Why Koeman can’t ignore Stengs

Calvin Stengs is 20 years old. If you deduct his year of being badly injured, he’s actually only 19 years old… When he came on the scene, some two years ago, we could all see how special he could become. Some players are not “discovered” by any scout, as even Stevie Wonder could see how talented this lad was.

Let’s analyse him.

Positional Intelligence

In today’s world, wingers play on the wrong flank, given their favorite foot. Robben started life as a left winger. As did Berghuis. And dozens of others, who ended up playing on the right wing. The so-called Inverted Winger. Calvin Stengs is one of those. Like Ziyech at Ajax, a gifted left footer on the right wing. But Stengs can’t be compared to Robben or even Leroy Sane. He looks a bit like Sane, he even walks a bit like him, but Stengs is one of those wingers who doesn’t rely on speed. He’s not slow, by all means, but he will not bamboozle opponents with explosive sprints or dazzling speed. If you have to compare the young AZ player, you probably end up with Angel di Maria, who is reborn at PSG.

He will start on the team sheet as right winger. But he will do most damage in the half space on the right, while the AZ right back Svensson will cover the channel on the right with overlaps. The interaction between these two and the timely passing of midfielders Midtsjo and Koopmeiners are the foundations of Stengs play.

But it’s not a one-trick pony gameplay, here. AZ also used the variance, of having the back dive into the half space, and allowing Stengs to drift all the way to the touch line.

Stengs loves to wonder in a free role and when he really gets the space he needs, he can create threatening situations from nothing. Sometimes, Stengs will pop up in the half space on the left, starting a combination with left winger Idrissi. It’s the intelligence of Wijndal, the left back playing wide and high usually, and the covering runs of Dani de Wit who will take Stengs position on the right hand side of the field.

Stengs popping up in the left half space to confuse the opponent

Stengs is also really comfortable playing on the “10” position and using his smarts and positioning to keep opponents busy, and keeping them from putting pressure on AZ Full backs, like Stengs did vs PSV. His midfield play kept Doan from pressuring Wijndal. Stengs will use his positioning skills to play in between the lines and once in possession he usually can find the killer pass, as he did in the game vs PSV, taking 3 or 4 opponents out with one pass.

Stengs dropping deep to force Doan to follow, allowing for Wijndal to get in possession

In Oranje, Koeman uses the 4-2-3-1 formation, with the right winger more on the half space while left back Daley Blind usually positions himself as a third central defender and starts the build up play. As a result, Dumfries (or whoever is right back) gets the freedom to move up into the area vacated by the right winger. This right winger position is therefore ideal for Stengs, who loves to wander and roam and who can easily play the role of all midfielders. With his versatility and intelligent positioning, it will be easier for the real left winger (Malen, Promes, Bergwijn) to play his part.

Functional skills

AZ scored four times vs PSV and with three of them, Stengs individual class was on display. Before the opening goal, the 20 year old does something remarkable. When Boadu keeps the ball in field, after a header by Wijndal, Stengs becomes available as a result of a smart little run. When Boadu plays into Midtsjo who dribbles towards the right, Stengs is running along in the same direction. But suddenly he stops. This results in him being completely unmarked behind Erick Gutierrez. Stengs than plays a killer pass into Boadu. The pass gets the applause, but Stengs’ movement deserves as much kudos.

The freedom Stengs creates for himself in between the lines

The second goal is a real team goal, yes with a magical dropkick by Midtsjo, but Stengs again is the architect. First, he controls a loose ball really well, then he loses 3 PSV players with one-two shimmies. He has a touch and go with Midtsjo and then opens on the right, where Svensson and Sugawara are in a two vs one situation. His assist for the 3-0 was quite simple but still smart. PSV is looking to get back into the game. Svensson passes into Stengs who is one on one with left back Sadilek. His typical dribble style will put the fear of God in the PSV defender: short steps, lots of touches, relatively straight back but with a plan. He wants to dribble diagonally inside, knowing that Svensson will be on his moped on the right flank. Stengs makes Sadilek believe he’ll go for goal, by emulating that body style. But he passes the ball gently to Svensson who finishes: 3-0. (see below)

Whether Stengs is Holland’s best winger is debatable, but the big plus is that he can play in different styles: running in between the lines, acrobatic individual skills and dribbling, to allow his team mates to score.


He is involved in eightteen goals (18) this season (in 20 official games). Eight goals and ten assits. His productivity is the result of his individual qualities, yes, but also the result of the way AZ plays under Arne Slot. Stengs, like Boadu and Idrissi, doesn’t need any time to think in finding the right positions on the pitch.

Stengs productivity is not the result of luck. Only Dusan Tadic, Steven Bergwijn and Brian Smeets (the Sparta revelation this season) created more chances for team mates than Stengs (19). Also, the number of shots on goal (26) brings him in the top 10 of the Eredivisie. Stengs is super productive thanks to his skill set but also because Slot organises his team around these qualities. It will be interesting to see how Stengs’ productivity will fair in Oranje…

Stengs waiting for the cross, as a real right winger here…

Work Ethic

When Arne Slot is asked about Astana attacker Rotariu, who played for AZ in the past, he says: “He is very skilled on the ball, but we wanted more from him without it. He had difficulty with that. When you look at Calvin, and his work ethic… I mean, he can do anything with a ball but he works like a horse when we don’t have it.”

The statistics support this. Stengs has won the ball back more times (55) than Boadu and Idrissi together (54)! By positioning himself smartly in between centre back, full back and holding mid, Stengs can jump at any given time on a risky pass in the build up of the opponent. This is a situation vs Heracles Almelo.

Stengs, in red with jersey 7, putting pressure via his “jump” on the left back, who is about to lose possession

He also supports his team mates, even on his own half. A risky pass by Joey Konings goes beyond him but he sees with a carpenter’s eye that the ball is not good enough so he can put pressure on the receiver, with Svensson, to win the ball back.

Stengs recognises the risky pass and aids Svensson in putting pressure on, on his own half

This work rate and defensive smarts make him a real target for the big top clubs and of course for Oranje. Most talented forwards coming through the systems lack this defensive awareness and willingness to work for the team. This may not sound sexy, but the willingness and ability of players in the modern game to defend, to effectively put pressure on opponents are becoming crucial in top competitions (see Liverpool, Man City, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Ajax, Atletico Madrid, Dortmund). Stengs is not a speed train on the wing, and he’s also not a goal scoring forward, who gets 20+ goals, but his technical brilliance, his positional intelligence, versatility, productivity and work ethics make him a talent of the extraordinary category. Not bad for a lad who suffered a horror injury two years ago.

He will come into the Dutch squad and will probably never leave it again. He will most likely start, even, with Bergwijn injured, Malen uncertain and Berghuis in a form dip. And next? I can see Ziyech leave Ajax this coming summer and Stengs making a record move (25Mio? 30Mio?) to Ajax.

After two seasons Ajax, anything can happen. Liverpool, PSG, Bayern (with Ten Hag?), even Barcelona….

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  1. The only player i had feeling that we got something close to Vaart,RVP and Roben..Stengs all the way..
    @Jan you forgot one thing to add,After that horrendous injury,stengs has learned to anticipate injury movements and brilliantly avoids tackles as well,he realase the ball before tackles,and never do ttackle on others at awkword moment..This comes with experience..

  2. My heartfelt thanks to Mr Jan for posting this article on Calvin Stengs.

    It is going to be very interesting to see Stengs added into the Oranje squad. And i believe he can bring loads of energy and attacking power to the team.
    Well said Jan, Stengs is a dangerous player with great technical brilliance, positional intelligence, versatility, productivity and work ethics.
    I am looking forward on the coming up matches:
    Netherlands Vs Northern Ireland and Estonia.
    Hup Holland Hup !!!

  3. U17 team beat the US today, 4-0. Hansen had a very good game. Two goals and an assist. The first goal was high quality, close control and sharp finish in the box. After that, the game opened up because the US had to go for the win. He scored, converting a cross; and then he set up a third with a similar cross.

    If I’ve got things right, 4 third place teams advance, and if Argentina beats Tajikistan tomorrow, the Dutch U17’s would get the last of those four spots…but don’t hold me to it.

  4. Congratulation. Ihaterren choose netherland. Best choice for him and for us. He can be our new sneijder. I hope best now for psv to improve him. He is our supertalent and surely our best talent for now.

  5. Jan: can you honestly tell me now why you were so confident that ihattaren would have chosen oranje? I mean I really fear he would go for Morocco same as Ziyech and all the other Holland born Moroccans . Why Mo would be different

    Can you also share your thought how different oranje would be in future with ihattaren’s addition ? Really wanna hear your thoughts 🙂

    1. @Yan, affellay and van bommle is your answer. Also koeman did his best and Also rosario. Ihatteren is too close with rosario and dutch friends make his decition. I follow him on instagram and he was everywhere with rosario and too many pic with dutch jersey. All shows he feel orange.

    2. Yes, Faraz is correct. Mo was a big Afellay fan so there is that. He also played for Oranje in the youth system and has built strong relationships with team mates. He simply feels more Dutch than the other guys, I think. His mum cried of happiness apparently and I also think that today, players recognise the bright future they have with Oranje. Three years ago that was less the case.

      Lastly, I think Koeman made it clear to Mo that if he selects Oranje, he’ll be a key player (if he keeps his level up) whereas Ziyech, Mazraoui and others were never told this. In fact, Ziyech was never inspired by the Dutch management (Hiddink, Blind, Van Basten) as he was at Twente back then and still not as balanced as a person and player as he became later on with Ajax.

  6. Great article Jan.

    Can somebody be kind enough to make a comparison between stengs and Chong….getting excited about this new batch of talented dutch youngsters.

      1. Typical “headless chicken” comment from Tiju.

        Trust me, Juventus wants to sign Chong. ManU and Juve don’t sign headless chickens.

        Show some respect.

    1. Ziyech is not donkey,he felt for Morroco,He was insulted by Vanbasten..So he Choose Morrocco..that made sense…
      Dest was ignored by dutch u21 teams regular,he was sheltered by USMNT…so that makes sense..
      Ihatteren is more like De guzman,he feels for dutch,he sees future with dutch,He was regular for U21 teams..That makes sense..

  7. @ Gio

    stengs and chong are very similar type o0f players. the only difference is chong is not able to dictate the play at Man United like what stengs does at AZ Alkmaar. Chong is playing with players like Rashford, Martial, Lingard,James who are simply on another level. you can clearly tell from chongs movement when he plays, what his intentions are but its often that other players around him dont link up with him as they individually are more potent and industrious .in contrast if you compare , stengs at AZ,then he is probably their best and most skillful player and is more so a focal point and the players around him have a good understanding of his play.

    In chongs case he is in very similar situation like depay but he is still young and for a 18 year old I think , he has had a good exposure at top level compared to other 18s and 19s back in erdivisie. on a sad note he looks to have moved down and out of OGS plan. is not even on the bench these days. Juventus are latest club to be tracking him but I think he should have come back to eredivisie on loan when feyenoord opportunity came on his door steps

    1. That is good news for the NT about Ihatteren.

      Curious as to how you think the NT arranges itself with him?

      The way I see it, his talents (vision, imagination, superb passer) are best suited to play in the spot that Wijnaldum plays right now (and where Van De Beek probably is most effective), just behind the three forward, meaning an awful lot of competition for that one spot. Wijnaldum can move back a line and play next to Frenkie De Jong. But that still leaves Ihaterren and Van De Beek for that spot. Serious competition.

  8. Jan,

    I really liked your blog about Calvin but will push back on your last comment. Calvin will never be sold to Ajax. Does not matter how much Ajax pay, AZ will always ask more as players like Stengs, Boadu, and Wijndal are not born every day and AZ will make as much as possible money by selling them to the richest clubs of Europe for the incredibly high price (in total, ~150K euro for the trio). I hope that trio will be injury free and stay in AZ for another year or so. I think with this team and especially with Arne Slot, AZ have a great chance to become Dutch champion again. I always stress that and will do it again. The Arne Slot is the main author of AZ success, without him AZ would not have played they way how they do now. Fantastic coach.

  9. El Ghazi – Depay – Stengs


    frenkie – Wijnaldum

    wijndal-van Dijk – De Ligt – Karsdorp


    depay and Promes both could rove up and down.

    el gazi – Ariel threat

    stengs – AM/RW

    karsdorp and wijndal- two offensive fullbacks

    De jong and wijnaldum can concrete on defense when the fullbacks are caught upfront

        1. Krul finish the game before penalty shoot out by conceding 5 goals.. Krul was good penalty killer but worst on 90 min.. Bizot is penalty stopper and equally or better than cillessen on 90 minutes.. Cillessen concedes silly goals vs strong teams at wrong time.. His Valencia was schooled by Ajax. Valencia WA equally good as Ajax in that game. Chillachan concedeed 3 gaols. And so many easy goal vs Germany and France as well.. So Wat are u saying.. Open ur eyes go and watch valancia, nt and AZ alkmaar games.. U will come to know..

    1. If Bizot was a keeper of any calibre then some club on earth would be interested in buying him. I think it’s so funny when people here think they can see talent that top scouts in the world cannot.

      1. That was an atrocious comment to undermine our best gk. Virgil played for celtic.. Did u forget that.. Bizot is destined for high, he is a killer, he saves when team needs against tough opponents..

    2. In my opinion, Bizot is very reliable goalkeeper, he has tremendously improved compared to last year. I also believe that he is currently number 2 in the Netherlands after Jasper Cillissen

  10. Watching the travesty of the Chelsea-Ajax game I can’t but think that Ten Hag lacks personality. What coach just sits down and takes notes when 2 major players are absurdly dismissed within 1 minute. A Conte, Klopp or anyone with a few drops of blood in him would be yelling and screaming.

  11. Really bad luck two defender get red card in one sence and a penalty for chelsea. Really cannot belive it. It was 4-1 and then everything destroyed. The worst thing is ajax miss their two classic defender for lille game. Ajax destroyed in 10 minutes. Cannot belive what happened in that minute. Lucky chelsea. Really sad. Really

    1. Ajax and Ten Haag need to learn how to play defense. You can’t dominate every single opponent for 90 mins. Once you have built up a 4 – 1 lead, the manager has to consider some caution. Doesn’t mean parking the bus but you have to close down spaces, maintain defensive focus and make it difficult for the opponent to get back into the game.

      Blind is solely to blame for his rash challenge when he was already on a yellow. A straight red was a bit harsh but he would have got a second yellow and that would have meant the same thing. Of course, a straight red will cost him to miss the next game.

      The red to Veltman was very harsh. The referee was clearly biased against Ajax. He could have just given a penalty without any cards. I don’t understand the purpose of VAR if those in charge can’t make the right call.

      This draw feels like a loss. It could have been worse if Chelsea’s canceled goal counted. I hope they can take care of business versus Lille.

  12. For a team so technically gifted, Ajax don’t seem understand controlled possession.

    Martinez was awful the whole night, giving away the ball cheaply, loosing his man, often out of position.

    Veltman is a constant liability. A mistake waiting to happen. Please play Schurrs.

  13. The good news is benfica, zenit, and genk all lose their game. And it means really good for netherlsns coefficient. Also valencia win 4-1 which means ajax have to win againt lille in france without veltman and blind. I yhink alvarez and shurs will be our defender and another too many goals from two part will coming.

  14. Ajax is very entertaining but only knows one way of playing which limits their potential . That’s the way Ten Hag is programmed. He is the architect of this team and at the same time is the enemy. And players are so immature starting with Promes who caused the stupid foul on Willian which started the 2nd goal for Chelsea to Blind who for all the experience

    1. Ajax is very entertaining but only knows one way of playing which limits their potential . That’s the way Ten Hag is programmed. He is the architect of this team and at the same time is the enemy. And players are so immature starting with Promes who caused the stupid foul on Willian which started the 2nd goal for Chelsea to Blind who for all the experience lunges when already on a yellow. It will be tricky against Lille and especially Valencia. I hope Chelsea gets eliminated.

      1. Promes was one of best ajax player in the pitch. I think ajax player all play good. It is just about luck and about football. Ajax still can progress because the have better game than valencia and chelsea. If chelsea beat valencia then ajac just need a draw with valencia to go to next round and likle game is not important . If valencia beat chelsea then ajax need to win against lille.

      2. Yes, a lot of reckless challenges by Ajax players. You have to be 100% focused in games like these especially when you sense that the referee is biased against you on that day for whatever reason.

        The bad tackles started with Tagliafico in the box that resulted in the first penalty. They just scored a goal and give one away so needlessly within a minute. I thought I was watching Emery’s Arsenal!

        Willian’s tackle on Promes was a hard push. Promes should have gone down. It could have resulted in a free kick for Ajax. Instead, he wanted to let Willian know that he didn’t like what he did, so he retaliated. Promes did well last night so I wouldn’t hold that against him. But it still shows how you need to be focused and stay calm to consolidate your hard work and learn how to win games where you have all the advantage. That inability is what cost Ajax last season against Tottenham and it seems like it showed up again versus Chelsea.

        Ten Haag has a special team on his hands. It is a great opportunity to have a team that plays so well on offense but he has to learn how to defend as well in order to be successful at the highest stage.

  15. I have to say congratulation to ten hag. No coach in the world would plat a game like this with just 1 defending mid. Also barca play against weak prague with two defending mid. Really good job. Which cause 4 goals in first 60 mins. Unbielivle promes tadic ziyach neres de beek all in pitch.

    1. Ten hag is so brave to do that. And his team deseves win. No koeman and no one in the world can arrange like this in stamforbridge. All ajax and dutch page predict for alvarez to play.

  16. I wonder why ten hag does not tell his players to do more tactical fouls like guardiola’s Mancity.
    Tactical fouls allow players to readjust against the speed of the opponents.

  17. Most is the media I have seen are praising Chelsea the way they fought back

    That’s quite sad because They were purely lucky. Cos Of the two red cards we had in one minute

    None of the media I have seen a praising Ajax much the way we fought till the end instead

  18. Boadu scored 2 today, could’ve had 4, plus he was unnecessarily offside quite a few times. Looks like a good performance, but could have been much better.

  19. Psv lose again. Very bad. They lose 3 of their last 5 games and also 2 draw. No win. Malen amd bergwijn injured. What happened for this time. It looks psv and feyenoord eliminaye in group stage and just we have hope in AZ. Psv lose will destroyed all ajax and AZ did in europe. Very bad for coenificent. What is next?? Psv lose and lose and draw?? How they can be too bad?? How they cannot beat LASK which is second austrian team??

  20. Van Bommel looks completely clueless of what he should do

    Is it just him or all the Dutch coaches are having the same problem ? They all tend to be just sitting down and have no idea about any substitution in fresher players

    This match is just one of the reason why Ajax is the Number one in eredevisie

    Psv has just never got the pride when playing in Europe ; by contrast watching every Ajax game in Europe makes you feel proud of Holland

    Very disappointed!

    1. U see anyone on their bench to change thing?? All of them r injured and not obviously when they back. Lammers malen bergeijn. Why psv pkayers injured and injured. Its just about psv. What they do ib training. Really boring. Really sad when i see an austrian team can destroy psv

  21. Yes I keep struggling to understand why we keep losing to these east European teams .

    I can accept we lose to the Spanish or English teams. But Austria ???????? Come on are you missing me ? We are Holland and Dutch clubs suppose to cause these clubs fear when facing us

    Sadly I can only see Ajax and Az alkmaar doing that . PSV without Malen and Bergwijn are not an excuse

    1. Yan,
      Austrian teams are very solid and physically strong. Nobody can underestimate them. It has always been difficult to beat them especially when the major forces are injured. Simply, PSV without Malen amd Bergwijn lost sharpness. The same thing will happen to AZ, if we lose Stengs, Boadu and Idrissi. It happens. Plus, I will perhaps disappoint you but trust me nobody is and has been afraid of Dutch clubs for many many years. Those days are in the past.

      1. Deep Inside of course I know they’re not afraid of us since a long long time ago already

        It just makes me sad that these r the facts 🙁

        And that’s why I always enjoy watching Ajax ( and now Az Alkmaar ) when they’re playing the European teams

        I am very much looking the Alkmaar VS MAn Utd one . I hate it when I read those comments from Man Utd supporters- Az who ??? A team we have never ever heard of … you know .. that mind of English arrogance

        But yes , should Malen Bergwijn were back the results wouldn’t have been different

  22. I can’t believe you guys have seen the same game as myself and basically every neutral person in Italy. Blind is clearly fouled in the build up to the red card. The challenge is a consequence of politic/jorginho scissoring his legs. He falls and rushes to recover the ball from the ground. He then commits the foul, which leads the ball to the side of the pitch: not a clear goal scoring opportunity since its 3 Chelsea players versus 4 + Onana. Played should have been stopped in those 5 seconds if you are going to hand out a red card. As a matter of fact, Rocchi has done that many times here in Serie A, even for a lone yellow card. Also, Veltman is turning to avoid the handball and his arm is down the side, adiacent to his chest. Finally, the ball is a DEFLECTED shot and the time of reaction is not enough. Ajax was simply the victim of a dark page of football refereeing. An utter disgrace which is been talked about both in the Netherlands and in Europe. And I’m not even gonna talk about Azpilicueta’s goal: they stopped 3 minutes to check Promes’s goal and didn’t even show the VAR line for Azpilicueta’s (spoiler, it’s possibly offside). Add to that the totally legit goal by Promes in Amsterdam, cancelled with a frame which is 20 frames later than Ziyech’s touch on the assist. We should have had at least 4 points from this 2 matches, without refereeing mistakes.

    Anyways, we will beat Lille and Valencia, and actually automatically qualify if we beat Valencia at home, whatever the results of all the other 3 matches is. But we are going to be second, because I can’t see this in form Chelsea lose points to Valencia or Lille. This makes me mad, because despite the quality of the opponent, we were vastly superior in London.

    1. ^ This ^ . I can’t believe that most complaints here are about coach, players of Ajax. They have done an excellent job. The ref is clearly bought. Before the double red cards and the penalty, he gave many multiple favor calls to Chelsea players. If you just watch highlight, you might think Blind and Veltman deserve their first yellow cards. The truth is Chelsea players got into the face of Ajax players, tackle from behind, push from behind, any dirty tackle is let go and when Ajax players react, they got yellow. Even that, we were able to get ahead 4 – 1. Then the ref decided that he will lose his money so he try really hard and give these red cards. What’s worst? The media bias that praise Chelsea for the comeback. All of this is UEFA Mafia.

      I don’t see how this is on Ten Haag. This is different from the Spurs game. How could you control the possession/the tempo of the game if the other teams allow to kick/push you from behind without any punishment?

  23. Is psv problem about “incentive” “motivation”?? Psv players dont interest in eroupe league? Or other thing?? LASK has 30 shot and more of them on target and psv had 6 shots with 2 on target. Can u belive it??

  24. Thank you Alberto! I couldn’t believe the comments I read. Blaming Ten Hag?!?!? For not screaming?

    Alberto is 100% on the money. Pulisic tackles Blind. He falls and gets up quickly as he won’t wait for the whistle and he tried to knick the ball from Abraham. Yes it was a yellow card offence, but Blind should have been given the free kick as Pulisic foul happened before!!

    And then: no red cards, no penalty and Ajax would have won 2-6 or so.

    The handball was a disgrace too. I’m not a big Veltman fan but what could he have done. He tried to pull his arm away!

    It was a shocker and no one in this mighty Ajax deserves blame. Not Blind, not Ten Hag, not Tagliafico. Maybe Veltman for that first silly tackle in the box on Pulisic.

  25. I am surprised to see Boadu in the final selection and not Marco Bizot. Other than that excited to see Wout.

    Goal: Jasper Cillessen (Valencia), Jeroen Zoet (PSV), Kenneth Vermeer (Feyenoord)

    Defense: Patrick van Aanholt (Crystal Palace), Nathan Aké (AFC Bournemouth), Daley Blind (Ajax), Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool), Denzel Dumfries (PSV), Stefan de Vrij (Internazionale), Matthijs de Ligt (Juventus), Joël Veltman (Ajax)

    Midfield: Donny van de Beek (Ajax), Frenkie de Jong (Barcelona), Davy Pröpper (Brighton & Hove Albion), Marten de Roon (Atalanta Bergamo), Kevin Strootman (Olympique Marseille), Georginio Wijnaldum (Liverpool)

    Attack: Ryan Babel (Galatasaray), Steven Berghuis (Feyenoord), Luuk de Jong (Seville), Memphis Depay (Olympique Lyon), Quincy Promes (Ajax), Calvin Stengs (AZ), Myron Boadu (AZ), Wout Weghorst (VfL Wolfsburg)

    1. Bizot is way better than those 3..i dont trust vermeer and zoet a bit…they are okay at times..Cillessen makes silly golas and saves some crackers,but he concedes at vital moments..

  26. I caanot undrestan Myron Boadu in that list?? I think it is too soon like dilrosun against germany. Myron Boadu is good but he didnt do any special thing. Where us malen again? Eveybody know when malen and bergwijn would be fit??

  27. The calls against Ajax have been discussed, and I have nothing to add to the comments regarding that travesty.

    Until the madness of the red cards, I think Ten Haag had really earned his money. He had devised some really good tactics to open up the Ajax attack. In possession, Martinez dropped off to form a three man back line, Tagliafico and Mazraoui pushed up along side Van De Beek and Ziyech behind the front three. With Van De Beek and Ziyech playing deeper, they were better able to see and choose open space to move into, causing Chelsea problems in tracking of them. The Chelsea defense was alot more stretched than in Amsterdam. Full marks to Ten Haag not only for the tactics, but adding in Neres to replace a defensive Mid. (Alvarez), on the road.

    Much admiration, too, for Ajax’s spirit; holding on to the draw (and even having a chance to win) given the length of time they played with nine men, and the emotions that were flooding the game after the red cards.

    All this makes me feel very good about their chances of beating Lille (even without their starting CB’s), and ultimately qualifying.

  28. Myron Boadu has two national. So koeman end stress for future. Also stengs r not alone in dutch training and feels better. Good koeman. He think always about future

    1. Correct Faraz!

      Based on how he performed (Boadu) recently , Koeman must have made this final decision to
      Show all of the others “ if you perform , you will get that chance !”

      It’s also good for stengs to have a buddy coming in together .

      I’m sure Koeman also showed this to Sergino Desf . You don’t treasure this chance ? Many others are ! 🙂 So to “ Oranje is a dream , not a Choice!”

      Dilrosun would have been close I’m sure and I was expecting Him on board also

      My final ideal oranje would be:

      Next in: Ihattaren, Malen , Danjuma , dilrosun ….
      Out : strootman , Luuk De Jong , weghorst, berghuis

      The only concern for me is Danjuma / Dilrosun now

      I guess only one of them mate lose the ticket to euro?

      I fear Danjuma because he has not score a single goal yet until now ( dilrosun keeps scoring and performing )
      We need Both Of then .

      1. NT has always benefited from injuries. Van dijk,Karsdorp,Groeneveld and even Malen all got their break through due to injuries and that hour is once again on koeman and NT. Depay is also 50-50 and this is the reason why boadu has been included in the team. Both depay and deligt were included in the final selection even though they are injured but as I always say ones loss is another ones gain and im sure both stengs and boadu will both lift off from here like others did. At the end of the day it will only increase the depth in the team.

  29. According to Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung, PSV left the LASK Linz dressing room in a state after their 4-1 defeat on Thursday.

    The players also reportedly ate several pizza’s in the dressing room. Something which shocked the LASK Linz staff.

  30. The only thing that I can’t figure out is why weghorst and berghuis are still in the team

    He should have brought in dilrosun who definitely will add more value in depth compared to those two

    1. Dilorusen and Danjuma gives us venom,the threat,Berghuis is not bad…When u have luuk u dont need weghorst..i am waiting for both..
      i want Ake to start for De roon with frenkie and Gini on more free role..then strootman out koopmeiners in..karsdorp as starter and Dumfires as back up..Winjdal for Blind and Blind LCB back up..

  31. I am really gutted for Ajax…What a tragic future awaits football,Money club purchas everything…Refree was baught…..They dont want to ajax had to beat refree first both games..Stolen promes goal on st leg…2
    redcards????for wat Blind just did a usual premier league tackle nothing more..
    Chelsea players are hailed for comeback ..WTF ..playing against 9 men and beating them…Only jerk$4ks can boast that..
    There is not much in blaming Ten haag ,Blind or veltman…When u down to 9 men this happens and we were down to 9 by refree..Nothing to blame Vletman,Blind and ten haag..

  32. I am ashamed of this PSV team. Getting outplayed the last 5 games. This team looked great to start the season and is now awful. Legit a bad team. I think MVB is in over his head. Losing 4-1 in Austria is a joke and he needs to be on the hot seat. Completely embarrassing.

    Didnt see the Ajax game but its the same ole story with the dutch teams, cannot hold a lead. Whether its Ajax or the NT, they choke at the big moments. I have come to expect it.

    Excited to see what Stengs can add to the NT, seems like the real deal. We shouldnt be so reliant on Depay, we saw how we played without him in Belarus.

  33. What is this all none sense coments about PSV. Lammers,Malen and Bergwijn without a doubt are key players for PSV and with the trio injured MVB has to resort to others who are behind in the line.gakpo,Bruma and Doan etc.whats clearly spearheading this PSV team is purely the frontline. With them not around they are useless backline,Midfield. Gakpo is not a striker and Mitroglu was a bad investment even though he is temporary and Doan and ihattaren playing together on the right simply wont work.

    Lammers is due back in winter break,Malen and bergwijn should be back after the international break. Expect things to change after that.

    1. @ Wilson, im a massive PSV fan. A team should not just completely collapse because its best 2 forwards are hurt. Giving up 4 goals to LASK has little to do with the front line. The midfield is weak and MVB needs to adjust. That is what good coaches do.

    1. Dest didn’t play a single minute ?

      You know what ? From the moment he turned down oranje I have already given up on him and I won’t care about this person anymore

      I see him as A traitor . Let him enjoy the many and many long flights during the international games and enjoy the games against Canada , Peru , Haiti etc

  34. Psv lose again. 4 lose in last 6 games as 2 draw. What happenes?? Ok u have 3 injured ur 3 top star r unjured. Also ihatteren miss his father and he is in shock. But how u lose to team like willem?? Is it normal?? U cannot score. Im boring and sad. What happened to ihatteren after his father did he never back to his best.

  35. Yep, the U17’s look a completely different team than in their first two losses. They look like the team that overwhelmed Italy in the UEFA finals: wide open, unselfish, fast moving. Moving Hansen (another goal today) to the central striker and inserting Braff (who looks like a real talent; just hope he gets a good opportunity at City) have been good moves. But really the entire team has found its game. Only negative is that Hoever—who opened the scoring with a terrific goal—will miss the semi-final on cards.

  36. Guys what do u think the starting XI will be in the next upcoming two games ?

    I think weghorst , boadu , stengs all will
    Have a chance

    As well
    As de vrij , ake also

  37. http://www.football-oranje.com/podcast-65-●-northern-ireland-v-netherlands-preview-turmoil-at-psv/

    I have never been much of a Van if Wijnaldum due to his sudden “day off” once in a while

    I am opting for a team building around Frenkie.

    Having said so , I must admit that since the start this season Wijnaldum has showing some improvement once again . He’s playing constantly at the Highest level against the biggest team

    That said , Van de geek also earned my credit especially that crazy match against Chelsea

    That is why every single match in Europe is so vital in terms of the experience and confidence build up to the Dutch players in Eredivisie

    Hopefully Ake will be released in one of those two upcoming games . Ifs a waste seeing him sitting on the Bench

    Lastly , does Anyone here feel sorry about iddrissie is not oranje ? Are we missing him is he a above beergwijn yea ? Sorrgg I don’t know too much about this player

    1. Idrissi is a gifted player indeed but struggled with personality issues and was sent away by Feyenoord. Groningen was also happy to see him go. now he’s a bit older he is made important at AZ and he’s quite good there. I don’t think we need him what with Bergwijn, Promes, Malen, Stengs, Dilrosun, Chong, Danjuma, Memphis etc.

      1. Aye you read my mind Jan again tks Jan!

        Exactly the answer what I was looking for . “ we do NOT need him . We have more than enough front line options in the upcoming two world cups ( haven’t even included Redan , Zirzkzee , Brobby, Adekayne, and the lads under 17!!)

        Of course , time will tell if they really will turn out to be “ world class”. But there is hope 🙂

        Good luck to him wearing the Moroccn shirt and let him enjoy the food in africa

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