Oranje does what it needs to do

We didn’t expect a glorious performance after the Ecuador game. Just a decent performance, some urgency and no goals conceded and at least one goal scored, is what we wanted. That should be enough.

At half time, the glass is half full for me. De Roon does what he is asked to do. Break up their attack and shield Frenkie. De Roon will not leave the starting line up anymore. Memphis. We need him, a good Memphis. He seemed lethargic v Ecuador but in this first half, Memphis showed an appetite. He played ok but lacks rhythm. Playing him regularly now is smart to get him in form. Gakpo sustains his good form and will be Oranje’s breakout star this tournament.

Blind, Timber and Frenkie play at a decent level. Timber drifted more into miidfield and allowed De Jong to move up a bit more, with the protection of Timber and De Roon in midfield. Klaassen had another assist and that is top, but also had some sloppy touches. Dumfries had a lot of options to make his usual darts but is not making the right choices always and tends to be a bit clumsy.

The intensity is ok, the ball pace is good, the movement is way better, all compared to Ecuador of course.

We’re looking better now, we might improve even more. This is a weaker opponent of course, so it’s important to start playing really well. We’re not there yet.

2-0. Clean sheet. Leader of the group. Bouncing back from a dreadful performance v Ecuador. I will take it. We need to do better but we’re on that upward trajectory. Memphis was better, Frenkie and De Roon as a good couple and Gakpo is on fire.

I think Van Gaal had to bring Koopmeiners and Berghuis to keep them “on board” mentally. If they would be passed they might have become totally deflated after the heavy criticism in Holland after Ecuador. Van Gaal said in the presser that the time for Simons is near but he needs to be a bit more patient.

Lets see who you would like as our next opponent?

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  1. Honestly, I feel the performance is once again bad. Dumfries and Klaassen shouldn’t be selected and their first half performance justified so.
    Can’t believe we can play so tentative against Qatar. The players are playing with shackles on.
    I am just so disappointed with the performance, like against Czech back in the euros.

  2. Playing in slow motion. I initially thought my feed is slow (I am back in US from Qatar) but then I realized we are walking instead of running. At this rate, we don’t stand a chance against whoever we play in Round 2.

  3. Berghuis and Jansen coming in. Xavi, Noa, LDJ can all safely assume they are there just to make up the numbers and server as sparring partners in practice.

  4. @Balkan

    Re: Berghuis and Jansen coming in. Xavi, Noa, LDJ can all safely assume they are there just to make up the numbers and server as sparring partners in practice

    Of course they are just there to make numbers.

    The plan is for Lvg to prove Lvg right.

    He would stick to the Blind Klassen Berghuis and Janseen until they do something right and prove his genius or shamelessly blame the team of not performing if things go sideways.

    Remember, Lvg is infallible.

  5. If it is USA vs Netherlands, I will be conflicted. USA is my current home and Netherlands my long-time love. I honestly DON’T want to see that match up. But if it happens, USA should win easily.

  6. I am fully convinced by this performance against the mighty Qatar. We have so many talents and they did not even got subbed in because of the competition. Lang, Simons, Frimpong all sit in the bench. If we are out of idea, we can get some random Ajax players and Janssen in, nothing can go wrong, we will win this world cup.

    One last thing to remind: great players like Danjuma and Botman did not even make squad selection. That is how great this competition is.

  7. I sincerely hope that the team was instructed early on to slow the tempo down to save energy. Otherwise we still look awfully lethargic. A few moments to be happy with, but we still failed to look revitalised after the last match.

  8. I come here every 2/4 years, at times lurk at what you guys write and comment. I have to say that I’ve been rooting for Oranje since 1998 and have never seen such a sleepy performance by the Dutch. My hopes are super low for the knockouts stages. I fully agree that it’ll be our last game at this WC. Regards from Poland.

  9. I don’t agree with all the negativity around here. Yes I wish the team play better and I wanted to see new faces, but this is not a reason to be so pessimistic.

    Van Gaal have 1 core task and another plus task:

    Core task: classify with a win or tie.
    Plus tasks:
    1. Win the 3 pints
    2. Fix or improve our on-ball possession football.
    3. Give minutes to Depay
    4. Not risk any player
    And We did it. The team and Van Gaal di it.

    We win the 3 points, we play fast was necessary and slow when wasn’t. We create and we attack, we find out a good partnership with De Roon and Fenkie, we play with a lot of triangles to not risk on physical duels, Depay played 60 minutes and he did it good. We played smart and effective, like un 2010.

    Yes, we wanted to see Simmons and Lang and Frimpong and Malacia, but the fact they did not play is not reason to be so negative. Are we crucifying Dumfries for these games when he has been a one of the most consistent players since he made his debut. In fact was our best player last Euro, playing with 5 at the back.

    Van Gaal can be narcissist, but he is not stupid. He prefers to win using new players and tactics than loose with his original game plan. He has showed this before. If we are playing bad, he will make the changes. He failed against Ecuador, but that doesn’t mean he is going to fail all the rest of the games. If Van Gaal see that Simmons and Lang are necessary, he is going to use them.

  10. Look Ecuador, they played beautifully, they played all their new young talents, they showed hunger, their midfield bosses us, they showed us the way… they are out.

  11. If it’s USA v Netherlands I am also conflicted. I was born and raised in USA and my father was born in Netherlands, his family still there.

    I would probably just route for a good game…

    1. I have lived in the US for a long time. There is never a doubt in my mind. I have been a fan of Oranje since 1980. I would never switch. In 2002 when NT was eliminated from the WC finals, they played the US in a prep game at Gillette stadium in Massachusets. NT won 2-0, I was the only person cheering like crazy for NT. People thought I was some kind of nut since almost nobody around me moved when NT scored.

  12. @Eduardo

    Re; I don’t agree with all the negativity around here. Yes I wish the team play better and I wanted to see new faces, but this is not a reason to be so pessimistic.

    What you call pessimistic is what a lot of us see as being realistic.

    And realistically, the team has been only short of horrible at this point.

    There are not going to be applause all around for the drab, uninspired football that has been served

    You refusing to recognise this doesn’t make you a bigger fan either.

    It just makes you a caricature of the ostrich approach.

  13. Glad with the performance. Clinical and clean. 2 goals plus 2 or 3 other clear chances. Not bad against a park the bus team. Only gripe is that I didn’t see Simons in action. Was a perfect occasion to give him some match time.

  14. First time since im conciously watching football that i missed an WC match of my team. I cant wait to read what u guys all made of it (esp Jan).

    At least we survived the group stages

  15. Actually if we want NT to progress to quarters we should wish for Iran to get through. They’re really bad. We wouldn’t be able to contain the US unless of course we bore them to death with our tactics.

  16. Good summation, Jan. Thank you. Being at the top of the group was always the most important thing, given their likely opponent in the round of 16.

    Given De Roon’s inclusion now, it looks like that LVG has decided to lean on the strongest part of his team, defense. He has to know that he won’t beat Brazil, France, etc. in an open attacking game, so he’ll want tighten everything down, and look for Depay, Gakpo, someone else to make something happen when an opportunity presents itself.

    Regarding the subs, count me as one those surprised to see Berghuis and Koopmeiners come in rather than some of the others that have been talked about and suggested, but I had not thought of Jan’s explanation. Makes sense.

    Dumfries has had some problems offensively, but LVG said awhile back he likes a guy with his toughness, physicality and attitude on the field. (Still, Frimpong would have been fun to watch.)

    I was a little disappointed that De Vrij and Luuk De Jong did not get on the field at some point, as veterans they deserve a nod. Both know what they are doing, and would not have done anything to put the NT’s lead in any danger. Would have been nice for Simons to get out there as well given his age.

    Substitutions aside, they got the result they needed; Gakpo continued to show that he is always a threat; Depay has incrementally improved and is looking more game ready; De Roon makes the team more solid defensively and allows De Jong more freedom; Ake continues to excel and form a good CB pairing with VVD. Sure there are plenty of reasons to say why the team won’t go far in this tournament, but I’m beginning to see how they might.

  17. Some of you idiots (you know who you are) that are calling me a dick, just ignore my post. As far as I’m concerned, we are going home on Saturday. A as Dutch fan, I am so ashamed, I don’t know why you are not. Have we been in any different group, we would have been on our way to the airport right now. Your anger should be more towards Van Gaal, not me. Your anger should be towards the Dutch Football Federation for refusing to look forward. For the past 30 years, we have produced so many talents and yet, we have nothing to show for. Calling me a dick isn’t going to change the fact we have been put in the weakest group in this world cup and almost lost our first 2 matches. The team played very badly, did not inspire, zero creativity just to name a few. The team selection has been questionable, the team line up made absolutely no sense, the substitution made zero sense. Why some of you guys are so afraid to talk about that? On Saturday, Van Gaal is going to use this same starting 11 and we are going to loose. Keep on calling me a dick you idiots.

    1. @jean
      There is so much to go through this post.

      “Idiots”. – it seems you are insulting some of us members because you are offended that we have called you out for your negative and offensive behaviour. You can dish it out, but you can’t take it.

      Absolutism – “if we were in any other group, we would be sent home”. You do not know this. It’s just your opinion. We can only defeat the teams we play. You act like your opinion is always a 100% true fact. You should really learn the difference between opinion and fact. Stop acting like your always right.

      “Your anger should be towards van gaal and not me”. – this statement shows how delusional you are. There are 2 topics at play. First is the discussion of the national team. All board members are excited and want to discuss this topic (no we are not scared to like you suggest). The second (and the reason you’re a dick) is how you speak. You speak so negatively and then claim that your opinion is a fact and you should be justified for being so negative. There’s a difference between saying “we almost lost” and saying “we won in a tight game”. You always choose to say things As negatively as possible. Furthermore, and this is my biggest reason why I think your attitude is toxic, is because you have attacked Jan with disrespect several times. That’s not cool to do to anyone, but Jan is providing us all a platform to support the squad. It is one of the only ways we have to come together and support our squad and I don’t want to lose it. Your negativity ruins the environment and I would hate to see Jan quitting the blog because of your attitude. Stop trying to ruin everyone else’s experience. You may be miserable, but you don’t have to try and impact the rest of us.

      Introspection – several of the board members have called you out. Are you that arrogant that you think everyone else is 100% incorrect in how you make others feel? Do you not want to be a member who contributes positively to the group and is one of us or do you prefer to try to put yourself above us because you’re so insecure that you need to act all mighty? Seriously Jean, you’re welcome here with open arms when you’re not being an asshole. But trying to ruin this blog by attacking Jan and bringing extreme negativity is not something I appreciate. Maybe others feel the same way.

  18. Was just re watching the game. Dumfries was terrible both definitely and offensively. Maybe time for Malacia?

    De Roon also was pretty poor with some bad give aways. Depay actually played ok, much better than last game. Very encouraging

    1. Paul, regarding Depay I would say that considering that he was playing against Qatar he still is way off and really doesn’t belong in the field. He will be suffocated against the US. The only way we win this game is dragging it slowly and hope for a lucky goal.
      I would feel bad if Pulisic is out even though it would be a huge relief for us. Still US is quick, strong and high energy. We do not play well against them. When I attended the game at Gillete stadium in 2002 when NT was full of stars we won 2-0 just by pure luck. US played better.
      I am not sure what the record is between the teams.

    2. Dumfries was was terrible with his hard feet it always the same…in tight matches he gets more exposed..Blind.Dumfries and 532 system is the main problem we are facing..Also we lack a propper DM like Nijel Dejong..

  19. @ paul NY

    “With Pulisic hurt the USA just got much easier to beat. Strong first half, terrible second half.

    I think I’ll be a neutral”

    I see gio reyna he hasnt played any game. tricky player???

    1. Gio Reyna is the Xavi Simons for the Americans. He’s very talented but for some reason hasn’t played at all. I’m not sure he features at all in the game.

      For those giving the USA a lot of credit, don’t. I am confident NL will beat the USA. USA almost let all 3 games slip away (did let the Wales game slip away) and cannot score. With the NL defense, it should win 1-0 or 2-0.

      NL just needs to keep the USA off the score sheet for the first half and then drop the hammer. The USA was very disappointing today and almost blew the game.

  20. any comments on what Van Gaal said in the press conference:

    ” you have to earn your place. I said that Xavi is making steps and that’s nice for him. I try to involve every player and I do that with Xavi Simons. But also with Kenneth Taylor, for example, who came in well.”

    “If I say that a player has taken good steps, you think he should immediately join the Dutch national team. It doesn’t work like that”

    can some body explain this because it sounds crap.

  21. So far luck favored us..all three games some how we scored. Ecuador was unlucky against us to score the winner, yet again they were unlucky to loose against senegal..if LUCK CONTINUES ..LVG will win this WC…it is purely by luck and a decent defense…though i belive this nonsense 352 with Dumfries and Blind with a one man short at mid will be over ran ,out played by a better attacking team ,hence our defense also will tored apart…
    or else
    Or else We will see 90 minutes draws or 110 minutes and a penalty shooot outs from here on…that will over kill our players mentally and physically.i dont think they have the stamina for 110 minutes.LVGs teams are known for less goals with draws in tight matches..its high time to stop this 532 stupidity…and We MUST play Ake or Timber as DM…neither koopmeiners,De roon or Berhuis is capable of that..I WOULDNT MIND dELIGT over there as well..

  22. So funny how Dutch fans are hopping Pulisic to be out in other to win vs the USA. WOW! What a shame! We should ask ourselves where it all went wrong? What happened to Dutch football? For those of you who lives in Holland, ya’ll need to get involve, organize, use your influence to put better leaders in the KNVB. That’s what need to happen. Don’t be wasting your time arguing over Berghuis.
    Berghuis is not a special talent, never was and never will be. Blin, already past his prime. It is time to start looking forward. Do not expect anymore than what you saw on the field earlier today.

  23. @ Paul NY,
    Remember, starting Saturday is win or go home. Do you in your heart have any confidence in what you have seen in the past few days including earlier today. If Van Gaal did not change to starting line up today, what make think that he will on Saturday?

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