Oranje on Pole position

If we have to believe the Polish media, Oranje could win this coming World Cup. And I agree, obviously.

Poland is a mid-tier European nation. They won’t win the World Cup but they can make it hard for any WC contender. But not last night. They played at home, they brought super striker Lewandowski, but it wasn’t enough.

Oranje controlled the game from the second minute of play (the first minute was all about Koopmeiners’ injury after a collision) and booked a steady win.

The main objective of LVG with this match was twofold: 1) win and 2) stop conceding goals and manage the game!

He would play a number of his key World Cup team players, mixed in with players he wanted to test further.

Pasveer, Koopmeiners and Gakpo are in that latter category I think.

My man of the match

And Louis was very satisfied as the team did exactly what they needed to do. Dominance on the ball, looking for the vertical passes where possible, but otherwise staying in control. We didn’t give much away, given we play away and versus Mr Lewandowski. Pasveer wasn’t tested and could only impress with his distribution.

Van Gaal let slip that he wasn’t fully convinced yet, as Pasveer did have some wayward long balls which could have been played better.

The first goal was a superb one. 21 passes, resulting in a sped up move with Berghuis and Dumfries forcing the move and Memphis with a brilliant perfect through ball as the pre-assist on Dumfries who allowed Gakpo a tap in.

Tiki Taka football in Poland

I believe we should have scored a couple more in the first half, in which we were superior. Blind got a massive chance ( “it fell to the wrong player” is what the commentator said) and Memphis had a great chance to assist a goal again but he went for personal glory. Same with Bergwijn, who had a shooting chance on the edge of the box, where he could have played in Berghuis.

Even so, a good first half, with a splendid performance by Berghuis, who came on for Koopmeiners in the second minute, De Jong and Timber. Nathan Ake was steady in possession and Dumfries was constantly threatening high up the pitch.

Still, the team was a bit sloppy in possession at times and Daley Blind again looked leggy and sloppy in some of his touches. Memphis played his usual game. At times slowing the game down, sometimes trying too much, but as always, he is in the thick of things. Cody Gakpo played on the #10 role again and did ever so well.

Berghuis strong performance

Louis van Gaal decided to sub Frenkie after the first half as he was not 100%. Same with Berghuis who came off as well, with lower back complaints. By then, Memphis had already suffered a muscle injury and might not make the Belgium game. The players all complained about the new grass pitch, which appeared a bit soft, according to the lads.

Marten de Roon came for Frenkie. A different type of player, but he managed pretty well, being involved in the second goal as well. Van Gaal wanted to see him again. Ken Taylor made his debut and impressed (as he has been doing for months already) and Vincent Janssen game on for Memphis, getting an assist for the Bergwijn 2-0.

All in all, a good match and Holland leads in this group, quite certain to reach the Nations League finals. I believe we need to lose 4-0 versus Belgium to give up that leading position.

Overall, a good result, a good performance too. Sad to see Koopmeiners and Memphis injured but both will be back soon, I’m sure.

Muscle issue for Memphis

The play with the ball was quite good at times. Oranje plays like a snake, almost. Slowly moving from side to side but when the opportunity arises, we strike lightning fast. The play without the ball was also impressive. Good pressure on the ball, all positions constantly taken but not always by the same players.

The coupling of Ake-Blind, Dumfries-Timber, Berghuis-Frenkie and Gakpo-Memphis was quite good.

I think Gakpo impressed but might still need to show more for Van Gaal to fully commit himself to the youngster. Same with Pasveer and Koopmeiners. I personally also think Malacia needs to be our left back. Take Blind along, sure, he can play in midfield, centre back and left back, so great to have him, but he is lacking the energy it seems. He looks tired.

Bergwijn with another goal

Overall, I think Timber was my man of the match. He plays with a confidence and swagger of a 28 year old with 50 caps to his name. He’s quick, he has great feet, he’s focused all the time and he can play!

Dumfries for me, is the best option as right back but he keeps on having hard feet, tends to overdo it physically in the challenges and doesn’t see the quick one-touch pass. He often slows the game down if he’s not launched into  space but simply played in, in the combination. Not sure if Rensch is much better overall and Karsdorp is probably not fit in time. Frimpong maybe?

Taylor on his debut

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  1. @Jan…Belgium Just need 2 goals victory Vs Us to get pass us..
    Jurien Timber is a monster player,we feel safe with him as a fan…kenneth Taylor as usual expected performance..
    My concern is Blind..thats huge hole in our team..i hope they dont call BMI and calls back pascal struijk…BMI and De ligt combination is disaster…
    My cents..
    if we played Resnch on right back we would have seen some silky movemnets with berghuis…that would create hovac for opponents..i prefer Rensch,karsdorp and Frimpong over Dumfries….
    Also Lang and Malen Joins the team…..
    Kenneth Taylor
    Weghorst/Luuk Just in for 10 minute play
    3+10+6+6+1=26 men squad…

  2. Yes, good points, Tiju. Dumfries is quite firmly in the first team though. I cannot see LVG change it. He’s also popular amongst Memphis, Virgil, Bergwijn and those dynamics will weigh in as well

    1. Danjuma was injured so was Malen and Lang…but Malen and Danjuma are back with few game times…if they are fit i think they will be called…LVG prefers Malen and Lang over Danjuma…As Lang and Malen better connects with team Just like Janssen…i think Vicent Janssen will go to qatar and is locked…
      b/w Depay is injured,koopmeiners wont play,Berghuis wont play…We are left with only2 wingers thats Bergwin and Gakpo…thats a concern for me…

  3. Just checked on Uefa’s site and they’ve said:

    Netherlands will qualify for the Finals if they avoid defeat by three goals or more.

    Belgium will qualify for the Finals if they win by three goals or more.

    1. @Fraiquin….Nah…its 13-6=7 for dutch AND 11-7=4 for Belgians…Since the match is between belgians and dutch..every goal scored by Belgians will have double impact ie if belgians score 2 then its
      13-8=5 for us same time it will be 13-7=6 for belgians…so they will make it…You gotta correct your maths..

  4. my points against LVG….
    i have no hopes for this this coaching team…they will win some games and will bottle it when it matters with their bias..however i do agree these coaching team is far more suerior and better than Blind,Hiddinski,Fart van marwijk dark era…
    i mean sins which is commiting by Danny Blind and LVG…
    1–Playing Daley as LB instead Malacia…thats a murder to our trophy hopes
    2—Not playing karsdorp/Frimpong/Rensch for dumfries.
    3–Not calling for struijk,Malen and Lang…(this could channge though)
    My conclusion
    Daley Blind should watch from home and we should go with youri baas and Malacia ideally…Daley has enough experience as looser we dont want such type of experience..

  5. I am praying that frenkies injury is just a precaution, as much as I would detest the idea of not seeing frenkie start every game but it became scary how much oranje depends on him, I always thought that the only midfielder with frenkie-like qualities is gravenberch and that he needs to start one of the matches instead of frenkie; I am glad that van gaal called him to replace frenkie and I hope he starts him, he is the only one who dares to run forward with the ball and make a dribbling or two to open up the field for everyone….

      1. Tiju, you were on a roll with good insights, but this is simply nonsense :-). At Ajax, Schone played the holding mid, allowing Frenkie to play in a 4-2-3-1 system. At Barca, they have one pivot. His role is simply different.

        1. @Jan i dont follow Barca any more…i dont care about them..i care only about memphis and De jong..i agree on what you said on roles of Frenkie at ajax and barca…Frenkie for me is the best midfeilder on planet now..i would take him above Delcan rice and many more…there is reason Gavi and pedri surpassing him at barca..i think this has to do with barca coaching system…he should have joined Ten haag at Manu…i also i hope Van gaal takes backs him to old form at NT..Frenkie looked rusty at times..in NT…i am worried about him ar Farcalona(i cannot stand this club)..

  6. I have my hopes set on Taylor. I think Taylor and Berghuis as pivots will work. Taylor on De Bruyne (if he plays).

    I must say, this time around I am not as positive as the analysts and the media (and the players). The win was nice, but Poland was very weak. We had 60% possession. We had two (!) shots on goal.

    We had the ball a lot but created…what?… 5 chances? Of which two went in.

    We had the opportunity to create 1 chance every five minutes! Which would be 9 chances per half. We should have led 3-0 by half time.

    Dumfries on the right had several chances to play the ball one-touch forward. He didn’t.

    Memphis had the option to play a similar assist as Dumfries did on Gakpo, but went for his own success. Understandable, but do this at 0-3 not at 0-1.

    More than once, the 5 forwards (Bergwijn, Gakpo, Memphis, Blind, Dumfries were standing back to goal in one line. Waiting for something. No vertical runs, to drop deep and create space and no runs in behind.

    Several times, Bergwijn or Memphis had the chance to play a quick release but they dribbled and chopped and turned to no avail.

    This Poland should have been beaten 0-5.

  7. On Weghorst, I would think he is still the best target man we have, his physical presence and aerial threat. He should have a place in final 26. Though Janssen played relatively well in this game, got to say he and the entire team ain’t really tested given the low tempo of the game. Feel he will struggle in high pace game which will surely be in the WC.
    Noa Lang should make the final squad. He is still the one with the trickery and unpredictability which we will need. I don’t see anyone else in the current team. We need someone with the swagger, confidence and ☆ dust I feel.
    Certainly the team is playing with discipline and organized, and not conceding a lot. Just like the Ajax’95 team I feel.

    1. You forgot Danjuma? I think he is our best forward, better than Memphis and Bergwijn. Just injured a bit much.

      I don’t see it in Weghorst. He’s not the best at anything. De Jong is the better header of the ball and the more intelligent player. Brobbey and Janssen are better target man in hold up play. Weghorst lacks technique (like Dumfries), speed (like Blind and Janssen) and heading qualities. When he played in Holland, he couldn’t head the ball. He trained on it and is a decent header of the ball but no one is better than Luuk de Jong.

      I would take Brobbey/Janssen and Luuk de Jong as impact strikers.

  8. Watched England vs italy…england has no chance with this stupid coach southgate…dimwit was playing the best winger saka as LB..what a joker…..and harry kane is not much better than luuk dejong…what harry kane can do.,,luuk de jong can also do…
    loved Hungary what a team with character…amazing charecters than players….i dont know where Ferenc is now…

    1. Good question! I will message Ferenc! I also rate our friend Frenkie but Thiago Alcantara is the best midfielder, with Kevin De Bruyne. Frenkie comes somewhere behind them, and Kimmich and Kroos

  9. i still wish Harry kane played against ajax cl semi when they faced spurs..without moura they would never have scored 3 goals..which haary kane can only dream off…Haary is better version of Luuk De jong..i wonedr how much these english players are overrated..

  10. Sharing below what I find is a very good analysis and which is clearly evident in Ajax’s play when I watched. Man U now also; McTominay dropping into defence when Martinez/Raphane moves into midfield. The NT under LVG now plays similar; many combination plays and movement around inter-changing position.


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