Oranje secures crucial points but will change coach….

The Dutch overly cricital analysts said it before the game: “If we really need to lose sleep over an away game against Latvia, than we have sunk really deep…”. And obviously they are correct… Holland needs to play all finals now, to secure enough points to reach the Euros. For the current #3 in the World, that is actually quite disappointing.

But, at least we are still in it. Guus could breath relaxed after the game, as I am 100% convinced he would have been fired with any other result.

The team did what it had to do. Put pressure on. Create opportunities. Win. The Latvians played pretty solid actually. Their positioning was excellent and their will and desire was present too. Paired with a Dutch team as opponent which wasn’t able to fire on all cylinders. Depay on the left was very active and involved in the first half, as was Wesley Sneijder. But Luciano Narsingh and Klaas Jan Huntelaar, in contrast, were sub par. Huntelaar did not get an inch in the box and didn’t get good service while Narsingh simply seems to lack form (or quality). He is particularly strong when he can explore space and against Latvia away, obviously there is not a lot of space to be found. This is where Promes or even Berghuis would have been a better option.


The pairing of Sneijder and Blind in a 4-2-4 set up worked fairly well although Clasie with his fast passing and vision would have added a dimension to the game, I’m sure. Depay could have scored a couple in the first half (should have even?) and that would have opened the door to a strong victory for sure. But lack of sharpness, and a good goalie prevented a bigger loss for Latvia.

It was one moment of briliance from sub Wijnaldum that sealed the fate of the Latvians. A good turn, a Kluivert style toe poke and Oranje was 0-1 up. Another good moment of Blind finding space (!) for Narsingh and the winger did the only thing right in his game. Hopefully the goal will help him shrug off his burden. Interestingly enough, Narsingh jumped into the arms of his rival Promes while Wijnaldum sought assistant coach Van Nistelrooy who had instructed Wijnaldum where to look for space and how to time his run. Van Nistelrooy had told the PSV midfielder that he would be the one scoring the crucial goal. Four minutes later, he did.

devrij bmi

And so Oranje did what it had to do.

Having said that, the 67 year ol sly fox will probably make way for Danny Blind, this summer already.

Lucky Gus seems to have lost his touch. There are grave concerns within the KNVB while the players also shared their confusions in small circles about some of his decisions and communications.

Now, I think Guus deserves a respectful farewell as I don’t think there is more work for him after this. And he has had a sensational career. Quite good as a playmaker but not good enough for the big guns. He played for PSV for 1 season but preferred to be a big fish in a little pond. He coaches PSV to the European top and since that feat he has done really well for himself, coaching all over the world, with a mixed bag of success.

The team manager’s stint for Oranje from 1994 to 1998 was a highlight for sure. Rising like a Phoenix to the semi finals in France after the 1996 ashes with Davids as co-star.

Letland - Nederland


But this time around, Guus thought he could do it half-arsed. He figured that with 1) the top 3 progressing to the Euros and 2) a mix of talent and experience he would be able to bring the Dutch School back into existence while winging it a bit. Well, he made a mistake. For starters: the World Cup as per usual left a negative inheritance for Oranje’s Euro qualifications’ start. This seems to happen always. Players are either tired (the young ones), overly extended (the older ones) or maybe a bit complacent (the rest).

So a series of mistakes, lack of desire and absence of big star names resulted in a horrific start of the series and all through this first year, Hiddink was vague and somewhat mentally absent during press conferences. Deer in the headlights comes to mind. He wasn’t consistent and his communication was questionable. After the second loss against Iceland, the KNVB general manager immediately pulled the power card which probably didn’t help in the relationship department with Guus who normally would refuse to deal with minions like Oostveen.

And if you are in a rut, things don’t go your way. The many missed opportunities against the Czechs and Iceland, the Janmaat mistake, the defensive uncertainties, the Robben injury, it all seemed to be a logical result of the Law of Attraction.



He is not longer the fearless leader. Her accepted too much and was too weak in his communications and directions. He has been changing and shifting players. De Jong in center midfield… Two months ago, he called him “my captain in midfield” and now De Jong wasn’t even needed. Clasie gets the nod. But suddenly Clasie is sacrificed for Blind. Van Persie and Huntelaar cannot play together against strong opponents. Fine. But which of the two will need to go? I think Huntelaar will know that it will most likely be him. So the Schalke striker is playing less for the team but more for himself. Janmaat in, Van der Wiel out. Van der Wiel in, Janmaat out. When the US came to play a friendly, Hiddink said quite resolutely he wouldn’t play Sneijder (who just arrived from Turkey) but the little playmaker wants to break van der Sar’s record and convinced Hiddink to allow him to come on as a sub. Or the game against Mexico. Hiddink had said Robben would be used only for half the game. But Robben enjoyed himself and decided to stay on the pitch.  These are all not too smart things to do for a coach.

blind latvia

Obviously, there is no guarantee that Danny Blind will fix this all. But at least the players highly respect him for his craftmanship. And it seemed in the run up to the Latvia game that this decision was already made. The 53 year old ex Ajax coach was coaching dominantly at the practice sessions while Hiddink kept his distance. During the game, Blind also made a passionate and driven impression, coaching actively, while during the first matches, he sat next to Hiddink, somewhat apathically. But it is his big ambition to coach this team, and he decided to not join Van Gaal at Man United after the World Cup for this reason.

Despite the lack of satisfaction concerning Hiddink’s performance, the KNVB will most likely not sack the seasoned coach. The former Real Madrid coach will probably step into a mentoring role or advising role which will lead to Blind taking the reigns and most likely a new assistant coach being added to the mix at Oranje.

rvp latvia

And while Hiddink immediately went on holidays, Blind and the KNVB will get together to find a modus to give the former success coach the ending he deserves. It will be a busy summer in Zeist, but also for a lot of the Oranje internationals. Some of whom are not yet certain where their next home will be. Depay is home and hosed at Man United. Huntelaar will remain at Schalke 04. Usually, Janmaat, De Vrij, Martins Indi and Blind will not move away (although De Vrij might be snatched up as he had a tremendous year with Lazio). But Jetro Willems has signalled he is ready for a next step. “If a good club in a big competition comes, I might be tempted.” There is rumour that Paris St Germain might be that club.

wiel hidd

Van der Wiel is most likely on his way to AC Milan. The Italian behemoth is looking at re-establishing themselves and hope to get Zlatan back to the fashion capital. Jordy Clasie is ready to move away from Feyenoord and both AS Roma and Southampton seem to be the most likely candidates for him. Sneijder has a solid contract in Istanbul, where he makes 6 Mio euros per season and lives like a movie star in a penthouse overlooking the Bosporus. He will play CL next season and any board member at Galatasaray suggesting to sell the midfielder might want to hire some bodyguards. But… it’s football. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is tempted to play in the EPL for once. Liverpool could be a candidate. Wijnaldum is another player whose name is on many scouting lists. He had a good World Cup and this last goal will definitely help his status. I think Narsingh will be happy to stay at PSV, but Promes and Lens are both in demand. Lens would love to join Advocaat at Sunderland while Promes might have different clubs to choose from. Robin van Persie is a question mark. The 31 year old is probably too old to make a big transfer although AC Milan and Juventus are mentioned through the grapevine as well. In an interview recently he said that his family’s needs will be very important in his next step. And from more recent quips it seems that the Man United striker might stay at Old Trafford and battle for his position.

hunter jetro

Steven Berghuis is almost certainly on his way from AZ to PSV which might bring more pressure on Narsingh, as Jozefzoon is also an option for Phillip Cocu on the right flank. Leroy Fer got relegated with QPR but is too expensive for the Championship and might be on his way, finally, to Everton. Karim Rekik might either be loaned by Man City to a club in France or Italy or he will be sold to PSV. Ron Vlaar is at the point in his career that any offer from a big club will be appreciated… The veteran defender is injury prone and will not yield a return from an onsell, so it is questionable whether a big name club will actually come for him. This is different for Virgil van Dijk at Celtic who actually has the clubs to pick from. Sunderland, Arsenal, Southampton… which ever it will be, it seems Van Dijk will play EPL football next season and will aim for a spot in the orange jersey.

Lastly, it seems the keepers carrousel will commence soon too, with De Gea moving to Real Madrid and Cillesen being touted as a potential successor. Interestingly enough, people close to Van Gaal say it is a nonsense story.

Sorry guys I could not find a decent video of highlights….

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  1. Love it, thanks Jan – couldn’t agree more with you on pretty much everything, you eloquently put my exact thoughts into words again.
    Espescially concerning the Latvia match and Hiddinks job so far.

  2. @wilson, ok let’s keep beating this dead horse. Even though this is possibly pointless because it seems like we just simply disagree (which is fine!)… But regardless I will attempt to explain myself, just for you sir. 😉

    (and sorry to everyone else if this is getting really annoying but wilson really wanted to know what I thought of his comparison on the LBs.. so you will have to excuse me)

    So it begins with myself agreeing with Tiju when he says Willems seems like the real deal – actually I would go further and say Willems also has the most potential for the LB spot as well, and with his age the more time he gets playing there on a better level then the better he will become.

    So then, you said Willems was average at PSV, that he needs to prove himself to you in a better league, and you don’t trust him because he sucked in 1 non-competitive match v Mexico.
    So you would pick Buttner over Willems because he was great against Robben in 1 game over a year ago at a club where he doesn’t even play anymore, and because he has played in a few more competitions (even though he is older and his recent stats are not that great) – you say you base it on their performances in those leagues but won’t acknowledge eredivisie stats.
    Then you went on a rant on Daley Blind, but still mostly use a couple non-competitive matches as your reason.

    Ok, so here are some thoughts that come to mind…

    I’m fine with the fact you don’t like Willems, although I think basing that on a non-competitive match from November is kind of a weak argument, but fair enough. Personally, besides the Mexico friendly, I think his performance stats speak for themselves, and in matches I watched for PSV this season his good movement creates space and his positional play has been great.

    You brought up Blind – I actually agree with you that he is not our best LB… but I think the rest of your comments on Blind here in your post yesterday are way off and your arguments are not convincing me at all.
    Yes Blind was great in his last season at Ajax so naturally he got good reviews, but by then he played more CDM for Ajax then he did LB. Then there was the France match you mention where yes he had a shit game (again, a friendly)… and so now we are at the moment where, and if you want me to quote you, you say you were “adamant from the very starting after watching that game that he is a liability in team”? Hahaha, great line, that’s funny stuff. Ok well let’s examine what has happened for Blind immediately after this revelation moment of yours…
    First, he went back to Ajax and won the league. van Gaal put him straight back into the squad vs Ecuador, Ghana and then Wales, only 1 goal against. Then came a little tournament called the World Cup. Blind started all 7 matches in defense (1 match he was in CDM maybe?) how many goals did Netherlands allow? Only 4, and that includes versus Spain, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.. like Miguel, I seem to remember 2 wonderful assists as well 😉
    Since then I don’t think anyone in the NT has had a great time, and we all know how qualification has gone this year, see Jan’s comments above if you want to know what I think. So, how about for his club – he earned himself a transfer to Man Utd at the end of summer and now, in his first season in England, he was one of their most consistent players and helped to guide them back to champions league. Not much evidence of being a liability, as you suggest. So is that what you mean by Blind being a “pussy”?
    Or maybe Buttner was the pussy since he was the one who ran away to Russia when he saw van Gaal coming? Haha, just a joke.

    Also not so good using comparisons about players getting good reviews as one of your points against them, not only because they are way different players with their own styles, but also because Willems is 4 years younger than Blind – so you have to assume he has much more potential if he gets these kind of reviews 4 years earlier in his career than Blind.
    And then Buttner is actually older than both! Talk about wasting his career, he should have been smart enough not to criticize the NT manager, whether he was legitimately frustrated or not. Honestly, I doubt he will get another chance unless he does something really special…

    Also I disagree when you say that you can’t gauge eredivisie players based on their stats. Total nonsense if you ask me, of course stats are just one of the many tools which anyone can use to compare! Probably the most accurate too, but no one is saying it is the only tool.
    Like I said before, everyone here already know differences between the leagues..

    Funny thing – just like you, I used to think Buttner definitely deserved a call up to the NT.. but after all your posts and then looking at Blind and Willems and comparing other LBs, just now I have actually changed my mind.
    So now I think Buttner has not done enough to earn a spot on the NT yet. So I think you just convinced me of the opposite hahaha! Now I would actually rather to see van Aanholt, or even Pieters, over Buttner.

    Anyways, just my opinion and now you know why – hope you don’t get offended or take it personally! I’m sure you are a real nice guy in real life!

    1. ok jus for information Im again using my phone and for your discreation you are advised that there will be some grammatical / spelling errors and I will also try not to be athouritative as what you reckon.

      Like you and some other guys On this blog, I dont rate players from their performance in eredivise. Willems defensively was only tested vs Mexico at the internationals in which he failed miserably and the rest of the game he has played till today,he hasnt been taken to the wire defensively because he has enjoyed the freedom of going forward mainly due to playing vs weaker teams. This is where I concluded that he needs to prove himself in a top league or vs tougher oponents to establish himself as one of the finest LB .Everyone on this blog knows how eredivise players choke at international level especially with tougher opponents regardless of a friendly or qualification matches. The Euros will be more tougher compared the qualification rounds where NT usually play with lower ranked european teams.It is usually in the friendlys where they play tougher opponents and this is where the weakness in the team or the weakness of players individually are exposed.This is why I always rate the friendlys highly compared to the qualifications where it is usually one way traffic besides Iceland and Czech who held their own vs NT. Also this is the only time you can gauage the depth in the squad.USA vs NT and USA vs Lativa is comprehensive example of what I have mentioned above.I hope the injuries wont be excuess here.

      As for Buttner you need to get your facts right mate as to why Buttner moved to Dynamo Moscow and I leave it to you to do some homework there.

      Blind I dont want to repeat my self as why he is at Man United.He is the kind if player who will crack open under pressure and thats why van gaal used 3-5-2 to hide him. he failed at LB and he will again fail at DM when playing with big guns. At Man United the only reason he hasnt being exposed especially in the midfield is simply because of timely intervention from their team mates.

      Opinons and Perference aside I think things we say will always be debatebly without any resolution and for this reason I dont take the criticism seriously so no I not Im not offended in any way but lets wait and see whats in store for NT leading to the Euros.

          1. Haha shit well, maybe you stop posting then until you can get your thoughts together and put your ideas properly so that it makes sense – grammar and spelling aside, although I do find that hilarious.

      1. So I spend all that time on that post which you antagonized after me for and you don’t even read it. I knew it was pointless, dammit.
        You say “Get your facts right mate” but you have no wrong facts to point out.

        So you can criticize other people but you “don’t take criticism seriously”? And if you think there can be no resolution, then why do you go on and on telling everyone they are wrong and repeating the same things?

        Would you mind to stop tagging my name and trying to provoke me?

          1. Again please stop, I am not mad! I knew before you were like an arrogant child, and now I have just exposed it. I hope people will continue to ignore your anti-intellectual comments.
            Actually I do take offense to you, but who gives a shit!

            Hahaha that article is making fun of Buttner and has nothing against anything I said.. In fact, Buttner’s “bizarre claim” for winning man of the match 14 times prove to me further what a self deluded moron he must be been moving away from there. Imagine if he stayed to fight for the spot!

  3. Well again its a pity it has come to this for Guss.Robben was the Catalyst in the team and without him I dont think any coach will be able to revive NT.

    Van Gaal switching to 3-5-2 at the WC should have served Hiddink with the platform when changing the formation after taking over the regime.especially with the player selection. I reckon this was his first crucial mistake. and the rest has well sumed up by Jan on injury and player rotation.

    1. Hiddink had Robben against Iceland and still lost that game!! Face it Wilson, Ronald De Boer called Hiddink outdated and the results proved that he was right.

      I think this is the right decision for both Hiddink and the Oranje.

      Good luck to Guus in whatever he choses to do in his life from now on. I still consider him one of the best Dutch coaches ever!!

      1. Tomy, I dont want to make excuses here but as always he did what he always does in attack but RVP was was too slow when chances were created upfront and in defense the backs were too casual and sloppy when the chances was created on the other end resulting in Iceland scoring . this basically summed up that game.

  4. Well actually Pieters and Van Aanholt are Oranje material. I don’t know why they haven’t been selected at all.

    To be honest I haven’t watched Pieters but I’ve read he’s been playing very solid. And some might say Van Aanholt is not a real LB or a solid LB but he can be very dangerous as left winger especially with a 5-3-2 formation.

    1. Its beyond me how Van Gaal and Hiddink ignored Pieters even though he plays 40 games in the toughest league in the world.

      As for Van Aanholt he’s still got a lot of improvement to do.

      1. Yes, he was called under Hiddink in the first selection that he made but he was cut…!! I guess they see something in training that we don’t get see

  5. Blind is a hard player to assess. One can tell that he has a strong understanding of the game, reads games and situations, passes well–but he lacks pace and is not physical and so can be beaten in 1v1 situations. The better the team around him, the better he is. One of the reasons he was effective in the WC is that the Van Gaal smartly played a defensive, counter-attacking style, packing the midfield, which helps a player of his capabilities in that other teams/players were not given a lot of space. I’m sure he will remain in the lineup going forward.

    The Dutch need to get Strootman and Robben back and settle mostly on a lineup–that will help a lot. It was good to see Wijnaldum score: he is athletic and solid in defense but, in the WC at least, did not impress me in attack at all. Maybe he is more assertive now. In the near term I will root for the Dutch women in women’s WC–they look OK for their first trip to the big tournament. The officiating is crap, as usual. FIFA should be using /video replay/ for all penalty calls in the box: You just have to get those calls rights as they determine games.

    1. Yeah Richarde you are right about Blind on “The better the team around him, the better he is” but when it comes to NT his weakness as you have mentioned pops up a like balloon. Vs France,vs Mexico, Vs Turkey, Vs USA.

  6. Well, Hiddink…if he goes, would be the right thing.

    Since he took Oranje he has done many stupid things. He did not qualify Russia for 2010, could not qualify Turkey for Euro 2012 and at Anzhi he did not do much either. His last good spell was at Chelsea and after that I think he lost his magic touch or he got tired and lost hunger (lots of millions in the bag).

    Anyway, I´d go for Koeman but Blind can be a reasonable option.

    I think the main issue with this squad has been to find the balance in central defence and a holding midfielder who can build and destroy…someone like Strootman.

    I am shocked to read everywhere how Arsenal, Southampton, Tottenham and other clubs want Virgil Van Dijk and he has not received one single chance at Oranje when Martins Indi has sucked and Veltman too…we have had Vlaar injured all games and De Vrij needs a good partner there. Van Dijk scored free kicks with Celtic, smashed more than ten goals all season and was in the top five of best players in Scotland even though he is a defender. He has qualities that not even De Vrij has. It is true that the Scotish League is below par but his skills are excellent and that is why he will move toa bigger club and will be succesful there.

    He said in an interview that it is his dream to play for Oranje and he will do everything to move to a bigger club to make as difficult as possible to the manager to drop him in the near future because his goal is to be in Euro 2016 (if we qualify). I mean, these kind of decisions make wonder if there is some mafia in the National Team with players representatives pressuring to play some players. Van Dijk surely deserves a chance. HE SHOULD BE A STARTER. PERIOD.

    Other players who have been ignored: Pieters, Van Annholt, Buttner. We have had trouble with our left backs with Daley Blind flunking there when Willems is not available and it seems that Danny Blind is protecting his son way too much. Daley Blind should never play as a left back since that position requires speed and pace, something Daley does not have and that is why he plays as a midfielder because he has great reading of the game and good positioning.

    Said all this, that is why I think Koeman is the best candidate to try new things, new players and get rid of this climate that you surely can be an average player or be out of form but play instead of better players like for instance: Van Dijk.

    My line up with all fit players should be build with the same formation that played against Spain with some changes.

    1- Vermeer (has never conceded as Oranje keeper, good luck?)
    2- Janmaat
    3- De Vrij
    4- Van Dijk
    5- Willems
    6- Blind or Clasie
    7- Depay
    8- Strootman (if injured play Wijnaldum or Klaassen)
    9- Huntelaar (Van Persie if recovers his best form)
    10- Sneijder
    11- Robben

    In a 4-3-3 formation with one holding mid and two midfielders working their asses off. One in the left: Strootman who will have freedom to attack when in possesion and Sneijder with the same responsabilities and dictating the play.

    To switch Robben and Depay constantly in the game so they can cut inside and also dribble and cross the ball when play in the left (Robben) and in the right wing (Depay) so Huntelaar will get plenty of services to capitalice his striking skills.

    I am positive that in September will most likely a new coach things will change very fast, the players know each other, they have the hunger but they have lacked a leader. With a new leader with hunger everything will return to normality and we will beat Iceland and Turkey.

    Hup Holland.

    1. well said Mario. jus on central defense. Wesley Hoedt also haa moved to lazio and if he can break into the first team we could yet see another new center back partnership of Hoedt and De Vrij.It will also be interesting to watch the dutch players in the upcoming season and whether the coaches will stick to the core players from the qualifications or will there be room other new players based on their seasonal performance

  7. It is correct Wilson. About Van Dijk, I insist, just watch guys some plays in youtube. I know youtube only shows the good things but the stuff he does will never be done by players like Martins Indi, Veltman, Vlaar and even De Vrij. I think Virgil Van Dijk will silence many critics in the Netherlands and will claim his spot in the team.

    He has such an ambition and desire to play for the squad that it is just a question of time to claim his spot.

    It is funny that he was called up when we played the friendly against Mexico and the first tie against Latvia and he never received one single second in the pitch. Van Dijk said recently that apparently he did not know the reason he could not impress Hiddink and Blind but I think that something is clear: Some players are favorites and some players will have to play more than perfect to be selected. Example: Afellay playing in crappy Greece and being a starter (until Hiddink understood that his protege was miles away from the level he had even though he had to lose many points to notice that). In change, others like Van Dijk or Pieters playing abroad and almost every week playing in a good level were completely overlooked.

    I will not get tired to say this: VIRGIL VAN DIJK IS THE REASON TO ALL OUR DEFENSIVE WEAKNESSES. And some day he will prove me right. Just like 15 years ago in 2000 when Van Nistelrooy played a friendly against Germany and I said he was going to be one of the best Oranje strikers in history while he was still playing at PSV and then replaced Kluivert as our number 9 jersey.

    P.S. Wathc this Van Dijk video…he is some mix of Rijkaard, Viera and Desailly. Good ball skills, strong in the air, fierce defender, good positioning and with attitude. Besides, his dream is to play for Oranje. He is the future of our defence.


    1. Great clip on Virgil, he looks so comfortable on the ball and has all of the attributes of a good CB or CDM, that is the style of player we want in the middle of the defense. He makes the likes of Blind look mediocre as he typically could play well in a number of positions (true Dutch total Voetball).
      Bring him in now I think!


    Poor guy I am cheering for him and then stabbed him in the back without playing a single minute hehe.

    I was trying to say that he will prove us to be the solution in the future. I don´t know if in the qualifiers but at some point he will be our new Stam back there. Hopefully in the Euros if we get there he has claim a starting place. That is why I think Koeman is the best option to be our coach because he loves Van Dijk, has requested for him at Southampton and will surely introduce new players and is on fire the last two years. Something that can not be said about “EX LUCKY GUUS”.

    1. Mario, Van Dijik even was ready for World Cup should Van Gaal would have selected him but he opted for Veltman jus because he was playing for Ajax in eredivise. Look at Veltman now and all the games he has played for NT till to date. Shitterrrrrrrrrrr

      I still remember prior to the world cup , when the whole debate was going on as to who should be selected for CBs, Van Dijik was overlooked jus because all the dutch gods thought that Scottish Premier League was a weak league and eredivise is far more better league than SPL which was fucking ridiculous. they jus wanted to look in the own backyard and guess want now Frank De Doer is howling from Holland advising Van Dijik to stick to SPL in the quest for CL and not to move to EPL , if he wants make a cut for the euros.

      Hiidnik should have called Van Dijik from Day 1.

      No doubt if he makes the right decisions he will become one of the best Dutch CBS.

      Cant agree any more with you Mario.

  9. Good discussions here people.

    I get the sentiments re: Pieters, Buttner and Van Aanholt.

    I can maybe shed some light.

    Apart from specific skills and the ability to fit in the tactical plan, LVG always looks at personality as well. How well do you fit into the squad as a human being.

    Doesn’t mean you are a bad bloke if you are not picked but you might not do the group dynamics any good. You might remember Greg van der Wiel being narcy about team mates at the Euros 2012? This is partly why LVG didn’t use him.

    That is a no no for LVG and probably Blind as well.

    Buttner has a reputation of being a difficult kid, a bit of a street lad. Pieters was part of the Oranje squad for a long time and will be too light in the ball possession side of things. Good defender, good header, but in build up, not as good as Blind, Van Aanholt or Willems. Willems also surpassed Pieters at PSV when he was only 17 years old.

    Buttner was never considered under LVG as he never played regularly in ManU. Now he does, but Willems and Blind will have to be injured before a new player comes in.

    If you guys work, you know that getting a new guy / girl at work means time for this person to fit in, even if they are “experienced” in the job. Why take that risk before a big game when you have 3 days to prep and you have Willems and Blind??? It is silly.

    Van Aanholt is generally seen as a great player going forward, in possession. But he lacks the real defensive skills. He was an Oranje player in the youth rep teams and was developed at Chelsea. There is NO denying he is a fine player, but I suppose Blind and Willems offer more in defence or in tactical discipline.

    And looking at Willems, you can say “I don’t judge people on Eredivisie games” and that is partly justified I think. But you can judge skill on the basis of their eredivisie games. And boy, is Willems talented. Don’t forget, the Eredivisie gave us Eriksen, Wilfred Bony, Matic, Vertonghen, Suarez… don’t look down on it.

    Lastly Van Dijk: playing for Celtic is not the same as playing for Oranje or Ajax. His build up play was always a question mark and his tactical discipline. Rest assured: the Dutch scouts know what they do. PSV, Ajax and Feyenoord passed on Van Dijk. Blind is probably the best talent scout in the country and has the most profoud know how of all talent around. He’d know exactly why he wouldn’t pick Van Dijk. But he will never tell us 🙂

    1. Jan I guess the timing of my previous post was out but with respect to what you have said, looking at eredivise today it doesnt have players like you mentioned, Bony,Matic,Vertonghen,Surez,Eriksen any more to provide that intensity in the competition level from which the current generation can maximize their full potential. I think this why they choke at international level given they are not reaching their full potential due to competition level dropping every year with the departures of players as you have mentioned.

      I agree that eredivise in the past has produced some of the best player now but again it has not been able to cope with the tenacity which has been lost from the departing of talented players as you have mentioned.

      And its is going become more worse with more and more players departing. I think Ukraine has moved above eredivise in UFEA Co-efficient ranking and this is clear indication in which direction eredivise is heading.

      1. jus my views on your assessment of the LBs. you mentioned Blind and willems offer more in defense or in tactical discipline which is quiet interesting. Blind vs France,Mexico,Turkey, USA was a howler defensively and like Van Annholt, only looked composed during attacking phases. I agree with your assessment on Van Annholt and Pieters and as for Willems, I think he needs to play more, maybe with tougher opponents jus like Mexico to be assessed defensively otherwise it looks like he is jus another Van Annholt.

        I wont comment on Buttner jus because of my personal perference but this is somthing that intruges me the most about him. Alex Ferguson scouted him at a time when he was only the 3rd or 4th choice left back in the eredivise and even Ed Van Stijn who was the scouter for Man United in Nerthlands at that time didnt rate him highly. I mean if Alex Ferguson could see him fit at Man United without knowing anything about dutch soccer then Van Gaal and Hiddink not considering him is jus baffling.

        1. “I mean if Alex Ferguson could see him fit at Man United without knowing anything about dutch soccer then Van Gaal and Hiddink not considering him is jus baffling.”

          I won’t get into the debate too much, but wow, what a weak argument. Buttner was a bench warmer under Ferguson and Moyes. Why again should he be called to Oranje??

  10. Yes, actually that’s the only thing that came to my mind as for why LVG and Hiddink don’t call those players. Maybe their personalities as Jan said might not be the best and that’s something we’ll never know.

    In Holland there’ve been so many fights between players that’s why Dutch coaches have been so focused on keeping a good harmony.

    I am sure LVG and Hiddink would risk the squad harmony but I’m sure they feel a defender is not worth it.

    Someone like Sneijder, RVP, Huntelaar those players are also strong personalities who can start some fights but they are worth the risk.

  11. I liked Mario’s line-up.

    Although I read from someone in this blog that Strootman might have to retire? that would be such a waste of talent I hope it’s not true. He is a real leader.

    Another midfielder I feel can be really important for the Dutch team is Fer. If he moves to Everton he will surely be a hit! although he needs to focus more on developing.

    1. There was a rumor in Roma that his injury is was too bad and he had to retire, but Kevin Strootman himself said it was not true!

      I like Fer as well, he’s very influential when he plays in England. I think Everton would be a good fit too!

  12. Has Van Dijk ever trained with the national team? Just saw the video and the guy does have a very easy and impressive athleticism, excellent size and good skills. One wonders why, at age 23, he has not been a contender for a NT spot. I don’t know what the coaches don’t see in him–but if I’m running the show I’d certainly be bringing him for training, if only to impart to him what he needs to do to improve as a player (and maybe also a person). Maybe this has already been done–but good grief: he does seem to have some wow potential.

    1. Yes, he has been called up for this euro qualifier campaign but hasn’t played a minute :/
      Hard to understand why no playing time..
      I think Jan hit the nail right on the head with his comments above!

  13. Van Dijk likes to speak a lot. Perhaps his ego is not helping but the coach needs to adress that. If Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV did not want him at the moment he had the cojones to go to Celtic and impress there and now many top teams want him but Oranje simply ingore him? I don´t get that.

    I am a sales manager at a transnational company and I have Sales Representatives with big ego and it is my job to keep them with their feet on the ground. Van Dijk has to be in the national team and if Danny Blind as a defender doesn´t recognize that perhaps he really is BLIND or has other interests!

    1. If he makes a move to EPL it should be either Spurs or Southampton. I doubt celtic will qualify for CL.they dont have enough depth upfront.Boyata seems to be good signing at the back to partner Van dijik but they need a goal machine up front to stand any chance of qualifying.

    1. No, I reckon he is well aware he wont get a chance with the current coaches to make the cut for euros and with Danny Blind who will come in after euros for the WC again it will be the same story.He is more a winger than a striker and both positions have along list of players waiting in queue.

      Strikers – Bas Dost/Luuk De Jong/Luc Castagnois/Ricky Wolfswinkle/Siem De Jong maybe (false 9)

      Wingers – I wont even go there

      But yeah he is a talented player.

      1. Wolfs winkel is real shit….luc cannnt say much dont know much about him aTM.Seim was good for team but he was injured for long time…Only Luuk and Dost needs to be called now..Rest has to eran it.

  14. The usual brilliance..
    From cruyff.com

    “It’s not about how popular a player is, but what he adds to a team”, Johan Cruijff writes in his weekly column in ‘De Telegraaf’. Lionel Messi is the best player of the world at FC Barcelona, but with Argentina he is less dominant. That has to do with the rest of the team.”

    “It is important that in a transfer window, clubs not only look at what a player can do, but also how his qualities contribute to the entire team.”

    “Players like Wesley Sneijder and Robin van Persie can have the same problem. When Holland played against Latvia with many attacking minded players but didn’t get them to have the ball, they did something wrong. The defenders had too much initiatives and that does not work.”

    “So, in this time of signing and selling players it is very important not to look at how popular a player is, but to look at what he adds to the team. It is a different way of looking at things and unfortunately this doesn’t happen all the time.”

    1. Words of wisdom from the great man no doubt!
      Cryuff is in a position of luxury, when he speaks everyone takes notice weather he be right or wrong, I wish he would put his balls on the line and coach the NT, I’m guessing that he has too much to lose and won’t risk failure.
      I’ve come to the conclusion that the NT should go back to basics, eg: defenders should defend before anything else, I think we get exposed at the back too often because we are pushing our fullbacks way up the park, which I know is what you do in a 433 but I don’t think we are good enough to play in a true 433 format at the moment.
      If the fullbacks sat a little deeper there would be more options to play through the middle as we would drag opposing players further down the pitch creating space in between the lines. How often do you see the CB look up and have to give a long ball wide as there are not enough options in the middle, it’s easy to defend against.
      I’d like to see a 4123, with the fullbacks linking up with the holder (Stroot is perfect for this role), the 6&8 can then play wider giving the 9 space in the middle of the park to either look for through balls or just go himself.
      As for Virgil, it is puzzling why he has not had a run, surely he would do better than Blind at LB or DM for that matter, back 4 Jaanmat , De Vrij, Vlaar, Van Dijk, for me that is balanced.

      1. Van Banger JC is a god and everybody has to Kneel in front of him.You actually beat me to what I was thinking about him coaching NT rather than poking his nose every where.

        His vision and philospy has become outdated jus as in Spain where he introduced tiki taka at Barcelona.

        1. even at Ajax it slowly depleting and it will be in a matter time when it will become extinct. Even at Barcelona,the arrival of Neymar and Suarez has changed the whole dynamics of the Tiki Tika which they were famous for.Messi is no more the focal point like before when he was the main architect.

          also if you look at Barcelona setup,Backs,midfield,Forward,all are maintain their position precisely along specific lines.You never see Messi going back and defending. It is simple as the Backs defending,midfielders creating and forwards scoring only.There is no complexity where they have to be interdependent on each other and with the arrival of Neymar and Suarez has even simplified this more.

          1. That article is not very clear…
            Cruyff brought total football to Barca, the Spanish morphed it into “tiki-taka” (a phrase that didn’t even exist until the mid-2000s). That’s how the foundation may have been laid, but the tiki taka style is not the same as total football! So it is incorrect to say JC introduced it to the spanish…

          2. I like to add my 2cents. Tiki Taki is derived from a Dutch football expression which is tik tak, which JC used as an insrruction at practice (and other Dutch coaches) whenever he wanted to have the players pass the ball quicker. “Tikkie” in Dutch stands for flick or quick pass. So tik tak as an instructions can be translated as the more laborous “pass the ball!”. I had a mate who made it to the first team of Sparta and FC Groningen and his nick name actually was “Tik Tak” . He was a midfielder with quick feet and he would pass and dribble you silly. So I think when JC was Barca’s coach and introduced the likes of Pep he definitely laid down the groundwork for the current Barca house style: possession, let the ball do the work, swift movement and all based on perfect ball skills.

            LVG added his sauce, but LVG has been heavily influenced by JC, as was Rijkaard and obviously Pep.

          3. Aha, cool!
            That makes more sense.
            I was looking at the origin of the Spanish term of tiki taka and apparently in Spain the term was popularized by a broadcaster using it in a Spain match vs Tunisia at the 06 world cup, although the term was already familiar by that time it wasnt the nickname for a style of play yet.

      2. Cool ideas!
        Have you ever read “brilliant orange” by David Winner?
        You should check it out, I think you would really enjoy it. Actually any lover of dutch football should read it!

        I think Johan Cruyff is the epitome of dutch football, inventive, stylistic, and maybe sometimes controversial too 😉
        And I think people take notice when he speaks because he is usually correct!

        I do agree though, I would LOVE to see him take charge of the NT but I think he is set in his life where family is first, and is happy enough just to go to Ajax or Barca and play the adviser role when requested, and then write in his weekly column otherwise.

  15. Arjentina doesnt have suarez…or even Neymar…thats why they struggle…barca has rakitic and ineastta…….Barca is superior team to arjentina..So messi struggles and its normal…cryuf philosophy is all about intutative approach,,,thats what still barca follows,Movement with ball and with out ball…Tika tiki is developed by PEP not cruyuff..its just spanish thing..Cruyff and orange is relevation..get ur facts right Wilson…abt ur Cruyff and tikitaka crap..cruyff has nothing to do with tiki…he may like pep thats it..

  16. anyone saw Bayern vs barca first leg..will understand who is messi,this guy single handedly scored the gaol for barca..F$%%^king genius of a player…

  17. There is no difference between Messi in Barcelona and Messi in Argentina.The only difference is that Barcelona repeatedly plays well.Argentina less time playing well.
    Where was Messi in matches Bayern-Barcelona (3-0,4-0) 2013.Bayern-Barca 3-2(2015)..Inter-Barca 3-1,0-1(2010)..etc.
    But if Argentina beat Brazil 3-0 ..and Messi scores two goals it will be same story.Messi,Messi,Messiiiiii!!!
    This illusion arises because the best players in the world gather in a couple of teams. They are winning the weaker teams with 5,6,7 goals and they become gods.Records fall.
    And yet another illusion.The story about mediocre eredivisie.I did not see this things in the matches Feyenoord-Sevilla 2-0,Feyenoord-Roma,youth teams Ajax-Barca,Ajax-Man City(A teams) a few years ago…
    Ajax,Feyenoord,PSV have a good Academy.I do not think VdW is now better in PSG,Strootman in Roma,and Afellay,Drenthe,Babel,van Ginkel.? ..Suarez is on Ajax level too.
    They have stronger matches only.Tadić(Sauthampton) told a reporter in Serbia:”In eredivisie you must more to think , in PL you must more to run”.Experience also.

    Russian league?Dutch teams have always played badly against Russian,Ukrainian teams.Nothing new! haha FdB is trying to learn how…to catch the trick.
    Big plastic money clubs have a large market and more rapid changes of players….until they desire..
    This does not mean that they have a better base and academy.
    And about Cruyff. His football rule:”If you want to win you must atack whatever quickly as possible”
    But it has become a mutant in Barcelona.”Padlock”(catenaccio)around 16 m.With ball possession.”Monster” described above.Plastic money clubs.
    Cruyff lost himself there(tiki-taka is not Cruyff)and he back to base.But he does not know this.He wanders.Between “south and north”.He knows that the Dutch football is genuine.He feels that the Dutch clubs have to be strong.(in past he sent best of Holland in Spain ,unfortunately ) And the Dutch players have to be creative for the team.To survive.
    What is the problem?
    I compare this situation with music. Today,s(and before?) rock musicians are a” hundred times” better technically than Lennon-McCartney .But can not overcome the Beatles.They can not make a new “Sgt Pepper”.No creativity at this level.(because blablabla : Messi in Argentina,Messi in Barcelona..)
    Cruyff wants it in the Academy.CREATIVITY of Dutch players .But it seems to be impossible in this situation football trafficking.Because I have already suggested some Utopian ideas..
    The main problem is in our heads.As the song of John Lennon “Nobody told me”…..verse”…Everyone is a winner and nothing left to lose..”
    About Messi.
    He is the speed at 27 ways.If you reach the speed of 28 ways you can catch him.Simply.
    It takes just one speed.

    1. Lets face this guys,we are not experts here but looking at subsiding trend that has been seen in fast few years there is no way JCs innovation is active either at Eredivise or NT level.

      whether it is Tiki Tika or total football you need to sustain the physical surroundings for it to lay a strategized platform.

      The stronghold of eredivise is to weak for JCs innovation to thrive at potent level and KNVB is fortunate that JC is dutch and is doing the hard yards behind the scenes.

      WC 2010 was seen as a changing era in dutch soccer and since then it has been a new era and new start.

      1. As for Messi he has been playing for Barcelona since he was 14 with the concepts of the game and the players well known to him.it is simple as that and this is why he has failed to replicate his barcelona form when playing for Argentina.
        Its not only Argentina,if he moves to another league he will find himself in the same boat as when playing for Argentina.

        1. yes offcourse..Messi and every ne need better team mates to perfrom well..evry single player on this planet requires it…Mesi will have more hard time in EPL…may be would be injured so often in EPL…so wats the issue with messi??what is the role of messi here??why we are roaming arround messi??..
          @Js invented tikiki taka or foundation of tikikktikik..is a bullshit statemnet…Jc liked players with extream skills on ball..this was inheritted by Pep..then Pep introduced his/spanish tikikkik style..other than so its a utter false statement and ignorance of JC and his total football..i really dont like tikikikik but i like total football..
          ever since Charles puyol left barca struggled at back still even with Matheu,Mascherano and bartra,they are struggling..the the spanish victory from 2008EC,2010 Wc was maninly due to Puyol..when he dropped his form they struggled at back..
          @wilson how can u say this boring tikikikiki is invented or founded by great cryuff who was master entertainer on pitch and off pitch??its just ridiculous.

          1. I think there are much more accurate things out there which you could read wilson.
            I really recommend Brilliant Orange, it’s a real book written by an actual expert.

  18. I like ARS’s interesting ideas..
    Except I do think Messi is incredible, plus runner-up for WC with Argentina is not so bad either.. but let’s leave Messi alone.

    wilson – I am really curious, what attracts you about Dutch football?
    Do you like this ‘new era’ (as you call it) from WC2010, where Spain’s tiki taka defeated the pragmatic approach of Netherlands?
    WC2010 for holland was all about results over style, I can appreciate this and I will stand by my team either way, but that is not why Dutch football has been loved.
    Me, I want to see attacking football and brilliant off-ball team play etc. and I would rather the NT aim for this and lose doing that, rather than playing boring and pragmatic results football. I think it is also better in the long run for beautiful football.

    Obviously it has been a while since the Eredivisie was a force, everyone here knows that. yet it has continued to produce players who excel in other leagues, and whether there is a lull in the talent at this moment or not, I don’t think there is enough evidence yet to say this will not continue. Plus, even though there is a obvious gap in quality the eredivisie is still 10 x better to watch than say, Serie A in Italy.
    But we must wonder why does the Eredivisie continue to deteriorate.. I think it’s ONLY because of money and the business of football. young players with ambition seem to get seduced by the glamour of clubs like Chelsea/City and the players that become good quality who stay longer (even non-Dutch players who get nurtured in holland) eventually move to other clubs as well.
    As much as this is sad, it still gives makes me proud of Dutch football.

    The Dutch football which I love does not exist without Johan Cruyff.. so I am always interested in what he says. I think because he is so interconnected with Dutch football there will always be brilliant football coming out of holland – whether the ‘trends’ and value of the eredivisie or the performance of the NT goes up or down.


    1. Steve I admire what JC has done for Dutch soccer but he can’t be sitting like humpty dumty on the wall and be afraid of a great fall as what Van Banger highlighed.The dutch has been always known for attacking soccer and that doesn’t mean it can only originate as per JCs philosophy of Total football. Van Gaal 2014 and BVM 2010 also
      instigated attacking soccer and both came close and were no where close to total football or what ever you want to call it. Guess who was the first one to critize them. JC. It’s either his way or no way. That’s kind of egoistic imo.

      Science or football it has always been about upgrading, engineering and modification without substituting the ultimate source or baseline concept if football.

      For me it is the players and not how total football should be played and it all comes down to players and how you engineer them in a team

      You look at Juventus in Serie A defensive formation,attacking soccer through what players and they we’re untouchable in domestic league and reached the CL Final and again there was nothing extra ordinary in that final, cross range finishes and tap ins.

      You say eredivise is 10x better to watch then Serie A when only Feyenoord, PSV and Ajax has being dominating the league over the years.apart from cropping new talents it is getting boring if you ask me where the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer.

      Looking at NT today under Hiddink, what has being his major downfall. This is multi million dollar question only Tiju can answer.

      1. I REALLY DONT LIKE chelsea,Mancity,Real kind of pure plastic money club…though money is part of barca and Manu..they have their own phillosophy..so i do like them ..Most of the time JC is right and very right…
        But JC philosophy or LVg philosphy will not work with Prome,afelay kind of players..U need natural intelligence to understand their philosphy…Hiddink nhas wasted his precious time with rpomes,afellay,RVP,BMI and weil..he is paying for it..he must forget about playing a striker when Depay and Roben on pitch..RVP is too old..i feel Hiddink was one diamentional in plans and was not open…hiddink can still top the group if he fields the right players on feild,though we dont have cryuffs,bergkams and or neeskens any more…
        some what like
        —-Hendrix——-Van beek———

  19. AZ 67 Alkmaar,Heerenveen,Vitesse,PEC,Groningen,Twente…
    Utrecht..they are good clubs.
    Ajax,Feyenoord,PSV are richer course .But the gist of total football(1970s) was to win powerful football clubs ( on the football way) of Italy,Spain,Portugal,England,Germany.Many of them were much richer than Dutch clubs too.
    When you enter in the” area of monsters” (and if you want to beat them) you can be infected,defected…especially today.
    It is important who it first started. “First blood”.
    The story of the rich and the poor is a long story.
    And..Jan had made a secret weapon (moderator) on this blog and if I started talking about this …in history…it will not be good for me…

  20. I wish I could post the picture Strootman posted on his Twitter of himself running and training Utrecht 3 daye ago… and he said “Non molliamo mai”, meaning “We never give up.”

    Good news!

  21. Good to know Strootman is running.

    I liked very much the way Holland played in the 2014 WC. I thought LVG tactics were brilliant–pack the midfield, play a somewhat conservative style against good, quick teams such as Chile, and counterattack with RVP and Robben, who are PERFECT for that style of play with their abilities to control long balls and score. The Dutch haven’t had a great back line or midfield for a while, so you adjust to your players and your team strengths/weaknesses; that’s what all good coaches do–or should do–not just play the same formation all the time because that’s what you’ve always done. You want to play nice football AND get a result.

    1. They scraped through out WC apart from that Spain game.they never replicated the performance vs Spain in the entire WC.

      It was more like playing chess and check mate vs Argentina.

      1. haha another joke…WC2014 orange started nervy,went 1-0 behind spain the spectacular goal from persie by the help of brilliant visionary blind pass.Spain had to attack us again with their slow CBs..we killed them with pwpoer and pace..end of the story..point is spain was not parking the bus.
        Austarlia was physical team we struggled vs their physicality,But Vlaar ,Nijel showed returned them back in same way..they scumbbed to pace of Roben andDepay again..again another victory from trailing…..the point is australia was not parking the bus.
        then comes dwarfs but hardworkin chile…LVG was super tactician..i dont remmber of any chile chances,our defense was water tight..Le rishi Leory fer jumping..chile down….Point is chile was not parkingt the bus…
        Mexico played a resevred game,completely parked bus with ocational attack…Orange got punished1-0 again..down…but 2 nd half fully bus parked mexico,they suceeded till 88 the minute…Orange had bit luck wesly put the dager,that was astonishing brilliance of Wesly and Hunter…Point is mexico parked the bus..
        Again costarica…nothing to say..the most higly parked bus of the WC with 2 buses…it would have been a disgrace to football had coatarioca won it.point is park the bus vs LVG team…
        the genius coach of arjentina understood if u dont park doulble bus vs orange ..get ready to be raped in ass..So they parked the bus..with persie,nijel were not 100 % LVG had to use full sub..Orange would have raped any attcking team of that WC.Coz we had teh most potent speedy efficeint front line up front.i would say wickedly brilliant persie,roben and sneijder…..
        So wilson u have no clue about our team played in WC.our team was fantastic and we played to our strentgh..Masherano had to tore his ass to save arjentina..thats wat happend vs arjentina….i still feel sad about that loss..

          1. one thing we ned to understand that Cruyff was lendry player while LVg was not..but both were too much intelligent of sportsmen in my book.Both are right,both are successful as manager..so both are right…LVG might be a control freak but he is man of meticuous micro managment style..while cryuff is intutiative,like he brought Danny blind to ajax Vanbasten quetiuoned it..its inborn…so stop bashing LVG

  22. LVG didnt had much luck…Nijel,fer was injured..rVp was half fit vs arjetina..this cost us the match..but still Roben made mascheranos ass tored..

  23. To add to Steve’s suggestion to read Winner’s book, the good man lurks around the blog and sometimes sends me a quick email with a comment 🙂

  24. Well it’s amazing how two words (Johan Cruyff) can inspire so much banter and good banter at that!
    For the record @Jan is correct about Tikki Takka, well before Pep was born my dad was using the term Tik Tak when coaching football, it was all to do with quick passing, he got that from JC, so whilst I agree that Tikki Takka is a Barcelona thing, it definitely has a Dutch founder.
    @Steve M – you asked Wilson what attracts him to Dutch football and if I’m not mistaken I’m sure it is Total Voetball , aren’t we all? Total Voetball is intrinsically different to Tikki Takka, and Rinus Michels has to take a lot of the credit for developing the great game along with JC in our homeland. If anyone is not sure Total Voetball can be simply described as everyone is an attacker and everyone is a defender, the formation should be fluid and change as required in the game. If you watch some old clips (74) you will see this in action, JC in particular had no problem picking up the ball I between the CB’s and then roaming up top to score a goal.
    However, Football has changed as Wilson has suggested and with that tactics have changed, once the other countries worked out how to play against TF it was less effective and tactics like “parking the bus” were used to combat the beautiful game. The Italians perfected “Cattanachi” sorry for spelling, and look at them they have World Cup success.
    @tiju – I like your assessment of the 2014WC, we were great and LVG, just like BVM before him, showed that you have to play to the strengths of the players you have which they both did so well, but still no WC to hang on the wall!
    So we have taken 3 completely different playing styles to the WC (74,78,10,14) but without the big prize! Brasil has 5, Germany has 4. Why?
    There is one thing that will never change IMO true Dutch players are technically superior to most and that is inherent in our genes, it’s our gift, we have to find a way to make the most of our gift. For me we are not hungry enough this may be a direct result of our gift, if we can lose the attitude and replace it with Hunger I think we can take the final step to WC glory.
    Anyhow sorry for the long post but I’m passionate just like the rest of

    1. Nice short and simple analysis of total football.

      Yes of course football has changed and that will continue, I dont think this is anything anyone needs to be told – but I think total football can still work in the modern game!
      Although I dont think anyone is really executing it totally properly so I admit there are no teams I can reference as example… but maybe Bayern and Barca try to play the closest thing to it and they seem to do ok!

        1. I will also add Arsenal here. they have the perfect attacking oriented players who can match the likes of Barcelona and Bayern They jus need to get rid of Oliver Giroud and Per Mertesacker and replace them with a deadly striker and a versatile defender.

          1. While I agree that they do play nice attacking football, I dont think Arsenal are attempting to play any version total football at all.

  25. Some words from Koeman… hard to disagree!
    “And I see another lack of quality with the Dutch kids, that I have also noticed with other young stars in the Premier League: they don’t communicate! They behave like ­individuals. Stuck to their smartphones.”

    “I watched the young Memphis Depay often enough. I was doing scouting work on him when he was playing in the Under-16 side for PSV Eindhoven, and there was this game against FC Twente. I always work with a list of five specific qualities: skills, tactics, physique, attitude, personality. I did not get any higher with my average ratings than 5.6 out of 10. And you know what brought the rating down most of all? The rating for his ­personality. It is only because of the fact that I could not go any lower than zero out of 10, ­otherwise I would have rated him well below that. It was absolutely disgusting, the foul language that boy used towards his fellow players and towards people in the crowd.”

    But having said that, he also tried to sign Depay!

    1. Steve, Koeman really seems to be talking the talk, and to be fair to him, walking the walk..he’s just gone and snapped up good ole Steks from Monaco…very exciting…although I don’t really rate him, I rate him higher at his prime than Cillesen is now! Since Forster will be out for the first half of the season, Steks is a cert starter (although it will be toughing holding down number 1 as Forster is pure class!)

      Southampton have completed the signing of Dutch goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg on loan from Fulham. The 32-year-old becomes Southampton boss Ronald Koeman’s third signing of the summer, and will provide cover while number one Fraser Foster recovers from a long term injury.

      Stekelenburg joined Fulham in 2013 from Roma, but spent last season on loan with French club Monaco after his parent club was relegated from the Premier League. In France, Stekelenburg found himself on the bench, making only one league appearances, but will get the chance to get his career back on track at Southampton. The former Ajax star has 54 caps for Netherlands, but last appeared in Oranje in 2012.

  26. @ Van Banger – Hunger.

    I have a contridicting views here. you see 98,2000 squad had everything ,Total football, Tiki Tika if you wanna call it, Hunger,Van Bastens, Rijkards,Guilts and also being the golden generation of Dutch Soccer they still fell short and 2001 I don’t wanna talk about it. But as for 98 and 2000 it would be irrational to say they lacked Hunger.

    Or unless you were talking about the current generation which some of them have shown the hunger you are talking about but are still being slamped the door on their faces. I don’t want to go into the depth here because I think this has already been discussed with contrasting views,but the fact remains the same as different coaches tend to have different pespertive towards different players and this is where it all becomes technical.

  27. I fear that I will be boring.
    In my opinion total football is a control space in the football pitch.Fine control.If you really control all space you are naturally active because space has not end in the football pitch(million combinations).(Simbolically, Total football is in the nature of Dutch life)

    This means (in the football game)that when you defends yourself you can to attack opponents(fast) in the same moment.Examples :Euro 2008 Gio,Kuyt,Wes vs Italy,France 1998 FdB,Bergcamp vs Argentina..2010 Wes-Robben vs Spain and many times too(Koeman,Krol). Perfect geometric counter attacks (not Russian,not Italian style).

    And when you attack…you are defending at the same time.Attackers are defenders defenders are attackers ..and formations for this things.
    What is in between? the opposing team play football too… and they have learned something about TF.

    WC 2010,WC 2014Spain-Holland…Cruyff said it is not total footbal.
    For me it was TF. Maybe not so beauty .
    If you need five players to stop Xavi,Iniesta..you can not to play as PEP against Barcelona.It is suicide.Dutch team would lost 10-0.

    Later,Cruyff started revolutionized in Ajax.(youth Academy and first team)Perhaps he saw that the youth team of Ajax is better than Barca youth team..but something was missing..

    And..what Cruyff really thinks nobody knows.He is not mad that he does not this things.
    When I was ten,eleven years old I had two posters in my room.Johan Cruyff and Agnetha Falstkog( sweden pop band ABBA).Resemble each other as brother and sister.Even..they have similar strange answers …Once, one reporter asked Agnetha:”Do you believe in God?”..She said:”Yes.”…and:” Do you believe in life after life(afterlife)?”..She said:”Hmmm,no”.
    hahaha…The best Zen answer in Europe.Cuyff works on the similar way.
    I wonder why Cruyff(after the match Holland-Spain 5-1 ) did not say:”It was the worst match I have ever watched.”
    Cruyff is enjoying that tingles LVG!..Cruyff,LVG,Hiddink…their jobs.

    About tiki-taka.I did not know what is it.I think I heard it for the first time in PEP era in Barca(2009?) I do not know. Later,I thought that was invented by some drunken Spanish sports journalist…to steal a total football..

  28. Newcastle target Bas Dost should stay at Wolfsburg, says his coach Dieter Hecking.

    The 26-year-old Netherlands international is understood to be a target for new Magpies boss Steve McClaren as he bids to rebuild the squad.

    Hecking told the Wolfsburger Allgemeine: “Why would he go there? He can play next season in the Champions League with us. He will probably not in this nor in the next or the next year at Newcastle.”

  29. The Dutch women have qualities but didn’t play so well against an experienced Japan squad last night. They are a bit too deliberate, and really gave up too much field in the first half. But not bad for a first-time WC participate–better luck going forward.

  30. Breaking – Karim Rekik agrees personal terms with Olympique de Marseille.The deal is currently under way with Marseille expected to making a loan move with an option to buy at the end of the season.

  31. Vanpersie wants regular spot…..makes me laugh..if he cannot find regular spot with LVG at manu then its time for Qatar or middel east where he can get regular starter spot..

      1. The intresting thing about these transfers is how the coaches will assess the players next season especially those who still havnt received a callup.

  32. Dick advocate,LVG and /Ronald koeman…and a fan of dutch football ..Steve mclaren..in most faous league in the world…that would help dutch football a lot …

    1. This is good news for Jeremine Lens. Dick Advocaat wants to bring the former PSV man to Sunderland. He really stalled performance wise after moving to Kiev. He was in good form when he left PSV and EPL should get his form back on track under Advocaat should they sign him.

      1. Lens has mostly featured on the left for NT especially in inverted wing system with Robben mostly prefered on the right.Given his capabilities off the ball he should be deployed more on the right where it’s more free flow and where it also becomes more naturalistic to bring in the strikers into the game especially box to box strikers like Hunter, Dost or even RVP.

        1. lenz was good,i dont know how he is now,Lenz=Goals.that was the scenarion once..some how Lenz will score goals.dont ask me how…He is not a headless chicken like Afellay,promes or narsingh.Has got intelligence and very strong in duels too.the player i am really looking is Berghius,he reminds me Roben but far more lesser skilled than lengendry Roben…Berghius is not a headless chicken like afellay and Co..i think Berghius deserves a spot over many..
          as of now I am taking out roben and strootman..then it looks like
          —————Van ginkel———–

          1. Berghuis has being a consistent performer at AZ over the past few season.Not only him Michiel De Zeeuw of Groningen has being another consistent performer in front of goal.

            I think Berghuis to PSV if it happens will settle the dust as where his capabilities lies especially at CL level.

  33. Good news Nathan Ake.Apparently Monaco in negotation with Chelsea as part of Radamel Falcao deal to loan him ,Ruben Loftus Cheek and Andres Christensen. will be good move if it happens given his chances to have a crack at NT.

  34. I don’t speak Dutch but I used google translator and it seems like Hiddink will leave the job and now Danny Blind will be our Bondscoach. If it is true I am glad because even though I like Hiddink there had to be a change this team was not behind him at all.

    Now it’s time for a fresh start. Let’s see how Blind handles with so much pressure he seems ready for it and more importantly he seems he is dying to be the head coach 🙂

  35. Hiddink has said it he will resign…after june games…it will take 1 month to decide…as time ie runnig…Blind should be a nice candidate.i have a feeling Blind is goin to be the saviour as this blind has got extreamly wicked brain…only thing is players must support him..But still i dont want to see BMI,promes,Afellay and other headless chikens in team..

  36. Life without Robben is what KNVB should have looked at before making the decision to sack Hiddink. I think this will be the biggest hurdle for any incoming coach whether its Danny Blind or any one else for that matter.

    Decsion making on some players aside injuries was also a major hinderance for Hiddink during his campagin and given the player avaliability its a crap decision by KNVB.

    Also looking at the transfer market for Dutch players things could have changed in september with the team back to full strength.

  37. @Wilson…FYI Roben played under Hiddink…vs kazkathan,vs latvia and ice land..still we lost vs iceland..forget latvia and kazkathan..we beat spain with out roben..so forget missing roben…it is his shit idea that cost us the matches manily Afellay so we created less chances..BMI and weil at back…one huge mistake from Janmaat..thats how it was…he got punished for playing such a crap player..

  38. In my opinion Hiddink was supposed to stay until the match with Germany(17 November).The decision is a mistake.For a long time on “the wrong foot” (for matches in France 2016).
    Dutch NT no “gold backing”.Dutch NT had a better “gold backing” even between 1981-1985 than it is today.
    Final in 2010(silver) and third place in 2014…It is like when Frodo uses the power of The Ring.Thereafter he becomes weaker…
    People do not see this and they expect every two years that Dutch team plays in the finals,semifinals…
    It leads to arrogance …and it can lead to disaster.

    I hope I am wrong…but I have to be careful.

  39. dutch are still a wonderful team???had germany has player caliber of CR7??Messi??Roben??…not at all..Dutch fowards of persie generation were phenomenon and devasting goal scorers..i think BVM and marco scrwed our chances from 2006-2012…
    2008—-injury Roben
    2010—kuyt–Vander vaart

  40. dutch can formutae a wolrd beating team
    hunter–luuk dejong
    Janmaat–?????final pecie

  41. @ Tiju

    Much of Hiddinks downfall has already being discussed here in depth,but again his decision to change the formation back to 4-3-3 using the same players from the WC has to top the list for the most crucial mistake he made.

    I mean Danny Blind knew after working with Van Gaal that Blind and BMI were the weak links in 4 man defense as it was exposed under Van Gaal prior to WC but for some reason he failed to advise Hiddink on this and which as a assistant coach he should have done. Vs Italy when Hiddink switched back to ,4-3-3 yet again both BMI and Blind collapsed in the backline and still both coaches never took heed from that game. The rest doesnt needs to be explained.

  42. Tiju,..Afellay might spend the rest of life to find you…

    About my doubts about the strength of Dutch football today.
    Feyenoord -Seville (2-0) was a good match for Feyenoord. Perfect.But Feyenoord is not playing in Europe next season.They will be happy if they sell players in Seville???!!!
    Young Ajax team against young Barcelona team.Ajax was good.Better? But young Ajax players want to go to Barcelona.To go in Porto,Benfica,Real,Bayern,ManU,ManC.etc.
    That is a loss in some way.There they lose “their school”.They can not to make progress ,develop themselves in the right way.Some of them takes something but….They can hardly be better than the players in these clubs in way Brazilians,Argentines…

    the time between 1981-1985.Bad times but…
    This base (1980s) for kids has created “new models of players” in the world.Between 1988-1996 Ajax(in my opinion) could have been the best football club ever.Why it was not done? (it was “gold backing”)
    Cruyff syndrome maybe?
    Cruyff had a mentality of winners.And he went in Barcelona 1973.The following year he played the final match Germany-Holland 2-1.After he concluded that they lack the mentality of winners.And following the search of the winning mentality!?

    Because my symbolism about today NT..”Final in 2010.(silver) and third place in 2014 ..It is like when Frodo uses the power of The Ring.Thereafter he becomes weaker.”
    EURO 2012 and later.Dutch team was in the four defeats.NT could lose and against Turkey …
    The Netherlands has lost 5 matches in a row in 1950s(?).Last time.
    A similar situation after 2014.NT coaches do not have magical wands. Dutch NT teams 1990s were better than today ..but were not unique..were rebellious ..and were more comfortable..etc.BUT Dutch NT today became really team,Robben was the best player in WC 2014 and closer to win in world cup.It is difficult to explain…

    Congratulation for the Swedish U21 (european champions)!!
    It resembles a little to Swedish football “before and after Ibrahimović era”. In extra time (and earlier from 75-80 min) they could broke Portugal.And they beat Italy with 10 players!!!
    Sweden would lost final match (with Ibrahimović in their team) 3-6..
    But Ibra would gave three (circus )goals and become a hero…

  43. Luc Castaignos to Enitract Frankfurt I think is a same for Dutch soccer. Ajax or PSV should have made the move after Twente had to put him up for sale to solve its financial crisis. I defintely rate him above Luuk De Jong who is more a team player and lack individualism.

    1. How do you know Ajax or PSV did not make a move for him? Maybe he was being a good feyenoord kid and chose frankfurt instead of dutch rivals..

      I dont think it is such a shame, he has left holland before.. maybe he will get more playing time there than he did when he went to Inter.
      Cant believe he is still only 22. Lots of time to realize potential.
      Good luck to him!

      1. It was all about the money and take him plea from Twente who cashed in the young striker to slove their wage bill crisis.

        Well his intention was either Germany or England but his calbire is what both Ajax and PSV should have looked b4 deciding to look in their pockets. 2.5 millon euros,I sure CL would have defintely lured him if both clubs would have opened their doors.I mean if you look at PSV,luuk De Jong will have to dig deep especially in CL with Depay gone and with Wijnaldum on the fringes of moving. Jurgen Locida is his back up and hasnt played alot last season constantly warming the bench.Castaignos would have a good addition here to add extra firepower upfront should Luuk De Jong fade as BTB striker.

        Again at Ajax with Sigthorsson gone,They are only left with Milik and Fischer and both are injury prone and again would have been a good addition.

        As for playing time even at Eintracht Frankfurt he will have to prove himself given comp from swiss striker Haris Seferovic.

        But my point here is whether his talent will be best served at Frankfurt or no. He is a proven all rounded scorer and needs to be playing at top level and this is where good sense should have prevailed and in the best intrest of dutch soccer rivalries shouldnt have played a part in either Ajax or PSV from signing him.if that was the case.

        If you look at Serie A this is one reason why Italians are thriving with upcoming talents who get scooped up by top guns and develop authentically playing at EL and CL and forcing their way later at international stage.

        1. Hahaha do you think players just get to pick wherever they want to play?
          Also, how do you know what his intentions are/were, and how do you know that either Ajax / PSV did not inquire about signing him?

          1. Steve do you really think Castaignos would have ignored the chance of playing CL if the chance came knocking on his footsteps and joined Eintracht Frankfurt. What kind of dump thinking is that.

            Only Swansea, QPR and Frankfurt made official bid for Castaignos and he chose from what was on the menu.

            But regardless of this my point was on the circumstances under which he was sold and whether the move was in the best interest of Dutch soccer

          2. No, I dont pretend to know why castaignos does anything!
            maybe all that knocking on his footsteps gave him dump feelings hahaha

            are you even sure what your point is?
            seems like at first your point was Castaignos is better than luuk de Jong, next comment your point is if his talent is best served in frankfurt, and now your point is circumstances of the sale and if its best for dutch soccer?

  44. Intresting Van Gaal wants Jordy Clasie at Old Trafford.Im wondering what will happen to Daley Blind.But looking at the transfer market,dutch players have been in great demand going into next season. will be very intresting to how dutch players perform for their new clubs abroad and how the coaches will streamline selection based on their performance b4 the Euros.

  45. Dutch players are developed well in holland..i mean players who stayed in Holland at least 23.this is where other players moved abroad were sucked,like many we lost to chelshitplastic money club.
    The Demand is due to Advocate,Koeman,LVG and MAclaren…Aston villa manger also a bit fan of dutch..
    None of our currrent crops have the skills of Robin and Roben.But these current ones can achive even win a WC with their collective effort,if our coach mixes them well,i mean avoding the lesshardwokring,less intelligent players from team..Luuk,seim,clasie,wijnaldum dpeay,dost all are good when they play together,this cannt be said with when they play with forgin players..this is where challenge is in club level success.

    1. Wow, about to sign a 4 year deal as well.. sure, the turkish league is underrated, but if he moves to there from United does this mean he no longer thinks he can earn the starting spot at United? strange to me since it seemed like RvP was always so high on himself..
      OR maybe like Sneijder he can pickup his career again from turkey.

  46. It’s a really strange decision by RVP. From Man U to Fenerbahce it’s really a huge step down. I don’t know if RVP and LVG had a fight because RVP was one of LVG’s favorite players.

  47. RVP was pathetic for last year especially after WC…Manu suffered a lot due to RVP…LVG realised this very late..RVP is a clever player so he understood that he doesnt belongs to the top any more.so some how sneak in to dutch NT by playing regular in a low club.but sneijder case was different snijedr became fatty by sitting in bench and not working hard,once he started hard work sneijder recovered.while RVP showing the age synptom..

    1. Um, everyone is aging.. 😉

      They should have titled the article “one statistic shows that Ron Vlaar could be a risky signing”.
      They choose a click bait title instead… the author is a bit daft, if Vlaar is a terrible signing then why does he say 4 clubs besides the one he has played are trying to sign him, does he not consider that these clubs may know something that he doesnt?
      Also, tackles won percentage doesn’t tell the whole story of a defender.

      Anyways, one poor season does not mean a player is done by any means, especially one where the player is constantly struggling with fitness. But it can as well. Pointless to suppose.
      Vlaar is 30, hopefully he gets his form back!

      1. He is a free agent in case if you haven’t read. Defenders usually get more composed as they age and in Vlaar case unfortunately its a step backwards. he is more injury prone and his injuries has been ever persistent from Feyenoord days. the injures are slowly taking its toll on him this is why he has been consistently hit with niggling injuries both at Villa and at NT.

        The tackles won percentage is clear indication that his has been very cautious in committing himself in contact areas. well at Villa this may have gone unnoticed but at NT he is forced to make the tackles and this where he has been sustaining all those injuries.

        To write him of no, but once the body becomes prone to injury its very hard to fight back to your level best

        well I think every one knows here how Marco Van Basten career ended.

        1. Of course he is a free agent, what are you talking about?
          Vlaar has played 24 minutes for netherlands since the world cup, how can you say thats where he gets all his injuries?
          Did you know Vlaar and Bacuna were the only villa players to have 100% passing in the fa cup final? Kind of a cool stat. Anyways, doesnt really matter because Villa are terrible and they were destroyed by the Arsenal.

          Bahaha yes, van Basten and Vlaar are so similar, great comparison.

          Anyways I will leave it positive and say again that I just hope he gets his form back (dont forget he and de Vrij were tops of all the D at the world cup, stats-wise) and I hope he finds a nice club and leave it at that.

  48. U19 tournament starts this week in Greece.
    Lots of young talent to watch with van Amersfoort, Paal, Nouri and of course Ould-Chikh… but too bad other players have been blocked from playing, would have been good to see Cabral, Zivkovic, Bazour, Riedewald, Hendrix, and Vloet playing as well.

  49. Very excited for Strootman!!
    As he posted an instagram pic of himself playing, it says ” Feeling good back on the pitch with my teammates again.”

        1. how can you say that when he failed miserably both at Monchengladbach and Newcastle.I rated luuk highly during his Twente days but after watching him at Newcastle,that was it.

          Coming back to PSV and scoring goals proves nothing.I sure even Wolfswinkel will be able to the same if he moves back to eredivise.

          Well both will be in CL so may the best man excel.

          1. lUUK failed in newcastle coz newcastle was not doing good,borussia was his firts step and coach system etc…Luuk is fruitfull and effective when he is sourrend with betetr intelligent players with him..luuk would be superman if he plays with klassen,Clasie,Ginekl etc,,,but would be a huge failure when he plays with afellay kind of players…While ricky wolf flops everywhere.so i said luuk is better.

  50. i knew that Bazoer was a talent,he was amazning in CL matches for Ajax.i feel really bad for Nathan ake,ake was a sparkling defensive midfeilder when he was at orange ,now seems fully lost by the huge developemnt of chelsea..

  51. I do not think that are problems and solutions of Dutch football change coaches.
    But “VAN BASTEN NAMED NETHERLANDS ASSISTANT” is a really good news for me !!! In this moment…
    I would like him to stay until Moscow 2018.

    Eredivisie League is weaker today of course but Eredivisie Leaue is not for babies yet..
    Bergkamp transferred from Ajax to Inter(1992).There he has failed.Bergkamp at Inter “forgot to play football”.
    But Ajax was not weaker than Inter.this things are happening.everything is in head.

  52. Good article about Bergkamp.
    Many Dutch players have had similar experiences.Unfortunately,many are not lucky(or smart) enough to meet Mourinho,LVG,Venger..etc.(ha,Nigel de Jong is power…he is the exception….and a couple of other players(???))
    Robben would have been even the better player if he would won the Champions League with PSV(2005).For Bergkamp was better that he stayed in Ajax.(?)But people are looking for new experiences.They are learning something new in every situation???Maybe..
    Babel,Drenthe,Emanuelson,de Rider(?),Huntelar,Vaart,…In my opinion they were better in Eredivisie.They stopped their own development…but ,for me ,it is hard to prove…
    But they tried to grow up in other leagues.
    Such is the situation today.Stupid situation?.!.

    1. Well you have to acknowlegde the modern day soccer and whats at stake for the players and this where they are ready to gamble with their insticts on how to persue their development.well there is always risk associated with it but that risk factor unfortunately always crumn
      bles its knee infront of the dollar value and I think this will always the case for eredivise where young talents are in abundance.

  53. Its seems like Lazio is really pushing for Riccardo Krishna.I think good sense should prevail here and if FDB does not see him fit in his plan for upcoming season they should let him go.

    Roma Sporting director Walter Sabatini is also in France to finalized deal for Van der weil with PSG.

  54. Stoke City complete a loan deal with Chelsea for van Ginkel… ugh, I don’t like Mark Hughes at all but good for Marco anyways as he should play lots!

    Looks like Wijnaldum is going to sign with Newcastle, will be a pretty strong Dutch contingent over there now – maybe they can sign Fer as well haha

        1. this also means Morgan Schneiderlin wont move from Southampton and hence jordy clasie to southampton wont eventuate.

          Clasie in eredivise in upcoming season will be total waste.

          1. Scratch Herrera cause i just saw that Man U signed Schneiderlin. What a team Van Gaal is building!!

  55. Vitesse again will have luxury of Chelsea loanees in the upcoming seaaon but this time around they will have quiet some talents. Nathan,Brown and Baker.

  56. It’s been an interesting transfer window.

    Wijnaldum to Newcastle
    Van Ginkel to Stoke
    Depay to Man U!

    I hope Fer finds a good club. I hope RVP doesn’t go to Fenerbahce.

    Man U is a club I’ll be cheering with Blind and Depay in the team and LVG is a coach I admire very much. It’s a shame he didn’t stay with the Dutch team longer.

    1. Hahaha is Auronzo even a professional club?

      Joking aside, it’s great that he is there. Maybe someday soon he can form the amazing CB partnership that we desperately need, along with de Vrij – who is our only top class CB in my opinion, who has the spot nailed down.

  57. More fun rumors…
    Ajax trying to bring Sanogo on loan from Arsenal..
    Propper probably moving to PSV..
    Apparently Schneiderlin has had his medical at Man Utd, so Clasie probably gone to Southampton and pressure is on Blind, good news all around.

      1. Maybe Koeman will do the NT a huge favor and sign Vlaar and bring in van Dijk and Clasie.
        And then he should probably find a spot for Fer as well haha

  58. Wow, let’s hope all of these rumours turn into trumours ! It will be really interesting to watch all of the Dutch players in the EPL, I’m especially excited to watch Van Ginkle as I’ve been a fan of his for a while now , the big question will be weather he can prove himself in the big show, I hope he can.
    Also Virgil, I have not seen a lot of him but what I have seems pretty good, he could solve our problems in defence for our NT now that he will be more exposed to the eyes that matter ( if he gets picked up that is).
    I’m going to watch Roma play Real Madrid on Saturday, I wonder if Stroot will be there?

  59. Wow LVG is really working fast.

    Matteo Darmian (looks like a really good RB who can also play as LB).


    Clasie to Southampton confirmed!
    Lens to Sunderland confirmed!

    Vlaar vs van Dijk…lets all bet on who is going to sign next 😀

    PS: our fantasy league teams next season will all be identical 🙁

  61. Too bad for the U19s, crash out of the euros after drawing 1-1 with Spain, needed to win.
    Spain started strong but only got an OG, the Dutch woke up in the second half and got a weak PK but couldn’t get the all important winning goal.
    Ould-Chikh was really disappointing.
    Nouri looked good to me, and Drommel looked great in goal.

  62. Yaya Sanogo to Ajax is bad news for Riccardo Kishna especially with on going differences off the field btween him and FDB. Milik, Fischer, El Ghazi, Schone and Kishna plus Sanogo will make things complicated imo. with kishna already in the bad books, things will even boil over more if he warms the bench under such circumstances.

    I jus hope they can put their difference aside and work together for the sake of both Ajax and NT.

    I think this will a very crucial season for all dutch players heading to ECs and I hope the coaches will play a influential part in guiding them in the right direction.

      1. Should be more worried about the German winger Younes coming in from Monchengladbach – it looks like both Sanogo and Younes are completed deals now.
        Strange moves by Ajax..
        Maybe good for more competition, I like to think if Kishna is so good then he will keep playing.

      2. Sanogo will be a straight swap for kolbeinn sigthorsson if it happens meaning Milik and Sanogo will battle it out for the NO 9. El Ghazi without a doubt has cemented his place on the right which leaves Fischer,Schone, Andersen, Kishna battling it out on the left. Given Fischer long return from injury I think it will be

        Fischer – Milik/Sanogo- El Ghazi

        either way Ajax looks all set for CL qualification coming up.

  63. Maher and Sinkgraven are two players im hoping will take this season by storm and stamp their mark both in eredivise and at European level. I think the road to France will be very very interesting given all the transfers and with eredivise teams in CL and EL

  64. Vlaar and his agent spotted in Rome, and his agent quoted as saying “We might be signing for Lazio. We’ll see in a few days.”

    Would be great to have Vlaar and de Vrij playing together at club level, not to mention a club who is in the CL this year..

  65. Hunter again has been busy as ever scoring in schalkes pre season games. 3 goals in 3 games. I wonder if the the tide will change under Blind or they will again stick with Van Persie. I dont know how Van Basten and Blind will see things from each others perspective given Van Basten superior experience at coaching level.

    Mean while Schalke is also trying to Hijack Clasie move to Southampton.

  66. Hunter again has been busy as ever scoring in schalkles pre season games. 3 goals in 3 games. I wonder if the the tide will change under Blind or they will again stick with Van Persie. I dont know how Van Basten and Blind will see things from each others perspective given Van Basten superior experience at coaching level.

    Mean while Schalke is also trying to Hijack Clasie move to Southampton.

      1. its a pity ,jus pity that no coach has able to use Hunter effectively given his clinicality in front of goal. Indeed true he needs a fitter and with Sneijder it was always going to be difficult.Once again inverted wing system deprives him of quality service. NT really needs to sort out their CM and start injecting player who have potential to fill sneijder shoes.

        1. Lewis Holtby was the reason why hunter was the top scorer in Bundasliga in 2011-2012 season,because of his creativity and set plays.Schalke still havent found a suitable replacement after his depature,with Max Meyer only showing glimpses of his capabilities.

    1. if move like snail or ant in final third of the pitch with lesser endurance and stamina..u cannt play for Man united,RVP has realized it,so he left the club..it would be idiocy to play him as starter for NT as striker..Hope danny blind understand why LVG dropped persie…

      1. 240,000 pounds given his current form,there is no way any other club would have given him the same package as Fenerbahce. It all about the money.

        I mean you look at Falaco,he took a 145,000 pounds paycut to join chelsea so can imagine RVP at Juventus,Roma or Madrid as it was rumored.

        1. Only stupid clubs splash money like this,may its all marketing a star and football barnd or they might be proud that they got a player from Manu..offcourse RVP has a global fanbase and very popular,can sale certain number of jersyes too.

        2. if RVP was 28 year old and he is has his form LVG would not sell him..thats what happend not just money…he cannt start for Manu,juve,madrid or holland.thats y he opted lesser club..not just money..Qatar uae clubs also pays huge money(Ask Xavi)

  67. kishan iam not sure,if he stays humble and strong and gving repect to others then only he has chance,Vlaar is a gentle man …hodet and Devrij are great lads too,cannt say that about kishna,hope he learns from charateristic vlaar and Co.

    1. Lucas Biglia,Antonio Candreva,Keita Blade Diao three vig names you have forgot to mention.

      but they have got a talented squad.they jus needs a killer striker.

  68. Apparently Borini is closer than Pato to join…then also Prichard is in the works…all exciting players…not to mention Y Gourcuff..am sold…

    Also how is Galatasary and Besiktas planning to face the Fenerbahce spending onslaught this coming season?

    1. Feyenoord will surely miss his services especially after the stumbling they took towards the end of the last season when he got injured. Now With both Clasie and Immers departed Feyenoord will have to dig deep and marko vijenvoic will have to fill in the big shoes of these out going players.
      But on a brighter side the move to Watford will give a chance to have crack in NT as he has long being deemed as average player by critics.

      1. @Wilson..Feynoord academy is not chelshit academy…Feynoord has lost many players but honestly they are the best talent producers of holland Now than Migthy ajax…World doesnt end With Immers or clasie even with Messi or Roben…it goes and feynoord will have adequate or better replacement for Immers..

    1. Nice Clasie stats from @OptaJohan:
      – 89.1% – Clasie recorded the highest tackle success rate in the Eredivisie last season among players with 65+ tackles
      – Clasie made more passes (1192) in the opposition half than any other Eredivisie player in 2014/15

  69. Wesley Hoedt scored his first goal for Lazio in their second pre season opener. Ravel Morrison is also turning out to be master stroke purchase for the Italian side as he again looked impressive with 2 goals and 2 assist as they trounced amateur club Radio 103 9-1.

    Also Mino Raiola has denied any bid for Riccardo Kishna from Lazio as Koeman ponder move for the Ajax Man.

    Lazio also have cited some concerns over Rob Vlaar injury record and will wait for his fitness report before signing him.

  70. Selection of kids for Football needs to be based on intelligence,vision,atheltism and then comes dribbling…this were dutch made little mistakes,they have developed many headless chickens from 1989—still coming batch..anyone who expects Promes or afellay or these kind of players to be world class doesnt know football or seriously indelusion..i think so much intelligent talents are wasted infornt of computers that might be the issue..i saw clipping sof justin kluivert..hell this boy shows the intelligence of his father..liek father like son..i really like the kid…

  71. i hope Danny blind selects kongolo,toonstra,virjil,fer as striker,luuk as striker,klassen,hendrix so often and drops RVP,Promes,afellay.etc…
    left back
    Mitchell dijks
    Terence kongolo
    Vrijil vandijk
    Karim Reikik
    Stefan Devrij
    Sven vanbeek
    Daryl Janmaat
    ricardo vanrhijn
    Stand bye
    Concerns about vlaar and his fitness…these should be our core players…Rest we can forget

  72. orange would be astonishing team if play
    Williams–Vrijil—Devrij–Van beek
    on bench

  73. Riccardo Kishna to Lazio looks imminent as his super agent Mino Raiola confirms transfer to be completed by next week.
    Lazio now jus needs a sign a lethal striker and bang. another dutch colony in building. lets hope vlaar comes in as well.

  74. Wow it’s been a busy market for Dutch players.

    I am really excited about the EPL, it’ll be full of Dutch players I hope they do well.

    I am especially looking forward to Clasie, Wijnaldum and Depay’s develpment in the EPL.

  75. Sounds as though Tjarron Chery may be off to QPR to hangout with Fer in the English Championship league..

    Also Ajax have drawn Austrian side Rapid Vienna in the third qualifying round of the Champions League..

  76. From Strootmans’ Twitter: I feel strong and I am getting stronger every day. Speculations in Italian media about a setback are entirely not true

    He is in Australia training with the team..

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