Horror week for Dutch football!

And just when we started to feel really good about ourselves…what with Oranje performing well and reaching the Euros, Frenkie impressing in Spain, Dutch coaches on the up and up (US, Bundesliga, Ajax) and Ajax and AZ impressing, fate took a hit at us. As if to say “Nope! You’re not there yet!”.

And while the Dutch handball women won the gold at the World Cup, it was bad news after bad news for Dutch football.

For starters, Ajax getting ousted from the CL. So unjust. So unfair. Yes, Ajax played bad vs Valencia. Didn’t create a lot. Gave away that goal due to a series of errors. True. But we should have had Promes’ goal allowed vs Chelsea at home. That was at least one point, if not three points more in this group. And I don’t believe Ajax should have received 2 red cards in that away game vs Chelsea! Simply bad officiating, from my perspective. Ajax was cheated out of the Champions League!

Ajax lost two Eredivisie games on the trot as well and where the Amsterdam giants were thinking of easily repeating their title winning shenanigans from last year, AZ Alkmaar is now joint leaders of the competition. And rightfully so. AZ is dazzling, and should have had a 0-2 lead vs Man United in the EL. Feyenoord got ousted out of that competition, while PSV already was.

Their loss vs Feyenoord last Sunday was cause for the PSV board to sack Van Bommel. And even though I’m not a PSV fan (I am a Van Bommel fan though), I believe his sacking was very harsh.

Yes, he lost many points. Too many. But…he was the coming man. They knew he was inexperienced, he also had to deal with a new and inexperienced technical director (John de Jong) who didn’t bath himself in glory re: the players he got Van Bommel. I mean, Angelino left for Man City, and what did they get back?

They bought two left backs and they were so disappointing that Van Bommel had to play Sadilek ( a midfielder) on that spot. And Luuk de Jong (20+ goals) left and they got Sam Lammers back, who got injured straight away. Next thing, they bring a 40+ year old Greek striker…

Jeroen Zoet was dealing with a form crisis and on top of that Bergwijn and Malen got injured (Malen again!!) and they had to do without Ihattaren for a spell due to a private matter (loss of his dad). A topsy turvy season for Van Bommel and the board decided to sacrifice him (and keep De Jong in his role as TD). I think it’s weird and at least De Jong should have been loyal and leave as well.

The national cup competition hasn’t even started yet and obviously, PSV was never going to win the Europa League so the PSV board sacked Mark because he was supposed to win the title. But does PSV really believe you can win the title with a defence consisting of Viergever? Baumgartle? Schwaab? Sadilek? PSV’s midfield consists of youngsters (Rosario, Thomas, Ihattaren) or mediocre players like Hendrix and Guti. The forwards, ah…yes. They can play. If they’re not injured. I believe PSV should have supported Mark like Feyenoord did with Gio. He won the title after a season in which he lost 8 on the trot!

And top top it all of, as if it wasn’t enough, both Malen and Memphis got seriously injured. It seems Malen too would be out for half a year or more with tore ligaments but luckily for all of us, Malen’s injury is not that bad. He’ll be “only” 3 months out. Memphis however…. I think we won’t see him at the Euros…

And Daley Blind! During the Valencia game he went down (without ball or opponent close) and was groggy for a couple of seconds/minutes. Was he unconscious? Fact is, Ajax is up in arms after the Abdelhak Nouri drama and sent Blind to the hospital in Amsterdam where he spent two days/nights in their cardiology department under watch. He didn’t play last weekend vs AZ and news has yet to come out.

Isn’t there any good news??

Well, as mentioned, the handball ladies did win the World Cup… Otherwise, Atalanta is through in the CL… Zirkzee made his debut for Bayern. Berghuis got the hattrick vs PSV. But that’s it.

Oh, before I forget… AZ Alkmaar… They did pretty good this week. Joint leaders. Beating Ajax. Scaring Man United. And their golden boys keep on growing and developing. Our straw to hold on to….

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  1. What about Richairo Zivkovic.though he is playing in the Chinese super league first division but he has still is not shy of goals.piled up 15 goals with the season coming to end for changchun yatai. If he can force a good move in Jan transfer window, he could be a capable replacement for Depay. Bit greedy of a player though. Was really surprised at his decision to move to china when he could have returned to eredivisie. I hope this guy will feature for NT one day. Him and Depay upfront could be devastating.

    Looking at Bergwijn misses last week vs feyenoord I dont think this guy should be in NT. The situation becomes tricky now for koeman and as predicted he will be breathing heavily here onwards.

    1. Interesting comment. Zivkovic. Forgot about him. His mentality was a huge issue. Not sure if that got sorted.

      Bergwijn is the best PSV player. That guy is so skilled, quick and strong. I believe he is not having the best of time at PSV. He doesn’t look happy. But make no mistake Wilson, he is top class!

  2. There is also reports that jeremian lens could be on his way back to eredivisie and get reunited with Dick Adovcaat. If this has to happen then just like promes and berghuis, he could also claw his way back in NT given the technical player he is. He also can play anywhere up front.

  3. I still think that El ghazi can bring that balance and maturity back in the team left by the injured Depay. I say give huntelaar the last dance flanked by both him and Groeneveld.for years the dutch coaches have failed to utilize hunters qualities as being a killer in the box. Then have either of Malen and boadu come of the bench if Hunter stars to fade.

    Groeneveld-Hunter- El Ghazi



    Blind-Van Dijk-De Ligt-Karsdorp


    1. Malen is a concern as well…
      When u strike out Malen and Depay..
      Then its
      Berjwin as stand bye forwards…
      Case closed
      i wish a comeback of immensly skilled Maher who is quallly tricky as Depay…Gets time and finds rythem…
      Wijnaldum-Frenkie–Propper–Ake–i dont want De roon and strootman…Any other 2 mids are okay…
      Case closed
      Bizot Vs Cillessen then any other i dont care…

      1. I like your forward line. But I don’t think Maher and Memphis can be compared. Totally different players.

        Memphis: explosive. Maher not.
        Memphis: quick. Maher not.
        Memphis: forward. Maher not.
        Memphis: european top. Maher not.

        1. in my books I have Maher as a more techincal player than VDBeek. its unfortunate he couldnt lay his stakes during PSV days. he also plays more as central midfielder at Utretch these days which restricts his movement as well. 2022 could be his year.

    1. I think Depay has no chance to come back for the euros and may even be in doubt for the start of the next season. We’re fked. Our attack has been revolving around him for a long time. It will be very hard to change that.

      1. I was thinking that we should revert back to 5-3-2 with De Vrij, Van Dijk and De Ligt since we had so many good defenders and no good forward with Depay gone. Maybe using Weghorst as forward and go full Greece 2004. Something like:

        Promes De Ligt Van Dijk De Vrij/Ake Blind
        De Roon De Jong
        Weghorst Boadu

  4. Ex-Netherlands internationals Ruud van Nistelrooy and Maarten Stekelenburg will join the national team’s coaching set-up for Euro 2020, the Dutch Football Association (KNVB) announced on Tuesday.

    1. Stekelenburg is not an ex international. That one is goalie Stekelenburg (not related) and is bench warmer at Everton. This Maarten Stekelenburg is the brother of Jeroen, who is the tv broadcaster NOS’ fixed interviewer for Ronald Koeman. So that becomes a little bit of a conflict of interest.

  5. Malen out for 4 months. I indrstand zirkzee play in champion league for bayern and maybe he will give minutes again. But what happened if psv loan him for second half of the season. Sane will move to bayern in january so it is harder for zirkzee. He can play more for psv. Psv can back on track and also zirkzee can satisfy koeman.
    I hope psv just loan him.

    1. PSV have two strikers on loan. Joel Piroe at sparta I think and Max Romero back in Argentina with Velez Sarsfield. lammers has started light training and will join the winter traning camp before the seasons starts again.

      they need reinforcement in the backline. not sure if obispo will be recalled form vitesse, other wise the player they should look at bringing back is jairo Riedewald and marco van ginkel.

    1. we dont need tall static less skilled strikers any more,We want romario,Depay type or David villa type there like a fox to burry even half chance to make goal..THAT S DIFFERENCE IN A TOP GAMES..

      wE HAVE 6
      THATS okay…and enough…
      Fnkei-Gini-Vand ebeek-Propper-ake–toonstra/Deroon
      We have a fine team…
      dont worry..but things will be spoiled when u play Strootman,luuk,Weghorst etc…

  6. Clasie got straight red card during KNVB Cup game. I have noticed in the last two games that he is always late with his tackles from behind. I do not know whether cards received during cup games counts against in regular Eredivisie games. If that is the case then Clasie will miss coming game with Sparta. That will move Koopmeiners to central defense. Not an ideal scenario…..

  7. Van den berg , ki Jana hoever will join Liverpool main Squad with the club World Cup final

    It seems that the two have gained Klopps trust . It’s only a matter of time that these two will get into the first time . Soon won’t be hearing the names of Dumfries or veltmab anymore

    Meanwhile , so glad to hear Joshua zirkzee scoring in his debut for Bayern Munich . Hope he will get more changes.

      1. Ki jana was hailed even after 5-0 loss..liverpoolians say he next trend alexander arnold…they dont say that easily for a dutch man..if english i would ahve said its overated..but thats not the case here.

      2. Yes they lost 5-0 but if you watched the game you can see these two were outstanding

        The final score didn’t reflect their true performance

        And it’s not easy for Klopp to call somebody from the academy to join them

        I’d say give them two years time otherwise by euro 2024 definitely these two will be In oranje’s team ( and especially hoever which we still can’t find our best man in the RB position )

  8. Matthis de Ligt has not played in the last two games for Juve. He is replaced by Demiral.

    I hope that this is only tactical purpose, not performance issue.

    1. its bad news..Deligt is restricted to play his normal game as RCB..he was playing as LCB with cingested back line…He should not have gone to athat SHi@@@ pice f club…

      1. Really ? What happened can you share more information about this ?

        Sorry but I have limited accesss following series A football news

        Anyhow I’m not too worried about him. Because he’s just still too young anything that Happens around him is a new experience for him and will get him stronger

        If this turns out to be not the club that suits him, I’m sure he won’t stay long . Perhaps Barcelona will be the next move then

        1. As RCB with freedom to build up and going forward was his key thing to excel..He is not a LCB first of all..since he is too talented he can play as LCB,RCB,RB,DM etc..thats a curse too..
          Its kind of Depay situation in MANU..He was told to play as left winger only,never got the freedom he has in orange or lyon…
          He is new to club,he is playing out of favor spot as LCB he is not allowed to go furthur front..toatllay restricted it destroys his confident attack game an breaks his rythem and momentum..eventually shackle his confidence as well..HE must leave that Shi@@t coach…
          Had he joined Manu he could have been KING THERE as RCB..Hope he joins better attacking team ..

      2. Yes, this is something that I don’t understand.

        When De Ligt plays, he is on the left side of Bonucci. But, when Demiral plays, Demiral is on the right side of Bonucci.

        De Light is always on the right side of Virgil in the NT.

  9. I was writing about this guy but then I just dropped it off. Merih Demiral has really stepped up game and it’s the reason why Juventus invested in him. It will be a neck to neck competition in years to come unless somebody moves to LCB. Which again might be the case if bouncci gets injured or hangs his boot.


    1. Wow never heard of him before but seems really someone that makes turkey proud of

      Nevertheless, I’m sure de Ligt will say these are the reasons why he left the eredevisie. These are the things that will push bin further improve

      But then again we hope he won’t be just sitting on the bench like the last two games

      1. De ligt is facing a biased face here as well..
        when Deligt plays with Bonucci
        then is

        LCB Deligt and Bonnucci RCB
        Then Demirel plays
        LCB Bonucci and Rcb Demirel

        Demirel gets the edge there…Everything goes down for Dleigt from there..i feel sad for the boy..He is trying to please everyone by obeying humble lad..He must learn to say F##3k off………

        1. I think it is all a natural process that all young soccer players, who at age of 19-22 made a big move, should go through. Memphis also went through massive humiliation at MU which has served only for his best. That process brought him down to the Earth from the clouds. Memphis has not “cured” completely though as he still is doing that irritating cheering (fingers in the ear). Maybe this long-term injury that he unfortunately sustained will heal his soul completely. Now it is time for de Ligt….

          1. Btw, in the case of Memphis injury, Koeman has to start thinking about Plan B.

            With Malen is also injured, who will lead the attack? Maybe Boadu?

  10. Humiliation will make him stronger . Agree on that

    And that’s why he is there. This is something he will never find staying in Ajax where it’s home to him .

    By the way , why would depay trust strootman’s advice ………… hope he won’t turn out to be same like him – never back to his best.

    He says he wants to be back for Euro according to some report . I truly hope he reconsider this direction

  11. In a quirky way, I’m glad for de ligt. Now that he’s out of the spotlight, maybe he can focus more on his football and grow stronger. I thought he started with the wrong attitude, responding to every issue about him in the media.

    1. Nowadays these players are too
      Much focussing on their social media. All there every single move.

      This can bring a positive impact but for sure also the other way around

      I prefer the old days were sportsmen are a me to 100% focus on their training

      Take a look at our future man – Xavi Simons.
      Look at any of his latest new post no matter INstrgram or Facebook. He is being bombarded by loads of hated posts about his move fro
      Barcelona to PSG.

      This is certainly not healthy and causing lots of harm to this little talent’s development who’s only 16. And there is no sign of stoppage about all those hates posts ( internet bullying )

  12. Oranje injury list / out of favour

    Liverpool – Virgil and Wijnaldum
    Bournemouth- ake and Danjuma groenelveld

    Lyon – depay
    PSV – donyell Malen
    Ajax – Daley blind
    Crystal Palace – Patrick Van aanholt

    De Ligt – put on bench
    Kluivert – not playing in last two games
    Daishawn redan – Disappeared

    what’s going on?

    Seems the only good news is zirkzee scoring on his debut and dilrosun having an assist

    1. Virgil,ake,Gini.Danjuma will be back ..Serious concern is malen and Depay…
      Jetro is no 1 on starting 11 at liverpool.
      dilorusen is terrorising defense at bundes liga.
      Stengs,boadu and promes are to good form..
      Babel is not bad either..
      We should not have lost DEST ..he would have been massive for us..

      1. Oh talking about Dest

        Yeah right he will regret his decision ( he already felt he would so one day – during his announcement ….)

        Oranje is a dream , not a choice ! F him!

    2. Kluivert is also injured. Redan is just not given a chance. He played well in Germany youth leauge, performance is the same as Zirkzee but he is not getting his chance. There are actually more injured Dutch player: Cillissen, Karsdorp, Janmaat, Promes have all been injured for some time.

  13. The biggest concern has to be our Attack with the loss of Malen and Depay, and no good alternatives. In fact, our attack has never looked convincing even with them around..
    Do you think KNVB will send out SOS to Robben to return to fold just for the EC? Not sure how is he doing now..😬

    1. It is not a serious condition. Those media people try to create a big story out of it. He has a heart palpitation which can result in very annoying irregular heart beats (heart skips the beat). It gets worse during anxiety and when the level of adrenaline is very high in blood. there is not treatment for that unless a patient is on beta-blockers for the entire life. Hope he gets better.

  14. About f.de jong. Barcelona has 8 good mid. So surely he cannot play all games. Barca today play against 15th team. It wasnt too hard for them. But no problem with frenkie.

  15. Wow Joshua zirkzee scoring again for Bayern Munich

    That’s 2 goals in two consecutive games as a sub
    I can see some new hope again ……. really hope he can keep it up like this

    1. Really better finisher than boadu. I really hope sane dont join bayern in january. Zirkzee is type of nistelrooy who find a little space to score a goal however i know it is too soon to talk about him. He is one class above boadu and in same class with malen.

      1. I have not seen Zirkee apart from goals…Does he has the intelligence of RVN?.Is he better than Boadu?…I know Malen has the top inteligence ,is he on par with malen..The guy is tall and strong that much i know..

    1. This is a good news. Az will sell idrissi and maybe stengs in end of season. They r not good enough for CL. Surely we have to hope ajax win eredivise. Also i hope psv win second place. Surely psv would be better team than AZ for next year and it can help us to get more points in coeficient. I like az alkmar. They r good. But just good for europe league. If they win eredivise surely they will destroy NT coefficient next year in champion league.

      1. Faraz,

        Do not worry, AZ will not win Eredivisie. Mentally we are not there, plus bench is not adequate to the main selection. After AZ won Ajax, I was waiting when they are going to stumble on a much weaker opponent. And here you go. Plus, referees are also happy to help Ajax. It is a proven fact and there is no need even to argue.

        Do not expect anything good from PSV either, even if they get second place, they will not qualify for the group stage. I am waiting for a good news tomorrow too and wish Ajax loses to ADO tomorrow. Finger crossed.

        1. Az-forever
          U r my fiend. Dont be angry from me. I really like az. I Am fan of them in europe and also in NT. They have many talent player. But do u think they can get good results in champion league? Do u think they can keep their players.

          1. No problem, Faraz. There is a chance to keep players for the next season in Alkmaar. AZ will not sell players to Ajax or PSV unless there is a redundancy in the team. Time has gone when AZ players were going to Ajax or PSV for 3-6 million Euros. Also, there is a realization in AZ management that THIS club is no longer a supplier of good players for Ajax and PSV (I am not talking about Feyenoord at all). Leadership of the team targets higher.

            At the same time neither of AZ current players are ready for any European leagues. I believe they all understand that. Instead of sitting in the bench in the European clubs, it is better to play for AZ.

            With respect to whether can AZ do well in CL, I do not think so. but the same relates to PSV. Trust me at this point there is no difference in class between AZ and PSV.

            However, if you worry too much about points then EL is the best place to earn them. However, historically, PSV and Ajax were behaving arrogantly, and did not play well in EL. Their policy was as long as we are not in CL, we better focus on Eredivisie. WHy? Because they wanted to win a title and play in CL group stage to get huge amount of entry money. In EL nobody pays that much. As a result of this negligence, Netheralnds ended up so low in the UEFA coefficient table that even Eredivise title was no longer a guarantee of a direct ticket. When it comes to AZ, they give their last drop of strength to fight every point regardless where they play in EL or CL.

            Conclusion is that do not count too much on Ajax or PSV. The level of patriotism in those clubs is not that high. They will do only what is good for the club but not for the Netherlands.

  16. Clasie had very poor game as a central defender. Although Bizot could have handled the situation better, that was Clasie who was late on the defender too. Also, he caused a penalty (third goal). Having said that, entire team had a day off which speaks up about mental status of the team and inability to carry the burden of the leadership.

    1. Sarri is more convinced with Demirel..whom i think lesser to Deligt …Demirel is given RCB spot as well,while Deligt has to control his natural game playing as LCB…i wish Deligt leaves that SHI###thole this Januvary itself..

      1. Juventus is not Barca or Ajax…they are not attacking giants to use deligt skills,they are more in to reactive defenders than artist Deligt…FUU@##k off Juve..

          1. Ok guys you need a break here. Simply Demiral is proving to be a better defender than De ligt.first thing first if watch Juventus game then only you will realize it. Once again just like De ligt, Juventus were no mad in investing in Demiral. I have been seeing alot of commotion about De ligt being preferred to LCB to Demiral at right. De ligt had his chance.he played both at right and left, now the competition is intensifying and this will be become a case of make it or get break. I’m sure de ligt will get minutes but Demiral right now has shifted another gear. What’s coming for De ligt is this. Rotation either with bouncci or Demiral and in either situation if he doesn’t live up to their level then it’s the bench for him. Also remember when We ligt was playing in CL,Demiral was at Sassuolo.this why I always insist rotation is best way to bring the best out of players.

            The problem with Juventus right now is their midfield.

            Also there is no way we ligt would have benched Pique or Umtiti at Barcelona.

          2. @Wilson iT WAS a lie to say de ligt given as RCB..NEVER AT chuve.He played LCB with Bonnuci all time ..while demirel played RCB only as his prefred position…thats bias or favoritism..

          3. Experience? Why else. You think De ligt will receive pampering just because he is young and thats he has been playing there at Ajax and in NT. That’s a typical dutch kind of mentality.Serie A is eredivisie my friend. De ligt needs to lift up his game no matter where he plays.

            Again it looks like it hasn’t gone through your head. De ligt played along side Sanchez at LCB during Ajax days. That could be one reason why sarri is insisting on to mould him at LCB. Bouncci can play both but then sooner or later he will have to pave way for the youngsters. This is where it will all come down to.

          1. @ Emmanual.

            the biggest problem with you you keep opening you hole and making unnecessary noise without knowing whats unfolding. in the last ten games for Juventus, De Ligt has played 5, Bouncci 9, Rugani 2 and Demiral in the last 3 + 1 . this says it all. apart from Bouncci who can play both LCB or RCB, sarri has been rotating every body. he is definitely preparing for the future given both Chiellini and Bouncci are reaching the twilight of their career. Rugani also is a good CB prominently on the Left while Bouncci has been their first choice RCB until recently where Demiral has stamped his authority on the right. in early stages demiral was also prefered at LCB. For De Ligt yes he has been featuring at the LCB in the five games and yes my mistake (all the games he has played) but saying its favoritism is crap. if Demiral can force sarri to change his mind, I dont see why De ligt cant unless sarri is trying mould him at LCB, given he has played there at ajax.


            I dont think Chiellini will come back the same after the ACL injury.at 35 and after recovery he will get even more slower and plus they need to get their young CBs partnership get more experience. ruguni, de ligt and Demiral.

          2. in time to to come. it will be either, De Ligt-Ruguni, Demiral- Ruguni or Demiral -De ligt.sarri is not a typical dutch coach like whom we see are reluctant think out of the box.in long run its de ligt who will benefit from being able to play both left and right.

          3. @wilson you lied for ur argument agree that first….Demirel was not played as LCB with Bonucci ..He played as RCB only while Bonucci on field..
            For ur idiotic brain
            Why a specilised RCB like Deligt with age of 19 with his most comfortable spot is not given with Bobobobnnuubccicii???????
            IT IS CALLED BIAS..
            SHUT UP in this case..

    1. 2007 u21 EURO AFELLAY WAS injured otoman bakal was slecetde for him,he was sensational and We won it coz of team work with Babel-righters and Bakkal…
      Babel is team player..Stengs is team player,Van de beek is,Frnkei is,Gini is,Boadu is,unlike preiuos generation…So we have a big chance..
      ———Van de beek——-
      Williams–Virgil–Deligt–ki jana hoover–


      Whats the problems we have?????????nothing we have problems when we select WRONG players OR Play them in wrong spot.
      I dont think strootman,Luuk,Weghorst,dumfries or even Tete is needed.. YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEM WHEN U PLAY THEM.Or Blind forced to play as LB and stays back and affcets the whole game(Portuagl)

  17. Merry xmas, happy hannukah and wonderful winter/summer solstice to all.

    The best players of the Eredivisie in 2019 have been made public, based on the player ratings in the AD Sport Newspaper:

    1. Daley Blind – Ajax defender
    2. Joel Drommel – FC Twente goalkeeper
    3. Teun Koopmeiners – AZ midfielder
    4. Hakim Ziyech – Ajax forward
    5. Calvin Stengs – AZ forward
    6. Lisandro Martinez – Ajax midfielder
    7. Fredrik Mitsjo – AZ midfielder
    8. Nico Tagliafico – Ajax defender
    9. Mo Ihattaren – PSV midfielder
    10. Donny van de Beek – Ajax midfielder

    1. Can not agree more. We talk a lot about Boadu but AZ strength comes from their midfield, including Teun and Fredrick. I would argue argue against goalkeeper choice. I think Bizot is the best at this moment. But I have not seen how Joel Drommel plays.

  18. I’m sure you all read about Blind’s heart problems by the way? An inflamed heart muscle.

    He has a pacemaker now. He will be out for at least a month (incl winter break) but expects to be back full strength. He is actually feeling good and normal, should you be interested.

    1. Thank you for the update, Jan. Good to know.

      Read an article on athletes with pacemakers; apparently, as with everything, the the advances have been significant enough that a pacemaker doesn’t rule out a professional career. As Jan says, Blind will be out at least a month; that has to do both with the body healing from the “procedure” (its a surgery), and the device integrating into the body so that there is little chance that the device can be knocked lose by an impact; then, of course, there is the time he will need to get back into playing shape after the inactivity. Very scary thing, though, when you are dealing with the heart.

      Seasons greetings and warmest regards to everyone on this board; I feel very lucky to be able to pop on once in awhile and read everyone’s thoughts and have discussions about Dutch Football. Thank you to all.

  19. It may seem like a horror story but it feels so becoz of the fault of netherlands coaches and KNVB who were scared to bring in new players and rotate players . Now this might prove to be a blessing in disguise in the long run becoz new players will get an opportunity and come 2020 or more realistically for 2022 world cup the dutch chances will be really high with lot of bench strength and young players who have gained enough experience. So nothing to be worried about .

  20. Guys,
    I understand that we all are Oranje supporters but please, do not let that blind you. If a player is a Dutch it does not mean that he is the best one. The fact that Demirel plays better at this moment than de Ligt is very obvious. All Ajax players need to go through the round of humiliation to get cured of arrogance. It is just a part of the “mental rehabilitation” process for De Ligt and De ligt-like players who left NT at early ages with the high level of confidence that they were the best and will concur the World, which is in many cases very far from reality. Being confident is great but being a sober relist is even better.

    1. To say De ligt is arrogant is stupidity..Demirel has no ball control when compared to Deligt..De ligt is pretty good from building from back..He is astonishing tackler..Ask Leory sane or CR7..He played 4 games VS CR7 and Pocketed him all games.All i see Demirel is more defensive and he does more fouls..

      Demirel is so bad at LCB that sarri decided to play Bonnucci as LCB with him..While the curse was Deligt is an okay LCB and Excellent world class RCB..
      Sarri is biased he prefers Demirel as RCB with Bonucci and He is forcing Deligt to play as LCB THATS BAD CALL.to stlak development of him..HE must play REUGLAR..
      THEN IDiots who says Deligt played as LCB with sanchez at Ajax..Must understand that it was his begining year…He had an okay year not excellent as RCB later on..
      The same thing happening now..But with Ajax it was ok that ajax didnt had another choice neither did Deligt..Now its opposite as he has established as RCB..

  21. I did not realize that Chielini is that old (35 years old). After a long injury, I agree, that it is difficult to comeback to his best before the injury. Because 35 years old is too old.

    1. Upon the player injuries issue, i think it is lucky that it happened now then later. We have 6 months to solve it.
      Koeman forcefully needed to find the replacements and by next year Summer maybe Malen and Memphis are available which is going to be a bonus 🙂

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