Dutch football, where do we stand….?

Well, time for reflection. The football-less summer is here. The one in which we can marvel at the South Americans or smirk at the women…

I had a serious bout of bloggers curse! I wrote a long piece on Hiddink and the future of Oranje and then two things happened: a computer crash wiped out half of the text and at the same time it appeared Hiddink was out and San Marco in so my whole rant was outdated and needed reworking. This put me off for a spell. Apologies. I will rehash the old post and add all the new items in it.

The odd summers are always a bore :-). I love the big tournaments and the excitement of it all. I’m sorry I couldn’t feel it for the Lionesses. Not that I don’t like Women’s football. I think its cool that the girls get a lot of attention and all that. But I can’t watch it like I watch men’s. I see so many silly mistakes. Bad touches, bad vision, defensive errors… I don’t enjoy it. I would support our women all the way to the gold obviously but watching it is frustrating. I saw highlights of most and the full match vs Japan and we are still a bit behind them, the Ozzies, the Germans and the US. Our speed in handling the ball and movement in particular. And decision making. We also allowed several dangerous headers by the little Japanese girls while we do have some tall mofos at the back. Anyway… there is always the Olympics :-).


Lots of movement on the transfer front but not a lot of real action. Maarten Stekelenburg to Southampton is good news. For him. Not sure if we need Maarten for Oranje. But Koeman will have more patience with him I suppose. He still has 5 good years in him, I think. Karim Rekik will leave PSV. The youngster is keen to move to France or Italy. I was surprised by his move as City was not unhappy with him at PSV and the new champs are playing CL next season but Rekik wants more apparently. Otherwise, no real interest as yet in Clasie, Wijnaldum or Willems.

danny guus

It appeared that the Zeist management has had question marks around Hiddink for a while now. His lack of passion, his alleged laziness, his lack of clarity and direction and the relationship between him and the technical staff and the key players apparently is fragile.

Hiddink was a great servant to Dutch football but the time came for him to leave. Danny will take over asap in the role of team manager and none other than Marco van Basten will take the role of assistant manager in the staff. San Marco and Danny have worked together in different roles (players, coach and manager) and appreciate each other’s contributions. “Marco is one of the best analists I have come across and dares to speak his mind. He is an independent thinker and very creative tactically. He is also a great and loyal guy,” said Danny Blind.


Marco could have stayed with AZ to work under Van den Brom and was doubting whether he should take the step, but working towards a Euro and World Cup tournament with the best players of the country really appealed to him. Ruud van Nistelrooy will stay on as assistant as well.

In the meantime, some exciting transfers happened…. For starters, Skipper Van Persie leaves Man United to play in Fenerbahce’s colours. The former Feyenoord man will follow in Kuyt’s footsteps, who made his way back to Feyenoord. Van Persie signed on for three years. Louis van Gaal: “I wish him well. I sent him a text message already. Robin knew what he could expect with Man United. I was clear to him about his future here. I would have loved for him to stay, but I was not giving him a starter spot, without question. He wanted to play and keep himself on the radar for Oranje. That is his choice. I wish him well.” The crowd in Turkey greeted RVP already and Dirk tweeted a nice message to his mate. “It is not hard to fall in love with this club. I am sure Robin will love playing there and I am sure the fans will love him back.”

RVP Fener

Jordy Clasie is reunited with Ronald Koeman, with whom he built up a deep relationship. Clasie cried on the pitch when Koeman said his farewell one season ago and will join Southampton on a 5 year deal. Clasie knew he wanted to work with Koeman again, but in the last week before his decision suddenly Lazio Roma other clubs started to zoom in. Feyenoord signed Swede Gustavson as another midfielder replacement for the little playmaker. “A dream come true. In my 15 years in the Feyenoord jersey I was always told I might not reach the top. Under Koeman I made my big step up and even made it to Oranje. To go and play in the Premier League is a dream come true. But I will always remain a Feyenoord man at heart.”


Another reunion in the EPL is the move of Jeremain Lens to Advocaat’s Sunderland.

And if you need another reason to cast your eye on the EPL: Georghinio Wijnaldum signed for Newcastle United where he will join Janmaat, Siem de Jong, Anita and Krul under Steve McLaren.


Leaves us with the question “What to do to improve our Dutch football?”. The analysis needed to answer this needs to focus on the question “What is wrong with it?”. And obviously, as with anything, money is a key factor. I believe Sunderland in the EPL has more money to spend per season than all the Eredivisie clubs put together. Or something like that. There is one major issue.  Which will not be resolved just like that.

But money doesn’t buy trophies. So we need to find the solution in our coach prowess, among other things. We might not have the funds to buy the same players as Sunderland or Monaco or Basel or Benfica. But we should be able to use the players we have to create a better team. This has been done many times by the Germans (1990, 1996, 1974), in 2004 by the Greek, Louis van Gaal did it in 2014 with Oranje and at club level Atletico Madrid comes to mind.


Oranje will always be able to shine, in my opinion. We do create enough talents to fill at least 22 seats with good players. If we can have a good coach who can instil a playing style that fits the players we should be able to remain amongst the best 8 teams in Europe. I think that the new bunch of players (Depay, Willems, Clasie, Klaassen, Bazoer, Chery, Zyiech, Van Beek, Vilhena, Rekik, Berghuis) have more than enough talent to rise to the occassion. Add to this a Strootman, a Janmaat, a De Vrij and a Robben and you have a decent team.

At club level I think it will be very hard to compete. But not totally undoable. Although it will take a very strong coach with an entrepreneurial club management to come up with the goods. And every 5 years I think it should be possible for an Ajax, Feyenoord or PSV to do well in the CL.


PSV had its chance this coming season. If they’d be able to cling on to Depay and Wijnaldum for one more year. The option is always there. You promise the top players you need a free exit from the club, or something like that. In return for another year to perform in the CL. The price money you can collect might be worth it… Although… Depay 35 Mio. Wijnaldum 19 Mio. It’s a lot of money…. Is it thinkable that PSV and the players would have said no to their chance to take a next step up?

Or will it be a small team like AZ with a talented young coach like Van den Brom and players like Berghuis and Muhren maybe? To perform with excellence in the Europa League?

Who knows… Your opinion please?

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  1. I dont think PSV (and hopefully Ajax) can quite compete with the top teams in the Champions League, but who knows, the ball is round and given a good group draw perhaps one of them can get through to the final 16.
    Even better, if they can do that for 2 or 3 years in a row then some $ can help them to build and become stronger.
    As for Europa League I dont really rate it too well at all until the final 32, some of the teams in there are just so poor. I feel any dutch team should at least get to the knock out round. After that, likely the teams they come up against are better but still I like to think a dutch team can win there.
    In the Eredivisie I cant see anyone competing with PSV/Ajax for the top spot, if I had to guess I think Ajax will take top spot again since they have so far sustained the least amount of squad changes and (so far) it seems they have retained more key players.

    Also, I totally agree that Oranje will always be able to shine!
    Even though the eredivisie is currently a big step down from the big 5 leagues there are consistently players in demand and holland and its clubs always seem to produce players who have good minds for attacking football who can usually slip into other clubs easily.
    I think the best thing for the NT would be consistency with management and for more players to play together at the same clubs – so this transfer window is giving me hope, with a few little dutchmen coming together at Newcastle, Lazio and hopefully Southampton as well.
    Spain and Germany have been the strongest NTs for a while now and I think it is largely because of most of their managers sticking around and because most of their NT players play for those countries top clubs. Hmmm also both seem to have a higher level of concentration and work ethic than us too!
    Anyways, we will soon see what Blind and van Basten can do together… HUP!!

  2. Thanks Jan for the post and as usually its fascinating given the movement of Dutch players in the Transfer market.

    I think this will be tremendous season for Dutch players in their new club and as well as for NT.Going back to what you said about using the players we have to build a better.I would rephrase that to the Using the right players we have to build a better team.

    It would be very hard to call now what is going inside the head of Danny Blind but,both him and Van Basten need to quickly start analyzing a strategy with reference to all the qualifications and Friendlys that NT has played so far.

    They need to open doors for everyone who are performing regardless of where they play. this should be their the no 1 priority and if this doesnt change then It will jus come down to 3th best qualifers which again would be at point blank range.

    To say De Vrij is better than Van Dijik jus because he playing for Lazio or Veltman playing at Ajax is jus a psychological thriller imo and this the type of mentality that needs to change especially at NT level.

    jus going back to the U21s that went to Israel, Well injuries aside as much as they played together,again they never managed to take it to thr next level up as what was predicted for their upcomings.

    Maybe this is where the coaches should look into and build the team.

    U21 Israel

    Depay- Luuk- Wijnaldum

    Maher-Strootman-Van Ginkle

    Blind-BMI-De Vrij-Van Rhijn


    1. this team was devastating team,while ola was really effective than Depay at that time..Depay was a sub…We lost the match only due coz of Van der hoorn..the monet vandrehoorn entered the pitch,i know italy would score one..it happend..
      Blind—Bmi—needs replacement–Williams-Reikik
      or kongolo–Vrijil must repalce them..
      Wijnaldum is an excellent winger and an average playmaker.Wijnaldum on wings stroot and ginkel were relevation of that tournament.

  3. Intruging as it sounds Ola John actual was starter ahead of Depay in that tournment for NT and also when Gaal took over,the first friendly they played vs Italy he actually used most of these U21 players back then.

  4. Also depending on how Peter Bosz will utilize the Chelsea loanees,Vitesse could well be in the mix with Ajax,Feyenoord and PSV for the title imo. this time around chelsea have sent one of their very talented batch compared to other years.

  5. “”To say De Vrij is better than Van Dijik jus because he playing for Lazio or Veltman playing at Ajax is jus a psychological thriller imo and this the type of mentality that needs to change especially at NT level.”””
    Devrij is classically intelligent player whethr he plays lazio or a second division club,he has top class brain,can play ball with feet,not soft,little bit tough,good conentraion,good anticipatin…so he excells everywhere..but he lacks bit speed though

    1. ” De Vrij is a receipe of disaster” rings any bell. you are funny guy.either way there is no doubt he has stepped up his game since joining Lazio and when compared with Van Dijik you can expect the same when he leaves Celtic.it jus a matter of time,so lets jus wait and enjoy the ride.

          1. Hoedt has nothing to do with the discusion.Its jus my personal views on him.

            You once said De Vrij is a receipe of disaster and now you are singing another tune. I was jus trying to refreshen your memories.

          2. I STILL remember De vrij Vs Dries martins …the Goal speed was really exposed..But Devrij has grown up a lot,becoming a Top class defender now…De vrij is changed and development,whthere u agree or not Devrij is class now..2 year before he was not..so i must say he is good when he is good..

  6. I guess its all about opportunity and unless they are given the chance you will never know.you look at Italy how Conte has rotated players based on their club performance. player preference should jus remain at Club level and when it comes to international stage everyone should be given a chance.

    If Blind and Van Basten stick to the same batch of players as Hiddink did you can be rest assured this dragging will go on and it will be 3th best qualification for Euros.

  7. As I speak it has been confirmed the Willems will spend a lengthy spell on the side lines due to knee injury.Lets see whom they go for now.

    Daley Blind please???!??????

  8. I am quite pleased with the Dutch movement so far. Wijnaldum (to Newcastle), Clasie (to Southampton), Depay (to Man U), Lens (to Sunderland), Van Ginkel (to Stoke), Propper (to PSV), Wesley Hoedt (to Lazio), Vlaar (to Lazio?), Cillessen (to Man U?) all represent a step up really,
    However I am sad to hear Berghuis (to Watford?!) and Chery (to QPR?!). I quite like Berghuis and think he is good. Moving to those clubs are exactly to help with their development, they could well be in relegation dog fight. This is what happen to Fer. 🙁

  9. Newcastle,Aston Villa and Leicester City all are considering a Loan move for Nathan after he was left out of Chelsea UsTour.Tim Sherwood sees him as an ideal replacement after shock departure of Fabian Delph.

    Steve McClaren and Leicester City new boss Claudio Ranieri also are keen to take the midfielder out on loan.

    this is one of the transfer I was crossing my fingers to happen.Ake needs to clock time and in a top flight which will give a chance to have a crack in NT.

    This is another great news for NT.

    1. Ake would be relevation under Mclaren,i would extreamly glad if leaves chelshit academy who spoils evry player joins with thme ,eithr dutch or any other nation..they spoils all kids..the real chelshit..
      Anyone knows Why vanginke went to stoke where we had 3 or 4 mangers in EPL who wants him especially,Advocate,Komean a Mclaren..this guy did another stupid thing to join Mark hughes…why he is always taking wrong decisions????

  10. FDB has confirmed Riccardo Kishna move to Lazio is edging closer as he was left on bench as un used sub in their Pre season friendly vs Wolfburg.

    I would say its best he moves as both have not been able to come around their personal differences and it would been even harder for him to get playing time with current squad.

    But on the other end he will have to sweat his ass in order to compete with the likes of Filipe Anderson and Antonio Candreva

  11. Jurgen Locadia with other stunner in PSV loss to Marseille. I will say this again he was also in the squad for U21 that went to Israel in 2013. wpuld intresting to see him CL coz I know Luuk De Dong will struggle now with Depay and Wijnaldum gone.

    1. Locadia is good player..But Luuk is too much of team player and intelligent thats why cocu prefered visionary Luuk over Locadia..Locadia is strong and powerfully built has speed too.not bad for striker,i hope he deveops his brain like Wijnaldum did.not like Promes or Affelay did

      1. Not really Locadia was injured when Luuk was scooped up by PSV,
        he spent a lengthy spell on the sidelines only to recover towards the end of the season and by then Luuk had bonded with the team.but he need score quiet some goals coming of the bench.

  12. Ron vlaar..is out for 4 moths at least after knee surgery,medical meniscus…its seems like he is done.Great lad with charactor,sad too see this but it will be hard for him to come back and cope with pace of the game..
    @wilson..are u obsessed with ricky wolf..??.its my humble suggetsion that hope is a good thing but if u r hoping to see something from ricky wolf..i must say that either u r blind or in delusion..after chelsea acedaemy,Afellay now ricky wolf u want to support??

  13. Not very gracious words from van Persie on Louis van Gaal (I copied and pasted this):

    “I know Louis as a national team coach and now I get to know him as a club coach. And there is a difference.”

    “But I was still thinking we could come back from holiday and start from scratch,”

    “He had changed his mind about me before. When he took over Holland he said to me ‘You’re the No 3 striker.’ I was ‘O…K…’ but I fought and became the No 1 and his captain.

    “But when I came back, it wasn’t an honest battle any more. Fighting to get back in the team wasn’t given me as an option. He was sending me to Pitch Two. And I’m a mature player. I’m not stupid. I didn’t get angry or emotional. These things are part of football, part of life. You have to make the best out of any situation so I’m doing this by moving on.”

    Van Persie then stated that he knew the writing was on the wall after being left out of the 1-0 defeat to Chelsea on the 18th of April, “That was one of the first signals things weren’t going in the right direction,”

    “I asked to play in the reserves, to get my minutes, but after was on the bench again. The atmosphere changed between me and Louis and people at the club saw it, but I was always professional. At that point I didn’t think to leave. Bouchra was happy. The kids were happy. I was happy in Manchester.”

    The striker then took a swipe at Van Gaal for not managing his fitness properly last season, which meant he missed several matches, “The World Cup was very intense, physically and mentally, especially as a captain,”

    “Maybe I needed one more week’s break before the season. Over Christmas I played three games in six days, full games, and my tendon got inflamed but I kept playing, taking painkillers, to help the team.”

    “I think it was just extreme tiredness (injury suffered v Swansea in February). That was one of the tricks of Arsene and Sir Alex. Sir Alex knew exactly how he would handle Rio or Giggsy or Scholesy. That’s how they played on so long. Arsene knew exactly how he would manage Bergkamp. That is a managing skill and not every coach has that skill.”

    1. Yes, I do not understand LVG’s thinking at ManU with RVP. I think it was obvious that RVP needed a lot of recovery time after the World Cup, as did Robben and just about everybody. He may also be past his prime–but I contend that RVP is still a better striker than Rooney, and right now LVG has Rooney (who had only 12 goals last year) as his chief striker for this year. Doesn’t make sense, if you ask me. It’s fine to say I want somebody younger and better than RVP–but Rooney is not that.

      1. @Richarde ,did u watched Manu games of 2014-15???RVP was the worst player by far,Always offside to adjust his lack of speed ,hence kills of any chance of Goal.work rate is really poor ,walking on pitch,Not available at right time,easily muscled off from defenders…LVG was supreme loyal to RVP till got injured,injury was blessing in disguise for LVg i think.He benched united fine player Herrera for RVP then played rooney for herrea and RVP played as main striker.Which was a sin.Most of the time Rooney layed as midfeilder so its obivious that rooeny got 12 gaosl only,Roooney works his butt off for the team,always performs for the team.To say RVP is better than Rooney is utter ignorance and foolishness..LVG trains day to day with every one and LVG is not foolish coach..i suggest you to follow RVP from now ,then u will understand it…

          1. Well, Wenger of Arsenal echoed my thoughts. He said yesterday that he did not understand RVP’s transfer from ManU. I think you don’t chase a good striker off unless you’ve signed someone better to replace him–and LVG has not done that. That is why it is a strange move. I think RVP is still capable of playing well. It’s moot now–but to chase RVP off so that Rooney can take his place? That doesn’t make much sense to me.

          2. @Richarde.if u consider in that aspect like wenger(Selling a striker vwith out buy another striker)..then u r partially right.
            But all we need to understand that Both wneger and LVG are good at developing players.but LVG seems slightly better for me..LVG is better winner than Aresne..
            Arsenal has not achieved anything real from 2004..its been more than 10 years under same wenger.So on person to person LVG is more intelligent than wenger,LVG so unorthodox in in management in style..if De gea strikes better than RVP the LVG wont hesitate to play De gea as striker as long as he has another good GK with him..
            LVG wants goals from every one,not just from striker..
            i dont know exaclty what wenger has in mind…like Sir alex did to arsenal by signing RVP from Arsenal.Hence sir alex made sure that Aresenal wont be able to challenge title that year..how brilliant that move was.
            Same Wenger is a wonderful player observer,so he knows that with RVP upfront MANU wont be a title challenger..so one enemy less…
            this year its going to be
            Master Vs disciple
            LVG Vs Jose…..rest can watch two horse race…Only koeman can compete with in tactical wise,but Koeman doesnt have fund..LVG and Jose are head and shoulders above any mangers in EPL…
            As a Manu fan i want LVG and and manu to win it…AND they WILL…..WIN IT 2016………

  14. @RVP…..u must understand that u r physically not strong as Rio or bergkamp…they never had injury like u had,though scholes was small,he body was fine…Blaming LVG for ur ageing is not right..u must understand that ur body betrayed u ….

  15. It keeps getting better and Better. Van Gaal now insists Blind will become CB at Man United. Holy gracious Lord I jus pray this wont be jus another opening for him in NT after the arrival of Morgan Schneiderlin and Bastian Schweinsteiger at MU.

      1. He failed at LB, he failed at DM, He will again shit at CB. Well if Van Gaal wants to do his little experiment with him at Man United, so be it but if he is considered in NT for CB,It will be a total disgrace by all means in the history of dutch soccer.

        I jus hope it wont come to that, I mean you look at him defensively he has shitted from all holes but yet there is always a room for him.If this is what you call team culture then it needs to change big time otherwise the drought will continue.

  16. @wilson ..
    Daley blind is quick decison maker with vision,well good distributor of ball.LVG needs that from back,he compenstae his speed and power with anticipation and positioning…daley Blind as CB might not be great,but he can do the job with out much errors.thats what my point is..
    He would be an efficient Defender as compared to Afellay effeicency as attacker.So blind wins it when it compared to Afellay,

    1. You said the same thing when he moved to the DM, what happened.
      I well aware of his attacking game and whats the use of playing CB when you are defensively a shitter. it will jus be waste of time and deprived opportunity to those who deserve to be there if he is selected for NT.

      I would say Jorrit Hendix is far more better utility than him.

      1. blind is versetail player…but Morgan and Bastein are btter at holding mid..thats truth,but manu defense is weak,so blind again fits in there as long as they dont sign a super defender..

    2. Blind compared to Affellay is just silly, compare Blind to defenders he is average at best and will get torn apart in CB by EPL strikers, come on Tiju, Manure need a Stam not a blind!
      As for RVP, I hope things go well for him in Turkey and he finds his form as we still don’t have a better striker for the NT at this stage. We need another year out of him before we cut him free after the Euros.

      1. @Van banger….if Wilson rates Afellay as good attacker,,i rate Blind as a good defender..and a player contributes to team better than Afellay..one is attacker other is defender.But i compare their efficiency one as attacker one as denfendr..so blind wins it over there..Blind is not stam neither Afellay is Roben or roanldo..

  17. Depay——Rooney——Mata
    ———–Cillesen—————-is goin to be LVg team id De gea leaves
    on bench
    Chicharito leves??
    De maria????
    Luuk shaw

  18. I was lucky enough to meet Strootman on Saturday and yes have a photo with him which my family in Holland really enjoyed. I was in a small room with about 200 others at a Roma press conference in Melbourne promoting the International Cup being played by Roma, Real Madrid and Man City.
    I waited until most people had left and then spoke a few Dutch words to him which he instantly acknowledged with a thumbs up and later I asked him for a photo with me for Holland which he was happy to do, this is after signing about 200 autographs prior.
    The compare asked him about his injury and he just said that he is really happy to be back and that he had worked really hard to get back to playing, he looked really fit!
    Unfortunately he did not play against Real but Roma did win in a penalty shootout, maybe he will play against Man City.
    On another note I watch Ginkle play for Stoke against Everton, I only saw the last 15 mins but he probably wants to forget his debut, he was playing quite well in general but almost handed Lukaku the winner in the last minute of play through a mistake he made and then he missed his penalty in the shootout which cost them the match. However he showed enough to suggest that he will get plenty of playing time, my main observation was that the other Stoke players did not know how to play with him, but that is understandable.
    Thanks for the post Jan, I’m of the opinion that our players can only go so far in Holland, the main thing they learn is the technical side of the game but because the standard is in decline they must move to stronger leagues to fully develop as players and reach their full potential, also if they can make double the money then why not? Before they know it their time is up as a player so maximising their career is vital for after football.
    Hup Holland!

  19. RVP was offerd time in Manu but not as starter,like Bergkamp did in arsenal in last years..Robin didnt act like a man..But his deciosn was so clever,From Fenrbache he gets money and playing time as starter..its a win for him.He has no right to blame LVG,coz anyother coach would have dropped him for herrera earlier..LVG lost many matches in the begining due to his loyalty towards RVP.

  20. My predictions, Marcos Rojo is far more experienced than Blind at CB and he has played alot there last season when Phil Jones was injured so you expect him to get the nod should Phil Jones or Smalling are not avaliable. Jonny Evans,Tyler Blackett also are in pecking order so unless there is a major crisis Blind can sit beside Van Gaal, rub his balls and warm the bench.

    1. It may also come down to Luke Shaw avalibality.He is another player who easily gets injured and spends more time on the sidelines and less time playing. Im Sure Shaw if fit,he will be a sure starter.

      1. also I dont think Van Gaal will be able to gamble here becoz to be title contenders he will have to be consistent with his best lineup jus like what Mourinho did with Chelsea and if he keeps rotating then it might well come down to playing catch up.

  21. @Wilson what makes me wonder about u are How can u support and praise about great Chelsea Academy??when they are visibly spoiling every talent they got..??
    How can u support afellay who has played 44 or more games in NT with much luck,still never produced a good game for us,always does stupid dribbling???
    and u hate Blind whom i think not a great defender like stam or great attacker like ronaldo.but still contributes well to th team and delivers creativity with high level intelligence.wonderful turning point assit for RVP Vs brazil..has afellay did like that in his life time??u must keep in mind that blind is defnder who gave assist..ur hatred towards Blind is not based on honesty and real reason..Blind is a versatile utility player…thats why dutch team manger must have clear idea about his pecking order for every position my keeping versatlile players in mind who can play in differnet positions in a tournament…This is what kuyt,wijnaldum and Blind did for us and saved us from injury of BMI,Nijel,Leroyfer in WC..
    here is my pecking order i am omitting Stroot(injury)Ginkel (whom i doubt will flourish under hughes in this year i hope he proves me wrong)

  22. I must this history picture (Feyenoord with the trophy European champions 1970) to put on the wall in the room.Under the title: The first and last freedom.

    Evolution of thought.
    Someone could conclude today :The biggest mistake of Dutch were the successes of Ajax,Feyenoord,PSV…..instead that we send players in Real(M),Inter,Benfica,Milan,Celtic,Juventus,ManU…

    Even I simply think that Cruyff stayed in Ajax in season 73/74 he would be world champion 1974….

    Robben was very good in 2004.He “held” the Dutch team(with old stars) against Chech Republic (Euro 2004)
    Later in autumn 2004…He and Mourinho were raised Chelsea to high levels.(in the beginning of Abramovich,s era)…
    Instead it …That Robben stayed in PSV and won in Champions League (with PSV 2005) maybe he would not miss chances in final 2010….he would felt winning mentality.

    First wave for Dutch clubs was 1969-1974 and success NT 74,78.It just pushes you to the top of the world .
    Second wave (1987-1996)could be better…That Ajax won 3,4 times in Champions League…and simply ,some spiritual energy would made them move towards to the top of the world.Without much strife.
    (I said this for Dutch NT not others…every NT is different probably..)

    Later Seedorf said for Marco van Basten: He is too much Dutchy(?)(something like that ..Dutch,Dutchy..)
    I do not know what is wrong.It should be that way.(old times mistakes?)

    But today is today.Sell players in stronger leagues and becomes weaker and weaker???(Thoughts or League)

    But “We do create enough talents to fill at least 22 seats with good players…”. I agree.

    Because I think that is Marco van Basten in the right place.

  23. Tiju it seems like you are going round and round in a circle playing ring ring roses. dont want to waste my time writing the same stuff over and over again. But for you sake once again it doesn’t mean Chelsea Academy is shit jus because their players are not able to break into the main team.


    Tiju The Day I see a compilation like the above for Daley Blind I will accept he is a great player.

    1. “””But for you sake once again it doesn’t mean Chelsea Academy is shit jus because their players are not able to break into the main team.”””””””””
      Ha ha aha it made my day .Vanginkel???Gael kakuta,annholt,bruma,traore ,now nathan kalas ?????u r smoking…..i think.still u dont find problem with chelsea,..
      Blind is a very good player 1000 times better than Afellay thats what my point is…He is better tha Braphoed,Promes,afellay etc…

      1. Tiju since your IQ 132 I will rephrase it for you. when I said breakng into the main team ,I meant in the starting 11.all the players you mentioned only managed first team action either as late cameos or in pre season and were mostly loaned out.this is what I meant.

        1. IF they are well developed in Chelshit academy,,,they would be stars by now..but thats not the case ..u will never understand it coz ur IQ is 131. so u will never get it.wOULD HAVE BEEN better players had they stayed with Porto,feynoord,PSV or ajax..not chelshit academy.
          You want blind to score goals?????hahaha liek afellay did..i i saw in that youtube was blind driblling and blind shooting which resulted in goal some how..it woule be better if you could giv his toatal playin time,goal per minute,assist per minute..assit per game…tackles won per game….

        2. Does this mean Chelsea Acedemy is shit.What you see me as prasing Chelsea Acedemy I see it as smart Business but at the same time they develop them at acedemy level to find the next best thing but unfortunately the there is too much at stake than concentrating on the development of players at epl level and they end up selling them

          Even Barcelona are in the same boat.

          1. are we talking about business development???or player development??..Can you tell well developed chelsea player bar John tery(thats was in 19 the century while chelsea was not a plastic club at that time.)…FYI i am talking about player development,whetehr good or bad i have no business with immeterial,irrelavant answers to defend a point..

  24. when i compare Ajax acedemy,feynoord acedmy or even Southampton academy…i feel chelsea academy is real shit…
    so when i compare contribution and imporatnce to team..i f feel blind,kuyt are 1000 times valubale than Ibrahim shitleey whose club want to sell him but no one wants him…that says a lot..Playing afeally has already cost Hiddink his job and wait for furthur more..

      1. haha a…chelsea won Cl 2012,,,and ajax has even passed round 1 for long time…..Winning is different and developing is different..FYI..i know still u dont know about the differnce between plastic culture of Chelsea and sceintic developing culture of Ajax or Feynoord..IQ131

        1. again You are jumping to the chelsea team while my point was at acedemy level.read my post again.The development once again is taking place at acedemy level but they are not able to the next level and end up getting loaned out.

          1. IQ131…haha ahaa.i expected a reply like this…here goes IQ131 explanation…
            You were pointing me that certain victories of chelsea youth..i was makeing u understand that Development is different from winning a trophy using Chelsea main team illustration..so now u can for get chelsea main team.

          2. for your sake I will simplify it for you once again , I dont see development of players as stars in making as what you fantasize in that brain of yours and I quote”IF they are well developed in Chelshit academy,,,they would be stars by now..but thats not the case”. if every player at Chelsea Academy would go become next Messi, Ronaldo or Neymar, chelsea would be untouchable, however that is what Chelsea Academy is all about, to find the next Messi, Ronaldo or Neymar and chances of that is as low as 1%.I see player development as enhancing individual capabilities of a player to what they already posse. raw material – process – finished good.

            FYI Neither Ajax Nor Feyennord have produced any stars in last five years but good and exceptional players.
            Chelsea Academy/Ajax Academy /Feyenoord Academy can you tell whats the difference in their approach towrds the developments of players pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee ???????????.

            The only difference I see is the chances of playing in first team after graduating which becomes very limited and this is where they are usually loaned out but this doesn’t mean that they are shit.the list is long so I wont write the names of these players.

            Wells Vitesse has brought in some of the Academy graduates, maybe the dust will settle in the upcoming season compared to Ajax and Feyenoord Graduates.

            If you want me simplify further more let me know.

  25. Stuttgart and Borussia Monchengladbach have officially asked Chelsea for the availability for Nathan ake with a whole lot of other epl clubs also interested in taking the youngster on loan.

    Riccardo Kishna to Lazio should be finalized by the end of this week as both clubs have agreed on a 3 million pound deal.

  26. stefan Devrij –Feynoord
    Even Leroy fer…..
    Suarez joined latly with ajax…had he joined chlesea at that point of time…he wouldnt have made it…
    Stop doing ur chelsea praise shit..they dont deserve
    Poor van ginkel ,he was the best talent we had who was more talentd than wijnaldum and Devrij..still Ginkel is been played like a football…that much shit is chelshit..So stop foolish praising of chelsea..or defending chelshit..

      1. hahah..u asked me some stars i gave u some stars who got develped well in scientific academy of ajax,Feynoord,PSV and Co….Fer played WC,So is wijnaldum both plays as starters in their clubs…Suraez is up there with Messi,Devrij outclasses every defender now …all of them earned well monney move 15 m for wijnaldum etc…
        thats amazing considering zero number from chelshit academy.
        I feel bad for Bruma ,he really missed his best developing years coz of chelshit,Even after 2 years with PSV still he has long way to go..Wasting one of our best defensive star..
        While chelsea grabed most talented yooungsters and spoiled future of evry one of them…WTF is chelshit and its acedmy and their academy supporters…money doesnt make u develop as player..
        yes u said it chelsea has best youngsters and they will spoil every one..thats what ur article is directting,..
        @Wilson u are an extreamly blinnd guy thats why u r not seeing how chelsea spoils football and new talents..u dont what s football intelligence thats y u hate Daley blind and support afellay..u are always behnd mythology and crap players..

        1. so because they played in the WC,they are stars,Seroiusly now I have to go and take a dump.

          I dont what you read in the article but it looks like you tripping too much on chelshitting.

          nathan Ake,Ruben loftus Cheek,Lewis Bakers,Andreas Christiansen,Patrick Bamford,Isaiah Brown I dont think their Future has ben spoilt at Chelsea Academy but defintely they will have to look somewhere else for first team action and thats why they are been loaned out. it might well take another Kevin De Bryne case for these youngesters to establish their identity.

          1. What about ur chelsea developed stars???are they even playing regularly???..ur brain is incompetent to understand the crulety doing by the chelshit academy…
            They played in WC reached till semi and almost beat Arjentina,would have been a wolrd cup winner had better luck…
            Devrij was excellent in WC
            Wijandlum literally covered the injured Nijel..
            Depay 2 gaols and assit in most important tornaments..they alll got millions is top clubs …If they are not stars the who is stars??
            Offcourse they are not ronaldo or Messi…They developed well because they were in the right clubc and their academy..Not a plastic club who buys every player to spoil their future and nullifying the threat of the other clubs..Chelshit academy zer0-Feynoord 10
            Chelshit academy zer0-PSV 10
            Chelshit academy zer0-Ajax 10…
            ajax is developing 2 ferociups talents Richardly bazoer and Davy klassen..watch out these players.and they will excelle better than any chelsea developed players..Chlshit academy is a balckhole for new young players,they are not good at developing players..its a universal fact.

      1. I think Lazio are preparing life without Filipe Andersen. sooner or later he will be scooped up by one of the big clubs and thats when you would Kishna to come in the picture LW.

  27. Jan Arie Van der Heijden is another player I reckon deserves a crack in NT.The guy is in his prime and after battling with back to back injuries, has been one of the most consistent defenders in eredivise. He is also a talented controlling midfielder or as libero and started his senoir career at Ajax, before being loaned out to Willem playing DM and then switched to Vitesse where he started playing in defense.

    Apparently he is a free agent and with Svan Van De Beek struggling with knee injury,Feyenoord are keen to bring the former Ajax Man to De Kuip as they are looking for backup defenders to cover both Kongolo and Van Der Beek. Vlaar is also on their radar.

  28. I have just realized that there are so many Dutch players in EPL.

    MU: Memphis Depay, Blind
    Newcastle: Krul, Siem De Jong, Giorginio Wijnaldum, Vurnon Anita, Daryl Janmaat
    Stoke City: Erick Pieters, Marco Van Ginkel
    Sunderland: Jeremain Lens, Patrick Van Aanholt
    Southampton: Jordi Clasie


    1. Actually, I almost forgot about Siem De Jong. AFAIK, when he was at Ajax, he was one of their superstar. I don’t know after he moved to Newcastle. I hardly hear about him.

      1. Had a collapsed lungs and then a thigh injury which ruled him out for the whole season. Had a good pre season when Newcastle toured NZ but unfortunately got injured in the last match. He is another player who career might well end because of injuries.

  29. Yes, plus Berghuis’ imminent move to Watford.

    And don’t forget Stekelenburg at Southampton, Vorm at Sp*rs, and Bacuna at Aston Villa.

    Then Fer and Chery at QPR as well, albeit not in the EPL…

    Plus, who knows where Vlaar will end up..

      1. Now a days stupids are rapidly increasing in this world..not forget to mention unloyal,wicked ones also increasing..People with blind eyes or Biased…Many Little heads can not differentiate between Pele ,maradona and cruiff..so they keep bashing cruyff or they write some conspiracy or creating doubt in people mind..

  30. So I used to comment on here a lot, now I mostly just read because sometimes the arguments get tedious.

    I just want to add my two cents on the academy argument.

    Let’s compare Chelsea to Ajax, and I’ll create a hypothetical situation. Two 16 year olds of identical skill levels, one goes to Chelsea, the other goes to Ajax. The Ajax player will make the first team much quicker than the Chelsea one, just based on the minimum level need to make it to the bench in the Eredivisie. The Chelsea player has a much longer road to the bench, and normally doesn’t make it.

    That does not mean that the Chelsea Academy is worse, it’s just the level needed to make the Chelsea team is much higher than the Ajax one. The fact that Chelsea’s Academy team ran away with the UEFA Youth League shows their pedigree.

    1. Lets forget Ajax ,ajax has first class academy so comparison with a plastic club would be a sin…
      In my book player development has to be taken in many areas,technical skills,vision,personality etc..its not just about getting in to main team…when u develop these qualities u get in to first team,that is not happening with their shit development…
      Now every one considers Lampard,Gerrad aas legends…if they were in current chelsea academy they would never make it in to top level..Chleshit academy is a blackhole for young players,normally they make player garbage or somewhat equal to damage..it takes years for those players spoiled at chelsea to reach top level..still plethora of talents are fighting …Even with money chelshit cannt make players better then they ARE THE WORST….

      1. You didn’t say anything there. You can’t argue about the quality of something by just repeatedly saying its bad.

        If Chelsea’s youth system is so bad why did they win the UEFA Youth League?

          1. isnt that the whole purpose of the Academy. Barcelona,Real Madrid,Man City,Arsenal,Man United all do the same.

          2. As for the Fluke win,do some self searching on UFEA Youth League 2014-2015????????

          3. Chelsea buys the best ones and make sure that they get spoiled..while collection higlhy talented individuals won it for chelsea but they dont develop as players individually..Look at januzaj….look at paddy mnair at Manu….this is not happening with Chelsea..Am not saying 1 st team..apearrence..they developed whole as players..Even Van ginkel who is playing liek his ghot now…thats called @#@$%$%%king development…i dont care how many trophy they won..they are the worst academy..

          4. Greece won 2004 EC…Did they had better players???than Portugal,france and dutch???at least

          5. Chelsea won their group with +21 Goal Difference, and won their semi-final match 4-0. Not comparable to Greece winning every match 1-0 and not even winning their group. And you can look at Man U and see the same thing happen in their Academy. Sure some players make the first team, but so many others just disappear and are never heard from again.

  31. Ugh…ugh…ugh
    In terms of eschatology the Netherlands ,Sweden and France(topics about the Knights Templar) are my favorite country in Europe…plus The Beatles From England..

    DRAW in St.Petersburg for The World Cup 2018.

    A very difficult group for the Netherlands.Who knows,maybe this is good.For Netherlands is always difficult to play in the East. (Russia,Ukraine,Poland..)Perhaps it is good being on fire since the beginning.

    On the other hand a group with Serbia is the easiest.For Serbia Russia is at home…

    Sometimes I think that spiritual forces determine…

  32. Daley Blind had a oustadning game for Manu as LCB…super..though messi was not there neymar too..
    His father Danny is optimistic about chances vs france and Sweden…
    i have good feeling…Orange is in an intelligent hands…

  33. Lazio are now intrested in Klass Jan Huntelaar .With Franco Di Santos arriving at Schalke from Werder Bremen,this move could well materialize with Lazio looking to strengthen their Frontline. Hunter could well become the fifth dutchmen at stadio Olimpico. Talk about dutch invasion.

  34. “””””””Chelsea won their group with +21 Goal Difference, and won their semi-final match 4-0. Not comparable to Greece winning every match 1-0 and not even winning their group.””””””””””””””Yes u said it…even from these much talnetd players then chelsea academy is worst..i am not surprised….this is what the problem with this chelshit academy…None improve as player..they all get bulk by using heavy gym machines and becomes less agile..looses their techical abilty which they learned from their preivious clubs…

    1. Tiju are you serious. are you comparing Chelsea Academy to Greek side that won the European Championship.

      Well its a pity Ajax had lost to Roma in the knockout stages , Round of 16 to be exact otherwise there would have been a showdown between Ajax and Chelsea in the semi finals. Maybe than you would have zipped your mouth Because Chelsea convincingly beat Roma 4-0 in the SF.

      ok for you its not about winning the game but player development.Chelsea won the youth league without losing a single game and they were in the same pool with schalke and sporting Lisbon, two of the most productive academies in Germany and Portugal. Now that why I told you to do some self searching on this coz if you would have known this you would have understood the depth in that Chelsea squad.

      But again unfortunately its either injecting millions on others players who can win the EPL or running a academy which might produce talents but may not necessarily win them anything. simple as that. you can do the maths here.

      1. vicotry vs victory…winning doesnt mean that players are more developed..i was point that…But its ridculous that u still dont under ur mighty chelshit academy won it by margins and still they have not developed any player furthur….u lack logical thinking…

        1. again injuries aside, this is his chances to redeem himself and prove critics wrong and if he does then there should be no excuses as to why he should be in the Euro squad. If he doesnt then that’s another story.wait and see game I suppose.

    1. Very happy to see Ibi in the EPL I think he will compliment Van Ginkle very well as they will know how to play with each other , Tiju you must be so happy with this, imagine if Ibi tears apart your precious ManU!

      1. “””Tiju you must be so happy with this, imagine if Ibi tears apart your precious ManU!”””””
        i know u r kidding…but even for Joke..Ibi would not be able to do that even in hid wild dream..shniderlinn,bastein,Blind,jones and darmian will make him fool..

  35. Big match for Ajax away vs Rapid Vienna!
    Really need to win and qualify for the next stage of the CL to at least get to the Europa League.

  36. Its boring with out games..only ajax-rapid veinna…
    i am eagerly looking whom will be selected by Blind..
    right backs
    Janmaat,Vanrhijn,—–2 spots
    Left backs
    holding mids
    Nijel-Hendrix–schaars-Vanbeek,Veltman,Nathan ake–2spots
    Runners box to box

    1. Im wondering with so many movements in this transfer window,will this close the doots for eredivise players especially with dutch contingent in EPL.
      Im think about the standout performers who will want to fight for a spot in ECs.

  37. Ron vlaar is injured and had major ligament surgery…i doubt that he will regain in from..it requires more than 4 moths rehabilitation.
    An astonishing information is roben is fit again and seems like he is going to start from where he stopped..
    Berghuis and even Van vanrhijn can play better than Narsingh and promes in wings..
    LVG might try Depay as striker..coz guy is strong(not headstrong like afellay)..Fast ,can dribble,can muscle with defenders..this give better mobility up front..
    with Rooney roaming arround him like 9.5–9.5 strikers..

  38. iam thrilled to see Danny blind player selcetion and team..cannot wait..
    williams,Vlaar are out for sure with injury roben is back would be readyfor Final battle.
    Depay——Hunter ——-Roben
    ————-Cillsssen—————– i think for first team may be..
    second team
    ————–Van beek/Nijel————

  39. Ajax were up 2-0 at half time (2 for my man Davy Klaassen) but the match ended 2-2.. second leg next week, at least they have some away goals..

      1. they created a lot in the first half, should have had 4 or 5 at least
        sinkgraven looked really good
        tete beaten to a cross on the first goal.
        veltman looked really bad on the second vienna goal. gave the ball away from the back and then totally miss timed the tackle, and ajax were up a player already from a red card. ugh

      2. How was Riedewald….?i know Dijks cannot be bad,as this guy has improved a lot…Could be our RB…Veltman definitly lacks something for a CB IMO,should look in to holding defensive role than CB.
        Not surprised iwth Sinkgraven..natural dutch talent with vision ,intelligence and skills,will make it on top…not surprised about intelligent klassen too..

  40. Van Dijik also had a descent outings for Cetic at LCB vs Qarabag. bit rusty in defense but his attacking game was spot on. unkucky not to score.

  41. Does anyone know much about Mink Peeters?
    Or how about Donyell Malen?

    why are young Ajax academy players moving to big clubs so young? Is it money, or do you think they really believe they will be big stars?
    Can you think of any players who have become stars of holland who left holland so early?

    1. Imagine being 16 years old and hearing that Real Madrid wants you to go play with them. You’d be on your way out the door pretty easily.

  42. i was searvhig about doneyll malen….Either he must be stupid or money…i think his agent is rio minola..anyway other talent seems going to waste…But Arenal academy is better than chelsea i think…he wll come back to eredivise as looser most probably..hope it doesnt happen..
    Tim krul????he left for newcastle at 17..but cannt say a superstar..thats only player we can name..

  43. Well I was hoping somebody will post this but seems like somebody has gone a wall.

    PSG 2-0 Man United game was jus a trailer as to what will happen with Blind at LCB. Totally ripped apart by PSG.timely wake up call for Van Gaal.

        1. Haha ‘a wall’ is not a military term.
          You are thinking of AWOL, which is an acronym for absent without official leave. Can’t blame that one on your phone.
          So who are you referring to with your taunting anyways?

          1. Steve Why do I get a feeling that you are some kind of English tutor nerd who gets itchy with grammatical errors/mis-spelling like my old english teacher back in days. she was really a pain in the ass.

            looks like you referred to Urban dictionary but then again pronouncing a word and spelling it can be whole different story. you make it sound like a thrid degree murder.(Voluntary man slaughter)

            spoken or spelt who cares dude, as long as you know whats its taking about is what matters.

            But thanks again for auto correcting professor.

          2. ‘Haha’ refers to laughter because I think its funny, thats all.
            I hope you can see the humour in it.

          1. Ashley young is not neymar…i dont like weils lack of concentration..his crosse in final third are artocious..

        1. Highlights don’t show the whole picture. Also Blind was covering the RCB spot when both goals were scored – because Jones is awful.
          Jones put himself way out of position when the CMs were already out of position, which is why Blind had to slide to the right to cover the space.
          Still Jones should have stayed with Matuidi and also maybe de Gea could have come for the ball as well.
          Funny thing the whole phase started with VdW taking the ball from Young!
          The second goal was again mostly Jones fault as he is caught ball watching. First Schweinsteiger lets Ibra run through the middle, and then a simple give and go with Maxwell sees Jones standing still. Blind is actually the only one who stays with his man, Lucas.

          1. I dont think so. Blinds weakness is ever presentable. How many videos have I posted here of him with the same errors. Ive seen Blind play in three different positions. when ever he is caught out in attacking that it, lights out. that is major weakness. for me he is + and – = 0

            Ist goal- 2.00-2.02 once again Blind (17)is caught out in attack and is running back like a camel. shaw has to come all the way from the LB to bail him out but to late. Matudi beats both him and jones to the ball.

            2nd goal- no mens land

          2. No Blind was never attacking in that sequence.
            Pause it on 1:38, thats Blind in the RCB position and basically last man back, where Jones ought to be. I am telling you that Blind was there because Jones was gambling trying to pick off a pass in the mid.
            I watched the game, it is not on your highlight you posted.
            At 2:00-2:02 there is no need to be running at the striker, the ball is in the goal and you can blame 3 players closer to the goal scorer.

        2. it was ridiculous to say that Blind was at fault….1 st purely belongs to jones…
          Second one too in major…wat blind could do he did he did stayed with his men…
          Wilson u are so biased vs blind…seriously i am telling u he is 1000 times better player than ur ibrahim shitleey(I play for barca u play for some rotten club)

  44. Bad luck for Buttner again.He has again hit the hard roads with the new coach who is starting to build the team from scratch and it seems like he is building it around Russian players.

  45. koeman smashing chelsea and its control over vitsse..
    Chelsea denied vitsse to deal with Ajax for Vanginkel,hence this guys development got stalled…unforgivable sin done by chelsea to our best talent.

      1. I agree with you Tiju that it’s bad, but Koeman himself doesn’t say it’s bad necessarily, only that it’s a new situation which must be difficult to manage.. to which I would agree with as well!

        1. yes steve…i read somewhere…long time ago..Chelsea denied Ajax to talk with Ginkel..will try to bring..Koeman balsted the wickedness of chelsea..thats what i said..

    1. Is it true Chelsea denied Vitesse to deal with Ajax for van Ginkel? Any references?
      I would not be surprised at all to see that from Chelsea, but I can’t find anything on this

    1. Tiju, Koeman had 5 players on loan at Southampton for 2013-2014/2014-2015 season so how does Chelsea loaning players to Vitesse make anything different. And for your Info only Baker and Brown started vs Southampton.

      1. Unlike…Chelski….shit…Southampton has wonderful Academy…they loan out players are last option or players might not be good enough…Koeman is blasted not only due to loaning boy wilson..they ifluence everything in vitsee trasfers..deals with players etc..

          1. its toatal financial managment…Not player traiig or development…wilson…need to open ur eyes to understand how shit chelsea is…not just academy

  46. Glad to see that Nigel de Jong looks pretty fit. I watched the match v AC Milan and he looked pretty good. Great moment at 69:58, vintage Nigel.. too bad he is stuck in Italy.

    I am glad for the seasons to officially start soon.
    Can’t wait for freindlies to be over.

      1. Stuck in Italy ……naaaa.I dont think he needs to prove himself by playing CL or at any top club for that matter. I dont think he will get any better and looks set to maintaining his top form for now.Also looking at the transfer market Milan have really strengthen their squad to that of last season and should be in the mix for race for the Scudetto.

    1. Hamstring injury.might miss the season opener vs Newcastle. was not troubled much by Vitesse midfielders or forwards.

      I also find it frustating seeing him get injured so often.

          1. DFB-Pokal,Champions league(Injury),Now DFL super Cup.

            with the current squad he should be winning the treble.jus dont know why he is benching Gotze

          2. Much of pep Success at barca are down to lionel messi magic..at times ineasta too..Pep build a good team but messi made them champions if not he gave them the edge..
            Bayern PEP is struggling when Roben and Ribery injured.. i personally hate his tikishit boring game to death..when Roben and Ribery are fit Bayern would easily beat Barca..thats for sure…i think its not coz of pep..but its the collective quality of Bayern players..had to say ATM…Bayern and Barca are the best in the world and very little to separate both.

          3. Hahaha brilliant.
            So if Bayern fails to win everything possible all the time then it means Pep must be strangling them out of life and the whole thing is not working.

          4. Well, Chelsea didn’t win the community shield, FA cup or CL this season so Moanrinho is strangling them out of life? I don’t think so.
            (Maybe bad example as Jose is known to leave teams in bad shape when he is done, haha but he is a winner no doubt)

        1. MUCH OF PEP SUcess at barca are down to lionel messi magic..at time ineasta too..Pep build a good team but messi made them champions if not he them edge..
          Bayern PEP is tsruggling when Ronem and ribery injured.. i persanlly hate his tkik fuCKCKa boring game to death..when Roben and Ribery are fit Bayern would easily beat Barca..thats for sure…i think its not coz of pep..but its the quality of bayern players..had to say ATM…Bayern and barca are the best in the wolrd and very little to seperate both.

    1. Defense is collective effort,u cannt have better defense when Bruma is playing with vander hoorn or BMI,but he can when he plays with devrij or Vlaar..
      Blind is very good at building from back,reads the game,good antcipations etc.But lacks height and physical power to be a CB.anyways with Blind-Evans pair doesnt look good,May be with smalling blind might become good..ATM..blind deserves to start CB in current Manu team.Not coz Blind is superman,but honestly they dont have a better choice..i hope Blacket or Macnair would pull a surprise..

    2. For me I would like for him to prove himself in CB first so we need to wait and see, but I like the idea (maybe because I had the idea last winter haha).
      It’s nice to have a left footed CB and BMI has only proven himself to be a hazard. I like a CB who has a good eye for a killer pass too.

      What do you think YCSNG?

      1. i think Daley Blind has potential to play at CB with his good positional sense and good passing from the back. Hopefully he will succeed there..LB and DM are certainly not for him judging from his last performances.

  47. I still dont get as why Ajax sold Stefano Denswil to Club Brugge. he wasa bright prospect and would have filled the shoes now with the departure of Niklas Moisander. I cant remember him having a fallout with FDB.

  48. “””Well, Chelsea didn’t win the community shield, FA cup or CL this season so Moanrinho is strangling them out of life? I don’t think so.””””
    thats just willson interpretation,so leave it..But basically Maurihno is a builder of team,he knows excat ingradients of a winning team and he acts like a mentor than a technical coach..If u have enough money and ask Jose to build a CL winning team he will build it for u..
    Inter–Porto –real are examples of it..but once he leave th club the key players also leaves they miss their leader so teams can get weaker..But He assembled the teams for Chelsea and Madrid..they won CL which team is build by Jose..

        1. did you read my post.Pep arrival at Bayern is completely different to that of Mourinhos at Chelsea. Thats why I posted that article if you havnt read it.

          1. ???/Strangled out?????is this term used by u or some one else??..i was explaining to answer of another illustration of Steve.understand that..i know jose is jose pep is pep……everyone are unique…

          2. reference fool?????????A person who doesnt learn from repetitional mistakes is called fool…

  49. when will be the team slection for ECQ..in sept vs Iceland and Turkey..??Whom will be there and who are all deserved call ups
    Injured good players
    stand byes

  50. ya got it..person who says chelsea academy is the best,afellay is messi an daley blind is crap..Virjil van dijk and buttner are better than Maldini and Nesta/Stam..

    1. Elijero Elia is being eyed by Feyenoord to replace him.

      well his move can be justified as Feyenoord Failed to qualify for EL and apart from domestic league, they wont feature in another top competition. Now given that Basel are in hunt CL qualification and most probably will drop to EL, this might well have convinced him to join Basel.

      might be bold step but it may well come down to self motivation to take his talent to the next level.

      Basel have always being impressive at European competitions.

      Virgil Van Dijik -Celtic same scenario

    2. Steve its not sad news…boetius is a good player but nothing special,not strong enough..but has pace…real Sad thing happend when Van ginkelwent to chelsea and loaned out medicocre clubs and a down hill AC milan,which all had bad coaches…i feel its very good for Boetius and Feynoord got some money without hampering the future of Boetius..All is well

  51. The Good news is both PSV and Ajax looks strong this time..Neck to neck competion i expcet with Frank deboer comes out as ultimate winner due to his extra intelligent players singraven,Klassen,Bazoer …only weak link is veltman in back…

  52. “””””””‘Do I feel confident about qualifying?
    ‘We know what we have to do – win four matches, starting with Iceland on September 3.
    ‘We can’t afford to lose any more games.
    ‘But with our quality we are more than able to do it.
    ‘And in September we will hopefully have some ‘new’ players, with Arjen Robben coming back to fitness and maybe Kevin Strootman.
    ‘Euro 2016 is our only goal; I don’t look further forward than that and I don’t look back.'”””
    this is words of Danny blind after takeover from Hiddink.

  53. 2-0 down for Ajax after 45 minutes. A disgraceful performance in the first half. Sinkgraven gave away the first goal. Wienna has actually scored two goals without creating a single chance on their own. They are just waiting for Ajax to lose possession and then they strike. As easy as stealing candy from a 7 year old girl. Well, FDR and his boys (!) have 45 minutes to salvage this. I am not optimistic.

  54. stupidest forward was victor fisher…..
    Good points are singraven,bazoer and raeidwald..rest look rusty…i dont know how amny times klassen touched the ball,he rarly saw ball…
    Mistakes veltmand and mitchell dijks..in back.

    1. I know there are a lot of fans of Ajax here, but no offence, entire team consists of “farting dolls”. I really doubt Ajax will survive Europa League play off. Meanwhile, NT is going down in the coefficient table.

  55. Sack Do Boer. His naive tactics in combination with the use of teenagers on the pitch do not work in European games. We have seen that for 4 years now (or is it 5). It is not the fault of a single player or two that Ajax is out. It is the playing style that De Boer has implemented in Ajax. It works in the Eredevise, but not in European cup football. AJax has to play more cynical and have some experienced players on the pitch. Klaasseen as team captain, are you kidding me? It was boys against men today, as always when Ajax play European football.

    Hopefully we can have a good national team in the future despite an extremely weak domestic League. Why not? Argentine League is close to shit, but they have a great national team.

    1. At eredivise level Ajax one again may be the team to beat but at Europe level I agree they need experienced players. Disappointing,was hoping they would qualify for CL for the sake of players like sinkgraven , Van Rijin and others who are in the mix for a spot in NT for EC 2016

      I also dont get this as to why FDB has been benching Van Rhijn.

      Gudelj should have started that game

      1. Also after last week draw, the critics were buzzing about Klaassen to be proven no 10. unfortunately it was not to be , may be its jus right place and the right time. nothing special about him I guess, maybe box-box is best best position for him.

      1. Mate they are in the europa league play offs..well deserved really…tired of going into the winter with false hopes only to be gutted with ajax nonsense in the champions league every year! psv will atleast make a fist of it

  56. Most of dutch defensive midefeild players are are cakewalk for any forgin team,that is why ajax and dutch team loosses every european game..Defenders are not good too..Veltman is a disaster,Mitchell dijks lacks concentration and anticipation…looks like Jetro is our best LB with Blind on second spot.Klassen hardly touched the ball,what i saw is klassen also requires brilliant players arround him,this was impossible when Elgahzi and Victor on wings..hence klasssen also choked.

  57. FDB should have stick to the same lineup as last week but either way I dont think they would have qualified for CL.Even if they would have won,they would have boomed out in the next round. over the years all eredivise runner ups have faced the same agony.well its time for Ajax to feel the same misery.

  58. “””they would have boomed out in the next round.”””‘
    agree may be first time we are on same boat..
    “””over the years all eredivise runner ups have faced the same agony.well its time for Ajax to feel the same misery.”””””
    are u enjoying it??i mean Agony of ajax?

    1. Well I cant remember whem was the last time the runner up from eredivise qualified for CL or whem two teams from eredivise qualified for. PSV and Feyenoord both hit rock bottom trying too while Ajax was consectively wining the eredivise and qualifying automatically to CL
      Now when they have hit rock bottom,its time for a reality check for them and feel the same agony which other teams have experienced before.

      No exception.

      1. as long as eredisive teams doesnt take care of defense seriously,none of them have chance in CL…whether its agony or happyness.its like today is ajax failure day next sure its PSV..i dont think psv will make out of group..All in all everything is still same..

  59. Ajax cannot be clinical as long as they play Victor and elgahzi upfront..Both are deviated versions of Afellay.
    they should bring Singraven on wings
    Vletman as holdingmid klassen and Bazoer as box to box runners..also they must find a winger at least like berghius and a Decent CB.

      1. i know krishna was a better player than Victor and elgahzi..but he has a horrendous character and behaviour with arrogance,that can not be tolerated,i stand for FDB in that aspect.no matter he looses with victor or elgahzi.to a rapid team

    1. Cillessen looked vulnerbale to me honestly..may be due to Veltman and Dijks..3 of them are the culprit for goals conceded..
      Vermeer looks clam for me,and very brave too..i would go with vermeer over cillessen now.i dont feel confident with cillessen.may be he might be a ball playing GK as per Louis vangaal..i dont know..

      1. Cillesen was not at fault at any of the goals!! Frank De Boer and Overmars turned Ajax into the biggest joke in European football. This legendary club has lost to Dinamo Zagreb, Copenhagen, Steaua, Salzburg, Dnipro and now Rapid.

          1. What are you talking about?? How could he position himself better on the first goal? As for the second one the ball got deflected!! No chance for Cillessen in all 3 goals.

        1. This is a problem of entire Dutch club football, not only Ajax. With respect to Ajax, I do not think after Ronald Koeman’s term as a coach I have seen really strong Ajax who could compete in Europe. As I said above it is a team of “farting dolls”….nothing more nothing less….

  60. Good News for Virgil Van Dijik.Celtic qualifers for nxt round.will be intresting to see whom they meet in nxt round
    This may well decide his future at celtic.

  61. Fenerbahce also boob out of CL.Convincingly beaten by
    Shakhtar Donetsk 3-0. Though RVP never played , I think this is it , end of an era for him.

    Also Club Brugge advance into the last round after thrashing Panathinaikos 3-0 (Aggregate 4 – 2). Dutch Boys Ruud Vormer and Stefano Denswil are there.

  62. JC lives

    “The transfer window is wide open and some of the movements have drawn my surprise.

    Some of the fees are completely outlandish. And I am not only talking about the fees, also some salaries are blown out of proportion.

    When it comes to players who not only take their talent to the pitch, but also have a certain commercial value, in terms of merchandising, I can more or less see the reasoning behind it. However, those are scarce. Often, it will become impossible to see any kind of return on investment.

    Some managers play a dubious role. When I look at all the replacement benches, I see too much talent not being used. I can understand the lure of an agent dangling a wad of cash from a fancy club in your face. As a young player, you have to be very level-headed to ignore the advice given to you.

    The decision not to take the cash, but to invest in yourself as a footballer. In that sense, Memphis Depay, Jordy Clasie and Davy Klaassen are shining examples of what is possible. First make sure that you become a cornerstone at your club. After that, all good things will follow.”

    1. the problem is many stupid dont understand this..Vanginkel was cornerstone of vitsee..but got spoiled at chelshit…always beware of plastic money clubs coz they can buy anything..espeilaly madrid,chelsea are spoiling at it best of every player..

  63. so this how the last round of champions league qualification is looking.

    Man United, Valencia, Bayer Leverkusen, Shakhtar and Sporting Lisbon are the five seeded teams in the non-champions route, meaning they could be paired with Lazio, CSKA Moscow, Club Brugge and Rapid Vienna.

    Goods new for Virgil van Dijik and Celtic, after beating Qarabag 1-0 on aggregate, they will get a easy tie, either against Maccabi Tel-Aviv of Israel, Partizan Belgrade of Serbia, Sweden’s Malmo, FK Astana from Kazakhstan or Albanian champions Skenderbeu Korce.

    1. Ooops

      Man United, Valencia, Bayer Leverkusen, Lazio and Sporting Lisbon are the five seeded teams in the non-champions route, meaning they could be paired with AS Monaco, Rapid Wien, Club Brugge, CSKA Moskva , Shakhtar Donetsk.

      1. Overmars is not the coach….FDB is,i think FDB is good coach who doesnt have good players with him Bar…Klassen,Anderson,Bazoer,reidwald,Singraven..

  64. Ok here is some twist,Lazio wont be seeded in the draw for the CL playoffs and will be replaced by Spartak Moscow who have better club ranking.hell yeah the draws will be very very intresting.

  65. Jus wondering here,well Celtic has already put one foot in the CL,what would be the option for Virgil Van Dijik.Play CL or move to EPL,probably Southampton who are in EL as well????????

  66. My boys (AZ Alkmaar) made it through and earned maximum points for NT this round !!!!!!! I believe they will be seeded team for knock out stage draw. Bravo AZ and good luck during draw.

  67. There would be some surprise selection in coming ECQ matches.May be hakim zych and co will be selected..
    players desreves a chance to prove
    Hakim zych
    Virjil vandijk
    Terence kongolo
    Van beek

  68. CL playoffs.


    Lazio v Bayer Leverkusen
    Man Utd v Club Brugge
    Sporting Lisbon v CSKA Moscow
    Rapid Vienna v Shakhtar Donetsk
    Valencia v Monaco
    BATE Borisov v Partizan
    Basel v Maccabi
    Skenderbeu v Dynamo Zagreb
    Celtic v Malmo
    Astana v APOEL

    1. Ajax had a real chance of making had they beat Rapid veinna,though i do understand that it was impossible for Ajax to beat any other top team with out a CB holidng and proper holding midfeilder.also they need to avoid stupid players upfront especailly victor fischer,and El gahzi…Milik is average at his best…


    Altach v Belenenses

    Milsami v Saint Etienne

    Jablonec v Ajax

    Zilina v Athletic

    Young Boys v Qarabag

    Steaua v Rosenborg

    Molde v Standard Liege

    Zorya v Legia

    Plzen v Vojvojdina

    PAOK v Brondby

    Bordeaux v Kairat

    Panathinaikos v Qabala

    Southampton v Midtjylland

    Lech v Videoton

    Dinamo Minsk v Salzburg

    Astra v AZ

    Rabotnicki v Rubin Kazan

    Odd v Borussia Dortmund

    Liberec v Hajduk Split

    Krasnodar v HJK

    Atromitos v Fenerbahce

    Thun v Sparta Prague

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