 9 years older.

      2. Am not a depay fan but i have nothing against him…but in reality he is way better than promes,afellay in NT….Always young is playing better than Depay in manu,thats fact…Now its depay vs andreas peirea it looks like equal match…So always something is better than at times we can go with memphis if dont have better option…
        yes memphis was king vs low grade defenders of brugge..

    1. Bullllllshit…..vs Swansea and Everton,Southampton,I think they havnt watched these games. if you do compilation of his failures, it is easy to pick out his credentials as defender. Everyone knows at Man United he is well protected by the holding mids but yet they ignore that and keep selecting him in NT expecting him to do the same which will never eventuate.France,Mexico,USA,Iceland,Turkey,when will they eyes open. I just hope after failing at DM and LB, they don’t put him at CB.

      1. You are wrong wilson.. He was not chased out of those positions, he was used in them because he was the best option and then was kept in those spots cause he was playing well.
        Repeating the same things over and over does not make it right, even ask Tiju haha

  64. this is what is sickening about Van Gaal.”””””””
    if van gaal makes u sicker..then danny blind,vert van marwijk and hiddink will make u dead.

  65. ————————Krul————————–




    *I know Bruma is RB but I don’t want Blind in the LB spot! Willems is injured and they’ll never call Van Aanholt or Pieters.

    *Instead of playing Narsingh, Afellay, Boetius in the RW, why not play someone like El Ghazi? he is doing well lately.

    1. Ricardo van rhijn is better winger than Elgahzi…
      Annholt is better winger than Depay..its a naked truth..both Vanrhijn and Annholt are crap as LB and RB..both tete and rickykarsdrop are on level with janmmat,both ahs more pace than janmaat,both are strong too..janmaat makes some repetional mistakes over and over again…
      Wijnaldum lacks vision to play center,Nijel is too slow for a holding mid…devrij is
      would be more balanced and better team…Coz this dutch team doesnt exsist with sneijder and Blind i think..

      1. Wilson doesn’t post 5 formations a minute, so his opinion does matter. Blind has some weaknesses I agree but he’s a true master of the long ball… that long pass to Mata which ended up in a tap in for Memphis was delightful. For a Central Defender, he has multiple assists already this season and a crucial goal against Liverpool. Which other central defender in any of Europe’s top 3 leagues can boast such statistics?

  66. Squad:

    Goalkeepers: Jasper Cillessen (Ajax), Tim Krul (Newcastle), Jeroen Zoet (PSV Eindhoven).

    Defenders: Jeffrey Bruma (PSV), Terence Kongolo (Feyenoord), Virgil van Dijk (Southampton), Daryl Janmaat (Newcastle), Jairo Riedewald (Ajax), Kenny Tete (Ajax), Karim Rekik (Marseille).

    Midfielders: Vurnon Anita (Newcastle), Daley Blind (Manchester United), Davy Klaassen (Ajax), Wesley Sneijder (Galatasaray), Georginio Wijnaldum (Newcastle), Ibrahim Afellay (Stoke).

    Forwards: Memphis Depay (Manchester United), Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (Schalke), Robin van Persie (Fenerbahce), Quincy Promes (Spartak Moscow), Jeremain Lens (Sunderland), Anwar El-Ghazi (Ajax) Bas Dost (Wolfsburg).

    1. Actually, a good squad selection. I think I agree on every single player. I am positively surpried. Maybe Verheagh instead of Tete. And Pieters is missing as usually. But overall good. Also good to finally drop Bmi and Vdw. Two of the biggest siners from the last games

  67. The problem is that Erdevisie sucks… Talented players can’t elevate their skillset if they continue to play there. Then clubs like Newcastle and Stoke buy Dutch players. These players are not developing at these clubs cause most of these teams don’t play European football. EPL is not a technical or tactical (bar Arsenal) league so these players don’t develop technically or tactically.

    I think KNVB should find a way to encourage young dutch players to go play in Germany in teams like Schalke, Wolfsburg and Dortmund.

  68. Is there a better starting lineup than this (based on the players selected)?

    Janmaat-van Dijk-Rekik-Blind

    ElGhazi-Dost/van Persie-Promes

    …wanted to try to make a starting lineup with no eredivisie players, hence Blind as LB but maybe Kongolo is a wiser choice since Blind has not been playing LB?

    Do you think RvP would have been kept in the squad if Luuk deJong was fit?
    If so, seems like RvPs only value at this moment is his experience/ leadership…
    Then would he have left Dost off? Tough to balance form and experience.

    I hope Danny Blind has got it right – but it’s hard to understand how Afelaay makes the squad when he hasn’t played much recently thx to his suspension, and Bazoer does not…

    Anyways, more important than selection will be the attitude/mentality of the players in the lineup!
    Must try to keep positive and believe there is a chance still, I do think there is enough individual talent to put a good side together, even though there are so many key players injured!

    1. kongolo for blind as LB…We need a better winger than Depay for hunter…
      kongolo for Blind
      blind for wijnaldum
      lenz for depay on left
      wijlaldum for lenz on right

      1. Not for me
        Memphis would have loads of assists at Man Utd by now if Rooney was not so bad this season.
        Just compare… 4 goals and 4 assists in 879 minutes at the best club in the epl right now, or 1 goal and 2 assists in 705 minutes in the worse club in the league?
        Also we should not need 2 DMs against Kazakhstan

        1. Memphis is the sceond worst player of United after rooney…still not convinced,loosing possession a lot..
          Blind is really weak as LB,its hole in our defnse if he plays as LB.but he can play in midfeild or even as LCB..
          lenz looks for his team mates and a decent player who is capable of assiting and score..Lenz=goals assured..
          Wijladum is wasted in mid as we have plethora of talents over there…
          What we lack is quality winger we dont have that,Wijnaldum can be our next trumpcard winger…

          1. No, Memphis is a good player. He is 21 and already scored a couple of crucial goals for MU. The fact he isn’t polished and playing regularly well is normal for someone of his age.

            Robben and RVP were struggling when they came to EPL at 21 years, Depay is doing better than them in fact.

  69. @ Steve

    Daley Blind Obsession

    OK If you guys are indirectly saying that by giving long passes from back will make Blind a true defender then that’s pure

    He will never become a true defender at Man United. You look at the left side at Man United before Shaw got injured.

    Darmin -Smalling-blind-Shaw


    He is super protected from all angles meaning defensively he doesn’t has to do much and this is where he gets all the time to orchestrate his offensive moves.playing from deep etc. This is van Gaals game plan.

    After Shaw’s injury vs wolfburg.

    Check out the passage of play between 0- 21s. Darmin gets caught out, there is a loss end under pressure, end of story.

    This is what’s in store for Man United If Blind doesn’t get a complete coverage from all the sides..

    Now coming back to NT,as I have said, vs France, Mexico, USA, Turkey Iceland,you don’t have to be a genius to figure that out.

    1. But why would I bother to pretend to have a discussion with you man? tbh at this point I would rather just laugh at you.
      I’ve already told you a bunch of times how I think your Blind obsession is lame and how I disagree with you, and you ignore.
      Also I have shown how you do not understand defending, but you ignore those as well and also ignore when I have questions for you.
      Ok I will indulge again..

      Giving long passes makes you a true defender… No, not at all, and I dont think anyone is saying this, but its a great bonus for a player who has basically only played in defending positions in his career! Do you disagree with that?

      As in every team, every player needs to defend together and protect each other. Sure, sometimes there is a situation in which just one player can be blamed for a goal, but this is rare and that is rarely Blind. The youtube clip is perfect proof of that, since almost every player makes a defensive error, and yes including Blind.
      And I am not saying he doesnt make errors. Go find the clip where Blind gives the ball to Turan in the match versus Turkey if you want to show a goal against which is probably only Blinds fault (even though arguably Cillessen can do better haha…).

      None of the other matches which you site prove to me any of your points – a dumb WC warmup friendly v France where LvG was tinkering with lineups/formations still, a bad Mexico friendly where actually Blind scored if I remember right, a brutal friendly versus a good and underrated USA side (defeated Germany as well) where our whole team stunk, bad loss to Iceland where our whole team stunk but Blind was def not to blame for being a player short or van der Wiels’ challenge, and not even the Turkey match can be blamed solely on Blind.
      He is not a liability, he has not been chased out of positions as you suggested before, and LvG does not specifically protect Blind in his game plan any more than he tries to protect any weakness in any of his players.

      I think its funny when people (especially dumb United fans, which I have assumed you are not) criticize both LvG and his CB choice of Blind, yet they have the lowest goals against and currently on the top spot in the most competitive league in the world!
      Now I am not saying either are my favorites so dont go putting words in my mouth, in fact if we are fully fit and in form Blind would not make my best orange 11.
      Also I am not saying that you are not allowed to dislike them if you want to.. I am just saying is that none of your reasons make any sense!

      And here is why it seems like you have an obsession, while watching Hoedt at Lazio yesterday I saw him make some very poor plays and actually thought to myself ‘oh brother now wilson is going to tear this poor guy apart for making many little solo mistakes’ but no, actually you praised him. Hahahaa

      1. long passing is a bonus for a Blind playing as a defender. Of course yes. That’s the reason why Van Gaal signed him from Ajax.set up play from the back. Apart from that he doesn’t have any strong hold when it comes to defending. vs Swansea,vs Everton,did you watch those games. Have you seen Blind put his body on line or commit himself on 50 – 50 balls.

        For me defending is all about being able to commit yourself and holding your line diligently which Blind doesn’t poses. I’m more focusing here on his ability to break down plays and
        providing that enhancive cover and not about his passing as you mentioned.

        Whats happening at Man United is a set up which suits him perfectly but when it comes to NT he is gone. His balance is more towards offensive play either when playing at LB or DM and this is where defense is comprised.

        The rest of your arguments is all crap.yeah I would remove the Iceland game from that list but still he was ineffective in that game. There has being so many people on this blog who have shared the same sentiments about Daley Blind as me so unfortunately it’s not a obsession but your can go dig it out if you want.

        1. Hahaha classic wilson response – dodging the point, changing the point, or ignoring the point.
          Although I am disappointed no bad cliches used in the wrong scenarios this time 🙁

          So, you said ‘@ Steve’ to talk to me about how Blind is crap and it is my illusion? So why did you reference me then?
          It doesnt make you want to back up any of your flawed theories when your weak arguments are exposed?

          I disagree with you, and I think Blind does possess the traits which you say you appreciate. He is committed and he does put his body on the line, I dont think you can get signed to a top epl club (and playing ONLY in defensive positions) without those things.
          Yes you know I watched Swansea match, but when was this Everton match you keep referencing? Last season I guess?

          Do you actually watch full matches or just read tabloids, watch highlight reels and read bad player ratings by other people?
          I would say please stick to posting news, but even some of the news you post is not even true!

          1. Weak arguments exposed, Haaa. As I have said there are others bloggers here who share the same sentiment about Blind as me. If you don’t wanna dig it out then just zip up. I’m not a one man army here as what you are trying to make it look like.

            Swansea and Everton was few games where Blinds weakness was exposed big time and that’s why I made a reference to that.

            Dodging I don’t think so.which games have you seen Blind putting his body on line or committing himself to provide enhansive cover????????

          2. Haha easy, just last match he took a knock in the head in a 50/50 challenge!
            Since you obviously won’t believe anything that I tell you (fine with me, dont care) here is the goal .com player ratings from Blinds last match “Delivered a tremendous cross-field ball reminiscent of his World Cup effort which allowed Mata to tee up Memphis for the opener. As strong as an ox when called upon, but took a knock to the head shortly before being replaced by Phil Jones”

            Sorry but ‘others bloggers’ do not consistently diss him for the same reasons that I disagree with, thats all. Just as I will disagree with Tiju that Memphis is crap, even though he is in bad form atm. Relax its not a personal attack.
            Look, I get disappointed with mistakes as well and I am not saying he is our greatest player or anything, but he is nowhere near the liability you say.
            Blind has always played wherever asked with our messed up injury situations and he gives his all, so I’ll stick up for the guy. I have a soft spot for players with great football vision and skill as well.

  70. Strong U21 squad, even though just 20 players.
    (Rekik has gone up to the seniors and Tannane/Boetius are not fit..)

    van der Hart, de Fockert
    Aké, van Beek, Brenet, Hateboer, Hoedt, Karsdorp, St. Juste
    Bazoer, Haye, Hendrix, van Overeem, Sinkgraven, Vilhena
    Becker, Janssen, Kishna, Mahi, Menig

      1. They are relatively equal, but Dost seems to be in better shape. However watching Dost today (came on as sub) I am not sure anymore. It is a close race between them. However, maybe Blind will bench both of them, and start with Rvp?

        1. I sincerely hope that won’t be the case especially after the Turkey game and if he does then he has seriously lost the plot and will prove that he just some amateur coach which KNVB is just wasting time and money on.

  71. @wilson…all u need to understand is there are many crap players are playing for NT,i dont want to repeat those names again…at any concept or level Blind is playing way better than any of those craps…its true Blind should not play as LB at any cost…nor as a pure holding mid…but he can be a utlity LCB and a box to box player…he has good ball controll,his passes are great,has excellent vision and intellignce ..we must utilise him according blind’s strong departments…
    its like using using kuyt as RB/Lb,holding mid for team…thats what we need..he is quality player than promes,afellay,weil,BMI ,eliaetc…thats enough for me.
    must say that he plays better than Depay,RVP etc too…he is a top performer for NT though he also makes mistakes…but comparing with the uselessness of BMi,weil,afellay,Promes,Narsingh,Elia, RVP,even depay….Blind is a maradona or cryuff for this NT team..

    1. Hah then he goes off on a red..

      Poor Newcastle had a decent first half ending at 1-1, but totally thrashed by City in the second. Losing 1-6 now and understandably lifeless

  72. Convincing win for Koeman and the Saints. Very very unfortunate to lose last week ‘s MU,but they are looking like team capable of finishing in top Four if they continue this momentum.did any one catch this game. From the ratings its looks like Chelsea front line had a day off. How was overall performance of Van Dijk.

    1. I watched it. He was pretty good, suprisingly not tested as much as you would think playing away at Chelsea.. nothing he could do about the goal against.
      I like that he is a vocal player and always organizing, we really need that in our NT. I hope he gets the start next week and then really owns it.
      Southampton was very organized and patient, more like a euro team than english style, and thus gave Chelsea almost nothing. Well done to Koeman. But it’s true Chelsea forwards looked uninspired and didn’t create much either, just lots of passing/ possession for Chelsea. But Southampton were ruthless with their attacks, Ivanovic and Terry both look pretty poor this season so far. Constant errors.

  73. AKe also played full 90 vs Bournemouth but as usually had plently on his plate to deal with featuring at LB. The game again is timely remainder where is strength and weakness lies.

    1. I didn’t watch, how did he look?
      I see he was at LB again as he has been doing with the U21s. His stats were decent, a few interceptions and blocks.. Hope he continues to hold down the starting spot.
      Unlike van Aanholt, Bacuna, van Ginkel, and Afelaay who have all starting spots..

  74. I reckon the best line that Danny could use with the current selection is 4-3-2-1.


    Sneijder- klaassen

    Blind – Anita- Wijnaldum

    Kongolo-Rekik-Van Dijk -Janmaat


    Hunterlaar as the focal point, Blind and Wijnaldum as false telling you the goals will come with this formation.

    1. The beauty about this formation is when ever Blind and wijnaldum are occupied on the wings, sneijder and Klaassen will have to drop back and provide cover. And if sneijder is drifting to the left, then Wijnaldum can move up with Klaassen with Blind and Anita as holding mids with Janmaat overlapping on the wings.

      Possible alterations

      1.when Blind and Wijnaldum are on the wings




      Kongolo -Rekik -Van Dijks-Janmaat


      2.if sneijder drifts to left.


      Sneijder- Klaassen-wijnaldum-Janmaat (overlapping)


      Kongolo -Rekik – Van Dijk


        1. 1 ) Blind is no winger, he got no pace, no dribble, when will you understand that dribbles are also useful in football ? why do you want to exclude all our wingers and play full backs there, are you f*cing silly ?

          2) Robben isn’t selected, son of b*tch

          1. @Idiot laurent…

            Roben is in always pool of slections so are headless chicknes like u,afelly,promes etc..

    2. No way…danny blind cannt think about team with out Depay…and other crap winger on otherside…
      Bruma has more games under NT belt so bruma will start with Reikik…then he is all in for expereince and he wants to see repetional mistakes made by expereinced players…But Janmaat would be definitly an upgrade to Van der weil..
      Team would have been nice

      1. What an awful team, I don’t see any player able to make an individual difference here.

        You need to understand that football is a collective sport with individualities. Every player got some teamwork duties AND some individual responsabilities as well, you won’t score goals if no one tries a dribble or a shot at a certain moment.

        All your stupid formations exclude the few dribblers and difference making players that we have, you should watch cricket, not football.

          1. Hey retard I live in France, you live in India you have nothing to teach me about football or biology neither.

            Afellay that you hate is still a better player that any player your country has ever formed.

            Why are the less educated people always trying to speak the loudest and teach things to the most educated ones ?

            I played in an amateur division here, I know a bit about formation and tactics, you are from India there is no football culture there, so stop trying to dominate with your ideas, you should be discrete and learn from us.

  75. @ Wilson and Tiju

    Is there any evidence which make you want to suggest that putting players in positions on the pitch where they have never played will be a benefit?

    I do like ‘thinking outside the box’ ideas and I can appreciate the brainstorming, but there is no way Blind is ever going to play as a winger for orange. Also, why on earth would van Aanholt play LW and van Rhijn play RW when these guys do not even make their squads in their preferred positions.
    This all seems too video game-y for me.

    1. @steve its plain and simple….our current forwards/wingers are crap Afellay,promes etc…Depay is good vs minows only..So we cannt count on any of this useless time to look in to another…like when war is happening at times ordianry peopel goes to war for solddiers….
      Vanrhijn,Willims ,annholt are excellent dribblers and fast too,very accurate boot too..they can defend and out muscle the opponent defender…this will give more momentum to game..for got to add all 3 are not very good at defending..oly willimms play defsivly we cannt count on these as defenders too..but like blind they can contrubute to our attcak better than our crap hyped players upfront..

      1. Yes I understand your idea, just not convinced at all. So the only evidence is a shot in the dark, just hoping that some of their personal qualities will work for them playing in positions they do not play.
        But I am asking, is there any evidence of when this has happened and worked well? I was thinking maybe Kuyt, but he went the other way from forward to defense while here we are speaking of putting defenders up front.
        Based on reality, it seems to me that players do not perform as well when they are played out of position, and especially when they are played after no competitive match time.

        1. infact vanrhijn,williams and annholt are faulty defenders,they have not earned my trust personally…i felt that their quality is their efficiency in attcak than their defending…

          1. kuyt played a lot positions but he was bets as holding and RB/LB…which he played only under LVG…just give them suport ,then lets see,if it works well good for us and them if not look another..

  76. Well, Ajax is undefeated no more! well done to PSV.

    What a play by Hendrix for Pereiro’s winning goal!
    Beautiful, though I thought Riedewald could have done better.

    Man Utd v Arsenal should be a good one.
    Bayern v Dortmund is always good, but no Robben yet 🙁
    Big one for Rekik v PSG as well, doubt van der Wiel will play, but we’ll see..

  77. Wow United torn apart early! Massive holes in their defense exposed. Blind fails to clear and gets in trouble for the first and Smalling out to lunch for the second. But neither goal happens if anyone but Ashley Young is playing LB!
    2-0 Arsenal after 7 minutes

    1. Took United ten mins to calm down and get some possession but then Alexis blasted another one in. Arsenal allowing United to come out with possession and then counter attacking with speed and that is working well for them.. United forward line looking as impotent as Chelsea’s yesterday besides a big miss from Martial.
      HT 3-0 Arsenal

      Alexis is a good example for Memphis to look up to (not saying he is at that level at all), he just needs to keep his head up, keep running, fighting and trying to make good things happen and I think things will happen for him eventually

        1. Boring second half, nothing for Blind to do except maybe in added time where Smalling swiftness off again and leaves Blind alone covering the back, after all the damage done first half..
          United lose 0-3

  78. The way the game is going I would be surprised if Arsenal doesn’t score at least 5. United is in complete disarray and out of this game. The highs and lows of United are ridiculous this season. No consistency whatsoever.

  79. Huntelaar shut out at home.
    RvP on the bench again.

    Hoedt decent getting a CS at RB for Lazio winning 2-0. Hope he does well enough to keep a spot once de Vrij is back. Could be a great partnership for Oranje.
    Kishna underwhelming, actually his replacement scores the winner..
    And Milan doesnt start N de Jong in a big match v Napoli.

  80. Elia replaces injured Promes for the two upcoming qualifiers, interesting that he leaves Narsingh away.
    Is Danny Blind trying to put the word out that good form is rewarded? If so, why do RvP & Afelaay stay, experience/ leadership?

    Klaassen has a head injury and is questionable.

  81. Van Gaal mystified by Manchester United horror show. haaa horror show. This is what I was saying about the loss end and how Luke Shaws injury is now exposing the United Backline. well unfortunately this what is in store for them with quality teams until they get a good left back.

    1. Van Gaal wanted to make it look like a collective effort by hidding Blind at the back and with shaw injured its becoming a horror show. Typical van Gaal when his tactics backfires.

      1. jus going back to the the formation I posted earlier. fasle wingers I meant was more of wing back which both Blind and Wijnaldum played at the WC. you see at WC, Janmaat was not as penetrative as Blind on the left it was wijnaldum who was on the finges ofthe right flank and the middle ofthe park so

        1. jus going back to the the formation I posted earlier. fasle wingers I meant was more of wing back which both Blind and Wijnaldum played there at the WC. you see at WC, Janmaat was not as penetrative as Blind on the left and it was wijnaldum who was marshaling the area between the midfield and on the finges of the right flank and he he did a great job so you cant say they havnt played there

          unless our wingers can show some kind of consistency it would be viable to play with Midfielders for now.

          1. Ah brilliant, I didn’t realize you had Blind and Wijnaldum as wing backs (or false wingers hahah), and still using 4 CBs.
            That will really inspire goals as you prophesized.
            That will definitely happen.

            Yes LvG is definitely hidding Blind and keeping him from finges. What a fool, I bet LvG has never won any trophies and has no idea what he is doing. His analysis of giving Arsenal too much space in the midfield allowing them to attack his D with speed was way too simple, made way too much sense and was thus way off.
            Soon we will see Memphis as a false RCB so he can also be hidding like Blind.

          2. You mean the Horror show. Ashely Young at RB whose decision was that.he is dragging with Depay and using Young at RB.what do you expect to happen. I still remember during the transfer the window after Hummels rejected a move to Man United, Van Gaal was adamant that they didn’t needed a CB.well now with Shaw injured he must be scratching his head.
            Just watch what will happen to Man United now with quality teams especially on the left side.

          3. I wouldnt call it a horror show because I like Arsenal far better than United hahaha

            Anyways you are wrong again, Ashley Young was LB.
            Did you even watch this game?

            But I do agree that their squad is not deep enough to compete in 4 comps. Plus pretty bad injury luck though, you have to say.

  82. @Wilson no one here states that Blind is jaap stam or De Boaer….he has weakness as everyone knows it,he is playing as LCB coz of LVG,if he is playing LB its coz of LVg mercy…but if he plays as box to box runner he plays as he dserve it in merit……Leave blind alone we have reiki and co…..blind will play as runner for NT…

    1. Deapy was lion against defenders of eredivise,so he was bit over hyped..Depay works so hard for Manu….but people needs to understand that he is not Roben or RVP,vaart or sneijder…He is very good when compared to Afellay,promes,narsingh etc….But a joke when compared to Roben,Reus, etc….i dont blame Depay too much…he is doing his issue with me…He starts for evry manu game due to LVG,i apprciate him for chooisng manu to work with LVG..which was brlliant decison taken by Depay who chose to stay with player developing coach..rather than defisve teaching boss liek Jose..

      1. i follow manu very closely…i must Rooney is their worst player,followed by Depay…but works hard,u can can see lack of quality over there in depay game..

  83. @Tiju .blind will play as runner for NT…

    which era are you leaving in. he doesnt have speed and yet you want him to run, run and run. what is this a marathon.
    You look at the current selection, he has been bracketed with the Midfielders which he has not played this season at Man U.Father has called in Bazoer and with Anita already there, will he be shifted to LB again as vs Iceland or jus because he is playing CB at Man U he will get the nod over Anita and Bazoer at DM.

    sought of agree with article on top, Without a doubt, Hendrix is in good form PSV, vs Man United, vs CSKA Moscow, vs Ajax. Unfortunately for some reason only in the eyes of Danny Blind, its not worth giving him an call.this is is what strikes me most about coaches who only think inside of the box.

      1. Yea, with all the injuries I am sure Blind will starts again, just hard to guess where. But probably depends on what Blind sees in training – is Kongolo ready for LB, is Anita/Bazoer ready for the DM, Rekik/ Reidewald at LCB?
        Maybe daddy puts son wherever is the weakest looking spot.
        Before the last 2 losses where Blind played LB, and then DM, he had only been playing CB for United this season. Also he was playing DM for United in the 3 matches of last season prior to the USA loss where he was pretty poor at LB.. so maybe the most logical thing would be to play him as LCB or not at all!
        Let’s be honest, neither Kazakhstan or Czech Rep should be underestimated, but they are not exactly Arsenal either.

      1. with this I think its quite clear now which lineup Danny will use for the next game.

        Depay- RVP -Lens

        Sneijder – Wijnaldum


        Riedewald-Van Dijk-Bruma – Janmaat


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