Oranje’s future

Young Oranje would usually be the vanguard for the Oranje future, but the two strikers Zivkovic and Sam Lammers demonstrated against Young Scotland why these two will never reach the top. It seems Young Oranje again will miss out on a big tournament.

The strikers in the Under 17 and Under 19 teams however did show their class. Daishawn Redan, skipper of the EC title winner and now striker of Under 19 did what he always does: score. And Myron Boadu, of AZ, did the same.

It was a week in which the KNVB deployed their new strategy. “Closer to the clubs”. The aim is to get clubs to be more generous with allowing their talents to play international matches. By organising matches vs England for instance, as the English seem to dominate all the youth tournaments. Director Football Development Art Langerer: “All our youth teams struggle against England, we had two defeats, one draw and one win this week. But I think that is good. We need good opponents to grow.”

Oranje does seem to win all the matches vs the weaker nations, as Under 19 wiped Israel away, Under 18 beat Russia and Under 19 crushed the Czechs 5-1.

Another problem the KNVB faces is the focus on the ball. Erwin van der Looi, the Young Oranje coach, has many good attacking midfielders to pick from but they all play in the ball. “I am having a hard time finding one midfielder with depth, who runs in behind. Only Guus Til, but he’s now close to the senior team. It’s a bit un-Dutch apparently.” The club do pick it up now and at Ajax, young Dani de Wit is a player who has that penetrative power. The youth coaches of the 15 year olds and working now to generate more different types of midfielders. Langerer: “It is time we also assess players for their work off the ball.” We have been lauding the likes of Redan (Chelsea), Boadu (AZ) and Ihattaren (PSV) for their creativity on the ball and rightly so, but we need other types of players too.

Another project Langerer started are the so-called master classes. Getting the exceptional talents together for a coaching day with Ronald Koeman, or semi-retired coaches like Van Marwijk or a coach in between jobs Peter Bosz or Frank de Boer. Why couldn’t Peter Bosz for instance analyse an up coming opponent of Oranje? Bosz: “Yes, that was mentioned to me, and why not? If it fits the schedules, bring it on.”

With all these supportive activities to bring Dutch football back to where it belongs, it is time for check in on our Golden Boys. We have Mathijs de Ligt already as Ajax skipper, Frenkie de Jong as new Oranje playmaker, Donyell Malen has presented himself at PSV, Malacia is a starter at Feyenoord. We do seem to have some spectacular talents. Lets have a look with Piet de Visser (master scout for Chelsea) and Aad de Mos.

De Visser – 83 years old- has seen them all. He saw Cruyff, Keizer and Van Hanegem break, he was there when the generation Van Basten and Gullit presented themselves all the way via Sneijder and Van Persie and Robben to the current lot of talents. “These waves of talents, they sometimes skip a generation. It always comes in waves. But, I think we have some players with amazing potential. I’ll name De Ligt and Fosu-Mensah as examples. De Ligt has a wonderful personality as well. He knows when he makes mistakes and works on it during the week. This is so underrated, a player working on himself, being self-motivated. Fosu-Mensah is a beast and is making big steps in the PL. I can really see a new stream of tremendous players come through.”

De Visser is still working and scouting for Chelsea. The old master is annoyed with the criticism the London based club gets. “Chelsea doesn’t sign the talents for the trade, as some people suggest. They really make development plans for every talent. The Chelsea talents play at a high level and play 40 matches on top level every season. And when they make it to the squad for the first team, the club wants to loan them out, so they can get experience and Chelsea is happy to pay the salaries of the players. And when players do want to leave, Chelsea won’t block them. Look at Bruma, Ake and Van Aanholt. They have done really well for themselves.”

De Visser is very excited about the current lot at Chelsea: Daishawn Redan and Juan Castillo. Both made their move in 2016, from Ajax to Chelsea. And Redan in particular impresses.

“Redan is an ice cool striker. It’s something unfathomable isn’t it. The ability to be cool and collected and score. It’s hard to train too, you have to have it. Redan is very explosive and quick. Redan scored 20 times in 24 international games for Oranje Under 17. Redan scored four times in five matches in the Youth League for Chelsea, and lost the finals vs Barcelona.

Juan Castillo is a creative midfielder. A player with good vision and a killer pass. He is less developed than Redan but according to De Visser, this can change just like that with youngsters.

Aad de Mos is not too positive about these youngsters making their move abroad so early. “I think most are being lured by their agents. Isn’t it much better for these kids to have two seasons of Eredivisie football in their backpack. Take De Ligt, do you think he would play 34 matches for Man City, if he’d go there? No. It’s important to play. Now Justin Kluivert is a benchwarmer at Roma. Why? He could have played Champions League football with Ajax this season.”

Joshua Zirkzee made his first minutes for Bayern Munich in the preseason and even scored his first goal. He made the move in the summer of 2017 from Feyenoord to Munich and the competition there is killing.

Tahith Chong is also from the Feyenoord Academy and made his way to Man United in 2016. He impressed in their youth system and as a left footed right winger has a Robbenesque signature move. He’s also quite mature and doesn’t mind making dirty yards for the team. Mourinho took him along to the US in the preseason and used him vs Club America, against which he had an assist.

Imannuel Pherai was transferred to Dortmund in the 2017 summer from the AZ Academy. The holding mid had a tremendous season with AZ under 16. Ajax and Man United were eager to sign the right legged playmaker. He’s got a good shot and is a fierce tackler as well. He is said to have qualities rarely seen in German kids.

Bobby Adekanye came to Holland from Nigeria at a young age. He started with the amateurs and was picked up by Ajax. In 2011 he moved to Barcelona and came to PSV in 2014. After that, he made his move to Liverpool. The 19 year old can play all attacking positions.

Nathangelo (all those names!) Markelo. A surname from Volendam, a first name and appearance from somewhere exotic. Markelo made his move from Volendam straight to the EPL. The Oranje youth international (right back) is playing in Unsworth’s under 23 team for Everton. The right footer can also play in midfield.

Javairo Dilrosun switched from Ajax to Man City in 2014 and when he was released there, he signed for Hertha BSC. The left winger made his debut already in the Bundesliga and has his first assist. Speed is his friend.

Leandro Fernandes is a central midfielder, who moved from PSV to Juventus. He went along with Juve to the Champions Cup, like Zirkzee and Chong and he played vs Bayern, Benfica, MLS All Stars and Real Madrid. A real playmaker, who played for all rep team in Holland and is hoping to get his debut for Juve this season.

Last but not least, Arnaut Danjuma Groeneveld. He signed for Club Brugge and will make his debut in the Champions League. “This kid will play in Oranje in 3 years time.” At NEC we knew him as Arnaut Groeneveld, at Club, he will play with Danjuma on his back. Aad de Mos, who follows the Belgian competition like the Dutch one, has seen if within 45 minutes. Danjuma made his debut for Club and De Mos tweets: “The Dutch top clubs were caught napping again. A top player signed for Club Brugge!”. Now Arnaut is a big name in Belgium, everybody wants a piece of him. Club Orange is the nickname of Club Brugge now. Ryan Donk started the Dutch invasion, Ruud Vormer is their playmaker, Denswil is a starter, Vermeer and Clasie went there and now we see Amrabat there as well. And now Danjuma, how did he get there? Well, it started with PSV Eindhoven but two years ago he left to play for NEC, as he was plagued by injuries and never got into a PSV team. He impressed there, so much so that interest came quickly. Danjuma: “It’s a myth that the Dutch top clubs didn’t come. They did. There was interest from all over, Germany, Italy, England and France. But I follow my intuition. Club Brugge is the right step up for me. And they really wanted me. I need to feel that. And yes, Man City was also in the race, I can say that much.” The Nigerian born could also select Nigeria, even though he played for Oranje in the youth team. “The Dutch national team is my dream, but I also feel African. I would seriously consider playing for them, but my real desire is to get to the Oranje senior team.”


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  1. Imagine when Chong, Kluivert, Dilrosun, Groeneveld, Bergwijn, Boadu, Redan, Malen will be fighting for the spot. This is when competition will take its course and bring the best out of each position.

    Backline also with Pierie, van Drongelen, schuurs, Van den Berg, van Gerldern, obispo.

    Midfield I think will take some beating until somebody really comes up and makes a big statement,like to that of Nouri maybe. Wait and see game I guess. The player that excities me and somewhat going on his own accord off the radar is Sam Van Huffel. I think he is player with self ambition and is trying to make it big from low club.he is currently with the ADO Den Haag u21 after retrning from trials at Leicester city. Again time will tell if he is able to take the next level.

  2. Vorm had a good game apparently between the sticks for Tottenham. The rampage liverpool attack threw everything at him and had him flying in all angles.couldnt have done much on either goals.

  3. Myron Boadu got seriously injuried (ankle) again. Although the newspaper does not say how serious the injury is, I suspect he will be absent for 2-3 months. Very bad luck for a boy. Idrissi also got injuried.

      1. Damn, not the start I wanted to have to the week. when finally it was starting to fall into place and then another lightening strikes.indeed a tragic news for him. hope he recovers fast.

        AZ any update on Mahers performance.

        1. Wilson, I did not see the game. It was 5:30 am in US, when AZ started the game. However, he was allowed to play in his favorite role #10. I think, he will get more and more time to play as VdB will be shifting to 4-4-2 system.

    1. I saw the footage and believe me, it’s a very bad injury. The ankle was basically dangling lose from the leg. It got stuck on the pitch while he got tackled. It will be ligaments and bones :-(.

  4. Finally, Jan you started analyzing the list of talents that I have listed a couple months ago (which I have been kept updating btw). However, I think you are over optimistic again.

    First Juan Castillo is a LB now, no longer a midfielder. Second, below is a post I made about Dutch Youth system development problem from U18-U21. From last 8 years, very few of our super star U17 players ended up being a super star for our National Team. And if you look at these many disturbing results from our teams from U18-U21. I am not sure if we should be that optimistic about the future.

    Let’s face it we have a huge problem from U-18 to U-21. Our lads lag behind at this period. Our youth coach for these teams made horrible mistakes. Let’s take a look at our embarrassing results for the last couple years from these teams and you will see this is not just one game issue but a system issue, a youth development issue.It started as early as 2010 or maybe even earlier.

    0:3 Portugal
    0:3 Poland
    1:4 Turkey
    0:2 Austria
    2:4 USA
    0:2 Scotland
    0:4 Germany
    1:3 England
    1:4 England
    1:1 Northern Ireland
    0:2 Russia
    1:4 Czech
    0:3 England
    1:4 France
    0:1 Austria
    1:3 Greece
    0:6 France
    1:4 Portugal
    0:1 Cyprus
    1:6 Germany
    1:2 Georgia
    0:1 Ireland
    1:5 France
    0:2 Scotland
    1:4 Germany
    1:4 England
    1:2 Norway
    2:4 Norway
    0:3 Ireland U21
    0:4 Germany
    0:1 Czech
    0:3 England
    0:1 Poland
    1:3 Czech
    1:3 Ukraine
    1:2 Scotland
    0:1 Czech
    0:3 Sweden
    0:1 Macedonia
    0:3 Italy
    0:1 Czech
    0:3 Austria
    0:3 Spain
    0:1 Georgia
    0:1 Slovakia
    0:1 Isarel
    1:3 Slovakia
    2:4 Slovakia
    1:4 France
    1:3 USA U23
    0:4 France U20
    2:2 Belarus
    0:2 Scotland
    0:1 Austria
    1:2 Scotland
    1:4 Belgium
    1:1 Paraguay U20

    It is one thing to occasionally have an embarrassing match, it is another if you regularly do that. We have to face it, our youth development from U18 up is horrible.

  5. Another thing is dutch talents seem to be cursed with injuries. First Nouri, who I think is even a much better talent than Freekie De Jong. Then Stengs, now Boadu…. It just kept haunting our talents. I even had a feeling earlier this month that Boadu might get injured, and now it happened unfortunately. Compared to Youth English players, our youth players durability and physicality is much worse.

    1. And our bench is still quite thin. I can see Freekie De Jong become a super star in the years to come, but when he is injured, which talent is close to his level to step up, the answer currently is none. And do not forget Freekie De Jong is a quite injury prone player in his youth.

        1. The thing is we still have not even figured out our regular 11 yet, this should be figured out first before we start thinking about the bench, we are just too slow as forming a group. Koeman has been wasting time making same mistakes at some positions, like Blind at CB and Gini and Strootman together on the field.

  6. And remember, 4-5 years ago, Dutch media was boasting about how we have 3 Cristiano Ronaldo to be talents. Depay, Kishna, El Ghazi, and now only Depay can be called a star….

  7. Also our U15 Super talents Noah Ohio (Man City)and Malcom Ebiowei(Arsenal) both represented England U16 recently, with Noah scoring a goal and Malcom giving an assist. Again KNVB did nothing.

  8. is it me or Kjell Scherpen really looks a giant in the top photo of the u19S.he is a regular for newly promoted FC Emmen who are enjoying top flight football in eredivisie.

      1. I would rather have potential GKs playing in low clubs and making their way up to that of playing in top clubs where they may not be tested to the fullest just because they have better defenders infront of them. I mean you look at Justin Bijlows mistake vs Scotland.it was amateurish at best but he is still a starter at feyenoord.

        Being said this they will always be shadowed by the gks playing in top 3 and like other players most probably will have to look out of eredivisie to pursue greater hieghts.this was the same issue that led to drommel withdrawning from the u21s knowing he wont get the nod over Bijlow. No suprises here and is very common when it comes to dutch football. They simply dont look at the aspect of healthy competition which can be effective in rainy days and the same time adding considerable depth to the side. Understandably one could say it was a important qualifier and Bijlow was the top choice but the rotation policy is something that has deprived Drommel of competing with Bijlow.

        1. Bijlow has been a top GK for each age group for last couple years, as early as U17. The kid is more talented than other GKs of the same age no question, all GK would have their mistake moments, the important thing is if they learn from their mistakes. He just need a full season of starting job then he will develop much more.

          1. No doubt but like I said there will be rainy days and the backup too have to be up to the level of his No 1 or near his best. Only a good rotation can embark this. You look at Padt for exmple, given on a day if cillessen and zoet getqgetq injured and if it is an important game, what you expect from?

  9. Watched the extended highlights of AZ and Feyenoord.poor Boadu, the injury looked horrific.his ankle got tangeled underneath Boettibgthin body.just after the injury, the camera was focused on stengs who wad watching from the stands. The question arises now, will boadu injury open the door to another young prospect from the academy . AZ ,do you think this will open doors for Ferdy Druijf

    1. There is no other super talents currently in AZ any more. All the goods ones are injured. Stengs, Boadu, Helmer. And Winzdal has not been able to find much playing time as Ouwejan has been playing ok. Ferdy Druijf is good on Eerste Divisie stage but not a super talent.

  10. It’s so shame all of our new generation of coach failed abroad with higher level of leagues Koeman,Boer, Cocu, Bosz, Seedorf, Stam, Kluivert, Hassenbank, David. If VBk, Bomel, ten Hag go out , it’s likely same.

  11. This season’s quite promising as we can see lot of dutch talents to play at CL

    Ajax: Ligt, Eiting, de Jong, Schurr, Seirhui, de Beek, de Wit

    PSV: Berwijng, Rosario, Teze, Ramselaar, Dumfries, Malen

    Abroad: Depay, TeTe, Kluivert, Kardorf, Denswil, Danjuma, Vrij,Bazoer, Brenet, Hoogna, Dijk, Wijnaldum

    Likely no chance for Zirkee, Fernandes, Chong i guess

  12. After 0-4 lose at Campnou, we all realize no hope at all for our PSV with their group stage, they should utilize 6 games to get more experience with higher level football then done, for Ajax they have some chances so let’s see.

    1. Zoet came up with some good saves but unfortunately couldn’t do much on either goals.probably the best player for PSV. On another note what can you expect when you are playing with Luuk vs team like Barcelona.

    2. PSV were huge underdogs going into the game playing away at the Camp Nou. Up until the 70th min or so, they were playing a decent game. They had some good chances to score but they lacked the accuracy.

      After Dembele’s goal, they got sloppy. They also tried to be more offensive and throw more bodies forward. They gave Barca space to operate. Maybe fatigue was also an issue after chasing the ball around.

      Losing 1-0 at the Camp Nou is not a bad result under the circumstances. Losing 4-0, however, not only disrupts the goal differential but is also psychologically not reassuring. We shall see how they bounce back.

      At this point, whatever slim chance they had of qualifying is almost gone. Nothing is over after one game. Who knows if they surprise us versus Inter or Tottenham. I guess at the end of the day, the experience of playing the best in the world is the most valuable thing for the young players.

  13. Liverpool made a huge statment beating PSG 3-2 and finally it looks like Klopp has brought in the depth factor in the team which came to haunt them last season in the final. they will be unstoppable this season with the way they are emerging with the new squad and with Ox still yet to come back from injury. Must say Van Dijk had a good game both defensively and offensively and the front three of PSG looked well contained.wijnaldum also put in a good shift and looked dangerous when inside the box. was fouled in the box which led to the penalty. they will be the team to toi beat this season. van Dijk and Gomez partnership is also turning out to be solid one and come NT, it should continue with De Ligt.

    watched the Inter and Tottenham and I must De Vrij looked slow especially when ericksen was releasing those over the top balls.this is what I was emphasizing all this time. he lacks that off the block speed.

  14. Did anyone follow mr olympia 2018. Absolute classic. From the built up, to press confrence to the dethroning of 7 times Mr Olympia. Flexatron Shawn Rhoden.never give up.

  15. I actually see hope in PSV’s match with Barcelona. The game got away from them in the 75th minute—some great individual plays by guys who are paid millions to make such plays, plus a small mistake by Hendrix (he came in at a bad angle allowing Dembele to spin between the two defenders). But until then, it was a 1-0 game only by courtesy of a superb free kick by Messi. Plus, even though Barsa was controlling the ball, it wasn’t as if they were streaming through with chance after chance. In fact, in the first half, PSV probably had more quality looks at goal.

    What impressed me most, however, was that unlike in your past when Dutch teams played a big team on the road and looked like the proverbial deer in the highlights, they didn’t seem scared. Van Bommel gave them a formation, a plan and belief. It all fell apart late, but there were good things to take from the match.

    Lets see what happens with Inter coming to Eindhoven. I think it will be very competitive.

    And as far as Netherlands’ future goes, I continue to be impressed with Bergweijn, Rosario and Dumfries.

    1. Psv on right way of developing, but this group is too strong for them

      Ajax-Athen 3-0, Ajax dominated away game vs Athen=> very positive for them in this group

      Lyon & Depay really good vs City

    2. Wow, we are really lowering the bar. Couple season back, Ajax was able to compete against Real/Barca/Man City, in some matches even have good amount of possession. Now we are optimistic things after losing Barca… Remember couple years back Utrecht was even able to put up a fight against Liverpool. Now our bar is just too low.

        1. Dont think so, its simply with time eredivisie has been gradually loosing its sustainability to the point now that they longer can keep up with top teams. You look at the Europa league when Bosz was the coach at Ajax. They looked impressive through out the course of the competition but in the final, Man United made them look plain. They are in a easier pool this seadon and have good chance of qualifying into the second round.this could well bring up the coefficient and also secure direct CL qualification.

      1. I guess we have to accept the reality. Not to sound pessimistic but Dutch football in general (clubs and Oranje) has been on a gradual decline. It’s good to see some promising change in the right direction even if it is baby steps.

        From a financial standpoint, Eredivisie clubs no longer can compete with the best. Unless the likes of Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord get taken over by rich sugar daddies, the only viable option is to develop talented players and sell them for a decent profit.

        Watching Ajax versus AEK yesterday, they have a very good quality side. The real test will be against Bayern Munich. If they handle their business well, they should get a decent return when some of these players like Frenkie, De Ligt, Ziyech, Tagliafico, Neres, Onana eventually make a transfer to bigger leagues. That money can then be used to offer better contracts to hold on to promising players coming up the ranks. If these players can stay in the Eredivisie a little longer to mature and develop before leaving too early, then the negative cycle can be broken or at least the damage can be mitigated.

  16. Lyon deployed 4-4-2 vs city and I must admit, it was quiet ballzy to try it vs City. Depay was to the top with the freedom to move either side while fekir was behind him. It did work quiet well but When Depay was been pulled towards the flank, there was no one in the middle and he didnt have much luxury to dribble around the city defense.I think there was one occasion he broke clear but his shot got deflected and went wide.I think the more he plays in the central role the better for him and what I like about him now is he keeps drifting all over the park. Lyon need a striker like Aguero who is more a runner to partner Depay up. It worked well when Mariano Diaz was playing as the central striker.

  17. Recently results are quite positive for Oranges

    We dominate & won Portugal of Ronal, lose world champion away game only 1 goal. We are on right track & hope to get back level where wre.

    At the moment, i think we have only 4 world class player.

    Van dijk: No doubt one of the best & top 1 expensive defender in Pl & the world he can put Mbappe in his pocket.

    Depay: 1 hand to helped Lyon to Cl, dominated MC players away game last match CP won for Lyon. He became more mature now & now ready to carry big club & country.

    de Ligt: Very near level to van Dijk,Captain Ajax at 18 y/o, playing as 30 y/o boy, almost solid many game, able to made Ronaldo silent.

    de Jong: enen more potential than Depay, look back last game vs France & Athen to see why so many big clubs pursue him & ajax has to ask 80$ at least. Match with France i see that even he dominated Pogba, Kante, he very confident & possessing so many good skill & mature.When he was controll the ball France player know that’s impossible to catch him.

    Wijnadum, Vihelna, de Beek, Promes are good players but unable to be world class level i believe.

    Only 4, maybe not enough so we hope that Steng, Fosu, Boadu, Redan, Kluivert, Chong, Dilrosun, Malen will be on right way to become top level.

    Look at France thay have maybe around 10 world class players now Mbappe, Kante, Pogba, Crizeman, Hloric, Benzema, Matuidi, Embele, Varan, Umtiti & so mayny good players.

      1. Groeneveld danjuma had a good game vs Dortmund in CL but since he is playing at wingback he constantly on a back foot defending as dortmund dominated possession. In attack he looked very dangerous as well.

        It will be intresting to see out of kluivert, bergwijn and him, who can take it to the next level and become a starter in NT. I rated this guy highly since he was at NEC and I think he will pip both bergwijn and kluivert to become a big name in NT.

    1. We are really a good team when we dont play klassen,brunomartins indi,Strootman,Dost and Daley Blind as CB…Cillessen is better than Zoet..
      Its all about picking the right players first.then making them as team..
      We have some less quality players like Annholt,promes,etc…not great but occasioanlly good.
      We have some top players like Dejong,Deligt,Vandijk,karsdorp,kongolo,mensah,Devrij,De beek,etc with stengs and boadu coming up..

  18. Yes, saw the game. He looked good, two assists. Made space with his dribbling and speed, then was precise with his crosses on the two goals. Agree with Ruud, Hertha is a good place for him. Their coach is demanding a high work rate, and he spends a lot of time tracking back, being defensibly responsible. If he continues to play like this, he’ll force a call up.

      1. i watched that game & see that Kluivert a little bit nervous, maybe Coach not allow him to place as his nature, he wasted some opportunities but at least he had some paces, other players of Roma have nothing in that game.

        1. You could say that, like Depay and others his strong hold is also cutting inside from that left. The syndrome is same. He cant take on one to many and this was very evident in the pre season. In eredivisie he used to get the freedom of space to cut back inside from the left flank but serie A is another level and even the bottom feeder clubs have rugged defenders. Being said it makes sense to have him start on the right so that his option are limited to more crosses which could be more ambitious in getting goals especially with a striker like Dzeko around. I think the problem for Roma is their backline. Fazio and Jesus are every defenders and florezi is make shift RB. They need some reinforcement in the CB department.

    1. I think Groeneveld is ready to start for NT and since he is playing wingback at Club brugge, he should get the nod there should Koeman opt for wingback system. He will have a bullet start of the blocks. Being said this it hard to see both him and Depay playing on the same flank.

      Im not sure about NT but some worrying signs for him at Lyon.competition is intenstfying now with the fekir back from injury and with the arrival of Moussa dembele from celtic and jus like at Man united he is starting to look shallow again and this can be confirmed from when he is not playing to when he playing. He lacks a strikers menatilty and you often see him loittering around in the box expecting loose balls to come tp his feet. Cant blame him for this but now with demeble in the picture who is a central striker, things could change especially when it comes to being clincal in front of goal.it will be intresting to see how rotation works with everybody in the mainfold.

  19. Klaasen is actually really good you guys are fake fans for sleeping on him and excluding him from the national team he is one of the best midfielders we have

  20. Liverpool winger Bobby Adekanye performances for Liverpool U-23 team this season caught the eye of manager Jurgen Klopp, who invited him to train with the first team during this month’s international break.Now he is considering switch to nigeria. Is KNVB knowing all this and Koeman

    1. There is a big queue in the wing department. Groeneveld, Dilrosun, kluivert, idrissi, malen, Bergwijn, Zivkovic. How can koeman overlook this guys and give the nod to Bobby Adekanye who is still playing for the u23s. Chong is also in the same boat and unless they break in the first team they wont have much chances even at u21 level. Eredivisie is always rated highly when ut comes to selection and if you are playing out of eredivisie you have to be good or playing for top first team.

      1. I don’t see any potential idrissi,Zivkovic to be hostest. It’s better if we can develop Malen as central forward along side with Redan, Boadu, Vente

        Steng, Chong, Groeneveld, Dilrosun, kluivert, Bergwijn. have massive potential for the wings

    1. Hertha are looking good this season and I think koeman should look at Karim Rekik also.has also been a force in the backli ne for hertha.

      Justin hoogma also made his debut for hoffenhiem but could not keep a clean sheet.lost 2-1 to RBL.

      Watched chelsea and liverpool and van Dijk showed in this game why he is a world class defender. First time for me too see him sprinting back like a 100 m runner and defusing WILLAN. Stunner from sturridge.

  21. Locadia also started for Brighton vs Man City up front as a striker but didnt see alot of ball.could only provide arieal threat and that was pretty much it. But again brighton was on back foot through out the game.

    1. The question you have to ask youself is do you need him.if yes in what position? I would say the attacking midfielder spot is up for grabs but potential wise you have to look at player who have better ceiling than him. Wijnaldum tops that list because he is playing at liverpool which like daley blind when at United will always be an argument point. Then there are others like VDBeek, or any one from the ajax contingent who will always get the benefit of doubt simply because Ajax>weder Bremen. Remember van dijk (celtic) vs Veltman ( Ajax).

      Van ginkel, clasie, Maher all have better ceiling than klassen but some what are trying to get their career back on track.lets see what happens there.sinkgraven also, it will intresting to see what Ten Hag does with him when he returns from Injury.

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