Frank de Boer, Holland's finest….

Over the years, Holland produced a number of fine coaches. Wiel Coerver should most likely be named as the first one to establish a real method to the madness, even if Michels, Cruyff, Van Gaal and Hiddink are the best known names amongst the Dutch coaches. We had a number of so-called “school teachers” as coaches ( the more analytical of the bunch, such as Van Gaal and Adriaanse, although both had a long career as players in The Netherlands) and the so-called practice coaches…. The ones who applied their trade as a result of being top players. Cruyff, Van Hanegem, Rijkaard and Frank de Boer come to mind. There is also quite a large category of Dutch coach who work more anonymously than the former… Wim Koevermans, in India. John van ‘t Schip in Australia, Jos Luhukai in Berlin and Rene Meulensteen (ex Man United) are typical examples.

Every couple of years, a new “crown prince” emerges. Some stay on top, some vanish as a result of disappointing results ( Alex Pastoor, Robert Maaskant, Fred Rutten) and some simply choose to work in the background (Jan Wouters, Rob Alflen, Jean Paul van Gastel).

This season, in the Eredivisie, we saw a number of good stories emerge. Edwin van der Looij at Groningen, Marco van Basten’s resurrection at Heerenveen, Peter Bosz at title contender Vitesse, Ron Jans at PEC Zwolle and even much criticised Phillip Cocu at PSV has reasons to be proud.


Future coach of AZ Alkmaar?

Dick Advocaat did very well with AZ, particular in Europe, while Erwin Koeman might have had the best season performance at RKC with very limited resources. Little brother Ronald Koeman really should have snatched up the title this season with Feyenoord but failed at crucial times.

A name that has been mentioned a lot in recent weeks is that of Henk Fraser. The former Feyenoord and Oranje defender made his way to the top as a player via Sparta, FC Utrecht and Roda JC. The lanky player started as a striker but was quickly transformed to central defender. The shy and soft spoken player was a ruthless and hardworking defender. His killer mentality on pitch and his shyness off pitch earned him the nickname “the ghost” by Marco van Basten, who played with Fraser in Oranje at the ill-fated World Cup 1990 in Italy. Fraser played 6 caps for Oranje and scored once. The defender played nine successful seasons for Feyenoord winning the title, several national cups and reaching the semis of the Europa Cup II in 91/92.

Fraser took over at ADO Den Haag, 10 games ago, when the club was in serious trouble of being relegated. Under Fraser, they didn’t lose nine until they met Ajax last weekend.


Future coach of Feyenoord?

It looked like Den Haag, playing with typical Fraser grit, would be able to get a draw in the Arena but Ajax stepped on the gas in time to win the game 3-2.

And with Ajax, we have mentioned the club with the Coach of the Season, yet again. 43 year old Frank de Boer will win the title for a record fourth time in a row and will most likely also win the National Cup, this coming weekend versus PEC Zwolle.

Only 6 months ago, De Boer claimed he’d like to stay at Ajax for years to come, but only a couple of weeks a go he said he would entertain offers of “really interesting clubs”. And I think it would be a safe bet to say that Barcelona is most likely “a really interesting club”.

After four years Ajax, with good results, are you losing motivation?

“Certainly not. I am very intense in my approach to work. Fanatical almost and pretty demanding. But I am not blind. It’s not like I don’t see what is really valuable in life. Family and health are really key. Football is a very important hobby. But I am not an easy to guy to be with. I have daughters in their teens now and I want to make sure they live by the right values. Treat older people with respect, introduce yourself properly, thanking people when appropriate. I can be pretty tough on them, in that sense.”

Do you see a similar role towards players?

“I do expect normal conduct, in that sense, of course. I believe in dependability and accountability. On the pitch, but also off the pitch. Towards supporters, sponsors, stewards, etc… And on the pitch, dependability is key. You need to be able to rely on one another. Ninety minutes long. We make agreements, on how we play and we all need to be part of that game plan. We have strict rules regarding regaining possession. This only works when all players engage. I speak about this a lot with young players coming into the fold of Ajax 1. Recently, I spent a lot of time with Riedewald on this. All these lads know how to work the ball, to control the ball or to score a goal. No problem. But this aspect of taking your responsibility, that is something they need to learn around their 17th or 18th year…”


Is this why Davy Klaassen made such an easy entrance into Ajax 1.

“Yes. I had him in the B Junior group and you could see that he saw it all and that he had those leadership skills. He is not just a top talent, he is also a player who can read the game and take responsibility. And I am cool with young players making mistakes. A wrong through ball or a failed dribble. Players need to take risks and make mistakes to get better. But once they lose possession, they do need to turn around and try and win the ball back. Davy did not need any motivation to do this. He had that naturally in him.”

Klaassen has had some serious injuries and you decided to bring him slowly.

“I believed that to be best for him and for Ajax. We wanted Davy to be ready to be valuable in a big way for the team, as he is capable of doing. He needed time to regain his ball feeling and his strength. He played a lot of games for Young Ajax and when we needed Davy to be ready, due to Siem de Jong’s injury, he was ready.”

In this season, the big turnaround came when you moved Daley Blind to the midfielder’s role. This happened with Vurnon Anita as well, two seasons ago. That shift got Ajax the title then. Is it important for Ajax to have a real football player on that spot?

“It is a position which demands a lot from a player. First and foremost, you need to be capable of defending and of reading the game. So you need to be able to look over the ball, see what is going on around you and make the right decisions accordingly. You need to be able to defend and to make that first build up action. You need to be able to make the pace in the team and to play that essential deep ball. Daley is capable of all this. And he is still getting used to the role but he has so much football in him. More than he can display as defender. His strong suit as defender is his ability to forward press. He can do this in his current role as well. Serero is also a good example of a player who came with lots of individual skills but who needed to learn to be dependable for the team. He took some time getting adjusted, from the life in South Africa to living and playing in The Netherlands and he has really made great progress. I had to explain to him many times that as a player he will only have the ball for two or three minutes max. It’s what you do with the other 88 minutes that determine your value for the team.”

The right winger role is a difficult one for Ajax now. I guess you really wanted Narsingh? He would have been ideal.

“Well, he didn’t come. He went to PSV and we are now doing it our own way. I tried to get Eljero Elia as well. I worked with him with Oranje in 2010 and I think he is great. He will not have forgotten how to play and I thought I could get him to perform well again. Elia is having some good moments now at Bremen again. He is a on his way back. Ola John was also on my list. A real winger. But Lasse Schone is doing it his way and he has a lot of value for the team.”

staf ajax

Spijkerman, De Boer, Bergkamp

Co Adriaanse wonders why Ajax can’t deliver good wingers and strikers anymore?

“I get that comment of course, but hardly any big club in Europe uses wingers in the traditional sense. At Munchen, Ribery on the left and Robben on the right… Neymar is playing from the left at Barca. And the list goes on and on. It’s all about their contribution. I rather have a Robben style winger who comes inside then a classic winger who hugs the line. That is too limiting in today’s game. Marc Overmars could play both roles, he could come inside and he could go on the overlap outside. But those players are rare.”

Ajax wanted to do better in the CL this year but again, a tough draw made it hard this season. Again.

“You know what, I didn’t think our draw was that hard. To be honest, AC Milan is not the Milan we know of the 1980s and 90s. And Celtic is truly not as good as Ajax. I believe we should have finished second in the group. We dominated five games of the six we played. And we should be proud of that! We played to bad halves. Once against Barca and once against 10 men of Milan. That was hugely disappointing but we shot ourselves in the foot. The draw against Milan at home was unnecessary and we should have beaten Celtic twice. Simple. And we cannot play like Milan does. It’s not in our DNA. I don’t blame Balotelli for what he did. He is a pro, he wants to win. Fine. The referee determines where the line is drawn. We should not be drawn into all that drama. I believe we have the best chances if we play our own style of football. Combination play, pass and move, putting forward pressure on the opponent. We won three titles in a row with this and most likely a fourth.”

Is Ajax maybe too sweet, too kind for international success? Aren’t the current Ajax players more like the ideal son-in-law?

“I don’t think so. My number one priority is the football qualities of a player. Their personality is key too but not in the sense of screwing over an opponent or diving. I do miss some verbal aggression in the team. The coaching and the wake up calls, if you want. I need to hear that, even in a full Arena. And I don’t. We played a dreadful game against Cambuur and I couldn’t hear one single player having a go. I used to be different and more recently Luis Suarez was good at it too. He would be in your face if you were weak in the challenges.”

Is this why you are so pro-actively coaching all the time?

“Yes indeed! I feel like I still need to be coaching actively. Telling them if there is time or whether there is a player in their back.I want players to make it their second nature. Some lads try it but it is as if they’re whispering… I need to hear it loud and clear.”

bert frank

How far reaching is your influence, as a coach?

“We can offer our players a lot. But it doesn’t mean they all process it in the same way. I believe the player himself has the most influence on his career. When I was young, I would practice free kicks every practice session. Day and night almost. My dad told me to do this and I took it on. A coach can help with details, but the mentality of the player is key. And the way a coach approaches a player or motivates a player is probably also something one has to learn by doing. Typical example, Stefano Denswil was unlucky last season as I had to leave him out of the match squad often. He would train really well and he is a tremendous talent but he had to take a seat in the stands a lot. I needed a second left back as I had good central defender options already. So he was the sacrificial lamb so to speak. I never explained this to him. I expected him to see that. So after a while, he came to me and quite distraught asked me why he wasn’t given a seat on the bench. I learned from Denswil because I should have explained this and kept him motivated, instead of making him doubt himself.”

Your good friend Phillip Cocu is going through a lot at PSV. How do you see him?

“Phillip… I wish him all the best, except for the title with PSV, hahaha. Knowing him, he will simply work on the basis of his vision and he will definitely come good. They played really really well those first weeks. The whole nation was saying oh and ah. It’s hard for him, to have to handle this all in his first season, but with a young squad this is what you can get. But I am sure he will come out of this much stronger. Don’t worry about him….”

Guus Hiddink will be Van Gaal’s successor. Didn’t the KNVB call you?

“No, and I am happy that they didn’t. One day, sure… I want to do it. It’s a great honour. But I am happy here. I have much work to do still. I took over from Martin Jol and since Jol only Siem de Jong and Ken Vermeer are the only players left from those days. I say this to explain how dynamic the work is at Ajax. I have said it before, if a really really interesting club would come….who knows. But if I would have to work here another ten years I would be grateful as I am working with utmost pleasure.”



“Hahaha, I will not go into those questions. There is someone working as a coach now at Barca and it is simply not done to talk about someone else’s job, I think. But it will be quite clear for everyone that obviously Barcelona is my second club. I had a great time there and it would be the biggest job in club football, I think. For anyone.”

Wesley Sneijder and Rafael van der Vaart might want to return to Ajax. Could you use them?

“I don’t know you know…. I have all the respect for both. They are outstanding players and two of the best Ajax has ever produced. But I have seen players return to Ajax… Total legends… Litmanen, Winter, Witschge and it is hard. Everyone remembers the fit, young player. But you always return in your autumn days…. And it almost always ends up being a disappointment. Look at Van Bommel even. He didn’t have a bad season, so much,  but it also was not a great success. I am sure he will agree with me. So, can I use Wes and Raf as midfielders? I am not sure? Will they be able to pull it off? I can see Raf as shadow striker or even striker. And I can see Sneijder as a false winger, as Mancini uses him now. But I would be careful in asking them back, to be honest. I think only Cruyff, Rijkaard and Cocu had a good return to their old club…”

And lastly…the World Cup 2014… You were assistant in 2010 and you worked intensely with Van Gaal. What do you see?

“Hard to say. It’s still a way to go for Van Gaal. A couple of question marks I suppose. But Louis is smart enough to play to the strength of the team. Which means, typical Dutch style football, with flair and offensive intentions. Van Gaal will probably come up with one or two smart ideas and maybe pick some players which will surprise the general public. But all in all, it is not very likely we will have an easy road to the finals. Our group is tough and we do have some inexperienced players in our squad now. If Sneijder or Van der Vaart are fit and Robben and Van Persie can hold form, I think Holland can surprise. Spain is not that good anymore so there are chances. A World Cup is always special. There is always that outsider that does well and there are always favourites that disappoint and are sent home early. But I’m glad Louis has to make the decision instead of me, hahaha.”

sneijd raf

Potential return?

What is your ideal Oranje Eleven?

“No. I won’t go there. Won’t sit on Louis’ chair. We have a number of good goalies. We have a number of good, but young defenders. We have good midfielders and we might need to take a risk there as Strootman is out and we have pretty good forwards… I am sure Louis will come up with a solid team.”


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    1. No big claims. Just another “pessimistic” (realistic?) expert doubting Netherlands getting that deep into the tournament with the defense but also midfield they have (losing Stroot).

      According to Israel it also depends on the organisation. Create compact lines for the defenders rather than leaving big gaps in front and behind behind the defenders that they have to cover. Vlaar is his first choice and adds later on BMI and de Vrij (he might be a bit biased though ;)). Actually he is not that conclusive about his choice for de Vrij and BMI, just uses them also a bit as an example. It’s like he does not know any others…

      The fact Israel, but yesterday also Robben place so much emphases on the organisation, is code language for the fact that in the individual quality department we suck a bit compared to many others.


  1. About Frank de Boer. After a game he always skims through a set of player data and with special attention he looks to 1 set of data:

    Number of sprints over 17,5 km/hour.

    Eriksen was always the best in this regard last season. Blind, Klaassen and Fischer are good in this regard as well. This is also why Fischer despite not doing well on the wing got so many minutes and why Klaassen is so loved by de Boer.

    It also explains this quote from of him that was part of the article of Jan:

    “So, can I use Wes and Raf as midfielders? I am not sure? Will they be able to pull it off? I can see Raf as shadow striker or even striker. And I can see Sneijder as a false winger, as Mancini uses him now. But I would be careful in asking them back, ”

    Frank de Boer places much emphasis on off ball movement and work. This is also why he did not go for Maher, but wanted to go very far for van Ginkel. Now people want Ajax to go for a Ziyech and I do not know how he scores in this regard (I would say that he is far from a lazy player), but if Ziyech goes under the norm, he can be as flashy and creative as he wants, de Boer will go for a guy like Klaassen time and again.

    De Boer’s half players are often positioned pretty high up, though Serero is more retreated than Klaassen. This together with player profile choice for midfield leads to lack of intricate passing, triangulation and combination football. Central defenders pass often too each other for some time before giving the ball deep as they also have few options to develop the play. There was interesting article in the Volkskrant touching on the speed of play development by Ajax:

    De Boer’s choices lead to stability and good defensive numbers in Eredivisie. It does not lead to imaginative football and it also still begs the question if his football can bring success in Europe for a club like Ajax. A good example is the final game against Milan where Ajax played a big chunk of the game with 1 more man on the field. The reason why Ajax did not win that game was because they lacked creativity and scoring ability. That last part is often overlooked as well. The rebuttal is often that Ajax has now won 4 titles without delivering the top scorer of the league, but maybe a high scoring striker is needed to go to the next level and do well in Europe.

    I think Frank de Boer is a great coach to create the (pre) conditions for a top performance but that he he still has to make the step to really reward himself. That sounds weird after 4 titles, but I feel that there are some simple things he can do that would make life so much easier for himself and the fans.

    Biggest example in this regard is buying a (simple) left back wich is an indirect plea for a footballing DM. The injuries of Boilesen have lead to Blind switching to left back all the time. I am convinced that a Blind permanently in DM would have resulted in getting past the group stage of the CL. Even Dijks, who plays for Heerenveen on a loan might have established this. Though maybe I like Koppers more. Point is that one of them in the selection would have kept Blind in DM and I consider that a big thing, just like Anita in DM instead of the back position was a big thing. So this dance of putting a vital DM player on the back position out of lack of options often (or simply a different choice, Theo Janssen) is a recurring thing and might have lead to much better results with a different solution.

    In this regard we also have to look at scouting and not put everything on de Boer’s plate. Overmars is allowed to have a cracker of a transfer also. His Barca experiments have not been that successful so far.

    I like de Boer (principle) more than Koeman (pragmatist) and am happy to have him in development for Dutch football, but I wanted to be clear about the defensive side that his style carries also. My post is a contemplation of how he can make the step to the next level and join the great coaches of the world. For that he must also be successful in Europe. Winning the UEFA Cup would be nice. It’s very hard though. The percentages of youth products blended in during de Boer’s years is much higher than before. Ajax does not make big transfers to compensate for that either. No wonder he falls back on certain work ethic norms like number of sprints over 17,5 km/hour. Certainty must be drawn from somewhere if there is so much youth to be dependent on. Within the boundaries he works he does a remarkable job. I am just placing questions marks if all boundaries must be set in the way they have been and of that is keeping him from making that next step.


    1. LVG may pull a trick out of a bag, boldly starting 3 young midfielders like Fer, De Guzman and Klassen, upset Spain and open a lot of possibilities or we can also crash and burn. Will he take the risk to win or play safe? No Clasie for me this WC. Let’s re-evaluate Clasie after WC like Euro qualification.

      1. hien I think it will be hard to surpress the spain midfield given the number of option they have…. Inesita, Fabreges,Xavi,koke,Isco,Alonso,Bosequets,Carzola,Mata. Van Gaal can pull tricky out of the bag but what happens when their other big guns come on as super subs. Thats why I petsist that we start with someone who has trenendous lung power with pace and can go Full 90 minutes and if we need additional reinforcement then we bring on Vaart and sneijder for the final assault. this is where wecan ctach the spainards off guard and at the same time maintaining that same rytham and flaw of the game or might even go one better.

        1. vincent delbosque is not a fool has manged Real with star player and won CL,with spain Ec,WC wc,he does wats best for team,he understood that spain got too old after Confederation cup.he has changed his team,the younger players will play thats for sure,so they are still a threat to any team
          Thiago,koke ,isco etc would start over old legs.
          If the oldies of spain starts …then mark my words if we feild some trickery and fast players,we would eat them.

    2. To answer your question about Ziyech. He works hard in defense but this kid has stamina problem just like Clasie 2 years ago. He needs to build up some muscle.

    3. Appreciate your insights, DRB. Pleasant read as always.

      “The reason why Ajax did not win that game was because they lacked creativity and scoring ability.”

      This comment really struck home. Believe it or not, I am still in shell shocked mode since the Japan friendly and especially the second half when they literally ran circle around us. Our lack of creativity was truly appalling. The less physically imposing but creative teams like Japan will simply take us to the cleaners.

      Which led me to believe that this Ajax transition from creativity to discipline (likely due to the raw talent that is available?) is a reflection of what is also happening at the national team level, only that the NT is working at a much bigger scale and thus takes much longer to transition. Much longer (and a lot more pain) because of the bureaucratic decision making, the number of people watching, old guards vs reformers, etc.

      As long as we are still in search of the 21st century’s Dutch football identity, I am not optimistic that we will find much success, either nationally or at club level.

  2. I do not see FDB staying with Ajax long enough to be possible to win CL (or UEFA cup); quarter finalist is a possible goal for FDB and Ajax. It is a possibility that FDB will coach Barca next and he will win CL with Barca then perhaps it will be time for FDB to be NT head coach (after Hiddink then Blind). Bergkamp already indicated that he would like to work at Arsenal in the future. I like FDB a lot. He has great personal skills that allow him to ignore all the political fights within Ajax and focus on Ajax football. It is too bad that FDB could not get Elia, Ola John and Van Ginkel. With those 3 Ajax would make CL quarter final and NT has 3 more good players option as I believe FDB will bring out the best in them.

    1. hien, no offense but one must be high on drugs to even think ajax can win something in Europe unless dutch football finance system changes. Long gone are the days of the early 90s and won’t be back again. The only chance for FDB to win something is Barca, but I doubt they will offer him the job. And if it happens Frank will be screwed as Barca’s defense is in shambles and will be like this until they get reinforcements which they can’t do for next 2 seasons.

    1. Totally mate… You should share some details. Did you meet him? What was she like? Did she tell you some cool stories about her dad and his achievements or personality? Where did you meet? How long did you see her? Etc etc

      1. Yes I did, in fact, I have been to their house in Doha more than once. So I knew both Frank and Ronald when they were playing in Qatar (well Ronald played for longer so I knew him better). I was in Doha College with Romy. Most down to earth girl ever! Not many people even realized she and her sisters had a legendary dad and uncle. My sister was besties with lil one. Romy never talked much about her dad’s achievements, but Jackie would talk a lot about the Portugal tournament. I was seeing Romy until she left the country but prolly less than a year (guys don’t count these things) …we were both pretty young

  3. As for midfield and line up debates.

    I think the 4-3-3 needs to go. And I also think LVG’s principle of “1 defensive, 1 runner and 1 playmaker” is old-school.

    We need three or more midfielders who can do it all.

    I am for 5-3-2 or 4-1-4-1

    With players like Clasie, De Guzman, Klaassen, Van Ginkel maybe, Sneijder maybe, Fer…..

  4. I agree with you,Jan.

    4-3-3 is not suitable for our present squad.we need speedy midfielders to support the back 4 and upfronts.

    And to play against Spain in the World Cup,our formation and tactics have to make the field smaller and keep pressing them till the broken of the Tiki-Taka along with long passes to our upfronts.That is my point of view.

    What do you think,Jan?

  5. bit optimistic here about van ginkle vs klaassen. I think from FDB comments you can pencil Blind,Klaassen and veltman and most probably Cillessen for the WC coz definitely Van Gaal will take into consideration FDB opinon even it has to behind close doors. Van Ginkle has already proven his credibiity in eredivise and if compared to Klaasen at eredivise level…..Ginkle is definitely one step ahead of Klaassen. His form and fitness should only be of concern and given he played full 90 minutes last after his injury comeback, he should be 100% fit come may.Though he not playing for the main team but either way if he wouldnt have got injured he still wouldnt have got much playing time under Mou with the current mildfielders that chelsea have got. Maybe last 10 – 15 minutes and given the tightness of the title race it could have been on the bench unless someone gets injured. just like Juan Mata before he moved to Man United. I think Van Ginkle should start at the world Cup. Could be other option at CM given his vision and creativity.

    I watched Klaassen vs France and he didnt sparkle as much as what has been predicited of him. If it happens both will come with 1 international cap each with Klaassen having slightly more expsure to top level coz of the CL but then again van ginkle had his moments especially interms of jellying into the team right away before his injury.

  6. I think FDB comment on Klaassen is bit biased jus because his playing for Ajax under his watchful eyes and after strootman injury he has the NO 1 tag on his neck . I mean jus recently Van Rhijn has also had a much improved performance for Ajax but yet there is no comments about him given Janmaat and Wiel in the picture. Dutate is another one who has really failed to make much impact in the team due to his constant positional rotation given his natural abilities jus like Van Ginkle.

  7. in this ajax team Van rhijn really deserves the call ahead of weil.Duarte can be a bomb,klassen has kuyt like workrate which gives team baalnce and he has intelligence like Bommel .He is proactive too.Am not stsified with blind i still feel he is a weak link as LB.

  8. HERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!


    This is not the best team. This is not the worst team.
    This is not my team. This is not your team.
    THIS IS OUR TEAM. It is the COLLECTIVE average based on votes per position.
    There is no dispute. There is no argument.
    THIS is what WE picked for us to start against Spain.

    Are you ready??


    here we go….


    Now, some interesting correlations.
    We might as well have only had one choice for goalkeeper. Krul won by a landslide. Which makes me wonder if anyone here has actually seen Newcastle play this season. They are horrible, and he has been awful. Regularly awful. But hey. I chose Vorm, but you guys overwhelmingly voted for Krul, so he’s in.

    The defence almost picked itself.
    The only position in dispute is the RB – Blind, Williams and (weirdly) BMI all came close to Pieters. BMI did almost as well for this position as he did for CB, but failed to grab either spot.

    Midfield was a mess. No-one really stood out except Nigel. I think the other two won by one vote each in the end.

    The strikers were interesting again.
    Robben and RVP were way way way out in front.
    BUT on just about EVERY other website, and every voting poll I have seen, Depay wins the left wing spot. Except here.
    We chose Lens over him.

    Based on votes, our 3 subs would also be:
    BMI, Van Ginkel, Depay
    (which is odd – has anyone actually seen Van Ginkel play this season? I haven’t)

    seems like a decent side.

    When LVG picks his final 23 and we know more about his formation I might do this again.
    Until then, hup hup hup hup hup hup….

      1. Thanks for taking the initiative Hoolie, “our” team is not that wise because Lens will not be going to Brazil.

        btw vorm has been equally horrible

          1. its just srinjoy thinking..the probelm with srinjoy is that he cannt understand who is man,and character of a Man..Forget it.

          2. Lens is playing with true mediocrity if at all in an unknown league where LVG himself has not gone to watch him/ With Elia playing well for Bremen and many other wing talents to choose from Lens is not a realistic option.

            Depay / Boetius / Robben / Narsingh / Kishna

          3. Lens is playing with true mediocrity if at all in an unknown league where LVG himself has not gone to watch him/ With Elia playing well for Bremen and many other wing talents to choose from Lens is not a realistic option.

            Depay / Boetius / Robben / Narsingh / Kishna / Elia

      2. Thanks man, awesome job. I think that BMI deserves a spot as his votes for LB and CB together would secured him. He has been playing LB a lot. He would be my second choice or Kongolo.

        Midfield nicely reflects the actual problems we have….

        1. Totally agree!!

          BMI actually got more votes than all the other defenders, i think – they were just split over two positions, and so he lost out 🙁

          v. interesting though.
          and fun
          really glad that so many of you guys joined in

          1. WOW Hoolie how long did this honestly take you to do? Very nice initiative here!! We all appreciate seeing this!! Thank you for taking the time to do this.

            It is pretty much my chosen team with the only difference being Sneijder in for Van der Fart. Also Janmaat/Van Der Wiel are a toss up.

            I agree about Ginkel, haven’t seen him play at all.

          2. Well done, Hoolie. I think your result also shows our major agreement on which 14 (11 starters + 3 subs) should go to brazil. That is almost 50% of the provisional 30 man roster for the first squad announcement. Let’s see if those 14 make LVG’s cut on early May.

  9. San Marco will succeed Advocaat in training AZ Alkmar next season. Good for him to stay one more season in Holland.
    Wish him the best of luck.

  10. Man, I think Norwich City has the toughest four game schedule left.

    vs. Liverpool
    @ ManU
    @ Chelsea
    vs. Arsenal

    They’re sitting in 17th place at the moment and it’s hard to imagine them even managing a single point here. Not a good sign for Leroy Fer’s hopes of joining the WC squad if his club gets relegated.

  11. Guys I have heard that seedorf’s job is in danger, apparently there is conspiracy within the club to remove him. I honestly think it is his attitude which rubs people up the wrong way especially with any form of revolution(ary) people are lost due to the radical change and I think these people are in the milan hierarchy and are generally very conservative. Seedorf is a good manager and I reckon if he gets fired he could always be a good replacement for de boer.

  12. I also think that De boer really should bide his time before moving on. Barca are in an absolutely dire state with the transfer ban, an uninspired Messi and also a squad that needs a huge turnover. There is almost no core of players to work around anymore for the long term. Busquests would probably be one of the few people to stay but a lot of the players are alleged to no longer be interested in winning so much anymore and are doing the same sort of thing elia and babel did in focusing on pointless things outside of football.

    1. FDB signed contract extension in June 2013 till 2017. If he leaves Ajax, it will not happen until 2016. He has at least another 2 seasons with Ajax which I hope he can help Ajax reach CL quarter final. I was hoping he can become NT coach after Ajax contract, but KNVB already announced Blind will take over from Hiddink. For player turn coach, FDB is simply #3, behind JC and Rijkaard for now.

  13. Since Van Gaal mentioned the formation is going to be changed, I do not think we are going to play 4-3-3 anymore. I think Van Gaal will probably go with 3-5-2.
    If that is the case I think our starting 11 should be:
    Van Persie
    De Guzman

    Blind NDJ Janmaat

    Indi Vlaar Veltman


    The subs will be:

    1. I know that the 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 is tempting in our current situation, but I’m not sure it’s a good idea. First because we have only three friendlies games to experiment it, that’s nothing. Secondly, playing with 3 defenders necessarly means high line. High line means fast CB. Fast CB doesn’t mean Vlaar, and not really BMI or Veltman neither, just remember how BMI was running randomly when France had counter attacks.

      Playing with 3 defenders would lead to that during 90 min. Against Spain and Chile. Hard.

      Douglas is the perfect CB for a line with three defenders, he is our fastest, kind of Chielleni defender, but he won’t be here.

      Maybe that’s something to try after the WC, but not during.

      1. Actually rinus michels changed the formation in 88 to 442 instead of 433 “during” the tournament itself , and we won the tournament. I know it needs guts , but c’mon. We alll know we will get screwed with 4-3-3 especially without strootman. Let’s give it a try.

        1. sadly true,second is Virjjil vandijk…Sadly this is true..

        2. Goldstone : I’m not sure about it, but it seems to be so.

          Look how he runs with his long legs. That’s this kind of CB you need in a 3 defenders line, not guys like Veltman, Vlaar or BMI who all have slow reactions. Just give a pass in their back and we are dead.

          That being said, Douglas is not the perfect defender neither, very average passing, makes a lot of silly mistakes, put too much agressivity in his interventions in general…But he also brings a good presence on corner and free kicks, like Fer.

  14. Since Van Gaal mentioned the formation is going to be changed, I do not think we are going to play 4-3-3 anymore. I think Van Gaal will probably go with 3-5-2.
    If that is the case I think our starting 11 should be:
    Van Persie
    De Guzman

    Blind NDJ Janmaat

    Indi Vlaar Veltman


    The subs will be:

    Depay Fer VDW

    Pieters Heitinga De Vrij

    Vorm Cillissen

    1. 4-4-2 is worth a shot.

      Nigel and Blind/JdG as the holding mids…VdV and Robben on the sides…with RvP slightly behind Huntelaar.

      The fact is RvP has been plagued with injuries throughout this season, and he could still be dealing with rust before the WC starts.

      Meanwhile Hunter has been on fire since he came back, has been playing weekly since January, and is closing in on being the leading scorer in the league despite being playing almost half as many games as Lewandowski & Mandzukic.

      Frankly, it would be a disservice to Klaas if we had him sitting on the bench and coming in 20-25 minutes before the game ends to try and change something.

  15. @srinjoy….Lenz or vaart may not playing much,since they are athelets they can easily regain supreme fitness from may2 to june 12..its morethan eough.
    wat i was poiniting abt lenz and lenz were psychological stregth and physical stregthh and intelligence,though Elia has as skills as lenz,Elia is PUSSY in every aspect,while lenz is brilliant ,and so strong..we wont win anything with pussys..thats for sure…especially WC..

  16. In 1 hour and 30 minutes from my post there is a game between the best U17 players from Ajax vs those of Celtic for the Future Cup. Nouri + van de Beek will hold midfield, which is interesting looking at the future of Dutch NT football as well as looking at the future of the Ajax midfield of course.


      1. No that 4-0 scoreline was against Corinthians.

        Celtic was only beaten by 1-0 and that was actually an own goal. The Celtic game was the first one of the day and was also the only Ajax game that I was able to see on Fox. Later on the day the broadcasters choose the Milan vs Fenerbace game to transmit.

        This is a summery of the Ajax vs Celtic game:

        I though that van de Beek was oke-ish, but not free of blame in some moments. He could have played better. Has a good range of passing but did not really impress. Nouri did show some skill as is visible in the above video. I liked Dilrosun (a winger who came in later on) and one of the center backs. I think that was Mensah, not sure.

        Anyway they did something at Ajax that I have been pushing for more or less at the U17 NT. They took off a tap in striker like Walian and subbed him for a winger so that another winger played striker position. Was much better.

        At U17, the same must happen. Moot out, Slab striker, Nouri or Paal behind him. Not play out all 3 gems against each other for that one 10 position. Stupid. In this game there was clear chemistry between Nouri and Cerny (not Dutch, but very good). This way at the U17 NT, chemistry could be build from early on between the most technical gifted lads as well. This way the chance that more complex patterns arise between them later on becomes bigger. For club they don’t play together and might never do so. So NT games must be used carefully, even at this early stage.


          1. Its too early to jump the gun on such issues but I sincerely pray and hope that this kid chooses the Netherlands over Morocco and put on some weight..
            He’s a gem!! What a talent!!

        1. Interesting comment DRB3000, but keep in mind that throughout the whole season there were 2 men the coach never took off. I’m talking about van de Beek and Jari Schurmman. Thinking that this is going to change at the big tournament is a bit unrealistic. So you only have one spot for the 10 position and three suitable candidates: Nouri, Paal and Slabbekoorn. My bet is that the coach will choose between Nouri and Paal for the 10 position, and will place Slabbekoorn on the left or right wing, alternating with Berenstein, who is untouchable by the coaches. I was glad to see that Ould-Chikh has taken a place in the preliminary list. Hopefully he will make the cut (by far the best winger talent in this generation).

          I also saw the Ajax game today against Celtic, and I think I have seen the Dutch Iniesta 🙂

          1. But Bergwijn is rising currently as well. I like him. Ould Chikh is playing for Young FC Twente, making steps. In this Ajax game I became aware of Dilrosum. Showed potential, still bit young though. Look at that Courinthians game of Ajax in the first seconds, how he takes that ball out of the air. He was also important with the Celtic own goal and with an assist in the game against the Brazilians. He still lacks a bit of finishing skill and vision. Then there is still Dekker, but he seems to be injured or something. The wings are getting crowded.

            I agree with you that Stekelenburg will go for balance on midfield, but that does not mean maintaining a striker scoring and assisting 0 over 3 games is necessary as well. On the contrary.

            He was almost right when he started with those friendly’s at the beginning of this year. Left Walian and Moot at home. However he remained stuck with thinking in labels. He went for another striker at AZ. He should throw that thinking out of the window and just put easy scoring 10 players with speed on top. Obvious candidate is obvious. Then see who of Paal and Nouri click best on the 10 position. There must be a balance between players that want the ball in their feet and players that want the ball deep. Lack in off ball movement must be monitored if too many ball artist are in the first 11.


          2. Agree.

            Dilrosun reminds me Babel, only left-footed. So far he shows a better overview and a finer technique than Babel. In any case, next season he and Nunnely will destroy defenders at Ajax b1.

        2. Mees de Wit and Dirlosun are big talents in Dutch U16. I was wondering what happened to Vince Gino Dekker. He was mentioned a lot by european scouts last year but he kind of disappeared this year. Also it is painful to see the last generation of Ajax youth Gravenberch Acolatse Menig Van Den Boomen did not reach the level they were hyped for. They played really well in the Next Gen series a few years ago.

          1. BTW, what happened to that playmaker from the youth ranks of Feyenoord??
            Sleegers or something..I don’t actually remember his name coz’ DRB300 mentioned him once on this blog..He was expected to break into the first team and replace Immers I guess..
            I just can’t seem to remember his name.. 🙁
            And what about Elvis Manu???
            How’s he doing at Cambuur?? One for the future??

          2. @ Abhirup

            Sleegers trains with the first team I think. He is a fragile one, so they rise later. His football skills are fine. I don’t think he will go wasted as in Rutten, Feyenoord have contracted somebody who can deal with youth. Next season should be his break out season, or at least make known that he is a serious candidate for the first team, playing some good games.

            If he smells in preseason that Rutten is not going to use him much, he might want to push for a loan deal to a lower team.

      1. Players who say this – indirectly – to Van Gaal can forget their invitation. That is not how Van Gaal operates. Because if he calls him up, everyone will say “Ah, see! You only need to whine in the media and LVG gives in.”


  17. Ive seen a little of how elia plays at werder bremen and even though i have thought he has been a lost cause I think he has something to offer for this wc.
    I mean this in the way that he isn’t surrounded by any real good players at bremen and we all remember how much better he was for country when he was in some bad form a few years back. I do not think he deserves to be a starter but he definitely brings something many of the other wingers do not bring as he can drag defenders around and open up spaces. This would be very useful against spain… just remember how he had a penalty not given in the wc final. I think he should be followed a little more before the end of the season

    1. Agreed about Elia, he could create a chance for us being a sub, he is pretty fast, I would dare to say that he is the fastest winger we have, and lots of tricks too!!
      Unfortunatly I think Vaan Gaal will not pick him, lets be realistic, Elia in a 70 min is better than Boettius. I also prefer him over Affelay
      WC wingers:
      What you guys think??

    1. He is a good ball playing defender but not the best ball winning defender. He can often be seen as quite frail and if you are a striker playing against that type of centre back you will be laughing to yourself.

  18. Erik Pieters
    Started the game well but was replaced by Marc Muniesa after being forced off with an injury on 28 minutes.

    Ron Vlaar
    His usual steady self but hardly tested in truth. Simple clearances tended to be the order of the day.

    Leandro Bacuna
    Provided some strong runs forward from time to time but not often enough for a team who needed victory.

    Nigel De Jong
    His usual physical self in midfield, never shying away from a challenge. Didn’t contribute much to the attack, but acted as a stabilizing force in the middle of the park. Subbed off in the 66th minute.

    Christian Eriksen
    The Dane appeared rather frustrated on the left and often drifted inside to get on the ball and show his quality. Wonderful set-piece deliveries to set up Paulinho and Kaboul goals.

    John Heitinga
    The Dutchman was solid on the whole but made a very clumsy challenge for the free-kick from which Tottenham scored their third goal.

    William Kvist Jörgensen
    Decent screen for the midfield but could have been more aware of Eriksen’s tendency to drift in from the wing.

    Tim Krul
    Could do nothing about Bony’s header and was largely untroubled throughout the afternoon.

    Vurnon Anita
    Moved from defence to attack to accommodate Cisse’s injury. Looked a little lost higher up the field and didn’t create anything meaningful but almost scored a great half volley.

    Luuk de Jong
    Looked lively in the opening half hour and helped set up Ameobi’s goal, but was forced off due to an ankle injury.

    Michel Vorm
    Rarely called into action, partly due to Swansea’s solid defending and Newcastle’s poor attacking play but may feel he should have done better with Ameobi’s first half strike.

    Jonathan De Guzmán Flop of the Match
    Didn’t get at the Newcastle defence as much as Monk would have liked and was peripheral figure for much of the game when out wide.

    Marvin Emnes
    Great little cameo, came on and won the penalty that gave his side victory.

      1. its not at all a debate is it? eriksen has outclassed everyone in the premier league even though he is being forced to play from the left wing!?

        ozil after a decent start has become a failure meme..

        shame eriksen isnt dutch!

        1. I complain you Srinjoy, for liking Holland and Denmark. Denmark won’t qualify in 2016, Portugal and Serbia will, and Armenia will take the 3rd place.

          1. Boilesen??? Eriksen??? Schemichael??? Sorensen??? Okore???
            Jorgensen?? Fisher?? Vestergaard?? Højbjerg?? Zohore??
            Andersen? Cornelius? Maikehenof? Nielsen? Kadrii? Helenius?

            Not to mention established stars Agger, Schone, Kjaer, Bendtner, Lindegaard

            and other decent players: Krohn Dehli, Poulsen (Simon) etc.

            then there are your avg eredivisie standard players spread across all the teams NEC, RKC etc

            and ofcourse other unknown talents which only if you closely follow danish football would know about..

            the likes of Mike Jensen, Mikkelsenm, Andreas Christensen, Gundelach, Redsted, Aaquist, Fernandes, Busk Jensen, Crone, Larsen, Hansen


  19. Correct me if I’m wrong but Kongolo certainly seems to be an upgraded version of BMI..
    A better footballer in every aspect..reminds me a bit of Dante…

    1. For what I saw Kongolo seems to be fastest, and has better potitional sense, I would rate them equally as an aerial treats.
      Overall he seems a better footballer to me. Certainly has a high potential than Dante, better average player!

    2. Kongolo is not as strong as Indi that is for sure. We need to see more games of him to determine. It will be clear after next season if he get the starting place. Kongolo is also a little short for CB.

  20. Kasimpasa won 4-0 away against Galatasaray…Donk played the whole game and Babel played 75 minutes.

    Babel scored only 4 goals on 24 games but I think his contribution (and assists stat maybe) should be good as he is almost always starting.

  21. huge game in the premier league tomorrow, city, chelsea, arsenal and a whole host of people in england will be praying with me that van wolfswinkel finally breaks his goal hoodoo and scores against liverpool!


      1. Norwich FanZoner Oliver Baines is backing under-fire striker Ricky Van Wolfswinkel to come good despite now going over 20 hours without a goal.

        In light of the Fulham game, new Norwich City boss, Neil Adams seemed to have won the hearts of the Norwich faithful before his side had even kicked a ball. Hughton’s reign was over and in the past. Yet, his legacy lives on as the Norfolk side were left land sliding towards the torrid relegation zone.

        In spite of the managerial change, it seemed to be the same old story for the Canaries as they bowed out to a 1-0 defeat at the hands of fellow strugglers, Fulham. However, the consensus among City fans seems to be positive in wake of the full time whistle. The yellow army cannot qualm the style of football Adams had his side playing at times; deploying a differing formation to his predecessor Hughton, it was clear the former Norwich City midfielder was happy doing things his way.

        However, one thing that Adams was unable to amend was City’s fortunes in front of goal. Once again Norwich were left wondering what could have been as a trio of golden opportunities were scorned before half-time. Most notably was that of Ricky Van Wolfswinkel’s instinctive effort which was miraculously saved by Fulham stopper, David Stockdale; a moment that summed up his entire season thus far.

        Van Wolfswinkel has been on the name on Norwich City fans lips, but maybe for the wrong reasons. His solitary goal on the opening day of the season has long been forgotten as the Dutch striker has gone over twenty-hours without a goal.

        The £8.5million pound question…why?

        Looking through the archives it’s clear that he is a natural goal scorer when you look at his history in Portugal; but like all strikers will know, confidence is the key. Something, “the wolf” is having to constantly remind himself of. As a striker who thrives on playing off the shoulder of the last defender; it’s frustrating to see the twenty-five-year-old popping up on the half way line, just to get a feel of the ball.

        For Adams, it’s picking a lesser of two evils, does he sacrifice a striker partner for Van Wolfswinkel, to pack out the midfield or risk losing the battle in the middle to play two up top; unfortunately the latter has rarely been implemented. Adopting a 4-5-1 formation and moulding it into a fashionable 4-3-3 set up with two wide attackers has been a common strategy for Norwich, yet it has proven ineffective for the frustrated Van Wolfswinkel.

        The consolation that Adams and Van Wolfswinkel can both work with is the fact that he is getting into the right areas a striker needs to attack the box. If a striker isn’t there, he won’t score. End of. Pundits will point the finger and say, “he isn’t good enough” – personally, I feel he has been desperately unlucky. RVW alone has been on the receiving end of numerous saves of the season by Premier League shot-stoppers; with David Stockdale being added to the lengthy list this week. With every shot saved, it seems to leave the striker looking to the skies in agony. I sympathise for Ricky, he wears his heart on his sleeve and has given everything for our club. However, Adams is again faced with a dilemma. Do you continually start a striker who doesn’t score, with the hope that he will? Or, do you leave him on the bench to give an opportunity to someone else?

        Neil Adams will be left to ponder the role of Van Wolfswinkel before Liverpool arrive at Carrow Road next Saturday.

        Fans may jump on the back of players, but, as Elliot Bennett tweeted, “names on shirts aren’t everything, footballers are humans. There are four games to go this is not the end. #believe”.

        He is right. Footballers are humans.

        Including Ricky Van Wolfswinkel, the burden of his price tag seems to be weighing him down at the moment. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we hear the Barclay stand singing…

        “Feed the Wolf…and he will score.”

          1. Sadly that is true. I remember the commentator saying Leroy Fer is the only guy who can give a lethal pass. That is not even his specialty. Norwich is behind Twente or Lisabon.

        1. there is no point in blaming Ricky he is playing with bunch of headless chickens,i would be surprised if he ver gets a clever and visionary pass.

        2. Norwich has lots to do with footballing intelligence,None of the players ahs vision,or none are quick re leaser of ball,its no wonder Ricky struggles there,Ricky needs speed passing game of dutch.Which requires intelligence,i must admit a truth that there something wrong in selection of players in England especially,they look for fit and strong guys,they normally lacks vision and intelligence.Also dutch also showing some symptom of that.but luckily not very much.
          Elia or Afellay will never be able to challenge the intelligence of bergkamp.IT has something to do with gene,unless u are supported by CHRIST JESUS elias,Afellay cannt challenge it.
          When i looked in to players from all over the world i found Germans/Dutch produce most intelligent players.England has odd cases too.
          Skill wise its brazil and arjentina,
          Physically its africans etc goes on like that..its a naked truth about football.

  22. Yes…Oranje is not the strongest side in Brazil 14′ but our rivals have no clue what Van Gaal will do. I am positive Spain and Chile will be surprised and we will win the group. The young lads will be extremely motivated and Van Gaal is an expert with youngsters.

    This can be our line up:

    1 Cillessen
    2 Janmaat
    3 Veltman
    4 Vlaar
    5 Martins Indi
    6 Nigel de Jong
    7 Lens
    8 Blind / Fer / Van Ginkel
    9 Huntelaar
    10 Van Persie
    11 Robben

    In a 442 formation using Van Persie as a shadow striker. What do you think?

        1. Ajax is in the finals where they will play Liverpool. They have beaten Anderlecht 2-1.
          And Nouri was IMO the man of the match in all games thus far. He is light,small,not very fast but what a great technique and vision!

  23. Leroy Fer
    Some nice moments on the ball but still looked lacking in sharpness and speed following a hamstring injury. Tired in the second half.

    ( I disagree, thought he was simply brilliant again, power close control, pace, eye for the pass, a must take for brazil)

    Ricky van Wolfswinkel
    Came on for Hooper in the 78th minute and headed too close to Mignolet when he had a good chance to equalise.

    (and the voodoo continues)

    Daniel Agger
    Replaced Lucas nine minutes from time as the visitors looked to hold to their lead.

    1. Actually no, it happens quite often in crucial games (cup final, european games…)

      Ajax win titles thanks to the mediocrity of others. They’re not the best dutch team, they’re the less mediocre in regularity. That’s a big difference for me.

      1. Of course it also happens to City, Real, Bayern etc. to lose points against little teams, but it will never be large scores, and it will not be crucial games in general.

        The fact Ajax is able to lose 4-0 to Sparta Rotterdam for a title game, 5-1 to Zwolle in a final cup, 6-1 to Salzburg in a europe qualification round etc. shows how bad the club is.

        8 years without reaching EL quarter finale or CL 2nd round while playing it every year, that’s unbelievable.

        The worst is that it will continue next year.

        1. If people want the proof that Ajax just benefits from others medocrity to be champion the last seasons :

          Season 2005/2006 :

          PSV 1st : 84 pts
          Ajax 4rd : 60 pts

          Season 2006/2007 :

          PSV 1st : 75 pts
          Ajax 2nd : 75 pts

          Season 2007/2008 :

          PSV 1st : 72 pts
          Ajax 2nd : 69 pts

          Season 2008/2009 :

          AZ 1st: 80 pts
          Ajax 3rd: 68 pts

          Season 2009/2010 :

          Twente 1st : 86 pts
          Ajax 2nd : 85 pts

          Season 2010/2011 :

          Ajax 1st: 73 pts
          Twente 2nd : 71 pts

          Season 2011/2012 :

          Ajax 1st: 76 pts
          Feyenoord 2nd: 70 pts

          Season 2012/2013 :

          Ajax 1st : 76 pts
          PSV 2nd: 69 pts

          And current one, Ajax is having 69 points and two games to play. Means 75 points maximum.

          In the four titles (considering they’ll win it also this year), they never had 80 points. The best season they had with 85 points, they finished 2nd.

          Against the AZ and Twente machine in 08/09 and 09/10, they couldn’t win it. Unfortunetaly the level is weak now, no one is here to compete.

  24. Belgium team has a wow factor to it.. who would your starting 11 be for Belgium?




    De Bruyne


    1. Belgium has a lot of young exciting players but lack of experiences. They may win their group but would not advance to the QF. They run into either Germany or Portugal in the second round. They may do some damages in Euro 2016.

      This goal not as good as Gio in 2010 World Cup semi final but it is a good goal ( It is a bit late for Van Rhijn to push for a WC spot but if he improves then Euro 2016 we will have a lot of option for RB.

      1. Beligum is hard to predict. They have one of the best team in the world but their last fails in every qualification period don’t allow to put them too high. They will have a lot of pressure in june.

        For me they will be a bit like England, it can be everything or nothing.

        Won’t be shocked if they don’t go through the group stage, but won’t be shocked neither if they reach semi finals.

        But big contender for 2016 indeed. I already see semi finals in 2016 : France-Germany-Belgium-Serbia.

          1. ———————Brkic————————-





            On the bench : Bisevac (Lyon), Tosic (CSKA) Fejsa, Djuricic and Markovic (all Benfica), Gudelj etc.

            They will have a great team coming years

    2. Im sick and tired of hearing how good Belgium is

      van Persie over Lukaku
      Robben over Hazard
      Strootman over Dembele
      De jong over Fellaini
      Lens is comparable to Mirallas or Mertens as none are special
      Vermaelen is average at best
      Vertonghen and Kompany are strong and so is the goalie but lets not act like they are amazing.

      I can name tons of teams with stronger players than Belgium

  25. Some people were being optimistic and saying Maher was better than Eriksen, if only it were true…

    Tottenham midfielder Christian Eriksen is reaping the benefit of hours spent on the training ground trying to improve, according to manager Tim Sherwood.

    The Spurs star set up two goals in Saturday’s 3-1 win over Fulham at White Hart Lane, both by delivering inviting free kicks that Paulinho and Younes Kaboul converted.

    Eriksen is ending his first season in English football, following an August move from Ajax, strongly and Sherwood believes that it is down to the 22-year-old’s determination to excel.

    22/1 Tottenham are 22/1 with Bet365 to beat Stoke City 3-0″He’s a fantastic advert for any young player who wants to improve himself because I drag him off the training field every day and say: ‘That’s enough, Christian, it’s getting dark – go home to the missus’,” he told the press, before suggesting that the Dane’s improved creative edge has come as a result of the duo having a heart-to-heart.

    He explained: “What I did say to him was to come and find the ball more, just come and float and find the ball in between lines for us and, when he does that, he creates some space and creates chances.”

    Victory over Fulham keeps Tottenham in the hunt for a top-five Premier League finish with three games remaining, with Sherwood confident of ending the season in style.

    “I think we can go away to Stoke and West Ham and win and then come back here last game of the season against Aston Villa,” he enthused.

    “We’re always going to score goals. I’ve lost count, it’s been so many since I took over.”

  26. Does anyone know if Pieters would be suitable as a LCB?

    I would be more comfortable with him there than Rekik. You can put Urby Emanuelson alongside him at LB, and that’s a decent pairing for the WC.

    1. How is even possible that two very average players could be decent for the WC?? Pieters is very average and Emanuelson really cant defend!!
      Rekik will be very important for us in the future so let it be in the WC for the sake of the NT in the upcoming years

      1. “Rekik will be very important for us in the future so let it be in the WC for the sake of the NT in the upcoming years”

        Yes, but does that mean he should start in Brazil? No.

        Rekik showed signs of being promising vs. France, however that was a friendly and the WC can be an entirely different animal. The last thing we need is another repeat of the Jetro Willems fiasco we had at EC12.

        Comparing their stats on is pretty telling:

        1.7 tackles per game
        1.6 fouls per game
        0.2 key passes

        2 tackles per game
        0.8 fouls per game
        1.1 key passes

        3.4 tackles per game
        1.6 fouls per game
        0.4 key passes

        Rekik almost averages as many fouls per game as he does tackles. Pieters almost averages double the tackles, while Urby has double the amount of key passes.

        Also keep in mind that Urby and Pieters are playing in the Serie A and EPL respectively, while Rekik is playing in the Eredivisie yet his numbers pale in comparison to those two.

        Another thing to consider is the opposition they face. Urby has faced most of the Spaniard players twice in the CL, while Pieters is familiar with the likes of D. Silva, Navas, and Negredo.

        You should also take momentum into consideration. AC Milan has won 5 straight and Stoke is 5-2-1 in their last 8 games. PSV? They’ve lost three straight with only two games left to go.

        Look, I like Rekik too and his time will come, but IMO we should stick with experience over potential. If we rely on too many of these youngsters, things might even look worst than it did in Ukraine two years ago.

        1. very good argument on statistic but with NT what has pieters did, or urby? None. It is true that Rekik hasnt been playing very well lately but he is more reliable than pieters or urby. Keep in mind that Pieters isnt a real LCB while this is the Rekik natural position.

  27. I am looking forward to see PEC Zwolle compete in Europe next year. The team got the mentality that only AZ has when playing in Europe. Just look at how hard they press Ajax. Jans played the Dortmund and Salzburg strategy against Ajax and it shows good Eredivisie team can carry it out too if the team has the mentality and discipline and given enough rest(one week before this game, one week after this game, this schedule is perfect for a pressing game). Jans already mentioned how disappointed he is that his team cannot play in Europe last season(Eredivisie dropped to second in the fair play ranking in the last week of last season or PEC should have been playing in Europe this season already). If PEC can stay away from injury and keep its players they can get out from the group stage at least. Seeing the No.9 in Eredivisie team play a very tactical and disciplined game I think Eredivisie still has quality.

    1. “If PEC can stay away from injury and keep its players they can get out from the group stage at least ”

      Who are the players ? Oh yeah Mokotjo, Guyon Fernandez…Feyenoord garbages. Don’t worry, no one would offer millions for them lol

      Utrecht couldn’t go through the groupe stage with a much better team than PEC, PEC would need a really easy draw like AZ had this year to do it.

      Even if they have a good mentality and fight a lot, the reality of individual talent will talk. PEC is a semi amateur team, winning regular league games against PSV or Twente is something they can do, but european games are another level, even against little east european clubs.

      Now that you talked about PEC, what about Ajax ? Is it normal that a team that lost 5-1 a finale cup against Zwolle will represent Holland during the CL again and again ?

      I hope everyday that the UEFA will banish them like they did to Fenerbahce. I would prefer Twente to go, maybe they won’t beat City or Barcelona in a single game, but they can reach EL 1/4 after, they did it.

      Ajax can’t do it, every year is the same tragedy.

      1. What do you have against Ajax, may I ask??
        Where does this hatred come from??
        Banished?? :O WTF!!!
        Is it something personal??
        You’ve totally lost it!!

        1. Laurent is an idiot.

          Obviously just some bitter french child hanging out here trying to pass himself off as Dutch. Pathetic.
          No-one replies to his posts, because he’s also trying to pass himself off as a football fan – and yet he knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about football. Embarrassing.

          It’s always the same. The ones with the smallest brains have the biggest mouths. They try to compensate. This is the law of the internet.
          Let him write all he likes.
          No-one reads it.
          No-one cares.
          Eventually he will realise.

          1. The most appalling thing is he claims to be a Dutch NT supporter, yet finds a sadistic pleasure (schadenfreude) in the misfortunes of Ajax or the NT..
            He keeps on spreading negativity about the NT and the Eredivisie and doesn’t lose a single opportunity to bash Dutch clubs. I mean, come on! Everybody knows this for a fact that Holland are in transition and will probably not make it past the Round of 16 this summer but seriously dude?? Aren’t you crossing your limits now??
            How do you consider yourself a loyal supporter if you can’t support your team during dark times??
            Ajax are certainly taking the proper steps to regain their rightful place in European football!! I have utmost faith in Cruyff, Bergkamp and the others who are all part of this big “Velvet revolution”. While its certainly true that the end results may not be as beneficial as expected but at least we can support them through thick and thin! That’s the least we can do as fans of the Dutch NT.
            ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!

          2. “The most appalling thing is he claims to be a Dutch NT supporter, yet finds a sadistic pleasure (schadenfreude) in the misfortunes of Ajax or the NT”

            No I don’t claim to be an ajax fan, I just follow.

            I won’t lie to you, I used to support Ajax when I was younger, I’m not ashamed of it, but when your wife keeps and keeps cheating on you, will you still love her ?

            When De Boer makes silly choices for 4 years, Ajax keeps being a shame in europe every year, it’s not a dark period, it’s just an awful club. They have no reasons to lose against sub european teams every year, that’s unacceptable, especially as they buy no one every summer. The worst mentality in europe for me.

            Maybe if the direction and philosophy change, I will support again, but now it’s normal to be against such a system, you won’t support your wife if she is bad toward you. The same for me, replacing Van der Vaart-Suarez and such players by Klaassen = Will laugh and take pleasure everytime they lose.

      2. i think everybody here understand my name is designed for you haha keep on joking. You do not even know who is the talent on PEC and now you are pretending you know everything about dutch soccer. What a joke! Hahaha

        1. I’m not pretending to know everything about dutch football, I only know results, and everybody knows them in europe and laugh.

          They all laughed in France when Marseille beat PSV, Twente and Ajax the same year, scoring thanks to Tyron Mears in the Arena, under Jeff’s eyes LOL

          You keep claiming that Eredivisie has quality, has talents but they lose to bulgarian and sub ukrainian clubs every year, maybe the dutch fans here (yes, they are fans, not really objective people) support you, but extern readers should laugh when they read you.

          Cause they all see dutch clubs in europe every year, especially Ajax, the best team to make money for people who bet. I can swear you I was in London three years ago, in a William Hill place, it was Ajax-Spartak, before the first game. And most of people had bet for Spartak, I wondered “woaw, how is that possible, Ajax is playing home ?”, I asked one guy and he said “Ajax always lose”. And indeed, they lost. Though I was probably following dutch football more than them, they already understood what kind of loser club Ajax has become before me.

          Three years later nothing has changed .

          That’s a fact lol everyone in europe knows it.

          1. Ajax 1:1 AC Millan if Balotelli did not flop Ajax is the one to qualify this year.
            Ajax 2:1 Barcelona
            Ajax 3:1 Man City
            Ajax 2:2 Man City
            Ajax 2:1 Man United
            Ajax 2:0 AC Millan
            PSV 3:0 Napoli
            PSV 3:1 Napoli
            PSV 2:1 Trabzon
            PSV 4:1 Trabzon
            PSV 2:0 Metalist
            PSV 2:1 Sampdoria
            PSV 3:1 Lille
            PSV 1:0 Rangers
            Twente 4:1 Bursa Sport
            Twente 1:0 Fullam
            Twente 1:0 Schalke
            Twente 2:2 Inter Millan
            Twente 2:0 Bremen
            Twente 3:3 Tottenam
            Twente 2:0 Kazan Rubin
            Twente 3:0 Zenit
            AZ 2:0 Udinese
            AZ 2:1 Valencia
            Utrecht 0:0 Napoli
            Utrecht 0:0 Liverpool
            Utrecht 3:3 Napoli
            Utrecht 0:0 Liverpool
            Utrecht 4:0 Celtic
            I talk about results too. These are results of Eredivisie teams in Europe in the last four years. If you are blind to good results then I have nothing to say. When Eredivisie team compete in Europe if they see they have a chance to win the league they simply put effort in the League instead of European cup because League Champion gets way more money than competing in European League. Also, Eredivisie is the youngest league in Europe. I don’t see any league having these results with such young players. Keep on joking and be a clown for us Laurent. We enjoyed it. haha

          2. Teams from littles leagues that reach CL 2nd round or EL semi since 2007 :

            Galatasaray ( CL quarter, CL 2nd round)
            Fenerbahce (EL semi, CL 2nd round)

            Shakthar (won EL, CL quarter, CL 2nd round)
            Dynamo Kiev ( EL semi)

            Zenith (won EL, x2 CL 2nd round)
            CSKA Moscow (CL 2nd round)

            Glasgow Rangers (EL finale)
            Celtic Glasgow ( x2 CL 2nd round)

            Panatinaikhos (CL 2nd round)
            Olympiacos ( 3x CL 2nd round)

            Copenhaguen (CL 2nd round)
            Apoel Nicosia (CL 2nd round)
            Basel (EL semi)

            All those clubs reached an higher level than dutch clubs since 2007. Without to mention teams like Bordeaux, Braga, Fulham…that also did.

            Your results are totally useless, yeah AZ beat 2-1 Valencia and ? they lost 4-0 the return lol Ajax 4-0 to Barcelona, 2-0 to Manchester United, Twente lost almost every other game you mentionned…Talk about qualifications, not single games.

            The fact is here : If talking about highest performance reached in europe since 2007, Holland is the 15th league in europe.

            And what do we care about putting young players ? It’s a pride if it works, otherwise it’s nothing to be happy about. Much more respect to Nicosia which can reach CL 2nd round with really few money and old players than to Ajax the rich club which comes every year with his virgin young players and get fucked in europe before march.

        2. You are a joke, nice stats. I am with you.

          Laurent, just curious why are you on this blog with all your anti-NL remarks? Do you post on French blogs too?

          It’s ok to have an opinion but always so much negativity towards Holland. I know they disappointed you and many of us recently but have some faith man.

          1. Yes I also post on “” which is probably one of the biggest football thread on the web. There are topics about Eredivisie and NT but not many fans in France.

            I’ve been given the responsability to hold a blog about NT during WC 2010 also. In french of course.

            But seriously there is no faith to have, I’m only 23 but already feel old with seeing every year the same tragedy in europe. Maybe older guys here who saw Ajax winning CL in 95 still have nostalgy and hope but I started following Eredivisie around 2006, so I only know the current reality.

            What are your hopes exactly ? The CL draw is probably corrupted (like every other one), Ajax collaborates, I never felt Ajax players or staff being angry or whatever after having every time the worst group. Like after that Balotelli dive or Dinamo Zagreb corrupting story…that’s why I suspect all this to be an accord between UEFA and Ajax.

            Ajax is all about money, as long as the direction takes money from selling players and participating to the CL, they don’t care about satisfying fans and building a good team. The question is : What did Ajax do to prove the contrary last years ? They always went for the cheapest solution when it was about buying players, always tried to sell their best players as soon as possible.

            Now they put more and more money in the youth system, you guys here are happy about it, what’s the sense ? Maybe it’s good for NT but not for Ajax, it will just mean more young players to sell as soon as possible, NO young players will stay at Ajax more than 4 years, this club is just a springboard, it has no soul.

          2. And what is funny is seeing people calling PSG, Chelsea, City etc. plastic clubs.

            Those teams are made with money, but at least it’s going about performances. Nasser brought the best players to PSG to win the CL, he allows parisian citizens to see Zlatan, Cavani etc. every week end, that’s something good. And believe me that every parisian player give his best to stay there and gets his salary. Fans can only get happy about seeing players giving their best.

            Ajax is the club which has currently absolutly no soul, as young players only wanna leave, supported by the direction. Running like kenyans against Barcelona with the hope to sign there, and walking on the field against Zwolle cause not motivated. That’s the real plastic club. Just a springboard, what do danish youngsters care about the ajax shirt ?

            The only hope is actually that a rich investor buys the club, brings real players, and we will finally see real football.

  28. shit moyes is asking much money from mangemnet for Manu…
    I think he will sign another fellaini,by wasting huge amount……idiot 28 m for fellaini
    strrotman 17M+Vanginkel 8M=25M….he is a big fool..who cannt understand who is talent…and who has talent..

    1. YES!

      Hopefully they will give him ALL the money he wants.

      Fingers crossed he wrecks United for decades and decades to come.

      It is a vile, miserable, pompous, patronising and talentless club, which has survived for years and years on the utterly disgraceful and unsporting bullying tactics and behaviour of the manager – himself an overblown thug with no actual talent for the game. And now he’s gone people are surprised that the wheels have finally fallen off the cart?


      And long may all the little glory hunting man u fans cry and cry. You should have found a decent club to support.
      That crowd you followed back in the day…. hahahahaha… where are they now?

  29. Laurent, is it time for your prozac? Maybe you should give it a try. You would feel less depressed and we would greatly benefit by not reading your hateful comments. Thank you Tanko and Abhirup.
    So now if we want to talk about Ajax, my take from the last few seasons is the fact that De Boer has a real problem motivating his players for “easy” games. Ajax always delivers when it plays against top teams whether in Holland or elsewhere. The title should have been wrapped up weeks if not months ago but points are dropped against poor teams like NAC or Cambuur to name a few. Same last night against PEC or a few weeks ago against Salzburg. I know accidents can happen but it seems that there is a tendency on the part of the players to think they are better than they really are. There is no way that the Ajax that beat Barcelona, Twente, Herenveen, Feyenoord 3 times (LAURENT Did you forget that?) should have lost against mediocre teams such as Celtic, Salzburg or PEC. This is what the coaching staff needs to pay attention to.
    On a better note, Ajax B1 is playing in the final of the Aegon Cup as DRB300 mentioned a number of times. A few really talented players may emerge. I have watched some of the matches and am impressed with Van de Beek and Nouri, like everyone else. Hopefully they can mature into real gems.

  30. Interesting article from de Telegraaf (see below), and maybe this is a weakness of de boer ie not being able to recognize obvious flaws and more importantly how to fix them. In my opinion he is too conservative and his subs are generally quite bad, including yesterday where he put de Sa and Poulsen with 30 min left and took Bojan out when he was the most dangerous player Ajax had. Why not take Sightorsson out?

    Vermeer, Moisander en Denswil geen goede combinatie’
    Van onze Telesportredactie

    Ajax-trainer Frank de Boer moet wellicht eens gaan overwegen om Kenneth Vermeer, Niklas Moisander en Stefano Denswil niet meer in één defensie te posteren. Ajax leed dit seizoen zijn drie grootste nederlagen met De Boer als coach en in alledrie die wedstrijden begon het trio in de basis.

    Frank de Boer Foto: ANP

    Met Vermeer, Moisander en Denswil verloor Ajax in september van zowel FC Barcelona als PSV met 4-0. Zondag in de bekerfinale met PEC Zwolle werd met de drie aan de aftrap ook weer ruim verloren: 5-1.

    In totaal speelde het trio 477 minuten samen en kreeg het veertien tegentreffers te verwerken. Cijfermatig zijn Vermeer, Moisander en Denswil dus geen al te beste combinatie.

    Vermeer verloor dit seizoen zijn basisplaats aan Jasper Cillessen en komt alleen nog in bekerduels in actie. Met Cillessen, Moisander en Denswil doet Ajax het beduidend beter in wedstrijden. Zij speelden 316 minuten samen en hielden in die periode de nul.

  31. Ajax B1 future cup winners.
    Nouri best player of the tournament. Deserved.
    Van de Beek was also very good. Good passer,tall and pretty elegant midfielder.

  32. van Ginkel just posted a picture on his Instagram of him and Nathan Ake on the plane to Madrid for the champions league tie. Is it to much to hope he might get some minutes

  33. ————————GK—————————





  34. i think we need to play very defensively in brazil, boring but productive football. i know most of you don’t want to see it, you prefer to watch the attaching flair circa Holland 2008 against Italy & France. But we need to approach these finals ‘one game at at a time’ in the words of the wonderful Gio V Bronckhorst who counted down until the final in 2010. We need to adopt an Italian style of football.

    Something like:






  35. Jeff: until now i thought frank de boer would be the ideal solution of succeeding tata martino at barca. i’ve read others too: valverde,m. laudrup,klopp,simeone,etc. now, after reading your comments here (ajax’lack of concentration against small teams,the salzburg baffle,yesterday’s cup final,etc.) i think fdb would repeat the same mistake as barca did this year (beaten by valladolid,granada,etc.). do you think fdb would be the solution?

    1. Ferenc, I think he will make the same mistakes if he were to go now. This is why he won’t go and they probably won’t want him. I do believe he is a top coach but I see 3 problems:
      1. Motivation against “weaker teams” as already mentioned,
      2. Inability to go to plan B (same issue as with Barca) and extreme difficulty to play the crisp passing game when pressed (again similar to Barca except of course Barca has Messi!!),
      3. Poor substitutions (His changes during a game were never able to alter the outcome not necessarily of the score but of the manner the team plays).
      I don’t know if this helps and I of course don’t pretend to know everything but those are my impressions. This is why he needs time. But next year with Ajax will be the test, the real one as he begins his 4th season in charge. This time unlike last year Ajax should not lose world class players so it will be up to him to build a team.
      Finally for all those who criticize the eredivisie, look at how Suarez, Vertonghen, Bony and of course Eriksen have done. Eriksen has made Ozil look like a school boy! There is hope. Now all we need is a Dutch player!
      Maybe Nouri. I am extremely impressed with him and I don’t see why he would play for Morocco.

    1. He will be approached aggressively by the Moroccan FA, just like Bakkali from PSV, but I think he will go for the Netherlands. Pure speculation on my part, just a feeling I have, but that is my guess.

  36. Ferenc, one more thing. I think the best candidate for Barca is Klopp. They need something different and he would bring a style of play that still suits Barca’s philosophy but will also give them steel and strength which they lacked this year. What do you think?

    1. Jeff: thx for the answer. i would be happy with klopp,it’s obvious,but he won’t leave dortmund. he probably would find a solution against the park the bus tactics or high pressing. maybe we would loose a bit of possession,but sterile possession doesn’t result goals and without changing the rhythm it’s boring. klopp doesn’t speak spanish and it might be a problem,at least at the beginning.
      on the other hand i consider frank de boer is a better coach than valverde or luis enrique. simeone is a great coach,i love his attitude (i hated him as a player especially after numan’s red card in 98), but his gameplane is closer to mourinho than to barca (or ajax). it means if i realistically think either frank de boer or michael laudrup could be the answer. both played at barca,the cules like them,they speak spanish and are adepts of the same philosophy (cruyff). frank de boer is a good motivator and now what barca really need is to find motivation. obviously pep guardiola would be my first choice,but now it’s only a dream…

      1. He was good against all the spanish ones… but against the rest of the worlds best i have no idea.

        I think the fact we have no out and out starters can be used to our advantage. We can use the strengths in the squad to our advantage. In midfield that is!

        Spain will suffer if we press hard against them just like when bayern played barca robben was tactically spot on.
        playing blind de jong and sneijder could work as it would mean playing deep and using robben/ kjh and depay /lens on the counter.

        That being said I do like van ginkel and want him to get a chance this wc. against spain it will have to be tactical master to win it for holland and discipline … just like how ajax managed it against barca this year. Not quite apples and pears but the same type of performance will do the job in my opinion.

  37. Lets dont forget the Van Basten has also done a great job with Heerenveen. I think player turned coaches always lack that natural instincts compared to those who have in the business for over a decade and usually might peak up late in their career. Jurgen Klinsmann might sound famililar.

  38. @Wilson: good statistics going forward but he has to improve his defensive tasks. But given the fact that Büttner hasn’t played much during the year his statistics aren’t bad.

  39. Moyes was sacked. LVG is a candidate to take over, Jurgen Klopp has already said he isn’t interested so hopefully he goes to Man U and buys some Dutch players if he is really joining Man U he’ll buy Strootman right away.

    1. I am not sure if more Dutch players are coming to MU. There is a possibility that MU will sell RVP this coming up summer. Rooney may soon be named captain and probably lobby for his striker position back. Chelsea, Arsenal and other clubs are of course interested in getting RVP.

      1. Pep also ruled out MU as he wants to stay with Bayern 2 more years. JC wants Pep to be back at Barca. I wonder if Barca comes knocking, will Van Gaal return to Barca? I know he said that he is interested in EPL, but with MU and Tottenham it will be 4-2-3-1. With Barca LVG can play 4-3-3, his favourite. Suddenly LVG is in demand. Here are vintage LVG (from The EPL press will love him.

        1) I know I’m a very good coach.

        2) Am I the one who’s so smart, or are you so stupid?

        (After a journalist had asked him a question.)

        3) Congratulations on signing the best coach in the world.

        (To an Ajax director, after signing his first contract as coach.)

        Van Gaal Guardiola

        4) Louis van Gaal has nothing more to learn.

        (Said about himself in 2001. Later that year he failed to qualify for the World Cup with the Netherlands.)

        5) No, I am the ideal man, of course.

        (When asked whether Eric Gerets was the ideal man to coach Belgium.)

        6) The Bavarian attitude to life suits me perfectly. Why? Bayern’s motto is ‘Mia san mia,’ ‘We are who we are’ and I am who I am: confident, arrogant, dominant, honest, hard-working and innovative.”

        (At his first press conference as Bayern Munich coach.)

        Van Gaal angry

        7) I have achieved more with Ajax in six years
        than Barcelona has in one hundred years.

        (In 1997 after becoming coach of Barcelona.)

        8) I’ve signed a contract with the Dutch national team until 2006,
        so I can win the World Cup not once but twice.

        (Van Gaal in 2000. He failed to even qualify for the 2002 World Cup and then quit as NT coach.)

        9) I’m not the kind of coach who just goes out and buys players for the sake of it. I’m a coach who wants to – and can – improve players.

        Van Gaal quotes

        10) Guardiola follows the Van Gaal Philosophy. So I’m not surprised Bayern have hired Guardiola. Bayern always hire the best managers.

        (Ex-Bayern Manager Louis van Gaal)

        11) I cry almost every day. There’s always something that touches me.

        12) I’ve never worn leggings like Robben does. I’m never cold because I’m warm bloooded. My wife says so too. We always sleep spooning.

        Van Gaal beer

        13) If you want to, go ahead.

        (After a reporter asked Van Gaal whether he wanted to congratulate his former friend Ronald Koeman with winning the Eredivisie with PSV.)

        14) I hope the desire to win is greater than the tiredness. But the body is less strong than the mind. And we’ve got a few wimps in this team.

        (Ahead of a DFP Pokal match with Bayern.)

        15) Friends of the press, I’m leaving. Congratulations.

        (After quitting from Barcelona)

        Van Gaal tears

        Bonus – Van Gaal as the populist rhetorician

        In 1995, after winning the Intercontinental Cup with Ajax:

        We are the best! We are the BEST! And not just of Amsterdam. But also of Rotterdam. And Eindhoven. And Europe.. And now we are the best of the…. WORLD!”

        In 2010 after winning the league with Bayern:

        Who has the best defense? FC BAYERN! Who has the best attack? FC BAYERN! And that’s why we are: CHAMPIONS! And not just in München. Also in: GELSENKIRCHEN! And also in BREMEN. And in HAMBURG! We are the best of GERMANY. And perhaps soon: of EUROPE!

        1. i respect van gaal for his achievements with ajax in the 90s. he did quite well in his first 2 years at barca,but after 99 he made big mistakes. his second spell was as disastrous as the 2002 world cup campaign with one of the strongest dutch squad ever. he did well in his first year at bayern,but in the second the same old story repeated. now he qualified oranje from a weak group,but less than two months before the world cup he’s still experimenting. in a way he’s a genious,but on the other hand he’s too stubborn and egotist. i wouldn’t like him back to barca,i even prefer valverde or luis enrique to van gaal.

          1. JC probably advises Barca not to hire Van Gaal because JC does not think LVG fits Barca. You are correct that JC probably prefers ex Barca player like Enrique if Pep is not available, someone from JC school of thinking.
            On the other hand, it is a bit exciting to see what LVG can do. He is erratic, meaning that there is also a good chance his genius can win it all so you can hear “We are the best” one more time. I think the reason why he still experiments because the inconsistent play and quality of our young players. It will make it tough for any coach. Let’s wait for the last 3 friendlies to see.

  40. I find it a big fuck joke when I here all this news linking Van Gaal to Man United and Arsenal and Barcelona . he should be concentrating on the task at hand rather than trying to redeem his future career after the WC. I think this is not a attributes of a great coach especially when he appealing publicly about his plans. if he fails at the world cup things might back fire for him as what happened to Moyes. I think it was bit unfair for Moyes given his hard work he did at Everton which was carried forward by Martinez. I think his downfall came in that summer transfer window when he only cashed in Fellani which never worked out for as during his spell at Everton.

    I think he is not the same Van Gaal he was before and he using his past era to create a new identity and only in time to come will tell the true story. this is definitely what you dont want when going to the WC.

    1. I do not know why all these distractions either, LVG and his future job post NT, Hiddink and Blind coaching announcement (why announce now, why line up 2 coaches instead of 1 coach at a time). However, the pressure is not as bad as LVG admits we are not top 8 (same as Deschamps with France). Even JC is skeptical and only say let’s make out of the group stage first. Many people expects Chile and Spain to advance. This can be a big motivation for the team to prove these people wrong.

      Others talk about LVG:
      “He’s open to other ideas, but they must understand he won’t budge.” Frank De Boer
      “When executed properly it is winning football” Marcelo Bielsa
      “My jaw dropped when I saw Van Gaal’s Ajax play. They did everything a football team should do perfectly in my eyes.” Pep Guardiola
      “Ajax are not just the team of the nineties, they are approaching football Utopia.” Jorge Valdano, after Ajax-Real Madrid CL game in 95

      1. Laurent, really can you stop? Who are you? A child? Grow up and stop contaminating this blog. Enough already.
        Do us a favor and hate some other team. What about Evian or Lyon, or PSG or the rich idiots in Monaco? But spare us with this non sense.

  41. I think LvG’s reign over holland will be extreme in either success or failure.
    Personally I don’t think he is reassuring but at the same time success follows him and I mean that in the way that people who pick up his pieces tend to do something great.
    bayern, Barcelona

  42. i agree about LVG being distracted but it’s the English media drumming up this hot stove shit, not him.

    i think it could actually bode well for us that he has been linked to these big teams because it will give him a reason to do well in Brazil.

  43. Not really Bitterballen it for sure Van Gaal must be weighing his options given how things have unfolded at Man United,Barcelona and Tottenham respectively because if those doors close technically they will no top teams to add to his resume and I dont think he will wanna return to eredivise after the WC given its current ranking status in Europe.and its not also about distraction its all about being a smart player and that what he is trying to prove but this time around it will not be the same given the competitiveness of teams in EPL. Its obvious teams like Arsenal, Liverpool, Everton , Tottenham will bloster their squad which will make it even more competitive next year. Life wont be the same as during Barcelona, Bayern and Ajax days when respective leagues were not competitive and were dominated by then coached clubs. Jus going back to what laurent mentioned about PSG and Monaco and how they have transfromed Ligue 1 into a different level and yet there is even more to come. the same can be said about the Russian Premier League which still remains unknown but yet is thriving. I mean jus look at tightness of the league . there is only few points that separate the the first 5 teams. My point is this s new era money -players -coach and not the other way around which used to be in the past. Wenger is the perfect example he has done everything in the books but yet its the players who have let him done. Now imagine what happens if a coach like him if he goes to PSG.

  44. Guys, van Gaal getting this United job can be important. If he succeeds there, he is making a good name for Dutch coaches. Not only that, but maybe if he leaves with a good feeling, he paves the way for Frank.

    This is important in the long run for Dutch football. We need new top coaches, but they must be considered for top spots first. Getting from Eredivisie in Bundesliga is doable. However to EPL is harder. These clubs are at the for front of sports science. Dutch coaches getting into top positions means they can look into “interesting kitchens”. Knowledge they can pass on.

    Maybe van Gaal can bring along somebody who would be considered for a coaching position after him for a smaller EPL club like Meulensteen got to manage Fulham for a short time, but was not able to succeed unfortunate. Maybe Stam who is a bit of a United hero and wants more influence than what he is getting at Ajax now.

    1. Having LVG land at a top club is nothing but good. He’s been very savvy to line up his next job before his first one comes to fruition: the odds, at least as discussed here, aren’t the best for the NT; the best deal for the next job is probably now, not later. So he groused. And made himself available.

      ManU has some Dutch stars in its history. It’s as good a place for a Dutch coach to break ground in the EPL as any, and better than most.

      All I can say is give ’em hell, LVG. The bigger, brasher, bolder, the better. Let him succeed or fail, like the colossus he imagines he is. It’s all good for Dutch football.

      1. What complete fucking nonsense.

        Manchester United is not a top club. Wake up.

        It is not ‘savvy’ to line up his next job, so publically, while still employed. It is disrespectful, rude and destabilising. And everyone can SEE IT. It is everything BUT savvy.

        No, it is not a good place for a Dutch coach to ‘break ground’. What drugs are you on?
        It is a poisoned chalice position, and one which Van Gaal is too blind to realise will be the end of his career. Whoever takes charge of that awful, hateful club is going to have to work miracles in the shortest time frame. Break ground? Hahahahaha you’re funny.

        It’s not ‘all good’ for dutch football.
        When Van Gaal becomes the whipping boy of the EPL, where will you stand then?? When we are painted by his actions, where will you stand?
        The fewer Dutchman at that place the better.
        Van Persie should be looking elsewhere.

        1. that roster at manchester united won the premier league merely one year ago, now they are 7th, its a perfect opportunity he merely needs to sign a few centerbacks and some good wingers. manchester united have super talented shinji kagawa, tough rooney and van persie.

          luke shaw/buttner—-cb——cb——rafael
          ———————de gea—————–

          plus monetarily luke shaw is 27 million, griezman is around 20 mil

          1. You’re right, of course, onzie.

            This is just irresistible stuff for our Liverpuddlian troll. 😉

  45. Party time for dutch fans as trouble in chelsea brews, imagine a champions league and premier league winning Chelsea with motm performances from ginkel and ake…and them starting in hollands midfield as the new European prodigies

    José Mourinho is threatening to rest virtually his entire Chelsea team and potentially hand Liverpool the Premier League title after revealing he will seek permission from Roman Abramovich to pick a deliberately weakened side in protest at being made to play the game on Sunday.

    Mourinho’s plan is likely to infuriate the Premier League and also has serious ramifications for Manchester City, who are relying on Chelsea to beat Liverpool and throw the title race back open.

    However, Mourinho is furious that the game was not switched to Friday or Saturday when Chelsea have the second leg of their Champions League semi-final against Atlético Madrid at Stamford Bridge the following Wednesday and is willing to risk sacrificing their slim chance of the title unless Abramovich, the owner, blocks him.

    The Chelsea manager was speaking after learning that Petr Cech dislocated a shoulder in the goalless first leg at the Vicente Calderón and that John Terry suffered an ankle injury that is likely to end his season unless they reach the final.

    “I can’t decide by myself,” Mourinho replied when asked how the injuries would influence his team selection at Anfield. “I have to listen to the club. I’m just the manager and I have to listen to the club.

    “The fact that the match is on Sunday, I think that puts the problem not in my hands but in the hands of those who decide the game should be Sunday, not Saturday or Friday. We represent English football and are the only [English] team in European competition.

    “Spain have four and give them all the conditions to try to have success. So I know what I would do. I would play the players who are not going to play on Wednesday. My priority is the Champions League. But I’m not the club. I have to speak to them.”

    Chelsea are five points behind Liverpool with three games to play. City, in third spot, are another point behind Chelsea but have a game in hand and could potentially win the league on goal difference if Liverpool lose this weekend and Manuel Pellegrini’s side win all their fixtures. It was put to Mourinho that he should have the final say rather than anyone else at Stamford Bridge. “I’m not the most important person in the club,” he said. “Roman and the board … everybody is above me. I work for them and have to follow what my club decides. I’m just a piece. I’m the manager, no more than that.”

    Cech was taken off after a heavy fall 18 minutes into a game of few opportunities and Terry was injured in the second half. “Petr Cech’s season is over,” Mourinho said. “And for John, we have to play in the final for him to play again.”

    Chelsea’s problems before the second leg are also exacerbated by the fact that Frank Lampard and Mikel John Obi were booked and are now suspended for the second leg. “We had problems before the game and during the game,” Mourinho continued. “We lost four players – two with injuries and two with yellow cards – but we will fight.

    “If we have to play the kids, we play the kids. But Branislav Ivanovic is back. Mark Schwarzer [Cech’s replacement] showed we can trust him. People such as Ashley Cole, with an amazing performance, giving an example. Before the game we were speaking about the game of their lives for Atlético Madrid. Now the game of their lives is at Stamford Bridge.”

  46. whoever gets to coach manchester united is in prime position with the ability to spend 100 million pounds on new players with a roster full of good players on the offensive end

    1. flashing money is just an idiotic way.Look at simyone at Athletico and Klopp at Dortumund..thats called managemnet with reasonable good amount which is give by Manu managmnet they can have more stronger team.
      How foolishly Moyes spend money..he spend 28M for an average Fellaini and he was blind to see Stroot going for 17M and Ginkel 8M to a rivel fucking plastic club.
      Manu need to get rid of may players now it starts with Rooney,Anderson,Young,etc,Ferdinand never should be a starter but let him be the back up plan.
      Matta is dropped by mourihno for lack of work rate,it was another foolish 40M spending..Moyes was behind Fabergas(50M)..while Ginkel and stroot wree available..
      if i am with vangaal
      i would go for

      On bench

      1. bro, you dont know who the new coach is going to be, and further thiago silva turned down barcelona twice hes not on the market.

        what we know about man utd.

        partrice evra is leaving
        daniel welbeck is being shopped to spurs for 20 mil
        vidic is leaving to inter
        ferdinad is out
        smalling has rumours of going to arsenal for 11 mil

        hell if the new coach doesnt like buttner he will be gone too

        1. MU new coach should go after Virgil Van Dijk to replace Vidic, Depay to replace Nani. They are both young and relatively inexpensive. Stroot will stay at Roma and Chelsea will not give MU Van Ginkel unless MU trade RVP and it is a bigger package than 1 for 1 deal.
          Tiju, Rooney is MU’s identity. They will sell RVP and others before they sell Rooney. He has a clause that he is always the highest player at MU.

          1. this clause means that he rooney can be sold for the most but realistically no one will buy him for the clause

  47. It seems like Van Ginkel and Ake will play at some point during this period. That will increase Van Ginkel’s opportunities to play in the WC.

    I really have a good feeling about this WC I know I may be too optimistic because we haven’t been doing too well lately but LVG is a great coach and he’ll do magic. Mark my words.

    1. thats a big if, assuming van gaal takes over who did he not fancy buttner so he’s gone

      he doesn’t fancy virgil van dijk

      most likely de vrij , depay, willems, blind, and anmaat would be players van gaal would sign that are dutch

  48. Some of you might not want to hear this, but LvG is an excellent dutch coach. He recruited Robben from Madrid when he wasn’t wanted. He was a major player in Robben’s ressurection and I bet he can do the same with RvP.

    He will get a couple of dutch defenders to Man Utd, Bruno Martins Indi would be my first guess.

  49. My only worry when it comes to Depay is that he seems to have some stability issues… I dont know, some times he falls to easy, or he tries to go for a very difficult trick and he falls.
    He needs to be more effective when it comes to dribbling, despite that aspects he has the most efective dribbles ratio in the Eredivisie. Some times I forgot that this is ONLY is FIRST SEASON being a starter.
    Thats why I see a very promising future for this kid, forget the others wingers. Depay is the REAL DEAL!!

  50. @depay is not dangerous as Nani,i mean no where near nani,he falls so often,blindly shoots ,etc as of now he looks better than boetius thats it.Depay is not a manutd metrial like ashly young.i mean young was not manu material.
    efective wingers we hav got is wijnaldum and lenz,but sadly we dont have many,bilal ould chikh might pull a surprise..

  51. Luke Shaw is nearing a 36 million pounds move to Man United after he shun Chelsea for Red Devils . Buttner should also start look for a good club or rather be second best to Shaw and also given that Man United will not be in CL next year.

  52. Weils rating in the last three games

    vs Evian Thonon Gaillard

    Unlike the other full-back, Van der Wiel found it difficult to impose himself on the right. Didn’t get forward enough, and often lost the run of other players.

    Vs Lyon

    Started the match brilliantly with a fine delivery for Cavani, but that remained his only highlight.

    vs Stade de Reims

    The return of Van der Wiel was met with applause, and he showed his importance, grabbing the assist for the third goal. Should start in London.

    It is evident that CBs at PSG are covering him on occasions when he is out of position especially with Silva and Alex on his side. it would be risky starting with at WC knowing we dont have a experience pair of centre backs and especially with Spain who have such lethal wingers. I also wont be surprised if PSG GO Marketing for another RB in summer.

  53. Is anyone watching Real – Bayern?

    Am I the only one thinking that Bayern have become weaker since Guardiola has taken over?

    Bayer have lost their verticality and not even Robben can do it alone…

    1. No way. They were miles better until Real found the goal after a lucky counter. And they were better all the way to the last minute. As we all know the best team does not always win.

    2. Real Madrid is just lucky. It is shameful to park the bus in your own stadium. If Bayern play more conservatively it will be an easy draw for them at least.

    3. Big discussion about Bayern on the Guardian following this game–the upshot of many posts being that Bayern might be better off going back to more of the counter-attacking style of last year, as possession doesn’t result in goals if your opponent is bunkered (unless you are Barca of two/three years ago and that won’t be duplicated again). A lesson for the Dutch? If you’ve got talented players up front, forget the buildup and the possession game–it simply allows time for your opponent to get organized and almost never results in a goal. Push the ball forward–as Real like to do on the counter with their speedy forwards–and try to beat four defenders (and sometimes fewer) rather than seven or eight!

  54. I’ve always thought Lahm should play as RB he is very dangerous when going forward and supports Robben very well. I think Guardiola will play him as RB for the 2nd leg with Martinez as holding midfielder.

    Bayern has a very difficult job to do but I’d bet for them.

  55. Guardiola played into the hands of Ancelotti.. what a stupid line up. Ribery should be benched.. he has not been even giving 60%. Guardiola’s tactics don’t work in Munich all the time and he should be pragmatic. His achillies heals is Boatang who is slow.. Rafinha is okay for the Bundesliga and Early stages of the UCL, but should not be starting this game. Robben had almost no support and Mandzukic was playing out of position several times. If Bale and Ronaldo are fit for the return game, this might turn ugly for the Germans.

  56. pep made a mistake with rafinha,lahm should have been the right back and javi martinez should have started. rafinha was fully responsible for the goal. bayern played a very sterile game,unfortunately i know perfectly the pattern… madrid should have lead 2-0 or 3-0 in halftime. robben was ok,but didn’t create too much danger. ribery was the invisible man. i didn’t expect a so bravely defending madrid side.
    it was really strange,i supported the team i hate the most: real madrid.

  57. Real Madrid is a real plastic club in every sense,buy all the available best players.and trying for monopoly,But GOd is greater than Madrid and Barca and we are fortunates to have a simyone like people.Chellenging rich with strategy and intelligence and will power its just awesome.
    Pep made a huge mistake by playing rafiha,Ribery was total waste.this guy is real prick and another shemale.he doesnt want to touch a bear bottle but he wants to touch the secret part of an underaged girl.Like his face he has a serious personal disorder, A nymphomaniac.i really wish Athletic wins the CL and rest go home empty…

    1. pfff, Atletico has almost as much money as the others.

      2 more rich Spanish clubs playing tonight in Europa League.

      It’s going to be sooooo satisfying if bought mercenary Costa flops at the WC. National team football is NOT club football where you can just buy your titles, or at least it wasn’t, don’t wanna see Spain changing that this year.

      CL is still as boring and predictable as ever, hardly watch it anymore (and even then I knew Atletico was going to go far, so again, not surprised here by a supposed underdog who isn’t really an underdog but just another rich boys club with a big market and large fanbase, it’s just Borussia Dortmund all over again, fake underdog with a huge market, their market isn’t an underdog at all, what a coincidence).

    1. no, no German team can ever be an underdog in marketing potential sense (if we’re talking about Bundesliga teams in the Champions League).

      Neither can an Italian, Spanish, English, French, or probably emerging markets as well (Russia and Eastern Europe).

      A true underdog winning the Champions League would be a team with a small fanbase from a country with a below average number of total fans and no potential for huge growth. So something like Vitesse. 😉 Or Genk. Or Copenhagen, if they have a team over there.

      Completely unrealistic of course.

      So best option, don’t watch Champions League, the little guys never make it big unless they’ve got huge growth potential. Unlike at the WC where we saw Uruguay and the Netherlands do so well and go far.

      Or just be happy for the few Dutchies that are progressing in it (I just really wish they weren’t doing it for a German team, that just feels soooo wrong somehow, in a footballfan rival-related sense being made a ’88-er myself, i.e. when the oranje-fever started for me, well more like passed on from my dad watching it on TV and others).


    One of these will be the slogan for the dutch team in the Worldcup

      1. Hey Tiju,

        I might be in Dubai at some this year or early 2015. Where do you live, maybe at Dubai Mall or something. I know you hate cricket but did you attend an IPL match as of yet?

        1. @srinjoy..glad to hear man i have such hatred for cricket and i played that stupid game alot..will never watch…i live in burdubai..its very expensive here.

  59. Guys i was thinking about how for the WC we shouldn’t have a fixed starting 11 because we don’t have t class for it but also because we have a range of midfielders.

    For the spain game i was thinking we need to do a number on them just like ajax did to barcalona in the champions league. For this game I was thinking we could use de jong blind/fer/van ginkel and clasie as they can break up the spanish attack and clasie can reverse the speed of play on the spanish to our attack – and someone like fer/van ginkel could be used as a workhorse to act drive forward as a runner for rvp and because of their aerial presence.

    Just a thought, largely because we don’t have the team to out do them in terms of quality but i think with van gaal we can always out do them with tactics.

  60. Lens stats in last 7 games

    Chornomorets vs. Dynamo Kyiv 1 – 1 (substitute off 83′)

    Dynamo Kyiv vs. Vorskla 2 – 1 (substitute on 62′)

    Dynamo Kyiv vs. Shakhtar Donetsk 0 – 2 (substitute off 58′)

    Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk vs. Dynamo Kyiv 2 – 0 (substitute on 25′)

    Dynamo Kyiv vs. Metalurh Zaporizhya 4 – 0 (substitute off 74′)

    Dynamo Kyiv vs. Metalist 4 – 2 (full 90′)O. Husyev injured

    Tavriya vs. Dynamo Kyiv 1 – 2 ((substitute off 72′)

    It seems to be in competition for O. Husyev who has been in a sensational from for the Ukraine side who are third in the standing surprising behind Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk and Shakhtar Donetsk and that where the competition really is.

      1. Lens developed one thing for sure in Ukraine. His defense, wingers do a lot in Ukraine League, that’s why they do not score a lot. I think it is good for Lens so that he can become an all around player. I am still pissed about the game against Portugal. In the 2nd half our midfield is clearly outnumbered by the Portugese but Lens and Robben were walking in the opponent’s half without doing anything to help.

      2. ai, those stats don’t look good if he’s still on 5 goals (how about some assists?). That means he hasn’t scored a single goal since the last time I made a critical comment about him on this blog (I might have also said something like he can prove me wrong by scoring some more goals and assists from that point on).

        Of course Ukraine has had a longer winter break than any of the other leagues (I made my comment before or during the winter break), but still…

        my choice remains with Depay in the starting line-up over Lens. Especially for the upcoming friendlies. I might not need either in my preferred starting line-up vs Spain, which I’ve given when someone asked for it on this blog and didn’t include Lens or Depay (I think I had vPersie on the left, Hunter middle, Robben right, otherwise I had Sneijder on the left like Hans van Kraaij did, that’s fine with me too, allthough he didn’t use Hunter in the middle, I feel if vPersie plays more behind Hunter he’ll have more contact with Sneijder on the left as well, and can overlap him when Sneijder is on the ball and go for depth/backline, allowing Sneijder space to cross with his right or give the depth-pass to vPersie, it’ll be a diagonal run from vPersie in that particular situation coming from the nr.10 position, so inside out running through the backline in between the defenders, where the biggest worry is running offside or out of space if the pass comes and the keeper comes as well, at least vPersie’s leftfoot will be ideal from that angle for both shooting and passing to Hunter in the middle depending on how close the keeper is and the gaps, he should have better control for a left-footer running through there).

  61. Some nice words about Robben on

    Sympathy For Robben

    I’ve found it easy to tease, even to mock, the decisions taken by Florentino Perez — particularly in when to sack a manager, who to hire, and which players either to reject or sell.

    Top of the list, of course, is his monumental blunder with Vicente Del Bosque. But right up near the top would be the extraordinary haste with which Arjen Robben was bundled out of the Bernabeu.

    Sold at a loss after three seasons so that Kaka, evidently not the player he once was following injury and vastly overpriced, could be bought to satisfy the Presidential whim, Robben has gone on to win nine trophies with Bayern. His game has continued to mature, and his winning goal in the Champions League final last season is something which must, still, have stung old Florentino.

    But this night increases his uneasy relationship with the Bernabeu. He protested loudly at having to leave Madrid, alluding to the fact that he was ‘pushed’ out at a time when he didn’t wan to leave. Ronaldo was arriving and, man, what a devastating pair they’d have made together — not dissimilar to what Madrid are achieving now with CR7 and Gareth Bale.

    Then there was the first of Bayern’s two most recent Champions League final failures. Playing on the right wing for Louis Van Gaal’s side, and having cut in from there to score a miraculous goal with that powerful left boot of his at Old Trafford, Robben was a principal architect of the Bavarians reaching the 2010 Final in the Santiago Bernabeu.

    Just like on Wednesday night, Robben was the main threat — full of invention and intelligent movement, but Jose Mourinho’s Inter always showed him ‘outside’ and never let him cut in on to his shooting left boot.

    Against Madrid he was the guy who looked constantly able to upset the equilibrium, distinctly more in-form than Franck Ribery.

    Robben will fly home with his teammates sure that there’s a second act to come, that the heroes and villains of this tie aren’t yet defined.

    And, if you just think back to that World Cup final when he was one-on-one with Iker Casillas, quite probably to win the thing for the Netherlands, only to see his former Madrid teammate dive one way and stick out his leg in the other direction for the most remarkable save I’ve ever seen, it’s not wishful thinking to imagine that these two men now hold the heart of this throbbing tie within their respective powers.

    1. if you look at from a different perceptive his intention was round off Casillas and pull the trigger in his usually cheeky way but Casillas closed the angle Brilliantly which left Robben with no choice but to place it on his side which hit his leg. Thats the kind of balls Hunter buries it from long range. pull the trigger at first sight….wonder what if hunter would have received that kind of pass…….

      1. I’ve already seen what happens with Hunter in a national team tournament final when he gets a 1 on 1 at a crucial time under pressure from chasing defenders (I guess any time in a final like that is crucial unless you’re 3-0 up with 10 minutes to go).

        He lobbed it over the keeper seemingly very coolheaded and precise, within safe bounds and with still enough power to beat the keeper before he could react winning the tournament for the Netherlands in the process (it wasn’t a pure lob, high curve, but enough to beat a standing keeper that was coming out, it had some power I think, hard to remember, it reminds me a bit of one of his goals for Milan that made a Milan presentator go nuts for which there are many youtube videos).

        Must have been either EC or WC youth final, talked about it before.

    2. That was tough luck for Robben and the Dutch in the WC final–couldn’t believe it. One of these years the Dutch will seize that damn title.

  62. As more and more speculation grows about which formation Van Gaal will use, I think it he will stick to his precious 4-3-3 regardless of whether we have the players who can fit in that system or no and if thats the way it goes than you can pencil the front three as in the qualifers amd most of the friendlys……


    The middle three is where he might have to gamble as this is where we have been stricken with injury blows and need a fertile engine room. After that Belgium game its evident that De Jong is vulnerable in 4-3-3 formation and if he starts covering both vertically and laterally in that formation, we will find gaps opening in the middle given his speed and coverage area going up field and this is where we might expect opposition midfielders exploiting the free spaces and setting up clean balls for their strikers given we will also have unrated back line. contray to that if you take De Jong out of the equation than I think there is nobody I can think of who can do the same job as he does in that position.De Guzman is also playing in 4-2-3-1 at Swansea and he did play in that position during Asian Tour if Im not wrong but than again that was it. Wijnaldum and Van Ginkle both have come back from injuries and I think it will be important to see how fit they are in terms of stamina and durability as both can play multi positions and if they are called in by Van Gaal then in the three friendly remaining we will have clear picture as where they stand .

    Snejder and Vaart…… their form is vital here and I dont know what criteria Van Gaal will use to select them as both are struggling at their respective clubs. if both are fit then you can pencil both of them in to add experience and creativity in the midfield. But the question still remins how big are their auxiliary tanks and how well they adpot to conditions in Brazil which will be big factor given the form they are in.

    I think Right Fullback is all sorted with Janmaat starting and weil his backup but im bit skeptical about weil given his recent performance of constantly going forward and failing to retrieve on time.(out of position). Thats one of his major sickness which was also exposed vs France and many of his league games for PSG. Again I dont how Van Gaal will see this as and if he changes his mind then we could see Van Rijn as his suceed-or given his recent form at Ajax.

    Centre Backs , Veltman, Vlaar, Rekik you can pencil them in ….I think the fourth one can be a suprise if he BMI shifts to LB.

    LB will be the position which also I dont how Van gaal will counter given Blind who was uprooted vs France and with Willems injured. Pieters/PVA/kongolo might get nod along BMI.

    GK with Van Gaal will be Cillessen given he never went for krul vs France. That shows he has got faith in him unless he changes his mind at the last minute which is typical of Van Gaal.

  63. IMO our starting CBS should be Van Dijik and vlaar coz both can play in that dual CB Role. But I dont know why I have feeling that Van Gaal will again go for oil tanker…….

  64. Chelsea Line-up vs Liverpool

    van Ginkel

    This is just to confirm what everyone on this hope has been hoping for!

    “We know Liverpool’s back four is not the best in the league, they certainly give you a chance. So I think Chelsea can go there and make it really difficult for them.”

    Cascarino expects to see the likes of Tomas Kalas, Andreas Christensen and Nathan Ake handed starts in defence at Anfield despite the potent threat of Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge.

    “Kalas is a young full-back who’s been given a couple of opportunities as a sub, and I think Matic might play in a centre-half role alongside Andreas Christensen, who is 18 years old but very highly rated,” he said.

    “Nathan Ake can play in a variety of positions, while a midfield of Mikel, Lampard, and Van Ginkel is a fantastic midfield.

    “I always say to beware of a second team, they can be really dangerous and players have a point to prove to the manager.”

    “Moving onto the forward line of Salah, Schurrle and Ba, all have played Champions League football and all have played in big matches.

    “The big question is which centre-forward Mourinho wants against Atletico Madrid. But I think Ba, with two pacemen either side of him, is the way he will go at Anfield.”

  65. Important dates coming.
    May 2nd 1st preliminary selection
    May 17th 30 player selection deadline
    June 2nd 23 player selection deadline
    Because people here are super dutch football fan, I will give you my 1st preliminary squad a week ahead.
    Tonny Vilhena (19, Feyenoord, AM/CM)
    Karim Rekik (19, PSV, CB)
    Jean-Paul Boëtius (20, Feyenoord, Winger)
    Memphis Depay (20, PSV, Winger)
    Terence Kongolo (20, Feyenoord, CB/LB)
    Jürgen Locadia (20, PSV, MS)
    Adam Maher (20, PSV, AM/CM)
    Stefano Denswil (20, Ajax, CB)
    Hakim Ziyech (21, Herenveen, AM)
    Davy Klaassen (21, Ajax, AM/CM)
    Marco van Ginkel (21, Chelsea, AM/CM/DM)
    Luc Castaignos (21, Twente, MS)
    Ola John (21, Hamburger, Winger)
    Guus Hupperts (21, Roda JC, Winger)
    Bruno Martins Indi (22, Feyenoord, CB/LB)
    Stefan de Vrij (22, Feyenoord, CB)
    Joël Veltman (22, Ajax, CB)
    Quincy Promes (22, Twente, Winger)
    Jeffrey Bruma (22, PSV, CB)
    Davy Pröpper (22, Vitesse, AM/CM)
    Leandro Bacuna (22, Aston Villa, RB/CM/Winger)
    Jeffrey Gouweleeuw (22, AZ, CB)
    Virgil van Dijk (22, Celtic, CB)
    Ricardo van Rhijn (22, Ajax, RB)
    Jordy Clasie (22, Feyenoord, CM/DM)
    Jeroen Zoet (23, PSV, GK)
    Georginio Wijnaldum (23, PSV, AM/CM/Winger)
    Luciano Narsingh (23, PSV, Winger)
    Patrick van Aanholt (23, Vitesse, LB)
    Lerin Duarte (23, Ajax, AM/CM)
    Kelvin Leerdam (23, Vitesse, RB/DM)
    Bram Nuytinck (23, Anderlecht, CB)
    Daley Blind (24, Ajax, LB/DM)
    Leroy Fer (24, Norwich, AM/CM/DM)
    Nick Viergever (24, AZ, LB/CB)
    Daryl Janmaat (24, Feyenoord, RB)
    Darryl Lachman (24, Zwolle, CB)
    Jasper Cillessen (25, Ajax, GK)
    Vurnon Anita (25, Newcastle, CM/DM/RB)
    Erwin Mulder (25, Feyenoord, GK)
    Alexander Büttner (25, Manchester United, LB)
    Jens Toornstra (25, Utrecht, AM/CM)
    Erik Pieters (25, Stoke City, LB/CB)
    Tim Krul (26, Newcastle, GK)
    Gregory van der Wiel (26, PSG, RB)
    Douglas (26, Moscow, Dinamou, CB)
    Jeremain Lens (26, Kiew Dynamou, Winger/MS)
    Jonathan de Guzmán (26, Swansea, AM/CM)
    Jan-Arie van der Heijden (26, Vitesse, CB/DM)
    Robbin Ruiter (27, Utrecht, GK)
    Eljero Elia (27, Bremen, Winger)
    Ryan Babel (27, Kasimpasa, Winger/MS)
    Piet Velthuizen (27, Vitesse, GK)
    Urby Emanuelson (27, AC Milan, LB/AM/Winger)
    Ibrahim Afellay (28, Barcelona, Winger/AM)
    Ryan Donk (28, Kasimpasa, CB/DM)
    Kenneth Vermeer (28, Ajax, GK)
    Dwight Tiendalli (28, Swansea, RB/LB)
    Ron Vlaar (29, Aston Villa, CB)
    Nigel de Jong (29, AC Milan, DM)
    Wesley Sneijder (29, Galatasary, AM)
    Arjen Robben (30, Bayern Munich, Winger)
    Johnny Heitinga (30, Fulham, CB/RB)
    Michel Vorm (30, Swansea, GK)
    Paul Verhaegh (30, Augsburg, RB)
    Robin van Persie (30, Manchester United, MS)
    Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (30, Schalke, MS)
    Rafael van der Vaart (31, Hamburger, AM)
    Maarten Stekelenburg (31, Fulham, GK)
    Ruben Schaken (32, Feyenoord, Winger)
    Dirk Kuyt (33, Fenerbahce, Winger/MS)
    Joris Mathijsen (34, Feyenoord, CB)
    This is the 73 player squad, expect the official announcement on May 2nd almost the same.

      1. No need for mvb as we have rvb,robben and hunter. We need fdb, staam for cb and rijkaard for mid then we set. Don’t worry, someone will step up from this group.

  66. Recent rumours;
    Juventus Man United after Vilhena
    Toulouse after Rekik
    AC Milan after Boetius
    Man United after Depay
    Juventus Khazan Rubin after Locadia
    Arsenal Chelsea Tottenam after Klaassen
    Juventus Benfica Leverkusen Khazan Rubin after Castaignos
    Ajax after Guus Hupperts
    Liverpool Arsenal Everton Benfica after Indi
    Liverpool Arsenal Everton after De Vrij
    Arsenal Chelsea Tottenam after Veltman
    Juventus after Bruma
    Barcelona after Gouweleeuw
    Man United Man City Arsenal after Van Dijk
    Everton Arsenal Man City Man United Tottenam Liverpool Chelsea after Clasie
    Liverpool after Fer
    Arsenal Inter Milan Juventus Liverpool Everton Napoli after Janmaat
    Tottenam Juventus Barcelona after Krul
    Fenerbahce after Lens
    Chelsea Man United after Sneijder
    Juventus after Van Persie
    Liverpool Ajax Besiktas after Van der Vaart
    Fulham after Kuyt
    Blackpool after Beugelsdijk

    1. Man United Besiktas Galatasary after Basacikoglu (do not want to see him go to Turkey, he might represent Turkey if that is the case)
      Newcastle after Siem de Jong
      Feyernood after Van La Parra
      Utrecht after Padt
      Ludogorets after Bakkal

    2. Sneijder to Man Utd is not going to happen. Not if LvG takes over and not while RvP is playing there. Sneijder wants UCL football and he won’t settle for Europa league

        1. i know im saying that some rumours are made up to drive a players price up… moyes wanted sneijder but now hes gone so the rumour is now mute. chelsea need a striker first

          and martins indi to arsenal seems to be a lie to drive his price up but everton want him legit

    3. Hshaha you are a joke, always good at spreading silly rumours.

      Wenger doesnt even know who Martins Indi is, he doesnt watch dutch football, if he needs a defender he ll tell to search in France, not in Holland.

      No dutch player went to Arsenal since 2004 and VP, you should understand that all the rest are silly rumours, every year.

      Didnt you notice something strange ?

      Liverpool Arsenal Everton Benfica after Indi
      Liverpool Arsenal Everton after De Vrij

      Arsenal Chelsea Tottenam after Klaassen
      Arsenal Chelsea Tottenam after Veltman

      Of course the same clubs want the same players LOL, BMI to Benfica is possible though, De Vrij to Everton also I think they can find better but nothing too unrealistic, but no one will buy Veltman or Klaassen this summer, especially not the three mentionned clubs.

      1. I put what I find online for all dutch fans here not for stupid dutch haters haha. News are written by reporters go talk to them not to me. Because when you are talking to me, you are always making jokes.

        1. I dont blame you for inventing them but for spreading them. Reporters are paid to write such things, and you, what do you win ? lol

          So who is the dutch player who played after Van Persie ? If I m not mistaken Barazite, Ozyakup (chose for Turkey) and Kyle Ebecilio never played with senior team in competitions.

          Talking about Eredivisie, the only one who can get a good club is Willems thanks to his age and potential. BMI, De Vrij, Wijnaldum are already 24 years, if Fer got Norwich last year, I see no reason one of them going to a much better club. Considering his portuguese heritage BMI can go to Benfica, Sporting or Porto. Mangala is announced to leave, maybe he can replace him there. Wijnaldum will move to something like Newcastle, Southampton or Swansea, De Vrij to Stoke, West Ham or Hull.

          Clasie wont go to a top club neither, maximum Fiorentina, Sevilla or something like that.

          Klaassen, Blind and Veltman wont move.

          1. I can see Janmaat and Depay leaving, too.

            Depay to the EPL, and Janmaat perhaps to the Bundesliga.

    1. not Pieters, he is a sub for a losing Stoke City.
      Not Emanuelson he is not even on the bench for a dutch manager.
      BMI / Kongolo maybe?
      van Aanholt likely
      Blind likely

    2. Pieters nearly no attacking ability left, but good defense.
      Emanuelson very very poor defense but good for going forward.
      BMI same with Pieters but less experience.
      Kongolo young, good with the ball can both defend and attack but has not prove himself on a higher stage yet.
      I seriously think Van Gaal should give Viergever a shot, he is a very balanced player, played solid amount of games this season both in the league and in Europe. Good mentality and leadership.
      Van Aanholt is in terrible form recently, he is pretty good in the first half of the season.
      Blind should not be considered again, barely played at LB especially in the 2nd half of the season.
      Buttner does not play enough game and is also better going forward than staying behind.
      I think Viergever is the way to go, before this season started Van Gaal persuaded Viergever to move to LB and Viergever did even though he did not want to, he did a pretty good job at that position.
      His debut for NT was terrible but same for Janmaat and look at how good Janmaat played later on in NT, I think Van Gaal should give Viergever a try.

      1. Anyway, the only three in form LB are Kongolo Viergever and Pieters, if Van Gaal do make selection based on form then only these three should be under consideration.

  67. Watched the Norwich game, it was horrible maybe I should say disgusting. Norwich has no wingers, Redmond is the true headless chicken, the wingers never send a good cross. Van Wolfswinkel only has 6 touches today and I think none of them is in the penalty area. Fer played a solid game with a lot of intervention but can not find anybody in counter attack. I do not know what make both of them choose Norwich, it is just a horrible team. I seriously think Schaken is better than Redmond.

    1. By the way I am pretty sure dutch players are under injury curses, Dost disappeared after scoring some goals and I found out he was injured again. Third time of this season. Today, Bacuna got injured again he was sidelined 2 weeks ago.
      By the way, Vidal might miss the world cup if he needs a surgery for his knee.

  68. what worries me is not LVG coaching MANU,if he gets(seems likely)the Job he will be pressured to look for summer sigings for MANU.he will have a less concentration in NT job.Thats a sad part.I think LVG should now handover the band to Hiddink if he doesnt feel confident,and am sure hiddink will do great for NT.
    Another sad point is most probably Kuyt,hunter, will be selected for NT,both are proven failures up front vs top teams.One is master of back passess and hunetr is simply static.
    Another sad point is Defense a snail like Devrij would be selected ahead of Bruma(who is better tough nut for WC). I STILL REMMBER HOW CORPOT SUCKED AFTER DROPPING BRUMA FOR vANDERHOORN.
    Blind is a super weak link,and so is lady hearted Vander weil.
    Depay has got better brain than Afellay still not a class winger or striker.He easily gets fall down so is ols john and boetius.i have not much hope in these players,may be later OLa john will have resuurected life.MANU scouts will never selecet Depay for MANU.he simply lacks the class like Afellay.
    wijnaldum,lenz,bruma in WC..coz they are real competent players who might be playing for a lesser team,but still able to kick the asses of Messis ,ronaldos,Managalas,thiago silvas etc……
    Janmaat—–Bruma—-Vlaar—–Van annholt
    Vorm for penalty killer
    this is the best 23 we have got as of now..if any one is missing plane we have no chance..
    @@@LVG…please select these guys…Anyways u r not going to win it with kuyt,hunter,devrij,sneijder,Depay,Afellay its 100% guarenteeeeeee.

    1. with pace,skills of zivkovic and kishna,they are simply very hard to conenet by any thiago silva,while Silva will eat Depay,Boetius etc kind of players.why not a gamble when u are sure that u are not going to win with forementioned players.

    1. I wouldn’t say that, I don’t like either team but you won’t beat a team who is playing 9 at the back with their sole tactic to not concede and nick a goal.
      Chelsea and mourinho are well drilled at this, in games that matter they always win because the other team wants to play and score which means that playing like chelsea does they only have to tire the opponent out and counter in the last 10 minutes

    1. Very passionating season between the team that lost to Salzburg vs the team that lost to Kuban lol the team that lost to Ludgorets and Chornomorets was also not that far behind lol

      It will be worst again next year, believe me, dutch clubs can always do worst than expected.

      1. Remember the season 2009/ 2010, Sporting vs Twente, the portuguese keeper scored during the last minutes and dissmissed Twente. That s very rare but that can happen ok.

        One month later AZ vs Standard, AZ is winning 1-0, free kick for Standard in the last minutes, Traore scores, 1-1.
        Two times.

        Of course as we say ” never two without three” one month later return game AZ vs Standard, AZ wins with 1-0, last minutes free kick for Standard. If AZ didnt win that game, they would finish last of the group stage. I was thinking ” Seriously, after that Sporting goal and Standard one first game, how many chances are there that they score again ?” The belgian keepers comes to the box, and what happens ???! He scores LOL


          When it happens three times in three months to two different dutch clubs , what to think ? Two different keepers scored to them !!! Keepers seriously, in last minutes, everytime lol I ve never seen that in football

          Even Shakespeare wouldnt be able to write such a tragedy, that s why i understood that even a club from Cyprus can make a miracle and qualify why dutch clubs cant. That happened in 2012.

          Dont listen to You are the Joke and the blind eredivisie lovers, that Ajax beats Barca on a single game isnt meaningfull, Barca can also lose to Osasuna or Valladolid once in the year, that happens.

          What you should look at is the sum up of every year, the final level reached, and as I posted it sooner, 15 countries did better than Holland.

          1. Less beer more french fries for you, my Belgian buddy.

            No one likes a pissed patatvreter. Relax.

          2. Hey you are a joke, you put some randoms results last time but your lacks of honesty didnt let you to put the other ones. You put all the positive results dutch clubs had, as a list with all the negative ones would be too long, I ll just put the most shamefull ones ( which will still be longer lol) :

            Ajax in CL since 2006 :

            Barcelona 4-0 Ajax
            Real 4-1 Ajax
            Ajax 1-4 Dortmund
            Ajax 1- 4 Real
            Ajax 0- 3 Real
            Ajax 0-4 Real
            Auxerre 2-1 Ajax
            Sparta Praha 2-1 Ajax
            Ajax 0-1 Sparta Praha
            Ajax 0- 2 Copenhaguen

            Ajax EL :

            Salzburg 3-1 Ajax
            Ajax 0- 3 Salzburg
            Steaua 2-0 Ajax
            Spartak Moscow 3-0 Ajax
            Ajax 0-1 Spartak Moscow
            Ajax 1-3 Anderlecht
            Ajax 0-0 Timisoara
            Marseille 2-1 Ajax
            Ajax 2-2 Sparta Praha
            Sparta Praha 0-0 Ajax
            Ajax 0-2 Espanyol
            Werder Bremen 3-0 Ajax
            Ajax 2-3 Dinamo Zagreb

            Feyenoord EL :

            Feyenoord 1-2 Kuban
            Kuban 1-0 Feyenoord
            Sparta Praha 2-0 Feyenoord
            Feyenoord 2-2 Sparta Praha
            Gent 2-0 Feyenoord
            Feyenoord 0-1 Lech Poznan
            Deportivo 3-0 Feyenoord
            Feyenoord 1-3 CSKA Moscow
            Nancy 3-0 Feyenoord
            Feyenoord 0-1 Kalmar
            Nancy 3-0 Feyenoord
            Feyenoord 0-0 Lokomotiv Sofia

            Twente CL :

            Arsenal 4-0 Twente
            Tottenham 4-1 Twente
            Benfica 3-1 Twente

            Twente EL :

            Rennes 2-1 Twente
            PSG 4-0 Twente
            Twente 0-0 Steaua
            Sheriff 2-0 Twente
            Twente 0-1 Fenerbahce
            Werder Bremen 4-1 Twente
            Zenit 2-0 Twente
            Villareal 5-1 Twente
            Twente 1-3 Villareal
            Wisla Krakow 2-1 Twente
            Schalke 4-1 Twente
            Twente 1-1 Inter Turku
            Bursaspor 3-1 Twente
            Levante 3-0 Twente
            Twente 0-0 Levante
            Twente 1-3 Helsinborg

            Tomorrow will continue with PSV, AZ, Vitesse and Utrecht ones, truth is here, Ajax couldnt beat Sparta Praha in 4 games ! And Feyenoord in two games. Feyenoord lost two times 3-0 to Nancy !

            Ajax results are probably the most funny though, just visually you can see many 3 and 4 for the other team everytime lol should be bannished for the sake of dutch ranking.

  69. with Chelsea in hunt for Vidal I think one of the top 4 Eredivise teams should go for Ake and Ginkle given they will again have no chance to play next year.Maybe on loan Atleast for the sake of CL and EL. Pity they played vs liverpool.

  70. jus going back to that news when apparently the former owners of Vitesse claimed that Vitesse were told to start losing by the chelsea counterpart. his there any truth in this story or its jus a conspiracy coz it is amazing how a playing like Piazon who was doing so well in the first haif of the season was relatively unheard in the second half.

  71. It really annoys me to see Afellay sitting on the bench like a dog, continuing to be ignored in favor for guys like Tello who’s only managed 1 goal in 19 games.

    1. Sam……there is a saying…..striking your foot with the hammer meaning harming ur self unintentionally but in Afellay case he has forced his foot through the fork intentionally knowing the outcome of it… so forget about him. As much as I would have liked to see him at the WC….I hope he never gets recalled in the NT no matter how well he plays… attitude problem.

  72. Despite all the hatred in the laurent words, the kid is right, Ajax has a very poor performance in the CL and the EL in the recents years, lets hope they finish all the fucking projects and buy all the stadium.
    Fans are getting pissed I think. I am not a hard die fan of Ajax but it seriously let me down that we dont have any dutch club to support in Europe!!
    When we will see another Ajax like from the nineties??
    We all want to see what Nouri, Nunnely, El Ghazy, Van de Beek can make but the truth is that if they played well they will be sold at the next year!!

    1. It is only 2 years since JC won the control (Feb 2012); Perhaps it needs a bit more time (2-4 years?). The league is not one of the biggest; TV rights income is not big; not backed by rich backers with deep pocket (is Ajax the only Dutch club on the stock exchange where its main competitors are MU, Real and Juventus?); a large world wide fan base that gives a secure/steady income? I wonder if the idea proposed by many here before of combining Belgian and Dutch league into one would make the new league and its clubs more competitive, increasing TV rights income. I do not see rich person/group will buy Ajax or any Dutch clubs.
      I also would like to see Holland/Belgium trying again to host the WC in 2026 or 2030.
      JC with his only apperance in the WC (did not win) but constantly voted the top 3 players in World Cup history, only after Maradona and Pele (

  73. Laurent n his Prozac and now there is a mctiju, this blog doesn’t cease to entertain, keep it coming guys, will be under a lot of stress this week as the final exams are here so.this blog is literally my only stress busting tab on Google chrome

    1. Laurent is the new Tiju, and Klaassen is the new Bergkamp. Tiju works at Mcdonald in Dubai and Laurent is a depressed french teenager, cant handle the recession in France.

      The belgian boor is Goldstone.

      People on this blog are showing who they really are

    1. let it be Wilson,they will not learn form stubborn.
      kuyt has spoiled 2Ecs and WCs for dutch.They have not yet learned,
      Blind- is clearly weak for LB,lacks bit speed,dutch will have torried time LB position.Since everyone are equal in this spot,i have no commnets.
      kuyt-By playing kuyt out there as striker or winger that means we ensure NOCREATIVITY,NO GOALS AS striker and no movement from wings.Defintly a shit choice over Kishna/Zivkovic.
      Schaars is good IMO has got balls,only lacks the speed,he is a fighter ,leader has got character,as long as he plays as holding mid we might play a slow tempo game,but most likely we wont concede.
      Has got girls heart,seems like as if he is productive when going forward,but van rhijn is way to better than him,Van rhijn is more productive and defensivly bothe are eqaul,clearly a bad choice over Vanrhijn.
      Wesly sniejder-People think that he will take us far,i think they are livng in fools paradise,No chemistry with RVP,team is less cohesive with sneijder as No10.if he plays we need to rely on his own long shots,which is not possible vs strong teams and hence we wont beat strong ones with sneijder,but we have chance with him Vs australia,like we had vs denmark,indonesia etc.
      Vlaar–Vlaar is another turtle at back we have,it just matter of time to get exposed.
      Over all,
      After knocking out of the Wc we will say NEXT TIME,TEAM IS GETTING MATURED,SO IT TAKES TIME..Bla BLA bla

      ATTITUDE OF THE PLAYERS,Coaches and fans needs to be changed.
      Try out the new things and hope for the best,Experiment,Gamble…its better go for gambling rather than a proven failures.

  74. Again Feyenoord started with 5-3-2 and again BMI was sacrified for Boetius jus after 46′. I wonder how van gaal sees this as coz if kongolo is really better than BMI than it would be redicolous not considering him. Its funny as what happens when players starts performing towards the word cup. Will van gaal stick to his WC qualifyers squad or he will be forced to make changes

    1. Even kishan and Zivkovic desreves call ahead of Depay and kuyt,.
      If kongolo is better he needs to be slecetd ahead of BMI.No doubt..
      The real talnets must go not the weaker ones,BRUMA must go.kongolo is fast at least should be considerd as LB

  75. Boss ass how many times u post her by laurent,goldstone,me etc name..Faggie…….??????trollllllllllllllllll.
    Mcdonald room boy is the best position u could ever get in life…..

  76. I am coming here everyday to show that iam gay,Am a gay who loves to meet gays and also i would like to stirr up things here,then i will laugh infront of my PC,am an utlimate key board warrior,so not even Einstein is brilliant than me ..

  77. The 2nd step will be finding a way to keep them. The salary definitely need to be raised. KNVB need to do something with their financial rules as well. If young kids are staying a little longer the league will get stronger. They will grow together.
    Lets hope that KNVB can find a way!!

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